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A publication for all members of the St. Clement’s School Community — Spring 2017

Red Blazer Spring 2017 |


Spring 2017

Our mission St. Clement’s School develops outstanding women who are intellectually curious, courageous, and compassionate. Principal Martha Perry ’85 Executive Director of Advancement Lisa Watson Associate Director of Communications Kristin Mills Editor Jen Rowe, Communications Manager Copy Editors Joanne Thompson, Past Staff Graphic Design Underline Studio Contributing Photographers Frances Juriansz Daniel Ehrenworth Karri North Louisenlund School Derek Monson, Staff Alisha Trigatti, Staff Illustrations Rami Niemi Printing Andora Graphics Inc. Thank you to all of our community members who contributed photographs, stories, opinions, and personal expertise in creating this magazine. Your input is encouraged: Jen Rowe, Communications Manager 416 483 4414 x2257 Alumnae Contact Meagan Thomas Associate Director, Alumnae and Donor Relations 416 483 4414 x2231

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| Red Blazer Spring 2017


Red Blazer is published twice yearly by the Advancement Office for all members of the St. Clement’s School Community.

SCS is a special place

There is more than a school located at 21 St. Clements Avenue. You will find a place of collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. A place that’s fun, with school spirit that’s infectious. A place that cares for its community. A place that helps you develop intellectually and socially while you are here, and stays with you on whatever path you take beyond it.

Red Blazer Spring 2017 |


Table of Contents

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| Red Blazer Spring 2017

Life at SCS Principal’s Perspective ..................................................................... 5 Highlights ............................................................................................... 6 At Issue (Q&A) ..................................................................................... 8 Day in the Life ...................................................................................... 9

Features LINCWell Healthy Mind Platter ....................................................  10 Touched by the Bay ........................................................................  12

From the Desk Sports ....................................................................................................  16 Arts .........................................................................................................  18 Social Sciences & Humanities .....................................................  20 Advancement & Giving ..................................................................  22

Experiential Education Out There............................................................................................  24

Community Making Connections .......................................................................  26

“What makes me most proud, when I look at myself and my SCS friends today, is that we left that comfort zone with such a strong grounding in who we were.” — Liz Drayton ’01 on how SCS prepares its students

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Feature Away in the U.K. ................................................................................  28

Next Chapter Alumnae Profiles ...............................................................................  32 Alumnae Connection ......................................................................  34

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Red Blazer Spring 2017 |



| Red Blazer Spring 2017

Life at SCS Principal’s Perspective


The number of new girls who joined our School community this year.

A sense of place Martha Perry ’85 Our School’s advertising tagline, “The best path is rarely a straight line” highlights the notion of life as a journey, but I think it’s also important to recognize the notion of “place” and how it contributes, just as powerfully, to who we are and who we will become. As an alumna of SCS, I have seen many changes in the School’s physical space over time from a small building with an outside back court to a larger space with two gyms, an exquisite theatre, and diverse learning spaces. I was an avid athlete during my time at SCS and enjoyed making use of neighbourhood athletic facilities. As a result, I still feel connected to our community beyond SCS’s walls. Having said that, my path — like that of every other Clementine who lives and learns here — was created by place, not space. When I was in Grade 13, I never imagined that I would one day return to SCS as Principal. After coming back to our exceptional

School, I have reflected on what contributed to my journey. I believe that this place — St. Clement’s — is a huge part of why I’m here. For me, this place highlighted the importance of a strong sense of community; I knew students from Grades 1-13, and I was known by all teachers, not just as a student, but also as an athlete and, later, as a leader. This place, with its close-knit community and opportunities to work together across all grades, taught me about the benefits and importance of building diverse relationships and of supporting one another. This place, where not everything was at our fingertips, taught me about flexibility, resourcefulness, and ingenuity, and that life is not — nor should it be — handed to us on a silver platter. The educational landscape is changing, and St. Clement’s School is proud and confident that we provide our girls with a rigorous academic experience that challenges them to be intellectually curious, courageous, and compassionate, and that this sets them up for success. We are also proud and confident that our special, unique place is an equal contributor to our girls’ experience, values, and future.

The educational landscape is changing, and St. Clement’s School is proud and confident that we provide our girls with a rigorous academic experience that challenges them to be intellectually curious, courageous, and compassionate, and that this sets them up for success.

Red Blazer Spring 2017 |



Life at SCS Highlights


| Red Blazer Fall 2017

1 Warm welcome At the annual PA Welcome BBQ, the entire School community gathered to kick the year off with some fun, — and food — in the sun. 2





Life at SCS Highlights

Taking the lead In September, the School gathered for our annual Installation Service during which student leaders pledged to fulfill the commitments of their roles.

Images from top left:



1 PA Welcome BBQ 2 Tudor House Day 3 Sr. School Terry Fox Run 4 PA Welcome BBQ 5 Halloween 6 Stuart House Day 7 Jr. School Terry Fox Run 8 York House Day 9 Installation Service 10 PA Welcome BBQ 11 Pyjama Day 12 Windsor House Day


10 The number of performances and guest presentations held in Powell Hall throughout the fall and winter.



The number of pairs of pants — a new uniform item this school year — that have been purchased from the School store, The Penguin’s Nest, to date.


60 The number of care packages sent out to the Class of 2016 leading up to their first semester, post-secondary exams.


12 Purple and proud On Windsor House Day, the entire School showed their spirit by wearing purple and participating in House events to earn House Points.

Spirit Week Carnaval House Improv Lumina Fashion Design Show May Day Friendship Assembly Closing Ceremonies


Red Blazer Fall 2017 |


Life at SCS At Issue


What have you done at SCS that makes you feel confident?




The (many) mistakes I made when I first tried leading a club make me feel more confident about myself now, because I can see that I’ve improved.



In P.E. we had to design a game. Everyone who played my game said it was really good and that made me feel confident.


Grade 7

I organized the haunted house in Grade 6. Seeing the joy on the faces of the Junior School girls made me feel like I could do anything.


| Red Blazer Fall 2017

Grade 1

I have been learning about caterpillars and metamorphosis in science. I want to be a scientist so this makes me feel good about myself as a student.



Being a member of an athletic team at SCS has given me confidence and strength to be my best! The special connections I have made with coaches, teachers, and teammates have encouraged me to be more assured and courageous.


Speaking in front of the School. Although leading up to the experience I was apprehensive, now that it is over, I am able to look back at it and feel confident in myself.


Life at SCS A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life Kaitlyn Wan ’22

7:30 A.M. I grab a quick breakfast — a muffin and some milk — and head out the door. I carpool with a friend, and we love listening to the “Thousand Dollar Minute” contest on the radio every morning!

8:50 A.M. In Integrated Studies, we’re writing short stories for Writer’s Workshop. I’m really enjoying writing my story because I’m having an opportunity to put it in a different format: poetry!

8:10 A.M. My friends greet me on my way to my locker, which is a great way to start my day. I grab the binders and textbooks that I will need for first period, then walk over to Homeform, which is in five minutes.

Hobbies: Reading & art

11:57 A.M. La classe de Français c’est super! Today we deliver our oral presentations on a celebrity family.

12:41 P.M. Lunch time! My class and I eat in our Homeform! We talk and play MASH with each other at lunch. Afterward, I head down to the gym to get warmed up for this afternoon’s volleyball game!

3:58 P.M. My volleyball team is playing our FIRST game of the season. I love hearing everyone cheering for each other!!

Favourite music: DJ Galantis

House: York

5:28 P.M. At today’s Mother/Daughter Tea Talk, my mom and I hear Clementine alumna Katherine Andrikopoulos ’06 talking about helping others, and about being proud to work with women. It’s so inspiring!

7:00 P.M. I’m finishing up my homework, and then I’m going to read for the rest of the evening!

Red Blazer Fall 2017 |



Healthy Mind Platter Just as our bodies need greens and protein — among many other things! — to function well, our brains also have daily requirements. Are you getting enough of what your brain needs? To help answer that question, Dr. Daniel Siegel, Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute and Clinical Professor at the UCLA School of Medicine, and Dr. David Rock, Executive Director of the NeuroLeadership Institute, created the Healthy Mind Platter. It is a guide to the essential “nutrients” the brain needs daily to function at its best.

