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Edition 11 13 October 2017

Principal’s Message I welcome all members of our College community back for Term 4. I hope that everyone had a pleasant and restful holiday break. I would like to offer my thanks to Mrs Manning, Mrs Campbell and Mr McGrath who accompanied our students on their Fiji Immersion Experience and to Mrs Worontschak, Mrs Cupitt and Mrs Hastings who travelled with our students to Singapore for the STEM trip. The process for electing College Captains was undertaken during the last few weeks of Term 3 and all applicants for our profile Captain positions were very impressive. In addition to their written application, the students had an interview before a panel. Those who negotiated this part of the process were selected to then present a speech to the Year 10, 11 and 12 students and the staff, with voting being conducted electronically. I was particularly impressed with the quality and calibre of our students as they spoke about a love of the College and St Clare and their aspirations and ideas for implementation in addition to their hopes for fulfilling their respective roles in 2018.

In this edition Principal’s Message Year 9 Camp Year 12 Retreat Grandparents Day Year 10 Social

Congratulations to our elected College Captains for 2018;

Singapore STEM Trip

College Captain: Lydia Milosavljevic Social Justice Captain: Casey Horan Arts and Culture Captain: Lucy Sugerman Sports Captain: Emma Rowcliffe Faith and Community Captain: Anjalie Upasena Sustainability Captain: Amy Thomas

Fire and Flames

Thank you to the 431 parents who completed the school satisfaction survey conducted in August of this year. This represents a 47% response and completion rate, which is considered to be very good. The College has 924 sets of parents in the current enrolment. Many parents have taken the time to provide valuable critical feedback, which will be considered and incorporated into future planning. Responses from students and staff were also largely positive and will inform our future directions.

Twilight Retreat

The Year 10 Social was a credit to the students. Their support for the event, the manner in which they participated and their willingness to enjoy their special time together,

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along with their invited guests, made for a memorable evening. A big ‘thank you’ to Mrs Kym Darmody, The Year 10 Social Committee and the staff who assisted in a myriad of ways and the senior students who catered and helped manage the night by serving food and drinks as well as cleaning up afterwards. Check out the photos in this editionof Tidings for some of the latest fashions! Thank you to the parents for taking advantage of the opportunity to meet their daughter’s teacher at the Parent-Teacher night at the end of Term 3. This is a valuable experience for everyone in terms of ensuring the learning is a three way process and when we all work together the outcomes are far greater. I acknowledge and thank the teachers for their preparation and involvement in these conferences and parents and students for attending to discuss their learning progress.

Year 9 Camp The Year 9 camp was held in Tallong on 13 - 15 September. It was a fantastic experience for the cohort!

The girls met every challenge with determination and good humour and continually supported each other throughout the experience. They spent a chilly (but rewarding) night in a two man tent, cooked by a camp fire, braved the flying fox and mastered the high ropes course. It was wonderful to see new friendships form over the three days as great memories were created. Renee Jones Year 9 Coordinator

On behalf of the Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS) I congratulate the following teaching staff from St Clare’s College who have been identified for delivering high quality assessment tasks for our senior students. In doing so I acknowledge the hard work involved in producing suck tasks. Mrs Julie Chaney (Legal Studies), Mrs Natalie Fairfax (Geography, Sociology) and Mr Robert Pegolo (Physics). I am very much looking forward to our Art, Design and Technologies Exhibition on Monday evening, 16 October and our school production of Unrequited: Girl meets Boy Band opening on the 2 November. I hope to see many of you there to view the exceptional work of our students. We are entering the final few weeks for our Year 12 students as they complete their formal schooling. Please keep them in your prayers for their final exams and Year 12 Graduation events. We wish the Class of 2017 success as they embark on this final period of study. Best wishes Brad Cooney Principal


“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


Year 12 Retreat After completing the almighty AST, a tired but excited Year 12 headed out to Greenhills Centre for a two day retreat. It was jam packed with inspirational talks, snacks, hot chocolate and many mixed emotions as we realised this would be one of the last times we would be together as a whole year group. After we had set up our cabins and settled in, we had the chance to listen to an amazing guest speaker, Katie Kobler from Your Choicez. We ended the day with a beautiful reflection and had the opportunity to write a letter to someone who had journeyed with us through our school years. By the end of the night there was not a dry eye in the room. Day two was filled with a range of exciting and worthwhile activities, ranging from reflective bush walks and hymn practice to planning for the future and writing a letter to our Year 7 self. The day ended with a beautiful Mass by Monsignor Woods and a short bus ride back to school with many happy memories of retreat still fresh in everyone’s mind. A massive thank you to Mrs Manning who went above and beyond to create such a special and memorable two days and to Mrs Melis for being so supportive and making sure everything went to plan. Shout out to all the PC teachers for dishing out many pearls of wisdom and to Mr Cooney, Mrs Bandle, Mrs Summerville and Miss Plowman for being with us on these rewarding couple of days. Sophie Barton Year 12


“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

Grandparents Day It was a pleasure to have our grandparents and special guests visit our school for Grandparents’ Day in September. We began with a delicious morning tea provided by the Year 9 and 10 hospitality classes. Year 7 students led prayers in Italian, French and Japanese. The guests were entertained by the Chamber Ensemble, the Chorale and some talented singers and dancers. We were very proud to show off our new school to our grandparents and special guests. Jessica Charles Year 7 SRC Member

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


Year 10 Social


“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


Singapore Stem Trip On the 24 September at 8.30 pm three teachers and 14 students assembled at Canberra International Airport to board on an overnight flight to Singapore. On arrival in Singapore we had breakfast, a small rest and started our tour.

the Singapore Science Centre where students participated in a DNA lab session, combed the galleries and watched a space program in the Omni theatre. We visited the New Water Centre and learnt about the history of Singapore’s water supply.

