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Issue 3

Spring 2008


Piccy of Jen

Welcome to Connect I am delighted to welcome you to my first issue as Editor of

Save on Your Shopping Siemens employees will be able to make savings on thousands of products and services thanks to the new employee discount package, ‘My Deals’.

Connect. Since joining the SIS Communications team in January as Communications Manager, looking after Operations and Connect, I

The offers are available to all Siemens employees and replace the

have experienced first hand the new onboarding process. I’ve

previous My Perkz offers. The My Deals package brings together

never received such as warm welcome from a new employer. The

existing discounts on Siemens products and new offers from

SIS Induction day has proved invaluable in helping me to gain a

external suppliers such as Apple, Sony and Expedia.

good insight into SIS and to meet some key contacts from across the business. The help and support that I have received from my

In order to access the discounts, employees simply have to log on to

new colleagues has also helped me settle into my new role quickly. and register their details.

I have spent my first few weeks here meeting the Operations SMT and employees from across different sites to gather their feedback on the different ways that we communicate in SIS. One of the comments that I have heard on many occasions is that Connect


needs to have more employee input and engage the whole of SIS.


I have taken these comments on board and hope that this will be


reflected in the changes I plan to make to Connect over the coming months.



I’ve certainly joined SIS at an exciting time with the BBC Pacific Quay Project Team (PQ) team winning one of six awards at the Think Customer Awards Ceremony. This is great recognition of the hard work that all the team put into turning BBC Scotland’s vision


for PQ into a technological reality. In addition, the decision by the BBC Trust and BBC Executive Management to award us Phase One of the Digital Media Initiative (DMI) project is a fantastic achievement. Finally, please join me in congratulating Andy Grant, Rob Hughes,


Dave Veryard, Chris Pearce, Helene Richter, Thomas Hinton and Lee


Ham on completing the Prince’s Trust Coast to Coast Challenge across Costa Rica. If you have any news or features that you would like to include in the next edition then please contact me at


Enjoy the Read! Jennifer

Panasonic 02


Spring 2008

Issue 3

Operational Excellence

SIS Wins DMI Phase One Project The BBC Trust and BBC Executive Management has awarded Phase One of the Digital Media Initiative (DMI) project to Siemens IT Solutions and Services.

stores and broadcasts its output. Currently, the BBC produces its output on tape-based material, which is costly to store and difficult to transport. However, the implementation of DMI will make it easier for it to access and edit

Ian Taylor, Group Account Director, BBC Professional Services: “This is great news and a massive vote of confidence in SIS as the BBC's technology and delivery partner and will provide us with a fantastic reference to enable us to grow

Under the signed contract, SIS will design, build, deliver and maintain an end-to-end digital production system for the BBC. This will enable it to change the way it creates, edits,

material and will eventually lead to it being able to shoot content on HD cameras straight to memory cards.

our business in media. I would like to thank everyone involved for their contribution to this project. This has been a fantastic team effort. We now need to deliver what we have promised.”

Fit4 2010 Programme Update The Fit4 2010 Programme is making great progress with a number of key initiatives already in place. To ensure that any projects carried out within SIS are adding real value to the business, an Internal Projects Approval Process has now been implemented. This provides a coherent approach to the review and approval of all internal investment, projects and change within SIS GB&I. All new projects and initiatives will now follow this process prior to commencing. A number of Strategic Workshops for Action Themes (SWAT) have also been held to categorise 109 projects, initiatives or potential The objective of the Fit4 2010 programme, which was launched by SIS Managing Director, Clark MacFarlane in December is to ‘ engage the whole of SIS in a change journey, to become a highperforming, profit-orientated, people-focused

work packages (known as action themes) within SIS GB&I against the Fit4 2010 quadrants (People and Operational Excellence, Portfolio and Corporate Responsibility) and identify those that will provide the maximum value creation for the SIS organisation. The

organisation through the effective delivery of unified, dynamic and sustainable change’.

workshops will be used to identify the top three projects and initiatives in each Quadrant and rate them according to benefit, risk and relative

As outlined in the last issue of Connect, one of the key priorities is our need to change the way we work together as an organisation. In response to

time to deliver. Any projects that when reviewed are deemed to be delivering little or no benefit to SIS will require management

this, over 240 managers have now taken part in the Behavioural Leadership Workshops. The aim of these workshops is to gain increased

intervention to continue and may be aborted.

understanding about Leadership behaviour within the business. They aim to create a cadre of highly influential and effective role models, so that managers will lead and inspire their colleagues by setting an example and actively encourage the same behaviour across SIS so that we will effectively achieve our goals.

Other key initiatives include: • SIS Communications has developed a new Fit4 2010 Programme intranet site where colleagues can get a full view of the programme as it progresses. The site also includes details about the Siemens Values.

• SIS Communications will be rolling out the SIS Team Brief later this month. This is a company brief and has been produced in direct response to feedback from employees in the Employee Opinion Survey(EOS), which highlighted the need for all employees to be better informed about the business. It will be cascaded by managers and provide all employees with an overview of SIS with different sections on the Fit4 2010 Quadrants, with an update on each of these initiatives. In addition, the Team Brief will feature a financial overview and local news from the different teams across SIS. • The skills database, My Skills has been piloted. This database has been created to capture the skills of everyone in SIS, so that people with required skills in the SIS population can be quickly identified. It also provides support to succession planning discussions and development planning for individuals. • The PM@ Siemens Certification initiative has begun.The PM@ Siemens Certificate is a badge of competence that is recognised across the global Siemens organisation; it fosters cross-business unit alignment in project management career development. As part of its commitment to PM@ Siemens, SIS GB&I has accepted ambitious targets for the attainment of PM@ Siemens Certification within its project management community.

