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We are what we value. 2016–2017 Annual Report of Giving


The Principal’s Circle

honours members of the St. Clement’s community who have donated $1,500 to $4,999

The Founders’ Circle

honours members of the St. Clement’s community who have donated $5,000 to $9,999

The Pilgrim’s Circle

honours members of the St. Clement’s community who have donated $10,000 to $24,999

The 1901 Circle

honours members of the St. Clement’s community who have donated $25,000 or more

In 1901, Eglinton was a town, St. Clements Avenue was an orchard, and Duplex Avenue did not exist. A handful of children made their way past those orchards to St. Clement’s Church Parish Hall. That same year, Canon Powell, the first rector at St. Clement’s Church, established St. Clement’s School in the Anglican tradition. He felt learning could and should be an exciting and engaging experience, and chose to create a school that would: • Have the freedom to teach a true appreciation of the arts and literature; • Encourage mental agility and curiosity; and • Develop a sense of commitment and responsibility to fellow citizens. Today, St. Clement’s School prepares students for a very different world from the one in which we were founded, yet the fundamental values that shaped our beginnings remain as central now as they were then.

We are the outstanding women of tomorrow who are intellectually curious, courageous, and compassionate.





Messages from the Principal and Board of Governors

Messages from Advancement and the Annual Fund Chair

Our volunteers






Financial overview

2016-2017 Annual Fund

Cumulative giving

Parents’ Association

Annual Fund Reps and Parent giving






Alumnae giving

Alumnae Association


Legacy giving

Staff giving




More generous giving

Financial statements and operations

Board of Governors

We are grateful

Facilitating our girls’ future

We are shaping their experience

We’ve been reflecting on our values a lot this year. I’m delighted to report that, thanks to the generosity of the entire SCS community, one School value that has particularly benefited over the 2016–2017 school year is excellence; more specifically, excellence in academic and co-curricular programming through gifts to the Annual Fund’s Principal’s Initiatives. Donations supporting these initiatives allow funds to be directed by the School to our areas of greatest need in support of our mission and strategic direction. They fund key annual programming priorities, which change from year to year.

programming and facilities, as we recognize the ever-changing future our girls will face and the important role we play in preparing them for it. To equip them well, we need to have both the resources and facilities in place. As this work continues, the Principal’s Initiatives become even more essential. Thank you for supporting this area of St. Clement’s School’s fundraising initiatives. Your gifts are playing a key role in preparing our girls for their future.

We continue to work to determine our next steps with respect to both

Martha Perry ’85 Principal

Supporting our brightest

When I think of St. Clement’s, the first thing that comes to mind is our community. At SCS, the way in which our students, parents, alumnae, and staff interact and care for one another is what I think defines us and makes us unique. It’s something we can be proud of. Our community demonstrates caring in many ways. As a parent, I see it in the attention and support Paige receives from her teachers; as a Board member, I see it in the way our community helps to sustain the School through philanthropic giving. One wonderful way our community makes an impact is through giving directed towards Financial Assistance. The Board of Governors was thrilled at 2

the reach of the Financial Assistance program this year. Thanks to those community members who chose to direct their gifts to this area of support, we were able to ensure that the best and brightest applicants have an opportunity for an SCS education, regardless of financial circumstance. Financial Assistance has been offered at St. Clement’s since our founding in 1901. In 2016-2017, a total of $590,053 was awarded to 24 students based on their level of financial need, and 25 per cent of that amount was contributed through the 2016-2017 Annual Fund. These girls were afforded the opportunity to learn from the School’s high-calibre faculty, to participate in experiential education trips, and to

A foundation of excellence

Year after year, St. Clement’s gives our daughters an incredible education, a strong commitment to giving back, and a loving community. The School prepares our girls for life within the walls of 21 St. Clements Avenue, but also for a meaningful life beyond. It’s for these reasons that it’s imperative that the School community gives back —to not only express gratitude, but to ensure that the quality of education the School offers continues to be of such a high calibre. Together, we raised $551,586 in the 2016–2017 school year—thank you for your support. The Annual Fund shapes our girls’ experience through academic enhancements, facility and technology upgrades, and providing deserving students

A curriculum of connection

choose from a wealth of co-curricular activities and clubs.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to each and every one of you who have contributed your time and talents to helping us to foster a culture of philanthropy here at St. Clement’s School. Your commitment to giving, in all of its many forms, allows us to achieve year-over-year growth within the Annual Fund and in major and endowment giving. Ultimately, this ensures the School’s ability to continue to provide the best possible education for our girls, now and into the future. Whether supporting financial assistance, programming, or facility enhancements, your donations make a difference for each and every Clementine so that she may have the brightest future possible.

Thank you for supporting these girls in receiving the benefits of an SCS education and, equally, for helping to bring them into our School community and into the life of every Clementine, parent, alumna, and staff member.

Brian Denega Chair, Board of Governors Parent of Paige ’20

Now that I am in my third school year at SCS, I have had an opportunity to meet and get to know many members of our community – St. Clement’s School

Annual Report of Giving 2016–2017

the opportunity to receive an SCS education through our Financial Assistance program. Your generosity helped us to achieve our strongest Annual Fund to date. I was fortunate to serve as the Annual Fund Chair alongside so many dedicated Class Reps and am appreciative of their time and efforts. Rest assured that your gift will have a meaningful impact on current and future Clementines.

Paige Church Chair of the Annual Fund Parent of Izzy ’24

current and past. I have also come to know that your reasons for giving are personal and varied. What stands out is how clear and deep your connection to this School is. This is special. I am honoured to be part of this community, and to continue working alongside all of you to ensure that St. Clement’s can best deliver on its mission for current and future Clementines. Thank you again. Your generosity is valued, and I know that our girls have felt its impact.

Lisa Watson Executive Director of Advancement 3

We are thankful for volunteers

When St. Clement’s School was founded by Canon Powell, it was important to him that students develop a sense of commitment and responsibility to their fellow citizens. This continues to be woven throughout the School’s values, and our girls have some outstanding role models in the volunteers who actively support

the School by giving their time, energy, and talents. Our volunteers are parents, alumnae, staff, and friends who have a significant impact on school life and the School’s unique spirit. Our girls are grateful beyond measure.

