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PASTORAL LETTER Dear Friends, Firstly, I would like to thank you for the wonderful welcome Family Sutton received at the ordination/induction service on 1st June. Your kindness, generosity and prayers were greatly appreciated and meant so much to me at the start of my ministry. With my former Headmaster's hat on I would like to set us all a little bit of summer holiday homework. Do remember that the word holiday derived from 'Holy Day' and this will give you a clue as to what I am looking for. Norman Drummond who 'preached me in' set us all the challenge on Pentecost Sunday to be bold, brave and broad as we move forward. This is a great Trinity of Bs. But I think there is room for one more B and that is to be a BEAMING church too. I took up Norman's challenge in my sermon on Trinity Sunday. Along with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit there is room for one more in this dynamic relationship and that is you and me. There are spaces we can all fill in St Cuthbert's with our own ideas and talents. Masaccio's Fresco, which I shared with you on that Sunday, was all about the new space around the Trinity. Yes the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit are all there but the exciting thing is the fact that we are all welcomed into the space around These Three Persons. This new space, which so excited the first viewers of the fresco over 600 years ago as they saw Three Dimensional space in a picture for the first time, needs to excite us again today. This space is created anew for us each day and we must fill it or we will lose it. So what to do? Please make a list of your 'three givens'. These are the things you think we already do well at St Cuthbert's, and I have seen fine examples of these over the last few weeks. Then add something extra - the thing that you think we need to be a BEAMING church. The thing, or rather the space, that you feel still needs to be filled. On the front cover, you can see the fresco by Masaccio to inspire you in your thoughts In the Autumn, I will collate all the returns. The aim then, is to have a Congregational Gathering one evening in October when we can enjoy each other's fellowship and the 'beaming smiles' on the faces of our neighbours sitting around us at our tables. Most 1

importantly we will share our hopes, our dreams and our prayers for St Cuthbert's. God Bless and have a lovely festival summer. Parish Minister

ST CUTHBERT’S PRAYER I hope the prayer below will allow you to pray wherever you find yourselves so that as a church we are following in the monastic tradition of Cuthbert whereby prayer was at the heart and centre of everything he did. Open our eyes, Lord, to see your glory. Open our ears, Lord, to hear your call. Open our lips, Lord, to sing your praises. Then guide us on our pilgrimage of faith, that with the memory of Cuthbert in our minds, and the spirit of Cuthbert in our hearts, we may walk with Him who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and find our freedom in his service; even our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.


10:15am – Office Prayers (MC) 10:30am (For anyone in the building) 12pm – 12:30pm Service of Reflection and Communion (MC) (Followed by Ministry of Prayer for Healing)

Wed 2

Thu 3 Sun 6 Trinity 8

No soul space in August (Next one :Wednesday 6 September) 1pm

Space for lunchtime Prayers (MC)

9.30am 11am

Holy Communion (MC) Morning Worship (Ministry of Prayer for Healing immediately afterwards in the Anam Chara chapel) Evening Worship : Holy Communion

6pm Tue 8

10:15am – Office Prayers (MC) 10:30am (For anyone in the building) 2

Thu 10 Sun 13 Trinity 9


Space for lunchtime Prayers (MC)

9.30am 11am 11am 6pm

Holy Communion (MC) Morning Worship : Festival Communion Service No Young Church Evening Worship

Tue 15

10:15am – Office Prayers (MC) 10:30am (For anyone in the building)

Thu 17


Space for lunchtime Prayers (MC)

9.30am 11am 6pm

Holy Communion (MC) Morning Worship Evening Worship (MC)

Sun 20 Trinity 10

Tue 22

10:15am – Office Prayers (MC) 10:30am (For anyone in the building)

Thu 24


Space for lunchtime Prayers (MC)

9.30am 11am 6pm

Holy Communion (MC) Morning Worship : Holy Communion Evening Worship (MC)

Sun 27 Trinity 11

Tue 29

10:15am – Office Prayers (MC) 10:30am (For anyone in the building)

Thu 31


Space for lunchtime Prayers (MC)

SEPTEMBER 9.30am Sun 3 11am Trinity 12 / Creationtide 1 6pm Tue 5

Tue 5

Holy Communion (MC) Morning Worship (Ministry of Prayer for Healing immediately afterwards in the Anam Chara chapel) Evening Worship : Holy Communion

10:15am – Office Prayers (MC) 10:30am (For anyone in the building) 12pm – 12:30pm Service of Reflection and Communion (MC) (Followed by Ministry of Prayer for Healing) 3

