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Why To Use Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaners Arguably the most versatile industrial vacuum cleaner available is the wet and dry vacuum cleaner. These dual-function vacuums feature powerful suction and large waste storage to remove both wet and dry wastes from surfaces. Businesses that have one of these high specification machines find that there are many advantages to be had with their use. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners create savings in terms of time and money, by getting the job done fast and right, and reducing the amount of labour that’s involved, which therefore reduces payroll costs as well. Most importantly, businesses are able to keep their facilities clean, safe and hygienic for both staff and customers. Here are some other advantages that these vacuum cleaners provide: 1. Shorter cleaning times – there’s no doubt that the task of cleaning large industrial and commercial spaces such as factories and warehouses can be a time-consuming and labour intensive process. However, using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner can make it possible to shorten these cleaning times. A large storage capacity prevents having to frequently cease cleaning to empty the dust bags while powerful suction picks up all waste in one go so that surfaces are left spotless. 2. Special features for enhanced cleaning – a range of special features are available to make for a more efficient process. Additional mobility can be had through the attachment of wheels and casters and furthermore, a push handle is installed for easy control and manoeuvrability. In any facility, there are bound to be some harder-to-reach areas, which can be cleaned with a blowing port. Squeegees that remove liquid from flat surfaces come optional. 3. Facilities are made cleaner and safer – indoor air quality and overall health is drastically improved with the use of wet and dry vacuum cleaners. Allergens and pollutants are eliminated so that respiratory illnesses such as asthma are not triggered. Also, liquid spills are removed to prevent slip and fall hazards. In these ways, wet and dry vacuum cleaners ensure that facilities are kept clean and safe for both customers and staff. With the use of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, businesses will be able to shorten their cleaning times, achieve a rigorous clean of their facility and create a safer environment for their staff and customers. These are just a few reasons as to why businesses should use wet and dry vacuum cleaners. Further advantages can be had depending on the application they’re used for. About The Author Established in 1959, Steamaster is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of clean equipment and is committed to providing only the industrial vacuum cleaners machines. If you’re in need of a powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner, then out the range available at

Why To Use Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaners  

Facilities, especially industrial and commercial facilities, gather not only dry waste, but liquid wastes as well. Wet and dry vacuum cleane...