Junior School classroom volunteers

Board subcommittees

Guest speakers


Annual Fund Class Reps

Student billeting hosts

PA Grade Reps

Lunch Program volunteers

Board of Governors

Library volunteers

Athletic team coaches

Alumna Scholar Committee

Special event volunteers

PA Executive

Alumnae Association

Field trip chaperones

St. Clement’s School

Annual Report of Giving 2016–2017


We are working to ensure sustainability

To accomplish all that we do in an academic year at St. Clement’s requires significant resources. With support from the entire community, we are able to ensure that SCS continues to offer a best-in-class education for our students.

The impact of donations

Gifts to the Annual Fund ensure that students across all grades experience augmented curricular

Operating expenditures Total expenditures: $15.4 million

Facilities and maintenance

Program materials

Salaries and benefits

Gifts also help to ensure the best and brightest girls are able to receive a St. Clement’s education, adding immeasurably to our overall School community.

We are stronger together

Your generosity is powerful

Your support of the Annual Fund is enriching the lives of our girls and our teachers through a variety of programs and initiatives, augmenting each girl’s learning experience. Your gift has an impact.

Operating revenue sources



General and administrative Financial Assistance

and co-curricular programming, beyond what is covered by tuition. This takes many forms— everything from technological upgrades and room enhancements to guest experts in the classroom.





Annual Fund giving at an all-time high

Total revenue: $15.6 million

Without the generosity of our community, SCS would not be able to provide the exceptional program that we do for our girls.


Amount contributed in 2016 – 2017—  a 19% increase over five years

Other income

Total donations: $551,586*

7.0% 87.9%


Board who participated

Where donations came from

Other (Campaign expenses)





6.7% 25.3%



Gifts of every size have significance



Tuition and acceptance fees

Financial Assistance

Experiential education


All parents New parents who participated who participated

The Annual Fund enriches the SCS experience

Total number of donors: 570

The amount raised to date for the Sarah Gleeson Junior School Fund including more than $25,000 raised in the 2016-2017 school year.


Junior and Middle School music workshop by Duo Percussion • STEMinism conference


9.1% 8.4% 7.1%

3.8% 25.6%

3.2% 0.5% 2.1%


Number of gifts less than $1,500 received, totalling $115,500

Innovative education programming to augment learning opportunities, including:


Salaries and benefits

Staff who participated


Total dollar value of scholarships awarded to 24 students based on their level of financial need, ensuring that we admit the best and brightest applicants. 25% of this was contributed through the Annual Fund.


Facilities and furnishings



Professional development

$464,000 $492,000 $532,571 $547,321

Strength in numbers

Gifts that go far

Donation allocations

2012–2013 2013–2014 2014–2015 2015–2016

Past staff

Board of Governors

Alumnae support is essential

Past parents

Corporations and foundations

Grandparents and friends

 rad Class after-school G cooking workshop • Our Junior School curiosity cart •


The percentage of SCS alumnae who contributed

175 Circle members Circle members contribute 79% of the Annual Fund’s proceeds * Total funds raised in 2016–2017 through Annual Fund

St. Clement’s School

Annual Report of Giving 2016–2017


We are growing our culture of philanthropy We are grateful to all of those who have given to St. Clement’s School over the years. Donors who have cumulatively contributed $25,000 or more to SCS are listed below. These leadership gifts have played a crucial role in shaping the education of our Clementines.


Francis C. Powell ’13

$1,000,000–$1,999,999 McLaughlin Foundation


James and Jacquie Estey and Family Lassonde Family Foundation


Peter Jewett and Robin Campbell Mackinnon Family Charitable Fund Marjorie (Deans) Misener ’40


Margaret Bahen ’49 Norman and Leh-Sih Boersma Lloyd Carlsen and Sandra Voice-Carlsen Roger and Kevin (Smith) ’58 Garland Geoffrey and Anne Gouinlock Robert and Janet (Babcock) ’47 Gouinlock Richard and Nancy Kostoff Joe and Lidia Maio and Family Sam Marinucci, Rosanne Stefani and Family Ken McCarter and Dianna Symonds Steven and Shelley McGirr David and Karen McKay Astrid (Pel) Pinnington ’74, Sharon Pel ’75, Alexandra Pel ’82 and Brian Pel James and Lois (Donaldson) ’47 Pott Jeff and Beth Richmond Peter and Joan Russell St. Clement’s School Parents’ Association James Tory John and Hedda ’80 Young and Family 2 Anonymous 8

We are a strong community $25,000–$99,999

Francesco Aiello and Kristen Collins Aiello John Alton and Alison Woodbury ’74 Mark and Stephanie Bain and Family Robert and Janet ’74 Bass Ruth (Cooper) Bell ’38 Beverley (Howard) Bernier ’49 Elizabeth Brown, Michael Boughn and Family Bryan and Tracey Boyd and Family Gail (Williams) Brooker ’65 Tye and Janet Burt Frank and Beverley Callaghan and Family Rob Chadwick and Beth Pierson Benny and Teressa Cheung and Family Ron and Anne Cheung Catherine and Stephen Clark Dan Coholan, Sarah Mills and Family Bob and Megan Coles and Family Jeffrey and Jane Cowan and Family Tom Curry, Lori Monteith and Family Daniel and Karen Daly and Family Scott and Maria Davidson and Family Gregory and Shelley DeBienne Hugh and Catherine (Fricker) ’79 DesBrisay David Dickinson and Sheila Murray Michael and Kitty Donnelly and Family Peter and Deborah Doyle Peter and Terry Farmer and Family Bill and Sharon Fielding and Family Robert and Regan Fitzpatrick Brian and Barbara Fox David and Andrea Fry The Gleeson Family John and Patricia Gouinlock and Family Herman and Marya Grad Catherine (Curry) Graham ’59 Megan ’02 and Emma ’04 GrittaniLivingston James Harbell, Patricia McQuaid and Family The Merritt Harding Educational Trust Fund John Harvey Marc Henderson and Mandy Scully John and Barbara Hilliker Nancy Hilliker Robert and Sandra Hines and Family Wanda Ho, Thomas Pladsen and Family Virginia Holmes ’62 Ian and Adair Hope and Family Lucile Hoskins ’30 Henry and Albina Huang The Bryce Hunter Family Michael and Eileen Kong Brian Levitt Stephen Lloyd, Ginette Charette and Family Janet Mackinnon Ross MacKinnon and Carmen Benoit

