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Student Handbook i

Principal’s Welcome Welcome to St Clare’s College where we have been welcoming students for more than 50 years. St Clare’s College is an inclusive, caring, Catholic community where learning is valued and students are given opportunities to grow in all dimensions of their life. Modelled on the life and teachings of Jesus and inspired by the example of St Clare in its policies and practices, the College is committed to providing a safe and empowering environment for all students. The College offers a strong academic program as well as a number of vocational courses in Years 11 and 12. In Years 7 and 8 the Foundation Studies Program enables all students to experience a wide range of courses to provide a sound basis for making future academic decisions. The Pastoral Care Program promotes the spiritual and social development of students as well as supporting their learning needs. The social justice, volunteering and outreach programs are key focus areas for the St Clare’s community. Student leadership has a high profile in the College through the Student Representative

Council and the strong House system. There are many opportunities for students to participate in extra–curricular activities that complement the academic program including: debating, drama, dance, music, a wide range of sports and leadership development programs. The College has professional dedicated staff who have the best interest of the students at heart. The staff maintain their currency in teaching and learning by attending professional learning workshops and conferences on a yearly basis. We look forward to a long association with all of our families and hope that your time at St Clare’s College is enjoyable and rewarding. Brad Cooney, Principal


Key Dates For 2019 Term 1 Year 7, Year 11 and College Leaders commence

4 February

New students, Years 8–12

4 February

All continuing students (Years 8, 9, 10 and 12)

5 February

Moderation Day

5 March

Canberra Day (Public holiday)

11 March

Term 1 ends

12 April

Term 2 All students return

29 April


16 to 24 May

Reconciliation Day (Public holiday)

27 May

Queen’s Birthday (Public holiday)

10 June

Senior Exams

11 to 14 June

Years 9 and 10 Exams

19 to 21 June

Term 2 ends

5 July

Term 3 All students return

22 July

Moderation Day

8 August

St Clare’s Day

16 August

AST Exams

3 to 4 September

Term 3 ends

27 September

Term 4


All students return

14 October

Year 12 Breakfast and Farewell Assembly

15 November

Senior Exams

18 to 22 November

Year 10 Exams

26 to 29 November

Year 12 Graduation Mass and Ceremony

5 December

Year 10 Last Day

6 December

Year 12 Formal

6 December

Community Day

12 December

Year 7–11 Mass and Awards Ceremony

13 December

Term 4 ends for Years 7–9

13 December

Important Contacts College Reception 6260 9400

Executive Principal

Brad Cooney

Assistant Principal Curriculum and Assessment

Dearne Marrapodi

Assistant Principal Pastoral Care

Natalie Dickie

Assistant Principal Staffing and Administration

Bridget Bandle

Business Manager

Julie Fitzgerald

Principal’s Executive Assistant and Enrolment Officer

Lynore Clarkson

Curriculum Coordinators Religious Education

Maryellen Moore

Arts and Languages

Vanessa Johnson


Manette Johnson

Inclusive Education Coordinator

Belinda Maher

Information Communication Technology

Juliette Major

Learning Commons Coordinator

Renee Jones


Beth Bright

Mission and Ministry Coordinator

Marie Manning

Physical Education and Health

Patrick Elliott


Janet Worontschak

Study of Society and Environment (SOSE)

Nathan Tyler

Teaching and Learning Coordinator

Lisa Summerville

Technologies (Acting)

Anthony Maas

Vocational Education Training (VET) Coordinator

Kai Mohell

Pastoral Coordinators Year 7 Renee MacDonald

Year 10 Trish Brown

Year 8 Kathy Kinnane

Year 11 and 12 Kym Darmody

Year 9 Josh McGrath (Acting) Emailing staff members is easy if you know their name. The format for email addresses is


Bell Times Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday Period 1


Period 2




Period 3


Period 4


Pastrol Care


Lunch 1


Lunch 2


Period 5


Period 6






Period 1


Period 2




Period 3


Period 4


Pastrol Care


Lunch 1


Lunch 2


Period 5


Period 6




People who can help you One of the best things about belonging to the St Clare’s community is that there are always lots of people willing to help. Whether it is a difficulty related to your homework or a concern about a friend.

