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ISSUE 18 | WINTER 2012


Olympic Fever! 2



St Catherine’s girls past and present took an active role in the wonderful London 2012 Olympics this summer. Gail Whattingham (Wilson) (1964 Leaver) was successfully nominated to be an Olympic torch bearer having raised in excess of £1million for a range of charities. Gail was given Leg 32 of the torch relay on 16th July 2012 and very kindly brought her torch to St Catherine’s on Association Day when new girls in school for the Upper 3 Fun Day from all six houses had the opportunity to hold the torch and have their photograph taken. Gail kindly returned the following day to speak at Senior School Assembly. (Photo 1) Tiffany Broome (1998) was also a torch bearer (on 24th June 2012). Tiffany is Programme Director at a Sports Events and Sponsor Hospitality company in the UK and an Olympic specialist, having been involved in project planning, project management, onsite activation management and delivery execution of Olympic Hospitality Programmes on behalf of Olympic sponsors/ partners at Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010 and London 2012. For the past 6 years she has also worked as a consultant on brand partnerships and Olympic strategy for ‘Visit London’ (the official tourism and marketing organisation for London). (Photo 2)

Charlotte Hill (2004) took a four month career break from her job in Public Sector Corporate Finance at PwC in order to work for LOCOG at the Olympic and the Paralympic Games: “I had the position of Athletics Training Venue Group Leader where I worked with six others to set up and run the training venues. I had a team of Games Makers reporting to me who were fantastic in ensuring the training venues provided everything the athletes required in order to prepare for one of the biggest events of their lives. The role came with a lot of responsibility and I was out of my comfort zone a lot of the time. Seeing and speaking to world famous athletes and coaches , walking through the Olympic Park and having an office in the Olympic Stadium became the norm! As a sports fanatic I could not have wished for a greater experience.” (Photo 3) Both Flora Campbell (L6) and her sister Jessica Campbell (2010) were Games Makers at the London 2012 Olympics. Based at the Equestrian events in Greenwich Park, Jess was a team leader, with eight younger Games Makers in her ‘care’. Jess is reading Veterinary Science at the Royal Veterinary College. (Photo 4) Henrietta Slater (2008) also volunteered and was featured in the national press on two occasions. The first when all the volunteers had their initial training session at Wembley Arena and posed for a photo continued overleaf ...



Midleton U3 on Association Day/U3 Fun Day (the other five House groups can be viewed on the School website)

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with Seb Coe and Eddie Izzard. This image appeared in all the national papers on 6th February 2012. Then in June, Henny was also featured in an article on the volunteers in The Independent written by fellow 2008 Leaver, Jess Denham, who was doing work experience at the paper. Henny graduated from St Edmund Hall, Oxford this summer with a degree in French and German. (Photo 5) Jessica Feltham (2008) also volunteered. Jessica has just graduated from Birmingham University with a degree in International Business Studies which included a year abroad at LEGO in Denmark. Carly Brown (2009) worked as a researcher for the Sports Presentation team for fencing, taekwondo and then wheelchair fencing at the Paralympics. Carly is in her final year reading English at Southampton University where she is station manager of Southampton University Student Union TV station. (Photo 6) Natasha Charlesworth (2009) spent three weeks based at the Riverbank Arena where the hockey was held as a runner for the Sports Presentation team. Tasha is in her final year reading Engineering at Girton College, Cambridge. Australian Paralympian, Sarah Stewart, was a gap student at St Catherine’s in 1994. 36 year old Sarah is a veteran of three Paralympic Games and has had an outstanding sporting career in wheelchair basketball. Long serving tennis and squash coach, Annabelle Blake, was fortunate enough to play a part in the Paralympics including a role in the Opening Ceremony. As mentioned in issue 17, Victoria Corben (2004) worked on the delivery of a 2000 guest hospitality programme for a sponsor of the Games. Georgie Bruinvels (2007) was seconded to LOCOG by UK Anti-Doping and based at the Aquatics Centre.

DIARY DATES 2013 30th January - 2nd February Receptions for Alumnae in Perth, Melbourne and Hong Kong to be hosted by Mrs Christine Silver (Business Manager) and Mrs Lorinda Munro-Faure (Head of Boarding). Thursday 21st March Association Careers Forum Anniversary Halls Saturday 23rd March Association Choir Concert Auditorium of Anniversary Halls March (dates tbc) Lunch for alumnae (over 75s) Alumnae and former staff Reunion in the South West of England. Friday 25th – Sunday 27th May Association special interest weekend based in Rouen including a visit to Monet’s garden at Giverny (please see enclosed flyer). Friday 21st June Reunion for Leavers and Former Staff of the 1990s.

