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2015 GRADUATION 畢業典禮




2015 POST CAMP 2015露營


培訓營的理念 YLC MISSION 健康 愛 智慧

Sunlight, air, and water are three of the most common and universal elements of nature that allow for the continuation of life and growth on Earth. Human morality and its future are likewise influenced by the three elements of “Health, Love, Wisdom” allowing for the preservation of future and development of persona. As such, the future of humankind is in the hands of children. Through STC’s Youth Leadership Camp, we wish to emphasize the importance of these three elements by teaching children to have a sound character, maintain a correct outlook on life, and pursue happiness. These inalienable factors, similar to air, water, and sunlight are essential to promoting a brighter future. By teaching our children to cherish health, we show them that in order to attain a better future one must have sufficient energy and stay hearty in order to confront the struggles that they come across in their search for a happy life. By teaching our children to love, we emphasize that in order to become a leader one must listen to the voices and needs of others. Only through empathy and selfless giving can a person have the proper respect needed to promote the brightest future possible. By teaching our children wisdom, we demonstrate that one does not walk through life alone, but with the history and intelligence of others. With it, a person is able to learn from mistakes of the past and confidently make decisions that will in turn guide them to achieve their dreams and overcome any challenges they come across. Here at STC Foundation, we wish to impart the significance of doing good in order to create more good. Taught in a general classroom setting, this program uses community service, arts, physical exercise, and games to exemplify and teach children the skills of becoming both a just and able leader. By using a hands-on approach and involving the children in field trips and seminars, we hope to craft the newest generation into the outstanding leaders of tomorrow.

「健康、愛、智慧,就像是陽光、空氣、水一樣地重要」。 陽光、空氣、水,是三項來自於大自然最常見普遍,但對於萬物生命延續與成長來說卻是最重要的基本元 素,而STC青少年領袖營所要傳達的理念:「健康、愛、智慧」,對於身為國家未來主人翁的孩子們來說, 就是幫助他們建立正確人生觀、塑造健全品德、追求幸福人生中不可忽略,就如同陽光、空氣、水一樣地重 要。 在二十一世紀的今天,地球村的架構與全球化的聲浪席捲之際,國家與國家的疆界是一種全新的界定,更加 自由地競爭環境使每個人都必須面對來自四面八方的挑戰。如何盡早完成與世界接軌的準備,是需要從小開 始培養、倚靠健全的教育來賦予他們追尋夢想的能力,而「健康、愛、智慧」正是「STC順天聯合基金會」 所舉辦的「STC青少年領袖品德培訓營」希望帶給孩子們追求美好未來、作為成長發展準則的三個信念。 有了「健康」,我們才有足夠的動力來追求美好未來,才有足夠的精力來貢獻所學,也才有足夠的本錢來為 創造幸福人生而奮鬥。 有了「愛」,我們才會去細心傾聽他人的聲音和需要,才有同理心設身處地關懷他人和無私付出,也才有慈 悲的愛心來尊重與愛惜生命、為全世界福祉而服務。 有了「智慧」,我們才不會在人生的旅途中迷失了方向,才能在面對難關時做出正確的選擇,也才能夠從錯 誤中學習成長,再接再厲地迎接人生的挑戰。 在一般課堂上傳授的學業之外,我們更注重包括道德品性、領導統御、社會服務、藝術修養、體能鍛鍊、溝 通與創造能力訓練等全方位才能的重視和培育,在來自社會各界的優秀賢達人士帶領下,透過室內靜態課程 與戶外動態參訪教學等活動,讓我們的孩子們能夠建立幸福健康的人生觀,拓展他們的思想和格局,成為兼 具品德與才能的傑出青少年領袖。 每個孩子就像是一個種子,需要細心的灌溉和培育,適當地提供陽光、空氣、和水來使種子成長茁壯、成為 棟樑。STC順天聯合基金會就是秉持著這樣的宗旨,以「健康、愛、智慧」為中心的善意思想,來雕塑青少 年的品格和人格,提昇他們的競爭力,引領他們邁向璀璨的人生道路,積極地貢獻所學並且回饋社會、為推 動世界和平與全人類福祉而努力。


