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o n f o i v t a u m l o p v i e res e h T Creatures of the night who feast on the blood of innocent humans. Immortals who can change into bats and fly through the night sky on a full moon. Soulless undead sleeping in coffins, awaking with a craving for human flesh. Not the vampires you’re used to from Twilight and “The Vampire Diaries”? These were the original vampires from which the current legends came, and they are far from being glamorous, shimmering heroes who would save you from your enemies. And the scariest part? They were inspired by real people.

Vampires in reality

Count Vlad Dracul •The legend began in Transylvania in the 1400s with Vlad Dracul. •He earned the nickname “Vlad the Impaler” because of his habit of impaling severed heads on sharp sticks and lining them up along the road. •Dracul enjoyed torturing thousands in order to drink their blood. •Although he was mortal, not one of the undead, Vlad acted like a vampire as he had an allergy which caused him to lose control when exposed to blood, as well as crave it

Countess Elizabeth Bathory •Born in 1560, Elizabeth Bathory was the Countess of Transylvania. •Bathory married young, at the age of 15, and surrounded herself with people who believed that they were wizards, witches, sorcerers, and others who practiced the beliefs of the devil. •After her husband died, she focused on gaining political power, but in order to do so, she believed that she had to maintain her youth. •One night, when a young, female servant attended to her, the Countess’ scraped the servant’s cheek deep enough that blood splattered onto the Countess’ body. Afterwards, Bathory believed that a young girl’s blood would make her skin more youthful.

•Hundreds of years later, Bram Stoker wrote the novel Dracula, using Count Vlad as inspiration for his fictional •The Countess decided to continvampire, according to ue her experiment by collecting 600 young girls from surrounding towns, bringing them to the castle, slitting their throats, and hanging them upside down for the collection of blood to create a bath for herself, according to

Vampires in film

Orlok in Nosferatu

Count Dracula in Dracula

•Nosferatu is the first-ever vampire movie. It was created in 1922 and only took three monthes to film.

•As the main character in the movie, Dracula, Count Dracula takes on the role of a typical vampire.

•The movie, which premiered in German, stars a vampire named Orlok, according to IMDb.

•According to IMDb, the movie debuted in 1931, where Count Dracula terrified audiences by piercing his fangs into his victims.

•During the movie, Orlok is visited by a real estate agent, Hutter, to sign a deal, and invites him to stay for dinner. During dinner, the Hutter accidentally cut his finger open and Orlok attempted to suck the blood out, but Hutter found his actions strange and would not let him. •In the morning, Hutter woke up to a vampire bite and an empty house as Orlok had already set out on a ship. On the ship, Orlok devoured the captain and crew of the ship.

•He continued the torture by sucking the blood out of them. •Once the victims had the bite mark of Count Dracula and the blood sucked out them, they became one of the undead. •The correlation between bats and vampires originated from the movie.

•Once he arrived at his destination, he continued to feast on others until his final victim exposes him to sunlight, where he cannot survive due to his vampire characteristics.

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•The correlation between bats and vampires originated fromthemovie. •Nosferatu isthefirst-evervam- pire movie. It was created in 1922 and on...