Our first stop was the Trick Eye Museum on Sentosa Island. This is a museum with a large array of three dimensional artwork for interactive optical illusions. FusionWorld came next where the students learnt about Singapore’s latest Science & Engineering technologies and current research through a guided tour.

We ventured through the Zoo with its focus on captive breeding programs and walked through the stunning botanic gardens. A highlight of the trip was the Gardens by the Bay where we walked through the Cloud Forest Dome and the Flower Dome to learn a little bit about biodiversity. A light and sound show completed that day.

The next five days were packed with interesting and informative excursions. These included a visit to


Some of the other activities included visits to the Singapore City Gallery

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

which focussed on the urban development of Singapore. We visited Marina Barrage a reservoir in the heart of the city and spent time in the Maritime museum. We had a tour through the ICT experience centre, rode on the Singapore Flyer and walked through Sky Greens, the world’s first low carbon, hydraulic driven vertical farm. The tour ended with a trip to Universal studios where the girls experienced centripetal forces first hand and applied Newton’s Laws to the rides, or maybe they just had some fun! Janet Worontschak Science Coordinator

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


Fiji Immersion

On Sunday 1 October, 24 keen girls and three wonderful teachers set off to the tropical islands of Fiji. Not for a relaxing week, but to serve those less advantaged, to give of our time, and spread our love. We want to share with you our experiences and hope it inspires you to reach out to others and be the best person God intended you to be! One of the activities we took part in was the rebuilding of a woman's house, Taru. Her house burnt down last year, her husband left her and so with her three children they are currently living in a small tin shed with the only source of income coming from her eldest son.


The entire project is funded by Rustic Pathways, the company we travelled with, and relies upon groups like ours for construction. Our job was to build the foundation of the house which involved hand mixing concrete for the floor, as well as the base of the exterior, laying concrete bricks to begin the walls and compressing the soil underneath the house in order to strengthen the floor. At the end of the week with the completion of the foundations, the house is now due to be finished before Christmas, just five months after building commenced. Taru showed her immense gratitude by saying that we would always be welcome in her home and what is hers is also ours. We know the little part we played will make a huge difference to Taru and her children’s lives.

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path� Psalms 119:105

Each group of eight students and one teacher had the responsibility to plan and implement an art lesson for primary school students. Each group went to two composite classes at different schools: Years 1 & 2 and Years 3 & 4. We noticed a lot of differences between schools in Fiji and in Australia, and students were expected to do chores before school and after lunch. During our time with each class, there was never a silent moment, nor one student sitting still. We picked up on how energetic, happy and intelligent the students were as we listened to them speak two or more languages and engage enthusiastically with our lessons. We used art activities we did when we were in primary school, like paper chains and butterfly paintings to entertain the students and teach them new skills. The students always had a smile on their faces! Each group got the opportunity to go through the process of serving dinner to women and children living in a shelter. We started by planting and watering seedlings in the field. We then planned the meal we were going to prepare, and went to the markets to gather all the ingredients. This was a true experience of Fijian life! We prepared the meal with love and learnt a lot of new skills. Shalini provided us with immense hospitality and shared her passion with us. At HART House and Loloma House, we gave the mothers and

children company, sharing a prayer, songs and dancing, before serving them their meal. Bidding our farewells, emotions were high but knowing we could share our love with these deserving recipients gave us a fulfilled heart. We were also privileged to be welcomed into Bavu Village where we helped with projects to improve the sanitation throughout the village. We constructed footpaths which joined every house to ensure that when it rains, they are able to walk around and stay clean. We also helped to paint houses and made lids for septic tanks around the village. We were lucky enough to have had the opportunity to speak to local villagers and play with the children who were overwhelmed with the progress we made. Helping in Bavu Village was an experience we

will hold close to us and remember forever. We also engaged in a number of other service projects and activities. The Sigatoka Sand Dunes required a short hike and a walk along the beach to collect rubbish or to transplant seedlings. The Sabeto Mud pools provided us with a chance to see the natural resources Fiji has to offer. Kayaking got us out onto the ocean, where we learnt about the mangrove systems and got to jump off a bridge into the water. Each night, the incredible staff and locals gave us a taste of Fiji’s culture. We were able to participate in dancing, Fijian lessons, Kava ceremonies and learnt how to use a coconut to its full potential. Each experience offered us a new perspective and gave us a chance to fully immerse ourselves in Fijian culture.

