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The SCC Uniform: Why you’ll love it even more

I like pizza.... And so should you! What canteen foods are your favourite?

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Religion today but not as you know it

WHAT? Things to do in CANBERRA? That’s right, there is! MORE SURREAL THAN THE 3:20 BELL Places you have to SEE to BELIEVE 1 SEEKER

editor’s note Ladies, I have a confession to make. I’ve been playing him a while now but it wasn’t until I almost lost him that I realised how much I cared. After searching Canberra for almost two hours, I found him waiting for me at the bus stop. When we were reunited, I reached out , embraced him and I promised myself to never leave him like that again. My parents were definitely not impressed; forgetting my $200 violin on the school bus and spending an entire afternoon tracking him down wasn’t exactly their idea of an ideal afternoon. Aside from driving all the way to the Belconnen bus depot to retrieve my violin, Term 1 of 2014 has given me the opportunity to experience many new things. From being a new senior to trying my first cup of tea, so far, it’s been a blast. This year also meant a new editorial team. A massive welcome to Sarah Smyth, Chloe Aksenov, Caitlin Davies, Holly Williams, Clementine Wraith, Jacinta Evans and Megan Braido as they join the rest of us to bring you the latest student news. Have a flick to page 12 to check out why smiling is scientifically proven to boost your mood. If The Fault in Our Stars is your type of book, open up to page 23 and see what you think. Never been to Croatia? Neither have I. If you’re looking for the next place to add to you bucket list, turn to page 10. And ladies, that’s just the beginning. If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt so far, it’s that new things can be scary and a little daunting. However, new things also bring excitement and happiness if you’re just willing to give it a go. So try that cup tea, read something you haven’t read before and put yourself out there. Only, don’t forget your musical instrument on the bus. You might just end up in Belconnen. Until next time girls,

Angie Editor 2014


Cover photo: Emma Lee, Tayla Williams, Laura McMahon and Lara Gilfedder. Courtesy of Ellen Davies

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Religion today but not as you know it

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Smile is a Curve that Sets 12 AEverything Straight Do it for someone today :)

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KNOW, HATE AND your uniform By Ellen Davies

We know you love to hate it, but it’s time to learn to LOVE your uniform. Time for a blast from the past; and we’ve got it pretty good. 1. What’s life without a little risk? Aren’t we lucky that the good old “dress below the knee length” rule is there to break? 2. Who else loves rocking the smokin’ hot junior uniform? Hot takes an entirely different meaning when referring to the ’91 chorale uniforms. You thought hiding sweaties was hard today… 3. Yes the winter skirt is awfully hot when the sun is out but who doesn’t enjoy a bit of melting? Channel your inner Olaf and melt like a snowman. If you’re drenched in your own sweat you may as well do it in true Disney style.

4. Variety is the spice of life. Black or grey tights? Why don’t we have both! (for future reference, wear one of the other, not both. That’s a class A train wreck) 5. Two things that are hot right now: Hats and sun safety. You can be sun safe and look super cute doing it.


6. You do it, I do it, even when it’s not intentional. Sneaking through the crowd to get on the bus just a little bit earlier has been a part of this College’s culture for yonks. And lucky us, we have our trusty backpacks too. It seems pulling them through has become an art form. We all have a favourite way to twist and jump through the crowd. Now imagine pulling through with a square carry bag?

7. Senior uniform vs. Junior uniform. Perfect, now the Eddie’s boys know who to target on Muck Up Day! (Not perfect for juniors, sorry guys. For some help, I suggest making some allies as described in number 8. Good luck out there, you’ll need it) 8. Ok so picture this: The air is hot, your hair is up in that smokin’ hot PE cap that you totally remembered to bring today and certainly did not borrow from the lost property box because you were already on 2 strikes and Mrs Geerdink had already threatened you with a lunch time detention. You’re running heart health past Eddie’s in the glory of the tea towel shorts.

9. I bet you’re loving your winter skirt now. Take a look. Three words: maroon on maroon. Need I say more?



The Land of a Million Elephants and I A World Challenge Story


oth Laos and Thailand have historically been known as the ‘Land of a Million Elephants’.

