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Edition 2 3 March 2017

Principal’s Message “For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people's love and concern for each other.” Millard Fuller Dear Parents/Carers, The celebration of community has occurred in so many ways since returning to school this year. From our Opening Assembly and Opening Mass, to the Athletics Carnival, to the many activities that our girls have been involved in over the past five weeks. As a community we provide support to each other, which helps to create a sense of belonging and this in turn leads to a learning environment that is positive and full of hope for the future. The Year 7 Camp at Tathra in Week 3 was very successful and I would like to thank the Year 7 students for their participation in the camp program, our Year 7 Pastoral Care Leaders and Litsa Spiropoulos, the Year 7 Coordinator, for their work with this camp. It was great to be able to participate in some of the activities with our Year 7 students and to see them establish lasting friendships with their peers while engaging in some challenging activities. A number of our Year 11 students also attended the camp and it was wonderful to see how our senior students participated and interacted with our Year 7 girls.

The College Athletics Carnival on Friday 24 February was a very colourful and spirited occasion. We were delighted with the excellent student attendance and conduct on the day. A number of parents who arrived at the College Oval in time to witness the House war cries were delighted at the involvement of the girls in their House groups and amazed at the noise levels that the House groups achieved during this part of the day! It was wonderful to see our students participate in races and events and I thank Patrick Elliott and Joshua McGrath for organising and running such a successful carnival. Our community spirit was demonstrated early on the morning of Wednesday 1 March, with over 500 students and a number of College staff participating in the Donate for Life walk around Lake Burley Griffin. This awareness raising event around organ donation is a reminder of the fragility of life and how we can assist others. All of the students made it back to school in time for our Ash Wednesday liturgy. We were privileged to have Archbishop Christopher

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Head, Heart and Hands


Year 7 Camp


Sewing Hope for Children in Africa


Book Donation from Local Author Jack Heath


Private Music Lessons


Athletics Carnival


Ash Wednesday Mass


Hospitality News




The Science and Engineering Challenge


Jindabyne Flowing Festival


Vinnies Doorknock Appeal


Musical Theatre Project


A Quest for the Picture of Happiness on Earth


Significant Upcoming Dates


Maths Competition


Changes to Bus 488 Route


SRC 2017


In the Headlines


The Journey Through Adolescence


2017 Student Residential Address Collection


St Clare’s Snowsports


Upcoming Events




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Prowse mark Ash Wednesday with a Mass and the launch of Project Compassion for the Archdiocese. The Mass organised by Marie Manning effectively integrated prayer, music and quiet reflection time for us as a community. The annual Swimming Carnival will be held on Friday 24 March. Events are planned for the serious and not so serious swimmers and even if a student is not so keen on the water, their participation in supporting their House or assisting with the day is part of belonging to our community at St Clare’s. It is a compulsory day of school and great fun too. On Tuesday 7 March, the College will be closed for Moderation Day. Teaching staff in all ACT colleges offering the ACT Year 12 Certificate meet at a variety of venues and moderate work from students across all colleges. Best wishes, Brad Cooney Principal

Wednesday 26 April Try a Day at St Clare’s Become a St Clare’s girl for the day! All prospective Year 7, 2018 students are invited to experience the exciting and enriching opportunities that St Clare’s has to offer. Please register online at

Thursday 27 April Open Evening (4.30 pm to 7.30 pm) We would like to extend a warm welcome to all prospective students and their families to visit the College during our Open Evening. The Principal’s address will commence at 6 pm in the College Hall and school tours will be conducted throughout the evening.

Monday 15 May Year 11, 2018 Information Evening (6 pm to 7 pm) Discover the many courses and leadership opportunities available for senior students at St Clare’s. New and continuing students are invited to attend.

P: 02 6260 9400 E: A: 1 McMillan Crescent, Griffith ACT 2603


Welcome to our Spirited Learning Community

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

Head, Heart & Hands A Program for Year 7

Prior to going on camp the Year 7 cohort participated in a ‘Head, Heart and Hands’ program. }}

Head - Information Session learning services provided by the College


Heart - Assimilation of information regarding St Clare, our vision, and respective house symbolism


Hands - Choreographing and performing a rap dance/song based on information regarding St Clare, our vision, and respective house symbolism.

