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WELCOME TO YEAR 7 On Monday 3 February the very nervous but eager Year 7 students gathered on the St Clare’s lawn for their first day. This was a day to get to know other class mates and to find out what life is like for a high school student. Mrs Kym Darmody, with the help of her Pastoral Care team organised the students, showed them important information about the College and welcomed them to the St Clare’s community. Thank you to the College Leaders and House Captains for greeting the students, showing their House colours and spending the day with the girls.

St Clare’s College PO Box 3896 Manuka ACT 2603 Tel: 6260 9400 Fax: 6239 6015

PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE Dear Parents, Students and Staff The beginning of a new school year brings a great deal of excitement and expectation of what lies ahead. As the girls move into the next year level of school they prepare themselves to embrace the opportunities and growth that is before them. I enjoy the beginning of the year because there is an air of anticipation, of new beginnings and new energies. So welcome to the 2014 school year and a very special welcome to our new students and families joining the St Clare’s community for the very first time. I hope your association with the College is a long and enjoyable one. Congratulations to all the students on the way they have returned to school so well presented. The staff have had a very fruitful time in the professional development week preparing for the students. We welcome new staff members: Mrs Bridget Bandle (Assistant Principal Pastoral Care), Mrs Rachel Davies (Acting SOSE Coordinator) who has been at St Clare’s previously, Mrs Paula Taylor (Science), Mrs Juliette Major (IT Coordinator), Miss Sally Nicholson (English), Mrs Pam Miller (Art), Ms Toni Smith (Art), Mr Rohan Langford (Year 9 Coordinator), Mrs Evelyn Pond (Maths Term 1) and Mrs Marie Manning (English/SOSE). Staff returning from leave include: Ms Jojo Chen (IT/Maths), Mrs Natalie Hastings (Science), Mrs Bernadette Goering (Maths/Science), Mrs Renee Jones (Library) and Mrs Bridgid Sutton (Science and VET Coordinator Term 1). We are looking forward to providing the very best we can for the students. Our spiritual theme this year is derived from the Parable of the Sower (Matt 13:1-23) “But the seed sown on rich soil is the one who hears the word, understands it and bears fruit.” See page 3 for our liturgical banner and a graphic on the Parable. On the surface we can easily relate to the analogy of the seed in the soil but on a deeper level we understand that it is people that Jesus is referring to in terms of being open to God’s word and fulfilling our potential to live a fruitful life using all our gifts and talents we inherited and develop.

We are reminded regularly of this “earthy” connection in the Eucharist during the preparation of the gifts: “Blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation. Through your goodness we have this bread (wine) to offer, which earth has given (fruit of the vine) and human hands have made (work of human hands). It will become for us the bread of life (our spiritual drink). “ The divine and the human are seen together but note that the order rightly has God’s intervention first. God is calling us to greater things; we just have to be willing to listen. We received wonderful news at the end of last year when the Year 12 results were distributed. The Year 12 students had done splendidly with our best results overall for a few years. This is testimony to their efforts of course and the willingness of staff to give their best in preparing the students in their learning. At St Clare’s we cater for those wanting to work towards a tertiary education beyond school as well as the students who are focussed on vocational accreditation. On both fronts the girls have achieved above expectations. On the tertiary level our top ATAR was 99.75 (possible maximum 99.95) with a median ATAR of 74.70 which is magnificent when considering we are not selective and we encourage the girls to tackle the highest levels possible. The Year 12 exit credential is not the end of their learning and further growth is ahead of them. Their results simply provide an answer for each of them to decide what they may do next. The current senior students will begin their preparation towards the Year 12 certificate and we will be working with them to maximise their results. Of course for St Clare’s students the build-up begins in Year 7 and throughout their secondary years their skills are developed and fine-tuned in line with their readiness, maturity and determination to learn. I look forward to meeting you at the various gatherings throughout the year. All the best for a wonderful 2014. May you recognise God’s blessings in your daily lives. Paul Carroll Principal