If you would like support the STC Youth Leadership Camp, aka YLC, please visit our website. Thank you! 如果您願意支持我們,請瀏覽我們的網頁。感謝您! WWW.STC-YLC.COM www.STC-YLC.com

STC又名”順天聯合”,旨在將獨立的人們集合起來從團結中獲得力量,達到一加一大於二的效 果。”順天”意為順從天意。我們相信善有善報,而我們的與人為善也能夠對周圍環境產生正面的 影響。我們有的不只是專業技術,更有著用以人為本的理念與對生命積極的態度也影響了我們周遭 的朋友,改善我們的社區及環境。 順天聯合已經結合了與我們志同道合的朋友和組織一起來加入 STC大家庭。 順天聯合基金會創立於2012年,以推廣與傳承中華文化為己任,將道德觀念與藝術涵養發揚光大, 並透過教育來傳達與建立年輕一代對於社會的責任與道德價值的觀念,使我們的社區更加美好和 樂,充滿豐富的文化氣息。

STC FOUNDATION designed three main programs to serve and spread the foundation’s message of inspiring benevolence through doing good deeds and promoting a positive impact on the environment. By sharing our cultural experience, we hope to instill social and moral values in future generations and create a brighter future.

Sunlight, air, and water are three of the most common and universal elements of nature that allow for the continuation of life and growth on Earth. Human morality and its future are likewise influenced by the three elements of “Health, Love, Wisdom” allowing for the preservation of future and development of persona. As such, the future of humankind is in the hands of children. Through STC’s Youth Leadership Camp, we wish to emphasize the importance of these three elements by teaching children to have a sound character, maintain a correct outlook on life, and pursue happiness. These inalienable factors, similar to air, water, and sunlight are essential to promoting a brighter future.

The goal of the STC Foundation Cultural Exchange Program is to spread understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture and arts through community events. We wish to enrich the lives of people in the community, to portray and express the beauty of Chinese culture, and to provide interesting and entertaining events, shows, and performances.


STC Foundation started the Asian Youth Recognition Program in 2013 to spotlight exceptional young Asian adults in our community in hopes of motivating and inspiring them. Although this program is still under development, we hope it will become a reliable resource our community can count on and tap into.


Sung Tien Collaboration Foundation, aka STC FOUNDATION in 2012 to promote an appreciation of Asian culture and its arts, to educate and enrich our community and to instill social and moral values in our younger generation. Most importantly, we wish to unite our community for a better future.


STC, also known as “Sung Tien Collaboration”, aims to bring people together in synergistic ways so that the whole is much more than the sum of its parts. “Sung Tien” is a Chinese saying for following the heavens. We believe that doing good naturally brings good outcomes, and through the process, we can have a positive impact on those around us. Our expertise and people-oriented philosophy have proven to be key in successfully connecting members of our community so that each can benefit from the others and ultimately promote the well-being of everyone.