The girls rotated through a series designed to establish some foundational academic skills, in addition to building community and house spirit. The rap performances were particularly entertaining and commendable! Natasha Milde Dean of Students (Junior)

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


Year 7 Camp

The start of Year 7 is full of new experiences, new friends, and amazing adventures, all mixed up with nerves and anticipation. Our Year 7 camp was all of those things, and more. We all arrived at school at 7.30 am on Wednesday morning with our over stuffed bags and a feeling of nervous excitement. The bus trip took 3 hours with a stop at Cooma for morning tea before heading down the Brown Mountain to Tathra. We split into two groups and the UWWWs (Ulamina, Wareen, Wirina, and Wibalu) headed off to a camping ground in the Bournda National Park while the KAJAMs (Kipara, Alinda, Japara and Makara) went to the relative luxury of the Kianinny Bush Resort. After one night, we swapped over. When we first hopped off the bus at Kianinny, we went straight to the dining room for a delicious snack and a briefing from our camp instructor. Then two house groups went on an adrenaline pumping flying fox and built rafts. The other two house groups went to Tathra Beach, learnt about beach safety, did flag races (like the nipper’s do), had a sand castle competition and finished with


a refreshing swim at the beach. We had biscuits and fruit for afternoon tea then hopped on the bus for the quick trip back to the camp site for showers and some packing up. When we heard Dan (our camp instructor) blow his horn we knew that it was time for dinner. We had lasagne pasta bake with a nice fresh greek salad. After dinner, we had speeches and voted for our Pastoral Care Captains and we played a fun game. We had apple crumble with custard for dessert and hot chocolate for supper. At 9:00pm we were sent to bed and had a nice little sleepover with our cabin group.

At the camping ground we participated in many challenging team building activities. We went on a hike and saw lots of Australian wildlife and stopped at a lagoon for a relaxing swim. We went kayaking on the lake. Lots of us tried standing up on our kayaks but pretty soon, fell off. We played games to get to know each other, games where we had to communicate without speaking and games that taught us to cooperate well with our team mates. We enjoyed hamburgers and hot chocolates and sat around a massive campfire singing songs. Sleeping with seven in a tent was not too bad.

We got woken up at 7 am the next morning, finished packing and had breakfast. Two house groups went to the beach activities, while the other two groups stayed at the camp site to do the flying fox and raft building. On the flying fox we did many different tricks such as the death drop, going upside down and more! We moved on to learn raft building skills using teamwork, which made us all bond together really well. We had to race another group from one side of the lake, to the other. We had some very competitive swimmers and rowers. The winning team got to do a victory jump into the big lake. We had afternoon tea and hopped onto the bus to go to the tents.

Throughout our time at camp we got to know each other, we became closer friends and met new ones. We learnt new skills, we worked as a team, and we challenged ourselves. Of course, none of this would be possible without the wonderful teachers as well as the eight Year 11 students who gave up their time to make this a wonderful experience. We think Year 7 is going to be a pretty great year for us all.

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

Jessica Charles and Callie Robertson (Year 7 SRC Representatives)

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


Sewing Hope for Children in Africa

St Clare’s College students are continuing the legacy left by Meg Lillie (Year 12, 2016) by using their lunch time to sew dresses for Little Dresses for Africa Foundation. This year a number of students who participated in the project last year have decided to continue sewing dresses for this worthwhile cause. They are hoping to exceed 100 dresses which was the amount of dresses made in 2016. The Little Dresses for Africa foundation was founded by Rachel O’Neill in 2008 after seeing firsthand how many people struggled with basic necessities in Africa. During her trip Rachel saw the needs of many, especially those of little girls and young women; and she resolved to help these girls by bringing dresses for them to wear. In Africa many young girls are orphaned due to HIV and AIDS, and this makes them the most abducted and abused people in Africa. When a little girl is seen wearing the only dress that they own, which is torn and threadbare, they are more likely to be abducted and abused than if they were wearing a new dress; because a new dress shows that someone cares about them. The most important thing about this project is not the dress, but the seed of hope that is planted in the child’s heart, and the message that they are worthy. Every Monday lunch time in the St Clare’s sewing rooms a group of approximately 15 girls from all year groups meet to make dresses out of donated material. The girls have varying skills in sewing and the experience is a great way for them to improve their skills and make new friends. Visit for more information about the foundation.

