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e quarters of the way through the year. Celebrate by reading yet another incredible edition of The Seeker!

2s, they have got a couple more weeks until they’re out in the world as responsible adults. have school, school and more school to look forward to…but not to worry; in this edition ore tips & tricks for thriving in school that aren’t just academically related! Get educated on and email etiquette – important details of the #highSchoolLyfe that some of you might find yourself a little ignorant of.

elivered some quality media reviews; from books (ever find yourself just NOT relating to the gh school scene? Get stuck into some Aussie alternatives) to music (take our quiz to get a just for you) to a YouTube channel (no, it’s not a beauty channel nor a gaming channel).

’s, we like to balance wellbeing across all areas of life – so our articles ‘The art of staying having fun’ and ‘Are you a junk food junky?’ will help you enjoy taking care of your body, ng as an occupation’ will challenge your mind to think deeply about things you’ve never thought about.

ll this quality content, we’ve provided you all with some general but interesting informand your head and give you some random things to bring up at the dinner table. To list a ot the origin of ‘lol’, up-and-coming Aussie Hollywood stars, the shady origin of diamonds, he ANU application system and our article ‘Method to the medieval madness’. We promise there’s something for you all to give a big loud ‘OOOOO’ at.

hankful for the hard work of all our writers, designers and especially Wafa on this edition! It’s a ripper, and you wouldn’t want to miss out. Best wishes, Laura van der Linden

COVER STORY Media Review: Emily Wilson Hussem

A refreshing alternative to boring Catholic Speakers

SCHOOL LIFE The Art of Social Awareness How to peacfully co-exsist in the corridors and on buses

CULTURE Thinking as an Occupation We’ve all heard of philisophy, but what IS it?

HISTORY Method to the Medieval Madness Medival justice practices aren’t as outlandish as you think

LIFESTYLE The Art of Staiyng Healthy While Having Fun Self-care doesn’t have to be a bore

SCHOOL LIFE Hi, Hello, Or Good Morning? Your guide to writting emails


Thinking of ANU? How to make the most of the new system

CURRENT AFFAIRS Blood Diamonds The shameful, shadowed origin of these sparkly jewels

MEDIA REVIEW I Come From a Land Down-Under These Aussie novels are more relateable than you average YA story.

CULTURE Sir Loblolly: The Internet Dictator All about the acronym LOL

CULTURE The Next Generation of Aussie Stars Take a look at all this fresh talent


Are You a Junk Food Junk? Here’ s How to Stop Some small but effective changes

CULTURE Blind Date with a Song We’ll choose a song for you


A refreshing, real-talk alternative to bori I’m just going to say it – nobody likes Catholic speakers. I’ve been there – Catholic speakers can be cheesy. And boring. And really out of touch with their audience - outdated concepts and fluffy theological terms no one knows. They might be good at heart, and trying to share the treasure they’ve found in their faith – but all that becomes redundant when they tell you you’re the daughter of the King and you should wear your “princess tiara” with pride. Yuck. There are exceptions, though. There are speakers who actually understand the desires and priorities of their audience, and deliver their message in a way that’s understandable, relatable and challenging. There are speakers whose perspectives are refreshingly modern and positive, and manage to tap into what you as a contemporary woman truly want; whose messages resonate in your soul as truth. Emily Wilson Hussem is a modern Catholic speaker, and popular among young women of all faiths (including atheists). She’s in her twenties, she lives in Los Angeles, California, and she knows what it’s like to be a woman in the 21st century. As well as being a musician and speaking around the world at conferences and retreats (and running a killer Instagram page at @emwilss), she runs a YouTube channel at Her channel has over 70K subscribers, and consists of short (average 5-8 minute) videos of Emily talking about different topics relevant to young women in the world today.