Bruce MacLellan and Karen Girling John and Catherine McCartney Ian and Hilary (Durant) ’95 McLean Jeffrey McNair, Michelle Hovesen and Family Carol Ann Millington Patrick and Maureen Mohan and Family Karyn Monk and Philip Lamb Dominic Montemurro and Susan WillisMontemurro Taylor and Judy Moore Teresa Morneau and Bill Houston, Cathy and Mark Meyer and Families Kevin and Lissa Muir Tom and Patricia Muir and Family Ian Nagamatsu, Carole Matear and Family Yat Hoi Ning, Fanny Fan-Ning and Family Mary Ann Oughtred and Family Michael O’Rourke and Denise Guerriere Patricia D. Parisi, Michael M. De Robertis and Family Tim and Lynda Paterson Yezdi and Jennifer Pavri Lawrence Pentland and Nora Aufreiter Martha Perry ’85 William and Cynthia Quinn Malcolm and Lizanne Rains Serge and Shannon Rancourt and Family David and Mary (Lombard) ’83 Richardson Ron Rimer and Andrea Stephen Lou and Marissa Rocca Gary Ryan and Anne Ferguson Geoffrey Scott and Lesley Stowe Scott, Eric Stangeland and Elizabeth Scott Stangeland Gary L. Segal and Family John and Betty Speakman Catherine Steele ’66 William Stevens and Lisa Porlier Duncan Stewart and Rosemary Dunne Brian Sullivan and Carol Grant Sullivan Richard and Glenna Talbot and Family Florence Margaret Thompson Foundation Barbara (Dunfield) Thornbrough ’62 Paul and Anne-Marie Tompkins Martha Tory ’72 William Verner David and Josefina Vincent John and Michelle Visser W. Garfield Weston Foundation Padraig and Marian Warde Gordon Waugh and Heather McKellar Richard Wernham and Julia West Paul Wickens and Sharon Geraghty Montgomery and Grace Wong Victor and Mary Wyprysky Jeff Zurowski, Lisa Young ’81 and Family 4 Anonymous St. Clement’s School

2016-2017 Parents’ Association Executive

Kimberly Cudney, President Meredith Roth, Vice President Christina Greenberg, Past President Jane Taylor, Secretary Lisa Ernst, Treasurer Terri Meiers, Volunteer Co-ordinator Wendy DeGasperis, Junior School Convenor Tracey Boyd, Middle School Convenor Nicole Noxon, Senior School Convenor Dianne Armstrong, Member at Large Tania DePellegrin, Member at Large Susannah Rowan, Member at Large

Grade 7 Mother-Daughter event: Shelley De Bienne, Celestine Zarb Grade 8 Father-Daughter event: Lynn Grogan, Kimberly Cudney

Grade Parents

Grade 1: Carmen Chung, Joanna Lydeamore Grade 2: Jennifer Grossklaus Grade 3: Sharron Sandhu, Rose Cross Grade 4: Laurence Martocq, Cherie Tam Grade 5: Jennifer Pankratz Grade 6: Libby Basek Grade 7: Catherine Denson, Lancy Wan, Vanessa Vandenham Grade 8: Beth Pierson, Lisa Barney Grade 9: Megan Creet, Kate Stothers, Sandra Dale Grade 10: Liz Kennedy, Susan Cameron Grade 11: Denise Guerriere Grade 12: Catherine McCartney

Event Coordinators

Welcome BBQ: Susan Cameron Debating: Mirela Celaj Speakers Series: Terri Meiers Open House: Cindy Crawford Red Reads: Terri Meiers Birthday Books: Sheleigh James Holiday Sale: Lisa Ernst, Betty Kneis, Carole Matear, Michelle Weise Holiday Bark Sale: Lisa Porlier Staff Appreciation Lunch: Susan Cameron Business Case Competition: Terri Meiers Used Textbook Sale: John Sayers Used Uniform Sale: Alex Chesney, Meredith Roth Grades 1-4 Catered Lunches: Erin Nella Grades 5-6 Catered Lunches: Libby Basek Grades 1-6 Pizza Lunches: Vicky Lau Middle School Pizza Lunches: Julie Herbst Senior School Pizza Lunches: Mary Martin, Anh Do Middle School Lunch Convenor: Lynn Grogan Junior School Mother-Daughter Bingo: Vanessa Vandenham Grades 5 and 6 Father-Daughter event: Michelle Centner, Johanna Simmonds Annual Report of Giving 2016–2017

“St. Clement’s is known for its unique spirit and warmth, and this extends to our School parents. I’m thrilled to have served the PA’s team of dedicated volunteers as President, working together to connect with our community of parents, to embrace those new to the School, and to build and strengthen the School community.” —K imberly Cudney President, 2016–2017 Parents’ Association, Parent of Georgia ’21


We are generous parents Thank you to our 2016–2017 Annual Fund Class Reps for their support in making the campaign a success.

Grade 1: 100% (15 families)

Annual Fund Class Rep: Cornell Wright  Seyedmahmoud and Kheironesa Abtahi Farzad Alvi and Connie Hui  Eric Andrade and Cheryl Wolting Hans and Carmen Chung  Bert Clark and Lara Shohet-Clark Michael and Heather Fellin Alex Fuchs and Leiwa James  Bruce Hogg and Jennifer Kerr  James Lee and Lianne Chen  Steve and Joanna Lydeamore  Robert Richardson and Jasprit Gill  Arjun Sahgal and Sandra Kim Richard Sibthorpe and Michelle Weise David and Helen Walsh  Cornell Wright and Sarah McEvoy

Grade 2: 94% (15 families)

Annual Fund Class Rep: Wendy DeGasperis Barkat and Zainab Ali  Jeff and Lynn Allsop James Bunting and Sarah Lesser Joseph Cho and Janice Kim  Freddy and Wendy DeGasperis Antonio Di Domenico and Catherine Koch Michael and Heather Fellin  Steven Harris and Jennifer Grossklaus Henry and Betty Kneis Bennett Mui and Louise Chow  Ralph and Erin Nella  Ripal and Kruti Patel  Arjun Sahgal and Sandra Kim Aaron Thompson and Tara Meyer  Panfeng Xu and Qi Liu

Grade 3: 88% (15 families)

Principal’s Circle ($1,500–$4,999)  Founders’ Circle ($5,000–$9,999)  Pilgrim’s Circle ($10,000–$24,999)  The 1901 Circle ($25,000+) 


