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Tidings Edition 14 16 December 2019

Highlights 2

Graduation Mass and Awards


Graduation Formal Dinner


Years 7 to 11 Mass and Awards


Major Award Recipients


Community Day

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Principal’s Message


Graduation Mass and Awards


Graduation Formal Dinner


Years 7 to 11 Mass and Awards


Major Award Recipients


Semester 2 Academic and Endeavour Awards


Sports Awards 2019


Victor Chang Research Institute School Science Award 2019


Year 10 Completion of Studies


Community Day


Technologies End of Year Exhibition


Duke of Edinburgh Award


Ancient Greek Banquets


Inspirational Women


In the Headlines


Upcoming Events


Christmas Message


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Principal’s Message On Thursday 5 December at our Year 12 Graduation Mass and Awards Ceremony I spoke about the concept of ubuntu. The word ubuntu is part of the Zulu phrase “Ubuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”, which literally means that a person is a person through other people. Ubuntu has its roots in humanist African philosophy, where the idea of community is one of the building blocks of society. Ubuntu is that nebulous concept of common humanity or oneness: meaning you and me both. Ubuntu is, at the same time, a deeply personal philosophy that calls on us to mirror our humanity for each other. To the observer, ubuntu can be seen and felt in the spirit of willing participation, unquestioning cooperation, warmth, openness, and personal dignity displayed by a group of people towards each other. The main modern proponent of ubuntu philosophy is Archbishop Desmond Tutu. In his book, No Future Without Forgiveness, he describes a person with ubuntu as being “open and available to others, affirming of others, someone who has a proper selfassurance.” The ubuntu this person possesses comes from being part of a greater whole. Archbishop Tutu states that you might have much of the world’s riches, and you might hold a portion of authority, but if you have no ubuntu, you do not amount to much.

Perhaps Ubuntu is best illustrated through the following story: An anthropologist studying the habits and customs of an African tribe found herself surrounded by children most days. So she decided to play a little game with them. She managed to get lollies from the nearest town and put it all in a decorated basket at the foot of a tree. Then she called the children and suggested they play a game. When the anthropologist said “now”, the children had to run to the tree and the first one to get there could have all the candy to him/herself. So the children all lined up waiting for the signal. When the anthropologist said “now”, all of the children took each other by the hand and ran together towards the tree. They all arrived at the same time divided up the lollies, sat down and began to happily munch away. The anthropologist went over to them and asked why they had all run together when any one of them could have had the candy all to themselves. The children responded: “Ubuntu. How could any one of us be happy if all the others were sad?” Ubuntu places togetherness above the individual. To all of our students in 2019 who have placed togetherness above the individual, I thank you. As we reach the end of the school year, it is a time to reflect upon the wonderful examples of community, friendship, endeavour and hard work enacted throughout the year. Our teachers, students and parents

“Perhaps you were born for a time such as this” Esther 4:14

all give so much of themselves to make our school the spirited learning community that it is and I am grateful for this.

Staff Farewells Whilst this time of year is filled with the anticipation of Christmas and the festive season, I am faced with the task of farewelling valued members of our College staff. Hence it is with sadness that I inform you of the following staff that are leaving us to retire or to pursue other opportunities and pathways: •

Robert Pegolo has been at St Clare’s for 25 years. Robert has been a passionate, committed and dedicated teacher of Science who always endeavoured to extract the best from his students. Robert is respected by his colleagues and students and will be missed. We thank Robert for his valuable contribution to our College over a significant period of time and wish him all the best for his retirement.

Terri McGinness has been at St Clare’s for 22 years as a Learning Support Teacher. Terri has fulfilled this role with passion and commitment ensuring creative opportunities were made available to our students. Terri is a valued and respected member of our College community and we thank her for her valuable contribution over a significant period of time and we wish her all the best for her retirement.


Cate Low has been at St Clare’s for 16 years. Cate has been a teacher of SOSE, Children’s Services and Religious Education. Cate is held in high esteem by her colleagues and her students will miss her pastoral approach to teaching. We thank Cate for her valuable contribution to our College over a significant period of time and we wish her all the best for her retirement.

Sarah Johnston has been at St Clare’s for 9 years as part of the Religious Education Faculty. In her time with us Sarah has been able to connect positively with the staff and students. Sarah is respected by all and will be missed. We thank her for her valuable contribution to our College and wish her all the best for her retirement.

