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We were delighted to welcome two inspiring speakers during the Spring Term to give the St Catherine’s Presents lectures on ‘Leadership’ and ‘The Creative Use of Technology’. Both speakers touched on the importance of diverse views in finding better solutions to today’s problems. THE ART OF MOTIVATION NICKY MOFFAT CBE JANUARY 2019 As a Brigadier, Nicky Moffat was formerly the highest-ranking woman in the British Armed Forces, and more recently she was an adviser on the BBC’s Secret Agent Selection: WW2. She shared her army experience and leadership lessons and explained how to empower teams and individuals.

TECHNOLOGY: A BRAVE NEW WORLD? JACKY WRIGHT - MARCH 2019 A thought-provoking talk from Jacky Wright, Chief Digital Officer at HMRC, inspired us to question the status quo, to listen to a broader range of voices and to think creatively about how we might solve problems (with and without technology!) She touched on the importance of a dynamic work environment, upward mentoring and giving back, and made working in government and the world of technology sound interesting and exciting.

‘I just wanted to give feedback on the recent talk from Nicky Moffat, which was not only about motivation, but also about what good leadership is. I was also impressed with the questions from the audience, which were all well answered ... although I also liked that she could not give Theresa May any advice. A good honest answer.’ (St Catherine’s Parent) ‘It was my pleasure to spend time with you all ... there was such a wonderful cross section of questions from your spectacularly generationally-diverse audience! I left thinking that the education of the girls was in very fine hands.’ (Nicky Moffat CBE)



Jess Murphy writes: September 1997. Nine years old. For various reasons, such as parents’ jobs, moving house etc, this was my fifth go at being the new girl. I was well-seasoned at adapting to different uniforms, routines and learning names by now (a skill that would end up being very useful in my career!) and I was longing to settle. Fast forward seven years into my St Catherine’s journey and talks about where to go for sixth form. My decision to stay was predominantly my appreciation of St Catherine’s and how it made me feel - why unsettle everything when I had spent time in my first four primary schools seeking what I now had? I may not have had five years at the

Senior School by that point were it not for the sense of belonging and contentment created at the Prep School, which then gave me the ambition to go ‘across the road’ and all the way through to sixth form (not quite a ‘Lifer’ though – still disappointed by that). September 2018. Older. For various reasons, this was my fifth go at being the new member of staff – St Catherine’s Prep School Form 1 Teacher. Shoeboxes are still taken to Harvest Festival, ‘cauliflowers fluffy and cabbages green’ didn’t make the cut this year, but is still sung spontaneously among my family. Our art room, which is now the staff room, where I remember battling blanket stitch to make a Fanta drink can cushion and the pride that I felt on completing the electric circuit for our miniature bakery in DT. A sense of pride, as well as surprise, at what we could achieve continued, coming second inhouse gym in

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St Catherine's Non Nobis Summer 2019  

St Catherine's Alumnae Newsletter Summer 2019