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We did it!

Twelve years in the making.

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“We could not imagine how it could take so long to finish a project that looked so manageable. No crystal ball was available to tell us the strange sequence of unlikely events that were in our future.” Daniel Kahneman on the ‘Planning Fallacy’. Thinking Fast and Slow, 2011, p.46.

We did it! Twelve years in the making, and finally our beautiful Performing Arts & Aquatic Centre, affectionately known as PAC, is open and in use. On 1 March 2022 the building was dedicated by Archbishop the Most Reverend Kanishka Raffel and officially opened by His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley, AC DSC (Retd). During those 12 years, there were many times when we felt like throwing in the towel. But in the middle of it all, when many of us felt disheartened by the length of time everything was taking, I read the Nobel-prizewinning psychologist Daniel Kahneman’s book Thinking Fast and Slow and learned about the ‘planning fallacy’. It is where we estimate project timelines based on best-case scenario and optimism bias rather than realistic assessment. It was heartening to realise that bringing to fruition such a significant project was never going to be easy and that it was, in fact, our optimism bias that kept us going. The PAC reflects the importance we place on breadth of learning. The activities that take place there – the swimming lessons, squad training, water polo matches,


public speaking, dance performances, concerts, musicals and much more – build character strengths and strong relationships, both of which make our lives richer, deeper and more fulfilling. And AD ASTRA (To the Stars), Marion Borgelt’s beautiful sculpture that graces the foyer, encapsulates our history, values and aspirations, giving tangible expression to what we hold dear. We are grateful to everyone involved in this wonderful project: the planners, fundraisers, donors, advocates and builders. We are also grateful for everyone’s patience as we worked our way through the sequence of unlikely events that contributed to our particular planning fallacy. We were over time, over budget and almost completely over it, but our dogged optimism got us through and it was worth it in the end. Now, generations of girls have these facilities to inspire them to reach for their own stars, reflecting the unique contribution each of them will make to the world, for themselves and for others. Dr Julie Townsend HEADMISTRESS


A GREAT GIFT FROM GOD At St Catherine’s, God has given us so many good things, and recently we had the opportunity to thank him for one more good thing – our new Performing Arts & Aquatic Centre (PAC). It has been a joy to celebrate its opening, and it is a time to be thankful for the many people who worked so hard to make it happen. This new venue provides our students with multiple new opportunities from learning to swim and dive, to performing tap dancing and music in a professional level venue. All of these increase the opportunities for our students to develop their creativity – and creativity is a great gift from God. Psalm 19 verse 1 says: The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. In this Psalm, the Bible describes God as creator whose handiwork is awe inspiring. God is a creative God and being made in his image means that we as humans have the capacity to be creative too.

Being creative and expressing ourselves through the creative and performing arts can help people to understand each other better and connect more deeply.


The creative arts play an important role in helping us to reflect on the world God has made as well as in worshipping him. As seen in Psalm 149 verse 3, dancing and making music are ways we can express thanks and praise to him: Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with timbrel and harp. There is a book of the Bible that is a collection of 150 different songs – the book of Psalms quoted above – which uses the format of songs to creatively express the full range of human emotions. From joy and love to sadness and lament, these song lyrics can connect with our inner thoughts and feelings in an important way that is not necessarily achieved via other means. Being creative and expressing ourselves through the creative and performing arts can help people to understand each other better and connect more deeply. Hence the new opportunities the PAC provides are sure to be ones that will enrich our student’s lives, and they are opportunities we can be thankful to God for. Rev Kylie Wilson CHAPLAIN

INTEGRITY, COURAGE, RELATIONSHIPS AND SERVICE Our Academic Care program centres around our core values at St Catherine’s. We work with our students to help them better understand themselves and the ever-evolving world around them. We do this in the first instance by getting to know them well. Indeed, much of the work in Year 7 is focused on identifying character strengths and understanding how to maximise them in everyday life. Further, Year 7 spends time exploring the character strengths of others and understanding how this may affect their relationships with their peers. Relationships are at the heart of all that we do and the more we can guide our students in how to have long-lasting and productive relationships with others, the better we are setting them up for life. With COVID-19 restrictions finally easing, students have spent more time with each other in house groups. This is the most authentic way of cross-age mentoring as our students get to know each other and work together. Clubs and Choirs took place in Term 1 and it was a real highlight for each house to perform their song for the rest of the school after two years of recorded performances. In Term 2 we held our inaugural house trivia competition, where squads (students in Years 7–12) from each house competed against one another. These opportunities for students to connect and compete for a common goal are an enriching part of their time at school as they learn from one another and form lasting relationships. St Catherine’s students are taught about the value of serving others in both the community and the world. They support good causes through fundraising, volunteering and learning about practical ways to support those in need. This is done through house charities and year group events. In Term 1 and Term 2 we had events to support many charities including the Lismore flood victims, and survivors of sexual violence. Over 150 of our students gave their time in May to support The Salvation Army's Red Shield Appeal. We are excited about our overseas service trips returning in 2023. As we prepare our students for life beyond school, we work with them to be aware of the world around them and be best prepared for their adult lives. Each year group looks at their lifestyle and habits. This year, for the first time, all day students and boarders

will attend workshops with an accredited, practicing dietician. This critical life skill will allow students to pick up tips about how to eat well to fuel their busy lives. Senior students spend time understanding the value of mindfulness and meditation as part of managing stress. It is also now widely understood that women can be at a financial disadvantage throughout their lives. Our sessions on financial literacy cover everything from saving, credit cards and ratings to financial abuse in relationships. The time spent engaging with these issues means our students are more aware and proactive as they make financial decisions for themselves. In Semester 1, the students also spent time discussing digital citizenship, as they manage the opportunities and complexities that technology presents. We hope our students feel a sense of belonging and connection at school and that they are well equipped to navigate the twists and turns of their formative years and beyond. Our Academic Care program is delivered by our mentor teams and overseen by our year mentors. Our staff are committed to building rapport with our community and facilitating the meaningful relationships they have with one another. Ms Rebecca Herbert DIRECTOR OF STUDENT ENGAGEMENT, DIRECTOR OF BOARDING



Early this year, head of academics Ms Kylie McCullah and head girl Rhianna Jones caught up to discuss the important role the Performing Arts & Aquatic Centre (PAC) will have on the opportunities afforded to St Catherine’s students.