First Aid The parents of students with particular medical conditions (eg allergies) are required to lodge a Management Plan in writing. This will ensure the appropriate management and care of students whilst attending the College. Students requiring prescription medication at school (including Paracetamol), are required to provide the First Aid Officer with the medication clearly marked with her name and a letter from her parent/guardian. This letter must specify the dosage, the time when the medication is to be taken and the authority for the First Aid Officer to provide the medication to the student.

Pastoral Care Leader Your Pastoral Care Leader is your guide and mentor. The role of the Pastoral Care Leader is to: →→ monitor attendance, conduct, uniform, homework and progress

→→ counsel (advise/motivate) students regarding program choices, progress and general welfare →→ consult subject teachers on individual student progress, conduct and welfare →→ communicate with home regarding student programs, performance, welfare, problems, etc →→ advise the Pastoral Coordinator of special circumstances with respect to individual students.

Pastoral Coordinator The Pastoral Coordinator is responsible for the entire Year group. They develop positive morale in the teachers and students in the Year level and foster and maintain an atmosphere of genuine pastoral care of all the students. Students can make an appointment to see the Pastoral Coordinator.


Subject Teachers Subject teachers are always willing to give you extra help with any aspect of what is being covered in class. If you are having trouble understanding the concepts, tackling assignments, meeting deadlines, relationships with other students or needing an extra challenge, please speak to them so that they can help.

Wellbeing and Diversity Team The Wellbeing and Diversity Team will be able to help you if you are having trouble keeping up with the academic demands. Often it is just a matter of getting you started on an assignment or helping you to revise for a test. See the staff in the Flexible Learning Centre (FLC) if you need assistance. The FLC is open every lunchtime for all students. There is always a teacher on duty to assist you with anything you are having difficulty with, including assignments. This is a very valuable resource! Students with special needs or gifts and talents are extended and supported in mainstream classrooms. Students with learning difficulties or students who are experiencing difficulties with their studies are encouraged to access homework assistance in the FLC at lunchtimes. The Wellbeing and Diversity Team also runs a Cross Age Tutoring Program for students requiring extra tuition.

Faculty Coordinators Each subject has a Faculty Coordinator who is responsible for the curriculum and wellbeing of students in their subject area. Students are always welcome to approach the Faculty Coordinator if they have concerns about a subject. Issues such as extensions for assignments or your assessment are just a couple of the things that they may be able to help you with.

Assistant Principal

Curriculum and Assessment The Assistant Principal Curriculum and Assessment is responsible for curriculum, assessment, reporting and pedagogy at St Clare’s College.


At any stage throughout your time at St Clare’s you are welcome to discuss your academic studies and progress with the AP Curriculum and Assessment.

Assistant Principal Pastoral Care

The Assistant Principal Pastoral Care is responsible for the pastoral care and positive behaviours of all students in the school. They ensure that all students are safe, happy and productive. The Pastoral Coordinator may refer students to the Assistant Principal Pastoral Care.

Counsellors The Counsellors provide a confidential service to all students in the school. Counsellors are registered with CatholicCare. Students may make an appointment by writing an email requesting an appointment or dropping by at recess or lunchtime if the counsellor is free or asking your Pastoral Care Leader, Pastoral Coordinator or parent to make an appointment for you. Students can email the counsellors at

Defence School Mentor Students of Defence Service families have the support of a Defence School Mentor who is located at the College on a part–time basis. They provide individual and group support as needed and can be contacted on 6260 9421.

Aboriginal Contact Teacher The Aboriginal Contact Teacher provides support to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. This may come in the form of academic assistance, cultural awareness programs and building relationships with the College and wider community.

Where should I go if...

I lose something? The Student Administration Office houses lost property.

I am late to school? Every student who is late to school needs to report to the Student Administration Office.

I need to print or photocopy something? There are computers with printers in the Learning Commons. There is also a photocopier in the Learning Commons. Students will not be permitted to print work during class time.