Clouds settle in Thailand

Photographs courtesy of Catalina Ringrose-Voase


During November and December 2013, the St Clare’s World Challenge Expedition travelled to Thailand and Laos where they discovered a diverse culture that was very different to the idyllic tourist haven usually depicted. More so, we were exposed to a world of social upheavals. Politically, Thailand is a very complex country, constantly in turmoil. The first rule we were taught was: never insult the king. The king of Thailand still has complete power over his subjects, although Thailand theoretically is a democracy with a Prime Minister. Political activists in Thailand consist of 2 main groups; the revolutionaries itching for change which does not include the king or the military (typical Communists and Anarchists), or complete dedicated patriots who do not believe in the military or government. Alternatively, there is a third party of royalists who support the king and government. Last year there was substantial media discussion and debate about Thailand’s politics after the fatal shooting of a man at Democracy Square. Fun fact: Our World Challenge group was in Bangkok when this happened, staying less than 200 metres away from Democracy Square. Being amongst the protesting was almost completely, safe. Most people found it concerning walking through this square every morning (before and after the shooting). Personally, I found it exhilarating. I was part of something; I was not exactly sure what, but it something exciting.

By Molly Turnbull

Arguably Laos is politically more stable in terms of having an agreed notion of communism. Images of Che Guevara were plastered everywhere, on motorcycles, taxis, and park walls. However, most members of the group didn’t share my views on how exciting it was to be in a communist country. In spite of spending more than half our time in rainforest, jungle and rural areas, the wildlife seen by the group was minimal. Perhaps, one of the most beautiful and raw moments of the trip was seeing elephants whilst whitewater rafting in the Mekong River. As we travelled by truck, elephants reached out their trunks to us and came close enough to touch. But, the most inspiring moment came when we went whitewater rafting. We had just experienced and survived, one of the challenging and powerful rapids, where we almost lost our guide. We were slowly drifting around the river bend, when we encountered elephants playing and bathing in the river. In addition, the elephants, we saw tiny tree snakes curled into little nooks and crannies, squirrels, and a monkey cruelly kept in a cage outside a diplomatic house. This made the uncomfortable and cruel ape and monkey ads on TV very real, enabling us to understanding better the real threat of extinction of so many beautiful species. In a village we visited in the Nam Bak District of Central Laos, we saw how education was a precious gift to some. Some kids we played with were able to attend school and others not. The most

interesting example were two brothers called Soulepon and Louie. These two brothers, aged about 8 and 10, lived on the outskirts of the village. The local primary school in the area is the only one to offer English as a second language. However, the cost to send kids to extremely expensive. There is a uniform, stationery and book fee in addition to the tuition fee. Due to financial restraints, Soulepon’s and Louie’s family could only afford to send one child to school, and one of these boys was most likely needed at home for other duties. It later became clearer that these brothers were actually attending school but swapping clothes at lunch time, and spending half the day at school and the other half at home. In the village we also witnessed how women are still regarded as second class citizens and are treated with less respect than men. At the building project we were involved in, the group was unable to participate in some of the construction work due to men who were running the construction site. Some of the statements included ‘women can’t do anything’, and ‘let me do that, women cannot do a good job’. We were then reduced to shovelling dirt for the entire community project. The treatment of women in South-East Asian society is nothing to compare to that of women in Middle Eastern countries, such as Afghanistan. This raised the issue of the treatment of women. As girls and women, we should not only look at life in Laos and think how lucky we are, but we should also think about how we can change this and realise that women are not treated with equality in most countries including our own.

In a general holiday sense, the group enjoyed the freedom given by World Challenge to plan our own accommodation, food, transport and the itinerary. We also enjoyed the teacher and student relationships that were built, and the trek. Even though it was very physically challenging and demanding the end result was immensely rewarding. Accompanying teacher, Sepi Hawke commented on the view as ‘beautiful’, and ‘breathtaking’. However, the most rewarding part of the trip was the interaction with the kids in the village. Most of the kids didn’t have much but were willing to give us everything. World Challenge provides an opportunity for students to truly experience independence, group unity, and witness the tragic reality of poverty, social inequalities and political unrest within developing countries around the world. At this point in time, I am reminded of the quote from the Secret Life of Walter Mitty: ‘To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life’. We all should dare to be adventurous and inspire change within our own and others’ lives, conquering social inequalities around the world.



Top 5 Canteen Foods

By Clementine Wraith

Whether you get to school without eating breakfast, run out of the house without packing lunch or just have a few dollars left over from the weekend, the canteen is always there to help. Out of the multitude of delicious foods they sell, many are hailed as, “like, the best thing ever,” by students. But is there a general consensus as to which food is the favourite? This list is the five best foods at our canteen, as voted by fellow students.






I get it. The wedges were better at the old canteen. You’ve all been very vocal about that. But this doesn’t change the fact that the new wedges are delicious. While they have been downsized in recent years, they’re still definitely worth the money.