Rhianna: From the very beginning of my time as a student at St Catherine’s, I can remember hearing about the plans for this new building and what it will mean for us as students. As a school community we eagerly followed the journey of this project from the days of fundraising, to viewing the fly-through video clips to the installation of the magnificent AD ASTRA artwork. Ms McCullah: It has unquestionably been a long journey, with the wait worth it! The building now complete, open and in full use, is certainly transforming the learning experiences of all students in Years K–12. From the youngest students, and even those not yet old enough to start school, everyone is benefiting from this wonderful precinct. The Barry Rodgers Learn to Swim Pool and the main aquatic pool are amazing both in size and practical use. Having so many alumnae return to St Catherine’s to be involved as instructors and trainers creates a caring and welcoming atmosphere. These former students show wonderful leadership and are genuine role models for current students. Rhianna: My favourite part of the PAC is the Performing Arts Centre, complete with an orchestra pit and fly tower. Whether you have a love of dance, drama, music or public speaking this performance space is simply fabulous. The 42nd Street musical and Gala Concert performances really bought this space to life. Ms McCullah: The PAC is more than just the aquatic centre, theatre, Multi-purpose Hall, boardroom and weights area, it has scope to allow every student, regardless of their area of passion to develop and grow. Regardless of a student’s journey beyond the Albion Street gates, this centre will allow students to develop skills for life, including leadership, presentation, collaboration and creativity. Rhianna: This building really highlights the school’s commitment to be a place where students' skills are not demanded in one area, but instead are supported and celebrated in their differences. Every student can find their place in the PAC facility. Ms McCullah: In his address at the opening of this state-of-the-art facility, His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) GovernorGeneral of the Commonwealth of Australia spoke about St Catherine’s creating doors for its students. The PAC unquestionably adds to the number of opportunities or doors provided to the students. The facility helps challenge students to open their own doors so that they can contribute to their world. Rhianna: The new PAC, used by our students, staff, alumni, parents and for inter-school events, is the best example of evolving as a school to create a more imaginative and equipped space to enable our students, as embodied by the artwork AD ASTRA, to reach for the stars.


FROM THE BOARDING HOUSE This year has been eventful for the boarding house. As COVID-19 restrictions began to ease, we welcomed back many students who had been learning overseas since 2020 and are now in Year 12. Our annual closed weekend marked the beginning of the boarding year and was a chance for boarders, new and old, to get to know one another. This year included a trip to Luna Park, team games and a movie night at the boarding house. The boarders have certainly benefited from the opening of the Performing Arts & Aquatic Centre. They love having the new space at their fingertips. They enjoyed 42nd Street, as well as the Gala Concert performance in June. Many of our boarders attend swimming squads and love the convenience of being poolside just a few minutes after getting up! In May we celebrated National Boarding Week which focuses on the ways boarding contributes to the vibrance of St Catherine’s. Celebrations included a special dinner, tours of the boarding house and hidden vouchers for a free hot lunch.


As a school we reflected on Reconciliation Week and the conversation was led in assembly by some of our Indigenous boarders. Our Chinese debating team, which consists largely of boarders, has gone from strength to strength, winning competitions and awards for the best debaters. Among these big events the boarders continue to keep up with their weekly sporting activities, exam preparation, dance training, cadets and much more. This year also allowed us to reintroduce socials with other boarding schools and in Term 2 we sent senior students to visit the boarders at Ravenswood. Time and time again the boarders have demonstrated their resilience in the face of challenges such as being away from home, isolating with COVID-19, learning another language, or simply making the most of the opportunities available to them. We are immensely proud of the students and look forward to a busy and exciting Semester 2. Mrs Emily Kazogolo ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF BOARDING

ROWING SUCCESS The St Catherine's rowing team had an excellent 2021–2022 season with our biggest and most successful season ever. It culminated with our under 17 8 winning gold at the Australian National Championships. Highlights of the 2021–2022 season include: • The highest ever IGSA and Head of the River schools point score, finishing fourth overall in both. • All Year 8 crews medalling at IGSA • Our First 8 winning silver at IGSA • Our first time ever racing a First 8 at Head of the River • Two golds and a bronze medal at the NSW Championships • Gold and silver at Australian National Championships • The first St Catherine's crew to be National Champions • Four St Catherine’s rowing students being selected on the NSW Pathways team. Mr Richard Coakley HEAD OF ROWING AND SNOW SPORTS



What a wonderful impact PAC has had in the junior school. It is hard to believe that we only started using this facility at the end of Term 1. Our students use PAC every day and it provides incredible opportunities for them, both now and into the future. In the junior school, we often talk to our students about finding an area of passion or interest. We encourage our students to try new activities and become involved in our school community. PAC provides so many opportunities for this to happen. Whether it is diving, swimming, water polo, music, drama, dance, or meeting together for special occasions, PAC provides it all. Who knows where this will lead in the future. The St Catherine’s junior school may be developing the next Susie O’Neill or Dame Joan Sutherland!



THE AQUATIC CENTRE The swim school is a real highlight of the new aquatic centre, providing students with the opportunity to learn to swim onsite at St Catherine’s. It caters for all ability levels with students starting in the learn to swim pool and progressing up into the pre-squads in the main pool. The staff to student ratios are wonderful and the coaches are experienced and welcoming. It is a fantastic offering for St Catherine’s students as all of their swimming sessions are straight after school. Our swim staff collect the students from their classrooms at the end of the day and take them to the pool to get ready for their lesson. The classes have proven to be very popular for our students and external students, both during the day and after school. We are proud to also be providing a wonderful service to the local community. Mrs Elaine Cairns HEAD OF JUNIOR SCHOOL SPORT

Whether I am playing water polo with my school team or swimming laps with my club, the PAC pool has truly improved my swimming. The one thing that makes it better than any pool I have trained at before is the convenience. I am able to walk straight to class after training. In Term 1, we were able to train for water polo in the school pool towards the end of the season – it was so worth the wait! We even played a Year 6 versus Year 7 water polo game one afternoon, because we now have our own pool on site. One of my favourite parts about swimming at St Catherine’s is the coaches. I feel as though I am able to talk to them about anything. Just recently, STCA went to a club night at Cranbrook School. It was a great way for us all to get back into racing, get new times and bond as a club. I hope to continue swimming in the PAC pool throughout my schooling life at St Catherine’s. Olivia Rooke, Year 6 I have just enrolled in the diving program this term at our school pool. Previously it took place at another pool which was outdoors, and it was very cold when waiting for a turn on the boards. At our school pool, we can warm up between dives in the learn to swim pool and do some exercises, which helps our diving. As our PAC pool is indoors, it now means that diving can take place all year round. This means we will be much better prepared when the diving carnivals take place as we will have had much more training. I have also encouraged some of my friends to come along to try diving, so it is another fun activity I can enjoy with them on the weekends. Sienna Cairns, Year 4


ASSEMBLY IN PAC THEATRE Every Friday, we hold our junior school assemblies in the PAC theatre. It has had a positive effect on all of us as we can be together as a school after two years of being separated. The inbuilt ICT and wonderful sound system make it easier to coordinate our speech and slideshow at the assembly. It feels very professional with the big stage and the lighting. In the PAC theatre, the girls are seated in neat rows that are raised at different levels and everyone is able to see what is happening. Having assembly in the new theatre is easier, especially when it is raining, because it is closer to the junior school. The other good thing is that it is quiet. Assembly in the past was sometimes noisy because of outside noise. The theatre has multiple entry points, so it feels like the girls get into assembly much faster. It is so much better sitting in a comfortable seat instead of on the floor. Sometimes it feels like we are at the movie cinema! Amelie Boss, Saffron Charles, Matilda Jack and Abbey McGilp, Year 6, Junior School Leaders


WELLBEING ACTIVITIES IN THE MPH On the last day of Term 1, the junior school friendship leaders came together with the whole school in the Multi-purpose Hall. We had practised a series of dances and a dance game to teach the whole junior school. We taught them Nut Bush City Limits, The Birdie Song (Chicken Dance) and a big game of ‘Bop Bop Freezeʼ. The Multi-purpose Hall was a great place to host this big event with the whole junior school. We were able to use the stage, the sound system and the big space to spread out. We also think the carpet on the floor helped make it less noisy with such a big group. It was a fun afternoon, especially when the teachers were dancing. The natural lighting is great compared to the Jane Barker Hall making it easier to see what is happening on the stage from up the back. We could also take in the view. Eva Rodopoulos, Elsie Ruane and Milly Wilson, Year 6, Friendship Leaders This term we started our Friday Friends wellbeing groups in the Multi-purpose Hall. It was so easy because we had space for each group to assemble as they walked out of the theatre. It was very efficient because the whole junior school could spread out into their groups. This year some of the wellbeing groups had their lessons in the hall. Zara Ashley and Cleo Nelson, Year 6, Wellbeing Leaders


ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE Julian – “Just look at yourself – a speck of dust on this stage, indistinguishable from the forty other specks of dust I put there!” Peggy – “I know that, Mr Marsh. But put all those specks together, you have something alive and beautiful that can reach out to a thousand people we’ve never seen before.”