I get hurt? Sick Bay is located in the Front Reception area.

I forget to bring my lunch? Student Administration can provide a Lunch Voucher for use in the school cafeteria.

I have a question about my subjects or electives? Talk to your teacher first and they will refer you to the Faculty Coordinator, Teaching and Learning Coordinator or Assistant Principal Curriculum and Assessment.

I need a quiet place to pray or meditate? The Chapel is available to students for silent personal prayer, reflection and meditation. Please speak to the Mission and Ministry Coordinator or Religious Education Coordinator if you wish to use the Chapel. Mass is celebrated in the Chapel by classes on a rotational basis.

If I have a useful suggestion? If you have a suggestion that you think will benefit the school community see your Pastoral Care Captain or the Student Representative Council (SRC) member in your year group.


General Information Cafeteria The Cafeteria is operated by Metro Canteen and is open from 8.15am serving breakfast, recess and lunch. Amenu can be requested from the Cafeteria Manager.

Learning Commons The Learning Commons is open to all students from 8.00am–4.30pm Monday to Friday. Students may borrow a maximum of ten books at a time. Our Learning Commons is a resource centre that offers you access to books, subject based publications, photocopiers and printers, computers and online databases. Our Teacher Librarians are always there to help you with your research. While our Learning Commons is designed as a learning centre it can also be a pleasant place to sit and read quietly outside of school hours.

Lockers and Padlocks Students will be issued with a numbered locker and a combination padlock on their first day. The combination padlock will be charged to School Fees.

Parking Limited parking is available near the main entrance for parents and guests. Special traffic arrangements are in place between 8.00–9.30am and 3.00–4.00pm along McMillan Crescent. Parents dropping off or collecting students are asked to use the circular driveway near Reception, not the Staff Car Park.

School Bus Services St Clare’s College is serviced by Transport Canberra (ACTION), QCity Transit and Transborder buses. If you live in the ACT then you are able to find


your bus route through the Transpot Canberra website: If you live in NSW then you are able to find your service through the QCity website or Transborder website

School Fees Information regarding School Fees can be obtained from our website

Student Administration Student Administration will assist you to sign in if you are arriving at school late and will explain the process if you need to leave school during the day. Please bring your absence explanation note to Student Administration if you have been away from school for any reason.

Student Diary All students are issued with a Student Diary at the start of the academic year. This contains relevant information about College Policies and Procedures. The Student Diary is also used by students to plan their Assessment Schedules.

College Uniform

Uniform and Personal Presentation

→→ hair is to be tidy at all times and of a natural colour as extreme styles or colour changes are not permitted

Students are required to understand and adhere to our presentation requirements:

→→ junior students are not permitted to wear makeup or nail polish

→→ facial piercings are NOT permitted at St Clare’s College

→→ senior students may wear discreet makeup and/or discreet nail polish

→→ a pair of small studs or sleepers may be worn in the ear

The College uniform requirements are listed on the following pages. The recommended supplier is Savvy School and Formalwear.

→→ a discreet chain with a religious symbol may be worn around the neck →→ other rings, earrings, brooches, necklaces or decorations may not be worn with the uniform and may be confiscated if worn


Junior Summer Uniform Years 7–10 →→ St Clare’s dress (length below knee) →→ St Clare’s maroon jumper →→ St Clare’s blazer →→ Traditional leather lace-up, black school shoes – no platforms, raised heels, boots, ballet flats or sport shoes →→ White socks without logo (covering ankle) →→ St Clare’s maroon school bag →→ St Clare’s broad-brimmed hat (optional – available at the College

Junior Winter Uniform Years 7–10 →→ St Clare’s plaid skirt (length below knee) →→ St Clare’s grey pants* (optional), with black belt if required →→ St Clare’s long sleeved blue blouse →→ St Clare’s maroon jumper →→ St Clare’s blazer →→ Traditional leather lace-up, black school shoes – no platforms, raised heels, boots, ballet flats or sport shoes →→ Black or grey stockings; or white, black or grey socks (covering ankle – black and grey socks are only to be worn with the winter pants only) →→ St Clare’s maroon school bag →→ Scarves – navy, maroon grey or black →→ St Clare’s winter soft shell jacket (optional – to be worn outside school only or for sport) →→ St Clare’s broad-brimmed hat (optional – available at the College)