Did you know? This is an SCS-wide initiative!

LINCWell Counsellor Nicole Bryant first heard about the Healthy Mind Platter at a conference in 2015, and felt it would be a great fit for SCS. During the 2016-2017 school year, LINCWell implemented the Healthy Mind Platter across Grades 1 to 12! The program as explained to us by Megan Clay, LINCWell Program Manager Why is the introduction of the Healthy Mind Platter timely?

Dr. David Rock, one of the co-founders of the Healthy Mind Platter concept, has said we are entering ‘an era of an epidemic of overwhelm.’ 10 | Red Blazer Spring 2017

Through the work we do in LINCWell we can see that our girls are stretched — their academic, co-curricular and social lives are very busy. They have many opportunities —  but sometimes this can also feel overwhelming because it means mental resources are pulled at, and attention is fragmented as they try to multi-task and deal with a large amount of information. Additionally, they often need help learning how to focus on achieving one thing at a time. We want to encourage our students to stop and recognize when they are feeling too busy or distracted and take a mental break — whether it is taking a mindful minute, getting some fresh air, moving their body, or connecting face-to-face with a friend. Taking small breaks to do something good for mind

and body can ultimately really help our girls to perform to their full potential, and feel good while doing it. What are we hoping for by introducing the concept?

Through the Healthy Mind Platter, we hope that our students will begin to recognize when they are lacking a ‘nutrient,’ and that we have given them the tools and the resources to address this. Many girls have told us that they spend so much time focusing that it feels impossible to achieve proper balance — we want to help them learn ways to take a break from focusing throughout the day. The components of the Healthy Mind Platter help to do this.


What’s served up on the Healthy Mind Platter? Seven daily essential mental activities to optimize brain matter and help create mental well-being!

The introduction of the Healthy Mind Platter to Upper School girls included time in Homeform to contemplate certain questions. This got them thinking about their daily essential nutrients, and what they need to get more of!

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? 1.



Let your mind wander. Don’t think about any particular goal. It helps the brain recharge.

Closely focus on a task or goal. This challenge makes deep connections in the brain.

I usually watch Netflix, read a book, day dream, or listen to music for an hour every night before bed. 2.



Get your Zzzzz! While the brain snoozes, learning is consolidated. Sleep also allows the brain to recover from the day’s experiences.

Sit back, relax, and be spontaneous! Being creative and allowing time to “just play” helps the brain make new connections.

I do my homework or work on-task uninterrupted for at least 40 minutes a day. 3.

I sing, dance, hang out with friends/family, or laugh every day. 4.



Get up and get moving! It strengthens the body, including the brain.

Shhhh. Quiet reflection helps to better integrate the brain. Focus on sensations, thoughts, and feelings.


Connecting with others —  in person, not via the screen! —  as well as stopping to connect with the natural world  (literally stopping to smell the roses).

The Healthy Mind Platter is a daily regimen to follow for mental well-being. Getting enough “servings” of each of seven mental activities strengthens the brain’s external

connections — and our connections with other people. The amount of time spent on each component will vary by individual — no two Platters are exactly the same!

I take a walk in nature, go for lunch with a friend, or have a good chat with someone I love every day. 5.

I am active (break-asweat active!) every day for a minimum of 20 minutes. 6.

I sleep 7-9 hours a night, take naps on the weekend, and/ or feel well rested most days.

How many of these can you give a Thumbs Up to?

Red Blazer Spring 2017 | 11


12 | Red Blazer Spring 2017

Touched by the bay An homage to James Bay for the control I lost and the courage I gained

Each year, the Alumna Scholar Award, based on character, leadership, scholarship, service, and an essay, is given to a Grade 12 student. The winner is awarded $1,000 towards tuition. This year’s recipient describes how courage helped her to conquer James Bay. Photography by Daniel Ehrenworth Text by Clarisse D’Costa Ulicki ’17

The Bay Trip: a canoe trip revered by some

and feared by others, one I never thought I would complete. Six years ago, after returning home from my first canoe trip, scarred by the overwhelming homesickness and the unknowns of the wilderness, I promised to never return. After being forced on a second trip and hearing the unpredictable adventures experienced by Bay Trippers, I did not think I had the courage or physical strength required to complete such a journey. In all my years of canoe tripping, I never imagined conquering The Bay. As we paddled into the southern tip of the Arctic Ocean, the time nearing four o’clock in the morning, what I was about to accomplish finally hit me. There I was, at the mercy of the Red Blazer Spring 2017 | 13

Reflecting back on the trip I now appreciate the challenges I had to face. The James Bay Trip is talked about with mystic deference, and now I finally understand why.

Arctic Ocean, shivering in a little red canoe, about to start a three-day paddle across James Bay with ten other adventurous people. As my canoe calmly danced with the waves, I looked behind me, taking comfort in the four miniature red canoes contrasting with the murky brown of the water. Apart from the canoes, there was nothing. Surrounded by the humbling expanse of the ocean, the distant shoreline was so mirage-like I questioned my twenty-twenty vision. Yearning for the comfort of familiarity, I scanned the shore and recognized a narrow break in the trees, the mouth of the Harricana River: a river lined with technical white water, raging waterfalls, and surging chasms, a river I had just conquered. The silence gave me a chance to reflect on our time paddling the river and the many challenges we had to overcome. From losing gear to fifty-knot headwinds, the river never failed to challenge us. These challenges taught us to work together, trust one another, and never give up, no matter how impossible it felt to keep going. It was nature’s way of preparing us for what was to come. The difficulties we faced on the river were behind us, but the lessons we learned were not. When we paddled off the river, we left behind its predictability and familiarity only to be engulfed by the uncertainty of the bay. As the tide went out and the water became too shallow to paddle, one by one we hopped into the knee-deep ice-cold water and started to pull the canoes. With every second that passed, my heart beat faster; the rapidly receding water made it harder to drag the canoes. My steps became more forceful and I was 14 | Red Blazer Spring 2017

getting tired. I took a step and collapsed, the salt water splashing over me. I tried to stand up with no success. My left knee was locked and a fiery pain shot up my leg. There was only one possible explanation: I had re-torn my meniscus. Fear ripped through my gut, and I burst into tears. How was I supposed to finish the trip of a lifetime when I couldn’t even walk? I had paddled through self-doubt and fear just to make it to James Bay. I owed it to myself to complete the trip and to say that I have been to the bay. I refused to get air-lifted, even though it meant facing the unknowns of the bay with a physical disability and persevering through overwhelming pain. I wiped the tears from my face, wrapped my arms around my friends and slowly stood up. I was going to cross the bay. Reflecting back on the trip, I now appreciate the challenges I had to face. The James Bay Trip is talked about with mystic deference, and now I finally understand why. The twenty days I spent paddling down the Harricana River, across James Bay and up the Moose River were the most physically and emotionally demanding days of my life. Not a day went by where I didn’t have to push myself. This journey has brought to light the inner strength and courage I have within me to face my fears, and overcome difficulty. Most importantly, the lessons I learned have become a fundamental part of who I am. One ripped meniscus, two surgeries, three stem cell injections, and four days using paddles as crutches: the scars will fade, but the courage will not. I completed The Bay Trip, and it was the most rewarding and empowering experience of my life.


5 The number of canoe trips Clarisse had participated in prior to conquering James Bay.

Bronze Cross The level of lifesaving training Clarisse has attained to date.

Albany River This summer, Clarisse will complete a five-week Leadership Canoe Trip with Northwaters & Langskib Wilderness Programs, during which she will lead her trip mates down the Albany River in Northern Ontario.

From the Desk Spring 2017

From the Desk

The academic program at St. Clement’s supports our mission to develop outstanding women who are intellectually curious, courageous and compassionate. We do this by ensuring that excellence is not just a word — it’s our commitment and our passion.

Sports Our athletes are something to #getexcited about pg. 16

Arts Unique creative expression is fostered within our walls pg. 18

Social Sciences & Humanities See how we explore society and social relationships pg. 20

Advancement & Giving Celebrating the generosity of our School community pg. 22

Red Blazer Spring 2017 | 15

Sports From the Desk Sports

Athletes from all grades showed skill, spirit, and sportsmanship this season, bolstered by our athletics program’s philosophy of encouraging participation and fostering ongoing skill development.