42nd Street tells the story of a young artist pursuing her dreams while overcoming significant challenges – a story from the 1930s that could not be more relevant in the 2020s. The cast, crew and musicians of 42nd Street rehearsed nights, weekends, lunchtimes and holidays to put the show on stage. Despite COVID-19 limiting us to only two rehearsals with the full cast, a spectacular show made it onto the stage. Whether it was a big production number like We’re in the Money, or the quiet intimacy of I Only Have Eyes for You, students performed on stage, played in the orchestra pit, ran the stage and operated the spot lights. All this took place as the final touches were still being made on our new venue. What a way to open the theatre! A big thank you to the staff who worked with the students, particularly Carolyn Kasper (director), Anna Sandstrom (choral director), Ramona Lobo (choreographer), Evan Streater (accompanist) and Josh Neufeld (theatre manager). We would also like to thank the wonderful students from Cranbrook School and The Scots College who joined us on stage and in the orchestra. Thank you to everyone for supporting the musical. We can’t wait for the next one. Mr David Gresham DIRECTOR OF MUSIC



GALA CONCERT The Gala Concert​held in the new Performing Arts Theatre at the end of Term 2, showcased 140 students from both our junior school and senior school. The performances held over three days, showcased the rich culture of drama, dance and music whilst celebrating 165 years of our School, unlocking the hidden talents of girls past and present.


Illustrations adapted from the book produced by Eirene Mort OG1897 Mort, Eirene, Country Cousins: Presented in Picture and Rhyme, Children’s book, G.B. Philip & Sons, Sydney, c.1930

NO WATER, NO LIFE With the state-of-the art Performing Arts & Aquatic Centre (PAC) construction now complete, St Catherine’s students and our community now have access to the many opportunities that this building has to offer. Aquatics programs in the PAC enable St Catherine’s students to not only learn new life-changing skills but provide them with a fantastic sporting environment right here on campus. Students can engage in and explore our ever-growing aquatics programs such as diving, swimming and water polo. The swimming program is a dedicated program for our St Catherine’s students to encourage the students to learn how to swim and progress towards competitions and representing St Catherine’s on a bigger stage in the future. We believe learning to swim is a life skill our students will carry with them for the rest of their lives, but also, swimming is a healthy, social and fun activity. The PAC will enable the future of our student community to keep swimming for years to come.

Water polo has been a huge part of the St Catherine’s sport program. The school has seen alumnae compete on the water polo international stage. Many of these students started their water polo career here at school. Like many students, St Catherine’s was where it all started for their water polo and many have enjoyed learning the skills and playing in the team environment. The PAC will ensure our water polo program continues to provide opportunities as it gets stronger through participation. It also provides the opportunity for year-round training and the benefits of home games during the school seasons, will support the students progress. The PAC may have seemed a long time coming but now that it is here the St Catherine’s community can be assured the current, past and future students will always have a positive place in our aquatics programs. Speaking of past students, we currently have 13 recent alumnae coaching our swim school students. What role models they are and how wonderful that we can provide employment opportunities for our past students to help shape our future ones. Mr Richard Campbell HEAD OF AQUATICS


THE ST CATHERINE’S SWIM SCHOOL HAS KICKED OFF WITH A SPLASH The swim school is proving popular with the eastern suburbs community since opening in April this year. From day one we offered over 30 swimming classes that included our own St Catherine's students and our extended community. Week by week, our swimming classes continue to grow, our squad classes continue to improve, and the swim school is getting bigger and better. At St Catherine’s swim school, we focus on technique. The program highlights the fundamental skills which make up freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly and allows children to learn and understand the skill individually before adding the next step. We believe this approach to be best for our program and students. We offer swimming classes for all ages and abilities, including water baby classes, pre-school aged lessons, school-aged lessons, pre-squad sessions, squad sessions, adult squad and private swimming lessons (one on one). We have something for everyone! Our staff are qualified by the Swimming Australia teacher accreditation program which equips our instructors with the knowledge and skills to deliver a safe and effective lesson. The swim school has a dedicated program for our St Catherine’s students to encourage them to learn how to swim and progress towards competitions and representing St Catherine’s in the future. In Term 3, we will be adding extra classes in the afternoons to accommodate the demand from our community. We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from both the St Catherine's and external community. Many parents have praised our St Catherine’s staff for their high-quality coaching skills, positive attitude and professionalism when delivering our program.



COMMUNITY RELATIONS We started the year on 1 March with our Foundation Day Assembly celebrating 166 years of St Catherine’s, followed by the official opening and dedication of our Performing Arts & Aquatic Centre. We were thrilled to welcome His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) Governor-General and The Most Reverend Kanishka Raffel Archbishop of Sydney who attended to officiate. Our students rose to the occasion and presented with pride and excitement, with joy from everyone in abundance. Other guests included our local and federal members of Parliament, Ms Joyce Timbery a proud elder of the Bidjigal and Dharawal people, Mr Nicholas Sampson headmaster Cranbrook School, Dr Ian Lambert principal The Scots College and Mr Graham Leddie principal Waverley College.

The three St Catherine’s support groups, being the St Catherine’s Foundation, the P&F Association and the Old Girls’ Union, lie at the heart of our community and as we have watched our magnificent Performing Arts & Aquatic Centre spring to life, their contributions to St Catherine’s have never been more evident. We have all enjoyed more than one celebratory function in the centre, and it’s been lovely to see us all gathered once again in person and with joy!


Just one month later around 700 current parents and staff gathered in the Multi-purpose Hall for the annual Welcome Cocktail Party – postponed to the end of term because of COVID-19. It was a marvellous occasion not only as we were able to gather but because we could showcase our beautiful new building. Our thanks to the P&F Association for co-hosting this annual and much-loved tradition. Elsewhere in this publication you’ll read about the fabulous 42nd Street production which absolutely wowed the at capacity crowd on each of three performances at the end of April. This was followed by the P&F Magnolia Fair and topped off by our Gala Concert which took place in June. It has been a busy first semester with much fun and camaraderie! On a sad note, we bid farewell to our head of marketing and communications Rebecca Hambour who has been a driving force in our mediacomms office with oversight of publications such as this, our social media and our new website about to be launched. We send our very best wishes and thanks to Rebecca as she takes on new challenges in an exciting new role. Mrs Marilyn Rickard HEAD OF COMMUNITY RELATIONS


ST CATHERINE'S FOUNDATION 2022 has presented us with much cause for celebration with the opening of our Performing Arts & Aquatic Centre. This is a milestone project for St Catherine’s and on behalf of the Foundation we acknowledge and appreciate the vision of Dr Townsend, the driving force behind this project since its very inception in 2012. We are grateful to the many donors who contributed financially to support the project and I am pleased to formally acknowledge those donors by including a list in this publication (see page 26). With the completion of this appeal, the Foundation has now turned it fundraising focus to the St Catherine’s Scholarship Fund which supports our Indigenous education program and the Faith Patterson Scholarship – a means tested, scholarship enabling students who might otherwise not be in a position to join our school, to do so.