For more information please see the SIS intranet or contact Fit4 2010 Change Project Director, Jane Buggy. Issue 3

Spring 2008



Operational Excellence

Clarke on Tour SIS MD, Clark MacFarlane visited Blackpool and Glasgow during February on the latest leg of his whistle-stop tour of SIS locations.

During his first few months in office Clark has already met SIS people in Durham, London, Frimley, Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester, Bracknell, Edgbaston and Maidenhead as well as at the SIS Global Production Centre in Chennai, India. He plans further ‘Meet and Greet’ sessions in Peterborough, Poole and Southport among others in the coming months. Clark said: “Visiting all our different sites has been invaluable in helping me to learn more about the business and seeing firsthand the excellent service that we are providing our customers. I have enjoyed meeting so many SIS people and seeing behind the scenes of what goes on at all our sites. I look forward to visiting other SIS sites in the coming months.”

Recognising Excellence Awards Congratulations to the Frimley Project Team who were all awarded Recognising Excellence Gold Awards by SIS Managing Director, Clark MacFarlane at a ceremony in Frimley on 3 March. The team (David Sweetland, Neil White,

Siemens Service Director, Dave Robak, who

Trevor Sparshott, Christine McGearey,

nominated the team said: “Despite the (15

Sam Kelly, Ian Thomas, Emily Baker,

year old) infrastructure in the Bracknell Head

Dawed Saied, Tony Wilkinson, Chris

Office the team successfully consolidated,

Holmes, Tony Saunders, Julian Cross,

relocated or decommissioned around 400

Grant Hodgetts, Ian Goodail, Qamer Khan,

devices with little of no disruption to Service.

Alan Gossedge, James Curran, Karen Joy,

“All employees moved into their new Head

Terry Legg, Mark Osborne, Kieran Walker,

Office with a fully working IT infrastructure,

Stephen Slough, David Robak, Peter

plus new technologies such as cashless

Pallett, Sarah Brown, Steve Tipton, Steve

vending and voice over IP telephony. To help

Webb, Andrew Crome, Craig Lewis and

employees settle in quickly IT Support were on

Will Stacey) were all recognised for their

hand for the day in distinguishable T-shirts.

hard work and commitment to ensure

This worked very well and it was good to see

that the site was ready on time with no

employees settled and working as if nothing

disruption to employees.

had changed and it was all business as usual. This in itself is testament to their success.”



Spring 2008

Issue 3

A number of Recognising Excellence awards have recently been awarded. The scheme exsists to formally recognise employees who have gone ‘ beynd the call of duty’ of their everyday responsiitylies. Congratualtions to all the winners. Bronze Awards Alison Close Stephen Gunn Clive Horrocks Tim Howard Ian McGreish Mike Burns Frank Hundmarch George Forbes Margaret Simpson Don Jones Joanne Mitchell Denise Knighton June Hockaday Sharon Hutley

Mark Thomas Nick Alvarez Rachel Steadman Colin Robertson David Vincent Steve Webb William Holden Gary Grieves Silver James Ullyart Gold Mary Butler

Operational Excellence

MGSCS Team Launched A new team dedicated to providing Managed Governance, Security and Continuity Services (MGSCS) will be launched within the Service Delivery Management division on 14 April. The 15-strong team, which is managed by

The MGSCS team will aid SIS GB&I accounts in

Library (ITIL) and International Standard for IT

the Head of MGSCS, David Wycherley, is

minimising the cost of non-compliance by

Service Management (ISO 20000) standards.

made up of a group of specialists with

mitigating the risks of SIS failing to comply

expertise in IT Security, Business Continuity

with national and international standards and

Head of MGSCS, David Wycherley, said:

and Governance. The team can provide

regulatory requirements to meet our

“The team will provide support across the

security and business continuity support

contractual obligations.

business to ensure that SIS develops

services to teams across all SIS GB&I

services and solutions, which are safe,

accounts, including Bid Managers, Heads of

In addition, the team will be engaged in all

legal, cost effective and environmentally

Service, Portfolio Managers and Solution

initial bid processes to ensure that governance,

responsible so that our customers get the

Design Architects. The MGSCS team aims to

security and continuity have all been

full benefit of working with Siemens.

prevent, detect and to recover from security

appropriately considered in the initial bid, as

By ensuring that the different areas of SIS

breaches and to plan for, identify and avoid

well as ensuring that SIS meets external

conform to governance security and

the consequences of threat to continuity of

compliance requirements and certifications

continuity standards we will also be able to

service operations.

including (but not limited to) Sarbanes Oxley

help SIS meet its EBIT targets and promote

404, Information Technology Infrastructure

improved customer satisfaction.”