Diane Kelly has been at St Clare’s for 8 years as a Learning Support Teacher. Diane’s work with the Inclusive Education Team and the staff has been extremely valuable in assisting teachers to support students in their learning. Diane has had a positive impact on building the learning growth of students across the College. Diane will be missed by all. We wish her all the best for her retirement.

Helen Ison has been at St Clare’s for 2 years teaching Science. Helen has fulfilled this role with passion and commitment ensuring creative opportunities were made available to our students. Helen is a valued and respected member of our College community and we wish her all the best as she moves to Queensland in 2020.

I wish everyone a happy and holy Christmas and may the birth of Jesus remind us of the anticipation of wonderful things to come. May the joy and peace of Christmas be with you today and throughout the New Year. Enjoy a relaxing and restful holiday with family and friends and I pray that you will be travelling safely. Thank you for your support of St Clare’s in 2019 and I look forward to another big year in 2020. May peace and mercy be yours in abundance. Brad Cooney Principal

Year 12 Graduation Mass and Awards Ceremony


Tidings – 2019

“Perhaps you were born for a time such as this” Esther 4:14


Graduation Formal Dinner


Tidings – 2019

“Perhaps you were born for a time such as this” Esther 4:14


Years 7 to 11 Mass and Awards


Tidings – 2019

“Perhaps you were born for a time such as this” Esther 4:14


Year 12 Major Awards

Laura van der Linden St Clare’s College Dux*

Elena Catanzariti The Archbishop’s Cup for Contribution to the Religious Life of the College

Keely Small The St Clare's College Cup for All-Round Excellence

Chloe Taunton ANU Psychology Student Award


Wafa Rasheed Academic Excellence Second to the Dux*

Teagan Arnold Outstanding Achievement in Vocational Studies

Alexandra Edwards Caltex Best All-Rounder Award

Ainsley Scrivener Olympic Change Maker Award

Kathryn Liston Academic Excellence Third to the Dux*

Christina Munoz The Founder’s College Cup for Initiative and Service

Laura van der Linden Canberra Mathematics Association Medal For Excellence

Laura van der Linden The Principal’s Award for Leadership in College Life

Morgan Dimaano College Plate for Outstanding Effort in Studies

Elizabeth Edwards The Australian Defence Force Long Tan Award

*The awards for Dux, second and third to the Dux are College-based awards. These awards are based on an aggregate of 3.6 of a students’ unscaled course scores attained here at the College and do not include components of the ATAR such as the AST and Other Course Scores.