emily wilson hussem

ing Catholic speakers

Written and designed by Laura van der Linden

Emily’s videos are ‘real talk’ – about uncomfortable and confusing topics like dating, self-worth, friendships, sex and the Catholic Church with refreshing confidence, joy and wisdom. Emily’s most popular videos are prime examples of this. ‘What No One Is Saying About Saving Yourself For Marriage’ (link here here) and ‘Was Your Wedding Night Awkward As A Virgin?’ (link here) here both raise points and describe experiences that most people will never be exposed to. Emily offers sassy wisdom and compelling testimonies to the effect of following Jesus on her life – how this unconventional way of living offers women a life free from heartbreak and brokenness found in what secular society deems normal. And she does this in a very different way to your traditional Catholic speaker; with vitality, personality and authenticity. Emily comes across as joyful, strong, healthy, down to earth, smart, and a woman with high standards for herself and a compassionate heart for other women. Her videos offer refreshing 5-minute wisdom that makes a huge impact Emily receives countless emails, comments and Instagram DMs from young women testifying to how her words have helped them be happier, healthier and stronger versions of themselves. There’s nothing to lose in watching one or two videos on topics you’re curious about – because they can reveal a joyful and fulfilling way of living your life that, like me, you’ve never realised you wanted.

Public transport and school corridors are and have always been a cause of despair for many people in modern times. As a collective effort, we can, perhaps make a more bearable school experience. A handy dandy way of not being a complete nuisance on a bus is by… staying on your seat. I know right, shock horror, but it works. Jumping makes the place more claustrophobic and annoys the living daylights out of the people in front, behind and next to you. So just keep to your seats. Earphones are your best friend if you’re the annoyed or the annoyer. If you have any handy stick them in, turn your tunes up all the way and BAM you can’t hear a thing. It also stops people from engaging in unnecessary chatter if you want some time to yourself. If you’re prone to being a chatterbox, turn on your favourite jams and listen to them, or you can listen with a friend (but don’t sing it aloud) and the time flies quick enough for you to just sit and not be annoying. So, who ever you may be, keep earphones and the dreaded bus experience will become much easier for everyone. Another small passage which everyone hates are the corridors. Personally, the corridors in upper Wall and Placid are the worst because they have lockers, and thus people stand in groups. Does anyone else understand the struggle of politely asking others to move out of their way FIVE TIMES before they get to their class? Because if you do, don’t do what you don’t like. Standing at the lockers is fine but just stick to the walls. Talk in single file. Yes, it is possible. You can talk during lunch and recess too, so it’s not like anyone is lacking human contact. And when you are talking, don’t stop walking. Multitasking is a thing and yes, that too is possible. Stopping in the middle of corridors is unnecessary and people have places to go. So be a little loving and move. Well, that’s it from me. Don’t be a nuisance in the corridors or the buses because no one really enjoys these areas and we really shouldn’t make it worse. Happy high schooling!

Written by Tasneem Fatima Designed by Wafa Rasheed

Thinking as an occupation What the heck even IS philosophy exactly?

Written by Zarah Gloria | Designed by Cristina Munoz

Ancient Greece is considered to be the foundation of modern civilisation. Many of its citizens were fathers of their field like Cleisthenes, the Father of Democracy; Herodotus, the Father of History; and Socrates, the Father of Western Philosophy. Even the word ‘philosophy’ is from the Ancient Greek words ‘philo’ (to love) and ‘sophia’ (wisdom). Philosophy is the love of wisdom. What wisdom? Philosophy has its many branches that focus on a certain field of study, Logic, which is distinguishing correct and incorrect reasoning; Metaphysics, the nature of reality; Epistemology, defining knowledge, truth, and facts; Philosophy of Religion which is the search of God; Ethics, our principles and values; Political Philosophy, the search for the just society and the limits of government authority. Studying Philosophy can provide a larger understanding about yourself and the world. It’s one of the most hardest fields since there is no one certain answer. An ongoing theme may be seen throughout answers but a definite answer is almost impossible. Think of some philosophical questions like: What is happiness? What is reality? Is this it? Try to answer them for yourself. Then try asking others. Can you find a connection between the two?

Boiling oil. Flames. Drowning. That’s what will probably come to mind if you’re familiar with the con Ordeal’. But if you aren’t, it is just as it sounds. When there wasn’t enough evidence to either convict o many societies in the past resorted to putting the defendant through a painful task such as holding a red-h barefoot on the blade of a plough. If they came out of the trial unharmed (or healed from it faster) they w innocent. If they didn’t, they were supposedly guilty.