www.STC-Foundation.org info@stc-foundation.org

H E A LT H • L O V E • W I S D O M



Charlie Tu

Anne Ma

Susan Hsu





Ben Su

Roger Chang

EJ Liao

Jonathan Lau

Clare Yun



st Mo ed r Vot pula r Po selo n u o C

Chak Cheong counselor

head counselor

Aileen Lu


Erica Yang

head counselor

ed Votest r B selo n Cou

Jason Lu counselor

Eric Yang



Amy Li


Berry Liang

head counselor


Jason Wan counselor

t Bes or l ed Vot ounse C Co-


Keith Chiu

ed Votest r B selo n Cou

Nancy Liu counselor

Sarah Chang counselor

st Mo ed r Vot pula lor Po unse Co Co-

Harrison Chang co-counselor

Katherine Zhang co-counselor


John Hsu

Sharon Kim co-counselor

H E A LT H • L O V E • W I S D O M








CLASS OF 2015 Aileen Lu

Albert Hsu

Angela Zhu

Ariel Hau

Cameron Tsao

Carolyn Wu

Crystal Tsao

Dosun Ahn

Ethan Tong

Hannah Huang

Harrison Chang co-counselor

Jacqueline Djunaedy

Jeffrey Wu

Jerry Su

Kasey Tong

Katherine Zhang

Kingsley Tong

Kyra Liu

Lawrence Wan

Maggie Lu

Marco Chan

Matthew Ngo

Rachel Yang

Sharon Kim

Wendy Tseng





Billy Robles

Eric Yang


H E A LT H • L O V E • W I S D O M


Signature PROGRAMS

STC Youth Leadership Camp courses and curricula are designed with the three elements of Health, Love, and Wisdom in mind. Each activity is carefully chosen for its ability to enhance each of our students’ body, spirit, and mind by offering skill building, a sense of community and lasting friendships. By discovering friendships, character values, and by having fun we aim for our students to build the self esteem and leadership abilities necessary for their success in the future! STC’s Youth Leadership program is a place for our students to reach their fullest potential with the nurturing of fellow students, mentors, and speakers.

International Etiquette Class

Adopt-A-Highway By caring for our environment, we provide a better and safer world for our future generations. The Caltrans Adopt-A-Highway Program is one such activity which students gain experience in cleaning up the streets in their neighborhood and receive a keen understanding of being respectful to the environment and everything around them! The Adopt-A Highway Program started in 1989 and has been one of the most successful governmentpublic partnerships of our time. More than 120,000 Californians have cleaned and enhanced over 15,000 shoulder-miles of roadside

Local Recycling Plant Field Trips

etiquette dinner

social dance class What is the difference between business casual and formal wear? How should I present myself in a professional setting versus a casual dinner setting? Etiquette and cultural understanding in different social environments are an important part in maintaining the first impression of a professional and mature young adult. In our International Etiquette Class, we teach our students the significance of social etiquette in a carefully tailored environment in order to prime them for success.



Collaborating with our local Recycling Plant partners such as Valley Vista Services and Republic Services, our students are able to visit the facility to witness how recycling is done. This experience teaches them the rebirth and reutilization of old into new. The process begins when trash is picked up from a recycling bin and taken to a sorting facility, where items are separated and baled. The materials are then taken away to a facility where they are cleaned, processed, and blended with other similar materials. The batched material is then converted into a new end product! By teaching our students that nothing goes to waste they can better learn to respect and love the earth they live on!

museum of tolerance

Museums Field Trips Los Angeles offers a wide variety of museums. By taking our students to these facilities we hope to endow upon them the wisdom of history. Through this, students learn to expand their horizons and fascination of the past so that they are better informed to handle situations in the future. In past years we have visited the Museum of Tolerance, Pacific Asia Museum, all in the hopes of inspiring our leaders!

In addition to a strong mind, a leader must also have a strong body. STC’s Youth Leadership Camp recognizes it and has exercise classes especially focused on teamwork and allowing for the greatest coordination and collaboration. These activities allow for us to teach and emphasize the best attitude behavior needed to succeed. These courses include everything from group games, martial arts, to dance classes all aimed towards stimulating our young minds.

walnut sheriff station

Visit Local Public Services

fire department

nixon museum

Signature PROGRAMS

Team Building/Exercise/ Public Speaking

whittier city hall chinatown los angeles

public speaking

the mt. sac-randall planetarium

kung fu hero


A leader must learn to work with the community around him/ her and STC collaborates with many local organizations and public ser vices so that the students have the greatest exposure. Our trips to City Hall, Environmental Centers, Public Transit, etc. all allow our youth to better understand the working of a city infrastructure and how communication allows for seemingly impossible goals to be achieved and problems to be conquered.

H E A LT H • L O V E • W I S D O M



STC Foundation’s Youth Leadership Camp would not be where it is without the collaboration and support of local groups. In hopes of expanding our young leader’s horizons we have worked together with organizations and programs with similar goals in order to promote the essence of community and camaraderie. In 2013 we had the opportunity to collaborate with FFDY and in 2015 we were blessed with being able to witness the Special Olympics in Los Angeles. Together, we hope to build a lasting memory and friendship aimed towards providing a better world for all!

