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Carpet Cleaning Machines For Restaurant Cleaning Restaurants must perform cleaning on a regular basis to remove the accumulated dirt and grime found on floors and surfaces. With the heavy foot traffic that is continuously received from staff and customers, the task of ensuring clean carpeting can often be time consuming and will require a lot of manpower. Certain carpet cleaning machines can be used to make these tasks go by quickly and to secure a safe, hygienic and clean restaurant environment. For prospective or existing restaurant owners, the following carpet cleaning machines make excellent options for restaurant cleaning: Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machines Regarded as the most powerful carpet cleaner available, truck mounts clean a range of surfaces including carpets, upholstery, tile, and grout. Restaurant owners will be able to keep all aspects of their establishments clean with a truck mount due to this versatility. Truck mounts clean indoor dining areas that comprise of carpet as well as outdoor areas that are built with tile and grout flooring. This will work in great favour to many restaurants. Truck mount carpet cleaning machines are designed for heavy-duty cleaning and for cleaning large expansive areas. They are built for ease of use and only require one or two staff members to operate. With truck mounts, restaurants will be able to complete their cleaning in a shorter amount of time but still, to a high standard that complies with government hygiene regulations. Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines For restaurants that carry out cleaning in numerous different locations in their establishment, portable carpet cleaning machines work best. They offer a high level of mobility, are compact and lightweight, and are therefore easy to move around and transport. Despite the fact that these portable machines are smaller in size when compared to the truck mount, they still produce impressive levels of cleaning. Portable carpet cleaning machines remove particularly stubborn stains and clean even the most soiled carpets. They can be used for indoor and outdoor cleaning of restaurants and produce very little operational noise to prevent disruption to other staff, activities and customers. Walk-Behind Carpet Extractors Carpet cleaning machines of this type work best for deep cleaning carpets. Walkbehind carpet extractors extract dirt and stains through a deep scrubbing action and effectively remove odours. They are able to clean small and narrow spaces such as stairs and upholstery and are easy to manoeuver. What’s more, walk-behind carpet

extractors also reduce drying times of carpets so that they can be walked on shortly after cleaning. Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Machines The uniqueness of encapsulation carpet cleaning machines is its ability to clean with very little moisture and to instead, use a special solution along with powerful agitation to clean carpets. Encapsulation carpet cleaners are designed to accelerate drying times tenfold and also reduce wastewater. They clean carpets to a high standard but with minimal disruption to other restaurant activities. All in all, the use of carpet cleaning machines will greatly enhance the cleanliness of any restaurant. They will reduce cleaning times, promote a safe and hygienic environment and ensure restaurants remain in compliance with government regulations and standards. Carpet cleaning machines offer a reliable cleaning solution and will get the job done fast, and right. About The Author If you’re looking to invest in a carpet cleaning machine for your restaurant cleaning tasks, then Steamaster can provide you with the services and products to ensure that you acquire the best one. An extensive range of carpet cleaning machines can be viewed online at

Carpet Cleaning Machines For Restaurant Cleaning  

Restaurants are required by law to maintain a high degree of cleanliness and sanitation in their facilities at all times. Carpet cleaning ma...

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