Senior Summer and Winter Uniform Years 11–12 →→ St Clare’s plaid skirt (length below knee) →→ St Clare’s grey pants* (optional), with black belt if required →→ St Clare’s white shirt →→ St Clare’s blue jumper →→ St Clare’s blazer


→→ Traditional leather lace-up, black school shoes – no platforms, raised heels, boots, ballet flats or sport shoes →→ Black or grey stockings; or white, black or grey socks (covering ankle – black and grey socks are only to be worn with the winter pants only) →→ St Clare’s maroon school bag →→ Scarves – navy, maroon, grey or black →→ St Clare’s broad-brimmed hat (optional – available at the College)

Sports Uniform All students →→ St Clare’s sport polo →→ St Clare’s sport shorts →→ St Clare’s tracksuit pants →→ St Clare’s soft shell jacket (optional – to be worn outside school only or for sport) →→ White socks without logo (covering ankle) →→ White soled gym shoes →→ St Clare’s sport bag →→ St Clare’s sport hat

Uniform Free Days and Themed Charity Days Uniform Free Days are held occasionally at the College to support charity and social justice work. The College expects that all students will dress appropriately on these days. Appropriate uniform and footwear (fully covered–in footwear, no thongs, sandals or ballet flats) must be worn for lessons in workshops, kitchens, laboratories and physical education. Inappropriate clothing/accessories include such items as: →→ midriff tops, plunging, low and inappropriate necklines →→ inappropriate slogans on clothing or bags →→ excessive jewellery, including earrings →→ thongs or slip on sandals * If you would prefer the winter pants as an option they can be purchased through NNT Uniforms (please allow 10 – 14 working days for delivery).

Communication with Parents College Newsletter – Tidings Regular communication with parents is via the College Newsletter, Tidings. It contains general items of interest, items from different faculty areas and any announcements that are important to parents. The College sends the newsletter to the family email address. For essential information and the most up to date news about College events and activities please refer to our website.

Correspondence Periodically letters and emails are sent home, alerting families to particular matters of concern, or items of interest from the Pastoral Coordinator or the Principal’s Executive Assistant.

Throughout the Semester subject teachers and Faculty Coordinators provide communication to families regarding the relevant unit of study for each semester for each year group, student progress, assessment submission and results, and curriculum related excursions.

College Board The College Board is an advisory board which assists the College Executive to review such matters as the College budget, curriculum policies, student welfare policies, educational policies and parent support processes. Selection processes for parent representatives are detailed on the College website.


Extracurricular Opportunities What other opportunities are there for me outside of the classroom? Here are just a few of the opportunities provided at St Clare’s College:

Performing Arts



The Chorale

ACT Debating Competition


Private Music Tutors Scheme

Australian Schools Mathematics, English and Science Competitions


The Chamber Ensemble The Combined Schools Band

Creative Fashion Parade College Musical Tournament of the Minds Speaking Competitions

Clubs SWITCH Club Science/STEM Club

Writing Competitions

Charities St Vincent de Paul Project Compassion House Charities

School Service Tour Guides Environment Committee Student Representative Council Pastoral Care Captain


Soccer Hockey And many more! Throughout the year the College has many sporting opportunities that your daughter can be a part of. Information regarding opportunities to participate in sports teams is provided throughout the school year via daily messages on the College monitors.

Attendance Absences

Leave During the Day

The College will notify parents if a student is absent by SMS message. This number will be the mobile number listed for Guardian A (mother, female guardian) on the enrolment form. Parents are asked to contact the College if they would like to make a change or add another number.

If a student leaves during the day for an appointment she must:

On the day of an absence a parent/guardian can call 6260 9494 and leave a message before 9.00am to ensure the student record is up to date and no SMS message will be sent. Students are asked to explain all absences and lateness in writing by using the Absent Note (a copy can be found on the College website under the Publications and Forms section) or via email to

Lateness If a student arrives late to school she must sign in at Student Administration. A note explaining her lateness must be written by a parent/guardian and given to Student Administration the following day.

