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St Chad’s Notices Sunday 23rd October 2011


Institution of Richard Pennystan as Vicar of St Chad’s Romiley Weʼd like to welcome Richard Pennystan and his family to St Chadʼs Romiley. His institution service th on Tuesday 18 October was a wonderful time of celebration. Thank you to all those who made it possible and worked hard behind the scenes. As part of the service we, as a church, made some big promises. Weʼve included them here so that we donʼt forget the promises weʼve made. The following words have been taken directly from the service sheet.

The church is called in the power of the Holy Spirit to proclaim to all people eternal life in Jesus Christ and fellowship in his Church. People of the Parish of Romiley, it is your duty to know what a Christian ought to believe and practice, to spread the good news of Christ, and to help those received by baptism to continue in the life of the Church. Will you do all in your power to build up the life and fellowship of the Church?

The Church is called to share in the life of Christ by receiving his Word and Sacraments, and to grow in fellowship with him and with each other. It is every memberʼs duty to share with others in worship each Sunday, to receive Holy Communion faithfully and regularly, and to bear witness to Christ in daily life and work, seeking his will and living to his glory. Will you be faithful in this Christian calling?

With the help of God, we will.

With the help of God, we will.

Members of Christʼs Church in this parish should seek to grow in faith and the knowledge of God by Bible reading and private prayer. They should pray continually for the work of the Church, for its ministers and for each other. It is their responsibility, in company with other Christians where they live, to show themselves to be the Body of Christ, giving service to the community through the grace of him who died and rose again for us all. Will you seek, by prayer, word and action, to do these things?

Churchwardens, church councillors, and people of this parish, will you pray for, care for and support Richard and his family, as he will pray for, care for and support you?

With the help of God, we will.

With the help of God we will.

In the photos above: Main picture – Richard presented as Vicar Top right – Bishop Robert delivers the Deed of Institution to Richard. Bottom Right – Bishop Robert blesses Richard.

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Children’s & Youth Work at St Chad’s needs YOU!

Over the last two weeks we’ve had the opportunity to listen to exciting updates about toddlers, children’s and youth ministry here at St Chad’s. It’s incredible to think that the seeds we’re sowing are being invested into people who will go on to be leaders or practitioners in families, local communities, businesses, education and government. We have such an amazing opportunity to love them, guide them, support them and help them to recognise their identity and purpose in Christ as they grow up. It’s so exciting to think that our church reaches hundreds of children and young people and their families each week – all of whom are precious to God. We have such an amazing opportunity to serve and to bless. We have big dreams for these ministries, but we can’t grow without people and support.

How could you get involved? Prayer: Sign up to be a prayer partner and receive updates about whatʼs going on. Commit to praying long-term for one young person or child as they grow up.

Set up teams:

As a church we are blessed with people of all ages, skills and abilities and we need to work as a body and as a family, and as a result be family for those who need it. Some of our children’s and youth groups attract more than 40 people a session but often we don’t even get close to investing significantly in them because our teams are so small. We miss out on fulfilling the call to be the father to the fatherless because we don’t have enough men on team, or we miss the opportunity to be a practical answer to people’s needs because we don’t have the volunteers to minister to them. It would be thrilling to start seeing young people’s lives turned around because they have solid adult role models, or see them transformed by discovering their true identity in Christ at youth group.

Could you pop down to the Guywood Centre and help set up or pack down equipment for between 30mins and an hour?

We need all kinds of people with all kinds of skills to get involved in the exciting ministries taking place. Maybe you’re good at engaging people in a game of table tennis, or are good at listening to what’s going on in someone’s life. Perhaps you’d like to able to pray for people. You don’t have to feel called to work specifically with children or young people… if you do… GREAT…but you might want the opportunity to invest in parents, serve refreshments, run tuck shops or even help us to set up/pack down… whatever your gift we need you!


If you would like to give it a go and test out whether this ministry is for you, please get in touch. You won’t be signing your life away! Please read on for ways to help, or speak to one of the team. Even an hour each week or committing to pray regularly will make a huge difference. For prampushers – Kirstie Goddard 07970 100 778 For kids – Johanna Pearson or Alex Potts 430 4652 For youth – James Neal or Lottie Jones 430 4652

Please support Light Party! (info on back) 1. Invite friendsʼ children, grandchildren, neighbours or even trick or treaters. You can pick up a flyer from the back of church. 2. Please pray for Light Party – its always a great night, but as well as having lots of fun, we get to talk about Jesus. Please pray for our volunteers and the children. 3. Could you make a donation towards the running costs of Light Party this year? Weʼre looking to raise enough money to buy a small tract for each child, plus sweets and prizes. If youʼd like to make a contribution please just put it in the tin at the back of church. email:

Some of the slots we have are: Tuesdays (7.15pm-7.45pm) Wednesdays (midday - 1pm) Wednesdays (8.00-8.30pm) Thursdays (11.30am-12.30pm)

Could you help out at… Prampushers: • Could you help out at crèche on Friday mornings? • Could you chat to parents or play? Fireworks: • Could you chat to parents who stay for the session? • Could you join the team and serve 4-7s? Fuel: • Join our team and serve 7-11s through games, fun and chat. Help us to launch a NEW GROUP! Explore (7-11s discipleship) Wednesdays 3.30-5pm Sundays: Kids – once a month, help supervise children in Sunday School. Youth – 11-14s. Help out once a month with this discipleship group. Core (11-14s) – An exciting, high energy group on Wednesdays. Pulse (14-18s) – Fun & discipleship for older teens on Sunday evenings.

