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St. Columbaʼs Silver Surfers 2011

Session 3 - Internet Surfing A take home guide prepared by Rev’d Robert Ferris to remind you of some of the things that came up in Session 3 of the Silver Surfers January 2011

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Welcome from the Curate! It is great to be able to offer something new at St. Columba’s. As Curate, I have been looking forward to these sessions for the past few months as they allow me to be able to combine my passion for church as community and my love for technology. Within these sessions I hope that you will be able to learn some of the basics and take what you learn away with you and put in into practice - either at home if you have a computer or perhaps at the library where all are able to enjoy free computers. I also would like to thank all of those who have agreed to come along to help, they are all parishioners. Do please ask questions - and there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Session 3 - What are we going to do? I have said time and again that I am presuming no knowledge whatsoever. Therefore we are going to be starting off with the very basics. Within this session we will look at: • What is the internet? • How can I be safe and secure on the Internet? • Robert’s Internet “Bus Tour” Map • Have a bit of fun exploring “the net” ourselves • Stopping for coffee

1. What is the Internet? Good question, glad you asked :-) The Internet, the web, the worldwide web, the net - all words for the same thing really - Basically is the connection between millions and millions of computers across the world. All these computers have useful and not so useful information on them which we can gain access to if they are shared. 2

You can gain access to virtually any piece of information you would like to on the internet, you can purchase anything you have ever wanted you can book a train, plane or automobile you can look up whatever you like (as long as it’s legal!) It really is a whole new world. and over the next while I hope to be able to show you some of the highlights.

With the nature of Silver Surfer’s ,being that we are all different people, looking out for different things. I have decided that I will be a kind of Virtual Sightseeing Bus Driver. Showing you virtual stops around the internet for the First half of the session Then after coffee we have a chance to go wherever you fancy with the help of one of our expert helpers.

Before we go ... The safety and security briefing! There are a few things to be wary of on the internet. 1.Never download anything you do not know it is for example if a website tell you that you need a new ‘toolbar’ or plug-in ... BE CAREFUL! 2.When putting a username, password or credit card details into the site always make sure that there the address starts with https:// ... https means that it is secure and double check that there is a padlock somewhere in your browser. 3. Think about where you are getting the information - Its like the high street there are some dodgy places which you wouldn’t set foot inside ... if it looks dodgy or too good to be true ... It probably is. 4. Stick to reputable websites for your own piece of mind


Getting onto the internet Once you have the computer turned on and connected to the internet you need to start a browser ... a piece of software which allows you to access the internet. Common Browsers include: Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox

When you open a browser it will ALWAYS have An address bar - this is where you can type in a website address A Forward and Back Button

Let the Tour begin! On this tour we are going to visit various sites of note Starting off from where we are Stop 1 - St. Columba’s Our parish website. Each month we update this site with our parish magazine which you can view online. It also contains the contact details and service details of the parish.

Stop 2 - Searching for things on the net - This is one of the most popular sites on the internet. It is known as a search engine. Basically if you are looking anything you’ll be able to find it here! - In the large white box just type anything you are looking for and a list of results will come up! There are other popular sites for searching -,


Stop 3 - News, weather, sport The Internet is a great place to find out information live! - is an amazing source of all things up to date - Check it out Notice the top of the page has the various sections, it also has its own search engine to allow you to find what you need. You can even watch the TV live over the internet. Other sites for news include -,,

Stop 4 - The Shopping Centre We have all heard reports about the rise of e-commerce. Most of our high street retailers have online shops. Some will deliver to your door , Some allow you to reserve and collect - There are also many shops online that do not have high street offices An example of this is which is the largest retailer online We are going to make a stop at Amazon to allow you to see how easy it is to buy online Stop 5 - The Travel Agency You may have heard of people getting cheap flights and going places on cheap deals. The airlines shout loudly about these deals in local press every so often. It depends on demand - the cheap seats usually are early in the morning, or late at night, off peak days. You do need to shop around to get the best deal. To book a flight you do need to choose where you are flying from and two, the date and the duration. 5

We will pause at to see but it is exactlty the same process for,, .... and all the rest. Remember that the cost is only disclosed at the end when you add or remove things like insurance, size of baggage, the card that you are using to pay etc etc Stop 6 - The bus / train station In Northern Ireland there is one place to get all the rail and bus network information -

Stop 7 - Government Buildings In Northern Ireland there is a website that houses all the information which you need in regard to Government services ...

Stop 8 - In the Great outdoors If you are stuck for ideas of where to go or what to do. The Northern Ireland tourist board is a great source of information.

Stop 9 - The Library The internet above all is a source of information ... just like a library. You are able to find most things when you look for it. Many old books have been scanned onto the web for you to read. The search engine which we found on Stop 2 ... contains a wealth of information. 6

Stop 10 - The Cookery School Recipes galore can be found on the net. Even videos showing you how to prepare food. Give google a go, type in something and you will find something delicious for tea.

Stop 11 - The Art Gallery / Museum Culture which is something which the Internet does very well from archaelogical artefacts to Zoological Specimens, from Picasso to de Vinci you can find whatever floats your boat online. check out art online in a google search or museum northern ireland

Stop 12 - A coffee Break At coffee break it is always good to have a laugh and a chat. One of the biggest websites in the world is youtube I place where people can upload their own videos. Here are a couple of videos which are quite funny... Enjoy!

Over to You ...

Is there anything you would like to see that we haven’t seen in this tour?


OUR VERY OWN WEBSITE for St Columba’s Silver Surfers :-) Contains all the links from this wee guide + soon will have all the guides from all three sessions of Silver Surfers January!


Silver Surfers for the web  

A guide for the 2011 Silver Surfersin St. Columbas

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