→→ Bring a note from her parent/guardian to Student Administration. →→ Sign back in at Student Administration upon her return from the appointment.

Extended Leave — 5 days or more Parents are required to request Approval of Leave from the Principal if the student will be out of the College for five (5) days or more. Request for leave forms can be completed on the College website under the Publications and Forms section. After completion, the form can be emailed (or given) to the Principal for approval.


Senior Students With parental approval (given in writing by parent or guardian at the beginning of each school year), Years 11 and 12 students may leave the school grounds if they do not have scheduled lessons.

Senior Leave Leave for holidays will not normally be approved in Years 11 and 12. To meet ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies requirements and assist our students to plan, the College has a system for senior leave requests. A form has been designed that enables a student to seek leave from the College and provide the Principal with information about how she will manage scheduled assessment tasks and missed course content during the absence. Prior to requesting leave, students are required to discuss their assessment/s and missed course content with their teachers. They can type all information directly into the Senior Leave Request and Assessment Arrangements Form. The form is printed for signature by individual teachers and a parent or carer prior to submitting to the Principal for his consideration.


Once the leave is approved and the student and parent informed, the form will be given to the Student Attendance Officer who will record the details and inform the student’s teachers. Students or parents can obtain the form from the College Website.

Senior Agreement All senior students are bound by the expectations listed in the Senior Agreement form. The agreement is signed by the student and the parent/guardian at the start of the school year.

Senior Study and Senior Focus Days Senior Focus days are published in the College Calendar. Attendance on this day is compulsory for students. A Senior Study Day is granted when parent permission is provided. Students may study on or off campus. If studying on campus, all College expectations must be followed including wearing the College uniform.

Information Communication Technology

What is the Student Intranet? The Student Intranet is our internal internet. Here you can find lots of information about St Clare’s that you may need throughout your school life.

How do I log on to the College computers? At the beginning of the year you will participate in network orientation sessions in which you will be guided through everything you need to know about the College network. To log in you need to enter your network username and password. These will be given to you at the first orientation session. You will be shown how to change your password during the session.

How do I access my files when I am at home, or from my own device? To access your files from the College network you need to use the following procedure: →→ Access the College website →→ Click on the words “St Clare’s Login” at the top of the St Clare’s website home page. Then select the STCC Portal Login. Click on it, or alternatively go direct to →→ Enter your network user name and password. →→ You will then be able to access the same files that you can see from the College computers.


What is SEQTA? Our College’s electronic learning platform is called SEQTA, which you can access through the student portal). You can access everything you need in SEQTA from the College computers, your own device or from home via the Internet. You login with your network user name and password. Your teachers will load your Unit Assessment Outlines, Assessment Items and other resources on to SEQTA for each of your subjects.

Email Etiquette Remember to be polite and appropriate when using school email. Any swearing, nasty comments or bullying is not accepted. School email can be monitored and there are consequences for inappropriate emails. Students are not permitted to send whole school or year group emails.

Can I access my email from my own device or from home? To access emails. →→ Click on the words “St Clare’s Login” at the top of the St Clare’s website home page. Then select the STCC Portal Login>GroupWise. Click on it, or alternatively go direct to mail. →→ Enter your network user name and password. →→ Click on “GroupWise”.

What do I do if my computer or printer fails? Make sure that you have saved your work carefully! USB storage devices should be used only as a backup and you should always make sure your work is saved to your subject folders on the College network. You will be shown how to do this as part of your network orientation.


If an assignment is due and your printer has failed, you could use a printer in the Learning Commons before school or you could email the task to your teacher. Make sure that you check with your teacher that they received the task. It is not acceptable to request an extension for an assessment task just because your printer or computer has failed.

Assistance IT Support Staff are available to help you from the IT Office with problems connecting your devices to the College network, login problems or issues with the College computers. If you need to see them during class time, you will need a note from your teacher or a student diary signed by your teacher.