Book Donation from Local Author Jack Heath Canberra author Jack Heath visited St Clare's College on Friday 17 February to donate a class set of his books to the Library. Titles donated included "Money Run" and "Third Transmission". College students were delighted to accept the generous donation. For more information about Jack's books see his website or borrow a copy from the College library, you might even be lucky enough to borrow signed copy!


“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

Private Music Lessons

St Clare’s College provides an excellent opportunity for those students wishing to learn an instrument. There are a number of private music teachers who come to the College during school hours. The fee for each half hour lesson is set by the individual teacher.

Private Music Teachers Operating Out of St Clare’s College Piano

Anthony Bozicevic Kylie Loveland

0416 704 085 0431 211 976


Jane Rylands

62733884 0412 140 289


Lis Hoorweg

6248 8495


Dennis Hanrahan

0420 648 095


Lauren Nihill

0402 483 450

Private Music Teachers Operating Out of St Edmund’s College Brass

Justin Lindgard

0412 128 171


Derrick Brassington

0412 631 741


Erin Patrick

0439 896 077

If you are interested in having your daughter taught through the school’s private music tuition program it is necessary to contact the teacher of the instrument you wish to learn via the phone number or email above. As the College timetable is a ten day cycle, students’ music lessons will be rotated on a term basis to ensure they do not miss the same class lessons throughout the year. It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with their school work and ensure that these lessons do not clash with any tests or assessments for which they have been given prior notice. Arrangements can be made with the private music teacher to arrange an alternative time. Furthermore, if a student is attending excursions, sports carnivals, retreats, competitions or any other school event, or due to illness they cannot attend their lesson, they must notify their private music teacher at least 24 hours in advance so alternative arrangements can be made. If 24 hours’ notice is not given to the private music teacher, you will be charged for the lesson. If you would like your daughter to participate in the private lessons, please contact the relevant teacher, and email the Arts/Languages Coordinator, Vanessa Johnson, on the following details: 1. Your name and phone number 2. Your daughter’s name and PC group 3. The instrument she will be playing 4. Lesson time and day 5. Name of the Music tutor

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


Athletics Carnival

Friday 24 February A fabulous turn out by the student body highlighted what was a highly enjoyable athletics carnival. The warmer weather meant the track was fast and dry and the athletes were well warmed up for some furious racing. This proved to be the case as stellar performances were the order of the day.

National Long Jump Champion Grace Brennan (Year 12 Ulamina) smashed the existing school record for long jump by over 70 centimetres. Out in the field the novelty events were epic, with the most amount of noise coming from the tug-o-war events where the one on one, house vs house battles took on a life of their own. There was obviously plenty of history attached to many of the rivalries as evidenced by the constant chest beating and ‘in your face’ response by victor over vanquished. For some reason beating Japara caused great delight! Indeed, many reputations were shattered as the Alinda teams in particular were out in force stamping their authority (weren’t they supposed to be angels?). With the track surrounded by admiring fans the atmosphere was super charged as the athletes were greeted with great gusto as they were introduced for each of the 100m Finals. An explosive half hour of athletics saw super quick times and great head to head racing. Fastest qualifier Mia Forth (Year 7 Wibalu) had the honour of being the first 100m Champion of the day as she held off a fast finishing group to record an all the way win in the 12 Years. Similarly Alex Mackenzie (Year 9 Kipara) showed great strength and power over the final