The Olympics flame may have moved on

Keeping it alight worldwide isn’t difficult – just keep singing!! Jan Murray (Johnstone) (1965) Our five-year-old daughter returned from her second day at school demanding to learn the violin. My heart sank. I loathed the sound of the violin, and disliked classical music. Indeed, I vowed that no child of mine would ever learn a stringed instrument, envisaging hours of torturous noises akin to the proverbial ‘cat’. After a sustained campaign worthy of the most stalwart political activist, violin lessons began and she never looked back. Neither, as it turned out, did I. I came to witness the immense benefits that music was having on her and was starting to have on me as I escorted her to more and more classical concerts. I was hooked! With three children all learning musical instruments, I also began to realise the cross-curricular benefits of music. In 1994 I joined forces with a friend to create Churchill Music! ( to bring top quality concerts to our rural area leading to the development of Young Churchill Music! supporting music education in our local schools. A voluntary full time job! We won acclaim for our activities but we cannot stand still. The London riots had just taken place. Core life values appeared to be slipping from us. Said daughter suggested that we commission a song cycle to unite communities. Wow! A real challenge, which we could not resist!

Jan Murray

banal moralistic theme into a fun, vibrant, at times tender and poignant set of songs. With invaluable support from the National Lottery through Arts Council England, the starting pistol sounded. ‘The Same Flame’ was ignited! The values were set into the five songs, covering the whole gamut of vocal abilities with piano accompaniment making it accessible to all. Before the song cycle was even premiered, major music publisher, Boosey & Hawkes, snapped it up for international publication as either a whole or in individual songs - the result of which is a possible orchestrated performance in the USA at Carnegie Hall no less! One renowned Bristol Chamber choir, one community choir, one local Academy choir and 3 primary school choirs with RCM pianist Christine Stevenson came together under the baton of choral director David Ogden, to premiere and record the work in July 2012. It received a sustained standing ovation, and many a tear was shed in the song for primary school children, ‘All Weather Friends’, singing about the importance of individuality but strength coming from having allweather friends. This project has been successful beyond my wildest dreams with the recording released on the Vivum label and available everywhere.

Inspired by the universal I fear that during my time at and eternal Olympic and St Catherine’s I did nothing to Paralympic values - Excellence, enhance its academic record! Determination, Courage, However, I can proudly point Inspiration, Respect, Equality Matt Harvey & Thomas Hewitt to the music, which was such and Friendship - our theme an integral part of school life, became clear. The work must together with those core, ‘life manifesto’ values, be able to be sung by all ages and abilities that were instilled into us at every stage, as through which experienced, top chamber choirs having left a deep, profound and lasting effect. could give confidence to less experienced community and school choirs to achieve higher Picture yourself in a hall filled to the rafters with standards, right down to primary school children singers and audience from 6 years upwards, all singing together with their teachers singing joining their voices to proclaim those timeless different harmonies. It seemed crazy, impossible values in songs so full of energy and feel-goodeven, but irresistible! factor that they leave a tap in your toe and a hum in your ear for weeks, then you will know just Composer Thomas Hewitt-Jones (BBC Young what can be achieved through them! Composer of the Year 2003) leapt at the prospect. Poet Matt Harvey (Poet Laureate for Wimbledon “Olympism seeks to create a way of life based 2010), who can make even a tea bag funny, was on the joy found in effort, the educational value equally keen. His challenge was to devise words of a good example and respect for universal that would turn what could be described as a fundamental ethical principles”
 Baron Pierre De Coubertin

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Graduations 2012 BUNDY, Hannah (2009) Physiotherapy, Cardiff CHURCH, Rachel (2008) Psychology, Newcastle CORRIE, Catherine (2009) English, Newnham, Oxford DAVEY, Poppy (2008) History of Art, Bristol DAVID, Sarah (2009) English & Philosophy, York DENHAM, Jess (2008) English, Durham DIERDEN, Isabella (2006) Law, Nottingham Law School, Kaplan Law School FARQUHARSON, Charlotte (2008) Politics and Sociology, Exeter FELTHAM, Jessica (2008) International Business, Birmingham FISHER, Hannah (2009) Biomedical Science, Newcastle