These things rock. The vanilla-flavoured chocolate-chip cupcakes manage to make chocolate even better. If you’re lucky, the top might even be a little bit crispy and you all seemed to love them. I’m definitely on team cupcake for the muffin versus cupcake debate, so these are perfect. What’s even better, they’re not going to cost you an arm and a leg, which is great for people without jobs or spend their time hanging out at Woden.

So, on a beautiful Monday while I was on a free, I stopped by the canteen to see if there was any hot food left. Another senior was already at the window, preordering two donuts so she wouldn’t miss out on Friday. That’s right; ordering a whole 5 days in advance. If that doesn’t stand testament to how good these things are, I don’t know what does. Friday at the canteen has officially been dubbed Donut Fridays. Get in quick, because those donuts sell faster than any other food on a Friday.



It was love at first sight. What could be more perfect than pizza? With the rich tomato sauce, the stringy cheese… Alright, I might be getting carried away, but with perfectly good reason, right? There’s something about our canteen’s pizza that makes it different from Domino’s. Maybe it’s a bit of pixie dust? Or perhaps it’s just the fact that we can eat pizza at school? If that doesn’t make you realise how far we’ve come from our cavemen ancestors, I don’t know what does.



With the perfect crunch to warm you up on a cold winter morning, these lovelies have come in at number 1. with good reason, of course. They’re cheap, they’re filling, and they’re vegetables (and we all know how delicious vegetables are). Really, we should all be grateful for how many ways we can eat potatoes with these probably being the best. So to the canteen ladies we say thank you so, so much for making these delicious golden perfections.


A Mass Following

By Katelyn Tsipiras and Megan Braido

The Catholic Church is steeped in historic tradition, having survived through war, famine, plague and even treachery. But nothing could prepare them for Generation & Z. Today’s youth are leaving the Church because, well ....we’re bored. As soon as the priest pulls out ‘transubstantiation’ or ‘ecumenical’, the majority of the congregation under the age of 18 are either sleeping or Snap Chatting. The Church needs embrace new technologies. And what better place to put on a new face for the new age than social media? So why wait in a line, when you can talk to a priest online? No need to brag, post an #ashtag! (#coolcatholic) And when you can’t cope, follow the Pope! (on Twitter of course…). Here, we explore the new ways the Church is reaching out all Catholics, old and young.


Ask a Priest… Online!

“Ashtag, Quick! Jump in the selfie!” On these instructions, the whole of St Clare’s posed for the camera for the #ashtag., an online platform for Catholics, allows people to share and connect internationally. It is a onestop-shop for everything Catholic, with calendars, news, information, even a diocese locator. But certainly is not alone in the Catholic info genre. The official Vatican website even has its own country domain extension. But what’s really interesting about these sites isn’t the PDF copy of the Catechism, but the option to talk to a priest online. There is even a Facebook group, ‘Ask a Catholic Priest’ set up specifically for this purpose. This abundance of online forums and information sites is definitely a convenient, albeit unconventional, way to seek spiritual wisdom.

Social Media today has changed the way Christians proclaim the Gospel. Twitter, a social media website, is best known for tweeting short messages and finding an excuse to use a #. Started in 2009, the #ashtag was met with little success but became a global sensation in 2014 with the slight modification of ‘that selfie’. (#ellenisawesome) This year on Ash Wednesday, many Christians took a selfie and uploaded it to Twitter with the hashtag Ashtag (#Ashtag) or #AshWednesday. This is a modern twist on Christian proclamation and piety, encouraging people to learn more about their faith and spirituality.

Papal Twitter The reign of Katy Perry and Justin Bieber on the Twitter throne may soon be contested by an evangelical army led by the Pontifex himself. Initiated by Pope Benedict XVI in 2012, @pontifex has become a global sensation. The new Pope Francis has been quick to assert his predecessor’s Twitter presence - within a year he has quadrupled his number of followers to 12 million. Pope Francis shares the ‘12 million Followers’ trophy with Emma Watson and Paris Hilton, leaving behind Leonardo DiCaprio, and Carly Rae Jepsen in his holy dust. He posts regularly in six languages, including Latin, and his posts are read by an estimated 60 million. TBTW; The name ‘Pontifex’ is Latin for ‘Highest Priest’.



5 Places You Wished You’d Heard of Sooner

Searching for your next holiday destination? Nothing seems to quite catch your eye? Well look no further, because here are five destinations that should definitely be on your bucket list.

Smart Traveller Status: What are you waiting for? Keep your wits about you Maybe not today.....

