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Operational issues

Aims & Objectives ď ľ

To discuss operational issues in relation to business information

Learning outcomes Describe different operational issues related to information management .

P6 

P6: Explain the operational issues in relation to the use of business information

Textbook - Page 141 – 143

Recap Activity ď ľ

List three legislations that protect the use of business information

ď ľ

What is the difference between legal issues and ethical issues

Activity 1 :Brainstorm Exercise List three things that might happen to information you have on the computer? Do you think that same issues apply to businesses?

Operational Issues Improving information management practice is a key focus for many organisations. Businesses receive millions of information and it is vital that they have system that ensure that: I.

The organisation receives the information it requires to operate efficiently

II. The

information is received by the right person (s) in the organisation

Types of operational issues

Operational issuesbrainstorm exercise 1.

How can businesses ensure that information is managed efficiently by their staff


Name one organisation that you know that manufactures information systems

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Business link ď ľ /detail?itemId=1076142085&type=RESOURCES

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Activity 3- Task 1 : Info on the right handside Use material provided to answer the question

Activity 4 – Task 2 & AS6 Working In group of fours – create pocket cards for students and present . The pocket card should include: Security of information Back up Health and safety

Summary exercise 

Do’s & Don’ts regarding operational issues

Summary 

Key terms

Legal issues

Ethical issues

Organisational policies

Whistle –blowing

Information ownership

Operational issue

Back up

Information security

Lesson 8 p6  
Lesson 8 p6