As our trip came to a close, a short walk to the Momi Guns gave us a sensational sunset, fun facts about World War II and a memorable reflection on the week. We had a wonderful week and learnt a lot about ourselves, others and how we can make a difference. We would like to thank Mrs Manning, Mrs Campbell and Mr McGrath for accompanying us and giving their support. We would also like to thank all the incredible staff with Rustic Pathways, and the local communities we worked with. And of course, our parents for getting us there. Danielle Grimm, Tash Kelly, Charlotte Poyser, Emma McDonald, Maddie Robertson and Tiana Petrovic Year 11 and 12 Students

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


Fire and Flames

Astronaut Stories

Year 10 students were given the opportunity to see Peter Wothers, a Fellow from the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, in action and engage in an interactive presentation on the nature of flames, fire and conflagration, well, almost. Everyday items, like rice bubbles and salts were used to demonstrate the reactive power of oxygen and the ratio of atoms in molecules was manipulated to get the biggest bang. Opportunities like this are invaluable to students as so many of the materials are no longer permitted in schools and it gives students the chance to see what tertiary science can look like. A thank you must go to ANU Colleges of Science and the Chemistry team who helped support the show. Upon leaving the presentation all Mr Holmes had to say was “where can I get some liquid oxygen?” Avril Baker Teacher

Eco Bus Tour

On 15 September, Christina Hummer, our Sustainability Captain, along with Rianna Masih (Year 12), joined four other schools on the Senior Schools Eco Bus Tour. They traveled around Canberra to learn from other schools who are accredited by the ACTsmart Schools Program. The girls were challenged to think about ways to reduce water, energy and waste at St Clare's College. Paula Taylor Teacher

“You are the perfect age to be the first people on mars” – Pamela Melroy These were the words that hit home for a group of students who were treated to a day of science, engineering and astrophysics at UNSW and ADFA’s Astronaut Stories Day on 19 September. Five students were selected from Years 8 to 10. They listened to a panel of mechanical engineers, astronomers, biologists and pilots. The students then worked with each other and the panelists to consider rocket design and fin placement with the goal of getting your rocket to shoot the furthest into the sky. As Piper Davies commented: “I never thought I would actually use trigonometry outside of a Maths classroom.” Later in the day some serious brainstorming occurred as students tried to design space shuttles that could, theoretically, get to Mars. Orbit, fuel, life, landing and different atmospheres were just some of the considerations that had to go into these designs. They had the rare opportunity to ask insightful and passion fueled questions to an astronaut who has logged thousands of hours in space and helped to construct parts of the International Space Station. Our students gained invaluable insights and experiences from the day. Avril Baker Teacher


“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


Each year, approximately 40 applications from Year 11 and 12 students in Canberra are accepted into the Questacon program. Training sessions were held each Thursday evening from March through June. Students chose from either the Science Communication stream, run from the main centre, or the Investigating Innovation stream run from the Ian Potter Foundation Technology Learning Centre (IPTLC). This year four St Clare’s students graduated from this intensive program. All the girls were involved in the Science Communication stream where they learnt about the exhibits, had training in public speaking, presenting and customer service. Victoria Wyman, Kaylah Edwards, Gabbie Scerri and Emma Crawford attended 28 hours of training and completed 40 hours of volunteering in the galleries. These girls have achieved an ‘R’ unit for their Year 12 certificate and are eligible to be a Volunteer Explainer at Questacon. They are to be congratulated on their achievements. Janet Worontschak Science Coordinator

Science Teacher Exchange to Japan which had them considering the laws of physics. I was able to discuss and exchange ideas with Japanese educators along the way and they are certainly looking at ways at making science more dynamic and hands on. They were impressed by all the engaging learning activities that the Australian teachers were able to share with their students.

In the recent October holidays, I was one of the eight teachers from Australia who was selected to travel to Japan to experience the culture, traditions and diversity within teaching practice between the two countries. Over the 9 days, I was able to observe Japanese science lessons in five schools, one of which was a super science high school where students conducted independent science research projects that used sophisticated university lab equipment and materials. I was very impressed with a Year 11 student

who was designing and testing biodegradable plastic made from the shells of shrimp. Part of the immersion experience allowed me to teach my own class of 42 science students at the University of Tsukuba High School. My lesson was designed to teach the students about the natural flora and fauna of Australia before engaging in a STEM activity. The engineering activity required that they design and build a structure to rescue a koala from a bush fire. The students were excited to be part of this fun rescue mission

The Japanese teachers are extremely hardworking, most of whom go to work for 13 hours a day. English will soon be a compulsory subject in the near future. It the meantime, my entire lesson needed a translator which made for an interesting experience. No trip to Japan would have been complete without visiting many of their science and technology centres such as the famous Miraikan Museum, a private SONY tour and computer program workshop, and a visit to the Museum of Aeronautical Sciences. Paula Taylor Teacher

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


Safety for Seniors

Travel Safety Talk During Week 9, Year 11 and Year 12 students were gathered to listen to a presentation on Travel Safety. Many of our students are interested in pursuing a GAP year or taking short trips whilst on study breaks. The College invited Kate Fitzsimons to present her story about her sister, Nicole Fitzsimons. The presentation was based on the holiday trip Nicole took to Thailand in 2012, resulting in her death at the age of 22 as a result of a motorbike accident. Kate has devoted herself to educate young students about the potential dangers of being in other countries. The Nicole Fitzsimon Foundation was developed and gained support from the Department of Foreign Affairs. A small card designed to fit into a passport pouch was distributed to the students. It is a travel safety guide detailing how to contact the Australian Consular Emergency helpline for advice and assistance as well as travel insurance tips and general common sense reminders about personal safety behaviours. We also had the pleasure of hosting two ladies from DFAT who oversee


projects such as this one. The presentation informed the students about the value of travel insurance, the Smart Traveller website and the dangers of consuming alcohol purchased in foreign places. The students heading to Singapore and Fiji during the school holiday break on College excursions were ready able to put these tips to use!