MISSION AND MINISTRY Welcome back to the school year! 2014 promises to be an exciting year for Mission and Ministry at St Clare’s College. A group of our students have returned from the Australian Catholic Youth Festival inspired and ready for action! Under the leadership of our Faith and Community Leader, Erin Foote, we are preparing for a year of engaging faith experiences for the whole school. Applications are now open for the Youth Ministry Team – if your daughter is interested in being a part of the team she can respond to the email sent to students in Years 10, 11 and 12. Since his election Pope Francis has encouraged us to focus on serving Christ by serving others. This year our Social Justice Leader, Ashleigh Simpson and the Social Justice Team will help us to respond to this call through fundraising and awareness-raising activities, beginning with Project Compassion during Lent in Term 1. Last year we raised around $3000 by selling Entertainment Books, so we will continue this practice for 2014. Please support Project Compassion and encourage your friends and neighbours to purchase the books through St Clare’s. Our Liturgical Theme for the year comes from the Parable of the Sower in Matthew’s Gospel: “The seed that falls in rich soil is the one who hears the word, understands it and bears fruit”. We will be spending time throughout the course of 2014 reflecting on this verse and its application to our school community. Your prayerful support of our College is always appreciated. Our Opening Mass next Wednesday at 11.30am is a great opportunity to join us in prayer. If you would like to participate further by being part of a group of parents praying for the needs of the school, please contact me on maryellen.moore@ Maryellen Moore Mission and Ministry Coordinator



10 February 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Opening Mass

Wednesday 12 February 11.30am — 1.00pm

Year 9 Laptop Information Evening

YEAR 9 LAPTOP DISTRIBUTION AND INFORMATION EVENING The Year 9 Laptop Distribution and Information Evening will be held in the College Hall on Wednesday, 12 February between 7.00 - 9.00pm. All required documentation must be completed and returned to your daughter’s Pastoral Care Leader before a laptop will be issued. Information about laptop care, use and education around cyber safety will be covered during the evening. Natalie Dickie Assistant Principal Staffing and Administration

Wednesday 12 February 7.00 — 9.00pm


Photo Day

Thursday 13 February

Staff are on duty at the College from 8.30am until 3.45pm daily. Students arriving before this time will not be directly supervised unless they are senior students attending early morning classes.

Year 7 Mass and Information Evening

The pedestrian crossings on McMillan Crescent are staffed in the afternoon until 3.40pm.

Yr 7 Head, Hand, Heart Program

College Reception is open beween 8.00am and 5.00pm. For safety reasons students who are being picked up well after school finishes are asked to wait near the main Reception area rather than out on the footpath.

Thursday 13 February 5.30 — 7.30pm

Monday 17 February - Tuesday 18 February

Year 7 Camp

Wednesday 19 - Friday 21 February

College Board Parent Forum Monday 24 February 5.00pm — 6.00pm

College Board

Monday 24 February 6.00pm — 8.00pm

DonateLife Walk

Wednesday 26 February

Themed Charity Day

Wednesday 26 February

PHOTO DAY Our school Photo Day will be on Thursday 13 February (next week!). All members of our community get their photo taken for records but parents are able to order their daughter’s photos should they wish to. Envelopes will start coming home from Friday 7 February and should be brought in on Photo Day and handed directly to the photographer. Staff and senior students are able to get their picture taken before school. We will then roll through all students in year levels beginning with Year 7 at the start of period one. Once all junior students have been photographed senior students who have not had their picture taken will be invited back down. There will be a catch up Photo Day for absent students and staff on Monday 24 February from 9.00am to 10.00am. Please be advised that students who choose not to adhere to our uniform and personal presentation standards will not be photographed. Bridget Bandle Assistant Principal Pastoral Care

Snowsports, Meeting One Wednesday 26 February 5:30pm — 7:00pm


St  Clare’s  Parents  and  Carers   are  invited  to  a    



on  Monday,  24  February  2014   between  5.00  and  6.00pm   in  the  Flexible  Learning  Space,   upstairs  in  the  Chiara  Centre.  



ThinkUKnow,  will  be  presented  by  Angie  Bainbridge     who  is  a  member  of  the  Australian  Federal     Police  Cyber  Crime  Prevention  Unit  which  is  part   of  their  High  Tech  Crime  Operations  department.     This  presentation  includes  online  issues  ranging    from  cyberbullying,  sexting,  online  grooming,     social  media,  privacy  and  reputation.     The  material  is  designed  specifically  for   parents,  carers  and  teachers  across  Australia.     We  will  also  facilitate  a  question  time  at  the  end  of     the  presentation  for  any  specific  queries  you  may  have.    