Association Day Sunday 9th September 2012 A very happy day was had by all who attended the annual Association Day. The Chapel Service was led by our new Chaplain, Rev Dr Benji McNair Scott, on a theme of ‘Foundations’. Attendees also enjoyed the annual Alumnae vs School lacrosse match (won by Alumnae!) and a superb Music Recital from current pupils. Many thanks to Caragh Bennet (U6) for leading the choir in Chapel and also for planning and performing in the Music Recital together with Annabelle Dance, Madeleine Edwards, Grace Miller and Catherine Wong (all U6). After a traditional roast lunch in the Dining Hall, we heard from Annabelle Dance on her experiences on the Sixth Form Vietnam trip and also Helena Francis (U6) and Kitty Gayford (U6) (pictured right) who both received a Rosamond Raymond Travel Bursary. Reports from all travel bursary recipients will be published in the School Magazine. Mrs Raymond (pictured above with Association Director, Katherine Stocks) was delighted to meet the award winners and to hear what good use they made of their awards.

GEFFEN, Becky (2008) Natural Sciences, Newcastle GILL, Hannah (2008) Geography, Newcastle HALL, Fiona (2008) Natural Sciences, Bath HARDMAN, Alice (2008) English, Durham HILLCOX, Hannah (2009) Economics & Politics, Exeter HSU, Annabelle (2009) Natural Sciences, Durham JONATHAN, Elizabeth (2008) French, Bristol KALIRAI, Serena (2008) History of Art, York KAPFER-GILL, Francesca (2008) Classics, Robinson, Cambridge LANDERS, Imogen (2008) Combined Social Sciences, Durham LEUNG, Natalie (2007) Psychology Graduated 2010, UCL LEWIS, Anna (2008) English, Somerville, Oxford MORRIS, Katharine (2007) Medicine, Cardiff OMISORE, Nike (2009) Chemical Engineering, Nottingham PANTON, Alice (2007) Art, St Martin’s College of Art REVESS, Sophie (2008) Experimental Psychology, Bristol RILEY, Abigail (2009) Psychology, Sheffield SHANKS, Jessica (2008) Sociology, Leeds SLATER, Henrietta (2008) French & German, St Edmund Hall, Oxford SMUIN, Rachel (2007) Visual Arts, Sydney (Australia) SO, Veronica (2009) Law, UCL VEGA, Philippa (2009) Medicine, Sidney Sussex, Cambridge WARD, Annie (2009) Natural Sciences, St John’s, Cambridge WHITE, Isabel (2007) Music, MA Community Music, York WILSON, Belinda (2008) International Relations Graduated 2011, MSc International Relations, Loughborough

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St Catherine’s Presents...

Francine Stock (1976)

Francine Stock

Tuesday 9th October Former pupil, Francine Stock (1976), is a former BBC TV current affairs reporter and past presenter of Newsnight. She is also a novelist, critic and presenter of Radio 4’s The Film Programme. She recently published ‘In Glorious Technicolour – a century of film and how it has shaped us’. Francine very kindly gave a lecture on the history of film from the very earliest silent movies to the present day showing some fascinating film footage. The Head Girls, Amalia Grobler and Louisa Hood, gave a vote of thanks following the lecture: “Thank you very much, Francine, for a thought-provoking evaluation of our cinema experiences and a real insight into how St Catherine’s has changed since you were a pupil here. As you have shown and written, it is fascinating that something as artificial as film can indeed influence our lives on so many levels. The symbiotic relationship which you highlight between film and our real world allows us not only to reflect back on ourselves but it also sometimes can change our view of the world. Discussing films from the 1910’s and continuing through to present day, I’m happy to say that although I needed to Google most of the pre 1940’s films mentioned in your book, I had luckily been introduced to the likes of Bambi from the 1940’s, ET and Top Gun from the 1980’s and Avatar more recently. One of my personal favourites, ET, portrays exactly what you have said tonight; how film has the power to change our perception of something as frightening as an alien through the endearing character of ET and therefore film really is, as you said, ‘our most persuasive mass entertainment medium’. Ian Y oun g

Francine, once again, on behalf of everyone here tonight, thank you very much for sharing with us the films which have influenced you, your life and your thoughts. We really appreciate you coming back to St Catherine’s to talk to us.”

w w w. s t c a t h e r i n e s . i n fo

Dr faustus

Dr Jennifer Bate OBE

wednesday 7 november

Dr Jennifer Bate OBE is a world renowned organist and was made an Officer of the French Order of Arts and Letters in 2011. Former President Sarkozy subsequently appointed her as a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour which were presented by the French Ambassador at a reception in London on 24th May 2012. Dr Bate leads the eponymous ‘Jennifer Bate Organ Academy’ at St Catherine’s each year and is a friend, patron and supporter of the School.