Tidings – 2019

College Major Awards

Tia Hatchman Year 11 Student of the Year

Erin Burke Year 11 Robyn Raymond Award

Clare Corson Year 11 Rebecca Morrison-Dempsey Award

Josie Gaudie-Craze Year 11 UNSW School of Economics Prize

Lauren Thomas Olympic Change Maker Award

Laura Spelic Senator Zed Seselja Academic Excellence Award

Lauren Moloney Senator Zed Seselja Community Service Award

Juliette Major Senator Zed Seselja Excellence in Teaching Award

Lara Pulciani J.J. People’s Award Year 10 Student of the Year

Sophie Chandler Year 10 Australian Catholic University Award for Social Justice

Jordyne Rauter Year 10 Etelka Thoms Award for Mathematics

Phoebe Sofatzis Year 9 Student of the Year

Isabella Spurrett Year 8 Student of the Year

Alyssa Di-Campli Katie Bender Award Year 7 Student of the Year

“Perhaps you were born for a time such as this” Esther 4:14

Piper Webb Year 10 The Australian Defence Force Long Tan Award


Semester 2 Academic and Endeavour Awards Academic Awards

Alisha Crowle

Emily Fleming-Berry

Year 7

Mahi Gaur

Bronte Grayston

Georgia Andrighetto

Olivia Kirkcaldie

Analise Greenhalgh

Annaleisha Cologna

Olivia Kurzyniec

Tia Hatchman

Alyssa Di-Campli

Nivedha Manikandan

Claudia Knobel

Clare Doherty

Jessica McIntosh

Amber Perkins

Talia Enchong

Sarah Mooney

Rachel Salmond

Alannah Furner

Olivia Phelps

Nikola Sofatzis

Siena Goodwin

Sarah Rosin

Charisse Timermanis

Sophie Jeffrey

Phoebe Sofatzis

Year 12

Angelina Jexin

Georgina Trotman

Laura van der Linden

Georgia Mertz

Vaishnavi Vasanth Kumar

Wafa Rasheed

Georgia Owens

Year 10

Jorja Nicholson

Clare Rosin

Georgia Boyes

Chloe Taunton

Sienna Scarano

Sophie Chandler

Elena Catanzariti

Georgina Spurrett

Jacqueline Dunn

Ella Hickey

Imogen Stokes

Laura Harrison

Yolanda Patterson

Year 8

Eleanor Jenkins

Ashley Tang

Ella Asplund-Meinecke

Diya John

Morgan Dimaano

Tylah Baker

Tayla Julien

Cristina Munoz

Annica Barber

Bronwyn Kneeshaw

Kathryn Liston

Abigail Cubitt

Bridie McArthur

Katelyn Everett

Lauren Moloney

Endeavour Awards

Ainsley Fisher

Hannah Murrells

Year 7

Imogen Johnston

Svetlana Ross

Imogen Baggoley

Amelia Leahy

Laura Spelic

Abigail Banks

Frances Malone

Francesca Stuparich

Daniella Cirillo

Claire McCormack

Sophie Thorp

Madilyn Cubitt

Eloise Prince

Piper Webb

Shennelle De Silva

Hannah Sharman

Josephine Wood

Aeva Dohnt

Isabella Spurrett

Year 11

Abbie Eaton

Alicia Thomas

Clare Cafaro-Stauffer

Anjaly George Kappen

Donna Wilson

Grace Clee

Bridget Graham

Grace Worley

Clare Corson

Ella Hobill

Year 9

Piper Davies

Caitlin Kerr

Olivia Agostino

Georgia De Jongh

Telisha Lawton-Weir

Ebony Baran

Natasha Fecondo

Sophie Lebihan

Jessica Charles

Stana Fernandez

Emily Lipovac


Tidings – 2019

Gisele Lockhorst

Alicia Trevethan

Alexandra Schell

Katherine Lutnant

Louise Val

Maia Schyvens

Ella Makin

Charlotte Velnaar

Suzuko Takahashi

Zoe Marcussen

Lily Watts

Year 11

Elizabeth McConnell

Hannah White

Brooke Baran

Julia Norgrove

Year 9

Julia Bassett

Hannah O'Loughlin

Neeta Antony

Maria Corson

Christana Papandrea

Rory Bugden

Emma Dailly

Jemma Poyser

Mia Canton

Sarah Jackson

Olivia Rizzuto

Lainey Canton

Madisson Jess

Chloe Roughley

Piper Ellis

Jasmine Jones

Claire Smyth

Mia Forth

Anna Kelley

Annabelle Wheadon

Elly Furner

Sophie Lenon

Ruby Yi

Amelia Hong

Abaq Mekki

Annika Zachara

Lillian Kelly

Kara Murphy

Sofia Zanetti

Soraya Kirk

Belinda Negus

Year 8

Kaitlyn Lloyd

Jane Phelps

Seerat Ahmed

Clare Maguire

Cebita Santhosh

Helena Angelos

Aleena Mufti

Ellie Smith

Tamara Brammall

Elisha O'Brien

Nakita Taylor

Sophie Brennan

Rebecca Rainey

Lauren Thomas

Lauren Codd

Molly Reichstein

Year 12

Ella Dawes

Amelia Robinson

Zarah Gloria

Maggie Dickens

Wafa Saqib

Natarsha Savery

Charlise Dickson

Molly Scott-Cameron

Grace Carton

Alysa Enchong

Leila Spackman

Shania Morgan

Caitlin Fitzgerald

Liliana Staltari

Hannah Poyser

Amy Gasnier

Sophia Vidovic

Michaela Guinan

Sienna Glavinic

Year 10

Lucinda Trotman

Charlotte Guthrie

Kelsey Armitage

Alexandra Edwards

Jada Hall

Isabella Bencic

Elizabeth Edwards

Abbey Hanscombe

Bethany Cramp

Joanna O'Connell

Peytan Hughes

Lily Curtis

Maggie Farrell

Eleni Lolesio

Laura Cusack

Atka Mekki