Please  RSVP  your  attendance  to  Leonie  Kelly  on     6260  9405  or    


ESSENTIAL INFORMATION MCMILLAN CRESCENT TRAFFIC NOTES As TAMS has in place a number of driving and parking restrictions around the College precinct, please take care to check road and traffic signs. Some restrictions are subject to change without notice. For the safety of our students, parents, staff and visitors (and to avoid potential fines), please note the following:

COLLEGE FORMS All students have been issued with several forms which need to be returned to their PC Leader by the beginning of next week, if they have not been returned already. One form is to check the contact details for parents and carers. It is important that the College records are current so please advise us of any changes, now or throughout the year, especially your work and/or mobile numbers.

40kmh speed limit in all school zones at stipulated times.

No vehicular access along McMillan Crescent beyond Wills Street from the Sturt Avenue end, 8.00am-9.30am and 3.00pm-4.00pm.

In the case of families where parents/carers do not live together, a separate form is being mailed to the person listed as “Family B” on the Enrolment Form. We would appreciate the return of this form as soon as practicable.

No parking zones at stipulated times along parts of McMillan Crescent (particularly near the McKinley cross street area).


o parking or drop-off in school bus zones N and/or within proximity to school pedestrian crossings.

S chool pedestrian crossings are manned by a combination of St Clare’s and St Edmund’s staff from 8.30am to 8.50am, and 3.20pm to 3.40pm. Staff also supervise across bus bays in the afternoon. Please follow staff directions if given.

S tudent drop-off/pick up on College grounds must occur only via the Circular Driveway. We urge you to exercise great caution on approach and exit, due to the large number of young people sharing the zone with a multitude of vehicles, particularly at peak times.

S t Clare’s College staff have no access to St Edmund’s parking areas; please don’t park only to find later that your vehicle is inaccessible after the gates have been locked.

lease be conscious and courteous of our P residential neighbours; please do not block or partially block their driveways, leave rubbish in the gutters or ignore parking restrictions.

Year 12 students who intend to sit the AST will sit the QCS test on Wednesday 19 February from 9.00am11.00am. Students need to meet in the Chapel between 8.40am and 8.50am. Students are required to bring the following to the test: • • • • • • •

A blue or black pen A pencil (2B or darker) An eraser A selection of four coloured pencils A calculator A protractor A compass.

Please note that dictionaries are not permitted and phones, bags and reading materials are not allowed to be taken into the test room. Year 12 students not intending to sit the AST will be required to attend their regular classes. If there are any concerns please contact Mrs Hamilton.

Julie Fitzgerald Business Manager


RECOGNITION OF EXCELLENCE St Clare’s proudly acknowledges five of our 2013 Year 12 students for their significant achievements. Each year College students across the ACT are recognised at a “Recognition of Excellence” Ceremony conducted by the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies.

Academic Achievement Alexa Baxter Alexa is an outstanding student who has completed studies in Double Major Specialist Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. She is an ambassador for critical thinking and logic and has a particular gift for mathematical expression. Alexa is single-minded in her pursuit of excellence.

Community Services Award Sallie-Faye Rodriguez represented St Clare’s College as the 2013 College Leader and has been enthusiastic in the support of her peers to raise awareness of and funds for local charities. Her energy and charisma have driven active participation of the school in a range of social justice initiatives.

Vocational Studies Award Melissa McLeish Melissa has completed a Certificate II in Information Digital Media and Technology, a Certificate II in Business and Statement of Attainments for Certificate III in Business and Certificate III in Children’s Services. Melissa is to be commended on her commitment to and outstanding achievement in her vocational studies, which will provide many career options for her.

Performing/ Visual Arts Award Alice Brown Alice represented St Clare’s College as College Leader Arts & Culture and is a true ambassador for the Arts. She has achieved very highly in her studies whilst balancing multiple commitments associated with her organisation of and participation in a diverse range of performance and artistic events.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award Courtney Barton Courtney has had a strong involvement in the life of St Clare’s College as the Indigenous Leader in 2013 and has been an active member of the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Committee throughout the year. Courtney was a finalist in the ACT Training Excellence Award for ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student, Trainee or Apprentice of the Year.