On the pitch

On the rink

The Senior Soccer Team came away as the winners of CISAA gold against Havergal College!

The Hockey Team finished the season in fourth place in the league, hanging up the skates (for this year) with a hard-fought semi-final game.

On the course

Our Junior Cross Country Team members made incredible finishes, and the U13 and U14 Teams placed first and third overall, respectively. The Senior Cross Country Team raced to a fourth place finish overall, with Kailin Chu ’20, Sarah Clements ’19, and Anna Turner ’18 qualifying for OFSAA, where they finished the season on a fast note.

On the hills

The Alpine Ski Team owned the slopes this season - team members Alex ’17 and Madeleine ’18 McCartney, Gillian Power ’17, Daphne Stone ’17, and Sarah Visser ’17 skied to the title of CISAA Champions! The team went on to capture silver and bronze medals at OFSAA. Spikes...

The Junior and Senior Swim teams didn’t splash around; they placed second overall at the Bishop’s Cup, and had many outstanding individual and relay finishes!

Our Volleyball teams enjoyed fun, successful seasons, honing their skills with lots of playing time. The U14 Volleyball Team concluded their season in fourth place - narrowly missing a spot in the final four.

On the court

...and Birdies

Our U12 Basketball Team closed out a season of exceptional skill improvement with a final tournament at Hillfield Strathallen College. The U14 Basketball Team followed up a great regular season by advancing to the playoffs, where they fought hard but came up just short. Our Senior Basketball Team went into the final four in second place, and came away as the silver medalists!

Coaches started the season with a clinic run by Jamie Williams, our resident Badminton expert. The pro-tips were shared with our Badminton teams, whose birdies were soaring all season long.

In the pool

16 | Red Blazer Spring 2017

From the Desk Sports


Field Hockey

1 The number of Olympic athletes our Field Hockey Team worked with this season.


Teamwork Our U12 & U15 Soccer teams put teamwork at the forefront.



Diving In The Junior and Senior Swim teams’ prowess in the pool made for some speedy individual and relay finishes!

Our Tad & U14 Swim teams dove in and improved their strokes.


Final Four Our Junior Basketball Team made it to the final four!


SCS Stickhandling Quality ice time all season led the girls to an exciting semi-final game, and a fourth place league finish.

Sisters Alex ’17 and Madeleine ’18 McCartney have been skiing since they were three years old, and racing competitively since ages 10 and 11, respectively. Now racing for SCS, they always give 110% during the team workouts. This was evident in the results of their first race of the year: Alex finished third and Madeleine finished first. Their coaches see them as fantastic teammates and team leaders, drawing on their extensive knowledge of the sport to offer support, tips, and coaching advice to newer girls on the team.

Red Blazer Spring 2017 | 17

Arts From the Desk Arts

With the courage to share the fruits of their imagination through the arts, our girls push their own boundaries and challenge those of others. Here are a few examples.

Along came a spider

In design

Our School community was enchanted by the message of loyalty and friendship in a production of Charlotte’s Web, when our Middle School girls transformed into Wilbur, Fern, Templeton, the Zuckerman family, the Arables, and the extraordinary spider, Charlotte.

Our Grade 12 Design class accepted the challenge of redesigning the newsletters distributed by Upper Yonge Village Daycare Centre, a licenced childcare centre across the street from SCS, and New Visions Toronto, a local non-profit providing housing, care and support for individuals with complex developmental and physical disabilities. A successful design considers aesthetics and function in tandem, and gaining feedback from clients and users of the information is invaluable in determining the degree to which the designer has met her goals. Members of our staff gave feedback on the various design options to help the clients select their chosen student-designed newsletter.

Here we come a-carolling

The warmth of the winter holidays was celebrated by the entire School community at the annual Carol Service at St. Paul’s Church. This festive tradition included sounds of the season from our choral and instrumental groups across all grades. It was a full house, with current families, alumnae, and current and past staff joining in the festivities through this time-honoured tradition.

What’s in a portfolio? Finely tuned

At Recital Night, the audience was captivated by the poise and confidence of our Grade 1-12 musicians. Their performances ranged from solos to duets to group ensembles across a spectrum of instruments, including violin, clarinet, cello, flute, guitar, piano, and voice. The audience was treated to piano pieces by Chopin, Beethoven, and Bach. They also heard some more modern pieces by artists like Coldplay and Barbara Streisand, in addition to original compositions from student singer/songwriters.

18 | Red Blazer Spring 2017

Students in the AP Studio Art class create portfolios that include a body of work that demonstrates a sustained investigation of a specific visual idea. In the fall, the students created a breadth portfolio which demonstrated mastery in the elements of design. The second half of the course involved the creation of a concentration portfolio. In order to gain some modern inspiration for building the second half of their portfolios, they investigated Toronto’s West Queen West gallery scene.

From the Desk Arts


19 The number of costumes that appeared in SCS’s production of Charlotte’s Web.

17 The number of songs sung and performed at the annual Carol Service in December.

Celebrating the season Our annual Carol Service at St. Paul’s Church got everyone singing and in the festive spirit.

9 The number of galleries the AP Studio Art class visited along Toronto’s West Queen West stretch this fall.

8 The number of preliminary designs our students developed and obtained feedback on from end users Upper Yonge Village Daycare Centre and New Visions Toronto.


Throughout the fall and winter terms, our Senior School prepared a production of the classic tale, Cinderella. The production starred Emma Dale ’20 as Cinderella and Tait Gamble ’18 as the fairy godmother. The curtain rose on February 24, 2017 revealing a magical performance, woven together with humour, romance, and a touch of magic. Farm fun! The entire Charlotte’s Web cast and crew put on an enchanting performance. Loyalty and friendship are key themes in this story, very fitting and familiar to the unique spirit of our School.

Stay tuned for more on this production in the next issue of the Red Blazer!

Red Blazer Spring 2017 | 19

From the Desk Social Sciences & Humanities

Social Sciences & Humanities Society and social relationships are constantly evolving. By understanding these shifts — what they’ve shifted from, and what they have potential to shift toward — our girls are broadening their horizons, building awareness, and becoming engaged citizens of the world.

Team Number Won wins!

Design exchange

Last spring, girls in the Introduction to Financial Accounting course formed teams of three to participate in the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association’s international Stock Market Game, an online simulation of the global capital markets. The Clementine teams competed with $10,000 of imaginary funds against 653 teams from more than 15 countries. The game allowed our girls to deepen their intellectual curiosity in the world of economics, investing, and personal finance. In November 2016, it was announced that one of our teams, self-titled Team Number Won, made up of Grace Sarabia, Maddi Farwell, and Sydney Milrad, all ’17, came in second place, globally — a huge accomplishment!

Our Business Leadership and Senior Design classes collaborated for a business design project that has spanned this entire school year. In the introductory workshop, our girls were paired up for a wallet design challenge. They needed to consider three areas: Empathy — listening to one another’s needs, Ideation — generating ideas to address those needs, and — Prototyping — creating wallet prototypes that responded to those needs. Over the remainder of the year, students focused on an area of interest and developed a service or product that fit a community need.


Some of our Grade 9, 10, and 11 girls attended Women in Capital Markets’ annual SheBiz event in the fall. Designed to expose young women to the numerous exciting opportunities available to women in business, the event motivates attendees to start thinking about potential areas of interest or fit for them down the road, and how that might shape their current and future educational choices. Additionally, throughout the event, the girls saw women in leadership positions as role models, were given an opportunity to network, and practiced creative and critical thinking skills by participating in workshops. 20 | Red Blazer Spring 2017

Making a case

In November 2016, Crescent School hosted a Business Case Competition. Our Senior School girls in attendance were paired with students from other independent schools to research and give a presentation based on a business scenario. Case competitions are an excellent way for students to gain hands-on business and strategic thinking experience. Congratulations to all Clementines who participated, particularly Seona Bain and Sydney Milrad, both ’17, for finishing first in their pool!