SIS Wins Royal Mail Compensation The quick thinking of Durham Mailroom Coordinator, Michael Hall has led to SIS making savings of over £470,000 in postal costs. finance partner, Mick Curry and between them they instigated a process to ensure SIS paid all of its invoices on time. Michael explains: “We set up a procedure whereby I maintained a spreadsheet listing each invoice including its payment date. I then completed the invoices via SAP to Mick attaching the spreadsheet as back up. This confirmed the payment run each invoice had to make. After checking, Mick released Last year, Michael discovered that Royal Mail

the invoices for payment. Thanks to this

(RM) operates a ‘bulk compensation scheme'

simple process, the necessary target was

which compensates customers for any

achieved to qualify for the bulk

delivery targets not met. The scheme is

compensation scheme. This resulted in

dependant on 80% of RM invoices being

credit notes for £470,000 being received

paid on time.

from RM. Although the scheme is influenced by RM's performance there will probably be

However, while SIS dispatches around 30

future payments to us from this scheme.”

million letters annually it was not receiving any benefit from this scheme as SIS had 21

Operations Delivery Manager, Davey Wright,

days to pay RM invoices, but due to internal

added: ”The two Michaels exemplify

processes we often missed the payment date.

Siemens principles and values. I'm extremely

Realising the potential gains to be had,

proud of what they've achieved and they get

Michael discussed the problem with his

a massive vote of thanks from me.” Issue 3

Spring 2008



People Excellence

Ian Taylor Exposed The DMI project is one of the most important media deals signed by SIS to date. Connect meets Group Account Director, BBC Professional Services, Ian Taylor to find out more.

What is the Digital Media Initiative (DMI)?

The current tape based process for producing

shot and manipulated using tape-based

and manipulating content can be time-

editing, and professional visual and audio

DMI is a programme designed to change

consuming and costly. Moving to a digital

enhancements, especially for HD and DVD

the way that “content� (the material that

and tapeless process will enable all material

formats. This generally takes place in

forms the basis of programmes delivered

to be either captured digitally (or converted

professional studios and can be very

on the BBC’s TV, Radio, web and interactive

from camcorder tape formats) manipulated

expensive as it is essentially a set of serial

platforms) is created, manipulated (edited),

using desktop tools, stored in Siemens data

activities. DMI will enable the BBC and its

stored and distributed across the BBC.

centres, and distributed like any other file

partners to manipulate the content in a

Siemens role is to support this change by

(albeit significantly larger!).

more collaborative way using desktop tools and technologies, with many tasks being

providing an integrated suite of tools and

run in parallel. The new systems that

the latest advances in technology. The new

What will the benefits for the BBC?

solution will Introduce new and exciting

The current process of making a programme

content are based around the Cinegy

production tools, replace many existing but

is centred on increasingly out-dated tape-

product and associated commodity edit

out-dated systems and will integrate with a

based processes and systems. Content is

tools (like Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid).

systems that will enable the BBC to exploit

enable the creation and manipulation of

number of other systems also managed by Siemens. To ensure the BBC is able to

The DMI system will also act as a massive

deliver its content onto the ever expanding

library for every piece of content captured.

number of audience devices and

At the moment this is tape-based and it

platforms the corporation has

can be difficult, time-consuming and

decided to redesign its production

logistically challenging to find and obtain


copies of past tapes. In the future, the intention is that the BBC will be able to store as much raw material as it likes and re-use or manipulate all or parts as necessary. This huge archive can be accessed using web-based search tools that will enable content to be pin-pointed in the library and downloaded in seconds. This enables the BBC to be much more flexible and dynamic in creating material for the web, TV and Radio, enabling a richer experience for all types of genres for audiences. The archive system will be based on the Artesia product. A good example of the benefits of this new capability would be the recent Wildlife series featuring David Attenborough in the Galapagos Islands. Thousands of hours of footage of the animals have been shot but only a small amount of this was actually used. However, DMI will enable all this



Spring 2008

Issue 3

People Excellence

What does winning this deal mean to SIS?

In your view what is our biggest challenge with DMI?

the future. This doesn’t always happen now

Winning this deal is great news and a

The project has already been tough. It took

as it can take hours to trawl through tapes

massive vote of confidence for SIS as the

over a year to move from the outline

to find material, and there are probably

BBC’s technology partner. However, DMI is

concept to beginning work on the first phase

many instances where BBC duplicates

a very complex system to build and deliver

of delivery. Much of this work was led by Bill

material it has in its tape store, but either

and the results will be highly visible. It is

Connolly and Marcos Gonzalez-Flowers.

cant find it, or doesn’t realise its there.

one of the largest media contracts and

Securing the deal was also tough; this is a

content to be available quickly so that it can be used for different programmes in

systems integration projects that SIS has

huge investment of public money and

Another benefit of DMI will be the ability to

ever undertaken. Our delivery team

understandably there was intense scrutiny of

adapt content for different formats quickly

comprises people from all areas of the

every aspect of the project. It is going to be

and easily. For instance, with programmes

business including Infrastructure

a hard project to deliver and there are some

such as Planet Earth the tape has to be

Operations, Professional Services and

important milestones along the way with

made suitable for TV, HD, DVD, web, iPlayer

Service Delivery Management, as well as a

tough penalties if we miss deadlines. As with

and even a feature film, but DMI will enable

number of external partners (Cinegy,

other major projects in the BBC, DMI is a

this to be managed at the click of a button

Artesia, Rhozet, and Marquis). We will

very public programme and the outcome

with DMI able to adapt the content into the

design, build, deliver and maintain an end-

will be very visible - so we are all motivated

chosen format for play out.

to-end digital production system for the

to make it work. As we move into the

BBC, and this will provide us with a

delivery phase, we have established a very

fantastic reference to enable us to grow

capable delivery team - Steve Charles, Dave

our business in the media sector.

Tollow, Joe Willis, Andrew Macgarvie, Paul

How will the BBC’s audience benefit from DMI? DMI will also have many benefits for the

Mills, Martyn McKenna, Kevin Harper, Andy

BBC’s audience. The BBC needs to remain

Digital Production systems and Digital

Ewart, Andy Carter, Joe Bate, Liesl Uren and

relevant in the changing world of Media.