Donate to the St Catherine’s Scholarship Fund Looking Forward Giving Back

St Catherine’s relies on the generosity of our community to deliver opportunities that make us unique. It is only through the support of people who love our school that we can continue to innovate and lead the way in education for young women.

Your support of the 2022 Scholarship Fund is vitally important and will create a lasting legacy for future generations of St Catherine’s students. You can make a donation online at Community/Pages/Donate.aspx, by calling (02) 8305 6238 or returning the donation slip included in this brochure.

For further information please contact Mrs Marilyn Rickard Head of Community Relations St Catherine’s School

26 Albion Street Waverley NSW 2024 Telephone: +61 2 8305 6238 Email:

Donations to the scholarship fund are fully tax deductible. Should you wish to support future students with a gift please visit https://www.stcatherines. Donate.aspx Scan the QR code to make a donation


Scholarships are literally life-changing

Despite the impact of COVID-19 in the first part of the year we were still able to host a couple of our regular fundraising efforts. In March we saw the fifth annual Twilight Golf event take place at Moore Park Golf Club. This popular event is the only school event to have continued uninterrupted since it was first introduced in 2018! Thanks to our generous sponsors, most of whom were school suppliers, we were able to raise over $16,000 for the St Catherine’s Indigenous education program. We particularly thank platinum sponsor Thompson’s and Wayne and Vivien McIntosh. I would also like to thank Troy Edyvean and his committee for putting together this fantastic day.

In May we were delighted to support the P&F Association’s Magnolia Fair by running the Foundation Fizz stall. Thanks to RIKARD wines for their continued support with the supply of their excellent wines. It was wonderful to see so many current and past members of our community enjoying conversation and camaraderie over a glass of wine!

Now that our community can gather, the Foundation looks forward to a resumption of its engagement programs over the rest of the year starting with our Saturday barbecue during morning sport. Our thanks to Ben and Caroline Bayot for running this initiative over Term 2, the proceeds of which are directed to support our Indigenous education program. Mr Martin Smethills CHAIRMAN


ST CATHERINE’S DONORS TO THE PERFORMING ARTS & AQUATIC CENTRE We gratefully acknowledge the following donors to this milestone project for our school: Mary and James Abela Breda and David Adkins Genevieve Agnew Catherine and James Ajaka Sue and Phil Allen Deborah and Nicholas Allton Jerrie and Michael Alp Renee (Zammit) OG1993 and David Amirian Pip and Paul Arthur Naidene and Michael Atherton Nada Aubrey (Fieldhouse) OG1945 Tassia August Ella Bahen Joanna and Adrian Banks Caroline and Ben Bayot Barbara Beasley Raewyn and Allan Beavis Yvonne and Nick Beckhurst Nicolette and John Birkhold Jenny Birrell Robyn and James Blomfield Kate Bolas and Anthony Fitzgerald Jennifer Branighan Natascha and Lionel Bray Derani Brewis Tanya Bruellke and Luke McDonald Bernardine Burnett (Knorr) Irene Burnie Lisa Burgess-Hoar and Neil Hoar Michelle Butterly and Jeff Voigt Georgina Byron AM and Craig Betts Leonie Cable Elaine and Jamie Cairns Danusia Cameron Narelle and Robert Cameron Ryan Cameron Desley Campbell (Luscombe) OG1969 Jacqueline Canessa OG1990 Angeliki (Macarounas) OG1997 and George Caredes Megan and Richard Carmont Paul Carnemolla Chloe Carr David Carroll Renee and Frank Casarotti Dianne Cassen Patricia Cassidy (Goodsir) OG1950 Melanie and Hamish Chalmers Kerrie Chan Ling Chandra and Aldo Subrata


Angela Chen OG1954 Jufang Chen and Hua Xue Karen Chester and Peter Boxall AO Michelle Chew and David Ng Michelle and Victor Chow Hiu Fun (Ellen) Choy Deborah Clancy Sandra and Peter Clark Tiffany (Downing) OG1989 and Peter Cole Leisa (Dunn) OG1988 and Philip Colin Elizabeth and Roger Collison Erin Cook and Sophia Thomas John Copland AO Thani Corrigan OG1993 Tania and John (Glyn) Craven Lina Cui and Lingfeng Zhou Doreen Cuneen (Luther) OG1952 Dimity and Nuncio D'Angelo Carly (Rogers) OG1996 and Mathew Daniel Jo Daniels and Daniel Walley Karen (Lowe) OG1982 and John Dawson Candice and Jeremy Deale Sonya and Christopher Deale Francesca and Jonathan Deane Eleanor Debelle Helen Deegan OG1985 and Adam Booth Melissa and Richard Dewar Huong and David Doran Penelope Earp and Richard Kemp Kelly and Cluny Edwards Santina and Angelo Elliott Anna and Grant Eshuys Mariela and Reginald Fadel Linda Fagan Silvia and Jorge Fagundes Liz Farquharson and Graeme Uhd Elodie Feat and James Moffatt Florence and George Fermanis Renuka Fernando and Brett Mason Joanne and David Finnimore Melissa Fisher and Scott Henricks Karissa (Bence) OG1991 and Adam Fletcher Matthew Franich and Gavin Casey Evangeline Galettis OAM (Barris) OG1969 and Peter Galettis Karin and Kevin George Annette Gett (Yee) OG1952 Anne-Marie and Athan Giannikos Frances Gibson OG1969 Lisa Giles and Michael Pain

Leah Gleeson and Daan Oranje Tania Gray (Finikiotis) OG2000 Andrew Grech Elizabeth Gregory David Gresham Meagan and David Griffiths Tanzim and Jon Griffiths Sarah Guy Rebecca and Joseph Hambour Lisa and Rob Hammond Michael Hannah Genevieve and Scott Harris Gayle and Dean Haydon Denise and Bernard Haylen Nicole Hebden Michelle and Alexander Heyko-Porebski Lisa and Simon Hicks Nicole Hile (Cheetham) OG1983 Fiona Hilferty Thuy and Greg Hinwood Stephanie and Declan Hogan Amanda Holden and Andrew Caltagirone Marie Holmes and Mark Bligh Tara and Warwick Hunt Deslys Hunter (Moody) OG1959 Yolande and Geoff Hutchinson Stephanie and Mark Innes Marlen and Michael Irmer Sally and Joseph Irvin Glenis Israel Julia Ivkovic and Kelvin McEwan Sarina Jackson and Mary Vyssaritis Betty Jacobs (Luscombe) OG1964 Nicole Jacobson Sarah Jenkins Julie Johnson Monique and Chris Jonson Suzanne and Brendon Julian Fay Keech (Cahill) OG1946 Jade and John Keldoulis Suzanne Kelly Louise and Tony Kendall Ruth and Adrian Khoo Vickie Khoo and Darren Goh Jo Killen and Mark Sewell Fanny Ko OG1982 Eugenia Kolivos and Wayne Middleton Valli and Chris Koumi Juliette Kouyoumdjian and Mervyn Tan Jane Krauss