Annual Fund Class Rep: Andrew Shannon  Eric Andrade and Cheryl Wolting  Craig and Rose Cross Chris Hersh and Andrea Freund Roger Huang and Connie Cao  Andrew Kim and Christiane Koenig  Overgaard De Pellegrin Family  Bob Sangha and Kelly Riedel  Andrew Shannon and Rachel Pollock Richard Sibthorpe and Michelle Weise  Michael Smerdon and Melissa Pugsley Aaron Thompson and Tara Meyer  Simon and Amy Tsui Michael and Meghan Tupholme Justin and Jenny Wu Peizhong Xu and Xing Wang

Grade 4: 91% (20 families) Annual Fund Class Rep: Alan Ong  Chris Adair and Zeinab Layton

Joel and Nancy Alden  John and Dianne Armstrong James Bunting and Sarah Lesser  Mark Cooper and Diane Nam  GianPiero and Stefanie Di Rocco  Werner Dietl and Sarah Riordan  Howard and Christina Greenberg  Bruce Hogg and Jennifer Kerr  Changsheng Hu and Sun Mao  Mark Johnson and Susan Marshall  Bill MacKenzie and Laurence Martocq  Angelo and Roula Meffe Christian Murray and Natasha Grell  Alan Ong and Kucy Pon  Huy Quach and Yolande Doan Steven Rhee and Cherie Tam  Robert Richardson and Jasprit Gill  Bob Sangha and Kelly Riedel  Bob Vaux and Meredith Roth

Grade 5: 96% (23 families)

Annual Fund Class Rep: Erin Nella Hans and Carmen Chung  Erik and Paige Church  Freddy and Wendy DeGasperis Xiaobo Ding and Rong Liao Michael Flux and Marnie Smith  Gene and Lori Gomes Anthony Gramolini and Srikala Sridhar  Bruce Gray and Teresa Loucks-Gray Stephen Hon and Elaine Lai  William and Victoria Lau Mike List and Wendy Arnold List ’93  Steve and Joanna Lydeamore  Ralph and Erin Nella  Overgaard De Pellegrin Family  Kunuk Rhee and Valerie Ha Antonio Rodrigues and Tara Burns ’86 J. Graham and Johanna Simmonds  Jason Spetter and Meredith Englander  Elian Terner and Poonam Puri Terrance and Moira Visser Justin and Jenny Wu  Samuel Yen and Kennis Tong Brian Yeung and Linda Kim

Grade 6: 90% (28 families)

Annual Fund Class Rep: Catherine Rice  Chris Adair and Zeinab Layton Andre Amaral and Patricia Alves Andrew and Libby Basek  Michael Botha and Alexandra Tinmouth  Feng Ding and Lijia Chen Marcus Gelissen and Kadey Schultz ’92  Bruce Gray and Teresa Loucks-Gray  Howard and Christina Greenberg  Sam and Honor Ireland Sean and Sandra Kruger  Tony and Rebecca Lam  Ashley Taylor and Adrian Lang  Malcolm and Tara Lang Scott and Heather Margach  Angelo and Roula Meffe

Bennett Mui and Louise Chow Robert MacNaughton and Tracey Patel ’85 Daniel and Dawn O’Dwyer Jean-Philippe Provost and Noelle Creed  Van Ramsay and Kerri Plexman Steven Rhee and Cherie Tam  Greg and Catherine Rice Robert and Stephanie Sedran  Elian Terner and Poonam Puri  Shaun and Margot Usmar  Max Wu and Ling Wang Peter and Alison Wiggan Raymond Yeung and Susanna Khaiyanum

Grade 7: 72% (34 families)

Annual Fund Class Reps: Cindy Phillips and Kelli Proudfoot  David Bacon and Cindy Phillips  Bendell Family  Ugo and Jennifer Bizzarri  John and Elizabeth Brooks  Scott and Maria Davidson  Gregory and Shelley DeBienne  Andrew DelZotto and Tanya Djelweh  Werner Dietl and Sarah Riordan  Mark and Lisa Ernst  Glen Evanowich and Christine Liptay  Robert and Regan Fitzpatrick  Alan Friedman and Kelli Proudfoot  David and Andrea Fry Oliver and Julie Herbst  Scott and Sandra Higgins  Changsheng Hu and Sun Mao Henry and Betty Kneis  William and Victoria Lau  The Lenkov Family William Ma and Bessie Li Mike List and Wendy Arnold List ’93  Bill MacKenzie and Laurence Martocq  Eric and Jana Meerkamper Ian Moorhead and Seana Massey  Michael O’Rourke and Denise Guerriere  Overgaard De Pellegrin Family  Huy Quach and Yolande Doan Altaf and Ashnoor Rahim  Bobby Sachdeva and Simuran Brar  Jason Spetter and Meredith Englander  Tony and Lancy Wan Xiaoyun Wang and Xufei Li  Samir Zabaneh and Cathryn Cruickshank  John and Celestine Zarb

Grade 8: 71% (35 families)

Annual Fund Class Reps: Jackie Stewart and Lynn Grogan Andre Amaral and Patricia Alves  Michael Botha and Alexandra Tinmouth Tom and Roula Brigis  Rob Chadwick and Beth Pierson  Thomas and Filona Chung  Mark Cooper and Diane Nam  Werner Dietl and Sarah Riordan St. Clement’s School

Huy Do and Chanh Leuangthong  David Ferguson and Lynn Grogan  David and Andrea Fry  Carlo and Annette Giuliani Anthony Gramolini and Srikala Sridhar  Bruce Gray and Teresa Loucks-Gray Jeremiah Hudacin and Victoria Stikeman Oliver and Julie Herbst Stephen Hon and Elaine Lai Victor Krichker and Leigh Chalmers  Craig and Maribeth Landau  Michael Lau and Wai-Ming Ho Christopher and Suzi Leonard Jim Lisser and Carol Cruickshank  Bob and Vicky Macdonald Peter and Joanne Mak  John Monger and Odette Soriano  Judy Moore  Harold Phillips and Kimberly Cudney Richard Poetker and Linda Considine  Lou and Marisa Rocca  Bobby Sachdeva and Simuran Brar Jasdip Sachdeva and Antonia Figueiredo Jyoti Sehgal  Andrew Shannon and Rachel Pollock David and Kelly Shaw Sam and Christine Sivarajan  William Stevens and Lisa Porlier

Grade 9: 69% (42 families)