Archives are core solutions in the Media

they are (at the time of writing) getting

Many younger people only access content on

Sector portfolio of products and services.

stuck into things, and starting to encounter

new media platforms such as the internet,

Our strategy is to resell the solution to other

and overcome some of the challenges a

mobile phone, hand held devices (iPods etc).

media companies, and we can clearly now

project like this can present.

demonstrate to potential customers a This has been clearly evident in the growth

working system in the BBC, which is

of the BBC’s own iPlayer service, which

regarded as the beacon amongst

enables viewers to download programme

broadcasters and content producers. We will

on demand for up to seven days following

be talking to potential future customers at

broadcast. The number of programmes

the National Association of Broadcasters

Finally, tell us a bit about yourself. What would you be doing now, if you hadn’t followed your career path with Siemens?

downloaded or streamed on demand via

(NAB) trade show in Las Vegas in April.

I am a Chartered Engineer by training and

the BBC iPlayer has reached 17 million, up

have worked in a huge variety of jobs from

to 500,000 a day since its launch on

There have been so many people involved

train driver to running a large operation based

Christmas Day. DMI will provide further

in the project and it’s been a great team

in the BT Tower, to setting up the offshore

digital benefits as the BBC will be looking to

effort. I’d personally like to thank Shelley

BPO capability for Siemens. My passion

make the most of its content. One way this

Slater, Mike O'Reilly, Mike Bray, Steve

outside work is music. I started in the industry

could be achieved is to open up the DMI

Charles, Nic Adams, Gaby Archondakis, Ian

as a sound engineer working mainly in

archive to its audience, who can then search

Harbert, Keith Brown, Martyn Mckenna, Joe

London, so I guess if I hadn’t taken the

for specific content – for example football

Willis, Andrew Ewart, Andy Hunt, Simon

decision to focus on an IT career I would now

fans could search for any goal or incident

Bilotto, Adrian Curtis, Karen Lakin, Navin

be behind a mixing desk at the O2 arena (in

from any game ever shown. Another way

Sathi, Brendon Barbour, Frances Hill,

my dreams!). Music still plays a big part in my

would be the ability to “bundle” your own

Gerhard Bachinger, Steve Home, Richard

life, I try to play my grand piano every day

content – for example to create a file that

Cooke, Manisha Bhalla, Craig Sensicall,

and also regular stints at my local pub. Living

includes the 100 best goals or all the goals

Declan Wood, Steve Wood, Carl Hedges,

near Silverstone, Northamptonshire, the local

in a season. Sometimes such “Bundles” are

Suzy Anderson, James Frew, Mahmood

community is dominated by motor racing,

available on DVD, but DMI might enable

Malik and Matthew Wait for their

and over the last year I’ve been supporting my

them to be available “on demand” for every

contribution to this success.

local team – who race Ferrari 430s in the

licence payer in the UK.

International Touring Car championship.

Issue 3

Spring 2008



People Excellence

Graduate Programme Six months ago, SIS took on another group of graduates as part of the Siemens UK Graduate Development Programme. Connect finds out more. Last year SIS took on a number of

successful they attend an Assessment

the new graduates and to retain them once

graduates as part of the Siemens Graduate

Centre where they are observed in activities

the programme is finished by highlighting

Development Programme (GDP). The aim

such as interviews, presentations and group

opportunities that exist across the business

of the GDP is to develop these people


so that they can apply for a vacant position

within Siemens to maintain the pipeline of

at the end of the programme.

talent into our business. The SIS graduates

Once they join SIS the graduates spend two

work across many areas of the business

years within their chosen area learning a

As part of the programme, SIS graduates

from Personnel and Communications to

number of key skills such as Project

also meet with fellow graduates from other

Operations and Finance.

Management, Customer Focus, Presentation

Siemens businesses so they can network

and Communications skills. A key part of the

and share experiences and learning. During

programme is to foster the development of

the GDP Programme, many of the training

The Graduate Scheme Before the graduates join SIS, as part of the recruitment process, their applications are screened by the Global Shared Services (GSS) Graduate Recruitment Team. Once progressed to the next stage they are required to complete an online

modules take place at different Siemens sites across the UK, so that different graduates meet at each event. As well as working together the graduates often socialise outside work, this year’s graduates have even

psychometric test and then a

set up their own 5-a-side football team.

telephone interview. If they are Organisational Development’s Christine Otter, explains: “During their time on the programme the graduates are all assigned a buddy who will help them to get to know the business and advise them where things are, how things work and who to speak to if they have a problem. They also have a mentor Sham Burhm and Christine Otter

who provides support to them throughout the programme and advises them on career development.



Spring 2008

Issue 3

People Excellence

So what do SIS graduates say about the GDP?

Owen Morgan

Hywel Jones

The SIS graduate scheme offers me the ability to work hard towards a focused career within Human Resources under a defined professional development programme. As well as specific professional HR development, the programme aids me in gaining an extensive range of interpersonal and business skills within a global marketleading organisation.

The graduate scheme has taught me a lot so far. I have developed both my interpersonal skills and knowledge of the HR environment as well as core business competencies. So far it has delivered what was promised and with a great bunch of other grads in the company I can honestly say I’ve loved my first five months here.”