City Safety Talk During a recent senior Pastoral Care lesson we welcomed Sergeant Smith from ACT Policing to discuss and raise awareness of personal safety and support agencies for students who are venturing out to entertainment zones in the city area of Canberra. Year 10 through to Year 12 students were the captive audience. Our attention was drawn to the impact of alcohol consumption and how this can interfere with our ability to make sensible choices. We were told of the aftermath of when something goes wrong – either to ourselves through injuries, gained

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

from poor choices of behavior, or the life-long consequences for families who lose their children through accidents. The scenarios discussed focused on individual and on group actions. Particular attention was drawn to incidents which included the use of illegal drugs. Any drug is illegal as there are no such things as party drugs. The availability of CCTV recordings help the community to identify those who are not able to control their behaviours and Sergeant Smith displayed a map of where the numerous cameras are located around the city precinct. We viewed a ‘king hit’ scene from film footage and discussed the resulting court case and legal implications for those involved. The consequences involved a prison sentence for the perpetrator. The discussions then focused on the life-long impact of the inability to travel to other countries once you have a record, reduced of career opportunities and the financial consequences for families. We were informed of the after-hours medical and support services that are located in the city as well as being encouraged to communicate with the AFP officers on the city beat patrol. Question time opened up some interesting discussions and Pastoral Care Leaders collectively agreed everyone benefited from the discussions. All students left this presentation with a greater appreciation of themselves, the importance of making informed choices and decisions based on personal safety, their independence in terms of the choices they make and the consequences that are likely to occur when things go wrong. We thank the AFP for being a valuable community partner in providing this presentation to our students. Kym Darmody Year 10 Coordinator Trish Brown Year 11 Coordinator Lisa Melis Year 12 Coordinator

50/50 by 2030

On Tuesday 12 September, five Year 11 students, Casey Horan, Danielle Grimm, Luisa Krajina, Bianca Weeks and Hayley Dryburgh attended the launch of the 50/50 BY 2030 Foundation at Old Parliament House. Hosted by the Foundation’s director, Virginia Haussegger, the girls heard of the Foundations aims, research, activities and projects. It was an inspiring evening hearing from passionate supporters of gender equality, Dame Quentin Bryce, the Foundation Patron and Natasha Stott Despoja, a member of the Foundation’s Advisory Council. In brief, the Foundation aims to change the statistics for women in leadership roles in Australia to 50/50 equality by the year 2030. The current statistics around women in key decision-making roles is at a 150-year low, so it is good news for our students that this Foundation exists.

“The world will never realize 100% of its goals if 50% of its people cannot realist their full potential. When we unleash the power of women, we can secure the future for all.” - Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General 2015 Trish Brown Year 11 Coordinator

Cyber Warfare

The Cyber Warfare Games excursion to the Department of Human Services (DHS) gave us a great ideas about the careers that can branch from IT. Whilst on a tour of DHS we saw their observation room, which is manned 24/7 to catch hackers and attackers before they make any progress. It consists of 12 or so massive screens that display data and coding from all areas of concern. After that, we were shown their Lego set for the Cyber Wargames. The

Cyber Wargames was a competition designed to allow for employees to practice their hacking skills. Two teams competed at a time, one trying to hack into a Lego city to make two trains crash and trying to protect the trains. After that we were introduced to George, an interactive NAO robot that had been shipped from Asia. George was much like Siri, but in a physical form. He could tell jokes (Dad jokes, as programmed) and

they are working on teaching George new things so he could use artificial intelligence. Seeing the work that these incredible people did gave us a much better understanding of the different paths we could take with computers and programming and it was awesome to see how involved everybody was with the Cyber Warfare games. Kathryn Diwell Year 10

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


Year 12 Hospitality News Year 12 Hospitality students have been undertaking a unit, Managing a Training Café. As a part of their assessment this semester, students were required to organise and prepare a café where students took on a role as maître d for their café function.

Students were challenged to provide a menu that catered for adolescents, athletes, elderly and incorporated a children’s menu. A further challenge was to re-purpose some of their main dish into their children’s menu to minimise waste, cost and maximise time management. We formed a partnership with St Edmund’s College and Narrabundah Early Learning Centre where students from both these schools attended the students’ café functions. This allowed the students to experience customers from outside the College and make their menu planning relevant with the implementation of the children’s menu. These partnerships have created some wonderful experiences for the students and the guests have enjoyed the vast array of wonderful dishes presented. The girls demonstrated professionalism throughout the function as well as well-developed culinary skills. We are very proud of their achievements and applaud their success. Monique Nutt Teacher


“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

Dance Festival

Dance Festival is an institution in the ACT dance scene. St Clare's have performed each year for over thirty years. Our Year 10, 11 and 12 Dance students participated in Ausdance's 33rd Youth Dance Festival in the last week of Term 3. As part of their Dance studies, students worked collaboratively to create, choreography and costume their performances. Focussed class work and dedication by all the students was obvious in their performances of "The Amazing Race", YOLO" and "Hope" at the Canberra Theatre. Performing for a paying audience and working under the guidance of professional theatre crew and Ausdance staff, the Dance students had an invaluable experience. The students are congratulated on their performances that were creative, entertaining and beautifully performed. Trish Brown and Kylie Bayada Teachers