Annual Fund Class Rep: Fulvia Di Caro Christopher Alam and Ariella Furhmann  John and Dianne Armstrong  William Bamber and Leigh Merlo  Bryan and Tracey Boyd  Marco and Susan (Patrick) ’79 Cesari  John and Alexandra Chesney Norman Chu and Liping Lin  Jean Constantin and Sheilagh Croxon Stephen and Megan Creet James and Sandra Dale  Brian Denega and Cindy Crawford Sameer Dhawan and Madhavi Chandrasekaran  Antonio and Fulvia Di Caro Huy Do and Chanh Leuangthong  Roman and Roma Dubczak  Robert and Julie Eng David Fleet and Sheila McIlraith  Trevor Ford and Janet Wong  Michael Frater and Kimberley Hong Alan Goffenberg and Marjorie Kramer Seno Handojo and Linda Tanugraha Kazi Haque and Zafrina Begum Nizam Hasham Kevin Katz and Heather Reich Axel and Alexandra Kindbom  Brad and Nancy Kotush  Julie Lassonde ’90  Clarence Lau and Ann Wai-Lau Tom Lees and Sharon Vogel Jeffrey Leung and Yvonne To  Tom and Dawn Lunan Jana and Linda Malat Annual Report of Giving 2016–2017

Jason and Terri Meiers Kevin and Lissa Muir Christopher and Bonita Parshuram John Sayers and Eleanor Latta  Elian Terner and Poonam Puri Amitkumar and Zankhana Upadhyay Mark Usher and Kristen Liesemer  Tony and Lancy Wan Winnie Wong and Brad Shapiro  Sean Zhu and Francy Wang  

Grade 10: 43% (24 families)

Annual Fund Class Reps: Judie Thom and Rasha El Sissi ’87  Seyedmahmoud and Kheironesa Abtahi  David Bacon and Cindy Phillips Rollie and Susan Cameron  Marco Caminiti and Catia Giambattistini Mona Chuk  Paul and Gwynn Cochrane Scott and Tamara Colbourne Myron Dzulynsky and Larissa Derzko Christopher and Sarah Hillyer Yoo-Joung Ko and Claire Moroney  David Lasby and Robyn Kalda  John Monger and Odette Soriano Altaf and Ashnoor Rahim  Angus and Annabelle Rigby  Salvatore Rocco and Nancy Scolieri  Samer Salama and Rosemary Draganic Blair Scarlett and Catherine O’Brien Scarlett  Trevor and Judie Thom Michael Seguin and Naela Jinha Thomas Sutton and Rasha El Sissi ’87 John and Michelle Visser  Andrew and Doris Wan Stephen and Gayle Ward Richard Wilson and Shannon Carson

Grade 11: 52% (34 families)

Annual Fund Class Rep: Heather Saranpaa  James Black and Ilze Ezergailis Cheryl Carson  Rob Chadwick and Beth Pierson  Andy Chisholm and Laurie Thomson James and Sandra Dale Geoffrey Ketcheson and Carrie Smit Peter Hill and Maria Tassone  Kelly Holman and Christa Plumley  Elliot and Sarah Johnson Peter Koster and Martha McClew ’85 Henry and Betty Kneis Stuart and Andrea Lombard James MacIntosh and Kelly Festarini Paul and Mary Martin  John and Catherine McCartney Gyl Midroni and Phuong Nguyen  Johnny Nge and Carol Luk-Nge  Michael O’Rourke and Denise Guerriere  Mary Ann Oughtred Christopher and Bonita Parshuram  David and Mary (Lombard) ’83 Richardson

Jasdip Sachdeva and Antonia Figueiredo Jeff Sackman and Terri Hawkes  John Singer and Sara Schwartz Stephen Sugiyama Robert and Heather Turner  Montgomery and Grace Wong James and Storey Wilkins  John Wilkinson and Jane Stubbington  Paul Wright and Susan Moellers  Albert Yee and Anh Do  John and Celestine Zarb Winston Zhang and Jane Wang  1 Anonymous

Grade 12: 73% (44 families)

Annual Fund Class Reps: Terrence MacDonald and Fran Linsdell  Mark Aristone and Heather Baker  Mark and Stephanie Bain  Bruce Barber and Terri Tinella Stephen Beatty  Lloyd Carlsen and Sandra Voice-Carlsen  Bryan Chan and Ada Mok Mickey Chin Jenson Chow and Ann Tsang Scott and Tamara Colbourne Andrew and Lynda Conway  Gino and Marisa Di Monte David Farwell and Stephanie Bowman  Jose and Susana Fernández  Robert and Renee Greening  Barry and Stella Haw Martha Howard and Kelly Waddingham  David Jonker and Heather Kuipers Greg Kocik and Mary Yamanaka Stuart and Andrea Lombard Terrence MacDonald and Tracey Kernahan Peter and Joanne Mak Paul Marshall and Karen Tai-Pow Hugh and Fong-Ying McCauley  John and Catherine McCartney Arjen and Carolina Melis  Mark Mettrick and Danielle Turpin Gary and Anne Milrad  Kevin and Lissa Muir  Ian Nagamatsu and Carole Matear Lance and Catherine Newman  Willi and Shirley Powell  Salvatore Rocco and Nancy Scolieri Kevin Sliwowicz and Loraine Manzig Andy Stone and Fran Linsdell  Daniel and Jane Taylor Grant Tisdall and Cathleen Unrau  Paul and Anne-Marie Tompkins  Greg and Jennifer Tugg Robert Ulicki and Sherry D’Costa  Innes van Nostrand and Alison Holt John and Michelle Visser  Michael and Andrea Wolff  Montgomery and Grace Wong Stephen Woolven and Karen Fleming


“SCS has taught our daughters to see the world with a larger perspective through experiences that allow them to grow in individuality and leadership. Now with one daughter graduating from university and one entering, I can see that SCS has prepared them well academically, but also with guidance from the community to pursue their goals faithfully. Giving back to SCS is not only about thanking the community but also so that others may have access to the wonderful opportunities our daughters have had.” —C arole Luk Nge and Johnny Nge, parents of Shanae ’18 and Sharon ’14