By Caitlyn Baljak While still technically a part of Asia, Yemen is a small, Arabic nation off the North Eastern tip of Africa. Yemen is rich in heritage and culture as well as being home to some unique flora. While the Australian government has issued a ‘do not travel’ status due to the highly volatile political climate and risk of terror attacks, Yemen is home to some strikingly beautiful sights. So, if you do ever decide to brave the dangers and check things out, Socotra Island (approximately 380km off the south-east coast) is a must see. An estimated one third of the plant life found on Socotra can’t be found anywhere else on the planet. Its isolation has resulted in evolutionary oddities such as the dragon’s blood tree (these appear almost upside down), the cucumber tree (guess what shape?) and an abundance of rare fish that reside in the surrounding coral reefs. Did I mention that it’s surrounded by pristine white sand and the turquoise Indian Ocean?

Made up of 1246 islan ds, Croatia is famous for its beau tiful, Mediterranean coastli ne. Heritage listed cities, relaxing on the beach and the wonderful people, (#myancestry) a holiday to this Euro pean beauty will make for an exciting and diverse time. My recommended de stination is about 10km from the Bosn ia-Herzegovina boarder in the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The collection of sixteen azure lakes see over a milli on visitors per year and are conside red to make up some of the top five most beautiful waterfalls in the world .


Croatia Population: 4.2 millio n Continent: Europe Official language: Cro atian Smart Traveller status : Top Attraction: Plitvice Lakes

Yemen Population: 23.8 million Continent: Asia Official language: Arabic Smart Traveller status: Top Attraction: Socotra Island

The Principality of Sealand is a ‘country’ located in the middle of the English Channel. Originally used by the British as a sea fort to shoot down German missiles, Sealand has a rich history. Ok, let’s be honest, it’s essentially a concrete slab in the middle of the ocean, inhabited by the ‘royal family’ (a bunch of crazies). Physically, there is nothing appealing about this dingy piece of helipad, however the reason I’ve pick this destination is for one thing; for the right price, you can become a lady, countess, baroness or knight; that’s right, from now on, people will have to call you ‘sir’.

Sealand Population: 50+ Continent: Europe Official Language: English Smart Traveller status: Top Attraction: Identity cards

A brilliantly colourful country situated in South-East Asia, Burma is brimming with wonderful attractions. It experiences some pretty crazy weather during cyclone season (April to October), so be prepared for extreme flooding if you plan on going then. Bagan (where these temples are located) is an ancient city that once contained 10,000 Buddhist temples, 2,200 of which still remain today. The best way to see these magnificent structures is from a beautiful hot air balloon, however, if heights aren’t your thing, there are plenty of ground-based tours to run around on.

and a Bolivia is rich with multiculturalism uages. massive list of official indigenous lang th A prime example of a soccer crazy Sou and ant vibr a American nation, Bolivia has accommodating atmosphere. square Salar de Uyuni stretches for 10,582 salt flat. est larg ld’s wor kilometres and is the as far as hing Because there is literally not r Sala at s the eye can see, whenever it rain vab elie le de Uyuni, the sky is reflected in unb with detail. Some people get really creative hard it’s ; lake salt their photo-taking at the n to believe that Photoshop hasn’t bee t is wha in used. What pose would you strike essentially the world’s largest mirror?


(Myanmar) Population: 61.1 million Continent: Asia Official Language: Burmese Smart Traveller status: Top Attraction: The Bagan Temples

Bolivia Population: 10.4 million Continent: South America Official Language: Spanish Smart Traveller status: Top Attraction: Salar de Uyuni (also known as the world’s largest salt flat)



A Smile is a Curve

that sets everything straight

It is widely believed that people smile because they are happy, but, in fact, it might be the other way around. The idea that facial expressions are not just a visible sign of emotion but actually contribute to the feeling itself, was first suggested by Charles Darwin. This is now thought to be true! Studies have shown that genuinely smiling can put you in a happier mood because when you smile, certain muscles relax and tighten which raises or lowers the temperature of blood running to the brain. These temperature changes affect the area of the brain that controls emotion and make you feel happier! But smiling can help you in all aspects of your life! A study was done on a group of women for 30 years and showed that women who displayed genuinely 12 SEEKER

By Catherine Langron

happy smiles in their college yearbook photo went on to have happier marriages and greater wellbeing than those who didn’t. Smiling over the long term can benefit your health, social and work life. You can communicate that you are confident, outgoing, approachable, trustworthy and worth getting to know. Everyone can smile; scientists believe that babies are born with the ability to smile, since even blind babies can smile. So, with so many benefits to smiling, why not try? Even when you don’t feel like it, try a smile and you may find that a fake smile becomes genuine! Smile with your eyes, and smile and laugh regularly so that you become comfortable and begin to do it without thinking. Smiling is such a simple way to brighten your day, and because smiles are contagious, it might brighten someone else’s day too!