But how on Earth does that make sense? That’s where religion comes in. These trials were based around such as iudicium Dei (‘judgments of God’) in European cultures, that God would perform a miracle to pr While that wouldn’t be convincing enough today, it likely was in the past. Before the modern age, priests were often the only members of society that were literate and educated. So if the religious figures in you that Trial by Ordeal worked, and no one had the qualifications or power to disagree, you would likely b

Painful practices in the past? Nothing new, right? Wrong—there’s a twist. According to Peter Leeson--a nomics and law at George Mason University-- Trial by Ordeals were actually effective, meaning they c innocent from the guilty. Imagine you were accused of theft and were taken to a court that practices trial by ordeal. In the first sc can see across the page, you’re innocent. Weight up the options there. You’re better off going through

How about if you were guilty, like in scenario two. Looking at the options there, it’s obvious that pleadi

Do you see the pattern? The innocent choose to undergo the trial and the guilty confess. And that, folks, i to separate the innocent from the guilty.

Of course, the innocent would still have to undergo the trials to maintain the integrity of the whole proce always ways religious figures could tamper with the process to keep the innocent safe—ranging from dull ing the start of the trial after the water had boiled, allowing the water to cool.

And yes, it is fickle. The success of Trial by Ordeal is all based upon belief. What would happen if there w tics or people from different faiths in the community? And what would people think if every person that came out unharmed? Trial by Ordeal could still be effective. It all depends on the religious leader: whether they could think o sprinkle of creativity and most of all, had good intentions. Mistakes were always a possibility, but they s now, you can never be sure if the guilty are truly guilty and the innocent are actually innocent, so all you best.

And personally, mistakes or not, I’m happy that Trial by Ordeal had some method to the ma

If you are interested in reading more about this topic, you can see more here (link). The text is quite deta but it’s super interesting.

ncept of ‘Trial by or acquit someone, hot iron or walking would be considered

d religious beliefs, rotect the innocent. s or religious figures ur community said believe it was true.

a professor of ecocould separate the

cenario, which you with the ordeal.

Written and designed by Wafa Rasheed

Scenario 1: You’re innocent Option 1: Plead guilty This will allow you to skip the ordeal but you’ll still be punished for a crime you didn’t commit. Part of your punishment might be alleviated because you confessed. Losses: punishment for the crime. -1 Gain: punishment mitigated. +1

Option 2: Go through with the ordeal You believe that god(s) will protect you so you’ll come out of the trial unhurt. That means you’ll be declared innocent. Loses: none. 0 Gains: you are acquitted. +1

Score: 1

Score: 0

ing guilty is better.

is how it’s possible

ess, but there were ling a blade to stall-

were religious scepunderwent the trial

on their feet, had a still are today. Even u can do is try your

Scenario 2: You’re guilty Option 2: Go through with the ordeal Because you believe in that Trial by Ordeal works, you believe that you will be hurt and thus, incriminated. Loses: you are convicted and you’ll be hurt.


Gains: none

ailed and academic

Score: -2

Option 1: Plead guilty Losses: punishment for the crime. Gains: a little bit of your punishment is taken away.

Score: 0

Feeling bored and unhealthy at the same time can be such a drag, but luckily there are many enriching hobbies that can improve health from the inside to the outside. You might be into creative art, expressive dancing or extreme sports and so whatever your interests are, there will be one out there for you. However, I encourage you, future hobbyist, to challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone… go and take on an activity that you have never encountered. To all the couch potatoes (myself included), here are a few wonderful hobbies to try out!

Grooving and busting out some moves can improve heart health, strengthen muscular systems and help your cognitive ability and memory become more flexible. Dancing has also been shown to help people de-stress more easily due to the endorphins that are released with rhythmic beat and movement.