St. Clement’s School

Annual Report of Giving 2016–2017


We are generous alumnae

1930–1939 

Ruth (Cooper) Bell ’38


Patricia (Molyneux) Hume ’40 C. Ann (Davidson) Spence ’42 Joan (Aikman) Russell ’44 Elizabeth (Jackes) Hughson ’44 Elizabeth (Hopkins) Roberts ’45 Jocelyn (Walton) Bark ’45 Margaret (Torrie) Chadwick ’45 Marjorie (Kilpatrick) Rowe ’46 Elspeth (Lowden) Hogg ’47 Marion (Mulloy) Cassels ’47  Janet (Babcock) Gouinlock ’47 Nancy (Thorne) Murray ’47 Joan Woodland ’48 Barbara Berner ’48 Anne (Brooks) Brightling ’48 Genevieve Macaulay ’48 Nancy (Allen) Hunt ’49 Ann (Blake) Galbraith ’49 Barbara (Sampson) Fraser ’49 4 Anonymous


Principal’s Circle ($1,500–$4,999)  Founders’ Circle ($5,000–$9,999)  Pilgrim’s Circle ($10,000–$24,999)  The 1901 Circle ($25,000+) 


Sydney Tattershall ’50 Robin (Fowler) Meader ’50 Beverley (Butler) Lewis ’51 Marguerite (Moogk) Hunt ’51 Patricia (Pyne) Lane ’53 Anne (McDonald) Adams ’53 Patricia (Millar) Goodyear ’53 Margaret (Ketchum) Catto ’53 Barbara (Blackmore) Alexander ’53 Joan (Boyce) Greig ’53 Florence (Emerson) Newman ’53 Beth (Gerry) Smith ’53 Nancy (Sloane) Graham ’54  Margaret (Macdonald) Casey ’55 Jean (French) Bell ’55 Marilyn (Howard) Fennell ’55 Eleanor (Asselstine) McLaughlin ’55 Patricia (McBride) Knowles ’55  Marion (Pope) Magee ’55 Patricia (McConnell) Bonnell ’57 Catherine (Curry) Graham ’59 Nancy (Dewar) Birtch ’59  Carole (Brydon) Kinnear ’59 3 Anonymous


Susan (Bryant) Higginbotham ’60

Elizabeth (Power) McKibbin ’60 Cecily (Galt) Savoie ’61 Mary (Welsman) Hughes ’61  Virginia Holmes ’62 Olena Horban Galanti ’63 Trudy (Peck) Grantham ’64 Lee (Nicholson) McLoughlin ’65 Catherine M. (McCormack) Barker ’65  Gail (Williams) Brooker ’65 Susan (Byford) Challies ’65  Julia (Ruby) Foster ’65 Elizabeth Hutchison ’65  Eleanor Gooday ’65 Annemiek (Tupker) Miller ’65 Jodi S. White ’65  Catherine Steele ’66 Margaret (Percy) Revell ’66 Mary Noble ’67 Sarah (Buck) Pryse-Phillips ’67 Christine (Clark) Featherstone ’67 Gail (Rogers) Millar ’67 Jane (Osborne) Stephen ’68

Elena Holeton ’94 Selina Siu ’94  Hilary (Durant) McLean ’95 Nancy (Crean) Hotson ’96 Dolly Menna-Dack ’99 Sara (Duncanson) Pick ’99 Emma Sanders Finlayson ’99 Rachel (Telch) Megitt ’99


Barbara (Lowidt) Johnson ’72 Martha Tory ’72 Valerie (Spencer) Keyes ’73 Margaret Bowden ’73 Frances (Mackay) Simson ’73 Astrid (Pel) Pinnington ’74 Jane Speakman ’74 Margaret Jane (Bowlby) Croteau ’75 Katherine Spencer-Ross ’76 Kathleen Flynn-Corrigan ’76 Lesley (Gough) Heysel ’78 Yasmeen Majid ’78  Susan (Patrick) Cesari ’79  Catherine (Fricker) DesBrisay ’79 Nicola Speakman ’79 1 Anonymous

 Christine Cronin ’00 Meredith Wotten ’01 Laura D’Angelo ’01 Meredith Giuliani ’02 Megan Sampson ’02 Laura Mustard ’03 Lindsay Young ’03 Liliane Barbour ’04 Elizabeth Rocchi ’04 Iris Chan ’04 Sharon Chiu ’04 Sarah Campbell ’04 Laura Webb ’05 Hillary Armstrong ’05  Alison Greey ’05 Asia Wolfman ’05 Jaye Landow ’05 Allison Maier ’06 Allison Quinn ’06 Lorna Sampson ’06 Alexandra Azzopardi ’07 Emma Groia ’07 Amanda Michalik ’07 Sophie Bertram ’08 Devon Montemurro ’08 Stephanie Maitland ’08 Bridget Power ’08 Margaret Ewing ’08 Kelly Quinn ’08 Audrey Anderson ’09




Victoria (Tiffany) Robertson ’81 Susan (Lombard) Wright ’81  Mary (Lombard) Richardson ’83 Laura Farquharson ’83 Susanne (Bertram) Fletcher ’85 Martha McClew ’85 Tracey Patel ’85  Martha Perry ’85 Shelly-Ann Scott ’85 Tara Burns ’86 Andrea Greaney ’86 Rasha El Sissi ’87 Tannis Redekopp ’87 Janet McCausland ’87 Julia Knapp ’88


Julie Lassonde ’90 Alexandra Tinmouth ’90 Kadey Schultz ’92 Wendy Arnold List ’93  

Alumnae Association Executive 2016–2017 Emma Sanders Finlayson ’99, President Sarah Campbell ’04, Secretary Hillary Armstrong ’05, Chair, Class Representatives Ali Azzopardi ’07, Chair, Communications Sophie Bertram ’08, Co-Chair, Young Alumnae Claudia Cappuccitti ’03, Member at Large* Iris Chan ’04, Member at Large* Amanda Michalik ’07, Chair, Events and Activities* Devon Montemurro ’08, Co-Chair, Young Alumnae *Absent from photo

Bernice Go ’11 Emily Richmond ’12 Joanne Whyte ’12 Frances Champion ’13 Madeleine Fox ’13

Grad Class Gift 2017 Chelsea Aristone ’17 Seona Bain ’17 Gemma Barber ’17 Pansy Chow ’17 Phoebe Lombard ’17 Lily Prendergast ’17 Katrina Sliwowicz ’17 Taylor Nagamatsu ’17 Megan Newman ’17 Claire van Nostrand ’17 Elisabeth Wong ’17 Gillian Power ’17 Michelle Tompkins ’17 1 Anonymous

“Being involved with the Alumnae Association has allowed me to give back to the School that gave me so much. The world needs Clementines because they have the intelligence, kindness, and creativity to rule the world!” —E mma Sanders Finlayson ’99, President of the Alumnae Association Executive

St. Clement’s School

Annual Report of Giving 2016–2017


We are investing in the future Our endowment donors provide ongoing funding to support St. Clement’s School’s educational goals while preserving real value for future generations. Endowed gifts are invested for a maximum yield, paying out a limited yearly amount while the principal grows over the years. These gifts are directed to areas requested by the donors.

