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Which Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Are Most Effective? Making certain that the industrial vacuum cleaner you choose will produce impressive cleaning results will make your investment worthwhile. However, due to the many different types available on the market, choosing the best vacuum is not always easy. To simplify the decision process, here’s an overview of the most widely used and highly favoured models of industrial vacuum cleaners: Ride-On Cleaning large commercial and industrial spaces can be made a lot easier with the use of a ride-on industrial vacuum cleaner. To use the machine, operatives need only to sit on top and guide it around the area to be cleaned. Not only does this provide for user-comfort, it also allows for cleaning tasks to be completed in a fraction of the time. Ride-ons are a good choice for warehouses, factories and large garages. They feature a durable construction that ensures a long working life and have the power to handle cleaning jobs of any degree and nature. Upright For small establishments, uprights are well suited for spot cleaning and accelerating the cleaning process. Although they’re similar in size and appearance to those used in domestic properties, upright vacuum cleaners offer a significantly higher level of power and are able to deal with large quantities of space. This type of industrial vacuum cleaner would be useful for businesses that only require small-scale cleaning. Stand-Up Built to combine power, efficiency and ease of use, stand-up industrial vacuum cleaners are suitable for use on a daily basis and for covering large areas. They offer a mobile cleaning solution and are extremely durable, which makes them suitable for use in industrial settings or by cleaning contractors and specialists that carry out routine cleaning. Stand-up industrial vacuum cleaners combine power and efficiency with ease of use. Wet and Dry In some situations, waste materials that need to be collected are not only dry, but wet as well. In these cases, a wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaner would work best. These machines feature a powerful motor, powerful suction and a large waste capacity designed to complete jobs to an incredibly high standard and to pick up dirt, waste and debris of all shapes and sizes. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners can be used to eliminate waste such as wet liquid spills and are ideal for cleaning carpets or hard surface floors in garages, workshops and private construction sites.

Backpack Offering the highest level of portability and mobility is the backpack industrial vacuum cleaner. Built with strong motors and a user-friendly design, backpack vacuums can be used to clean commercial premises such as office buildings on a regular basis to ensure a clean appearance at all times. With such an expansive and varied range of industrial vacuum cleaners on the market, it’s not always easy to choose the best one. Knowing what the most commonly used types however, will ensure an informed decision. About Steamaster Industrial vacuum cleaners are in an increasing demand and one of Australia’s most reputable suppliers of these machines is Steamaster. Steamaster offers an extensive inventory of industrial vacuum cleaners that range from ride-on models, to upright versions and even backpack style vacuums. To view these online, visit

Which Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Are Most Effective?  

Industrial vacuum cleaners come in various different types and models. Having the most effective ones will ensure high as well as consistent...

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