Wed 6

12.30pm - soul space 2pm ‘For everything there is a season’– Seasons and Short (optional) led reflections at 1pm, 6pm 5pm - 7pm Come and go when you want

Thu 7


9.30am Sun 10 11am Trinity 13 / Creationtide 2 11am 6pm

Space for lunchtime Prayers (MC) Holy Communion (MC) Morning Worship (Holy Communion immediately afterwards in the Anam Chara chapel) Young Church (Lindisfarne Room) Evening Worship

Tue 12

10:15am - Office Prayers (MC) 10:30am (For anyone in the building)

Thu 14


9.30am Sun 17 11am Trinity 14 / Creationtide 3 6pm

Space for lunchtime Prayers (MC) Holy Communion (MC) Morning Worship Evening Worship (MC)

Tue 19

10:15am – Office Prayers (MC) 10:30am (For anyone in the building)

Thu 21


9.30am Sun 24 11am Trinity 15 / Creationtide 4


Space for lunchtime Prayers (MC) Holy Communion (MC) Morning Worship : Holy Communion The Society of the Friends of St Cuthbert’s Preacher: Very Rev Dr Russell Barr, Cramond Kirk Evening Worship (MC)

Tue 26

10:15am – Office Prayers (MC) 10:30am (For anyone in the building)

Thu 28


Space for lunchtime Prayers (MC)


DUTY ELDERS August 2017 Mrs Ferguson C Mr Newjem C Mr Turnbull

September 2017

Miss Stoddart Mr Stuart TL Miss Watt

Mr McLean C Miss Pollock Mr Revolta Miss Todd Mr Williams C TL TBC

ANNOUNCEMENTS Marriages 24 May 15 July

Margaret Michael and Lucius Carroll, Nashville, USA Rebecca Vallot and Antony Gloag, Perthshire

Renewal of Marriage Vows 24 May Margaret Michael and Lucius Carroll, Nashville, USA 8 July

Madge and John Taylor, Kirkcaldy

VACANCY CHURCH MAGAZINE EDITOR After long and dedicated service, Mary Wilson is stepping down as Editor of the Church Magazine. I am sure you would all like to join me in thanking her for fulfilling this role over the years. In seeking to replace her, this position might well suit two people working as joint editors. If you would like more details about the post please contact the Minister or the Church Office.

A NEW MONTHLY SERVICE FIRST TUESDAY EACH MONTH Starting on the first Tuesday in August there will be a new once a month Service in the Memorial Chapel. Following on from the Coffee Morning in the Lindisfarne Room it will start at 12pm and end at 12.30pm. This will replace the weekly Tuesday lunchtime Services and will include reflection, prayers and communion. The Ministry of Prayer for Healing will be offered after this service. 5

SILENT PRAYER GROUP 3:30PM – 4:15PM ON EACH TUESDAY IN AUGUST Between 3:30pm – 4:15pm on each Tuesday in August, the Silent Prayer group - who regularly meet in St John’s Church - will be meeting in St Cuthbert’s Memorial Chapel. This group, led by Rev Tony Bryer (who was formerly Workplace Chaplain based in St Cuthbert’s,) is a ‘Together’ churches initiative, to which all are welcome. FESTIVAL FRINGE EVENTS IN ST CUTHBERT’S CHURCH (VENUE 122) St Cuthbert’s Organ Festival 2017 Monday 7 August – Friday 11 August, 12:30pm – 1:15pm daily FREE ADMISSION Mon 07

William Wallace (Senior Organ Scholar, Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford)

Tue 08

John Kitchen (Edinburgh City Organist)

Wed 09

Graham Maclagan (Parish Church of St Cuthbert)

Thu 10

Michael Bawtree (Glasgow)

Fri 11

Christopher Black (Undergraduate Organ Scholar, University of Aberdeen)

Other Festival Events Taking Place In St Cuthbert’s Church During August 2017

Sat 05


Tubular Brass plays Tubular bells concert

Sat 12


The Really Terrible Orchestra Concert 6

Tue 15


Anne-Isabel Meyer - Bach Cello Suites

Wed 16


Anne-Isabel Meyer - Bach Cello Suites

Thu 17


Anne-Isabel Meyer - Bach Cello Suites

Thu 17


Bohemians (BLOC) - From Broadway to Hollywood!

Fri 18


Bohemians (BLOC) - From Broadway to Hollywood!