We are leaving a legacy

“Over thirteen years, our daughters have had so many incredible growth and learning experiences. Giving to the Grad Class gift was our way of ensuring other girls are able to benefit from all the fantastic and unique learning opportunities provided by SCS.”

The Francis C. Powell Heritage Society celebrates the legacy of the Powell Family and honours members of our community who have made provisions for a planned gift to St. Clement’s School through bequests, gifts of life insurance, or charitable remainder trusts.

—Michelle and John Visser, parents of Sarah ’18, Advancement Head, and Carolyn ’19 Visser

We extend a sincere thank you to all of our Powell Heritage Society members. Your gift is a thoughtful expression of your belief in our mission to develop outstanding women who are intellectually curious, courageous, and compassionate.

Thank you to donors who have supported the following Endowed Funds.

Endowments for Financial Assistance

Class of 1962 Endowment Class of 1965 Endowment Class of 2015 Endowment Class of 2016 Endowment Class of 2017 Endowment Elizabeth Crombie Junior School Bursary Gail Brooker Scholarship The James Kostoff and Harold G. Woods Memorial Scholarship Janet (Babcock) Gouinlock Bursary Fund for Music The Mackinnon-Girvan Experiential Education Fund Marilyn Tory Memorial Fund The Merritt L. Harding Scholarship Fund Patricia D. Parisi Scholarship Fund Ruth Bell Endowment Fund The St. Clement’s Fund

Ann Chudleigh ’58 Christine (Clark) Featherstone ’67 Marilyn (Howard) Fennell ’55 Wendy Girvan Carolyn (Schmidt) Gossage ’51 Janet (Babcock) Gouinlock ’47 Robert Gouinlock Catherine (Curry) Graham ’59 Beverley (Butler) Lewis ’51 Janet Mackinnon Jane Mason ’84 Hazel W. Perkin Martha Perry ’85 Gary Ryan and Anne Ferguson Sydney Tattershall ’50 5 Anonymous

For more information on planned giving, please speak with your financial advisor and with a member of our Advancement Team.

Other Endowments

Townsend Internship Fund Prize Funds


St. Clement’s School

Annual Report of Giving 2016–2017


We are generous staff

We are a generous community “As a staff member, I care about the students, and I feel deeply valued within the School community. Contributing to the Annual Fund allows me to deepen my connection to the School in a way that has a positive and tangible impact.”

Past Parents, Past Staff, Grandparents, and Friends

Zanana Akande Lindsay Angus Carlos Areias and Teresa Torres Robyne Balanuik John, Francine and Liliane ’04 Barbour  Jim and Jennifer Beqaj Bloomberg Consulting Archie Campbell and Lauren Marshall ’66 Canadian News Media Association Lorne Chapman and Stephanie Olin Chapman Anthony Chin Bob and Megan Coles  Norma Croxon John Cushman and Heather Lawson Dennis and Donna Czosnek Charm Darby  Hugh and Catherine (Fricker) ’79 DesBrisay John Donohue and Sean Delaney-Donohue Morry Edelstein and Laura Rachlin Robert and Elisabeth Eldridge Evangelista, Barristers and Solicitors David Fast and Tannis Redekopp ’87 Andrew Federle  John and Sarah Gleeson  Eleanor Gooday ’65 Geoffrey and Anne Gouinlock  Robert and Janet (Babcock) Gouinlock ’47  Lorraine Gray Joseph Groia and Susan Barnacal Dolores Harbin John Harvey  Mary Ellen Herman Ian and Adair Hope Silvia Hord John and Loreta Hume Patterson and Patricia (Molyneux) ’40 Hume Interguild

—Karla Lightly, Staff

Principal’s Circle ($1,500–$4,999)  Founders’ Circle ($5,000–$9,999)  Pilgrim’s Circle ($10,000–$24,999)  The 1901 Circle ($25,000+) 


Hillary Armstrong ’05 Panayiota Arvanitakis Sarah Basinski Megan Boriss Beth Boyden Nicole Bryant Mark Bunten Christine Calderon Jannilyn Caoile Adam Caplan Kelly Carlson Christine Castelli Dan Chen Gabriella Collins France Croteau

Laura D’Angelo ’01 Kate Danter Peter Diciero Sarah Dickson Jelena Diklic Kelsey Edmunds Krista Festarini Alexis Gallagher Jennifer Gray Emma Groia ’07 Julie Guarasci Jennifer Hakes Heather Henricks Katherine Hicks Peter Hill Elena Holeton ’94

Pam Huycke Christabel Jackson Suzi Leonard Karla Lightly Barb Macintosh Peter McGrath Kevin Mercier  Carol Ann Millington Kristin Mills David Mizener Laura Mustard ’03 Heather Newsome  Martha Perry ’85 Elizabeth Rocchi ’04 Jen Rowe

Luis Saraiva Laura Sardone Nora Scott Julianne Taskey Nancy Taylor Meagan Thomas Maggie Thompson Cathleen Unrau Richard VanHuizen Nuria Varela  Lisa Watson Patricia Westerhof Fiona Westlake Beth Will Mark Will Ye Zhang

St. Clement’s School

Annual Report of Giving 2016–2017

Bob Kinsie Julia Knapp ’88  John and Adrienne Lasby Sally Lein Fred Lerner Robert Lunan  Janet Mackinnon Christina Mastronardi Jeremy McGilpatrick  David and Karen McKay Annemiek (Tupker) Miller ’65  Dominic Montemurro and Susan WillisMontemurro Penny Perry Christopher and Astrid (Pel) ’74 Pinnington  The Pladsen and Ho Family Nancy Pollock  William and Cynthia Quinn  Gail Regan  Gary Ryan and Anne Ferguson Obodai and Sheila Sai Arthur Saunders and Dana Cohen William and Julia Scott Tim Sellers Renee Shorter Linda Soltis John and Betty Speakman Richard and Glenna Talbot Joseph and Frances Telch The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education Scott Thomson twenty6two International Inc. Felicia van Nostrand William Verner Patricia Whipple Robert and Laura Wilson  Jeffrey Wong and Mona Ma Peter Yeung and Lily Wong Bill and Janet Young 6 Anonymous