Bianca Kunstler (Warner) OG1991 Maggie Lai Michel Kusnadi and Eric Tjandra Erasmia Lazanas and Stephen Hannan Dimity and Randy Lee Janet Lee and Jason Kiang Noelene Lee (Pilley) OG1950 Felicity and Adam Leeming Elizabeth and Christopher Lenton Robyn Lewis Sam and John Lewis Frances Lien and Jiun-Hua (Allen) Guo Daphne and Peter Ling Jiawei Liu Ying Chen Liu Janelle and Bryce Lloyd Nicola Logan Jennifer Lynch and Dominic Puiu Tanya Lynch Tracey Macdonald and Troy Edyvean Jemma and Darren Maddick Megan and Brendan Maier Joanne Martin Marcela and Patrick Martin Carolyn Martin OG1979 Josie Mason-Campbell and Matt Campbell Jennifer and Carl Matthei Peter Mayoh Kathy Mazzeri and Richard Lissenden Kylie McCullah Elizabeth and Greg McDonald Jacki and Mack McGeechan Anna and Andrew McKeon Melinda and Bill Measday Louisa Messis OG1986 Kristen and Carl Migliorini Phoebe and George Mikhiel Kim Millar Natalie Miller and Greg Wagner Karen and David Mills Izreen Mohamed Iqbal and David Gillatt Janelle and Peter Molesworth Dioscora Montesco Lori and David Moses Fern and Marcus Moufarrige Shiman and Vince Muriti Heatherbelle Murray and Steve Gomes Natasha Nankivell Olga and John Negas Louise and Mark Nelson Sarah and Tony Nelson Brad Newell Karen and Joshua Ng Violet Ng and Terence Luk Nhan Nguyen and John Bilmon Anne (Tsolakis) OG1979 and Loucas Nicolaou Rae Norman and Adrian Carr Anita O'Brien and Stephen Brown Fiona and William Odillo Maher St Catherine's Old Girls' Union Irene Ongkowidjaja OG2000 and Lucas Ng Nicola and Jason O'Sullivan Lynne and Greg O'Sullivan OAM Larissa Ozog OG1990 Vanathi and Sri Parameswaran St Catherine's Parents & Friends Association Jacqui and Michael Parshall Shan Patterson and Simon Cairncross Anne-Maree Paull Tony Payne

Anna and Basil Pazpinis Carmel and Anthony Pellegrini Damien Pembroke Weijuan (Sherry) Peng Yuan (Sally) Peng and Wei (Michael) Xuan Emma Penny OG1986 Danah and Brad Pillinger Sia and Bruno Pisano Janice Polyblank OG1957 Damayanthi and Ajit Ponnambalam Sarah Prestage and Andrew Gordon Jackie and Gareth Price Linda Quach and Max Guazzato Victoria Rennie Marilyn Rickard Cathy (Ward) OG1983 and Stuart Ridge Jill and Tom Rikard-Bell Alison and Simon Roberts Kim and Nicholas Robinson Hayden Rodgers Marian Romeo Kim Rossleigh (Crawford) OG1976 Shannon and Greg Ruddock Janine Ryan and Thomas Dive Anne and Mark Salem Jenniffer and William Santifort Amanda and Joseph Sassine Rosemary and George Sassine Cathy and Basil Scaffidi Nicky Schey OG1990 Liz and Rob Scott Rosemary Seaton and Seumas Dawes Darrelyn Sharman (Rayner) OG1964 Meagan Sharpe (McLachlan) OG2003 Victoria and Peter Shorthouse Chelsea Slade Edward Slade and William Wong Narelle and Martin Smethills Melissa and James Smirl Bridget and Ben Smit Sandra and Warwick Smith Libby and John Snowdon June So (Tam) OG1958 Amy Somes and Robert Welborn Sandra Sonn Liesbet Spanjaard and Simon Kneebone Lucy and Jason Steed Cate and Mark Stevens Suzana and Jeremy Stevenson Lyndall Stewart OG1989 Rekha Sukhavasi Nikki and Mark Sullivan Rathika Suresh Tessa and Mark Swadling Judy Tang and John Cornwall Mei (Leong) OG1994 and Harry Tanner Tongchun Tao Anne-Maree Taylor and Clinton Wong Holly and Colin Taylor Sally and Dan Taylor Sonya Taylor Charlie Teo AM Thi Thanh Hai Thai Katherine and Kevin Thompson Samantha Thomson and Duncan McGrath Jingrui Tian and Peng Di Mark Tidswell Susan Tink (Quinlin) OG1982 Katya and Paul Tizzone Tina Tong and Andrew Tan

Gearoid Towey Julie Townsend Maria Tran and Andrew Nguyen Dani Treweek Bronwyn and Mathew Tricks Simon Trustrum Danielle and James Unger Gilbert van der Jagt Maria and Reuben Vinnell Jacqui and Alistair Visch Tina and Momo Vojvodic Suearne and Ross Vourloumis Safia and Serge de Waligorski Nicole (Zammit) OG1987 and Dean Williams Rebecca and Lance Williams Trish Wilson Emma and Mark Winder Sonya and Chris Wirasinha Heidi Wolfram OG1992 Vikki Wong and William Yeung Sonia Woolcock (Mackie) OG1954 Teena and Stephen Wooldridge Elizabeth Worsley Lisa and Peter Wotherspoon Beibei Wu Jane Xu and John Zhang Andrew Yanitsas Lucia and Yuya Yasugahira Gena Yeomans Lin Yu and Bo Yu Chi Lucia Yu and Wan Hoi (Paul) Chow Lexie Zantiotis (Combes) OG1951 Marisa Zantis OG2003 and Francisco Falomir Ping Zhang and Hai Lan Tao Zhang and Hao Cen + 14 families who request to be anonymous For information about the St Catherine's giving programs please visit Community/Pages/Foundation.aspx The Foundation has made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of this data. However, we acknowledge that errors and omissions can occur. We apologise should this be the case and would encourage any errors to be reported to us on (02) 8305 6238 or by emailing


ST CATHERINE'S P&F ASSOCIATION It was a magnificent day on Saturday 7 May, with the sun shining down on St Catherine’s. The day was abuzz with people of all ages. It was great to see the school community and neighbours getting together for the first time in two years. The Magnolia Fair was a cumulation of many people’s hard work and enthusiasm and the day itself was a huge success. Hats off to the fairy floss stall and the skill taken to get floss on the stick with it flying in hair and everywhere. The savoury gourmet food stall looked amazing and the flower stall was a hit for Mother’s Day. So much effort went into the making of items for the craft stall and the queue at the dumpling stall remained all day. The books and clothes, as always, were a huge hit and there were so many donations that they filled the Jane Barker Hall. The chocolate wheel, tombola and lucky dip had people returning to get that ultimate prize, teddy bears found a new home and popcorn was still being sold after the fair had closed. The P&F raised $150,000 from the fair with all the stalls exceeding previous years. The money will be fed back into the school to contribute to the students' education and wellbeing via the headmistress’ wish list. The P&F wishes to acknowledge the contribution of Chelsea Slade from the community relations office for her amazing effort and perseverance to bring it all together on the day. We would also like to thank all our sponsors, without them we would not have reached such a large fundraising target. Lastly the Magnolia Fair wouldn’t even exist without all the volunteers, so thank you! Mrs Jane McCrory P&F VICE PRESIDENT AND FAIR LIAISON ALEXANDER PHILLIPS