Sat 19


Loud & Proud on the fringe (Waverley Care) concert

Mon 21


Alastair Savage/Tom Rathbone - Scotland & Beyond

Tue 22


Opera Bohemia concert – The Pearl Fishers

Fri 25


RAF Symphonic Brass concert (as seen at the Tattoo!)

Sun 27


Scottish Sinfonia Concert - Russian Spectacular!

SOUL SPACE FOR EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON Wednesday 6 September, sees the return of soul space after its summer break. The church is open for you to come and go as you want 12:30pm-2pm and 5pm-7pm, with short led reflections at 1pm and 6pm (please note new time), monthly on the first Wednesday between September and June (except January). We will be taking as our main theme for this session, Ecclesiastes 3: 1 ‘For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven’. Please come along and share with us during the coming months as we reflect on the seasons of the year, of the church, and of life. 'soul space' seeks to provide a sacred space in the heart of the city of Edinburgh. Come when you can, leave when you must. A space to find peace, stillness and refreshment for your soul. Space for you to relax, chill and unwind. Spaces to explore, to reflect, to pray. If you’ve never been, or not been for a while – why not come along and give it a try ? Find more information at : or follow us on Facebook : CuthbertSoulSpace soul space team


AUTUMN LECTURES AT PALMERSTON PLACE CHURCH THURSDAYS : 14 SEPTEMBER, 12 OCTOBER, 9 NOVEMBER Jack Macdonald, the Ministerial Assistant at Palmerston Place Church (and works with WPCS one day a week) has invited WPCS to arrange with him 3 Autumn Lectures, which continues the lectures series from previous years. The theme of this year's lectures so far is 'Wellbeing in the Workplace'. There will be one lecture on Thursday evening 14th September at which the CEO of WPCS Iain McFadzean will speak, and then two further evenings on Thursday 12th October and Thursday 9th November. The audience will be professionals from various workplaces around Edinburgh and beyond, and the talks pitched appropriately.

THE PILGRIM WAY SATURDAY SEMINAR 16 SEPTEMBER 10.30am-12noon (Coffee available from 10am). In Campsie Parish Church. (130 Main Street, Lennoxtown. G66 7DA) led by Rev David Denniston. Following a short time of opening worship, we will reflect on some aspects of the lives of our Celtic ancestors that might have relevance for us today. This is one of the occasional seminars to allow those who are interested to explore themes connected with Christian faith, church life, mission and spirituality as informed by our Celtic heritage. Please come along to find out more – everyone is welcome. DWD FRIENDS OF ST CUTHBERT’S ANNUAL SERVICE – SUNDAY 24 SEPTEMBER The Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 24 September when our guest preacher will be the Very Revd. Dr Russell Barr, a well-known face in St Cuthbert’s and we look forward to welcoming him. The AGM will take place after the morning service. This will be followed by lunch in the Lindisfarne Room. It is hoped that we have a good turnout, as this is our opportunity to meet as a group. The Annual Report and Agenda will be sent out around the last week in August. It is unfortunate that we have not managed our Lindisfarne trip this year but hopefully we can go next year. Rev. Peter Sutton took over as Chairman of the Trustees in June and has proposed a couple of events for this year. Firstly a service in St Margaret’s Chapel in the Castle followed by a social gathering in the Officers’ Mess. The suggested dates are 4 or 5 October. The event will be announced at the AGM and in the Magazine. Secondly a Friends’ visit to the Caravaggio Exhibition at the National 8

Gallery followed by a social event. Unfortunately, the exhibition closes on 24 September. Anyone interested please contact either the Minister or Pat Ferguson and we will endeavour to organise an outing. Pat Ferguson

PRAYER CIRCLE Requests for prayer in a crisis situation or time of trouble should be made to Mary Stewart (443 30150). Prayer is normally offered for one week. Names of those for whom prayer is required in the longer term should be entered in the Intercession Book for the evening service (to be found on the table in the vestibule). All information will be treated in confidence.

RECORDINGS OF 11AM SUNDAY SERVICES Recordings of the 11am services and sermons are now available via our website and as podcasts. If you need a CD copy for yourself or anyone unable to attend worship, please contact the office.

MAGAZINE DEADLINE - OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2017 Material for the August/September 2016 Magazine should be mailed to the editor at : by Monday 25 September 2017.