30 metres to get herself top podium spot, whilst with a sub 13 second qualifying time Keely Small (Year 10 Makara) epitomised power running to comfortably claim the prize in the 16 Years. The Open Final was a veritable who’s who of St Clare’s athletics. Long term SCC athletics team members Hanna Lukowski, Olivia O’Donnell and Zoe Terry were up against new kid on the block Jada Hartwig and the experience of Grace Brennan. Grace’s incredible speed helped make this a memorable final as she dragged the rest of the race along with her for all to record super slick times. In the end six different houses won a final each and everyone, (well, 75% of everyone) came away happy with the results. Having been thereabouts all day Wareen started to become more prominent as the relays rolled on and the smart money was starting to head their way. Would the reigning Champions hang on again for another year or would the consistent Wibalu or Japara pick their pocket when it counted? All through this the novelties powered on, sack races becoming stack races in the heat of battle. Back on the field the lines for shot, long jump and javelin were immense

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

as many students sought that extra point or two that might lead to their house lifting one of the two trophies on offer; not to mention bragging rights for the next twelve months. Going into the war cries, one point separated the top two for the Spirit Cup and it became a matter of laying it all down big time when it really counted. After Wirana Wimbledon served it up early, the Japara Judges showed great conviction, impressing the early judging and setting the standard. Unfortunately for both these houses it wasn’t quite enough and with less than forty points separating the top five, Alinda’s early work (and angelic “in your face” attitude) set them up to hold off Makara and the fast finishing Kipara. In terms of the Championship Cup, thoughts of a similarly close run race proved misguided as Wareen’s depth and seasoned campaigners proved ultra-decisive to romp home by a mega margin. Japara and Wibalu gapped the five other houses also by a fair margin to claim second and third respectively. An impromptu disco then erupted on the oval to end the day as many took advantage of the opportunity to bust a few moves with whatever energy they had left. David Garrity Physical Education & Health Teacher

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


Ash Wednesday Mass & Launch of Project Compassion

On Wednesday 1 March, our College community plus representatives from Caritas, our Catholic Secondary Colleges within the Archdiocese and other invited guests came together to mark the beginning of the Lenten season with a Mass celebrated by Archbishop Christopher Prowse. The Lenten period lasts for 40 days and during this time we are asked to fast, repent and develop our relationship with God. So what is fasting? In Pope Francis’ words, “Do you want to fast this Lent?” he reminds us that we should endeavour to: fast from hurting words and say kind words; fast from sadness and be filled with gratitude; fast from anger and be filled with patience; fast from pessimism and be filled with hope; fast from worries and trust in God; fast from complaints and contemplate simplicity; fast from pressures and be prayerful; fast from bitterness


and fill your heart with joy; fast from selfishness and be compassionate to others; fast from grudges and be reconciled; fast from words and be silent, so you can listen. Archbishop Christopher reiterated these sentiments in his homily calling on all of us to further develop our relationship with God and one another and strive to be the person God intended us to be. Our Ash Wednesday Mass also gave Archbishop Christopher the opportunity to launch Project Compassion for Caritas Australia, this being their annual fundraising and awareness raising appeal.

The theme for Project Compassion 2017 is to Love your Neighbour. Our guest speaker Matt Napier spoke to us of his experiences of living on $1.50 per day and walking

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

2000 kms across Southern Africa from the East Coast of Namibia to the West coast of Mozambique in July and August of 2016. In speaking of his personal challenges and experiences, he reinforced to us the need to raise awareness of global poverty. In turn, Caritas Australia asks us to show our love for our neighbours just like that expressed by the Good Samaritan, so that lives can be transformed. To treat all men, women and children with respect and dignity and to be mindful of those who are most vulnerable to poverty and injustice in society whether they be in Local, National or International communities. This can only lead to a better future for our world, a world that Pope Francis has recently called “Our Common Home.” Marie Manning Acting Mission and Ministry Coordinator

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


Hospitality News

On 9 February, the Year 12 Hospitality class conducted their first café for the year. The menu consisted of two varieties of gozleme served with a side salad and the option of an upside down pear butterscotch cake or a traditional Turkish ‘revani’ dessert. The students also prepared a ‘spicy apple’ Turkish beverage to serve with lunch. The girls conducted themselves in a professional manner to deliver a very successful lunch function. Monique Nutt Hospitality Teacher


An Engineering Experience


St Clare's College students, Maria Corson, Kathryn Liston, Grace Clee and Lauren Taylor were invited to attend an engineering experience (YoWIE) in the holidays at UNSW. It was a three day program designed for young women across Canberra to introduce them to the wonders of engineering.

to get through various mazes that simulated such things as ‘a trip to the grocery store’. The students learned to solder electrical components onto boards to make their own micro controller. They finished off day one by individually programming their newly built micro controller to display a series of numbers or letters.

