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Did you know that Relevant Radio® has four very special Giving Societies? Maybe you’ve heard us mention them on-air. Well, you are invited to join one (or more)! The members of these societies are special friends of Relevant Radio, committed to supporting our mission in powerful ways. The best way we can thank our special friends is by enrolling them in our societies which provide amazing spiritual benefits! Our St. Joseph Recurring Gift Society is our largest society, for those who donate to Relevant Radio on a continual basis, sustaining our mission with a monthly gift. We have about 15,000 members currently, including some who have been giving monthly since we first went on the air! The revenue we receive from our recurring gift donors provides a stable source of income so that we can continue providing the great programs you hear on-air. Two of our other societies are for those who are able to support us annually at higher levels: our Guardian Angel Gift Society for those who donate $1,000 or more in a given year, and our St. Gabriel Gift Society for those who make an annual major gift of $5,000 or more. We greatly depend on the generosity of those who have been blessed financially. And finally, our St. Nicholas Legacy Society is meant for those who make a planned gift to Relevant Radio in their will. This is a perpetual membership, even after death. We take very seriously the need to pray for our departed brothers and sisters, especially those who have cared for Relevant Radio during their lifetime. Relevant Radio is blessed to have benefited from their support, and we want to return the blessing by praying for them perpetually, especially during the month of November. Each society has its own set of spiritual benefits, including special Masses and prayers on the air. To review all the benefits of our societies and for more information on how to join, go to www.relevantradio.com/societies. Please consider joining the society that best suits you – we would be so glad to welcome you! May God bless you.


Join Relevant Radio® Executive Director/CEO, Father Rocky, and other show hosts at the 2019 ELEVATE Conference in Pennsylvania on June 22! Listen to inspirational speakers, attend Mass, Confession, Adoration, and much more at The National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa. For more information, sponsorship opportunities and tickets, visit www.relevantradio.com/elevate. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to elevate your Faith!


Thanks be to God! Our Relevant Radio® Regional Headquarters in Sacramento, California received a beautiful tabernacle in the newly remodeled Chapel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Our care for and accompaniment of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist is the most important thing we do at Relevant Radio, and He is the source of all blessings and growth.


for The Patrick Madrid Show

My husband and I were married civilly, as I was not Catholic at the time and never planned to raise our children Catholic. I was anti-Catholic for the majority of our relationship. By God’s grace in the birth of our daughter, I was led home to the Church. During my formation, I had failed to recognize that I was barring my husband and myself from Heaven. We celebrated the Sacrament of Matrimony a month before my Confirmation. Becoming Catholic a year and a half ago has been one of my greatest joys, and like you, I had to fight my way into the bosom of Holy Mother Church, and I will never forsake her.


Thank you for your consummate witness to the truth of our Faith and to its teachings. I listen to your show over all the other programming as you are unflinching in your defense of the truth! God bless you and your ministry!

- Tonya, App Listener


Rosary Novena

Join Father Rocky and Father Dave Heney for a special nine-day broadcast December 16-24 LIVE from our Chicago and Los Angeles studios! Tune in each night of the Novena at 8pm ET/5pm PT, and call in your prayer intentions at (888) 914-9149.

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On the Dial - December Publication  

On the Dial - December Publication

On the Dial - December Publication  

On the Dial - December Publication