TUESDAY AFTERNOON GROUP Dear Friends, The Tuesday Afternoon Group will be re-starting in October, after the summer break. We shall still meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 10 October until 12 December 2017 and from 9 January until 10 April 2018, in the Lindisfarne Room.. The syllabus should be ready to collect in mid-September and our speaker for the opening meeting is our Minister, Peter Sutton. Looking forward to seeing all friends then. Meantime enjoy the rest of the summer. Best wishes, Sheena Cant (Group Leader) 9

CHRISTMAS FAIR SATURDAY 16TH DECEMBER 2017, 10AM - 2PM The following stalls will be available on the day with setup and delivery of goods on Friday 15th Dec between 9am and 4:30pm. Please note there will be a bric-a-brac stall this year and we will be accepting donations of books. Due to limitation of space we will not accept furniture for the bric-a-brac stall. It would be preferable if you have donations to bring them in on the Friday before the Fair but if that is not possible we can accept clearly marked donations from now on. These can be left with the Church Officer on duty. A pick-up service will operate w/c Sunday 12th December. Please contact Lyn & Derek Deans for more information or to book an uplift on 01383620472, or email on Stallholders and their contact details will be announced shortly ‘ON THE BUTTON’ - CREATIVE TOGETHER About two years ago, Creative Together (the ECCCTogether Craft group) was gifted a button box which had belonged the the late Rev. Catherine Hepburn. Her mother Anne Hepburn from St Andrew's and St George's West thought we might be able to use the buttons in our crafting. On examination however, we realised that we were dealing with 'treasure' and from that moment the idea of a button sale took root. Many further donations of buttons and sewing notions followed and after months of planning, sorting and carding we had our sale on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th June in St Andrew's and St George's W est. The response was amazing with the sum of £4,265 raised for the charity Marie Curie. Both Catherine and latterly Anne received care from Marie Curie in their final days so it was fitting that the charity benefitted from the proceeds of the sale. As this goes to press, we know this total sum will rise as we still have items to sell on the Internet and through other sources. Many thanks, on behalf of Creative Together, to all who donated buttons, came on the day to buy buttons and supported this event. Maggie Romanis


OASIS REPORT A meeting of the Joint Business Outreach Group was held on 20th June with 2 representatives from each of business matters, Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland and OASIS present. The meeting had been arranged to enable Peter to get to know all those involved in the business outreach work in the city centre and to exchange ideas which might be developed in the future. A very useful exchange of ideas took place and the Group plan to meet again early in 2018 to make forward plans. Meantime, because all three organisations have experienced recent staff changes, it was agreed that the remaining months of 2017 were needed to enable new incumbents to settle into their posts and evaluate the way forward. Peter expressed how important it was for him to know that St Cuthbert’s, through OASIS, was not operating alone but as part of a larger team and it was very exciting to have Andy, the new Work Place Chaplain for the City Centre, working in the building. Peter also stressed that St Cuthbert’s business outreach arm, OASIS, had a presence – a presence through fabric. He planned in the run up to the Christmas season to identify and make contact with the many big institutions within the parish to explore with them the possibility of establishing a two way relationship. He also said how much he was looking forward to being the Quiz Master at the Inter-Office Quiz Night on Wednesday 11 October and to his first Community Carol Service in December. Janice Todd OASIS Administrator

FRESH START Fresh Start are very grateful to those who bring in household items which are greatly appreciated for the Fresh Start “Starter Packs”. Cathy Bruce was baptised in St Cuthbert’s 102 years ago. Recently, her son, Michael got in touch with us as follows: “My mother, Mrs Cathie Bruce, died recently and was a longstanding member of St Cuthbert’s. My wife and I are Friends of St Cuthbert’s and I saw your article in the recent magazine about the need for items for people moving into their own homes. In Mum’s flat are several items which I hope will be of use to Fresh Start including a very new vacuum cleaner, a new kettle, toaster, some lamps, an iron, plates and bowls, cutlery, tea towels, sheets, a duvet and bed linen.” 11

Fresh Start are very grateful to Michael and to all at St Cuthbert’s for helping those in desperate need to make a home for themselves. Ben Williams UPDATE FROM THE LAST KIRK SESSION MEETING SOUL SPACE REPORT