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path� Psalms 119:105


Shine Youth Conference

On 13 and 14 August, students from St Clare’s College came together with schools from all over Canberra and its surrounding regions to celebrate the Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia (CSYMA) Shine Youth Gathering. The experience started off with a Youth Mass which was led by Archbishop Christopher Prowse along with a number of other Youth Chaplains. The girls who attended from St Clare's were asked to do the prayers of the faithful as well as assist in dressing the Alter. This

was followed by the Shine Youth Rally led by the CSYMA team and focused on the theme of ‘live a life inspired by love’. There was music, games, testimonies and the CSYMA Youth Ministry App was launched. It was an incredibly fun evening and everyone was incredibly welcoming and supportive. The following day, the Youth Ministry Year 9 and 10 classes travelled to John Paul II College to meet with 350 students from all over the region to celebrate their faith. The students broke open the theme from the

Twilight Retreat

On Friday 18 August, members of the Youth Ministry Team came together for our first ever St Clare’s College Sisterhood Evening Retreat, themed on identity and purpose.


It was a beautiful evening which included games and activities, dramas, talks and personal sharing and some amazing praise and worship.

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

previous night with multiple different activities as well as a panel with different youth leaders from around the diocese, including our very own Theresa Corson. The day followed the CSYMA Youth Ministry format and all the students learnt what it takes to run a retreat. They learnt skills to be a leader, how to create a drama, how to run a prayer, how to write a testimony as well as so many other things. Everyone agreed that this wonderful experience called them to be empowered by their faith and connect with other people. It was a lovely day gathering full of support, positivity, love and faith that truly reinforced the theme and empowered the people who attended to make a change in their lives. Thank you to the teachers, the CSYMA team and the St Clare’s Youth Ministry Team for making this wonderful experience happen. Maryellen Moore Religious Education Coordinator

We were lucky enough to have with us several CSYMA Youth Ministers attend, MGL Sister Kate, Kate Freeman, Brianna Thomas and Lydia Galea. The Youth Ministers led the evening and shared talks and personal stories. We were also truly blessed to have Fr Tony Percy, Fr Paul Nulley and Fr Baju present who provided the opportunity for reconciliation and adoration. The night was a really wonderful chance for the Youth Ministry girls to spend time together and share in our faith. Everyone had an incredible time and not only enjoyed themselves but came away inspired and empowered by all we were able to experience. Theresa Corson Faith & Community Captain

Makerspace Maker Mondays in the Library

On Monday October 9 the Library launched its Makerspace. A Makerspace is a creative space where students can come together to use and explore materials as well as develop creative projects. Makerspaces build perseverance, inspire investigative skills and encourage problem solving. It is a great place to come and get creative! The Library’s Makerspace is open every Monday at lunchtime. Renee Jones Year 9 Coordinator / Teacher

Year 7 Art Display

In Year 7 art this year, we have been honoured with the opportunity to learn about many artists and artistic techniques. We have learnt to paint, draw, make collages and use Photoshop with the guidance of Ms Spiropoulos. We have created numerous artworks in many different styles, all of which are self-directed and individual to the student. Kayla Walker and Sophie Longmire Year 7

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


Southern Stars Visit St Clare's On 20 September members from the Australian Women’s Cricket team, the Southern Stars, (Amanda-Jade Wellington and Elyse Villani) along with members from the ACT Women’s Cricket team, the Meteors, (Nichola Hancock and Hayley Jensen) came to Ashley oval to put on a cricket clinic for all of Year 7.

The students were divided into their PE classes and put through their paces in various challenging cricket drills including batting, bowling, fielding and game play. The students were also given the opportunity to ask questions of the Australian players and found out firsthand what it takes to make the Southern Stars. All students thoroughly enjoyed the clinic and are no doubt excited for the upcoming WBBL season, Ashes and local cricket season. Josh McGrath Sports Coordinator

Rock Climbing

up and the top five students in each age group advanced through to finals. All of the girls climbed with smiles across their faces and are to be commended for their effort, sportsmanship and determination.

Thursday 21 September saw a small contingent of climbers participated in the 2017 ACT Schools Rock Climbing Championships. This competition is the only School Rock Climbing Tournament in the ACT, so the girls were given an opportunity to show off their hidden talents. The morning consisted of a pump fest, students climbing as many walls as they could in a three-hour time frame. Based on difficulty; each wall was worth varying points from 8 all the way up to 59. At the end of the pump fest the points were tallied


The finals were hard fought as one of the competitors included the best under 16 female climber in the world. A huge congratulations to Nakita Taylor (Year 9), Ashley Tang (Year 10), Lily Sarah (Year 12) and Natasha Kelly (Year 12) who proceeded through to the finals. The girls were assigned difficult walls to climb and gave it their all. With finals climbs each hold used, control of movement, time taken and body positions are being marked by two judges and can gain you points or lose them. Congratulations to Nakita for coming third in the Year 9/10 categories. The girls also enjoyed watching the Year 11/12 boys final

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

as the top two climbers were so tied up in points that we went to double extra over time in climbing, which means the boys had to climb across the roof! Both did a great job and watching the technique and dedication of both climbers was such a great learning experience. Te highlight of the day was when the Year 7/8 gold medalist and world champion decided to climb the roof for fun and made it further then both boys, what an inspiration! All the participants should be proud of the effort and commitment they displayed, a special thanks to Natasha Kelly our Rock Climbing Captian who displayed great technique and encouraged all the girls to dream big. Nicola Hollingsworth Teacher


The 2017 snow season has officially ended and the season was incredible! Below are the recent highlights.