Emma Mihaljcic

Lucy Donohoe

Emma Smith

Hiba Mohemmad A Rasheed

Alyssa Fitzgerald

Sierra Warnock

Tess O'Grady

Emily Kelly

Jessica Jugovac

Isabella Paech-Newfield

Taylor Kirk

Caitlin Fisher

Amelia Quirk

Eliza Martin

Renae Thornton

Milly Ratcliffe

Holly May

Madeleine Kelly

Sophie Reis

Wendy Morton

Kaitlyn Thrift

Georgia Roughley

Rahaf Najarbashi

Emily Papp

Asmi Sharma

Paris O'Connell

Lucy Chandler

Sophie Smith

Habibat Ogunbanwo

Chelsea Staples

Lara Pulciani

“Perhaps you were born for a time such as this� Esther 4:14


Sport Awards 2019 Sportswoman of the Year

Junior Sportswoman of the Year: Hayley Macdonald

Senior Sportswoman of the Year: Lauren Thomas

Congratulations to the following students who were nominated in more than one sport: Emily Kite, Habibat Ogunbanwo, Ashley Patton, Eloise Ryan, Alicia Trevethan and Georgia Willey

Sports Awards 2019 Sport



Rising Star


Tia Hatchman

Imogen Johnston

Tiffany Taylor

Australian Football

Cecilia Maher


Hayley Macdonald

Cross Country Dragon Boating

Juliana Vidovic

Brianna Williams Talia Da Silva

Tori Hayes

Olivia Maron

Alicia Trevethan

Charlotte Stimson and Wendy Morton

Ruby Kelly


Ella Ruiz

Interschool Netball

Lauren Thomas

Alisha Crowle

Georgina Webster


Honey Proudfoot

Mya MacArthur

Emily Kite


Ainsley Scrivener

Ruby Kelly

Imojean Vea


Lara Groeneweg

Lucinda Cotter

Niamh Billiards


Katrina Brown

Neve Watts

Zoe Brown


Habibat Ogunbanwo and Amy Gasnier

Touch Football

Eloise Ryan

Jemima Grimmond

Georgia Willey


Macey Radburn

Venetia Goodall

Lauren Codd

Weekend Netball

Lucy Donohoe

Amelia Quirk

Alysa Enchong


Ashley Patton

Tidings – 2019

Excellence in Teaching Award Juliette Major, raises the teaching profession within and beyond the immediate school community. She role models, encourages and supports increased professional development of teachers, and actively seeks out grants and funding to enable student access to learning opportunities both within and outside the classroom.

The Senator Zed Seselja Excellence in Teaching Award recognises a teacher and leader who represents excellence within their teaching profession through their contribution to the advancement of education at a local, regional and national level. This years’ recipient,

Inspiring the enjoyment of learning, Juliette has demonstrated a particularly high level of dedication and professional expertise and excellence. A passionate advocate for empowering girls to seek out STEM subjects and careers, she has enabled the College to partner with professional associations and industry to successfully host inter-school events at the school to show case this

commitment. Juliette is a member of the inTEACT and the Australian Computer Society as well as an event partner for VEX Robotics in the Canberra and Goulburn region, she is professionally active and a strong advocate for education. The instigator of student tours to NASA, visits to industry houses such as Google and Atlassian, UNSW aerospace lectures, masterclasses with Dr Jane Goodall and accompanying student volunteers for the VEX World Robotics Championships in Kentucky definitely highlights her commitment to inspiring students love of STEM and open doors to future possibilities. Congratulations Juliette.

Victor Chang Research Institute School Science Award 2019 The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute School Science Awards were developed to foster and encourage an interest in science among secondary school students, with the aim of promoting careers in science as a viable and interesting career path. Named after the late cardiac surgeon and pioneer of modern heart transplantation, the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute School Science Awards were established to celebrate young, gifted students, and to stimulate growth in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subject areas.

“Perhaps you were born for a time such as this” Esther 4:14

Year 11 students, Tia Hatchman and Rachel Salmond, received the Victor Chang Research Institute School Science Award 2019 at the Years 7 to 11 Awards Ceremony. They were nominated by their teachers for their tenacity and commitment in the classroom. Tia and Rachel are the first Year 11 students in the ACT to receive the award.