On behalf of the team, Bridget Cameron had presented a paper on how soul space has developed as an established and core part of our outreach, through attracting folk to come to the sanctuary and find spiritual calm and refreshment here in the midst of our busy city. Participation is encouraged through acts of worship, a themed reflection and display stations throughout the sanctuary for quiet reflection. Our soul space has attracted interest from home and abroad and has now been taken up by St Kenneth’s, Kennoway through Iona Pringle. Planning is now taking place for another session with consideration of how best we can serve the community. The congregation offer their encouragement and prayer as we thank all in the team for their commitment to this meaningful part of our outreach at St Cuthbert’s. FAITH STUDY GROUP AND TUESDAY BIBLE STUDY AND HEALING GROUP Sheila Kirk circulated a report on the meetings of the groups which importantly continued during the vacancy. The Faith Study Group meets once a month and explores areas basic to our faith, context when reading the bible, the nature of the bible and the importance of prayer in our Christian. The Tuesday Bible Study Group meets to consider the lectionary readings with discussion for the following Sunday HEALING GROUP On the Healing Group, Sheila highlighted the history of this special service to individuals, which can bring both a spiritual and physical comfort though the laying on of hands. The service of prayer and the ministry of healing follows the Iona Office of prayer and is always open to all. Healing is now offered by other churches and was part of St Cuthbert’s contribution at Heart & Soul in May. We have many examples of how people have been positively refreshed by coming along to St Cuthbert’s 12

Sheila again encouraged us all to consider being involved in the Listening Ministry which is perhaps an easier part of ministry to consider. As part of our Christian faith do this every day and it will continue to be an important part of our mission here at St Cuthbert’s. Help in thinking how best we can participate is freely given by contacting Sheila in the first instance. PARTNER PLAN WITH ST ANDREW’S SCOTTISH MEMORIAL CHURCH IN JERUSALEM

121 George Street has forwarded the following letter from Padre Páraic Réamonn in Jerusalem dated May 2017. ‘Come dwell in Solomon’s Walls’ On the Sunday evening after Easter, St Andrew’s Scots Memorial hosted the Detroit Methodist Chorale for a concert of sacred music. This group of 25 women and men from the Detroit, Michigan, area in the United States were on tour in the Holy Land. They sang songs and spirituals drawn from the Old Testament before taking us in music on a Christian pilgrimage from the birth of Jesus of Nazareth in nearby Bethlehem to his death and resurrection in our own town. In the first part of the concert, they sang the song in my subject line, along with “Bright Canaan”, “Deep River” (an African-American spiritual), and “Zion’s walls” (a revisited song from the 1850s, in a setting by Aaron Copeland). Chris Hall, who directs the Chorale, remarked on how much of the American tradition of spiritual and song is rooted in the Holy Land and how many of the metaphors of American Christian life in the US are drawn from this tiny territory – no bigger, as they say over there, than New Jersey. I reflected ruefully that while these metaphors may be creative in other countries, in Israel/Palestine they are too often destructive. The State of Israel makes the Promised Land a place of despair for Palestinian Arabs, whether they live in Israel proper, under the longest military occupation in modern history, or in exile. In this place, at this time, these metaphors can be misleading and even disastrous. You can’t even dwell within Solomon’s walls, because they aren’t there. The current walls of Jerusalem’s Old City were built by the Ottoman Turkish sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in 153543 and enclose – so far as we can tell – the hill where Jesus was crucified “outside a city wall”. 13

The Chorale also sang, “I walked today where Jesus walked”, a thought that must often occur to Christian pilgrims as they walk the Via Dolorosa. Which is fine, so long as we bear in mind that the street levels in the Old City today are a couple of metres higher than they would have been in Roman times and that the current route of the way of the Cross dates back only to the Middle Ages. But we can take historical punctiliousness too far. This is the land of Jesus of Nazareth, however much it may have changed in the centuries since, for better or worse; and the Christian community that lives here as well as the pilgrims who come here do indeed walk where Jesus walked and in so doing learn, as pilgrims always have learned, what it means to follow him. Sunday by Sunday, St Andrew’s Scots Memorial welcomes pilgrims and other visitors from many lands, including recently a group of 30 from the Church of Scotland led by my friends Andrew and Irene McLellan. Their “Come and see, go and tell” pilgrimage did what we are constantly exhorted to do – visit not only the ancient stones of the holy sites but also the “living stones” of the struggling Palestinian Christian community – and ought to be replicated regularly by congregations and presbyteries of the Kirk. The following day, St Andrew’s hosted a service for the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel ( where Group 64 handed over to Group 65. As the EAs from Bethlehem, Hebron and the South Hebron Hills, Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley, Tulkarm/Qalqiliya, and Yanoun passed lit candles to those who would follow them, we sang a Palestinian Christian prayer for peace. Ya rabba ssalami amter alayna ssalam; ya rabba ssalami im la ’qulubaba salam’. We listened to the words from the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke: God speaks to each of us as he makes us Then walks with us silently out of the night There are the words we dimly hear… Go the limits of your longing Embody me Flare up like a flame… Nearby is the country they call life You will know it by its seriousness Give me your hand And we sang a modern hymn by Robin Mann: How long must we cry out till justice rolls down like a river? How long will the night last, and when will we all be together? The political situation here goes from bad to worse. In 2015, Benjamin Netanyahu was elected to his fourth term as Israel’s prime minister. He heads today the most 14