St Catherine’s was delighted to welcome to the the Auditorium an award winning production of Marlowe’s Dr Faustus presented by Scene Productions. The play was enjoyed by GCSE and A-Level students of Drama and English as part of their studies and was opened up to members of the Association. Gabby Minerva (U6) writes: “A medieval morality play and lively psychodrama, Marlowe’s Dr Faustus presents an arrogant hero who makes a pact with the devil to gain forbidden power and knowledge; shifting the traditional notions of heroism. The three-person cast of Scene Productions fully succeeded in recreating this powerful concept, juxtaposing hilarity with horror through puppetry, masks, multi-role playing and imaginative choreography.”

A joint performance saturday 20th October A joint performance by the South West Surrey Concert Band and St Catherine’s Concert & Jazz Band. One hundred musicians from the two bands entertained a packed Auditorium with a variety of pieces from blockbuster films, West End musicals and the latest pop sensations. The performance culminated in a joint rendition of Lord of the Dance and Hootenanny. The raffle and retiring collection raised £727.69 for Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity chosen by the performers. Mr Ian Young, Head of Percussion & Contemporary Music at St Catherine’s, and Mr Mike Fielding, the Music Director of the South West Surrey Concert Band, brought these bands together for the evening and shared the role of Conductor with much enthusiasm. Profits from the St Catherine’s Presents performances over the last year have raised just over £1,800. With the growing demands of the Drama and Music Departments and the superb facilities in the Anniversary Halls, the School was in need of a new keyboard. These funds purchased a Yamaha S90, first played by Jessica Benson (L6) at our Remembrance Service in November. The new keyboard will have its public debut at the School’s Production of ‘The Sound of Music’ in February 2013.

Godalming Music Festival

Peter Howe, guitar teacher, writes: “I thought that you might like a picture of Naomi Bradshaw and Remi Looi-Somoye who performed at the Godalming Music Festival. They gained a 1st prize with some lovely comments from the adjudicator. To my knowledge this was the first time that a St Catherine's guitar duo have ever performed at the festival.”

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Development Update Announcements at Alumnae Reception in London Mrs Jo Dowling, Development Director, writes: On Wednesday 19th September, 2012 we were delighted to welcome former staff and alumnae to a Reception in London at the University Women’s Club in Mayfair. The evening began with drinks in the Library where our guests enjoyed catching up with old friends and former teachers. Mrs Phillips and Miss Bartholomew, Headmistresses of the Senior and Preparatory Schools respectively, gave an update on life at the School and thanked all those who have given to Project 125. The generous support allowed us to complete the Anniversary Halls, which house our indoor sport, drama and music facilities in our Anniversary Year 2010-2011. As you would expect from St Catherine’s, further enhancements to the school environment are planned and the Heads shared ideas for building development at the School. These included three development projects: The Speech Hall which was built in 1935 sits in the heart of the School and will be transformed into the new Sixth Form Library during this academic year, bat survey permitting! Mrs Phillips reassured everyone that the Speech Hall would retain much of its outer appearance and views onto the Rose Garden, while inside it would be transformed into a modern, bright and user friendly environment, with high speed internet access and refreshments.

w w w. s t c a t h e r i n e s . i n fo “Little Wood Lodge”, a pavilion type structure in the Prep. School will include an outdoor classroom, office space and storage. This structure will nestle under the trees of “Little Wood” and provide a viewing platform for activities on the lawn as well as a valuable teaching resource. The Centenary Building was opened in 1986 with financial support of parents and friends of the school. It became the home of the Sixth Form and housed a state of the art Lecture Theatre. This resource will receive a full refurbishment in the style of the Auditorium in the Anniversary Halls and a new foyer will be added giving ground floor access for the first time. The new seating layout and access will make the venue ideal for a Prep. School year group as well as Senior School continued use and events with parents and the local community where a more intimate setting than the Auditorium is called for.

