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Our desire to tell, show, hear, depict and share our stories makes us who we are. #SeekCreativity

The Arts & Languages St Clare’s College has a proud and strong tradition of Arts and Languages education. Students can elect to study Visual Art, Photography, Music, Drama, Dance, Media, Japanese, Italian or French. Each subject stands alone in its own right as an expressive and powerful form but they all share the essence of what it is that deeply motivates and inspires us. The Arts and Languages are based on human experience. These subjects allow us to search and communicate meaning between and to an audience. To enhance and support the learning in each subject area the co-curricular Arts and Languages program is designed to be varied and inspirational. Arts and Languages unfold before us, a collective history of stories, people, ideas and themes. Arts and Languages are change-making. They enable students to become agents of change in our world. St Clare’s offers the following co-curricular Arts and Language activities:

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The Middle School Production School Musical (every two years) Class Clowns Comedy Festival Come Alive Theatre Festival Combined Band Chorale Chamber Ensemble Lunchbox Music Concerts The Studio (Visual Arts) Photography Competitions Italy, France and Japan Study Tours

These activities are experiences that are transformative and uplifting. Students learn to find their voice, identity and meaning and to express their ideas and contribute to their school and wider community. It also allows students to blossom and generate creativity, empathy, expertise and most importantly develop an understanding of what it is to be human.


Private Music Tutors St Clare’s College offers private music tuition for a range of instruments including piano, clarinet, violin, flute, guitar and voice. Lessons take place during the school day at a scheduled time, once a week. As St Clare’s is committed to establishing a culture of performance. Students involved in the Music program showcase their developing skills in regular concerts. Our tutors are experienced and professional and specialise in a diverse range of styles including contemporary, classical and musical theatre.

Combined College’s Band The combined St Clare’s and St Edmund’s Band is open to students from Years 7-12 who have a beginner-intermediate and advanced skill level in woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. Students in the band participate in a range of excursions and performances. The repertoire covers genres from classical to more contemporary pieces. The highlight of the band year is going on Music Camp for rehearsal and preparation for the music event of the year the ‘Big Band Bash’, an opportunity for all co-curricular music groups to perform.




The Chamber Ensemble The Chamber Ensemble is an ensemble group of St Clare’s and St Edmund’s students for flute and string players of all skill levels. The repertoire includes everything from Katy Perry to Mozart. The ensemble perform at a variety of school events such as Open Evening and at external functions. They also attend Music Camp and perform at the ‘Big Band Bash’.

The Chorale The St Clare’s College Chorale is made up of singers from all year groups. They specialise in two and four part harmony and sing all types of songs such as: Disney, pop, acapella, jazz, musical theatre and so much more. The Chorale has built a reputation for excellence throughout the ACT and surrounding regions. Each year members of the Chorale participate in a range of Eisteddfods and events.


Theatre Productions Each year students from St Clare’s have the opportunity to perform in a wide range of theatrical productions, festivals and competitions. A Middle School Production is performed each year and is open to all students in Years 7, 8 and 9. Students are given the opportunity to perform or become part of the technical theatre crew. Senior Drama students also provide audiences with a variety of theatrical performances throughout the year such as The Comedy Evening, Short Plays, An Evening of Shakespeare and a short Australian play. These productions are part of the curriculum and add great colour and interest to our Performing Arts calendar. Students are also encouraged to audition for the St Edmund’s College and Marist College musicals. St Clare’s College will produce a musical every two years.

The Arts enriches learning, enquiring minds, collaboration and creativity. 6


“Before a child talks, they sing. Before they write, they draw. As soon as they stand they dance. Art is fundamental to human expression.� - Phylicia Rashad


The Studio Critically aware of the skills and knowledge that will be demanded of graduates and work roles of the future, St Clare’s Arts and Languages Faculty seeks to address these requirements across all subject areas and to link our students’ creative talents across faculties and learning domains. The weekly after school arts group enables students who would like to further their engagement with studio practice and visual art. The Studio provides an avenue for senior students to participate in a visual arts program outside of their selected course of study. An annual schedule of events prepared in consultation with the participants will be communicated to enable students to prepare for upcoming topics and activities and participate in the project and/or the competition that appeals to them. There is enormous potential for cross curricular applications with opportunities to form partnerships and alliances with guest artists and speakers. Activities involve a range of materials and techniques, and support group work and individual development. The program is designed to be inclusive of a broad spectrum of abilities and interests. Activities may include:

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Murals and Street Art Portraiture Drawing in a variety of media Printing Techniques Assemblage Photography

In addition to a range of activities, The Studio will mount and host a number of events, including:

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Coordination of Competitions Christmas in July Time travel through history Fantasy Island


Visual Arts and Photography Exhibitions The College hosts three major exhibitions each year. In Semester One there are two exhibitions: Years 7 - 10 work and Senior work. Semester Two includes our combined end of year exhibition for all visual arts and photography students. Topics and themes are designed to ignite the curious and inspire imaginations. Students explore and respond to themes of metaphorical and environmental portraiture, cultural identity, wearable art, installation and performance art. Student work responds to contemporary issues with the technical skill and creative thinking demanded of a vibrant and innovative visual language. Their artistic achievement is recognised and they develop their voice and identity and begin to build a new contemporary culture. Through their art, students think critically and creatively. As they develop their artistic skills they gain knowledge that will help them in various academic disciplines. Research confirms that participating in the arts can increase intelligence, improve literacy, numeracy and attendance.




Language Tutoring Tutoring is offered every Monday lunchtime for students studying a language at the College. One on one, group and peer tutoring provides an opportunity for students to revise or extend themselves in the content covered. There are also opportunities to enter competitions such as the Japan Foundation run Art Speaks Japanese, Video Matsuri Competitions and the SBS National Languages Competition.


Overseas Learning Experiences Open to students studying a language in Years 10-12 our study tours instil greater cultural understanding and broader perspectives and personal awareness for students allowing them to further develop their self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience. These experiences are invariably life changing, nurturing an appreciation of and respect for social, cultural and religious diversity, and a sense of global citizenship. Beyond the fun and adventure negotiation, cooperation, leadership, empathy, patience and confidence are all utilised on a daily basis as students eat, sleep, learn, socialise and travel together.

Want to travel, live and learn? St Clare’s College sister school, Soshin Girls’ High School in Yokohama, Japan, provides a reciprocal exchange opportunity for students to stay with a host family and attend school. We promote nacel Australasia opportunities for students to travel on exchange to Europe, including France, Spain, Italy and Germany as well as the Italian Exchange Program Canberra WAATI to Italy.

Please note: The Co-Curricular program at St Clare’s is dynamic and the list of activities on offer at the College can alter due to the interests and commitment of the student body.


Connect with peers in other countries, experience new cultures and develop new understanding of your place in the world.


Contact: Art and Languages Faculty Phone: 02 6260 9449

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