The Foundation For Disabled Youths (FFDY) is a grassroots non-profit organization established in June 2004 in the San Gabriel, California area. The organization was officially formed by parents and other concerned individuals of disabled youths whose initial purpose was to provide aid for the many special needs of their disabled children. Mission Statement The FFDY’s mission is to provide a local forum where families of disabled youth can share information, knowledge and experiences with other families in similar situations. Those shared include opportunities to participate in diverse community activities and support groups, as well as answers and solutions to many questions and issues that arise while raising a disabled child. www.ffdy.org

FFDY Students and Volunteers at the 2013 YLC Camp

Working with FFDY gave us a wonderful opportunity to meet Paul Chiou. As a child, Paul became a paraplegic after a car accident. Despite his physical difficulties, he achieved above and beyond what was expected of him. He shared with us the trial life has presented to him, and the rewards for perseverance.




H E A LT H • L O V E • W I S D O M


2015 YLC CURRICULUM 2015 YLC 課程 to see more pictures


Mon 7/20/2015 Registration & Orientation 註冊和入營 指導

Team & Team Name Formation 認識團隊 Camp Induction and Project assignments 培訓營介紹

Team Building 團隊向心力建設 Group Games 團體遊戲 Tue 7/21/2015 Introduction to Dragon Dance 瞭解傳統技藝_舞龍 Note Writing 書寫技巧 Hip Hop Dance 街舞課 Public Speaking 演講技巧 Field Trip-City Hall of Whittier 參觀惠提爾市政府運作

Wed 7/22/2015 Field Trip-The Learning Center of Fairplex etiquette dinner

Thu 7/23/2015 Field Trip-“Adopt – A – Highway” 社區清潔活動

Hand Craft Class with Special Olympic Athletes 與國際特殊奧運會運動員 一起參與 手工藝課程

Fri 7/24/2015 Field Trip-Mountain Hiking 山路健行 Field Trip-Valley Vista 資源回收場 Field Trip-Fire Station#11

visiting whittier city hall and meeting the mayor mr. fernando dutra


Mon 7/27/2015 Field Trip-“Zen” – Kung Fu Hero 功夫英雄武術道場 Field Trip-College Tour, University of California, Irvine 參觀UCI大學

Tue 7/28/2015 Etiquette Class 國際禮儀課程 Social Dance Class 國際標準舞課程 Etiquette Dinner 國際禮儀晚餐


our students busy at work to create a mosaic sign for “the learning center” at pomona fairplex

Wed 7/29/2015 Field Trip-Los Angeles Environmental Learning Center – at Hyperion

mountain hike

洛杉磯環境保護學習中心 Field Trip-Foothill Transit 洛杉磯山麓交通部


Thu 7/30/2015 Field Trip-Special Olympic Games 國際特殊奧運會

Fri 7/31/2015

Graduation Day!


Fri 7/31- 8/2/2015 Post Graduation Camp 露營

hand craft class with special olympic althletes

visiting fire department • station 11 visiting los angeles environmental learning center - at hyperion

visiting university of california, Irvine

training at kung fu hero


visiting foothill transit

H E A LT H • L O V E • W I S D O M




Kingsley Tong “Meeting the Special

Olympians was a blast and a once in a lifetime chance thing to do. When I found out that we were going to meet with the special athletes, my whole body was shaking to go there and meet these people.”

Eric Yang “Amongst the great experiences at Ethan Tong

“The special olympics was something I have never experienced before. This experience has given me so much hope in doing new things in life, and to believe that anything can happen. Working with the special olympic athletes was such a good opportunity, and I hope I can do it again.”

STC’s YLC, students were able to interact with the athletes from the special olympics. During this amazing opportunity, students were able to create a beautiful bond with the athletes. Even with a language barrier present, the conflict was easily overcome by simple friendly gestures to one another. This once in a lifetime event taught a great deal to YLC students while also providing a fun experience!”