For some, getting their hands and boots muddy may seem tiring and just not fun, but I assure you, gardening is worth the dirt. Gardening allows you to get close to nature and feel alive as you watch your plants grow. Soil is full of vitamin D and healthy microbes, that you will receive as you get your hands dirty with it. You can start with succulents that don’t require much attention, or maybe you already have a garden that you can now look after.

Great for the soul, as you can go from pouring your heart out to exploring your most magical fantasies… about unicorns. Writing expressively helps you process your thoughts and emotions more clearly and boost your immune system. In one study at the University of Auckland, researchers pricked the participants’ arms and observed how well one group of expressive writing participants healed, and how well the other group did, who did not partake in expressive writing. 80% more of the expressive writing participants healed than those who did not. This shows that expressive writing is literally and figuratively, the newest band aid.

Spending time in the woods and the raw, wild nature has many incredible benefits. Breathing the fresh forest air that’s full of the antibacterial and antifungal chemical called phytoncide, boosts the immune system. It’s no surprise that people who spend time hiking in nature also experience less stress and lower blood pressure.

If you have an urge to give back to the community, connect with others and have fun, then definitely try volunteering! Acting on altruism, which is the selfless act of caring about others’ wellbeing, improves chances of living a longer and healthier life. You could start by helping at a donation drive or even tutoring a fellow student.

Anyone can try some yoga and experience the wondrous benefits it provides. Yoga enhances both physical and mental well-being, increasing muscle strength and improving metabolism. People who regularly participate in yoga have observed better physical balance and brighter mood. There are over 100 forms of yoga, with each asana targeting different muscles and strengths.

Written by Ashley Tang Designed by Jane Phelps

Hi girls!

For four and a half years, I have been using the St Clare’s College email system a parently, I’m not the only one! To put some fears to rest, I’ve interviewed a few tea

DISCLAIMER: The following are only guidelines, and they are not final. Always u

The Golden Rule:

This goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: In all correspondence, alw use your manners.

Emailing teachers you know: Every email needs a greeting, and with teachers you know, you can be a little less of the time ‘Thanks, [new line] (your name) or ‘Thank you, [new line] (your name)’ it just doesn’t make sense? Then you could use something along the line of ‘Kind r they’ve read the email. Also, if you end up having a conversation through email that just keeps on going b ending every single time.

Emailing teachers you don’t know: Not surprisingly, different rules apply when emailing teachers you don’t know. Basi with ‘Dear’ instead of ‘Hi’; and definitely ending with ‘Kind regards’ (or something e During those conversations which span multiple emails, you should probably make member your intuition. If the other person isn’t greeting you every single time, the Emailing the student body: Although I didn’t ask teachers for advice on this, I recommend you format emails Hope you have a great day, Cristina

and for four and a half years, I’ve wondered if I was emailing people properly. Apachers on how to write the perfect email for any situation. Here are the results:

use common sense and intuition when writing an email.

ways be polite and respectful (especially if you’re asking for something!), and

formal. For example, ‘Hi’ would be fine in this case. When ending emails, most works well because you’ve asked a question of some sort. But what about when regards,’; but don’t stress, because no one really remembers end greetings after

back and forth and you know the teacher, don’t worry about writing a greeting and

ically, you have to be a little bit more formal. This means starting your emails else similar). e sure you have a greeting and an ending every time you respond. Although reey probably won’t expect you to greet them either. to the student body like this article.

How to make the mo

Th m du

Written by Kathryn Liston Designed by Ashley Tang

If you haven’t heard, ANU is making some changes to the acceptance criteria and how you apply to the university. Rather than being based solely on ATAR the university will also require applicants to pass an extra-curricular/ skills threshold. This means that activities such as sport, debating, jobs, work experience and instruments will all be taken into account. However, this does not mean that if you do more extracurricular activities you will be accepted over someone else – it just means that in order to be considered you must have a certain number of points and once the criteria have been met applicants are then accepted based on ATAR.

Ap w Au th

The points One activity may give you all the points you need to reach the threshold but some activities may not – you may need multiple. For example, an individual sport receives 2 points based on the fact that creative skills/ critical thinking and personal responsibility are used, whereas volunteering for community events receives 4 points because it requires/builds two more skills. On the ANU website there is a calculator where you can find out if you meet the requirements by entering the activities you do.