From the Desk Social Sciences & Humanities



1st place Seona Bain and Sydney Milrad, both ’17, finished first in their pool at the Crescent School Business Case Competition. Finance

2nd place Team Number Won, made up of Grace Sarabia, Maddi Farwell, and Sydney Milrad, all ’17, participated in the SIFMA Stock Market Game and finished second, globally.

Challenge accepted Our Business Leadership and Senior Design classes collaborated for a business design project.

“Bizzy” girls Grade 9, 10, and 11 girls attended the annual SheBiz event and started thinking about potential career interests.


Jaime Malic, AP Capstone Teacher, talks about SCS’s participation in a pilot project for Parlay, an online discussion tool designed to extend classroom conversation. Why participate? Parlay is a beta-stage online tool designed to facilitate virtual discussions. We wanted to participate because it gives our girls an opportunity to connect with one another, and with other classes and schools, locally and globally. How do our girls benefit? Our girls are comfortable with social communication tools. By bringing classroom content into the digital landscape, they are able to participate in conversations in a comfortable space, experience self and peer assessment within teachergenerated forums, and have an opportunity to hear anonymous perspectives without potential social classroom constraints.

Red Blazer Spring 2017 | 21

From the Desk Advancement

How donations augment the SCS experience

To bring about all that happens at SCS in an academic year requires significant resources, including human capital, tuition, investment income, and donations. With tuition covering only 87% of each student’s experience, St. Clement’s requires the support of our full community to ensure that the many enhancements that make up the remaining 13% of life and learning at SCS continue.

Where donations came from in 2015-2016 Staff

Gifts to the Annual Fund ensure that every student from Grades 1 through 12 receives the full SCS experience, including:








Past parents


Past staff


Grandparents + Friends


Corporations + Foundations


Total number of donors:


Academic growth through innovative programming to augment learning opportunities

Donors contributed to ensuring that the many enhancements that make up life and learning at SCS continue.

Financial assistance to ensure we admit the best and brightest applicants, regardless of their financial circumstance

Facility upgrades to enhance learning dynamics

How those donations were allocated Financial assistance 42.1% Facilities and furnishings 22.4% Academic programs 22.1% Professional development 6.1% Experiential education 5.2% Technology 2.1%

Recent enhancements include: • STEM discovery cart for the Junior School • Author visit with Anne Michaels for Grade 12 students • 54 chromebooks for Lower and Upper Schools • Grade 7/8 Mother Daughter Tea Talk Speaker Series • Vuka innovation project • Moose Factory visit

22 | Red Blazer Spring 2017

Total funds raised in 2015-2016:


Make your 2016-2017 gift to SCS today. Visit

From the Desk Giving

Did you know... The endangered Galapagos Penguin is the only penguin species that ventures north of the equator in the wild.

Donor highlight The Beqaj family

Our SCS sports teams win — a lot! — and now our successes are on display! Many years ago, in the days when St. Clement’s had only one gymnasium, one merely had to look up at the back wall for a snapshot of the School’s athletic achievements. Since those days, SCS has built a second gym, rebranded the School’s identity, and won many more championships. While SCS celebrates our teams’ wins, coming everywhere from the field and the track, to the slopes and the court, we also wanted to recognize them in a more permanent way. One of our past families shared that sentiment. The Beqajs were avid supporters of athletics at SCS while Sarah ’20 was a student here. After making the decision at the end of the 2015-2016 school year to move to Florida so that Sarah, a highly-ranked golfer, could play year round, the family wanted to commemorate all SCS teams’ successes with the donation of new championship banners. “First and foremost, we decided to give because we adored St. Clement’s and appreciated the strong values the School nurtured. We were happy to drop Sarah off at school every morning and have her welcomed inside

by Ms. Perry or Mrs. Gleeson with a big smile,” recalls Sarah’s mother, Jennifer Beqaj. Supporting this area of need felt like a perfect fit for the family. “Sarah loved team sports at SCS — she did track and field, and played soccer, basketball, volleyball, and golf,” continues Jennifer. “Athletics provided a wonderful complement to academics, and a fabulous place to cement the friendships of her strong peer group. Our gift of the banners was a nod to both Sarah’s strong athletic interest, and our family’s desire to give back.” The athletics program at SCS embraces a philosophy of encouraging participation, developing skills at all levels, and building healthy lifestyles. Through participation in a variety of sports, our girls learn the important values of respect, responsibility, and selfdiscipline. As a school, we are deeply proud of our commitment to participation and fun, as well as our girls’ achievements at CISAA tournaments, Metro Championships, and OFSAA. Thanks to the Beqaj’s gift, that commitment is evident by glancing around the gym. New sporting success stories will be added to the banners over time.

Sarah is settling in nicely at her new school in Florida. “I think the set of organizational skills that Sarah learned at SCS has helped her the most during the transition to The Benjamin School,” Jennifer says. “The note-taking, homework, and scheduling skills she learned from LINCWell in the Junior School have been invaluable — her math teacher actually picked up her homework as an exemplar to the other students of what an assignment should look like!” Sarah also started the school year by helping to lead her varsity golf team to their first FHSAA regional championship. “Golf is a game of integrity,” explains Jennifer. “I think SCS’s strong moral code definitely made the game easier to play.” While she now sports the orange and navy colours of her new school on the golf course, Sarah will always be a Clementine, too. SCS was thrilled to welcome Sarah and her parents, Jennifer and Jim back for the York House Day assembly in November, to recognize their gift in person. Thank you to the Beqaj family for supporting and celebrating sports at SCS!

First and foremost, we decided to give because we adored St. Clement’s and appreciated the strong values the School nurtured.

Red Blazer Spring 2017 | 23

Experiential Education Out There

Out There Our girls embrace their curiosity at home and farther afield. Here’s a look at a few of the places they’ve traveled to learn and to be of service.

SCOTLAND June 2016

Last school year, SCS was

pleased to host exchange students from St. George’s School for Girls (SGSG) in Scotland. The reciprocal exchange saw four of our Grade 8 students travel to SGSG for three weeks at the end of the Canadian spring term. In addition to their studies and life with their host families, our girls experienced the culture and geography of Scotland through a visit to the highlands, a concert in Glasgow, and some truly Scottish dishes, such as haggis, black pudding, and Scottish tablet. While they were there, the Brexit vote took place. They will always remember where they were at that moment in history. 24 | Red Blazer Spring 2017

In addition to their studies and life with their host families, our girls experienced the culture and geography of Scotland.

Experiential Education Out There

HALIBURTON, ON September 2016

At Camp Timberlane, our girls connected with nature, one another, and their inner selves.

Our Grade 7 and 8 girls connected

with nature, one another, and their inner selves at Camp Timberlane. Grade 7s participated in workshops and outdoor activities to deepen their understanding of a supportive school community and their unique personal strengths and interests within the context of the wider grade. Grade 8s built on their Grade 7 experience. They also shared an overnight camping trip, sleeping in a tent, preparing and cooking meals over a campfire, and canoeing. ICELAND AND GERMANY October 2016

En route to the Round Square Global Conference on the theme of The Journey that Makes Us, our girls embarked on a journey of their own in Iceland.

As a Round Square school, SCS believes in an approach to education that encompasses internationalism, democracy, environmentalism, adventure, leadership, and service. This fall, five of our Senior School girls attended the Round Square Global Conference at Louisenlund School in GĂźby, Germany, where they explored the theme, The Journey that Makes Us. They also embarked on a pre-conference trip to Iceland, where they visited the Great Geysir, the Blue Lagoon, and Lake Thingvallavatn, and participated in a glacier hike. Red Blazer Spring 2017 | 25

Community Making Connections

Making Connections Our community is always looking for ways to give back. Here’s a look at how our girls and our staff got involved with organizations in our community.


The Brimo family has been getting involved with the community, including participating in services at St. Clement’s Church.