ACT Schools Cup The team got to the top of the race course ready to defend their cup but were disappointed to find out the ACT Schools Cup day was cancelled due to poor weather conditions. St Clare’s continues to be guardians of the cup for another year.

Nationals On Wednesday 6 September, the team headed to Mt Buller for Nationals. Thursday we scoped out the racing track and then headed over to watch the Mogul Competition.

Friday was race day. Our ski cross racers: Grace Clee, Laura Clee and Tahlyah Major, tore down the course in awful conditions with near to no visibility but had a great time.

The trip down to Mt Buller wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support of all the parents who ventured with us, Mrs Batch and Mrs (Snow) White!

Saturday our Giant Slalom skiers took to the course with Dana Forster, Tahlyah Major and Grace Clee racing. It was an amazing course and the girls made every moment count of this great racing opportunity.

Last Day on the Mountain

The last day was our borders day Lara Groeneweg and Chelsea Sunderland had a tough boarder cross course to tackle and they did it with the best of spirits. With Lara having lots of boarding experience behind her, she was able to support and be there for Chelsea who’s only just started snowboarding this year.

On September 22 the whole team, including parents and siblings, all came together one last time on the mountain. To celebrate the day, we all came dressed up in crazy costumes! We had Where’s Wally, construction workers, a donut, a dinosaur and an angel and a devil and many more clever ideas! Bridget Job Snowsports Captain

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


Weekend Netball

What a season we have had at Weekend Netball, 12 teams competing every Saturday in all weather, for the love of the game. I want to start by applauding every student who took part in this season and gave it their all be it as a player, coach or umpire; well done ladies without you we don’t have a season. I also want to thank our brilliant parent coaches Paula Sharp and Mandy Winter, and the many parents who manage teams and cheer on the sidelines each weekend. I have been inspired by the growth of our new players who learnt to read their teammates or keep that planted foot in place. The improvement in the defense as they positioned their body to see


both ball and player, always going up for the rebound. Attacking were court movement was swift, passes hard and shooters sunk balls that left my mouth open. Netball is truly a team sport and as the teams grew together so to did their confidence and skills. All of the teams demonstrated a great growth mindset and built their resilience throughout the season, knowing sport isn’t just about winning, it’s about so much more than that. The finals saw three of our teams playing off for the top spot: Jupiter, Alpha Centauri and Comits. All three games were hard fought, showing the players tenacity and resilience in the face of adversity. Coming down to the wire all three teams were pipped at the post, but showed real sportsmanship in their defeat

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

and were happy in themselves with finishing second in their respective divisions. A huge congratulations and good luck to two of our weekend netball girls picked to represent the ACT at Nationals; Caitlin Bull and Lauren Thomas. Enjoy the off season or if you are keen to keep playing consider entering a Summer Netball Team, details can be found on the SCNA website. Nicola Hollingsworth Teacher

ANU Tuckwell Scholarship

Every year, ANU offers twenty five students from across the country a Tuckwell Scholarship - Australia’s most transformational undergraduate scholarship. The Tuckwell Scholarship Program allows students to take full advantage of their time at university, including the many academic, social, cultural, sporting and leadership opportunities that come with life on campus at ANU. The application process for the 2019 intake opens for Year 12 students in March 2018, so we would encourage all Year 11 students to look into this opportunity now by heading to the Tuckwell Scholarship webpage and beginning to prepare. Our very own Caitlyn Baljak (2016 College Captain) was the recipient of the Tuckwell Scholarship for 2017.

School TV

Every year, more and more emphasis is placed on achieving good results in exams causing many students to feel extraordinary pressure and having unrealistic expectations. This month on SchoolTV, parents will find advice on how to help students cope with the pressure and how students can work smarter to achieve the results they desire. Exams are like a game. Once you know how to play the game, your chances of achieving great results rapidly increase. Parents can learn how to assist their kids to maintain perspective and keep their sanity intact during exam time. Diet, exercise and sleep all play an important part in helping a student balance a busy schedule and study smarter. Keeping stress levels to a minimum and reducing anxiety can be easily achieved through careful planning and having a supportive environment.

We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition and we always welcome your feedback. If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the school counsellor for further information. Here is the link to this month’s edition:

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Change To College Reception Hours Please note from Term 4, 2017 the opening hours for College Reception will be 8.00am to 4.30pm.

Bus Route Change

As of Monday 23 October the students who caught the number 30 bus in the morning will now catch the number 29 service which will arrive at St Clare’s College at 8.38am.

We Are Going Paperless


all fe tran stat spac

Our Accounts area is working towards paperless invoicing of fees. As a result you will soon receive your Term 4 Fee Statement via email and post as we transition into this new process. If you do not receive an email copy of your statement, or you would prefer a different email address for Accounts correspondence (i.e. invoices, statements, etc) please contact Accounts by Friday 27 October 2017.

Fees School S Reminder Survey Accounts Office

Fees are now due for payment in full unless arrangements have otherwise been approved by the College.