Did you know that smiling: Boosts the production of endorphins (or “feel good� brain chemicals) which helps relieve stress! Stress narrows our attention but smiling counteracts this helping with multitasking. Those who smile while attempting stressful tasks also have a lower heart rate and a less stressed response than those who keep their natural expressions. As smiling reduces stress, this also helps lessen the chance of having stress related health problems such as; type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

Strengthens your immune system! Smiling relaxes your body which helps the immune system to react more quickly and produce white blood cells to fight illnesses.

Helps you live longer! Studies have shown that frequent smilers are thought to live an average of 79.9 years, while occasional smilers live an average of 75 years and non smilers, 72.9 years

Makes you more attractive. Smiling makes you more attractive to others and brings out your inner beauty!



TOP 10


Life’s too short to take things for granted. I bet most people haven’t even thought about exploring our wonderful and surreal planet. Well you must; our planet has so many beautiful places carved out by nature, yet we are slowly destroying them. You probably haven’t really thought seriously about the damage we have done to this world and there is nothing we can do to stop the Earth from dying, only slow it down. So get out there and see our beautiful world while you still can. There are more than ten places worth seeing but this should give you a good starting point to see the world as it was intended. You might not believe your eyes but I assure you, they are all really places.


The Glow Worms, Waitomo Caves, New Zealand




Known as the ‘Door Way to Hell’ but is actually a natural cave full of natural gas.

Thousands of tiny creatures illuminate this cave, when it is dark. It is a truly breathtaking sight.


Jiuzhaigou Valley, China

The national park is famous for its lakes and waterfalls.



Glen Brittle, Scotland

This a large valley in the Isle of Skye, it is famous for its streams and waterfalls called fairy pools.



Lake Retba, Senegal

This lake is literally pink!! It has the same effect as the Red Sea, which allows people to float.


Pamukkale, Turkey

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Sossusvlei is a salt and clay pan surrounded by high red dunes, located in the southern part of the Namib Desert.


Mount Roraima, South America

Hot springs in the midst of ice and snow.

This mountain is so high up that clouds are created around it, giving the impression the it is floating in the clouds.



Ice Cave in Skaftafell, Iceland

There is lack of air in these caves, which means the glaciers absorb all visible light.

Fly Geyser, Nevada

Okay, I lied this place is man-made but it still is pretty surreal! This was created when drilling of a well.

As Shakespeare says: ““life is too short, so live your life to the fullest…every second of your life just treasure it…” Do the expected and the unexpected, don’t just sit around waiting for the world to come 15 to you, you have to go and get it. SEEKER



By Sarah Smyth

Along with being announced as Australia’s most liveable city, Canberra has many fun and exciting events coming up in 2014. There is something for everyone from music to fashion and everything in between. Go out with friends, enjoy something you’ve never done before and relish some of Canberra’s best events.

Hustle & Scout Twilight Fashion Market An exciting fashion market featuring stalls from 32 designers, makers and collectors. Relish in Australian clothing, jewellery and accessories. When: Saturday 12 April, 3:00pm-8:00pm Where: Nishi Commercial Foyer + Hotel Hotel foyer, NewActon Precinct Price: Pricing will be announced closer to the date (likely to be free!) Website:

Groovin the Moo GTM is an all-ages (however, recommended for 16 years and over) music festival with 23 acts including “The Presets”, “The Naked and Famous” and “Dizzee Rascal”. When: Sunday 27 April, 11:00am to 10:30pm Where: The Meadows, University of Canberra Price: $99.90 (+ Booking Fee) Website:

FASHFEST FASHFEST is Canberra’s biggest annual fashion event showcasing the works of 24 designers who all have their own unique connection to Canberra. FASHFEST features local models, hair stylists, makeup artists and music from Canberran artists and DJs. When: Wednesday 30 April until Saturday 3 May, 8:30pm start Where: Canberra Airport Price: Tickets starting at $67.95 Website:


Handmade Markets The Handmade Markets features a variety of stalls, from stunning jewellery to exquisite food and everything in between. Soak in all the creativity and be inspired to venture into your own DIY activities. When: 7&8 June, 4&5 October, 6&7 December, 10:00am to 4:00pm Where: National Convention Centre Price: Free! Website:

Skate in the City Enjoy Canberra’s only outdoor ice rink. Whether you’ve skated before or not, there’s something for everyone. Go to a night session and enjoy skating to dance music and synchronised lights. When: Friday 20 June until Sunday 27 July Where: Garema Place, Canberra City Price: $17 Website:

Floriade Nightfest Experience Floriade as you never have before. Watch circus performers, eat Ben & Jerry’s and enjoy an illuminated Floriade. When: Wednesday 25 September until Sunday 29 September Where: Commonwealth Park Price: Pricing will be announced closer to the date Website:

Tropfest The world’s largest short film festival comes to Canberra! Watch the 16 finalist short film entries and enjoy a variety of food and live entertainment. When: Sunday 8 December Where: Exhibition Park Price: Free! Website:



Where are they now?

By Chloe Aksenov

Seen her around? Perhaps playing basketball? Since her school days at St Clare’s, Sarah Mcappion now plays for the Canberra Capitals.

Sarah in action

The Canberra Capitals and Sarah (third from right)

Highlights while attending St.Clares?

What did you do once you graduated school?

Definitely the swimming carnivals, the athletics carnivals, dressing up with the houses and the friendships that carry on throughout life. I’m basically with all my Alinda girls still, which is quite nice.

I accepted a scholarship to Troy University in the US, played basketball over there for five years, then finished my uni Degree in Pro-Medicine. Afterwards, I backpacked around Europe which are some of my best experiences. I travelled all over the States and now I’m back here in Canberra, playing for the Caps.

Sports you played while attending St.Clares? Well, I did athletics, cross-country, swimming, touch football, basketball, and hockey. Now I just play basketball. What are some of the themes you had to dress up as for the carnivals? Actually, one of my favourite things was seeing four males cross-dress! Haha. I remember dressing up at St.Clares day as Minnie mouse with my friends. 18 SEEKER

What are some of the highlights in your current career? I guess that would mainly be the start of my professional career in basketball. So, highlights would include finishing my first rookie season and getting to play [for the Canberra Capitals].

The story after high school: Extraordinary ex-students doing extraordinary things

She’s smart, gorgeous and still here! In between teaching students science and PE, Megan Clowry is a prominent and skilled member of the Canberra Darters.

How did you get into Netball? Well my mum played, so did my sister and auntie so I really wanted to get into the sport and try it out. I ended up playing throughout primary school called Saints Netball Club. I started playing for the Belconen Netball Association as all my friends were there. I represented ACT in the under 12s when I was in year 6 then represented then again in the Under 17s team for the ACT. I was able to play in that for two years then I went to Nationals and got to travel around Australia that which was pretty cool. In 2010 I moved onto my Professional Career with the Canberra Darters team and I’ve played in the team for four years since. Have you had any sporting injuries? I’ve injured both my ankle quite a few times. How would you describe St.Clares in three words? Canberra Darters

Spirited Community would be one. Enjoyable learning would be another. There just so many activities and sports here. Friendships too, the ones made at St.Clares. What did you do once you graduated? I went on to university and studied teaching and I became a science teacher while still playing netball.

Two in one: how many St Clare’s teachers can you see?



Just Keep Swimming By Katelyn Tsipiras and Jacinta Evans It was a merry morning when 1200 young women made their way down to Tuggeranong Pool for the prestigious St Clare’s Swimming Carnival of 2014. We dived, swam and flailed through the water for the ultimate prize and the final result came totally unexpected – another victory for Alinda and Japara! It does leave one to wonder whether it is merely coincidental that the starter was a member of Alinda? And the allocater of points, a member of Japara? One thing is undoubtedly true; we have spirit! Check out some cool photos and memorable quotes from the day.


"I am proud! There's lots of spirit and people getting into it with a fun competitiveness" - Jess, Alinda, Sports Captain

“We have all the spirit and the world’s greatest year co-ordinator…” - Mrs Kinnane, Wirana

"It's too long with no breaks. And it's all about winning … it's too much!" - Georgia, Cassie, Lauren and Maddie, Ulamina and Wirana

"I've seen a lot of swimming carnivals in my time, but I have never seen anything like this" - Mrs Bandle, 'neutral'

"Because we've got spirit! Yeah, we do." - Maddie, Natalie, Eliza and Brianna, Japara

“We’re giving it everything we’ve got.” - Caitlin, Makara Captain

"The cake is really good. It's cinnamon." -Mrs (and baby) Goering, Japara

"Take your marks… " - Mr Poole, Alinda "Most of you people like the chips" - Ell, Pool Café