26 | Red Blazer Spring 2017

Sponsored by St. Clement’s Church and SCS, the Brimo family arrived in Toronto from Syria in the spring of 2016 and have been enthusiastically embracing many facets of Canadian life. The Brimo girls, Diala, Slava, Noura, and Rouhayf, were introduced to some quintessential summer pastimes, heading off to camp and visiting the CNE. The girls started at their new school in 2016, and the family celebrated their first Canadian Thanksgiving up north with members of St. Clement’s Church, complete with fall colours. The SCS Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Committee (SRSC), led this year by Grade 11 students Lauren Chisholm, Katie Wilkinson, and Jamie Scoler, focused on a number of initiatives to help the family feel welcomed and supported. For Halloween, SCS students helped outfit the Brimo girls in costumes, and two

students took them trick or treating in the neighbourhood. The girls and their mom, Mahfouza, enjoyed the Middle School performance of Charlotte’s Web in Powell Hall. The SRSC led a winter clothing drive to ensure that the Brimos were prepared for their first Canadian winter, including the skating lessons the girls have undertaken. In addition, retired staff members Sarah Gleeson and Zoë Nevison are tutoring the girls in math and reading. It was also a pleasure to have the Brimos join us at St. Paul’s for our Carol Service. SCS has continued to work with the Church in sponsoring the Brimo’s eldest daughter Zaineb, her husband, and their two children to come to Canada. The family was thrilled to be reunited in February after more than a year of separation.

Community Making Connections


Every fall, SCS students and staff continue the legacy of the Marathon of Hope by running in support of the Terry Fox Foundation. This year, Sports Captain Barry Kelterborn and House Head Emily Di Monte, both ’17, led two Terry Fox runs, raising awareness for cancer research while encouraging students to earn House Points in the process! Inclement weather didn’t put a damper on the Junior School’s enthusiasm, as they clocked laps in the gym while the Prefects cheered them on. The Upper School donned their House colours for a run in the sun. Once again, SCS also supported the Terry Fox Community run at UCC with volunteers and runners alike. Stride on, SCS!

Upper School students took to the streets around St. Clement’s School for the annual Terry Fox run!


On Monday, December 5, 2016,

Community is one of our School values. On Community Day, our girls put this value into action by participating in handson experiences at local organizations.

all SCS students and staff members engaged in the local community by contributing time and energy to 20 community organizations, and participating in hands-on interaction with fellow citizens of Toronto. Some of the many activities that SCS participated in included: • Helping give care to children at a local day care; • Sorting non-perishables at food banks; • Singing holiday carols with senior citizens; and • Environmental clean-up in green spaces. Given the challenges faced by so many in our city, it is important that we continue to build understanding about how different needs are being met and the challenges faced by various organizations in serving the people of Toronto. Red Blazer Spring 2017 | 27

Text by Jen Rowe

Away in the U.K. In November 2016, for the first time in five years, SCS held a reunion in the U.K.! Lisa Watson, Executive Director of Advancement, and Janet Mackinnon and Wendy Girvan, past staff, travelled throughout England and Scotland to visit with Clementines who are living, studying and working in the U.K.

28 | Red Blazer Spring 2017


15 Following a bit of sightseeing along Regent Street, the Thames, and a brief stop at the Tate Modern, they met Jane Mason ’84, who was in town on business, for dinner. Afterward, the group strolled the South Bank on a sight-filled route while talking about all that SCS is up to these days and the importance of curiosity in one’s life.




Our travellers met up with Angela Wright ’06 at the British Museum, where she works as an Event Coordinator — a dream job she has just started. Angela gave them a private tour of her favourite rooms, places, and objects. Afterward, they took the Tube to Kensington Church Street to meet Tori (Tiffany) Robertson ’81 for lunch and a great conversation about the importance of alumnae connections and the School’s strategic plan. A Tube ride back to Regent Street took them to Andrea Byrne Goss ’96 who shared the story of her path to London. The group chatted about the SCS connections that last a lifetime.

Lisa, Janet and Wendy departed YYZ on the new Dreamliner airplane, landing at LHR later that evening.

Red Blazer Spring 2017 | 29



Lisa, Janet, and Wendy were off to Bristol aboard the Great Western Rail train. The famed “Bristol weather” was awaiting them, along with Mary Claire Bass ’10 and her partner Patrick, with whom they met for afternoon tea. Mary Claire recalled that, while playing varsity American Football at Bristol Law School, she taught her teammates the quarterback sneak, which she learned in a phys. ed. lesson with Wendy at SCS. Next up was tea and a tour of Bristol University with Shelley (Roberts) Mumford ’76 and the Law Faculty Head of Department, Joanne Conaghan. They compared notes between the University’s mentorship program and SCS’s LINCWell program. They finished the day with a delicious dinner at Shelley’s home, joined by Jane (Grimshaw) Christmas ’73, Bice Maiguashca ’84, and Devin Henderson ’12. SCS was even well represented at dessert, by some lovely chocolate crests!


18 Next stop was Leeds! This reunion event included Michelle Price ’92 and Catherine (Ross) Dennys ’85. Interesting to note, a classmate of Michelle’s was Catherine’s sister Alison (Ross) Eckford ’92. Dinner was a raucous time with many laughs shared about memories of time spent at SCS and tales of the paths both women have taken since graduation. It was most evident both felt confident in their journeys given the education they had received at St. Clement’s!

30 | Red Blazer Spring 2017


19 Lisa, Janet, and Wendy took the train to London where they met up with Principal Martha Perry ’85. That evening the foursome hosted a cocktail reception in Knightsbridge. It was an incredible group of women that gathered together representing eight decades of SCS. Jean (Butler-Wilson) Macpherson ’44, Anne (Butler-Wilson) Mallinson ’44, Katherine (Fletcher) Allen ’64, Yasmeen Majid ’78, Melissa Carson ’82, Heather Lyons ’89, Clare Moncrieff ’92, Catherine (Seed) Denye ’93, Caroline (Andrus) Head ’93, Jeanette Woolard ’93, Terri Wills ’94, Davina Given ’95, Melissa Cortes ’00, Cecilia Livingston ’03, Charisma Patel ’03, Lauren Shrubb ’03, Jessica Poon Woo ’04, Alex Currie ’05, Alex McCarter ’06, Emma Laws ’08, Emily Reddon ’09, Alyssa Remtulla ’09, Mary Claire Bass ’10, Kate Fox ’10, Christine Lam ’11, Andrea Davidson ’12, Gaby Hick ’12, and Ella Raiman ’15 all delighted in connecting with one another.


20 Next stop: Edinburgh! Lisa, Janet, and Wendy travelled from LHR to EDI and settled into their Edinburgh accommodation. They made the most of their first day off since their arrival, walking Prince Street and browsing the Christmas Market, trying the local fish and chips, and taking in some fireworks.


21 For Lisa’s last day in town, they walked the Royal Mile, toured Edinburgh Castle, and explored Cowgate while awaiting dinner with Alison (Ross) Eckford ’92, her parents Drew Ross, past SCS Board member, and Janet Ross, Sonja (Vojnovic) Matheson ’95, Shirley Chin ’97, Laura Hope ’07, Sam Metaxas ’10, Hayley VanSickle ’10, and Lauren Wong ’13. It was another lovely night of reconnecting with the SCS community abroad.


22 As Lisa flew back to Toronto, Wendy and Janet travelled by train to St. Andrews where they met with Eva and Joanna Lioutas ’15 and Jody Chiu ’15 for a tour of their campus, and a catch-up on their lives. Cheerio until next time!

Red Blazer Spring 2017 | 31

Next Chapter Alumnae Profiles

Did you know? Penguins can drink sea water. Refreshing!