Homework and Assignments Homework could include things like working on assignments, reading a novel, completing class work that you did not have time to finish at school, revising class work or studying for a test.

Below are the recommended number of hours per day that students should spend on private study and homework. However, due to the varying rates at which individual students are able to complete work, these figures are suggested as a guide only.

Years 7–8 1–1.5 hours per night Years 9–10 2 hours per night Years 11–12 3 hours per night

How can I stay on top of my homework?

you leave school. If you are at all uncertain, talk to your teacher for clarification. →→ Make sure work for the next day is complete. →→ Plan the use of your time: do not give too much time to any one subject; make sure you leave time for long projects. →→ Aim to finish extended assignments well within the set deadlines in order to give yourself time to cover unexpected difficulties. →→ Do not forget that homework includes revising for tests, organising notes, wider reading, as well as assignment tasks. →→ Students can access homework assistance at lunchtimes in the Flexible Learning Centre.

→→ Start early and avoid late night sessions. →→ Be sure you know what you have to do before


What happens if I am absent on the due date? If you are absent when an assignment is due, contact must be made with your teacher to negotiate submission. In the senior school, a medical certificate from a doctor must be provided.

Work submitted on paper All sheets should be stapled/pinned together. Format: →→ Leave a margin (about 2 cm) on the side of each page. →→ Number each page. If you type your assignment the font needs to be size 12, Arial or Times New Roman. Remember to use the show/hide button (to reveal formatting as you type). If you handwrite your assignment use a black or blue pen. There is no penalty for handwritten work but it needs to be legiable. Type or write on one side of the page only. The assessment task should contain a cover sheet.

How should I correctly present my assignments? Make sure you read over the teacher’s instructions given for the assessment task before you hand it in, and check that you have covered everything required. If in doubt, check with your teacher well before the due date. Always edit your work carefully and check the following before handing it in: →→ spelling of words you are unsure of →→ punctuation, especially full–stops, question marks, commas, colons, semicolons, apostrophes, quotation marks →→ capital letters for people, place, titles of books, films, songs →→ consistent use of tense →→ paragraphing →→ is the language as clear as you can make it and appropriate for formal writing?


→→ check to see that you have not used abbreviations, especially “etc” →→ check to see that you have not used slang →→ have you avoided using “I” or “you” in an essay? Helpful tip: If you read your work aloud, you will find it easier to check punctuation and see that your words make sense.

What will happen if I hand in my assignment late? If you are struggling to complete an assignment or homework on time due to illness or other circumstances you could ask your teacher for an extension, before the due date. There may be penalties for work submitted late. If you have a reasonable request for an extension you need to see your classroom teacher at least three days prior to the due date with a written note from a parent/guardian. A valid reason may be that you missed some school days due to illness.

What do I do if I am not happy with my grade? If you feel that a mark or grade given by a teacher for a piece of work or a complete semester’s work is unfair, then you should take the following steps: →→ You should approach the teacher concerned and ask why that particular mark/grade has been awarded. →→ If, after speaking to the classroom teacher, you still feel that the assessment is unfair, you should speak to the Faculty Coordinator for that subject and ask for a review of the assessment item or unit grade.

Assessment and Reporting What is a Unit Outline and what are they used for?

When do I get my reports and what will they look like?

At the beginning of each semester for each subject, you will receive a detailed Unit Outline which includes:

Mid–Semester Reports are issued at the end of Term 1 and Term 3 and let you and your parents know how you are progressing. At the end of each Semester, you will receive a comprehensive report which indicates your overall results and includes a comment from your Pastoral Care teacher. If you have demonstrated outstanding achievement or effort you may also receive an award. Reports can be accessed by parents on SEQTA.

→→ Content Overview →→ Goals →→ Outcomes →→ Assessment Tasks →→ Due Dates Helpful tip: Copy the Assessment Tasks and Due Dates from your Unit Outline into your Student Organiser and a calendar at home. This will help you stay on top of when your assignments are due. All of your Unit Outlines will be available on SEQTA.