"The water's really nice, yeah, it's perfect. But the blocks are slippery for backstroke. And the flags are confusing." - Sophie, Grace and Tizana, Ulamina and Wirana


Arts and Entertainment

It’s a real


Number 2 - Yes Lord

Yes, I couldn’t call myself proud St Clare’s girl without putting the school song on its rightful place at the top of this list. Nothing quite captures the school spirit as every girl rising to her shaking, pins-and-needles ridden feet to belt out the Hymn to St Clare. And nothing ruins it as much as people clapping a 4th time. Seriously girls, what makes you think that an extra clap is necessary? It’s not, 3 claps are perfectly sufficient to express your love for Jesus. 4 claps is just overkill, and makes everyone awkward. Stop it. 10/10

Has a captain ever left such a profound effect upon the school community as Gemma Armarego’s actions to Yes Lord? The short answer is no, the long answer is hell no. This song is so boppy that if it wasn’t for the fact that about I can’t feel two thirds of my body after roughly 20 minutes of sitting in the gym, I would stand up in the middle of mass and profess my love of God through the power of dance. So I suppose we should all be grateful about the fact we don’t get chairs at mass. That would be very scary. 9.5/10

Number 3 – Jesus, Lover of My Soul

Number 4 –Shout to the Lord

This song is so utterly majestic it could be its own 2-hour musical extravaganza. Don’t even lie, you know that when you think glorious songs, your first thought is that ‘naaaa saven ya baba dis sitty ma’ thing from the Lion King, closely followed by the full-throated magnificence of Shout to the Lord. Sure, you can’t dance to it, but you can sure as hell soar with the eagles and run with the wolves. 10 bucks says the mountains bow down and the seas roar at the sound of this chill as chorus. Have to say though, actually shouting to the Lord seems like a bad life decision. The dude upstairs can smite you in like a second so I’d probably recommend a calm yet assertive tone instead. 8/10

I have never been so conflicted as I was trying to decide whether Jesus, Lover of My Soul deserved number 3 or 2 on this list. Thankfully I prayed for guidance and ultimately decided that though Jesus, Lover of my Soul thoroughly deserves it’s position in my ‘most played’ playlist, the lack of spunky hand actions mean it simply cannot take 2nd place. That said, J, LOMS has to be my personal favourite on this list, largely due to the fact that you can replace literally every lyric with the word ‘watermelon’ and still keep in perfect time with the music (not that I’m promoting such debauchery). Future candidate for music Friday? Yes please. 9/10

Honourable Mention - The Rainbow Song

If I were to start a school petition it would probably be to introduce a senior nap-time, but if I were to start two school petitions, one would totes be to start using this song at mass. It was quite literally the best thing about primary school, and to this day the only reason I can colour in a rainbow correctly. Honestly though the Rainbow Song is a musical masterpiece. “Blue is for the sky and the sea, gifts from God to you and me” is lyrical genius and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. But that said, what’s with that “Underneath God’s beautiful rainbow” bit that gets inexplicably lower every time you sing it until eventually you sound like a very pious Andre the Giant on testosterone pills? 7.5/10

Sarcastically yours, Annie Marsh


Far from overrated, author John Green is so super cool. This guy knows how to put his words together. Not only does he have an amazing contemporary voice but he has an adorable family and is friends with Obama. He runs two YouTube channels with his brother, NerdFighters (with the slogan DFTBA – Don’t Forget to Be Awesome) and Crash Course which will honestly help you study for History, Science or English. It’s amazing.

“ “

Why every one of you should read ‘The Fault in Our Stars’… NOW.

By Holly Williams

The entire book is filled with heart warmers like these… •“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” •“I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend.” •“I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly, and then all at once.” •“You gave me forever within the numbered days” •“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.” Honestly, this book is so beautifully sad, and this is coming from someone who never cries (not even in Titanic). But TFIOS got me and I believe that means it’s really something special and I want all of you to experience that feeling. There is so much wit, love and sadness that it is sometimes hard to get all your emotions together. But it’s an amazing thing and you will come away feeling better for having read it. If you’ve never experienced heartbreak, this will be your first, and if you have then this will also be your first, trust me.

I don’t know about you but I have to read a book before I see the movie. Not to compare what was or wasn’t included, but so I can have a richer understanding of the plot and characters. Also it gives you that bragging right of, “that was different in the book” or “well I read it before it came out, so clearly I love it more”. The movie is set to release on June 5th, but on April 10th you can get familiar with the two main characters as they will be appearing in Divergent as brother and sister (Tris and Caleb) which is slightly awkward. Trust me, you want to jump on this bandwagon before June – it’s going to be a good one.