When dim sum helps define your future Liz Drayton ’01 Liz Drayton ’01 didn’t know it then, but a

shared plate of Dim Sum one day in Grade 10 would turn out to be a defining moment. “Steph Luk ’02 had brought Cheung Fung for lunch, a dish made with steamed shrimp. I was a big fan of Dim Sum, and Steph offered me some,” recalls Liz. “We were friends before, but the moment bonded us for life. That weekend, a group of us went out for Dim Sum. It became a standing weekend date for the remainder of our time at SCS. To this day, we still uphold the tradition as often as we can.” One lunch may not seem all that significant, but for Liz, the experience helped to shape her life. She decided to go to Hong Kong (the birthplace of Dim Sum) on exchange in her third year at McGill University, and moved there in 2009 for a year and a half. Liz credits her SCS crew and their Dim Sum adventures as the gateway to all the places in the world she has visited since. After graduating with a Commerce degree from McGill, Liz joined PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2006. While there, she wrote her CA exams and became a chartered accountant. Her job auditing various funds allowed her to live in 32 | Red Blazer Spring 2017

San Francisco and Hong Kong. While settling new cities was a perk, Liz wasn’t convinced that the actual job of accounting was for her. She decided to jet off, this time to Beijing to study Mandarin. Not long afterward, she was accepted at NYU; New York City was her next home, where she completed her MBA and worked for a year following grad school. Around this time, Liz wanted to come home. A friend suggested she apply to a job at Google Canada. She now works with Canada’s largest retailers to better translate their marketing strategy through digital media. Leveraging Google’s advertising technology like Google search ads, she helps retailers make profitable advertising investments based on data and insights that are unique to Google. “I certainly wasn’t on a direct path to what I’m doing now, but I also wouldn’t have landed my job at Google without all of the experiences that came before it,” says Liz. A path that traversed the globe was one she felt prepared to embark on because of her time at SCS. “What makes me most proud when I look at myself and my SCS friends today is that we left that comfort zone with such a strong grounding in who we were,” reflects Liz. “When faced with new and different situations, we never deviated from our individual sense of ourselves. The same is true today, with new challenges that arise. We are all very strong and know exactly who we are, and I think a lot of that comes from our days at SCS.” Up next for Liz? “Liz Drayton, CEO — that has a nice ring to it,” she smiles. “There was a line in a 2015 New York Times article that stated: fewer large companies are run by women than by men named John. Clementines have the smarts, the sense of self, and the focus to change this.” Whether over Dim Sum or in the boardroom, Liz will continue to work on that shift, with the rest of her SCS girls. By the way, a Google search for Dim Sum yields 47 million+ results.

After SCS: McGill University, New York University Employer: Google Canada Next travel destinations: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, and Bordeaux Favourite spot at SCS: The locker hallways — site of many debriefing sessions!

I certainly wasn’t on a direct path to what I’m doing now, but I also wouldn’t have landed my job at Google without all of the experiences that came before it.

Next Chapter Alumnae Profiles

Staying away from the straight path Jodi White ’65 What would you be doing right now, if you had some version of the career you wanted when you were young? The path Jodi White ’65 would travel as an adult can be traced back as early as Grade 3 at St. Clement’s. Jodi became enamoured with her French and Civics lessons; Civics in particular caught her attention. “I learned about government and the institutions in Canada,” recalls Jodi. “I believe that is where my sense of country began.” Civics wasn’t all that made an early impression on Jodi. A few of her fondest memories of SCS, which she attended from Grade 3 to 5 and again for Grades 9 and 10, include the sense of pride she felt donning the red blazer, and the “truly unforgettable” oatmeal bars for sale in the cafeteria.. What started in those Grade 3 Civics classes continued in university, where Jodi studied political science at the University of Toronto, followed by graduate courses in journalism at Carleton University. Jodi’s career has spanned the fields of journalism, government, the private sector, and the not-for-profit sector. “My career didn’t follow a straight line. I think this is true for many women, often because we

1945 must accommodate decisions about family and children,” says Jodi. “And I think that is a huge asset, not a drawback. A career that zigs and zags, rather than following a predetermined line, usually offers more opportunity to broaden one’s scope, accept unexpected challenges, and follow your instincts.” This zigging and zagging found Jodi in diverse roles, including CBC news reporter and radio producer; Chief of Staff to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister; Vice President at a major Canadian multinational; and President of the Public Policy Forum. Passionate about many causes, Jodi has also served on numerous charitable boards, such as the National Theatre School, Canadian Journalism Foundation, and Tides Canada, which she currently chairs. Jodi is also a senior fellow at Massey College at U of T. While accomplishing much professionally, Jodi notes the importance of her family — her children having been along for the many exciting twists and turns of her career. “I am blessed with two sons, who are the heart and soul of my life. There were probably times when I missed some important moments,” muses Jodi, “but we are each other’s strongest supporters, and it has worked for us. There is no perfect model for modern-day families striving to find the right balance.” Alongside the strength of family as a stabilizing force for Jodi, are the guiding principles of a strong value system, which she also traces back to her time at SCS. “I believe that, beyond my parents, St. Clement’s laid the foundation of my values — integrity, honesty, and honour. Values are of critical importance in today’s turbulent world.” Jodi continues, “Some of the words in the School song “The Pilgrim” speak to that: valiant, constancy, intent. In whatever field one chooses, in whichever way one gets there, values should serve as one’s North Star.”

The year the gold belt was incorporated into the School uniform to differentiate the Grad Class as leaders within the School.

There is no perfect model for modern-day families striving to find the right balance. I believe there are no rules any more in this area.”

O Canada: Jodi was the first woman in Canadian history to lead a national election campaign (for PC Leader Jean Charest in 1997.) An honour: She is a member of the Order of Canada. Favourite SCS Memory: Numerous! Choir practice in the School’s basement is one.

Red Blazer Spring 2017 | 33

Next Chapter Alumnae Connection

Alumnae Connection 2



A holiday tradition! Alumnae and current and past staff gathered after the annual Carol Service to share in some festive cheer.



34 | Red Blazer Spring 2017




Next Chapter Alumnae Connection

10 Kingston meet-up We (and the 40 alumnae in attendance!) were delighted to have recently retired staff, Joanne Thompson and Sarah Gleeson, travel with us for the Queen’s reunion. 9



Images from top left:

Christmas Party 1 Lisa Bullen-Austin ’92; Indy Butany-DeSouza ’92 2 Pippa Gouinlock ’12; Ayesha David ’12; Sarah Tan ’12; Lian Francis ’12 3 Karen (Wilson) Wilk ’78; Yasmeen Majid ’78; Susan McDonald ’78 4 Madigan Cotterill ’14; Joanne Whyte ’14; Claire Mazzia ’14; Julia Geist ’14 5 Claire Pacaud, Staff; Karen Javorski ’05; Stephanie Clark ’05; Sarah Walkington ’05; Kathleen Lank ’05; Vanessa Cameron ’06 6 Sarah Gleeson, Past Staff; Dileas MacGowan ’13


Hillary Armstrong ’05; Sarah Campbell ’04; Devon Montemurro ’08; Sophie Bertram ’08; Emma Sanders Finlayson ’99; Ali Azzopardi ’07; Amanda Michalik ’07

McMaster Visit 8 Jasmine Patterson ’16; Nicole Areias ’16; Tiffany Tse ’16; Christine Black ’13; Emily Martin ’15; Emily Hodder ’15; Jennifer Hanuschak ’14 Homecoming 9 Back Row: Fiona McKay ’16; Jasmine Patterson ’16; Jennifer Manley ’16; Ciara Tersigni ’16; Gabi Samek ’16; Kate Kelleher ’16; Isabella

O’Hara ’16; Silvia Stajer ’16; Emily Jaunkalns ’16; Lily Coles ’16; Claudia Fournier ’16 Middle Row: Genevieve Lamb ’16; Kaitlyn Law ’16; Rachel Kim ’16; Raissa Dzulynsky ’16; Alessia Morin ’16; Jean Hodgson ’16; Emily Steele ’16; Olivia Woodman ’16; Elizabeth Talbot ’16; Emily Cooper ’16; Julia Fast ’16; My-Linh Yee ’16; Nicole Ng ’16; Michelle Cheng ’16; Emma Thomas ’16; Felicia Aiello ’16; Melissa Wong ’16 Front Row: Jaya Manjunath ’16; Tiffany Tse ’16; Sanya Naqvi ’16; Lauren Ferraro ’16; Lea McBride ’16; Claire Chadwick ’16; Caroline

Monahan ’16; Juliana Miller ’16; Sally O’Keeffe ’16; Isabella Cesari ’16; Jackie Midroni ’16; Meghan Fast ’16 Queen’s Reunion 10 Naomi Mohan ’08; Martha Perry ’85, Principal; Robyn Cardy ’08 11 Carolyn Abel ’13; Posy Legge ’11; Olivia Mew ’13; Macarena Melis ’13; Quinlan Hickey ’13 12 Claire Smith ’15; Joanne Thompson, Past Staff; Maclite Tesfaye ’15; Kate Usher ’15; Martha Perry ’85, Principal; Sarah Bullock ’15; Meghan Stephenson-Smith ’15; Nazgol Kafaei Shahbaz ’15; Sarah Wong ’15

Red Blazer Spring 2017 | 35

Next Chapter Alumnae Connection

Alumnae Connection





London-bound We were excited that so many of our alumnae at Western were able to take a study break from midterms to join us at the reunion! 16

36 | Red Blazer Spring 2017

Next Chapter Alumnae Connection

Across the pond In November, Principal Martha Perry ’85, Lisa Watson, Executive Director of Advancement, and past staff members Wendy Girvan and Janet Mackinnon, connected with almost 50 alumnae from the classes of 1944 to 2015 at various events and meetings in the UK!