On the first day of YoWIE students learned about mathematical modelling and how it can be used to create realistic looking plants. Students also learned how to program a Lego Mindstorm robot

On the second day students got to design the lid for their micro controller box, this is the box that the micro controller and batteries were put into so that the screen was displayed. Students learnt how to

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

use computer aided design to design the lid with the right dimensions and to emboss their name or a small design on the front. Students also learnt about two stroke engines by taking one apart and reassembling it. The third day was full-on! The students got to experience the excitement of civil engineering by seeing concrete cylinders go through destructive strength test as well as watching steel fall to pieces when put under extreme pressure. They also learnt a bit about chemical engineering while making sticky slime, as well as seeing a wind tunnel in action and learning how it can be used to test aircraft. The students were also given the box lids that they designed the day before, to take home. The YoWIE team had the 3D printer running overnight to get them ready for the girls. YoWIE was one of the most exciting programs we have been to and it really opened our eyes to all aspects of engineering. It was engaging, fun, and we learnt so much. We would like to thank Ms Worontschak for presenting this opportunity to us, it was so worth it! Kathry Liston, Grace Clee and Lauren Taylor

The Science and Jindabyne Engineering Challenge Flowing Festival

On 9 February, twenty-three Year 9 and 10 students from St Clare’s College attended the annual Science and Engineering Challenge at the ANU. The day consisted of two sessions, where we completed a variety of activities. These activities were: building bridges, hovercrafts, mars rovers, bionic hands, cardboard furniture, interconnecting railway lines, connecting electricity and earthquake proof towers. We were grouped into eight groups of two to four people, each group completing different challenges. Some challenges were full day activities while other were half day. The teams completing half day activities participated in two different activities.

On Sunday 19 February, twenty-two dragon boating students travelled to Jindabyne to compete at the Jindabyne Flowing Festival. Competing for the ‘Saints’ team with students from St Edmunds, the girls reached the final for the junior mixed category, placing 2nd and 4th against Grammar. They also competed in two heats for the womens races against adult teams, and although they did not reach the final, the girls had one of their best performances for the season. The girls are to be commended for their enthusiastic approach to the day and the way that they built positive team camaraderie. Stephanie Campbell Teacher

The bionic hand challenge required the teams to construct a hand with moving fingers out of everyday objects such as straws and string. The hand then had to fit inside a plastic glove; and was required to complete different challenges testing strength, aesthetics and manoeuvrability. Aesthetics was tested on the number fingers the hand had. Strength was tested on the ability to pick up a juggling ball and then a rubber ball; while manoeuvrability was tested on the hand’s ability to perform sign language, pick up a single straw and the ability to pick up a bunch of five or more straws. This challenge was to be completed in an hour. The main event of the day was the testing of the bridges that had been built as a full day activity. It was exciting and everyone was on the edge of their seat as we watched to see if the bridge would support the weight of up to 9 kilograms. This test required ingenuity on the engineer’s part. Overall it was a really fun experience and everyone enjoyed themselves greatly. We would like to thank Mrs Worontschak for organising the event and making this a great day for everyone. It was a very worthwhile experience and we recommend it to all STEM lovers. Megan White and Cristina Munoz