Rachel Yang “I’ve

Aileen Lu “I am glad I got to take this one in a

lifetime opportunity to interact with the special athletes, I have learned a lot from them and I will be sure to use it in my everyday life.”


learned a lot from the Special Olympics’ Athletes. They taught me things that I really didn’t even pay attention to my entire life. And I am mistaken for doing so. For example, even though a simple thing to us like folding paper three times around another strip of paper seems pretty easy to us, it may not be easy to the athletes. They were probably trying really hard to function and do what we were doing and we shouldn’t just get frustrated and give up, but instead try our greatest to get them to understand. This shows them that we care. I saw them really put an effort at following our directions and that made me feel genuinely happy. “

Sharon Kim “Special Olympics was

incredibly a once in a life time opportunity to have attended. This event had opened my eyes even bigger about life and what was going on. I realized that even angels are able to attend and compete in olympics. It made me happy to see all their smiles opening up before and after competing. It will be an unforgettable moment in my life and I have truly experienced something amazing.”

Jeffrey Wu

“I got to see a lot of special athletes at the Special Olympic Games. These athletes were very diligent and are very wonderful.”

Nancy Liu “Special Olympics is a once in

a lifetime experience that has a special place in my heart. I’ve have learned to be happy with even the simplest things in life and that you can connect with people through simple gestures and welcoming expressions.”

Kasey Tong

Sarah Chang

“Attending this event made the gap between “special needs” and what classifies as “normal” much smaller. Watching the athletes, specifically in track events, I noticed how easy it was for people to overlook their limitations by supporting their talents.”

“My experience with the Special Olympic Athletes was an event that I will always look back on. It made me feel extremely lucky that I got this rare opportunity to meet Olympics athletes.”

Katherine Zhang “Special Olympics was one

of the events that ylc was able to be apart of this year. It was such a heartwarming and honor to have been able to interact with the athletes. We were fortunate enough that we were able to attend and cheer on the members of both the basketball and track team that represented team Taipei!!”

Chak Cheong “Even though the special Olympics welcoming event was a

bit unorganized, the overall warmth and understanding between the athletes and us counsellors was astounding. Whether it was at the tables with us or on the stage performing, the pure joy that the athletes exudes with every movement and facial expression was genuine. A genuine feeling of joy that was pure and special. Their special needs was by no means an obstacle, and it surprised even me how much better it allowed me to understand them.”


Kyra Liu “The experience with the Special

Olympic athletes was so much fun because of how energetic they were, despite all the traveling they had just done, and even though they weren’t sure about some things, they still tried their best, and had more enthusiasm than we did on our first time doing them. They seemed like they were having so much fun, and it just made me so much happier to be there and to be able to talk to them and really try and make them smile.”

H E A LT H • L O V E • W I S D O M


YLC 領導培訓營感言


Camp was very exciting and made me very energetic. If people don’t know what this camp is, it’s one of the best and most splendid thing to go! Kingsley Tong

Jeffrey Wu

I have attended leadership camp for three years now, and personally this has been the one that I will cherish the most. The people that I have met, the field trips that we attended and the valuable lessons we’ve learned from all the teachers has really made this year’s YLC a unique and memorable experience. The two weeks of YLC has really made a big impact on me and helped me develop as both a better person and a better leader. Thank you to everyone that was part of the wonderful experience!

STC YLC 2015 was a great opportunity for students and counselors alike to have an experience of a lifetime. With this year’s YLC, students were able to potentially form networks and obtain wisdom that would be considered far-fetched for the typical person.

Eric Yang

Katherine Zhang During camp this year, I’ve had an amazing experience learning new things and making new friends.This gave me the courage to go out and venture out to experience new things that I’ve never done before. I hope to come back next year, so that I can experience new things with STC!

My experience at STC Youth Leadership Camp was adventurous, exciting, and memorable. I learned many qualities of being a good leader. I really hope that I can keep coming back every year.

Kasey Tong

Ethan Tong

STC leadership camp has brought me so many new experiences and memories over the past four years. It is such a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. I love the fact that even though you may not know anyone on the first day of camp, on the last day you have become so comfortable around each other and you aren’t shy anymore. This camp is one of the best things that has ever happened to me because it has taught me so many skills that I know I will need in the future.

Kyra Liu


I am Jeffrey ,when I come to this camp, I feel very special. We learned how to treat others with care as well as learning a lot of different abilities in life. I want to thank all teachers for these opportunities. And the most important things are “LOVE , HEALTH, WISDOM”.