Images from top left:

Ottawa Reunion 13 Valerie (Spencer) Keyes ’73; Marilyn (Belch) Venner ’76 14 Janet Mackinnon, Past Staff; Lindsay (Osborne) Ranger ’03; Laura Mouck ’03; Wendy Girvan, Past Staff; Julia (Tworkowski) Driedger ’93; Alison (Way) Janidlo ’90 Alumna Scholar Award Lunch 15 Francine (Maitland) Royan ’87; Karen (Row) Armstrong ’75; Carolyn (Schmidt) Gossage ’51; Martha Perry ’85, Principal; Clarisse D’Costa Ulicki ’17; Marion (Pope) Magee ’55; Sherry Boeckh ’55

Western Reunion 16 Martha Perry ’85, Principal; Maggie Callaghan ’13; Brenna Kelly ’15 17 Franny Champion ’13; Rachel Kelly ’13; France Croteau, Past Staff; Chloe Church ’13; Becky Jones ’15; Laura Power ’15 UK Reunion 18 Janet Mackinnon, Past Staff; Shirley Chin ’97; Wendy Girvan, Past Staff; Janet Ross; Drew Ross, Past Board Member; Hayley VanSickle ’10; Laura Hope ’07; Lauren Wong ’13; Alison (Ross) Eckford ’92; Sam Metaxas ’10; Sonja (Vojnovic) Matheson ’95





Catherine (Seed) Denye ’93; Terri Wills ’94; Wendy Girvan, Past Staff; Martha Perry ’85, Principal; Jeannette Woolard ’93; Janet Mackinnon, Past Staff; Caroline (Andrus) Head ’93; Jessica Poon Woo ’04 Alysa Remtulla ’09; Emma Laws ’08; Mary Claire Bass ’10; Kate Fox ’10; Emily Reddon ’09 Anne (Butler-Wilson) Mallinson ’44; Martha Perry ’85, Principal; Jean (ButlerWilson) Macpherson ’44; Katherine (Fletcher) Allen ’64 Ella Raiman ’15; Christine Lam ’11; Gaby Hick ’12; Andrea Davidson ’12

Catching up On the UK trip, SCS held a cocktail reception in Knightsbridge. Attendees represented eight decades of Clementine alumnae! They delighted in catching up.

Red Blazer Spring 2017 | 37

Feature Penguin Profile

Raise a flipper in welcome In the 1990s, the penguin, a resilient, resourceful bird, became the official mascot of St. Clement’s School. For the celebration of the School’s 100th anniversary, the first mascot costume was revealed as a uniting force within our School community. With 15 years of School spirit under her flipper, our original mascot has been retired and, thanks to the generous support of our Parents’ Association, we are proud to introduce the newest member of our flock. The creation of our new penguin mascot took a combined total of 8 people and 93 hours of ideation, design, and production. Here’s how she measures up:

One cool penguin There is a fan in the headpiece that helps to expel stale air for performer comfort.

A face that will melt hearts and hypnotize opponents.

A wingspan ideal for enticing great cheers from the crowd.

A heart full of SCS pride and School spirit.

Greater (and softer) surface area to volume ratio for enhanced hug-ability.

7.5 metres A low centre of gravity to ensure readiness for a dance-off at any moment.

The amount of faux fur used to make the costume. Our penguin pays it forward The faux fur scraps were donated to the TDSB Arts Junktion for schools to use in arts and crafts, projects, or drama costumes.

Webbed feet that allow for maximum comfort and athletic prowess — and not just in the pool.

38 | Red Blazer Spring 2017

Bulletin Board Spring 2017

Bulletin Board

One of the best things about the St. Clement’s School community is that it is close-knit, supportive, and welcoming. Clementines, their families, and staff and faculty always have a place here.

Class Notes See what your classmates are up to pg. 40

Staff News The team dedicated to developing outstanding women pg. 43

Tempus Fugit Handheld school bell: A little piece of our history pg. 44

Upcoming Events Don’t miss these 2017 spring/summer events! pg. 45

Red Blazer Spring 2017 | 39

Bulletin Board Class Notes

Class Notes



Principal Martha Perry ’85 attended a dinner this summer at the cottage of Linda Soltis, daughter of the late Mary (Newland) Soltis ’48, with Anne (Brooks) Brightling ’48.

Shelley (Roberts) Mumford ’76 visited with Past Principal Hazel Perkin this summer on the Isle of Wight. 1980s

Members of the Class of 1981 got together in November to celebrate their 35th Reunion. 1990s

Congratulations to Evelyn Sutherland ’92, CFO of Enercare, who was named a WXN 2016 Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Award Winner.

40 | Red Blazer Spring 2017


Congratulations to Kate RaynesGoldie ’00 who received the ACS 2016 ICT Professional of the Year Award.


Members of the Class of 1953 gathered in Port Hope in October and, as always, they called Beth (Gerry) Smith ’53 in California!

has been operating across Ontario for over 20 years. They serve over 100 customers a year by assisting individuals or estate executors with all aspects of their downsize projects: getting rid of the excess things, move management (sorting, packing and moving) and sale of real estate in an efficient, transparent, and stress free manner. If anyone is interested in getting advice on how to go about downsizing, Heather is happy to chat and can be reached at

Heather (Campbell) Gordon ’98 recently embarked on a career path as a Downsizing and Estate Services Consultant with Gordon’s Estate Services, which is an integrated real estate and transition services company that

Cecilia Livingston ’03 graduated with her doctorate in Composition from the University of Toronto in 2015, as she began a two-year fellowship with American Opera Projects in New York. While her fellowship with AOP continues in its second year, she is a Visiting Research Fellow at King’s College, London, where she’s working in musicology under the supervision of Roger Parker, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the history of opera. She thanks the London Goodenough Association of Canada for their generous scholarship, which has allowed her to live in the heart of London, at Goodenough College

in Bloomsbury. She continues to balance academia, composition, and sightseeing and has learned to remember to bring her umbrella.

Carolyn Johnson ’07 spoke to the Senior Design class in October 2016. Congratulations to Bridget Power ’08 whose short documentary film Agayutem Yui (People of God) premiered on December 2 at the Anchorage International Film Festival. You can learn more about the film at 2010s

Roz McLean ’10 spoke to the Business Leadership and Accounting classes in November 2016. Congratulations to Lauren Wildgoose ’12 whose article “Moose Cree in Context” was published in Intercontinental Cry.

Bulletin Board Class Notes

The article was written after a visit she took with Charlotte Butler ’12 to Moose Factory early this summer.

Amelia Boughn ’14, Natalie Chu ’16, and Emilie Morin ’16 met up at the Vancouver Run for the Cure in October 2016.

Lindsay Young ’03 married Tom Stephenson in Toronto on September 9, 2016. Joining in on the fun was a solid SCS crew, including Juliana Agostino ’02, Melissa Arruda ’03, Laura Mustard ’03 / Staff, Elizabeth Gouinlock ’03, Meghan Cowan ’03, Sarah Lilleyman ’03, and Grace Cheung ’03.

Brittany Stief ’04 married Andrew Bartkus on May 13, 2016, at Ottawa City Hall. They continued their wedding celebrations in Paris, followed by six weeks exploring France on their honeymoon.