All in one process Along with this the university will be making the process simpler for people applying for board and scholarships as well by including these in the application. So, when you apply for a place at ANU, on that same application you can apply for board at the university and they will also assess whether you meet the criteria for any scholarships they offer. This is why, even if you meet the threshold, it is a good idea to include all of the activities you do outside of school.

T w 9 c m in

ost of the new system

his being all in one process also means that applications will be ue earlier. This is the new time-

pplicants will apply in March and will receive conditional offers in ugust (they still have to meet he ATAR requirement).

But why? In their own words: “When school leavers apply to ANU we want to get a complete picture of who they are. … We know students are more than just an ATAR score, we know they are passionate and have unique skills. ... This model is designed to strive towards admissions that will: • promote the concept of holistic student assessment • enhance the success of our graduates both at university and after university for their employability.” (ANU website)

Who will this affect?

These changes will begin in 2020, meaning it will affect this year’s Year 11s and below. Year 9s might want to be extra vigilant though because in 2022 the university also has plans to make studying English and maths compulsory n order to be considered.

What can you do?

I know lots of you girls already do extracurricular activities, whether it’s sport or music or something else, but if you’re stuck for things to do in the next couple of years here are some things you may not have considered trying: •Volunteering – The St Vincent De Paul, Doorknock, The Smith Family Reading Program, Vinnies Shop, and many more •Coaching or refereeing a sport •A Musical Instrument

Blood Diamonds

The shameful, shadowed origin of these sparkly jewels

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is a widely known song from Broadway sung by Carol Channing. But what type of girl has the ability to befriend a diamond; the most precious stone? Obviously not the young girls who are repeatedly raped in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nor daughters who watch their fathers get decapitated, or mauled. Nor the mothers who dread their sons being taken by terrorists to become part of the diamond slave trade. But for a girl like you and me, sure, we make the cut! At least 1 in 13 diamonds on the international market come from a conflict origin. This means diamonds that the imports of countries like the US and Australia most likely include blood diamonds. It may be hard to believe, but there are no laws in place banning conflict diamonds from being sold on the international market. Yeah sure, attempts have been made, but none have worked well enough to prevent the 1 million children worldwide from being forced into child labour. The people who have to work in mines are often forced or have no other alternative. Working in mines is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Mines often collapse leaving workers trapped, buried alive. Mining diamonds also releases mercury - one of the most dangerous elements. We’re not even allowed mercury thermometers at school. Yet young children cross mercury poisoned lakes just to get to school. It’s ironic how diamonds are one of the most expensive rocks that you can buy, but the people who dig them up and live where the diamonds are literally live off next to nothing.

Miners are regularly abused physically, mentally and sexually. Rape, hand and foot amputations are basic punishments. On top of this, miners have to suffer the indignity of painful probes and x-rays as they leave work, just in case they didn’t swallow any of the diamonds which, by right, belong to them. What can we do? Not all of us are able to buy diamond rings whenever, BUT we can purchase everyday goods that are conflict and/or forced labour free. Here is a list of the brands not certified for being conflict and/or forced labour free (pretty much they don’t give a hoot about where their product come from). • Nestle • H&M • Forever 21 • Hershey’s • Apple I know. It sucks. H&M JUST opened up in Civic.

Written and Designed by Tasneem Fatima

Three Aussie books slightly more relatable than the average jock-nerd-cheerleader American YA novel.

Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil While this book follows the trope of nerd-kid-meets-cute-girl-and-suddenly-life-is-worthliving, it’s also cute and quirky. It follows Sam, your stereotypical geek protagonist, as he’s manoeuvring his way through teen years. Enter from stage left: Camila, the tattoo-sporting, sundress wearing new girl, and suddenly Sam’s life is turned upside down. Life in Outer Space is a great read, the writing style is easy to process while still being interesting, and the plot line is smooth-edged and shiny, just like your typical contemporary young adult novel. The only flaw I found in it was the sudden ending, although I’ll let you figure that out for yourself. Overall Rating: 7/10 Flywheel by Erin Gough I think it’s safe to say this is absolutely one of my all-time favourite books. It’s not as round and neat as other contemporaries, and the protagonist is portrayed as an actual flawed human being with three-dimensional emotions. It tells the tale of Delilah, as every aspect of her life seems to be getting progressively worse. Her Dad’s overseas, her grades are dropping, and it seems like a struggle just to get to the next day. She’s angry at herself and unsure of how her future will pan out, and it’s starting to drag on her friends. How does she sort this out? Firing one of the employees at the cafe her Dad owns. Obviously. Flywheel is sweet, raw and emotional, and generally a feel-good story fit for any mood. Overall Rating: 9/10

Yellow by Megan Jacobson This one is a little… strange. It’s dark and gritty, and at times hard to stomach, yet it still has a light, comedic aspect that kept me interested even when the tragic backstory started to weigh on my imagination. It starts out as a generic teenage novel. Kirra (the main character) is friendless and bullied, with a home life that’s less than lovely – but then suddenly, a murder mystery? Ghosts in telephone boxes aren’t exactly generic, you know. Majority of the characters are fourteen, and they’re portrayed perfectly. From the immature, petty nature of their actions to the general oh-my-goodness-what-is-happening attitude that most of them embody, they tend to act more like teenagers than any other characters I’ve come across. Yellow is an eye-catching read worthy of a second glance. Overall Rating: 8/10

Written by Lauren Moloney | Designed by Heather Byron

The Intern LOL is literally a word now, in Well, actually, it has

Many people say this is because it is easier than saying ‘Laughing out loud

Or is that what the internet w

I bet that you can’t spend one day at school without saying LOL or hearing some rand urge to say LOL during a funny (not really) situation. And this is t

A generally funny story I’ve heard often about the word is

Our Generatio Also Our Genera Mums and English Teach

As well as the IATA Code for Lovelock, Derby Field Airport, Nevada (And if you have n a


Now, if you are a great observer, or started trying to improve your observation skills be Mall, etc. many themes of her videos), you will have noticed there are two t

The Understandable LOL is when someone tells a joke and it is actually pretty funny, s However, according to a survey recently conducted, most people never LOL while typi s

The Unde “Hey did I tell u abt my bro’s Hallow “OMG LOL I

The ‘Oh-Yes-This-Is-Totally-A-Joke’ is the LOL where someone uses LOL simply as a c the other person becomes a bit lost (or not, if I’m just different in that wa

The ‘Oh-Yes-This “Help, idk what “Lol

I’m nearing the end of this… essay (?) and I haven’t explained the meaning of the title the reason is a fun

However, for your betterment of English, I’ll provide you a definition of loblolly; it’s sim

net Dictator the OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY!! been for 7 years… Anyway…

d’ or ‘That’s funny’ or ‘Hahaha’ as well as being easy to pronounce and understand.

wants us to think? (Dun-Dun-Duuuun)

dom person saying LOL. Not even your inner Jiminy Cricket has the strength to overcome the totes not our fault!! This is just the curse… or is it gift… of our generation!

s that it has the potential to mean otherwise all around the world:

on: Laughing Out Loud ation: League Of Legends Dads: Lots Of Love hers: Love Of Literacy

no idea on what an IATA Code is, it’s simply a three-letter code which identifies international airports).

oving on…

ecause of watching too much Superwoman (Types of Friends, Types of People at the Shopping types of LOL; the Understandable LOL and the ‘Oh-Yes-This-Is-Totally-A-Joke’ LOL.

so you comment with a LOL because that’s what you are actually doing upon seeing that joke. ing the word (gosh, the surveys they conduct these days!) but that’s a different issue. Here’s a scenario;

erstandable LOL: ween costume? Its literally an avocado! :’) :’)” I need to see that!!”

conversation filler, kind of like “Umm…” or “Err…” or “You Know…”. Once someone has used it, ay) and is confused on where the joke is. This is evident in the following scenario;

s-Is-Totally-A-Joke’ LOL: t to wear 4 the Social!!!” l idk either”

e. You must be thinking, “What is a Loblolly??? What’s that got to do with LOL?” but, honestly, nny #autocorrect moment.

mply a Southern American pine tree which is a great source of timber. Who would’ve thought?!

