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Precautions and Uses of Blast Cleaning Blast cleaning is yet another process that is used in removing paint and other oil particles from the surface. This process requires the use of abrasive cleaning equipments. It is used in the industrial sectors for the removal of grease and other lubricating oils that get deposited in the machineries.

Shot blasting is defined as the procedure employed in the removal of foreign materials from a given surface. Various devices like spinning paddle, air guns etc. are used in the process. Different materials like silica (sand), steel balls, water etc. are used in making the shot to get blasted on the surface. The intensity of the blast depends on the degree of the impurities residing on the surface. This procedure is basically applied by different industries in order to get rid of the rust prevailing on the metallic surface. • Surface cleaning: To get rid of the foreign particles and rust that gets deposited on the surface with time. • Coating: To deposit a lubricating material on the surface to prevent rust and other foreign particles. • Soothing texture: This process is also applied in order to soothe the given surface of the material and providing a perfect finish.

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