Year 10 Completion of Studies Year 10 students completed their studies on Friday 6 December. Congratulations Year 10! With their Year 10 Certificate now complete, the girls are well placed for a long break before embarking on their Year 11 and 12 studies. We look forward to welcoming the graduating class of 2021 back on Tuesday 4 February. The College wishes all families of Year 10 a safe and happy holiday. Trish Brown Year 10 Coordinator


Tidings – 2019

Community Day Years 7, 8 and 9 students as well as the teaching staff of the College enjoyed Community Day 2019 at the Limelight Cinema Tuggeranong for the viewing of the Addams Family before walking to the Lakeside Leisure Centre to enjoy lunch and a swim in the pool. After an exciting and jammed packed school year it was great to take the opportunity to stop as a College and enjoy each other’s company. We experienced perfect weather for the day that allowed both staff and students to stretch across the picnic areas of the Leisure Centre to make the most of the day. The excited buzz of completed student assessment was evident throughout the day as the conversations steered away from drafts, study and deadlines to holiday plans, Christmas shopping and sleep ins. Monica Bailey Assistant Principal Pastoral Care

“Perhaps you were born for a time such as this” Esther 4:14


Technologies End of Year Exhibition The Technologies faculty offers a diverse range of teaching and learning areas. From Design and Technology, Graphic Design, Hospitality, Food technology, Digital Technology to Textiles. On Wednesday 27 November the Technologies faculty showcased a large variety of student works from Semester 2. Throughout the Technologies department students are exposed to a range of learning environments were students apply a hands-on practical solution to a variety of work. In many cases, students are challenged to explore and investigate, design and create, various products and design solutions. Their creativity and enthusiasm is evident in the class learning environment where students are actively engaged both collaboratively and individually in understanding and applying the skills and information that they learn. This can be seen through the excellent range of work displayed at our exhibition which highlighted innovation and creative pursuits from the semester. Ellie Rowland Acting Technologies Coordinator


Tidings – 2019

“Perhaps you were born for a time such as this” Esther 4:14


Duke of Edinburgh Award Congratulations to Ashley Tang (Year 12) and Kathryn Liston (Year 12) who have completed their Gold and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award respectively. A recount of their experiences in the program is below.

Ashley Tang - Gold Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award program has been an integral part of my high school journey. I discovered the program in Year 9 when I began the Bronze Award and would have never imagined later completing both the Silver and the Gold Awards. What drew me to the Award was its flexibility to self-tailor the program specific to my interests and time commitments, and make relevant goals that were challenging yet achievable. In Years 11 and 12, I engaged in the Gold Award with four distinct sections similar to the Bronze and Silver Awards: voluntary service, physical recreation, skills and adventurous journey. I chose to volunteer at a St Vincent de Paul Op Shop, where I could directly assist the local community in raising funds for those in need. I decided to engage in a new physical activity, taekwondo, and after months of training, received my green belt! I wanted to improve my skills in piano, which has been of long-term interest, and worked hard to receive my Grade 8 AMEB


certificate. For the adventurous journeys, I decided to try horse riding which were absolutely amazing and fulfilling experiences. The Gold Award also had an additional section called the Residential Project, which involved engaging with different people in a new setting. I wanted to learn more about evangelisation and community faith, and did so through the Ignite Youth Conference. I really enjoyed learning about others’ experiences with God and how they engage with the community. Each section fostered exciting and valuable experiences and helped me step out of my comfort zone while improving my skills. I encourage anyone who wants to challenge themselves and connect with the community, to do the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Kathryn Liston Silver Award

This year I completed the Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. I started Duke of Edinburgh in Year 9, at the bronze award level. I initially joined because it seemed like a great way to get credit for the activities I was already doing as well as becoming involved in different forms of service and the adventurous journeys.

regularly. For my silver award I had to complete 26 hours and this took me 28 weeks. I really enjoy debating, so I did debating as my Skills component. I also had to complete 26 hours, which took a little longer but I got there in the end. For my bronze award I did Student2Student reading program – where you read over the phone with a primary school student a couple of times a week. For Silver I did a variety of school based service activities such as Little Dresses for Africa and helping the Social Justice Committee, this was really good because I would have done these things anyway and it meant I could do it at school giving me more time after school to do other things. The Adventurous Journeys are so much fun. You get to meet girls from other year groups, plan and cook your own meals and feel satisfied when you complete the hike or the kayak. For each award you have to do a practice and a qualifying journey. For the silver practice journey we did a kayaking trip in Kangaroo Valley, where we kayaked to our campsite and then to where we were picked up the next day. The wildlife and scenery were beautiful but hot tip: wear long shorts and sunscreen or you will get burnt. Instead of doing another of these journeys I decided to use the Fiji Immersion as my qualifying journey as I was already going on this trip. Hannah Baillie Duke of Edinburgh Facilitator

For my physical section of the award I chose tennis. I have been playing tennis for Kambah

