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5 Features And Benefits Of Nilfisk Vacuum Cleaners Some Nilfisk vacuum cleaners have the ability to eliminate the explosion risk posed by combustible dust, while others are made for basic applications that call for an industrial vacuum. The ability to contain what is considered a dangerous situation is just one of the benefits of this brand of industrial vacuum. There is a laundry list of features and benefits that makes this piece of cleaning equipment the preferred choice in many commercial environments. Nilfisk is also well-known for its ability to eliminate dust and debris from overhead beams and pipes. So not only do these powerful vacuum cleaners make for a safer environment, they are excellent at ensuring a very clean one with the following features in tow: 1. The explosion proof vacuums are engineered from the ground up to avoid explosions related to combustible dust. All parts are grounded and constructed of non-sparking materials. This means the outer shell, the motor, filters, switches, and all accessories do not pose a sparking risk. 2. The advanced filtration system in explosion proof models safely captures combustible dust and other explosive materials. Materials that can be captured include fuels, powders, solvents, and even food residue. 3. All models within the brand run quieter than their counterparts and contain HEPA filters to pull allergens out of the air, making the work environment a healthier one. When there are individuals within the facility with allergy problems, the HEPA filter will help alleviate those problems and that makes employees much more productive because they feel healthier while at work. 4. Construction is strong, as is the performance. These vacuum cleaners are made to provide continuous cleaning power for the most challenging applications. This means not having to stop a cleaning task to then resume later after the vacuum has had a rest, or having to stop and repeatedly clean it because it cannot handle the dust, dirt, and debris it is taking in. Users can work on the task at hand from start to finish without stopping in most cases. 5. There are lightweight models available, such as backpack-style models, and there are large portable models that can handle the toughest jobs. Some of the types include wet and dry vacuum cleaners, the vacuum function only, and there are even ride-on models. All in all, Nilfisk is known for quality construction and long-lasting vacuum cleaners. The many options enable customers to choose the Nilfisk vacuum cleaner that will suit their particular application. While some applications are dangerous, others are as simple as cleaning an office building after a day of heavy foot traffic. Nonetheless, the quiet operation, the power, and the portability allow for the most efficient cleaning even when the task is difficult.

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5 Features And Benefits Of Nilfisk Vacuum Cleaners  

Nilfisk vacuum cleaners are known for their variety of vacuums, as well as the safety and health features they integrate into each model. Th...