YEAR 11 SEMESTER 2 2013 AWARDS The following Year 11 Semester 2013 awards were presented at the Opening Assembly on Wednesday 5 February 2014. The Rebecca Morison-Dempsey Award This Award is presented annually to a Year 11 student who shows qualities of inclusivity, generosity and service - and is prominent in worthwhile College and community projects. Annie Brill was awarded the 2013 Rebecca Morison-Dempsey Award. She is a young woman who wears a bright smile on her face and endeavours to give of her best in all aspects of her involvement in college life. She is unfailingly optimistic, and has shown the capacity to work through adversity with good grace and an attitude that reflects maturity and acceptance that life is not always easy. Over the time I have known her, she has worked very hard to involve herself in endeavours that show her care and support for others in our community. She has shown particular support to younger students, initiating workshops to support students with oral presentations and she has been involved in the cross-age tutoring program. This student is a dedicated member of our St Clare’s community who encourages and affirms others, and who is always seeking ways in which we may do things better for the good of others. The Robyn Raymond Award This Award is presented annually to a Year 11 student who embodies the essence of the spirit of St Clare’s College through her commitment to and promotion of social justice. She is respected by not only her peers, but also members of the College staff. She is a student who strives to achieve her best through her participation in and commitment to a range of activities in the College community. Roseanna Supple was awarded the Robyn Raymond Award for 2013. She is someone who is greatly admired by her teachers and peers. She quietly and humbly goes about her life at St Clare’s College whilst engaging wherever possible in

activities to assist others. She has been an active participant in many fundraising ventures both at school and in her own time, seeking to support those who are less fortunate and to raise money for important causes. This has included raising funds for Parkinson’s disease, refugee support and St Vincent de Paul, as well as volunteering at Floriade and for the Yellow Van and participating in the DonateLife Walk. She attends all college community events and makes every effort to support others in the running and success of these activities. She has a deep and mature faith commitment and has volunteered her service in the community, whilst also being an active and devoted member of her Parish. Rpseanna was also selected to participate in the Bendigo Bank Junior Observer Program in 2013, further developing her skills in leadership and enterprise. Somehow she also manages the commitment of her studies and squeezes in a part time job. The 2013 Year 11 Student of the Year - Caltex Best All Rounder The recipient of this award has “demonstrated and achieved all round excellence across a range of academic, sporting, cultural and service activities.” Sarah Carter was awarded the 2013 Year 11 Student of the Year. She has actively involved herself in the community life of the college participating in carnivals, St Clare's Day and house fundraising. In her own time she has also assisted with fundraising and has been an active volunteer. Her patience, inclusivity, kindness and support for others have been noticed by many. She also works very hard at her studies, balancing the commitments of an ASBA with her school work, for which she has achieved a very high standard in all subjects in Semester Two 2013. She is a uniquely talented sportsperson, demonstrating her talents in her chosen sports, but also willing to try new sports to be an active participant with her peers. She has been a member of the Dragon Boat team, represented the College in hockey, AFL, Rugby and Touch and additionally, represented the college in ACT and ASC athletics. Unsurprisingly, this student was awarded Senior Sportswoman of the Year in 2013.


YEAR 11 SEMESTER 2 2013 AWARDS The following Year 11 Semester 2013 awards were presented at the Opening Assembly on Wednesday 5 February 2014. To qualify for an Academic Award, students were required to gain a majority of “A� grades across their chosen academic package. To qualify for an Endeavour Award, students were required to achieve outstanding effort in the majority of subjects.

ACADEMIC ENDEAVOUR AWARDS Jessie Armstrong Erin Foote AWARDS Lauren Brennan Katie Forester

Kira Armarego Caitlin Byrnes Brigette Calabria Sarah Carter Veronica Hughes Nicola Kaylock Ella Papandrea Ashleigh Simpson Dana Warnock

Annie Brill Liana Brozic Courtney Busby Laura Carroll-Tape Bridget Conaghan Ellen Davies Emily Drummond Sarah Eaton Madeline Elliott Sarah Etherington Amelia Fanayan Holly Fogarty

Rosemary Georgelin Jessica Gowing Caitlin Grocott Jessica Kennedy Megan Klomp Jessica Langtry Emma Lee Sarah Lennox Emily Nugent Rachael Robertson Cassandra Schirripa Olivia Schmidt

Eleanor Scott Meg Terry Anna Vandenbroucke Laura Vandenbroucke Petra Waters Holly Williams Tayla Williams Georgia Winter