Matching Gift Companies Canadian Pacific Foresters


Conam Charitable Foundation  Florence Margaret Thompson ’35 Foundation  ITLMA Foundation The Lowidt Foundation M.D.S Fund  Mackinnon Family Charitable Fund  The Merritt Harding Educational Trust Fund Patterson and Patricia Hume Foundation Raymond James Canada Foundation  Sims Family Charitable Giving Fund  Toronto Foundation  The William Rathbone Family Charitable Trust 

In honour of:

The Class of 1957’s 60th Reunion Claire Greening ’17 Kimberly Cudney Poonam Puri St. Clement’s School Alumnae Association Caroline Tolton ’18 Ivy Jones, Jada Visser, and Lucy Lydeamore ’24 Mary (Newland) Soltis ’48

In memory of:

Ruth Smith Ruth (Leitch) Lunan ’54 Mary (Newland) Soltis ’48 Norma (Adams) Weeks ’49

Bequests 

Ruth (Cooper) Bell ’38

Gifts-in-Kind  

Hume Intermedia Inc. UNOapp 19

We are choosing our paths

Statement of Financial Position


As at July 31, 2017 Assets Current Cash Receivables Sundry and prepayments

$ 8,355,234 1,023,690 318,718 9,697,642

Long-term investments Capital assets $

Liabilities Current Payables and accruals Unearned revenue Security fees Accrued Retirement Allowance Deferred Contributions Deferred Capital Contributions

“I graduated from St. Clement’s School such a long time ago that there is nothing remaining of ‘my’ bricks and mortar experience at SCS. Fortunately one important quality has not changed. Then, as now, St. Clement’s is serious about training young women to fulfill our full potential while nurturing our sense of social responsibility. These are the young women we would all want to be if we could go back and start again.”

Net Assets Restricted for endowment purposes Unrestricted

Statement of Operations

Year Ended July 31, 2017 Revenue Tuition Acceptance fees Donation, The Thomas Wesley Powell Foundation Trust Donations, other Investment income Interest, dividends and income distributions from pooled funds Realized gain on sale of investments Unrealized gain (loss) on fair value of investments Sundry Rental property Amortization of deferred capital contributions

—Julia (Ruby) Foster ’65, C.M., LLD (Hon) C   urrent Member, St. Clement’s School Board of Governors

Expenses Salaries and benefits Program materials General and administrative Facilities operations and maintenance Financial assistance Depreciation Sundry Rental property


St. Clement’s School

Annual Report of Giving 2016–2017


2016 $

6,938,960 17,687,983 34,324,585 235,443 9,083,589 242,500 9,561,532

7,879,226 1,223,874 265,546 9,368,646 6,457,185 18,270,841 $ 34,096,672


226,961 9,143,418 258,800 9,629,179

265,009 1,472,566 5,555,079 16,854,186

456,619 1,127,985 5,752,266 16,966,049

2,443,795 15,026,604 17,470,399 $ 34,324,585

2,301,566 14,829,057 17,130,623 $ 34,096,672



$ 13,183,150 570,500 178,355

$ 12,881,835 455,000 174,537



418,456 17,976 (131,704)

322,648 131 (30,780)

415,515 195,682 238,163 15,639,667

348,950 203,755 244,339 15,135,779

$ 10,882,305 1,074,381 1,060,319 1,036,925 590,053 560,562 118,645 95,623 15,418,813 $ 220,854

$ 10,644,488 974,086 906,169 818,034 652,605 607,483 122,861 71,575 14,797,301 $ 338,478 21

St. Clement’s School Board of Governors 2016–2017

Brian Denega, CA, CIRP, Chair Senior Vice President, Transaction Advisory Services, Ernst and Young Inc. David Bacon, CPA, CA, MBA, ICD.D, Treasurer Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, GFL Environmental Inc. A. Scott Davidson, CPA, CBV, Past Chair Managing Director, Duff and Phelps Melissa L. Arruda ’03, LL.B. Legal Counsel, Toronto Catholic District School Board James W. Black, CPA, CA, CFA Vice President, Canadian Equities, Beutel Goodman and Company Ltd. Bryan Boyd, P.Eng. Chief Executive Officer, B W Boyd and Associates Robert Chadwick, LL.B. Partner, Goodmans LLP Reverend Andrew Federle, M.Div. Rector, St. Clement’s Church Julia (Ruby) Foster ’65, C.M., LL.D. (Hon) Karen Ann McKay Senior Vice President, HR and Learning and Development, Eli Lilly Canada Inc. Poonam Puri, LL.M. Professor of Law, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University Emma Sanders Finlayson ’99, Alumnae Association President Facility Manager, Mavericks VFX Kimberly Cudney, Parents’ Association President

“We love St. Clement’s School because it places emphasis on instilling values and offering a rigorous education. This has helped each of our daughters to thrive and to find their unique paths. In designating a gift to the School’s Financial Assistance program, we hope to support other bright girls who don’t have the means so that they may experience an education that only SCS can offer—one that places weight on character development and learning that extends beyond textbooks.” —Sal Rocco and Dr. Nancy Scolieri,  parents of Simona ’17 and Madeleine ’19


St. Clement’s School

Annual Report of Giving 2016–2017


Advancement Office

St. Clement’s School 21 St. Clements Avenue Toronto ON M4R 1G8

This Annual Report of Giving presents highlights for the past year and provides the summary financial statements for St. Clement’s School. For a complete copy of St. Clement’s School’s audited financial statements, please contact the Advancement Office at 416 483 4835. Charitable Registration No. 10500 5805 RR0001

In 1901, Eglinton was a town, St. Clements Avenue was an orchard, and Duplex Avenue did not exist. A handful of children made their way past those orchards to St. Clement’s Church Parish Hall. That same year, Canon Powell, the first rector at St. Clement’s Church, established St. Clement’s School in the Anglican tradition. He felt learning could and should be an exciting and engaging experience, and chose to create a school that would: • Have the freedom to teach a true appreciation of the arts and literature;


• Encourage mental agility and curiosity; and • Develop a sense of commitment and responsibility to fellow citizens. Today, St. Clement’s School prepares students for a very different world from the one in which we were founded, yet the fundamental values that shaped our beginnings remain as central now as they were then.

Profile for St. Clement's School

2016-17 St. Clement's School Annual Report of Giving  

2016-17 St. Clement's School Annual Report of Giving