“Siemens makes a big investment into the

Rupert Coghlan

GDP. It’s a hugely successful programme, which ensures a pipeline of talent into our business. Bringing new blood into the company creates fresh ideas and ensures that the business does not stagnate.” The success of the GDP means that SIS is hoping to take on a further 30 graduates this year. To oversee the process, Sham Burhm, has joined the Organisational Development (OD) team as Talent Executive, reporting to the Head of OD Mary MacRae: “I have worked within Siemens Global Shared Services (GSS), Resourcing Team where I was responsible for

I have now been a part of the GDP for four months and I have to say that I am really enjoying my time at SIS. I find the work challenging, but rewarding as well, and I have also developed new skills rapidly. There is a strong network of graduates here in SIS and we have learnt from each other’s knowledge and experiences.

Emma Warwick

I started the graduate scheme in October 2007 and am currently working as a market intelligence analyst for one of my placements. I have decided to lengthen this placement to one year, rather than the usual six months as I have enjoyed sourcing and providing market trends, forecasts and intelligence to bid managers and the sector heads in order to win major IT industry contracts.

“Benefits of the scheme include being able to experience different areas of the business over two years so you can see for yourself which areas you enjoy - it is your choice. Managers are very supportive and the GDP training sessions are invaluable. The other graduates on the scheme are very friendly and 'in the same boat'. We also hold regular social events.

permanent recruitment for Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics; Molecular Imaging and Magnet Technology and previous to that, Siemens Business Services before it became SIS so I have a good understanding of the business. I will be working closely with Corporate Personnel and the (GSS) Graduate Recruitment team to assess SIS requirements and helping to recruit the new graduates. My other responsibilities include looking at our apprenticeship scheme within the BBC, the Global Trainee Programme, Career Frameworks within SIS and focusing on all

Recruitment for the 2008 Graduate Development Programme (GDP) is now underway. Ideally, the successful candidates will have a good degree (minimum 2:2), the equivalent of at least 3 'C's at A level, and the equivalent of at least a grade C in both English and Maths at GCSE. Some areas of Siemens will require specific degrees of modules. If you know someone who may be interested in taking part then go to The closing date for this year’s drive is 29 June.

Talent initiatives across the business.” Issue 3

Spring 2008



People Excellence

A day in the life Matt Key is Head of Sales, Public Services & Healthcare at the SIS Frimley office. He kindly agreed to share a "typical" working day at SIS with Connect, noting that no one day at SIS can be called typical. 6:15 Alarm goes off. While trying to get

A colleague in Germany is looking for

to place a senior business development

out of the house I avoid the cat

information about our experience in

manager. My wife reminding me to put

demanding food, my four year old

Public private partnership (PPP) and

parents evening in the diary for Thursday.

wanting to paint and my three year old

Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts.

11:00 Depart for London with team-

asking, ‘how are shoes made?.’

7:30 In the Frimley office this morning, I

mate for an interview. On the train I catch

6:45 Radio 4 is default on the way to

check mail, review the Public Sector and

up with calls to Sector Heads in Germany,

work. It’s amazing how much of what we

Healthcare pipelines with the team over

the headhunter, and call a contact in Her

do can be affected by what the press is

breakfast in the staff restaurant. We discuss

Majesty’s Treasury to see if we can go in to

reporting. Another debate on National

the likelihood of ID cards going ahead, the

discuss the implications of Northern Rock.

Identity Cards, more case backlogs at the

morning meeting we have with a potential

Borders and Immigration Authority, an

partner for a large bid, and the state of the

12:15 We meet with an an analyst from

opportunity for us?

porridge (not necessarily in that order).

Gartner to discuss industry trends and in

7:15 Check voice mail. Someone in the

9:00 Our prospective Partner team

increase in the weighting of an

National Audit Office wants a copy of my

arrives. We have clear objectives from the

organisation’s environmental credentials in

presentation ‘How will technology

session. We need to understand their

procurements. It’s a good debate, ably

transform interaction and relationships

position regarding the opportunity, assess

assisted by the analyst having been

between government departments?’

their capability and capacity. Review

advising some of our target clients, a good

whether there is too great an overlap (or

insight into their thinking. I make a note to

gap) between our two organisations,

call one of the team who is leading on a

check whether the sell messages are

piece of business with that client.

particular what the prospects are for the

strong enough. Get a feel for how the competition may counter any partnership,

12:28 As I walk to a local Starbucks to

get a high level view on workshare and

get on the network via their Wifi link, the

importantly see whether we can work

MD of Siemens Traffic calls wanting to

with these people. We agree some next

discuss how we develop a joint proposition

steps and to move to a Non-Disclosure

in ‘Integrated Transport Management’.

Agreement so we may share more detail.

With their experience and our back office capability it’s a strong story.

10:53 ‘Wash-up’ with the team on



Spring 2008

Issue 3

actions and next steps. Check voice mail.

13:30 Having dealt with the most

The communications office is finalising

pressing emails and polished off two lattes

speaker details for this afternoon’s

(occupational hazard), I jump on a quick

presentation at the Home Office Shared

internal conference call about our RFID

Services Summit. A headhunter is looking

capability in the Health sector. I successfully

People Excellence

of Matt Key avoid taking on any sales targets from our

there is a lot of activity, but much of it

in, I check voicemail again on the train,

eager portfolio colleagues. It’s too early for

very small beer. I leave the coffee shop

make some notes on the salient points of

SIS in this fledgling (for us) market.

and head for the tube.

the day, read the Metro (another occupational hazard), and all in all I’m at

14:04 I arrive at the Queen Elizabeth II

17:35 Call home and check in with the

Conference Centre in Westminster and

family. Confirm that I didn’t feed the cat,

after registering I spend a quiet 15 minutes

however it appears that every other family

22:43 My wife is up, we catch up on

running through my presentation. It’s a

member did, the cat is a past master at this.

what the kids have been up to, I go and

my front door within the hour.

panel session so I then spend 10 minutes

check on them. Over a cup of tea we chat

meeting the other panel members so that

and I channel surf on the TV.

we at least appear to know each other when the Q&A begins at the end. Sir Richard Thomas the Information Commissioner speaks first, then my pitch, followed by Stephen Hickey of the Department for Transport. The session seems to go well and there is a lively debate about Information Security in light of recent losses of data.