University Women’s Club, London The University Women’s Club is situated in the heart of Mayfair, London. It has a fascinating heritage and their membership includes many high achieving women working across industry, government and academia. This was the venue for our Alumnae Reception in September 2012 and proved to be an excellent choice - the staff were so helpful and the rooms are warm and welcoming. The Club offers a wide range of facilities, diverse social events and reciprocal arrangements with many clubs and women’s organisations both at home and abroad. Whether you want to check your emails, indulge in a little networking, have a light lunch or delicious dinner, shop in nearby Oxford Street, shower and change before an evening out or just relax with friends over a cup of specialty coffee, a glass of wine or a cocktail, this is the place to be. The Club offers very attractive discounted rates for recent graduates. For further information on membership and facilities please visit their website at www.

www. s t c a t heri nes. i nfo

Fundraising Campaigns Friends of the Chapel, The Russell Baker Society & Annual Fund At the Alumnae Reception in London, Mrs Jo Dowling, our Development Director, announced that three campaigns will be launched this academic year to recognise formally and encourage ongoing support for the School. ‘The Friends of the Chapel’ celebrates the many and wide-ranging gifts to the School Chapel which holds a special place in the hearts of so many Old Girls and staff alike. If you would like to support the future development of the Chapel, your gifts will help us refurbish the Chapel Organ, installed in 1899. Throughout its history the school has been privileged to be the beneficiary of several legacies from former staff and Old girls. For those who plan to leave a legacy to the school in their Will, it is hoped that they will join the ‘The Russell Baker Society’ so that we might celebrate their planned support in their lifetime and understand fully how they would like their gift to benefit future generations of St Catherine’s girls. St Catherine’s, like many girls schools, does not have an endowment which it can use for upkeep and development of school facilities. However, with prudent management of our budgets the School continues to maintain our facilities and make considerable investments in resources every year. We are extremely grateful for the donations we have received from parents, alumnae and friends of the School which have enabled us to complete projects ahead of plan and to the highest possible specification, and have launched the ‘Annual Fund’ to harness that continuing good will. The Annual Fund is our regular giving campaign which encourages supporting the School with a regular gift by standing order of any size and frequency. We will be running a Telephone Campaign in the summer of 2013, employing recent leavers to call alumnae and parents and ask them to consider supporting development at the School. In addition to the three building projects, the Sixth Form Library, Little Wood Lodge and the Centenary Building donors can choose to support bursaries or a specific subject that is dear to them.

Further information on the new campaigns can be found on the Development Pages of the School Website or by contacting Jo Dowling, Development Director on 01483 899754 or

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Prep School News

Jubilee Celebration On 1st June Pre-Prep girls, dressed as Lords and Ladies, processed with the pupils of Bramley Infant School to Gosden House. The street was lined with flag waving supporters and the staff at Gosden House was out in force to welcome the children. Gosden House pupils then joined and the procession made their way back to Bramley Church, our KS2 pupils also lining the streets and greeting the younger children with cheers and ‘high fives.’ The mood was buoyant as pupils from the three schools entered the church and Rev John Bundock led a re-enactment of the coronation.

Ribbon Race for Charity On Sunday 24th June a large number of women and girls from St Catherine's took part in a 5K fun run/ jog/walk around the St Catherine’s Senior School playing fields to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. With the weather finally on our side everybody was ready to raise money and back this wonderful cause. The race proved to be a special event with many commenting on the fact that they enjoyed taking part alongside their daughters. Mrs Brown, Mrs Chaventré and Mrs Cowx worked exceptionally hard to ensure it was a very successful occasion. The atmosphere on the day was overwhelming and with the support, help and generosity of so many people, the school raised an amazing £8163.55. We are grateful to everyone who raised funds for vital research into beating breast cancer.