The opening of the original pool in 1970


A message from the President of the Old Girls’ Union It has been many years in the making and some heartache getting to the final stage, but finally the new Performing Arts & Aquatic Centre is open. For those of you who are at least as old as I am – you may remember the opening of the original swimming pool in 1971 – with no water in it. But a great opening it was all the same, with all the girls sitting on the grassy banks by the pool. How excited we were that we had our very own pool to swim in. This was my first year at St Catherine’s, so I had 13 years of great use of that pool – and absolutely made the most of it. We would regularly spend our lunch hours in the pool during summer in primary school and then there was swimming during PE lessons and training sessions after school. My daughters had got plenty of use of the pool as by then, water polo had become a much loved and successful sport at the school. Despite the fact you could stand in the shallow end, many girls eagerly took up the new sport in Year 6 or 7 when it was first offered. More than two generations of St Catherine’s students learned to swim in that pool. With that in mind, I was incredibly eager to see the new Aquatic Centre at it’s opening. I knew it was going to be large, having seen the empty space during a hard hat tour, but nothing really prepared me for what it finally looked like with water in it, and the light flooding through the huge glass windows on Macpherson Street. I can imagine that the current students must love this new indoor 12-lane pool – with a springboard for diving and deep enough that you can’t stand for water polo, as was the case in our original open air 6-lane pool in the 1970s. And of course,

From left to right: Janet Smith (Cuneen), Kaye Harrison, Wendy Jarratt (Dumont), Cathy Ridge (Ward) and Evangeline Galettis (Barris)

there is also the Barry Rodgers Learn to Swim Pool. Many alumnae have been touched by the fact this pool is named after our very first swimming coach at St Cath's. An Australian champion Ironman, Barry taught swimming lessons and coached swimmers at St Cath's for over 35 years. It's quite apt the Learn to Swim pool is named in his honour, as it was teaching the little ones to swim that he loved the most. But of course the building is more than just the pool. There is a very professional theatre with a proper fly tower, orchestra pit and green room, and a huge Multipurpose Hall on the top floor with amazing views of the ocean. If you have not been able to see the new building yet in person, please come along to our Return to St Cath’s day on Saturday 3 September 2022. This day will be a celebration day for our past students who were unable to celebrate reunions in 2020 and 2021, while also presenting an opportunity to tour the new centre and take in all of the amazing new features within it. For more information, please contact To all those alumnae who kindly donated to the PAC – thank you. Whether it be a paver, a chair in the Performing Arts Centre or a donation to the Barry Rodgers Learn to Swim Pool, you have helped the girls of today and years to come to enjoy a sensational new facility. And one that all of the St Catherine’s community can be extremely proud of. Mrs Cathy Ridge (Ward) OG1983 PRESIDENT Barry Rodgers Learn to Swim Pool


Important dates: Saturday 3 September 2022, 2pm–5pm Return to St Cath’s Day – celebrating alumnae reunions and the opening of the Performing Arts & Aquatic Centre. Families welcome. Saturday 26 November 2022 Old Girls' Union St Catherine’s Day Celebration at the Women’s Club, Sydney Saturday 4 March 2023 Old Girls’ Union Annual General Meeting and Chapel Service For more information on the events listed above, or for other alumnae reunion and event enquiries, please contact

OLD GIRLS’ UNION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE For enquiries to the OGU please email President Cathy Ridge (Ward) OG1983 Vice-president Sophie Valdeck OG2013 Vice-president Patricia Wong OG1983 Treasurer Evangeline Galettis OAM (Barris) OG1969 Secretary Janet Smith (Cunneen) OG1969 Social Secretaries Helene Galettis OG1997 Sue Henderson-Smart (Scheller) OG1969 Representative to the School Council Janice Dalton (Hudspeth) OG1969 Representative to the Foundation Board Jenny Monaghan (Cooke) OG1983 Representative to National Council of Women Bronwyn Cooper OG1969


St Cath's catch up in Dubbo On Friday 13 May and Saturday 14 May, St Catherine’s School was represented at the Boarding Schools Expo in Dubbo to meet with potential future boarding families. Following the Expo on Saturday, we hosted an intimate function at the Milestone Hotel for our country based St Catherine’s community. Guests in attendance included alumni, past parents, current parents and potential future families. It was a lovely occasion to get the community together since the last Dubbo reunion in 2016, with many noting our absence in the community over the last few years. We look forward to our next visit.

Enjoyable catch up in London Dr Julie Townsend was delighted to be united with members of our larger St Catherine’s community at an event she hosted in London on Friday 17 June. Dr Townsend happily welcomed many members from our alumnae community together with some of our future students and families. It was wonderful for our past students to reminisce together and share their stories with the future families who are about to embark on their own St Catherine’s journey. The alumnae enjoyed themselves, well past the end of the function. We look forward to hosting this event on another occasion soon.

Celebrating 12 years of the Jane Barker Luncheon This year marked the 12th anniversary of the Jane Barker Luncheon, a celebratory lunch for the women of St Catherine’s who left school 50 years ago or more. This year we welcomed the graduates from the class of 1972 and marked the opening of our Performing Arts & Aquatic Centre. To celebrate this milestone for the school, our guests were invited to attend a matinee performance of the Gala Concert performed by our junior and senior school students in the new Performing Arts Theatre. Following the concert, guests enjoyed a delicious lunch in the Multi-purpose Hall alongside panoramic views of the pacific ocean. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved, as guests reconnected with past friendships and reminisced on their times as students at St Catherine’s. Of the 60 guests in attendance, all were thoroughly impressed not only with the performances of the students in the Gala Concert, but of the wonderful opportunity this new facility will offer students for years to come. Special thanks to our delightful Year 4 students who acted as ushers for this special event, and shared many stories with our alumnae. We look forward to continuing this event for many years to come, and hope to see more members of our alumnae community attend in future. Mrs Meagan Sharpe (McLachlan) OG2003 ALUMNI RELATIONS