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


Vinnies Doorknock Appeal

The Vinnies Doorknock was the first Vinnies event for the SCC Vinnies Team for 2017. 31 girls missed their Sunday morning sleep-ins to go door to door in the Pearce, Torren and Mawson areas to collect donations for the appeal. Meeting at Sacred Heart Primary School, the large number of participants for St Clare’s wowed local parishioners and volunteers from Marist College, who joined us at the event. A huge thank you goes out to all the girls who helped out and their parents. Thank you also to Mrs Manning, Mrs Maciejewski, Mrs O’Brien, and Mr Dantas for all their support, and Jamie our Vinnies correspondent for organising the whole day. The success of the event is really going to set the tone our upcoming fundraising! Kate Washington and Sarah O’Neill Vinnies Captains 2017

Musical Theatre Project been written by Sally Whitwell, an award winning ARIA musician and composer. Unrequited is a very unique project and incredible opportunity as this is an original musical, yet to be performed. We will be work-shopping and showcasing key scenes and dance/music numbers.

We are excited to announce that the St Clare’s Musical Theatre Project is Unrequited: Girl Meets Boyband. The Musical. The project will take place in Semester Two of 2017 and showcase performance nights will take place on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 November. The musical is based on Emma Grey's novel, Unrequited: Girl Meets Boyband. The music and lyrics have


The foundation of the project is based on a mentoring system where teachers across the entire school are invited to work with senior students as mentors and in turn these students will guide and inspire students in the younger years. Industry professionals, such as musicians, choreographers, technical production artists, directors, designers etc will also be invited to run workshops and skills based training across a range of areas.

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

Unrequited: Girl Meets Boyband. The Musical. Follows the story of Kat Hartland, a 17 year old, Year 12 student. She is a musician, songwriter and performer who dreams of big things. She despises Boy Bands and her world is turned upside down when her young twin sisters drag her to see Unrequited (the biggest Boy Band since One Direction). The themes of first love, mistaken identity, expectations, art, preconceived ideas and most importantly following your dreams & remaining true to yourself are explored. Think Jane Austenmeets musical-meets-One Directionmeets Love story all set in modern day Sydney! Vanessa Johnson Faculty Coordinator Arts and Languages

A Quest for the Picture of Happiness on Earth

Significant Upcoming Dates for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community 9 March Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Term 1 Meeting. Students, staff and parents are welcome to attend.

16 March National Close the Gap Day

St Clare’s College has been invited by Questacon to participate in The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) “Picture of Happiness on Earth” project. Students in Years 7 & 8 studying Digital Technologies are taking part in the TSUNAGARI project, a word which means connection.

21 March Harmony Day Caroline Blackshaw Aboriginal Contact Teacher

The project runs in cooperation with Miraikan, Bloomberg and Questacon. Students will participate in a series of incursions conducted by staff from Questacon in order to investigate what happiness on our Earth looks like to our students as they use and analyse existing credible data sets from around the world. By the end of the project students will have created a short 5-10 minute film that will be uploaded to YouTube for community voting. The winning entry receives a prize to travel to Miraikan in Tokyo. Students will be able to present the group’s work and consult with staff from the museum as they create an installation using the group’s findings. The installation will be shown on the Tsunagari globe in the foyer of the museum. To see a preview of the museum visit Miraikan aims to bring about new ways of connecting people with the knowledge of how our planet works and how we work. The project progress is being documented from around the world by using #miraikan_happy hashtag.

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


Maths Competition

give a clear explanation of the mathematics behind a problem or puzzle


OR present a real-world application of mathematics


OR demonstrate the importance or usefulness of mathematics."


Create and submit a 3-5 minute video and you could win $2,000

Registration opens on 1 March (this week) and final deadline for submissions is 23 June 2017.

5 minute long) video on the theme "Maths is our future". Prizes from $200 to $2000 are to be awarded.

Mrs Rasmus has copies of the flier for those who are interested. Please collect them from the maths staffroom Room W102.

