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Moons of Jupiter Cuff Gold plated/Silver plated/ Raw brass Retail: $60

ID cuffs Gold plated/Silver plated/ Raw brass Retail: $30

Simple Anchor Necklace Raw Brass $35

SD Shield Necklace Raw Brass $35

Sterling Silver $75

Sterling Silver $85

Charms and Tags Necklaces Raw Brass Rope $30 Raw Brass Chain $35 Sterling Silver Cord $55 Sterling Silver Chain: $70

Zodiac Constellation Necklaces Brass and Copper Cord : $40 Chain: $45

Mano Pendant Necklace Sterling silver: $70 Sterling silver ox chain

Hammered double chain ring

Gemstone chained ring

Sterling silver: $70

Sterling silver: $70

Moons of Jupiter Ring (opal) Sterling silver $55

Brass $40

Endings and beginnings ring

Sterling silver $80 Stone varies

3 eyed crow necklace (cord)

With gemstone ( picture) $75 With gemstone( in one eye) $70 Sterling silver chain Plus $12

Cord colors: rainbow, black, neon green.

Pyramid Studs

Mini Arrow Studs

Sterling silver $40

Sterling silver $45

Brass $30

Fractal opal earrings

Sterling silver $85 Brass $55

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