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Copying & Printing

What are e-books?

Once you’ve found what you want, you can print and copy a limited number of pages from each e-book. Ebrary will let you print 10 pages from each book per session.


Electronic books or e-books are online versions of printed books. It means you can access them as often as you want and not have to worry about a copy not being in the library or getting fines!

Guide to the Electronic Book Collection

Plagiarism & Referencing

To print Go to InfoTools and click on ‘print’, select which pages you want (up to 10). To copy Highlight the text and click ‘copy’

To find our electronic books, change the media type to E-books on the advanced search page and press search.

Remote Access via the Library Pages on STC Live (Blackboard) Link:

Username: college ID number Password: PASSDDMMYY (birthday)

It is important to keep a record of what e-books you have used whilst writing your assignments. You need to reference your sources as you would normally, to avoid being accused of plagiarism. Format Author, year of publication (in round brackets). Title of book (in italics) ebrary [online] Available at: URL (Accessed date) Example: Walker, Jessica (2004) Introduction to Childcare and Education. Ebrary (online). Available at: id=10303735&ppg=17 (Accessed 15/09/2009)

Accessing the e-books from inside college The e-books are accessed through the library catalogue. Each e-book in the catalogue has its own link to the Ebrary website, this takes you directly to the e-book. Here you can read the whole book, with the option to copy and print parts of it.

Now you can either look at the long list, or narrow your search down by selecting subject areas.

Type in a keyword, eg childcare, and click ‘Search ebrary’

Once you are in the Ebrary website you can look at all the other e-books in our collection.

Searching for other books

Contents page

Use the arrows to turn to the

Search for a word or phrase in the book

This is what the book will look like. You can navigate it by turning the pages forwards or backwards, by searching for words in the book and using the contents page.

Click on the link in the associated field to show the e-book. Ebrary will open in a new window.

This tells you that this is an e-book.

When searching type in a keyword, change the medium to e-book and click search.

E-books guide  

Guide to accessing our e-books

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