Issue #: [Date] Prayer Space

at St Chad’s

October Barn Dance th

St Chadʼs believes in the power of prayer and that God heals. St Chad's has a dedicated prayer team who are available each week to pray with people. The team also meets together to listen to God before each service. A member of the team shares words or pictures heard during this time during each service. We believe that God gives those words and pictures for people in church, so that they can come forward for prayer and healing. A designated area for prayer is set aside in each service - typically in the Lady Chapel (the area to the front right of church). If you would like to respond to any of the words that are shared, or to the sermon, or to pray with someone or even pray alone, then please feel complete freedom to move to the Lady Chapel (the space to the front right of the church) at any point during the service. God wants to bring healing and wholeness to each one of us, so let us all be open to how God might want to meet with each of us, and trust Him – for He is good and faithful! And let's share together in the prayer from Acts 4:30 "Send your healing power; may miraculous signs and wonders be done through the name of your holy servant Jesus." AMEN! If you have any questions please chat to one of the prayer team or to Joe Pienaar.

29 October 7.30-10.30pm in the Guywood Centre. Hopefully you will have this date in your diary! Following some peoplesʼ questions weʼd like to clarify that there are no tickets, there is no charge and you do not have to sign up in advance. This is an all age event and our aim is to have fun and to get to know other members of the congregation, who we may not know quite so well. The caller will treat us all as beginners with no previous dance experience and if you are not fit enough to dance just come and enjoy the music and the atmosphere. We are not providing refreshments but would encourage you to bring along drinks for yourselves and some nibbles to share with others. Please support the event and help to make it a real success. Ken Earith

Update from Sarah Jeffery

Prayer at St Chad’s

Life and work have been very busy since I returned. The new school th opened on 24 August. We have four rooms and a large veranda in which to work. I am teaching all subjects except PE, which is taught by a parent. Teaching, planning, admin and finances keep me very busy.

Pray for Richard as he settles into his new role.

Thank you so much for all the resources you have so generously given. Our school is extremely well equipped, especially in craft materials – Thank you so much! Prayer & Thanks • Thank him for a wonderful time in England and France this summer. • Thank him for good friends here – for lots of encouragement & support. • Thank him for the new school and the children • Ask him for energy, strength, patience, creativity, perseverance and joy while teaching the children. • Ask him for continued good relations with the children & parents. • Ask him for continued Peace and great Joy.

Thank you again, Sarah Jeffery

Pray for the staff team as they settle into this new season at St Chads. Pray for our toddler, children and youth ministries as we seek to grow and develop teams. Pray for Sarah Jeffery as she serves God abroad. st

Pray for Light Party (31 Oct). Pray for people who are more vulnerable at this time of year.

Cut along the strip and stick our weekly diary and prayer points in your bag/bible!

Calling all St Chad’s Men! It’s time to grow that beard again! During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

Visit the website and find out how to raise money for this great cause.

Issue #: [Date]

Light Party

The week ahead…

A fun filled night of gam es, sweets & fancy dress. Prizes for the best Knight & Princess.


Monday 24 No Fireworks 7.30pm

Mothers Prayers Monday 31st October 6 - 7.30pm in the Guywood Centre For anyone aged 5-11yrs (Sorry - No Hallowe’en costum es)


Tuesday 25 No Little Lights No FUEL 7.30pm Christian Relief Uganda evening th

Wednesday 26 No Sparklers 11.00am Communion No Cherry Youth No Deeper or Core Thursday 27 7.00am No Stars 10.30am Saturday 29 7.30pm Sunday 30 9.15am 10.45am 10.45am


Morning Prayer Mothers Prayers


Barn Dance

Shoe Boxes

Afternoon Tea

Over the next few months we'll be making the final push to produce as many shoeboxes as possible. Filled with toys and gifts, the boxes will make there way to some of the poorest children in the world. It's easy to get involved... buy some of the items below or make a donation at St Chad's church - it costs 2.50 to send each box. Even the smallest contribution will help!

The visiting team will run the next th afternoon tea on 12 November. Could you help by providing transport, making sandwiches or baking cakes?


Service Service Children’s Church & Deeper Sundays

No Pulse Youth

For more info contact Maggie Britten or Jan Ford. Thank you We particularly need… Wool hats & gloves, A5 drawing pads or cheap drawing paper, balloons (including rocket balloons), small games e.g. ludo, dominoes, yo-yos, puzzles, kaleidoscopes, small magnifying glasses, pocket money toys, cheap plastic jewellery, pencil sharpeners and rubbers.

CHRISTIAN RELIEF UGANDA. Church Office 1-5 Stockport Road Romiley, Stockport SK6 4BN phone (0161) 430 4652 email web Office Hours Mon - Thurs 9 - 5pm

Audrey and David Bomford invite you to an Evening in Uganda with latest news and pictures from their visit to Maria's Care Kamuli. Tuesday Oct 25th 7.30pm 9.30pm in the Life Centre AFRICAN CRAFT on Sale and refreshments

If you could help with any of those things please call Ann Russell on 494 8907

Memorial Service A memorial service for those bereaved will be help on Sunday th 6 November at 4pm at St Chadʼs. This will be an opportunity to remember loved ones who have died and to validate grieving. During the service the names of the deceased from over the last few years will be read. If you would like to remember your loved one in this way please ensure you give their names to Jan in the office, or Joan & Godfrey Reid. Light refreshments will be served afterwards.

Thank you to those who gave towards Wellspring. We raised £221.

Join us on facebook or twitter and get updates each week


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