The sun was shining for a magnificent tea party – the girls and boys from the three schools donning their newspaper hats and relishing their sticky buns and jelly ice cream. The scene was indeed a timeless one of children coming together and having fun. A message from Her Majesty was greeted with cheers and a flurry of flag waving and the events concluded with three cheers for our very hardworking PTA reps who had helped bring the event together. Girls were then presented with a lovely commemorative mug, a gift from the PTA, which will no doubt bring back memories of a very special day for us all.

www. s t c a t heri nes. i nfo “I just wanted to say thank you for the huge amount of organisation that must have gone into Friday's Reunion. It was a resounding success and such a lovely chance to catch up with old friends, some of whom I had not seen since we left. I was shown a photo of myself wearing a toga on the last day of Upper 6 which I have to admit I had no recollection of! There were a few other similar revelations.” “Just wanted to thank you for a really lovely day on Friday. It was all beautifully organised and it was a real treat to be so well looked after and receive such a warm welcome. I really enjoyed catching up with some old friends after a shockingly long time.” “I had such a lovely time yesterday, thank you so much for the time and effort you all put into making it such a great day. It was good to catch up and also see how the school has changed for the better. Looking forward to the next one already.“ “A big thank you to you and all involved in organising Friday's great Reunion! It was fun & strange to meet up with so many girls 30 years on.... The School has changed in some ways & remained very familiar in others.“ “Thank you very much for a very nice Reunion and delicious lunch on Friday. Lovely to see some good friends and old faces. Thought the girls did very well in their ‘Cabaret’ preview too. School's looking great!” “Just wanted to write and say thank you to you and the School for all your efforts in welcoming us back to St Catherine's last Friday. It was a wonderful day and I know that everyone from my year group really enjoyed ourselves laughing over the days we shared together. It was very interesting to see the new developments that have been taking place over the last 30 years, but far better to go back to the bits we remembered!“ “Many thanks for a truly wonderful day on Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed it all from the very impressive bits of ‘Cabaret’ to lunch, talking to some of the sixth form and the tours of the school; and most memorably the Headmistress's office! I cannot quite believe that 25 years has elapsed since I last set foot at St Cat’s.“ “Thank you so much for a really enjoyable time yesterday. Everything was so well organised, down to the smallest detail. It was lovely to catch up with old friends, to eat delicious food, and to have the chance to see round the wonderful new buildings.” “What an excellent day on Friday thanks to all your hard work. We thoroughly enjoyed it.” “I write to thank the Association team most warmly for another lovely day at St Cats on Friday. I find the opportunity to meet up with so many former pupils absolutely delightful, and it is so interesting to see how they have changed over the years (some very much more so than others) and what they have done with their lives.“

80s Comeback!

On Friday 22nd June 2012 we were delighted to welcome back over 100 alumnae and former staff to a 1980s Reunion at School. The weather was kind and the persistent rain of Summer 2012 held off until going home time when the last to leave had to make an umbrella dash to cars! It was a very happy, noisy day and a first return visit to St Catherine’s for many of our guests. Coffee in the foyer of the Anniversary Halls was followed by a Chapel Service led by Rev’d Canon Colin Tickner on the theme of ‘thanksgiving’. We were very grateful indeed to Colin for returning to St Catherine’s to take this Service having formally retired in July 2011. We subsequently returned to the Anniversary Halls where drinks were served in the upper Atrium, a presentation was given by the L6 in the Auditorium on this year’s Sixth Form Musical ‘Cabaret’ and a jubilee themed buffet lunch was served in the Sports Hall. Our guests were given tours of the School by current pupils who were amused by many a tale of 1980s exploits – particularly in boarding! We came back together for a final time for afternoon tea and cakes before saying farewell. We very much look forward to welcoming back Leavers and Staff of the 1990s next year on Friday 21st July 2013 – put the date in your diary now!

w w w. s t c a t h e r i n e s . i n fo


Run to the Beat Kathryn Renshaw (2008) ran the 2012 "Run to the Beat" Half Marathon in support of the Lymphoma Association in October 2012. Kathryn wrote in: “Earlier, this month, my 'big' brother James (25), was diagnosed with Lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system). The Lymphoma Association has already been a huge support for my family at this difficult time and, in order to provide future support for both James and other families in this situation, I have decided to undertake some last minute fundraising for them and use the next week to raise as much money for Lymphoma Association as possible.” Kathryn’s initial target was £1,000 but she raised in excess of £3,000 - an incredible achievement - and has big plans for future fundraising activity.

Association Private View, JOLOMO at the Mall Galleria

Development Director, Jo Dowling, secured a private viewing of a London exhibition by one of Scotland’s most successful artists, John Lowrie Morrison, fondly known as JOLOMO, which was offered exclusively to members of the St Catherine’s Association. This informal evening on Thursday 17th May 2012 offered an opportunity to mingle while viewing land and seascapes from the west of Scotland at La Galleria on Pall Mall. Feedback from Association members living in London is that they much appreciate the occasional opportunity to attend Association events organised in London.

