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Five Characteristics To Look For In Scrubbers Roughly 90% of floor cleaning expenses are spent on labor, so choosing the right floor cleaning equipment is very critical. Scrubbers are perfect floor cleaning machines because they are equipped to clean the dirtiest of surfaces. They increase productivity, may be made use of in several applications, and they are filled with capabilities that make owning one an investment that pays for itself over and over again. When searching for a quality scrubber, there are certain characteristics that you should look for: 1. Ease of Use – It’s important that the equipment you use is easy to operate, especially if there’s more than just one operator. The controls should be straightforward, the amount of training required should be minimal, the accessories ought to be quick to remove and reattach, and the components should be fairly easy to remove as well, in case cord tangling or other problematic issues occur. 2. Water Tank Capacity – Quality scrubbers will depend on only a small amount of detergent to be effective and will not need a massive amount of water. The tank size should be proportionate to the equipment size as this feature will raise productivity levels, reduce operating costs, and cut down on wastewater. 3. Visibility - The operator should have a clear view of the area to be cleaned for safety and cleanliness. Not being in a position with a clear view could result in accidents such as running into obstructions or worse, people. An operator should be able to clearly see what’s in front of them at all times, whether they’re using a walk-behind scrubber or a ride-on scrubber. 4. Maintenance - Maintenance should be basic and access to maintenance programs should be readily available in case there aren’t any staff on site to manage the machine. 5. Features - Scrubbers are not able to do their jobs unless they are equipped with certain features and accessories such as brushes and squeegees that are easy to remove. Before you make the purchase, also enquire about accessories. It’s important to know what comes standard and what the accessory options are to ensure that the scrubber that meets all of your requirements is acquired, rather than one that’s insufficient and will end up resulting in the purchase of another cleaning device as a supplement. Only the buyer knows what's critical and what is not when deciding upon the different types of scrubbers available. Some buyers will need machines that squeegee and vacuum, while others will only need the squeegee. An evaluation of the area to be cleaned will help determine what size machine and what tank is required. Ease of use and visibility are also significant for productivity and safety, as are easy maintenance having the right accessories for the job. By working with these checkpoints, finding the appropriate scrubber will become an easier task. About Author For more than 50 years, Steamaster has exercised powerful values, which have led to excellent consumer service, an excellent reputation, and the provision of only the highest quality scrubbers and cleaning equipment. Go to to find out how Steamaster can make cleaning easier for you.

Five Characteristics To Look For In Scrubbers  

Scrubbers have a range of cleaning capabilities that may benefit some commercial environments more than others. That's why it should be a mu...