right-wing government in Israel’s history firmly dismissing the possibility that there might be Palestinian partners for peace, in order to continue the long-term Israel strategy of settling the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, the government has now turned to shutting down dissent within the Jewish community, both in Israel and abroad. NGOs such as B’Tselem (, the Israel Information Centre for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, or Breaking the Silence (, an organisation of Israeli Defence Force Veterans who have served in the territories and insist, annoyingly, on telling the Jews of Israel what is being done in their name, are routinely demonized by the government. They are not whistle-blowers, with an honourable and legitimate role, but traitors to Israel and the Jewish people. An anti-boycott law recently approved by the Knesset (the Israeli parliament) casts its net so widely that American Jewish organizations, not all of them liberal, are wondering if their people will be allowed into Israel or turned back at Ben Gurion airport. Will the recent visit by Donal Trump change anything? With Trump it’s always hard to know, but if the evidence of his first four months in office is anything to go by, we may expect a circus, followed by nothing. On Pentecost Sunday, we shall expand the ranks of our Jerusalem kirk session by ordaining two new elders – one of them, Mary Musallam, from the Nassar Tent of Nations family – and follow this with a congregational lunch. Meanwhile, prayers are requested for two of the more elderly members of our congregation: Helen Shehadeh, one of our present elders, who is in declining health, and Rita Mouchabeck, who is making a good recovery from a recent fall. And also for Eve Singerman, one of our teachers at Tabeetha School in Jaffa, and her family; her brother Alexander, a 32 year old from Glasgow, went missing on May 10 and was yesterday reported to have been found dead in Ayrshire. I end with an apology. I have not been the most reliable of correspondents; it’s easy to get caught up in the work here and neglect the equally important work of communicating about the work. Over the next year, I promise to write at the expected interval of three months. In 2018, you can tell me how I’ve done. Páraic.


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For governments, heads of state, local councils, national and international businesses, all in positions of power or influence – may they always use their power wisely and for the good of others, not to protect themselves, or for their own gain. As a church and as individuals, that we may not be judgemental, but be open to the questions of those who are seeking God, particularly when they are different to us, or their ways of seeking are different to ours. For this fragile earth, help us to tread lightly and to consider the impact we have as consumers, on the environment and other people, in all we do. May all governments and authorities enable and encourage people to become better stewards of creation. For all Christians in the Celtic Orthodox Church. For unity and the healing of rifts within and between denominations. May we focus on our commonalties not our differences, remembering we are all Christ’s one body the church in the world. For all who are preparing for, or who will be involved in, leading worship tomorrow or during the week, an openness to God's guidance. Feast of the Transfiguration May we each see as much glory in the shame of the cross of our Lord, as in his Transfiguration; and as much power in the weakness of His cross, as in his Transfiguration. May we hold fast to His life-giving cross so that, joined to his death, we know the victory of His resurrection. For our Welcome Guides; their ministry of hospitality; tourists and visitors to our church and to our city. For all who are unemployed, or worried about possible redundancy. Those in management positions having to make staff redundant. All searching for work. All who help and support those who are unemployed, or searching for work. Pray for churches in difficult and dangerous times and places, for all people persecuted because of their faith, especially for Christian women and girls taken as hostages, treated as spoils of war, or forced into slavery, by those who believe their actions are justified. For the work of the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), who provide flights for 1,500 aid, development and mission organisations, enabling them to use their donations, to transform the lives of millions of people, in places that would otherwise be too dangerous or time-consuming to reach. For all Christians in the Charismatic Movement churches. For unity and the healing of rifts within and between denominations. May we focus on our commonalties not our differences, remembering we are all Christ’s one body the church in the world. For those who will attend worship tomorrow or during the week. May they all be aware of God's presence. In times of trouble, may the Lord answer your cry. May the name of the God of Jacob keep you safe from all harm. May he send you help from his sanctuary and strengthen you (Ps 20) For all whose lives have been devastated by circumstances beyond their control. For all who have lost loved ones, been injured, or made homeless through war, violence, civil unrest, terrorism, or natural disasters. 16