If you would like more information on future events, please email


Celebrating our alumnae

1980s Wendy Gray OG1981

Wendy is the head of industry and alumni engagement at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) in Sydney, which is the premier national screen and broadcast school. She is a key industry liaison at AFTRS, developing partnerships between industry and the school, conducting consultation on curriculum with industry, growing opportunities for internships and employment for students and graduates and growing their alumni program. Wendy also runs industry-related events for the school and partners including conferences, online summits, screenings and talks events. Prior to her current role, Wendy has held a number of positions at AFTRS over the past decade including industry program manager overseeing the development and delivery of industry short courses and industry certificates. Before joining AFTRS Wendy’s 25-year media career included several stints at the ABC, freelance TV producing, website content creation and marketing roles. Tell us a bit about your school life at St Cath’s and your journey since graduating. I came to St Cath’s as a boarder in 1979 for Years 11 and 12. Coming from a country high school and farm life – it was quite a culture shock! I embraced the academic stimulation, and relished the broadening of my social circles. I ended up being dux of the school, which was quite a surprise. I subsequently studied communications and was fortunate enough to land at the ABC where I learned the craft of program making and ultimately specialised in producing children’s TV. Highlights of that time including writing and directing numerous episodes of Play School, and creating an original series, The Ferals, which went on to win an AFI Award and achieve cult status with Australian millennials! I subsequently worked in a range of media related roles, before finally landing at AFTRS, where I’ve enjoyed sharing my years of experience and industry contacts with the incredible students here. Where and when did your love of media and the entertainment industry begin? To be honest, it wasn’t until I went to university that I got really interested in working in film and TV – before that it hadn’t really crossed my mind that it could be a career! I’d always been a creative kid, so it was great to find an avenue for that creativity. Starting work at the ABC in 1985 was such a gift – they were still fairly


well funded, had staff that they trained and developed and gave us amazing opportunities to learn and have fun. You have followed an impressive career in media, TV and film. Describe a moment where you felt ‘this is it, I’ve done it!’ I was pretty excited when the tween series I created, The Ferals, won an AFI Award for Best Children’s Drama – many years ago now! I don’t think I appreciated then how fortunate we were to have content fully funded by a broadcaster, which gave us great editorial freedom. Prior to your current role, you were involved with the development and delivery of industry courses. What words of advice would you offer our current St Cath’s students wanting to pursue a career in the television and the performing arts industry? My advice is you have to really want to do it in order to have a career in 'content creation' as it’s now broadly called. You have to be prepared to work hard and start at the bottom. It’s very competitive, and most jobs these days are freelance, so there’s little job security. Also, regardless of how talented you are, the industry expects you to start in entry-level roles and 'do your time'. It’s also very much an industry where you must work well in a team and with other people, so it doesn’t suit everyone. Jobs are not advertised, it’s all done through network. Having said all that, film and TV people are the loveliest people I know. They are generous, creative and passionate about what they do. If you are interested in a career in the area, be prepared for the long game, get as many skills as you can and work hard at getting good at a few of them. Everyone is expected to be multi-talented these days. Going to a good school like AFTRS will certainly help you along your way.

1990s Deborah Quigley (Snelgrove) OG1999 Deborah is a proud mother of three young girls Frankie (10), Maxie (8) and Bobbi (3). As a local Clovelly family, she enjoys being active outdoors, travel, the arts and theatre. She is the co-founder of Lane & Grove, a Sydney-based interior architecture practice specialising in residential and commercial projects. Established in January 2016, Lane & Grove predominantly focuses on high-end residential houses and apartments as well as retail and hospitality venues across Sydney. Graduating from a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNSW, Deborah pursued her interests further by completing an Advanced Diploma of Interior Design at Enmore TAFE in 2007. Tell us a bit about your school life at St Cath’s and your journey since graduating. The opportunities presented to me at the orientation and tour were inspiring. Once I started at St Cath’s in Year 7, there was little time between softball, basketball and netball. I thoroughly enjoyed my school life, the educational support and its unique balance with sport and the arts. The school supported and nurtured us. In 1999, my final year, I was selected to lead as prefect and took on the role with great pride. The loyal friendships I made from Years 7–12 were the foundations for lifelong friendships. Now, 25 years later, I am still surrounded by these local friends who support me and my family and are actively involved in our lives. I graduated in 1999 and took a gap year. On returning to Australia, I began a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNSW. Upon graduating from this degree, my strengths and path became clear. I squeezed in another year of travel overseas taking in all the beauty, adventure and making new friends and memories before returning to complete an Advanced Diploma of Interior Design. I had found my passion. In my final year I actively pursued opportunities in the industry to increase my knowledge

and gain a foot in the door before I graduated. I landed a junior role for architect Kelvin Ho of Akin Creative where I shadowed Kelvin’s creative and unique mastery. He was an incredibly humble and successful architect who was patient and generous with his knowledge. I worked for Kelvin for 10 years and during this time was blessed with becoming a mother to my two eldest girls. I then felt the desire to manage my own pace and define my own creative path as I managed being a first-time mum. I am forever indebted to Kelvin for the abundance of experience, strong friendship and mentorship, creative tools and confidence that allowed me to go out on my own. Lane & Grove was established in 2016 and the journey has been and continues to be an incredibly inspiring and motivating creative outlet. I strongly believe the unconditional support, interest and encouragement from both my parents to pursue my interested has paved the way to me having a successful career that I am passionate about. During your time as a student, the Dame Joan Sutherland Centre was opened. With the opening of the PAC this year, describe the impact the DJSC had on you as a student, and how you hope the PAC will have an impact on your daughters during their journey at St Cath’s. During my first year at St Cath’s the incredible DJSC opened and the new Robert Burton uniform was introduced. This was an exciting moment for any young creative girl to leap from our cotton tunics and demountable class rooms! The DJSC buzzed with music, art and technology and elevated interest in all students to get involved in new offerings. The DJSC holds a huge volume of memories for me including my first stage debut and my final HSC art exhibition. My eldest daughter has just started at St Cath’s this year in Year 5 and similar to my experience, she has been blessed with the opening of the PAC. It is already a positive start for her participating in water polo, swim squad and enjoying school events such as Mother’s Day morning tea and 42nd Street the musical. Since leaving St Cath’s you've followed a creative path, now co-directing your business Lane & Grove. Describe a moment where you felt ‘this is it, I’ve done it!”. I actually have these moments often! I reflect and breathe it all in – proud and grateful. My personal and professional life is ever evolving. Looking back, I'm impressed I had the courage and drive to push myself to pursue my own path that could balance being the mother I always wanted to be and a creative. I made myself uncomfortable to get to where I wanted to be, but it was worth it. What words of advice would you offer our current students who are passionate about design and hope to follow a similar path to you? To get out there and observe, learn and ask questions. Reach for opportunities to immerse yourself in the area you’re interested in. The best learning will come from being in the environment and experiencing it first-hand, not reading about it. Don’t be afraid to continue your studies to increase your knowledge and broaden your interest in the area.