A voicemail from a colleague that we are short listed on a large outsource deal – now the real work starts…

an ‘Enabler of Policy’ and our soft challenge

turning off the lights the cat attempts to convince me that it has not been fed…

...and you thought you had a long day

15.26 The session closes and I get some good feedback, our new positioning in as

23:07 Time to turn in. As I wander around

18:30 Drinks reception before our dinner, it’s a good turn out. I am joined by

of the historic ways of the IT community

two of my colleagues one from Public Sector

engaging with Government has peaked

Sales and other from Operations. We agree

some interest. I arrange to discus things

the key messages we want to get across and

further with new contacts in the Audit

to whom. Sit with the new Director of

Office and Department for Environment,

Transformation at the Home Office. She

Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

outlines some real thorny issues she’s facing and we agree that a couple are worth further

16:12 Short call with someone from

exploration from a Siemens perspective. A

Legal to get an update on the teaming

great over-dinner debate ensues around

agreement wording for one of our bids.

whether the recent lapses in Information

A voicemail from a colleague that we are

Security are technology, process, or culturally

short listed on a large outsource deal –

driven – all three I’d suggest. As the dinner

now the real work starts…

winds up and I take on another coffee I agree to drop my new Home Office contact a line

16.45 Another coffee shop to check

and arrange a meeting.

mail, follow up calls and ‘gen’ up on the guests for the Ideal Government Dinner

21:45 Brief ‘wash-up’ with

we are hosting this evening. I check (out

colleagues on the mobile as I

of 10 year habit) the Official Journal of

walk to the tube. Timing is

the European Union (OJEU) notices, as the

impeccable this evening, as I

Public Sector budget year draws to a close

get to Paddington a train is

Issue 3

Spring 2008




SIS Success at Think

The BBC Pacific Quay Project Team (PQ) team were among the s More than 200 Siemens employees

24/7 to ensure the BBC’s commitments were

Pacific Quay, Programme Director, David

gathered at the Science Museum, South

met, even in the face of extreme challenges

Swannack also recognised the contribution

Kensington to celebrate their contribution

and ultimately, delivered a highly complex

of the team: "We

to customer service excellence.

technology project – without any

Representing the team, Mike Hermanns

interruption to broadcast schedules.

and Robert Heap received the 'Going the Extra Mile' Award from Tom White, Siemens

Portfolio Manager, Mike Hermanns was

UK Chief Executive and Maggie Philbin, the

delighted to have won the award: “On the

former BBC presenter of Tomorrow's World.

night I was not expecting to win, so I was taken aback when we were in the final

did face some challenges along the way but this award is great recognition of the hard work and determination of everyone involved in the project to make it a success. We are all extremely proud to be involved in such an exciting project and playing a part in turning the BBC’s dream into a broadcasting reality.”

The judges were impressed by the team's

nominations. Then to be named the

delivery of the most modern, innovative

winner, well I can tell you, it is humbling to

broadcasting centre in the world on time

receive an award knowing the quality of

and to budget, despite facing some

the others around you. My main reaction

The purpose of Think Customer is to make

challenges along the way. The team worked

was pride that the effort and hard work of

Siemens as well known for customer

the entire team had been recognised in

service excellence as it is for innovation

Our Vision

such a way. After the initial surprise, I sent

and technology. This was evident during

texts of the news to David and the other

the Pacific Quay project as, BBC Scotland

The purpose of Think Customer is to

members of the management team. Some

and Siemens moved from a purchaser and

make Siemens in the UK as well known

of the replies are priceless!”

supplier to a partnership relationship

for customer service excellence as it is for

which enabled a One Team approach to

innovation and technology. This can only

Group Account Director, Robert Heap

solution development. The PQ technology

be achieved when all of our people and

“It’s fantastic that the PQ project was selected for the Think Customer Award and the recognition was fully deserved by what was an exceptional and committed team.”

partnership team demonstrated the value

processes are customer orientated, we believe in the values of Think Customer and we do everything we can to enact them every day. We recognise that our


of inclusive team working in many areas of the project, leading to the successful delivery of this technology solution.

customers ultimately pay our salaries and that they come to us as a matter of choice and we must do everything in our power to ensure we retain their loyalty.It is down to each of us to enhance the

SIS nominees were finalists in almost all the other award categories. Congratulations go to:

excellent brand image of Siemens by

Ahead of the Game

procedures and achieving a performance

providing the best possible service to our

The Customer Interaction Centre (CIC)

noted by the Guardian newspaper.

customers. We need to listen to them,

team in NS&I, whose "Just Ask"

understand their business and exceed

campaign was so successful in

Going the Extra Mile

their expectations to stay ahead of our

generating £200m new sales for NS&I.