Written by Ananya Giridhar | Designed by Wafa Rasheed

THE NEXT GENERATION OF AUSSIE STARS Australia has produced many big names in the past - Hugh Jackman, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, and Mel Gibson, just to name a few. But in 2018, it’s time for a new generation of stars. Here are five up and comers to keep an eye on, as their IMDb credits only grow.

KATHERINE LANGFORD You would know Katherine Langford as one of the leading actors in the controversial show, 13 Reasons Why. The Perth born actor had little exposure before the launch of 13 Reasons Why, but since then, her career has only headed in upward trajectory. This year, she’s appeared in the independent comedy The Misguided and in Love Simon, a poignant rom-com drama. At the young age of 22, she has already received a Golden Globe nomination, which she described as such an “honour to be included alongside such an illustrious group of women…”

KEIYNAN LONSDALE Keiynan Lonsdale is a charismatic young triple threat, with top dance skills, a beautiful voice and can act to boot. You may recognise him from the later season of Dance Academy and he has only honed his acting skills further since then. He is known for his role as Kid Flash in The Flash, Uriah in the Divergent series and Bram in Love Simon (one of the main characters). He also has released several songs since 2016 and continues to wow Hollywood with his talent and unique take on life.

ANGOURIE RICE Angourie Rice is only 16 years old and yet has worked with the likes of Michael Keaton, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman, Robert Downey Jr, and Ryan Gosling. She is set to act in Spiderman: Homecoming, released next year and she has also acted in The Nice Guys (alongside Ryan Gosling), The Beguiled (directed by Sofia Coppola) and the Australian series Mako Mermaids. These are just a few of the many other major appearances she has made. She has received many nominations for awards, most notably for her performance in The Nice Guys.

DEVON TERRELL A relatively unknown actor (his only experience being in an unscreened pilot), Devon Terrell is set to play a young Barack Obama in Netflix movie, Barry. In order to prepare for the role, he trained himself to be left handed (like the former president) and mastered Obama’s unique accent. He was also part of the historical romantic drama Ophelia, alongside Naomi Watts and Tom Felton. At the young age of 25, it is clear to see that Devon Terrell is going places.

ALYCIA DEBNAM-CAREY Her name might not ring any bells straight away but her impressive credentials are something to be admired. She starred in TV series The 100, and then was cast in Fear The Walking Dead. These opportunities came about after she decided to pursue her dreams of acting in the US, after only two appearances on Australian television (McLeod’s Daughters and Dance Academy). Her other movies are typically spooky thrillers to put you on the edge of your seat.

So, what do all of these young Aussie actors have in common? They all chose to chase their dreams at a young age and have achieved what they set out to do. We can all take a leaf out of their books and keep pushing ourselves to succeed as we continue to pursue our own goals. Written by Analise Greenhalgh Designed by Heather Byron




Do you want something with California vibes? YES, TAKE ME TO THE BEACH!


Dreamy or Melancholic?

How about a song 60s influences?




Do you want a guitar to be star of the show? DUH

Acoustic or electric guitar? ACOUSTIC





Do you like music?

Mellow or Bold?

with ?


NO You do now. Start again.

Want something electronic? NAH, NOT TODAY


Something on the light side or something heavier? HEAVY

How about a bit of attitude?





Want something younger than a year? OF COURSE


Want a song that leads up to it or dives right in? DIVES RIGHT IN


I’d like to thank Mia Jamieson Thomson for her submissions and Alex Edwards and Zarah Gloria for their advice

Aananya Jha Analise Greenhalgh Ananya Giridhar Ashley Tang Atka Mekki Cristina Munoz Heather Byron Jane Phelps Kathryn Liston Laura van der Linden Lauren Moloney Tasneem Fatima Wafa Rasheed Zarah Gloria

Profile for St Clare's College Canberra

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The Seeker Magazine, Term 3 Edition 17  

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