Tidings – 2019

Ancient Greek Banquets On Monday 9 December a Year 7 History class prepared an Ancient Greek Banquet. They needed to provide a menu, an itinerary of activities for someone visiting Ancient Greece and an invitation to the banquet. They then needed to make just one item from their menu using ingredients that existed in Ancient Greece. Shaanan Donohoo Teacher

“Perhaps you were born for a time such as this� Esther 4:14


Jeanne Ryckmans

Class of 1983

Jeanne Ryckmans has recently been named as the new Artistic Director for the Canberra Writers Festival (CWF) 2020. Jeanne has worked for two decades in Australian book publishing. A literary agent, author and former publisher for Random House and HarperCollins, Jeanne worked in arts television as an on-air presenter, producer and documentary maker and was features editor at Elle magazine and books editor at Vogue. A native Canberran with an innate understanding of what makes the capital tick, Jeanne is passionate about books and publishing. As a board member with CWF in 2019, Jeanne contributed to programming with the addition of innovative and inspiring panel members as well as brokering the participation of high-profile authors.

to take up the position of Canberra Writers Festival Artistic Director for 2020 and work alongside a talented team. The festival aims to act as a popular literary beacon that at once informs, educates and entertains.” Jeanne believes the CWF’s theme - Power, Passion, Politics - is ideal for imaginative programming. Her vision is to establish the CWF as a premier cultural event, attracting international and local names across fiction and non-fiction and delivering an agenda that cuts across demographics. “The essence of a dynamic writers’ festival is one that enables ongoing debate and discourse.” *Article from Canberra Writers Festive ENews

“‘Some books leave us free and some books make us free’ wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson. It’s in this spirit that I am thrilled

Contributions are greatly welcomed from past students. Send 300 words plus a current image to media@stcc.act.edu.au

IN THE HEADLINES Student Exchange to Italy and France

Most Valuable Player

Daisy Christensen, Francesca Ciuffetelli, and Eilish McLennan (all Year 10 pictured) are currently in Italy WAATI/Intercultural Italian exchange. Analise Greenhalgh (Year 11), Piper Davies (Year 11) and Laura Harrison (Year 10) are perfecting their language skills and immersing themselves in France. We wish them safe travels and look forward to hearing about their adventure in the new year!

Congratulations to Lauren Thomas (Year 11) for receiving the most valuable player of Division 1 State League from the South Canberra Netball Association.

National Folk Festival Youth Ambassador and Concert

Congratulations to Lucy Sugerman (Class of 2018) who had been named as the National Folk Festival's Youth Ambassador 2020! St Clare’s College has also been formally invited to perform at the National Folk Festival Youth Concert on Thursday 9 April 2020.

“Perhaps you were born for a time such as this” Esther 4:14

VEX IQ Robotics Nationals

The VEX IQ Robotics Nationals were held in Adelaide from the 6 to 8 December and St Clare’s was well represented by our Year 8 team, The SWITCH Bots, Caitlyn Hill and Lily Watts. The girls participated in eight teamwork challenges throughout Saturday, working collaboratively to score points. Their highest score was a personal best of 81 points! It was clearly a challenging weekend, but the girls performed well and are to be congratulated on their commitment to robotics. We look forward to seeing what they can achieve next year.


Upcoming Events Tuesday 28 January

Monday 3 February

Tuesday 4 February

New Families Tour 10.30am - 11.30am

Year 7 and College Leaders commence

Years 8 to 12 continuing students commence

New Students in Years 8 - 12 Orientation 8.30 am - 11.00 am

Wednesday 5 February

Thursday 6 February

Thursday 13 February

Opening Assembly 12.15pm - 1.15pm

College Leaders Morning Tea with the Principal

School Photos

Friday 14 February

Wednesday 19 February

Thursday 20 February

PAT Catch-Up Testing: selected Years 7-10 students

School Photo catch-up day

St Clare’s Swimming Carnival

STAR Testing


Opening Mass 12.15pm - 1.15pm

Tidings – 2019

The Staff at St Clare’s College would like to wish you and your family a safe, happy and holy Christmas. We look forward to working with you and your daughter in the New Year. Best wishes Brad Cooney & Staff

Contact us (02) 6260 9400 media@stcc.act.edu.au St Clare’s College 1 McMillan Crescent, Griffith ACT 2603 stcc.act.edu.au

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Tidings Edition 14, 2019  

Tidings Edition 14, 2019  

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