Leigh Richards & Sue Ide-Smith (1982)

James & Kathryn Renshaw (2008)

Coast to Coast Former Head of Art, Jane Silk, and her friend Mo managed to raise just under £4,500 for Cancer Research on their Coast to Coast walk (as featured in issue 17). Jane writes: “The walk was an incredible experience – very tough at times, especially with the weather, but awesomely beautiful, even in the rain! Despite the difficulties we both absolutely loved it and will never forget it. This photo was taken on our final descent on the cliff path down to Robin Hood’s Bay (after 19 miles that day…). Funny how the difficulties pale into insignificance in hindsight and we just remember the whole time as the most amazing adventure!”

Jane Smith Remembered

Jane Silk (left)

wide ranging teaching career in Maths and Jane Smith (Chare)(1967) very sadly died on later in ICT (she was the first Director of ICT at 8th July 2012. Jane was a life-long supporter of St Catherine’s); her love of nature, particularly the School as a former pupil, former member of ponies and dogs; her campaigning work for staff, involved member of the former OGA and the countryside and defence of bridleways; her one of the founding members of the Association work over the last Committee. Jane’s Jane making a toast to St Catherine’s decade with Happy husband of 36 on her last Association Day, Landings (giving years, Neil, writes: September 2011 disabled people the “St Catherine's was opportunity to drive very special to her. a single horse and She had the fondest carriage); and serving memories of her time as a Parish Councillor. there as a girl and was Jane is described as as supportive as she “a loving, caring and could be as an Old selfless daughter, Girl.” Jane’s funeral sister, wife and was held on 18th July mother” with “a sense at a packed Guildford of humanity and a Crematorium and sense of humour” attended by a number and “a dedicated of her St Catherine’s educator who loved contemporaries. Peter her subject and her Hewson, the minister pupils”. We shall who conducted miss her very much the service, gave at St Catherine’s and pay grateful tribute to her an uplifting eulogy which detailed the many contribution to the life of the School over 45 things Jane achieved in her life – her dedication years. to family and devoted care of her parents; her

www. s t c a t heri nes. i nfo

St Cat’s Girls get Recent Leavers Giving Back Everywhere!

Thank you to Sophie Johnson (2011) and Rosina Simmons (2011) who very kindly came into school on 4th July 2012 to talk to Upper Five about their first year experiences at University. Sophie is reading Psychology at Durham and Rosina is reading Engineering at Warwick. They both gave some very useful insights into campus Universities and talked about organisational issues and the array of extra-curricular opportunities available at University. Both Sophie and Rosina are more than happy to be contacted by current pupils who have any questions.

Amy Hennessy (2008) meeting with John Key, the New Zealand PM. Amy writes: “I’ve been working here in the Government Research and Comms Unit, part of John Key’s office, which has been an incredible experience.”

Thanks also to Emily Revess (2011) (right) and Hannah Davidson (2010) who very kindly came in to talk to the Sixth Form about their gap years. Both girls are now at University and were able to reflect on a successful blend of work/internships and travelling during their gap year. During Emily’s gap year she interned for 3 months at a boutique communications consultancy called the Madano Partnership and was so successful she was asked to return on a freelance basis throughout the year. She then spent a month travelling around Europe and two months in Fiji and Bali before starting UCL. Hannah took a gap year and is now in her second year reading Music at Newcastle University. Hannah has worked in the front office at School and also undertook an extremely successful internship in the music business which led to management experience.

Round the Island Race

A 50ft yacht crewed by a team of St Catherine’s Mums and Daughters competed in this exciting annual sailing race around the Isle of Wight at the end of June 2012. The ladies boat came in second out of three St Catherine’s boats – the other two crews being made up of St Cat’s Dads. Very well done to all the girls participating and huge thanks to the organiser, Paul Narraway (current parent).

Sian Banks (2010) bumped into Claire Wyllie (Head of Sixth Form) in Vietnam where Mrs Wyllie was a leading a Sixth Form expedition.

St Catherine’s Association, Bramley, Guildford, Surrey, GU5 0DF Tel: +44 (0)1483 899751 Email: Web: Headmistress Mrs A M Phillips MA (Cantab)

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St Catherine's Bramley Non Nobis Winter 2012

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