College Hat

If you have an arrangement in place, please ensure that the installment payments are sufficient to have your Theaccount College broad hatthe is anend optional paidbrimmed in full by of uniform item that is available for purchase through this year. Please contact the College the College Reception for $43.00 Fees Office on 6260 9461 if an Foradjustment more information contact reception on is needed. 6260 9400 Accounts Clerk

Satisfaction surveys of parents, students and staff will be conducted on behalf of all Catholic schools in the Diocese this term. The surveys are designed to gathe feedback from parents, staff and students about their school and will be used to inform school improvement. Responses are confidential and individuals can not be identified.

The surveys will be launched 1, 2017 using the email addre receive an email with a link to complete the survey at the fo 24

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

Brad Cooney Principal

Inspirational Women

Contributions are greatlly welcomed from past students. Send 300 words plus a current image to


Class of Margaret Pollard (nee Bush)


Class of Jessica Campbell (nee Pollard) Margaret Pollard (nee Bush) commenced as a student at St Clare’s College in 1972, graduating from Year 12 in 1978. At the time the school was known as Catholic Girls’ High School, Griffith. Margaret attended Australian Catholic University, Sydney (then known as Catholic College of Education) from 1979 -1981. She returned to the St Clare’s College in 1982 as a graduate teacher of English, Economics and Religious Education. Margaret taught at St Clare’s College until 1984 when she left to have her first child, Jessica. Social convention at the time meant that Margaret was forced to resign from her permanent position – there was no provision for paid or unpaid maternity leave. Margaret then had two more daughters, Stephanie and Felicity. All three sisters attended the College during the years 1997 - 2008. As the girls were growing up, Margaret returned to part time work as a Primary school teacher in 1986. She worked in six different schools in various roles including music teacher, classroom teacher, REC, Co-ordinator, Assistant Principal and Principal. During these years Margaret completed further studies, including Master of Educational Leadership. Margaret is currently the Principal at Saints Peter and Paul Primary School, Garran having previously held this role at St Thomas More Primary, Campbell from 2009 - 2015. Jessica graduated from St Clare’s College in 2002. After a gap year in the UK in 2003 and completion of university studies from 2004 – 2007, Jessica volunteered in Youth Ministry in the lead up to World Youth Day in Sydney, 2008. Jessica then worked for the St Vincent de Paul Society in Youth Services in Sydney before returning to study and following in her Mother’s footsteps to become a secondary teacher. In 2012, ten years after graduating from St Clare’s College, Jessica returned to the College as a teacher of SOSE and Religion. In 2017 Jessica completed her Master of Education. Both Jessica and Margaret have a passion for education and for making a positive difference to the lives of their students. Both credit their education at St Clare’s College for this passion and their ongoing love of learning.

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In the Headlines

Contributions are greatly received for any updates on student activities. Content and images can be sent to

Pierre de Coubertin Award Congratulations to Keely Small (Year 10) for receiving the Pierre de Coubertin Award. The award recognises secondary school students who demonstrate values which are consistent with the Olympic Movement through participation in sporting activities. It was awarded to Keely by the International Olympic Committee.

NZ Gymnastics National Championships

Portia Greenwood Talks Mental Health with the Federal Health and Sport Minister The Greenwood family have been supporting Mental Health Initiatives this past year and Brendan Greenwood father of Portia Greenwood (Year 9) was involved in the Outrun Threethreeone program early this year. Portia and her Father had the pleasure of meeting the Federal Health and Sport Minister the Hon Greg Hunt, MP to discuss the run from Sydney to Canberra and also to discuss Mental Health initiatives within the local community and throughout the areas of the run. Portia not only represented her family but also represented the College and was a great ambassador, discussing the Mental Health topics taught within our curriculum programs at St Clare’s College to the Minister.

SWITCH Team Congratulations to our Junior SWITCH team who came third at their first Vex IQ Scrimmage in Goulburn on 19 September.


“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

Georgia Keane (Year 10) represented Australia at the New Zealand Gymnastics National Championships. Her team won the gold medal in the team event and Georgia placed fourth in the all round competition with a silver medal on floor and bronze on vault. Congratulations Georgia!

Amy Thomas Representing Australia Amy Thomas (Year 11) recently competed in an International Handball Tournament as a member of the Australian Southern Stars Handball team. They were invited to complete in a friendly tournament in Busan, South Korea, as part of the regional preparation for qualifications for the 2024 and 2028 Olympics. The girls competed against national teams from the USA and Taiwan, and Division 1 professional teams from Denmark and Hungary, as well as the Busan Korea team. Each game saw the girls meet team goals, and whilst they did not manage a win, they came very close to beating Taiwan. The coaches were very pleased with the way the team performed with many of the girls having never before competed in an International tournament. Congratulations Amy!

Squash Champion

Erin Chant (Year 11) has been selected to represented the ACT at the Australian Junior Squash Championships in Geelong over the school holidays. It has also been announced that she the ACT’s number 1 player for the Under 17 Girls this year. Congratulations Erin!

Australian State Team Swimming Championships

Congratulations to Abby Webb (Year 11) who competed in the Australian State Teams Championships for swimming in the end of September. Her results included: fourth in 50 m Freestyle, fourth in 200 m in the individual medially, second in 200m backstroke and first in the 4x100 m relay.