Barclays Account Operations team, for

competitors. Our customers see Siemens as one company. We understand and

managing the exceptional increases in

Unsung Hero

ISA volumes.

believe that a customer of one Siemens

ISP Bid Team Manager, Karen Lakin,

business is a customer of Siemens as a

whose "selfless commitment knows no

Saving the Day

whole. We must strive to ensure that our

bounds" Linda Murphy, Clare MacFarlane

Rhys Wheeler and Josh Hewerdine of the

customers are satisfied with the help they

and Ann McMahon in NS&I, for

IPS team for relocating and finding a

receive at every point in their journey

implementing new complaints handling

workable solution to deal with a

through our company.



Spring 2008

substantial passport application backlog.

Issue 3


Customer Awards

six winners at the Think Customer Awards ceremony on 9 February. Think Customer - how can you make a difference? While SIS deliver great customer service much of the time, it's by no means faultless. While we have SLAs and KPIs in place with most customers to keep service levels highly visible, sometimes its the little Maggie Philbin presented the awards

things that annoy our customers most: • How we answer the phone

Take a look at the Think Customer pages

• How thoroughly we respond to their

on the intranet now and remind yourself


on the Siemens telephone etiquette and

• How quickly we deliver what we promise

the role of the Telephone Champions to

Each and everyone of us, no matter how

help you locate that obscure product or

many steps removed from the customer

service some have just asked you for. These

we are, has a responsibility to deliver

play a small, but very vital part, in ensuring

excellence in all our interactions that

we retain existing customers and win new

ultimately impact the customer.

ones - and that's our future, don't forget.

About Pacific Quay

Siemens role in the PQ Project had three principal components:

Opened by Gordon Brown in September 2007, BBC Scotland’s new broadcast centre • Performing the design, build and at Pacific Quay in Glasgow is the BBC’s first handover of technology at Pacific Quay fully capable high definition (HD) facility. and Scottish regional sites Two HD studios have been built, including one which is the largest HD studio in

• Managing a series of infrastructure

Europe. Pacific Quay provides television,

projects both within Scotland and across

radio and on line services for an audience

the BBC to ensure that they will enable

of 5 million people in Scotland, as well as

BBC Scotland’s objectives

producing a wide range of programming for viewers across the UK and worldwide. As BBC Scotland’s technology partner and

• Providing BBC Scotland with a managed service to support its technology and

Left to right: Maggie Philbin, Mike Hermanns, Robert Heap, Tom White

operate its technical areas.

prime systems integrator for Pacific Quay,

Issue 3

Spring 2008




Portfolio Development - Global Application Management (GAA)

Paul Welfare (Head of AM GAA GB&I and Global Head of Delivery Portfolio Development GAA)

The GAA is transforming into a truly global organisation with increasingly high levels of international collaboration and co-operation. As a demonstrable example, GAA GB&I has

clients, i.e. from the AM perspective.

assumed global responsibility for the

The broad themes of Siemens domain

ongoing design and development of

expertise and innovation are of course key

innovative portfolio Service Offerings

to the new market positioning of SIS.

across the Application Management (AM)

However, the GAA as been challenged


with translating these high level sales messages into operational reality.

AM is a highly attractive market for SIS

Consequently, the new AM Service

and a key focus area within the portfolio

Offering will highlight how the GAA can

segment of the Fit4 2010 programme.

actually fulfil these expectations from a service delivery perspective. The

Following our production of a compelling

highlights include a new Target Operating

Business Case, the HQ PTM organisation

Model, Innovation Tools & Techniques, Six

has recently provided full approvals &

Sigma methods and associated Software

associated funding for the development of

Platform concepts.

a new cross-industry AM Service Offering.

Phil Preece GB&I Head of Global Services & Delivery Portfolio GB&I GO GAA

I would like to thank Lleyam Bartholomew (Portfolio Development Manager, GAA GB&I) deserves special recognition for his creativity and enthusiasm in managing the day to day design and development activity. Also, Kevin O’Brien (Service Offering Manager, GAA GB&I) for his project management support.

Following having secured funding on behalf of GAA Global for Delivery

The new global Service Offering is of

The Service Offering development work is

course designed to meet the

being undertaken by an international

thank Phil for setting up and managing this

contemporary needs of our target

team of GAA subject matter experts from

global project team, which we have found to

customer base and to differentiate SIS

the UK, USA, Germany, Austria, India,

be an interesting challenge. The associated

from its natural competitors.

Thailand and Russia. Leadership and

cultural, behavioural and communication

overall project management is from GB&I.

issues can be frustrating, however, these are

Amongst many other things, the Service

Portfolio Development, I would like to

insignificant in relation to the advantages

Offering will demonstrate how SIS can

We are aiming to get the new Service

that come from working with international

leverage vertical domain expertise and

Offering specifications and supporting

colleagues who bring a wealth of fresh

technology innovation to deliver tangible

collateral ready for global roll-out from

ideas, perspectives, experience and expertise

value added business benefits to our

July 2008.

to the party.



Spring 2008

Issue 3

News in Brief

BBC iPlayer growth continues

WIG Work Placement The Whitehall & Industry Group (WIG) is looking for a team within SIS to host a civil servant on a work placement in order to gain

The number of programmes downloaded or streamed on demand via the BBC iPlayer has reached 17 million, up to 500,000 a day since its launch on Christmas Day, according to the latest figures from the BBC. BBC iPlayer has been created and developed

peer to peer network, and streamed media

by SIS in partnership with the BBC’s Future

using Akamai CDN.