From the information sent, we read that:

The Maths faculty has recently received information form AMSI (the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute) concerning a national competition in which students form teams to create a short (3 to

You can also visit the website for more information and view some of the previous winners videos http:// student-awards/

"Entries must be based around the 2017 theme: Maths is our Future. The video must be about mathematics and either:

Changes to School Bus 488 Route Capital Hill


488 (morning) School Route Map

effective 6 March 2017 Kingston


Legend Route Start and finish Pick up point School Bus Station


Schools serviced:

St Edmunds and St Clares





Sturt Ave





Woden Bus Station



Hindmarsh D r

gleston C Eg


Ai n

Hindma rsh D Plu r nk et res tS t n i C r u r

ose D Melr es




Red Hill

Narrabundah College

e Av rra be om rab



• Narrabundah College • St Edmunds and St Clares

Cre s






sw or th

Temporary diversion

Hodgson C re s Be

St ley


Mawson St lkins Wi

t Hawker S


Heard S t

on ws Ma








S Shepherd

nd rl a c fa Ma


ow ed Bas



13 17 10


“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

Student Representative Council 2017 Year 7: Callie Robertson and Jessica Charles

Year 8: Georgia Martin-Pang and Laura Spelic Year 9: Analise Greenhalgh and Kara Murphy Year 10: Georgia Keane and India Kelly Year 11: Zoe Terry and Casey Horan Year 12: Megan Phipps (chair), Jacinta Evans, Tsungayi Buhera Teacher facilitator: Stephanie Burns

In the Headlines Community Group of the Year Award

Karate Recently Abigayle Liddell, Year 8, trained and competed at an International Karate Event in New Zealand from 24 February to 1 March.

Best in Show Lauren Taylor from Year 10 was recognised as the best artist in the junior division at the ActewAGL Royal Canberra Show by the Canberra Art Society for one of her oil paintings. Her artwork was displayed at the show. Congratulations Lauren! Photo source: Yass Tribune website

Year 12 student, Neve Tually of Makara House, received the 2016 ‘Community Group of the Year Award’, on behalf of the Interact Club, at the Australia Day celebrations in Yass earlier this year. Neve explains that most people would recognize the Rotary Club groups in their community and in Yass they have developed the Interact Club as a teenage equivalent of the Rotary Club. The Yass community have benefitted from the opportunities to actively engage local teenagers and the valuable community service the Interact Club members have provided through the numerous volunteering activities they have embraced. Congratulations Neve on leading your Interact Club so successfully. Contributions are greatly received for any updates on student activities. Content and images can be sent to

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


The Journey THROUGH ADOLESCENCE The Program is called The Resourceful Adolescent Program for Parents (RAP – P). This program is suitable for parents and carers of children attending primary school years 5 & 6 and secondary school students attending years 7—12. RAP – P will help you: 

Help your teenager to develop a healthy self-esteem

Help your teenager to gain independence while still feeling safe and part of the family

Manage your stress so you can do your best job as a parent

Prevent and manage conflict with you teenager

Promote harmony in your family

The course is offered 3 hours per week over a 3 week period. DATES: 20th March, 27th March & 3rd April TIME: 6pm—9pm VENUE: 57 Hicks Street, Red Hill FEE: $80 (Concessions available) Fee includes light supper & course materials


“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

Bookings Essential Contact 1800 068 698

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105


St Clare’s Snowsports Did you miss our first meeting?

If you are still interested in skiing or snowboarding for the College please see Mrs Batch in the Maths Staffroom by the end of Week 6. Participants must be at a blue run ability. The whole family are welcome to join the team. Snowsports contacts: Mrs Carolyn Batch 6260 942,4 Miss Jojo Chen 6260 9424,

Upcoming Events Tuesday 7 March - Moderation Day Monday 13 March - Canberra Day Thursday 16 March - World’s Greatest Shave Monday 20 March - Year 7 Immunisations Friday 24 March - Swimming Carnival


Daily notices are available on the montiors throughout the school.

Contact Us: P: 6260 9400 E: St Clare’s College 1 McMillan Crescent Griffith ACT 2603

llection Yearbook Co Reminder Years 8-12 Students in t collected o n e v a h t a th book are r a e Y 6 1 0 2 their ummerville to see Mrs S eir copy. to collect th

St Clare’s Colle ge Fitness Club Sessions held Wednesdays 7.30 - 8.30 am Meet at the gy m

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