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For child labourers, child soldiers, and children exploited in pornography, for young girls and women exploited on the streets. For all men, women and children enslaved, betrayed, or abandoned. For the work of the Church in our city, country and the world, in sharing God's message with others. Those called to be missionaries, at home or abroad. For God to stir the embers of great fires within his people’s hearts. May those hesitating in the shadows of a calling, find the clear light of God's directing. May those wanting to show the hand of love and service, see the opening of a door. May those with a word to proclaim, find a voice. For all Christians in the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association churches. For unity and the healing of rifts within and between denominations. May we focus on our commonalties not our differences, remembering we are all part of Christ’s one body the church in the world. For all who long to attend worship, but are unable to do so, that we will find ways to make them still feel part of our worshipping community. Rise up, O Lord, in all your power. With music and singing we celebrate your mighty acts (Ps 21) For our internal congregational communication and external publicity, that we may effectively reach out to all those around us. For all who live or work in our Parish, or pass by the church and never choose to come in. For the perpetrators and organizers of human trafficking to turn away from their unjust ways, that the millions of people trafficked will experience freedom. For government leaders, corporate directors and all who serve the public, to change the systems that make human trafficking possible. Give us the courage to stand up and speak out against poverty, racism, violence, bigotry, and hunger. Show us how we can make a difference to those who are suffering because of these things. The outreach of the Church worldwide to those who have not heard the Gospel of Christ, that all may come to know and love him. That as part of the Church in Edinburgh, we may find ways to reach out to those all around us, who need to hear God's message of love to them. For all Christians in Christadelphian churches. For unity and the healing of rifts within and between denominations. May we focus on our commonalties not our differences, remembering we are all part of Christ’s one body the church in the world. For all who will partake of Holy Communion tomorrow, that they will know God's blessing and presence with them, tomorrow and every day. O Lord, do not stay far away! You are my strength; come quickly to my aid! (Ps 22) For all who prepare the floral displays in the church, those who distribute the flowers, and all who receive them. For the work of Christian Aid, as it seeks to establish a witness for Christ in every unreached nation, and to encourage and strengthen evangelical Christianity in nations where Christians are persecuted or few in number 17

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For the clergy and congregations in our Together partnership, in St Andrew’s Church in Jerusalem, and in all city centre churches. For all who are suffering because of natural disasters, atrocities, or other catastrophes, and those who work to help them. All who continue to suffer long after they have stopped being front-page news.

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For all Christians in the Christian Episcopal church. For unity and the healing of rifts within and between denominations. May we focus on our commonalties not our differences, remembering we are all Christ’s one body the church in the world. For all who are preparing for, or who will be involved in, leading worship tomorrow or during the week, an openness to God's guidance. Because the Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need! (Ps 23) For all those affected by recent terror attacks and violence in so many places around the world. Pray too for the thousands worldwide who die each day due to violence, hunger, dirty water, insanitary conditions, or treatable diseases, whose stories never make headline news. For the government in Westminster, the Holyrood and European Parliaments, the City Council and all elected representatives. For discernment and integrity in all their decisions. For the Queen and her family, and their dedication and service to our country. For the unity of the Church locally and worldwide, and an openness to God’s Spirit. That we may have the grace, humility and courage to be free from prejudice and receptive to new ideas. For blessings on the work of the Church of Scotland's team of Interim Ministers and on the congregations with whom they are involved, as they seek to provide them with help, support and inspiration as they journey forward. For all Christians in Christian Science churches. For unity and the healing of rifts within and between denominations. May we focus on our commonalties not our differences, remembering we are all Christ’s one body the church in the world. For all who attend Young Church, and all who will attend worship tomorrow or during the week. May each one be aware of God's presence. The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him. (Ps 24) For the Fabric Convenors, Finance Manager, Treasurer and all who administer our finances or care for the building on our behalf. For wise stewardship of all our resources. All who suffer domestic violence, or abuse. All who are harmed by those who should be protecting them. May each one find help, support and a way out of their situation. For those who work to relieve inequality and injustice, whether in trade and commerce, tax laws, debts owed by individuals or nations. 18