What is a Rubric? With each assignment you will receive a rubric. Your teacher will use the rubric to assess your work. The rubric is given out at the same time as the assignment, so it is a good indication of what you should include in your task. Once your work has been marked, the rubric should explain why you received the results you did.

When are Parent/Teacher Interviews? The precise dates will be written on the College Student Calendar, however, they are generally held in the last two weeks of Term 1 and Term 3. Parents can book interviews online in the week prior to the Parent Teacher Interviews. Parents are able to contact teachers by phone or email at any time if they have any questions or concerns. Emailing staff members is easy if you know their name. The format for email addresses is:


St Clare’s College: Ariel View









17 14

7 1

2 3

15 8 13 9


ar rp

Ca 2 10

Key 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Reception Chapel Hall Clare Wing Chiara Centre Library Placid Wing Wall Wing Assisi Wing


10 Maintenance 11 Gymnasium 12 Tennis Courts 13 Ashley Oval 14 Big Quad 15 Small Quad 16 Clare Lawn 17 Bus Bay

Carpark 3


Level 1 Store Room

Library / Learning Commons Deck

Dining Room CH-1-10

Store Room

Level 0

Trade Training Kitchen CH-1-09


Chiara Centre

Fashion/Tex�les C-1-11

WC Technologies Staffroom


WC P-1-15 P-1-06

Staff Common Room




Science Lab P-0-03

LIFT Physics Lab P-1-09

Prep Room P-1-07

College Hall M-1-02

Visitor Entrance



Art Studio A-0-09 WC Male

Hall Kitchen

English Staffroom

Sick Bay M-1-25 M-1-27

Dance Studio A-1-08


Visitor Parking



Wall Lab W-1-07

Wall Wing

A-0-06 Maths Staffroom



g i Win

Art Studio A-0-07


Child Care Cer�ficate Classroom W-0-05


Art Studio A-0-08

Wall Wing Drama Theatre�e W-0-04



i Win

Maint. Office


Science Lab P-1-05

Media Room W-1-06 W-1-08


Senior Area & Lockers

Dance Studio A-1-05



Drama W-0-02

Science Lab P-1-01

First Aid


Arts & Languages Staffroom


Clare Cafeteria


College Chapel M-1-04

Prep Room P-1-03

Mee�ng Room M-1-19

Science Lab P-0-01

Cafeteria Kitchen

Execu�ve & Student Records

Ceramics Studio A-0-13

Science Lab P-1-11


Student Admin

Toilets Yrs 7,8 & 9


Calming Space

Student Entrance

Main Block




Toilets Yrs 10, 11 & 12


A-1 -0



Clare Wing

Placid Wing

Kitchen 1 C-1-04


Science Lab P-0-04





Print Room C-1-03


Kitchen Prep C-1-06



Placid Lab P-1-25

Science Staffroom


Placid Wing


Kitchen 2 C-1-08



Locker Bay



Cyberspace L-0-10


Clare Wing

C-0-02 Archives



Assisi Lab A-0-01


ic St ore Ro

Music Room 2 A-1-02



Music A-1-04 Music A-1-03

Design Technology A-0-05

Art Studio A-0-02

Level 2 C-2-19

PE Staffroom


Yr 7-9 Coordinators

Change Room 1 G-0-02

Aerobics Room G-0-03


Staff WC


Flexible Learning Centre

Ashley Oval CH-2-02

Change Room 2 G-0-05

Gallery 1


Gallery 2






Clare Wing


SOSE Staffroom


LIFT M-2-02

Main Block


M-2-05 Main Lab 2 M-2-07




Defence Mentor




Wall Wing W-2-06



Religion Staffroom




IT Support Yr 10-12 Coordinators




Main Lab 1 M-2-03



Mee�ng Room M-2-01



Learning Support Staffroom



Main Block

Wall Wing

Clare Wing

Assisi Wing

Chiara Centre


Placid Wing


Music Room 1 A-1-01

ABN: 34 447 289 629

02 6260 9400 | 1 McMillan Crescent Griffith ACT 2603 22

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