Media & Technology division and Red Bee

experience at Siemens. The secondment would be for a period of six months. As part of the scheme there is also the opportunity for an SIS employee to work at the Home Office. For more information contact Matt Key on 07881 815068.

NS&I Tracing Service NS&I has teamed up with the British Bankers

Media. SIS is responsible for the delivery of

Enhancements to iPlayer continue with SIS

and the Building Societies Associations to

the technical infrastructure, for applying

playing a key role in releasing new

launch a new website,,

the digital rights licence and for distributing

functionality and in managing the service

which enables customers to search for

downloaded media to end users via the

for the BBC.

dormant bank accounts. NS&I has approximately £466m of unclaimed assets in

NAW service desk moves to Caradog House

dormant accounts.

10-Year Anniversary Congratulations go to Chris Kettle and George Humphreys who have both recently

The National Assembly for Wales’s service desk has moved from the customer’s site in Cathays Park to a new purpose built service desk in Caradog House in Cardiff.

celebrated 10 years working for Siemens.

Christmas Working Santa wasn’t the only person working hard

After months of planning the move took place over the first weekend in February and the service desk was up and running again by 7.00 hrs Monday morning. Operations Manager, Ray Snowball said:

“The move went very smoothly. We packed up early Friday, moved the

hardware on Saturday and by the Sunday we were testing the equipment so that normal service was resumed Monday morning with no disruption to NAW. The move has been well received by all the team the building is bright and spacious and it’s also the first time that we have been located together.”

over Christmas, our service desk in Bristol were also working 24/7 to support our customers. On Christmas Eve when one of the BBC's SAN servers went down due to a critical hardware failure a major incident was logged with the service desk and they ensured that the right people were contacted and the problem was fixed quickly. Service Desk Operations Manager, Louise Cooney, said:” Our Service Desk operate a 24/7 operations so working Christmas is nothing new for the extended working hours team. There are 24 of us in total and , we tend to 'rota' turns each year. The potential impact on the customer if we hadn't solved this problem was high. Well done to all those working over the festive period! “

Charity Bike Ride The IO Server Operations team will be holding a 24-hour bike ride (static) from 10-11 April in aid of SIS corporate charity, the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG). More information will be available shortly.

Issue 3

Spring 2008



Corporate Responsibility

Prince’s Trust Coast to Coast Challenge Good Luck to SIS employees Andy Grant, Rob Hughes, Dave Veryard, Chris Pearce, Helene Richter, Thomas Hinton and Lee Ham who will be heading off this week to take part in the Prince’s Trust’s Costa Rica Coast to Coast Challenge. The team will be spending seven days biking, hiking, rafting and kayaking through the mountainous terrain of central Costa Rica from summit to sea, in aid of the charity.

working as a team, visiting a new country, completing the challenge and then proudly collecting all the sponsorship knowing young less fortunate people will benefit.”

National Assembly for Wales, Account Manager, Dave Veryard, said: ”I am

Technical Support

lor Lorem Ipson do

dreading it, I am short fat and unfit and I am going to get beaten by people who are older and fitter than me. From the moment I read about the challenge I thought I will never make it, however, researching what the Prince’s Trust do and how the money raised will help really spurred me on during the 38 mile training rides in the cold Welsh hills. I am really looking forward to

Specialist, Rob

Hughes added: “I am really looking forward to visiting Costa Rica and experiencing the natural eco friendly environment, whilst challenging myself physically and mentally. I think the trip will be really rewarding for me and I am glad that I can raise money for such a worthwhile cause at the same time.”

Remember it is still not too late to sponsor them!

SIS Sports Day SIS will be holding its annual Sports Day in Northampton on 6-7 June 2008. The event is open to all SIS employees and their families. The emphasis of the weekend is on the sporting competitions including football, netball and softball competitions, as well as less serious events, including sack races and a fun relay event as a finale. There is also evening entertainment. The SIS Sports Day is event run by employees for employees and their families, and the company makes a significant contribution to the running costs of the event so that it’s more affordable to attend. The cost to employees is £36 per person sharing a room, or £45 for single occupancy and this covers all meals, entertainment and accommodation for the two nights. The accommodation is provided on a ’first come first served basis’ at the Northampton Hilton for both the Friday and Saturday nights, with additional overflow accommodation nearby if required. Application Support Team Member, Gerry Jackson, said: “This is a great opportunity to meet colleagues from across the country and even if you don’t want to take part in the sporting events you can come along and enjoy the social aspects of the weekend and support your colleagues. This is a fantastic couple of days out so don’t hesitate, use this opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones! ”

For more information contact Gerry Jackson at

Chennai Chess Champion Congratulations go to Process Officer, G Bakyaraj at SIPS Chennai on winning the Ascendas Grandmaster title in Chess. During the first heat, Bakyarai played almost 40 participants to become the winner of the Chennai region. He then travelled to Bangalore to play the winners of each of the other two locations (Hyderabad and Chennai) and emerged victorious in a closely fought match before he was crowned as the Ascendas Grandmaster. Bakyaraj said: “I have been a chess buff since I was a child and have competed in many tournaments but work means that I don’t have much time to play chess.

Lorem Ipson do lor However, winning this title has spurred me on and I will now try to play more regularly.” Ascendas is Asia's leading provider of hightech business parks. The SIPS office is located in Ascendas’s IT park in Chennai. The chess competition was open to all the companies based at this site and in its other IT parks in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Contact Information Siemens IT Solutions and Services SIS Communications, Sir William Siemens Square, Frimley, Camberley, Surrey GU16 8QD © 2008 Siemens

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