This year’s camping was really exciting to go to because we camped at STC clubhouse and we got to learn how to put up our own tents,and clean up after ourselves. And especially bond with our fellow friends. But I hope next year we will do something different.

Maggie Lu

This camp has taught me many life lessons and also important skills that are needed in the present and the future. Some things I have learned are skills such as health, love, and wisdom. I really admire how John told us to tell our parents that we love them, hug them, and also tell them a story. I believe that this is strengthening our bonds with them. Parent and child bonds are very important for our parents are the ones who gave life to us and paid for this camp. They deserve some care and respect. John also taught us a few life lessons. He talked about how in life you have to do two things: keep going and to stop and check. This represents focus on your goals, never giving up, and making sure you’re all right. Anyways, this past week it has been a blast! I am usually pretty quiet and the activities they want us to do really get you to come out of your shell and socialize. I think this is a great moral to learn for the future. Say, job interviews. The job applicant who is more outgoing and talkative will probably have a higher chance of getting the job rather than a really shy person who prefers not to get out of their comfort zone. The interviewer will be looking for someone who will do anything they can for the job and being discreet and reluctant doesn’t really cut it.

Rachel Yang

Throughout my YLC experience, I never thought I would make valuable friends in such a short amount of time. The camaraderie that we shared and the memories we’ve made are ones I will cherish for a lifetime. And I will miss all of my fellow counselors and students very much. But don’t worry, I will definitely be back next year!

YLC camp has transformed me into a better leader and taught me responsibility through strenuous but fun and memorable activities and events”

Nancy Liu

With love, Chak.

Chak Cheong

My name is Sharon Kim and I have learned so many new and useful things from this camp. I overcame my public speaking skills and met a lot of new people, which made me interact and communicate even more to the people around me. I felt really connected to these people and had a great experience.This camp has made me a better person and I will definitely come back again! Thank you. Sharon Kim

This year’s YLC was an interesting and exciting experience. It was interesting and exciting because out of the 4 years I have been at YLC, this was my first year as a co-counselor. My favorite moment was the group games because that allowed us to become close with each other.

Aileen Lu

The camp overall sent a very uplifting message of living life positively by improving your state of health, wisdom, and love in most all its activities. What made the experience even more rewarding was everyone’s active participation and growing sense of confidence and leadership. I was truly able to watch students develop stronger social skills and become comfortable in an interactive environment.”

Sarah Chang


H E A LT H • L O V E • W I S D O M




THANK YOU to our TEACHERS John Hsu STC Management/STC Foundation

John has been involved in the real estate industry since 1988. He is the Officer of STC Management, overseeing all operations and designing its overarching strategy. Under John’s leadership, STC Management expanded rapidly and became the first Asian firm in the country to receive the Accredited Management Organization (AMO) designation. STC now manages a portfolio in excess of $1.5 billion of commercial properties in Southern California. John is a CPM (Certified Property Manager) and a CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member). He served as the President of Greater Los Angeles Chapter of CCIM in 2010. He was the first Chinese-American to be selected to attend the 2009 Jay W. Levine Leadership Development Academy, a program established by the CCIM Institute to help foster the development of the next generation of leaders in the commercial investment real estate industry. In 2011, John was appointed as the CCIM China Liaison, working to bridge the communication between the two countries.

Anne Ma Dance Impressions Productions/STC Foundation

Dance Impressions Productions (formerly Lan Ling Dance Studio) was established in 1994 by Ms. Anne Ma. Our mission is to promote the art of Chinese folk dance, and motivate the younger generation to better understand their Chinese heritage. Dance Impressions Productions also focuses on entertainment performance art. Ms. Anne Ma was a Disneyland Professional Performer beginning in 1998 and has since become the Vice President of the American Chinese Dance Association. She also holds the position of Artistic Director for Dance Impressions Productions, Southern California Chinese Folk Dancers, South Coast Chinese Dance Group, UC Irvine Chinese Association and STC Center. Ms. Ma has also received numerous national dance competition awards, such as the Outstanding Young Achiever Award of Southern California in 1997 and 2012, and the Phoenix Dancing Award – Presented by Dance Association of Taiwan, Republic of China in 2005. She also has extensive experience as the artistic director and choreographer for many famous artists from all over Asia.