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Holy Cross Day Almighty God, whose Son our Saviour Jesus Christ was lifted high upon the cross that he might draw the whole world to himself: Mercifully grant that we may be granted the grace to daily take up our cross and follow him. For all Christians in the Church of Almighty God churches For unity and the healing of rifts within and between denominations. May we focus on our commonalties not our differences, remembering we are all part of Christ’s one body the church in the world. For all who long to attend worship, but are unable to do so, may we find ways to make them still feel part of our worshipping community. Show me the right path, O Lord; Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me (Ps 25) The ministry and work of the Kirk Session and the Session Council. For all office bearers and all members of the sessions. For those responsible for making and passing laws. Those responsible for upholding the law, or for dispensing justice. All working in the prison services. All prisoners. For the ministries of 'OASIS' and 'business matters', and all involved in Workplace Chaplaincy, as they offer help and support in the workplace For all churches, including ourselves, with a shrinking membership and increasing financial problems. For discernment to see where Christ is leading, and the courage to trust, obey, and follow him even when that moves us out of our comfort zones. For all Christians in the Church of Christ churches. For unity and the healing of rifts within and between denominations. May we focus on our commonalties not our differences, remembering we are all part of Christ’s one body the church in the world. For all who will partake of Holy Communion tomorrow, that they will know God's blessing and presence with them, tomorrow and every day. I come to your altar, O Lord, singing a song of thanksgiving and telling of all your wonders. (Ps 26) For the growth and development of our healing and listening ministries, all who are involved, and all who come to us for help. For all who work in the caring professions, for patience, gentleness and kindness in all they do. Especially for those who work with people who are unable to help themselves, and all who live with the frustration of needing help from others. For the work of the Church of Scotland's 'Priority Areas' Committee, as it seeks to help and support people struggling against poverty For all God's people and churches, that he will show them how best to reflect the light of his love into the dark places of the world around them For all Christians in the Church of England. For unity and the healing of rifts within and between denominations. May we focus on our commonalties not our differences, remembering we are all part of Christ’s one body the church in the world. For all who are preparing for, or who will be involved in, leading worship tomorrow or during the week, an openness to God's guidance. 19

LIFE AND WORK, AUGUST 2017 Scotland’s Crosses John R Hume looks at what we know about the country’s oldest Christian monuments The Kirk, the Festival and the Fringe Bruce Cannon looks back at the Church of Scotland’s key role in Edinburgh’s August festivals, which celebrate their 70th anniversaries this year Ministers of the Future Jackie Macadam catches up with the three would-be ministers we are following on their journey to a Paris ‘My Journey Has Been Long and Difficult’ Interview with the Rev Boitumelo Johanna Gaborone, a South African minister who attended this year’s General Assembly A Role Model for Malawi Thomas Baldwin learns about the work of Pansi Katenga, country manager for Christian Aid in Malawi The Gift of Life A donor, surgeon and assessor, all with Church connections, give their experiences of altruistic kidney donation ‘We Live in Hope’ Calum MacSween reports on a pilgrimage with a difference to the Holy Land Plus news, reviews, letters, registers and crosswords, from as little as £1.75 an issue (12 month digital subscription). Speak to your church’s Life and Work coordinator or visit for print and digital subscriptions. Online: The Best of James Simpson Every Monday over the summer at, our much-loved columnist chooses his favourite meditations from his 10+ writing for Life and Work Find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @cofslifeandwork





SUNDAY 9.30am

Holy Communion (Memorial Chapel)


Morning Worship Healing Ministry after service on first Sunday Young Church on second Sunday (not August) Communion following service on second Sunday Communion on Last Sunday


Evening Worship (Memorial Chapel) (includes the Ministry of Prayer for Healing)


(First Tuesday from August onwards) Post Coffee Morning Worship (Memorial Chapel)


(First Wednesday. Not July/August) 12.30pm - 2pm soul space Come and go ! & 5pm-7pm Optional led reflections at 1pm and 6pm


Space for Lunchtime Prayer Come and go!

Our core vision in St Cuthbert’s is: Living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the heart of our city as God’s people nurturing hearts for God offering a home to friend and stranger, and providing a hub to equip the people of God for the mission of God.

St Cuthbert’s is a congregation of the Church of Scotland

We also belong to the ecumenical parish grouping Edinburgh City Centre Churches Together

St Cuthbert’s is an ‘eco-congregation’

5 Lothian Road Edinburgh EH1 2EP SC010592


Cover picture : Masaccio's Fresco of the Holy Trinity (c.1424)

St Cuthbert's Magazine - August/September 2017  

St Cuthbert's Magazine - August/September 2017

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