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Think you know your teachers well? See if you can identify these East teachers with their Homecoming dates!

Northeast High School 1977 Graduate


You’ll find her down in the Science department. She can tell you the displacement to and from the Homecoming dance.

Sycamore High School 1973 Graduate


This Homecoming diva has served in the armed forces. She’s your go-to gal for Global Issues!

Sterling High School 1973 Graduate

Damascus High School 2001 Graduate


Make sure you follow all the driving laws in front of this peachy-keen driver’s ed teacher.


If you’re planning on attending the Illinois Special Olympics, you’ll be sure to see this teacher there cheering on her Special Olympians.

Answers: 7. French teacher Jeanne Trengove 6. English teacher Jonathan Kittl 5. Mathematics teacher Midge Hampton 4. Special Education teacher Lindsay Mota 2. Global Studies teacher Lynn Zickefoose 3. Health/Wellness teacher John Peach



This 5’10” math whiz can assist you This literary genius knows the game with your problem sets, since her math of football pretty well, considering he’s grades were always A-ok! a coach at East.

Kankakee Eastridge High School. 1968 Graduate

1. Science teacher Carol Neville

St. Charles High School 2001 Graduate

Marian Central Catholic High School 1991 Graduate


This très chic teacher can help you with those last minute French flashcards.

Elements of Homecoming: Looking back at how it all began What are now parties, dances and spirited events surprisingly started Iryna Paikoush out as a simple football game 100 years ago. Assistant Editor


Freshmen at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, maintain overnight Homecoming bonfires to guard against their cross-town rivals, Texas Christian University.


University of Illinois has the longest record of celebration, starting form 1910 and excluding the influenza epidemic of 1918.



Winston Churchill visits a homecoming bonfire at Dartmouth college in New Hampshire


Photo Courtesy of University of Illinois

The University of Illinois playing The idea of a Homecoming Court is in the homecoming game against The athletic director at the Univ- created. 1910 University of Chicago, circa 1923 eristy of Missouri invite alumni to The first ever Homecoming football “come home” to the annual football game is recorded at University of Il- game against University of Kansas, linois. thus crediting it as the first homecoming event. Facts courtesy of, Controbuted to be Courtney Liard and Anna Chee


2. Global Studies teacher Lynn Zickefoose 3. Health/Wellness teacher John Peach 7. French teacher Jeanne Tren- gove 1911 1910 5. Mathematics...