2000s Deon Pazpinis OG2009

As a design manager and senior industrial designer, Deon Pazpinis has led the design and delivery of some of Tilt Industrial Design’s major projects. This recently includes the pleasure of managing and delivering the artistic vision of AD ASTRA artwork in the new Performing Arts & Aquatic Centre. Deon’s interest in architecture, engineering and building construction has led her to industrial design. Since 2016, Deon has been working at Tilt Industrial Design, where she has had the privilege of working on several major projects, being involved in all aspects of the project from design through to construct and install. Not one project is the same. There is always a new set of challenges and problem-solving which is equally rewarding to deliver. She leads a team of designers and engineers, pushing creativity and the boundaries of fabrication and traditional construction methodology to deliver some exceptional architectural features. Deon continually looks forward to the next challenge. Tell us a bit about your school life at St Catherine’s and your journey since graduating. I was part of the St Cath’s community during Years 7–12. Looking back at my time at St Catherine’s it was a time where I enjoyed being surround by girls who were as equally passionate and driven as I was. It was a place where I was given the opportunity to thrive and excel. Since graduating from the University of New South Wales with Honours 1 in Industrial Design, it was the start of an adventure in the world of design. I started my career landing an industrial designer internship that set the path to my passion for industrial design and architecture. There I built my knowledge of public art and signage working for a design consultancy firm for several years. Over the past six years, I have been working for Tilt Industrial Design and continue to build my skills with their multi-disciplinary team, working in an environment where design crosses over with mechanical engineering, architecture and art. A combination that makes every project different and exciting to deliver. What was it like to be part of the AD ASTRA project, and your connection with being an alumni of the school. I would have never thought that doing what I love would bring me back to the school that paved the avenue to my passion in design. When I first heard that I had the opportunity to manage the design and delivery of the


AD ASTRA artwork, I jumped at the chance of being part of it. Being a design manager at Tilt Industrial Design had allowed me to be at the forefront of its complex but hidden mechanical design that truly challenged the delivery of this kinetic art sculpture. I have really enjoyed being part of the AD ASTRA project journey from concept design, fabrication, right through to the installation of the artwork. Having a connection to the school as an alumni was a key motivator to deliver Marion Borgelt’s vision to the level that I was proud of. It was a real honour and privilege for me to contribute back to the school that gave me the opportunities that laid the path to my career. You have followed a creative path since leaving St Cath’s, describe a moment where you felt ‘this is it, I’ve done it!’ Since leaving St Cath’s, my passion lay in both industrial design and architecture. So finding a place in the industry that aligned my two passions into one was the moment. It is a place that allows me to use my industrial design skills within an architectural space to freely design bespoke product design feature, public art and high-level integrated custom and operable architecture. It is immensely rewarding to be involved in a project that allows me to be a part of all things in the built environment, knowing each project brings new challenges, learning and the place where I truly feel that I have done it! What words of advice would you offer our current students who are passionate about design and hope to follow a similar path to you. Design is a fun, challenging and rewarding career. Working hard will come with its rewards if you surround yourself with people that are passionate, supportive and appreciative of what you do, challenge you every day and help you along the way. If you stay true to your passions, strive to do your best and be resilient to whatever people throw your way, you can do it!

2010s Sasha Lian-Diniz (Lian) OG2014

Sasha's passion for the performing arts commenced as a three-year-old with her first lesson at the Janice Breen Performance Studio (JBPS). Later on she trained at The Next Step Performing Arts and in 2015 completed her Certificate IV in Dance at Brent Street studios. In 2017 Sasha made her musical theatre debut in the Australian Premiere of The Bodyguard the Musical (GFO). In 2018 Sasha joined Charlie and The Chocolate Factory the Musical understudying Veruca Salt (GFO, Crossroads Live). In 2020 she was a swing performer for the Australian tour of Drummer Queens (Repercussions and Neil Gooding Productions). Currently Sasha is an ensemble member in Mary Poppins the Musical (Disney and Cameron Mackintosh, Michael Cassel Group) which is touring Australia this year. Previously she has worked for Norwegian Cruise Line, performed at Toyota, Mazda and Optus corporate events, performed with Lily V and has appeared on Channel 7’s Carols by Candlelight. Sasha was an Australian representative at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles and a rhythmic gymnastics Australian representative in New Zealand and the US. Where and when did your love of performing begin? I think my love of performing began when I did my first Carols in the Domain performance at age five. I am so grateful to Miss Jan at JBPS for all the gigs we did that were a part of growing up. Tell us a bit about your school life at St Cath’s and your journey since graduating. Thanks to Anastasia Galettis Cardillo and my teachers at St Catherine's, I was able to study dance for my HSC.

This knowledge and training helped me to understand dance and performance in more depth which has definitely contributed to the way I approach the art form today. I also loved the extra cocurricular activities that St Cath's offered. Dance was newly introduced in my later schooling years and I learned so much under the guidance of Justine Turner. Rhythmic gymnastics training after school with my incredible coaches Amybeth Owen and Angelika was so fun and inspiring. Looking back I am so thankful for the competitions and discipline the sport involved as it helped me to stay calm in high-stake situations while performing and also in general life! Mr Cameron played a significant role supporting my competitions, training and balancing school studies and commitments. I am very fortunate to have been under his care during my high school years. Describe a moment where you felt ‘this is it, I’ve done it!’ I have this feeling whenever I book a new gig! It's hard to score work in this industry (especially consistent work) so whenever I do receive the call that I got the job, I feel very blessed and thankful to the universe. What words of advice would you offer our current St Cath’s students who are passionate about the performing arts industry? I would definitely recommend training in all styles of dance, singing and acting. If you consider yourself as a pro dancer and OK singer, I would say put more focus on your singing technique and vice versa. There are many full-time courses or degrees that are available. The years of training are definitely worth it. Also remember that every closed door or rejection is there to redirect you to the right one.


OUR VISION COMES TO LIFE The building and opening of the Performing Arts & Aquatic Centre brings to fruition the plan for a sports complex and performance centre that has been the vision of leaders of St Catherine’s school for decades. The Cottage

The land on which the centre stands was first purchased in 1941 by headmistress Mrs Hall. Alumnae of many generations will remember the ‘Cottage’, a building which in the 1950s was renovated to become the science laboratories, classrooms and the Kindergarten. Many will also recall that the ‘Hut’ and the ‘Hospital’ were also located close to this site, edged by the magnolia tree.

1968 Aerial View of the School showing the Cottage, Hospital and the Studio

In 1970, construction began on the original outdoor swimming pool and it was necessary to demolish the front section of the Cottage. Initially it had been hoped that the swimming pool would be indoor, with facilities above the swimming pool for a sports centre, but this was not possible due to available funding. The swimming pool, which was built under Miss Patterson was funded entirely by parent and community donation. Of the $78,000 needed to build the pool, 90% was obtained by public appeal. The pool was opened on 27 February 1971 and the first swimming carnival held on site at the school on 12 March 1971. Construction began on the Dame Joan Sutherland Centre in 1992 and it was then necessary for the Hospital to be demolished. Recognising the historical importance of the Hut, which at the time served as music classrooms, headmistress Ms Jo Karaolis decided that the Hut should be lifted across the school site and placed near the Stone House to become the school museum. School was halted for the proceedings and students stood out on the grounds to watch the lifting of the museum. The school museum was opened in 1996 in celebration of the school's 140th anniversary.


When construction work began in 2019 on the PAC, the last remaining section of the Cottage, which was in use as changerooms for the swimming pool, was demolished. The vision of former heads of school has finally been completed under the guidance of Dr Julie Townsend, and this new building will have a unique history of its own to be passed down through future generations of St Catherine’s students. Mrs Evangeline Galettis OAM (Barris) OG1969 ARCHIVIST

Students standing outside the Hospital, 1940s

1969 flyer showing a drawing of the proposed two-storey PE centre Kindergarten students in the original Hospital building, 1950s

Students watch as the Studio is lifted across the school to its present position

1971 opening of the swimming pool. The Hospital can be seen in the background


Lucia, Year 6

Alexis, Year 3

Zoe, Year 3

Tsz Wai (Vincy), Year 6

Huiru (Rocio), Year 5 X

Harriet, Year 6 Maribel, Year 6 Emily, Year 5

Lucy, Year 6

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