The new cafe space/canteen should be operational by the end of February, with the Placid Wing science labs to follow in late April and the Clare Wing and locker bay in June. The Small Quad will then close for works until about August. Landscaping of the Big Quad is the last major component, and it is currently scheduled for completion in October of this year. Thank you again to our students, staff and visitors for handling the inconveniences and disruptions, and to our College parents for their contributions towards the building project. We are confident you will feel it was all worthwhile over the coming months. Julie Fitzgerald Business Manager


The following guidelines aim to make the waiting for, and boarding of, buses on McMillan Crescent efficient and safe for students of both Colleges. Students are asked to remain behind the yellow line when lining up to board the bus. The order for boarding the buses is: Terms 1 and 3 Primary School Students St Edmund’s Middle School St Clare’s Yr 7-10 Girls St Edmund’s Yr 7-10 Boys St Clare’s Senior Girls St Edmund’s Senior Boys

Terms 2 and 4 Primary School Students St Edmund’s Middle School St Edmund’s Yrs 7-10 Boys St Clare’s Yr 7-10 Girls St Edmund’s Senior Boys St Clare’s Senior Girls

Upon disembarking the buses students should make their way straight to the Oval.


Payment for school fees can now be made online through a link on the St Clare’s College Website. The secure payment page is hosted by the Commonwealth Bank and can be accessed by clicking the ‘Online Payments’ link. Payments can be made using either VISA or Mastercard. At this stage only payments for school fees can be accepted however we will be introducing other online payment services over the coming months.


NEWS AND EVENTS ST CLARE’S SCHOOL PRIDE The students of St Clare’s College are encouraged to wear their school uniform with pride as it represents our Catholic stance on equity of opportunity for all. Their adherence to our uniform policy ensures that our shared reputation within the broader community facilitates goodwill and makes clear to all that these young women are part of a school that values dignity and professional presentation. It is imperative that our staff work in partnership with parents to educate our students about pride in personal presentation, professionalism and dignity. As such, I am asking for your support in checking that your daughter’s uniform and presentation is of an appropriate standard. While we are mindful that many of our students have grown over the summer it is important that their skirt reaches their knees, students may be asked to unpick their hems and/or purchase a new uniform if this is an ongoing issue. Please check that your daughter has an ample supply of white socks without logos and that her shoes meet our requirements. We do not permit our students to wear make-up as we strive to help them learn to love themselves as God made them. Students are also taught how to express their individuality through their character and conduct rather than by adorning themselves with nail polish and excessive jewellery. I would like to thank you for your support of our school policies and request that you take the time to review the uniform policy with your daughter prior to our Photo Day next week. Bridget Bandle Assistant Principal Pastoral Care


The Path to Successful Learning In today’s fast paced and competitive world, students face more educational challenges than ever before. The Readak Advanced Learning Skills Course offers a path to a successful academic future with its unique program of: · Time management & organisational skills · Reading and comprehension skills · Study skills · Note taking · Essay planning · Examination preparation · Examination execution · Alleviating test anxiety Over 3,000 schools have experienced the positive results of our program. We invite you to consider the Readak edge for yourself.

Coming to St Clare’s again in February 2014. Attend the Parent Information Evening on Monday 10th February at 7pm in the Flexible Learning Centre. Various schedules to choose from. Cost $595 (includes unlimited free refreshers). Classes begin Monday 17th February (Saturday option 15th February). Contact Ms Kathy Morwitch for more info.

“Many Years have now passed o’er us, so ‘tis time to rise in chorus ...”

Mr Peter Fullagar, Principal of St Edmund’s College Canberra, invites you to: St Edmund’s College 60th Anniversary Opening Mass Wednesday, 26 February 2014 at 7:15 pm Manuka Oval, Griffith Celebrating our Community

St Edmund’S CollEgE CanbErra A Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition. Educating Boys, Yrs 4-12, since 1954.

110 Canberra Ave, Griffith ACT 2603 (t) 6239 0660 (w)

A Reception will follow Mass. For catering purposes, please RSVP to Arlene Grey (02) 6295 3598 by Friday 21 February 2014.

For further information regarding these events please watch the College’s website:

Life skills, leadership, fun and Adventure Scouting is a worldwide movement that has shaped the development of youth and adults for over 100 years. The aim of Scouting is to encourage the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual development of young people so they may play a constructive role in society as responsible citizens and as members of their local and international communities. This aim is achieved through a strong and active program that inspires young people to do their best and to always be prepared. Scouts ACT would like to invite you to a free 3 week trial of scouting. For more information, Call 1800 SCOUTS or visit our website,


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