See Lucy in Concert in December Lucy Sugerman (Year 11) will play a family friendly show at the The Street Theatre on 3 December from 6pm. She will be performing in the theatre’s largest performance space and will be supported by Sophie Edwards (Class of 2016) and Amber Nichols (previous contestant on The Voice 2015).


Congratulations to Charlotte Kurac (Year 12) as she was chosen as part of the National Equestrian Squad to go to Germany to participate in dressage competitions with local German riding clubs over the holidays.

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105



Private and inappropriate photos of kids being shared online is a huge concern for parents. With stories continually appearing of kids being taken advantage of over new apps, it’s important to talk to your kids about what is and isn’t safe. Remind them that anything they post online can’t be deleted permanently, and that if they are ever concerned about something happening online they can come to you for help.




WHAT IS IT? is a live-streaming app in which users share videos and browse content created by other users and celebrities. Once an account had been created through Facebook or twitter, it can’t be deleted.


Dubsmash is a video sharing app used to lip-sync over audio recordings from movies, TV shows or songs. Users create short clips which they can save to their device and share them within the app or anywhere on social media. The app also functions as live video messaging.

WHATARE THE RISKS? As with any mobile app, there is no real way of verifying who you are when you create an account. Users should always be cautious as to who they are sharing information with when using the messaging aspects of this app. The content in the app comes from popular movies and songs, which means a lot of it contains swearing and sexual references. For more information and tips, visit

There is no real way of verifying the age or identity of the users, and the app does not screen any content generated. The main attraction is a lip syncing function which involves popular music, so there's lots of swearing and sexual content in the songs. As well as this, there have been many cases of adults using the platform to try and solicit nude photos from underage users. Celebrities perform broadcasts in which viewers pay to send gifts. The gifts are “emojis” that range in cost from 5c to $50; the bigger your donation, the bigger your name appears on the live stream and the more likely the broadcaster is to notice you. The other big issue with live-streaming apps is that they use up a huge amount of data. If you or your child do decide to use this app, make sure it’s only used with a Wi-Fi connection.


“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

Upcoming Events

St Thomas the Apostle School and Parish Fete - Memories 39 Boddington Circuit, KAMBAH ACT 2902 Saturday 11 November 2017, 10am - 2:30pm Join us to celebrate 40 years of St Thomas school being celebrated on Remembrance day. There will be Show Bags, Cake Stall, Trash 'n' Treasure, Craft Stall, Plant Stall, Community Displays, Tombola Dodgem Cars, Sizzler Supa Cha Cha, Rock Climbing wall, Competitions, prizes, great food & much more. There is lots to see, do and buy. Come along and share the fun. There will also be a room of memories set up for past and present students to see photos from the "old" days.

Attention Year 7 Parents Your child’s vaccinations are due again in Term 4 Your School can provide you with the date The following vaccines will be offered FREE as part of the ACT School Immunisation Program in Term 4 Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Dose 3 Varicella (chickenpox)

If your child missed a vaccine during the year? You will receive a letter in the post with information on catching up through the GP

Varicella is recommended for all students who

have not had the vaccine, including those that have previously had the disease.

Where can I get more information? immunisation/high-school-immunisation-program

© Australian Capital Territory, Canberra, 2016 | | Enquiries: Canberra 13ACT1 or 132281

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


Upcoming Japanese Festivals The 21st Japanese Film Festival! Dendy invites you to celebrate some of the best Japanese films from the 13 to 22 October. The festival brings the best Japanese cinema of 2017 to Canberra. This year’s program shares a spectrum of emotions and human experiences, and boldly delves into new territory for Japanese cinema. Sensitive portrayals of modern families and stories of diversity, acceptance, and resilience sit alongside old favourites of action, mystery, and comedy. The Japanese classes will see the high school film screening of Chihayafura Part 1 about the game of karuta on Friday October 13th. More information can be found at: The Canberra Nara Candle Festival You can enjoy the spectacular visual of 2,000 shimmering candles at the 16th annual Canberra Nara Candle Festival on Saturday 28 October, as we celebrate the 24th year of the Sister City relationship shared between Canberra and Nara, Japan. The festival features Japanese cuisine, markets and stalls with visitors able to take part in various activities. More information can be found at:


“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


MUSICAL Theatre Project 7.30Pm Thursday 2, Friday 3 & Saturday 4 November 2Pm Matinée Show Saturday 4 November St Clare’s College Hall “Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105 31 Visit for Tickets

Upcoming Events Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 October - Arts, Languages and Technologies End of Year Exhibition Wednesday 18 October - Bell Shakespeare Canberra Theatre for Year 9 and 10 Thursday 19 October - RAP Meeting Friday 20 October - St Clare’s Celebration of Culture Day Friday 20 October - Big Band Bash Friday 20 October - Music Viva Performance Year 7 and 8 Tuesday 24 October - VEX Scrimmage Wednesday 25 October - Mission Mass Wednesday 25 October - Year 10 Retreat Day Thursday 26 October - Celebration of Sports Night Friday 27 October - Senior Girls Night In Friday 27 October - Year 7 Reflection Day Saturday 28 October - Class of ‘87 30 Year Reunion Monday 30 October - Board Meeting Wednesday 1 November - Leadership Handover Assembly Thursday 2 to Saturday 4 November - Unrequited Musical Project

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Tidings Edition 11, 13 October 2017  

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