Ben Su Prosperity Wealth Management Group/FFDY

Ben has been involved in the Financial Service Industry for the past 18 years. He is the President and CEO of Prosperity Wealth Management Group. Prosperity provides expertise in three key areas: • Financial Services and Wealth Management • Insurance Services • Human Resource Services Ben got involved with foundation for disabled youths in 2006 and was president of the organization from 2008 to 2012. The Foundation for Disabled Youths (F.F.D.Y.) is a grass roots non-profit organization established in June 2004 in the San Gabriel region of California. The organization was officially formed by a group of Chinese parents of disabled youths and other concerned individuals who are very concern about the future upbringing of the “angels”.

Philip Sahagun Kung Fu Heroes

Philip Sahagun is a 7-time National Weapons Champion and a 3-Time International Martial Arts Council Grand Champion. Philip has been a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent, as well as a contestant on two of China’s top-rated reality competitions, Kung Fu Star and Jackie Chan’s Disciple. In 2008 & 2009 He toured as a martial arts ‘Ninja’ performer for Tina Turner’s 50th Anniversary World Tour. He has taught martial arts extensively and represented America twice at the World Traditional Wushu Festival in China where he won both gold and silver medals for the U.S. Team. In 2010 he founded the group “Kung Fu Heroes” an internationally renowned martial arts team whose mission is to unite individuals seeking to become “Heroes” and be positive role models to local and worldwide communities.



Teri Malkin RHCCC

Teri Malkin is a native of Los Angeles and has lived in Rowland Heights since 1974. She received her B.A and M.A. from UCLA, along with a secondary and community college teaching credential. She taught English and English as a Second Language at Bassett High School for 32 years before retiring. Since retirement, she has focused on volunteer opportunities in the community, including grant writing for the Youth Science Center, being active in RHCCC and Rowland Water District board meetings, as a member of CAC (Community Advisory Committee with LA County Sheriff’s Department), as Neighborhood Watch Block Captain, on the Rowland Heights Buckboard Days Parade Committee and presently Chair of the Miss Buckboard Days Scholarship Pageant. She also participates in many activities with her husband, David, in events involving the Kiwanis Club of Hacienda Heights, STC Foundation and SGV Regional Chamber of Commerce. For fun and relaxation, she does Tai Chi and hangs out with her Plum Crazy Ladies Red Hat Society friends.

Will Jaw Dance Impressions Productions

Will Jaw is a well rounded individual who brings much to the Taiwanese entertainment industry as well as a love for dance to DIP (Dance Impressions Productions) where he works as the External Vice President. He has worked as a part of a production crew at concerts for icons like Jay Chou and A Mei. Will first began his training with DIP in 2004 with CAUCI, and since then has expanded his skills to include Hip Hop as a part of SPOP Modern 2006. He has worked closely with DIP since then, taking a part in the White Dragon Charity Concert at MGM. When not dancing, Will spends his days composing piano music and indulging in various intellectual pursuits.

Eva Hsia Dance Impressions Productions

Born in Dusseldorf Germany, Eva just recently graduated from the University of California Irvine (UCI) with a degree in Film and Media Studies. During her time at UCI, she was a Chinese Traditional Dance Coordinator for Chinese Association for two years. She also served as the Social Media Publicist and a reporter for UCI’s Anteater Television, helping out as a videographer and editor too. This past year Eva took part in the second ever student produced feature film titled “Book of Truth” at UCI as a publicist and production assistant. Eva has always been interested in the arts. She started dancing at the age of 10 and joined DIP in 2010. She has experience in a variety of styles such as ballet, lyrical, jazz, Chinese folk dance, hip hop, modern and tap. Eva has been a dance teacher at the Hacienda Heights Area Chinese School for 5 years now. She is also a huge fan of arts and crafts having taken art classes since the age of 6. She hopes to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and help create more opportunities for Asian Americans in the entertainment industry. Currently, Eva is an intern at ETTV America Corp and Kollaboration.

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