Vicki Wang ’05 married Matthew Yeung at Arcadian Loft in Toronto on June 18, 2016. They were joined by Clementines Kimberly Yeung ’02, sister of the groom; Hannah Shapiro ’02, cousin; and Elisa Costa, Tory Dickinson, Anna Holmes, Neepa Shah, Laura Webb, and Lauren Wingham-Smith, all ’05

Congratulations to Alex Pavel ’15 whose work “Degeneration” was published in the 2016 Young Voices magazine. Congratulations to Isabella Cesari ’16 whose work “Lungomare” was published in Teen Ink’s print magazine. Love

Lauren Shrubb ’03 married Paul Ehret on October 22, 2016, in his hometown of Heidelberg, Germany. Lauren’s maid of honour was Lauren Barth ’03.

Tory Gossage ’03 married Andrew (“Drew”) Lee Fulton on October 1, 2016, at Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, WY. Each of the two has been living and working in New York, NY for the last 10 years; however, they met at a hedge fund conference in Las Vegas in 2012. They both work at New York-based asset management firms in similar capacities. There were approximately 115 guests at the wedding, including SCS alumnae Stephanie Gossage ’06, Janna Miller ’03, Megan Deeks ’03 and Stephanie Luk ’02.

Hillary Armstrong ’05 / Staff married Agop Koulakezian on June 25, 2016, in Toronto. They had two ceremonies, one at Holy Trinity Armenian Church and the other at Armour Heights Presbyterian Church, followed by a reception at The Toronto Cricket Club. Clementines in attendance were her mom Karen (Row) Armstrong ’75, Erika (Edwards) Anglin ’74, bridesmaid Kate Hardy (formerly Ben-Aron) ’05, and friends Laura Webb, Beth Daniher, Nicole (Hanbidge) Case, Emma Jeavons, Anna Holmes, and Kate Cowan, all ’05.

Liz Berend ’06 married Codey Maus on August 6, 2016, in Hanover, Ontario. The couple was thrilled to have bridesmaid Julie Hommik ’06, Sarah Dickson, Staff and David MacLellan, Past Staff, join in their special day.

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Bulletin Board Class Notes

Erin Berry ’97 and partner Stephen Mitchell welcomed Peter Bruce Berry Mitchell to their family on July 22, 2016.

Sarah Burns ’07 married Gregory Bathe at the Aperture Room in Toronto on October 8, 2016. SCS alum in attendance included Carolyn Johnson ’07, Roz McCrea ’07, Sarah Archibald ’07, Samantha Alexander ’07, Lyndsay Schock ’07, Vivian Cheung ’07, Madison White ’07, Gillian Leibovitz ’07, and Renny Grinshpan ’08.

Jordana (Lenk) Kelly ’02 and her husband Matthew welcomed their second child, Felix James Kelly, into the world on May 3, 2016. Jordana is enjoying spending time with her family on maternity leave. She will return to her role as Brand and Sales Manager at ReSource Group Canada this summer.

Frances Hastings ’31 August 18, 2016

Nicole (Hanbidge) Case ’05 and her husband Mike welcomed a new family member on September 9, 2016: Maeve Beatrice Case. Big brother Ronan is being a big help and is very curious about his baby sister.

Dorothy (Smith) Buglass ’43 November 24, 2016 Norma (Mason) O’Grady ’44 July 1, 2016

Mary (Kittson) Jennings ’46 March 7, 2016 Margaret (Campbell) Bahen ’49 November 21, 2016 Lois (Lane) Cumming ’50 August 1, 2016

Laura Mustard ’03 / Staff and her husband Terrence Laukkanen welcomed their first child, Ethan Alexander Laukkanen, on September 17, 2016.

Ruth (Selby) Storie ’51 July 29, 2016 Mother of Annie (Storie) Rivers ’83 Heather Dodge ’11 and her husband Dustin welcomed their first child, Elsie Mary Livingstone, born May 1, 2016.

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Dorothy (Ellis) Bennett ’37 August 9, 2016

Jean (Stevenson) van der Tak ’44 July 27, 2016

Elisa Costa ’05 and her husband John Li are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter Isabella Costa Li who was born on October 26, 2016.

Colleen Grant ’10 married Mitchell Sanford at Steam Whistle Brewery on October 14, 2016. Fellow Career Clementine Jeanna Huntus ’10 was maid of honour. Joy


Bulletin Board Staff News

Staff News

Welcome New Staff


Christine Calderon, Admissions Administrative Assistant

France Croteau, French Teacher and mother of Chloe Church ’13, is retiring after 27 years as an educator, including 17 years at SCS. In addition to France’s curricular work, she has assisted in the Junior School Christmas Production and Sights & Sounds of Spring, advised the Junior French Club, and coached soccer and track and field. Bonne chance, France!

Julianne Taskey, Senior Development Officer, Leadership and Legacy Giving

Jean Wan, Junior and Middle School French Teacher


Carolyn Lamy, Head of Middle School, has accepted a Vice Principal role with the York Region District School Board. Marriages

Peggy Donohue and her husband Dave are delighted to announce the arrival of their daughter, Bridget Kathleen Byrne. She was born on Thursday, August 25, 2016.


Laura Sardone married Greg Whitton on August 13, 2016.

Melissa Kaye, in Vancouver while on an extended maternity leave from the position of Middle School LINCWell Counsellor, has decided to remain in British Columbia. Laura D’Angelo has accepted the opportunity to remain in the position of Middle School LINCWell Counsellor on a permanent basis.

Andrea Horn and her husband Alex became the proud parents of Audrey Sophia on November 13, 2016.

Sarah Basinski married Alex Ray on October 8, 2016. Richard Van Huizen and his wife Jessica welcomed their second daughter, Liefje, on August 23, 2016. Daughter Cashelle is excited to have a younger sister. Red Blazer Spring 2017 | 43

Bulletin Board Tempus Fugit

In the words of Oscar Hammerstein II, “A bell’s not a bell ’til you ring it.”

44 | Red Blazer Spring 2017

The ringing of a school bell is a familiar sound for everyone, no matter how far removed we are from our school days. The chiming marks the start of classes, the conclusion of a day, and — most importantly, to some — lunchtime. Today, an automated tone or bell is employed for this purpose, but we still have our handheld bell within arm’s reach. In this image, Miss Conway, who was the Junior School Principal from 1917-1967, is seen ringing the School bell, which she did for many years. She was deeply devoted to SCS and helped the School to grow in numbers and physical space alongside Miss Waugh, who was Principal from 1917-1960. In 1964, Miss Conway wrote, “We are members of St. Clement’s.

Let us be real members. Think: this school is mine. I belong to it and it belongs to me.” This unique sense of spirit lives on at the School, and so does the use of that same bell. Today, the handheld bell calls the back stairwell home, near the doors to the playground. Staff members on Junior School yard duty take it outside and, when recess comes to a close, they ring the bell, signalling to our Grade 1-6 girls that it is time to return to class. Often, our girls are eager to have the opportunity to ring the bell. Amidst the growth and technological upgrades across the building throughout our 116 years, it’s nice to have a place and a use for this little piece of our history.



Collaborative Girls’ Schools Speaker Event Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Service Thursday, April 20, 2017

Principal’s Book Club for Joshua — An Ojibway Father Teaches His Son by Richard Wagamese

Sights and Sounds of Spring Thursday, April 27, 2017

Primary Spring Showcase Thursday, June 8, 2017


Alumnae Reunion Weekend

Closing Ceremonies and Graduation at Massey Hall

Friday, May 5 – Sunday May 7, 2017

Thursday, June 15, 2017

All House Day


Friday, May 12, 2017

Monday, April 24, 2017

Admissions Open House


MADDNESS Arts Banquet

First Day of 2017-2018 School Year Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

May Day Festivities Friday, May 19, 2017

*Dates may be subject to change. Visit for more details

St. Clement’s School Open House Friday, October 20, 2017 Friday, November 17, 2017 8:30 a.m­. –­ 11:00 a.m. Pre-register for our Open House at

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St. Clement's School - Red Blazer - Spring 2017  

St. Clement's School - Red Blazer - Spring 2017