Arts and Entertainment

Want to read something else? over IOS? Cry y Asher Adored TF asons Why’ by Ja Re man ‘Thirteen Gayle For y b ’ y a t S or ‘If I

Fantasy lovers: try ‘A ngelfall’ by Susan Ee or ‘Gra celing’ by Kirsten Cashore

of ns: have a read Contemporary fa of Everything’ by ‘The Beginning or ‘Fangirl’ by Robyn Schneider Rainbow Rowell

Classic booknerds: pic k up, ‘Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey (it’s going to be a classic) or ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint -Exupery


r a d a R ie v o M 2014 How to Train Your Dragon: 2 Due Out: 19th June About: Hiccup and Toothless are back (am I the only one who is super excited?) It’s been 5 years since dragons and Vikings were united and things are getting pretty chilled which means it’s time for some excitement. On the discovery of a secret ice cave and the mysterious ‘Dragon Rider’, Hiccup and Toothless are once again at the centre of a battle to protect the peace and proving men and dragons can work together. Voices: Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jonah Hill and Cate Blanchett (to name just a few of the amazing voices!) Why You Should See It: Because the first one was amazing and I don’t know how you could disagree. If you haven’t seen it, stop what you’re doing and watch it.


Arts and Entertainment The Maze Runner Due Out: 18th September About: Set in a post apocalyptic world, a young boy wakes up to find his memory has been erased. He has been deposited in maze where he will have to work with other’s who are also trapped, to find a way out and what is going on. Cast: Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf), Will Poulter (Narnia), Thomas Sangster (Nanny McPhee) and Kaya Scodelario (Skins) Why You Should See It: Good book, good cast, good story.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 Due Out: 20th November About: While it is unknown where they will be splitting the book, it is clear that this movie will focus on Katniss finding herself in District 13 after she quite literally shattered the Games. This first part will definitely set up the rebellion of the districts with Katniss at the centre fighting for Peeta and a better world. Cast: JLaw, JLaw, JLaw oh and a little of Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson Why You Should See It: You should all definitely already be on this bandwagon. If you’re not then, it’s time (probably keep it on the down low if you haven’t seen/read it). Oh man, it’s going to be intense! 26 SEEKER

AUSSIE ISSUES As a foreigner to this weird and wacky country there are a couple of things that I still don’t quite get... For instance, the fact that you willingly subject yourselves to the torture of eating Vegemite. It was forced upon me one lunch time and I still haven’t quite recovered!

By Lottie Twyford (Resident Kiwi)

I searched far and wide for the weirdest collection of Aussie slang. Wonder if anyone actually says it? Dunny=Toilet *Actually, probs Huffy puffy=Cardio this guy Tizzed up=Dressed up Zip your lip=Shut up Welcome mat=Back hair Crack of sparrows=Morning

Lets discuss thongs now.... I mean really. Call them flip flops, slappies, slide-ons, jandals yes! But thongs, no, just no! DROP BEARS!! You honestly had me convinced that they were real! Every time I went for a walk, I was waiting for one to fall out of a tree. Well, nobody thought to end the joke and so it was only the other day that I discovered the truth. Drop bears are jokes you feed to all the foreigners!

But most of all, I am most shocked that not a single person has actually said “G’day mate” to me yet! Until that happens I’m afraid Australia remains a mystery to me!

SCC TRENDSETTER We’ve scoured the corridors for the two hottest trends that are making an reappearance this year: 1. The Return of the Braid

2. The Dress Length Alterations

You may have noticed that a strange event is occurring; the braids we all wore when we were five are now back:

So once again this year, new ways of getting those dresses up above the knee have arisen. The first is the well known, tied around the waist jumper. As well as shortening the length it also adds really attractive bunching around the thighs and the puffing at the shoulders.

So this got me thinking, what else will be returning from when we were five? Heelys You know those shoes that we all always wanted-all the cool kids had them! I mean what’s better then being able to slide around on your heels? Rolling down of the school socks If you didn’t wear ankle socks, you had to go for the roll, or risk losing your reputation!

Yes, very attractive....

The other lesser known way is to tuck the dress inwards. Be warned though, this is only for the hardcore dress shorteners and you risk displaying innappropriate areas of your body......


Arts and Entertainment

for you


By Jacinta and Angie


SELFIE COM If you’re feeling holy....


...or a little bit sunburnt.... 30 SEEKER

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Happy Snapping! 31 SEEKER

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