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Volume 90

Issue 1

No guidelines to stop grinders

Chaperones’ hands are tied when it comes to stopping dirty dancing Naperville North Dean of Student Activities Jennifer Baumgartner said, Amanda Mueller and Corinne DeVault “I want people to enjoy Staff Writers themselves, and I think a lot more students feel like they can now.” In fact, It could be a set for the newest Flo since the policy went into Rida video—dozens of young girls in effect, Baumgartner said atskimpy dresses “get low” to thumping tendance at school dances techno music. increased by 200 students. But these gyrating, sweaty bodies Just because East doesn’t melting together on the dance floor are have a dance policy, that really East students dancing at Home- doesn’t mean students are coming, and this type of dancing has dancing less suggestively. been sparking controversy among school Math teacher Lynn Treofficials at various schools across the varthen, who has chapercountry. Some schools have even banned oned three dances at East, certain dance moves and made students said, “It was surprising to sign pledges they won’t do certain moves me how sexually explicit on the dance floor. some of the dance moves Although there is not currently a dance are.” policy at East, other schools in the area Trevarthen said that as have added policies to regulate dancing. a chaperone she was only For example, Naperville North high told to specifically look for school has a policy that forbids grinding, “drinking, drugs, and glow front to back dancing, and “dropping sticks.” low” among others. Since there are no spePhoto courtesy of Halo. At Naperville North the consequenc- cific guidelines for dancing es that dance-goers can suffer if caught at East, Trevarthen felt that Two East students are caught in an example of inappropriate dancing at dancing inappropriately include being there was little she could Homecoming 2008. Some area schools are putting in measures to stop such moves. immediately removed from the dance do as a chaperone, saying, floor. “What am I supposed to They then have to sit in a room for a 20 do as a chaperone? Go to East’s student handbook, response from Assistant Principal Bob Abraham minute time out. If caught a second time, the middle of the dance floor and tell ev- students would be mixed. said, “We don’t have a certain regulathe student is kicked out of the dance. Senior Paul Reiff said, “I would be tion, but students should know how to eryone to stop dancing?” When it comes to guidelines very said if a dancing policy was en- behave. Depending on who’s in charge at the dances, it would be a judgment call for East students at dances, Eng- forced.” What am I supposed to do as a However, there are students who be- based on the dancing but it is possible lish teacher and Senior Class chaperone? Go to the middle of Advisor Patty VanLehn said, “I lieve a dance policy would be a good ad- students could be punished. We’re not going to get ‘dancing police’, but a dancdo believe in the ‘dance how you dition to East’s handbook. the dance floor and tell everyone would in front of your parents’ Freshman Ashley Domeracki said, “I ing policy has been discussed and even idea. I think we need to have would be so happy if there was a new though we don’t have one now, it does to stop dancing? dancing policy. If people want to dance not mean it won’t happen in the future.” guidelines at dances.” -Lynn Trevarthen inappropriately they should go to a club, If a dance policy was added to not a high school dance.” Contributed to by Ashley Pfeifer

With Homecoming just days away, X-Ray was interested to see how many of East’s students admitted to using these various dirty dance moves. We surveyed 136 students in their classes.

39% have

booty bumped/ popped.

27% have

made out on the dance floor.

75% have

grinded backto-front.

43% have 25% have grinded front-

“backed it up.”


Bust a move with Nick

Senior Nick Rogers shows how to get groovy without bumping and grinding One way to stop the bumpers and grinders from ruining the Homecoming experience is to lead by example. Senior Nick Rogers demonstrates a classic 70’s dance move that is a fun and easy alternative to the salacious dance see too often on the dance floor.

Photos courtesy of Ashley Pfeifer

October X-Ray 2009  

Senior Nick Rogers shows how to get groovy without bumping and grinding made out on the dance floor. grinded back- to-front. grinded front-...