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Worship is a celebration of the amazing story & its hero. worship is about him & not about us. To Receive Worship is our gift to God. • The wise men - give him physical gifts. • In Revelation, we have a long list of what Jesus is worthy to receive;

2. Feelings The things we remember and focus on and celebrate when we worship - are things that matter. 3. Finance The wise men brought gold as a gift to Jesus. & in the list of things which Jesus is worthy to receive - Is the word ‘wealth’.

v12 Power, wealth, wisdom, might, honour, glory & blessing. In the Bible - the best and right motive for giving is worship. Worship is about giving. Its about extending from beyond ourselves UP & OUT to him.

what can we give him? – the 5 Fs of Worship • • • • •

Focus Feelings Finance Fellowship Fall down

At the beginning of the year, its a good time to look at two questions prayerfully • What is God asking you to give financially to Him this year as an act of worship? • What motivates you to give?



Our worship together - is poorer - if you are disengaged? How do we do this?

1. Focus To worship - is to become preoccupied with Him. Matthew 15.8-9 “This people honours me with their lips, but their heart is far from me;


Be sensitive to those around us. Honour. Don’t carry criticism. Praying for one another. Looking out for those who are visiting & welcoming them.

St.Chads Romiley – Sunday 22nd January 2012

- Posture.

Jesus - worthy to receive our Worship. 5.

Fall down

The Wise Men & the Elders – fell down and worshipped. Its a declaration that he is greater than us. He is in charge. He is Lord of all.

Matthew 2v9-12 – The Wise Men worship Jesus. Revelation 5 – Worthy is the Lamb! Worthy Worship literally means to ‘express worth’. Revelation 5v1-5

The ultimate expression of worship - is submission and obedience. And we express that in the way we live.

‘submission of will to his purpose’.

Worship sets Jesus apart & reminds us that He is unique. We worship Jesus - For who he is & for what He’s done • He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. • He is the Lamb who was slain. “Worship is the submission of all of our nature to God. It is the quickening of conscience by His holiness, Nourishment of mind by His truth, Purifying of imagination by His beauty, Opening of the heart to His love, And submission of will to his purpose. And all this gathered up in adoration is the greatest of human expressions of which we are capable.” Archbishop William Temple • slain, • ransomed people for God • you have made them a kingdom