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ISSUE 11 | SPRING 2009


The shape of things to come... Huge excitement greeted the announcements to the Prep. and Senior Schools of the Governors' unanimous decision to approve the construction of the complete Sports Complex and the shell of the Assembly/Performance Hall. Chairman of Governors, Peter Martin, described the move as "a landmark moment," adding: "The Governors want the best for this remarkable School. This is the most significant build decision taken for the School since 1931 when our predecessors built what is now School Block and the current Speech Hall." Your eyes do not deceive you. The computer graphic above gives an idea of how the new building will sit in the School environment. Project 125, as it is affectionately known, will be a reality within 15 months. Work will begin on site in late June - after the public examinations - and the new buildings will be completed by the Autumn of 2010, in time to coincide with the 125th Anniversary of the founding of St. Catherine's School. Headmistresses, Alice Phillips and Kathleen Jefferies, emphasised to girls and staff that this would not have been possible without the support so far of the members of the St Catherine's Association who have already raised over ÂŁ1m in just 10 months. But the challenge continues. To finish the project completely, we will need more finance, and we can focus in now on fitting out the Performance/Assembly space to provide Drama and Music facilities to match the modern Sports Complex. Every penny contributed to this exciting project will be put to good use, enabling every girl at St Catherine's, now and in future generations, to continue to enjoy a first class education, underpinned by outstanding facilities.

w w w.s tc at he r i ne

ww w. st ca t heri fo DIARY DATES 2009 Saturday 20th June St Catherine’s Association UTBall Midsummer’s D OEve SOLMarquee in grounds 7.30pm, Saturday 27th June Prep School Open Day Thursday 2nd - Saturday 4th July Major end-of-year displays of Art, Textiles and Photography in the JPC. All are most welcome Saturday 4th July Speech Day and Senior School Open Day Sunday 13th September Old Girls’ Day Saturday 21st November Association Choir Concert: An exciting evening of choral music by Ramirez and instrumental pieces by Villa-Lobos 7.30pm, Holy Trinity Church, Guildford

Stoner Supports World Vision

The girls of Stoner House recently donated £1,356.00 to World Vision in order to fund the building of a well in Senegal. This money was raised over the past year or so, thanks to a collaborative effort by the whole House to hold charity events. Each year group has created, planned and organised their own fund-raising event. These have included a massive hot-chocolate sale during the House lacrosse competition, several cake sales, a popcorn sale, a sweet sale and a competition to guess how many sweets were in a very large jar!

The House was introduced to the work of World Vision by Lisa Daly who works at St Catherine’s, and the girls were keen to donate the money raised to such a worthwhile project, helping other young people in the developing world. The project will bring water to the community and allow girls to continue with their secondary education. Report submitted by Hannah Fisher and Rosanna Townshend - Stoner House Captains

Participate Plus

Friday 27th November St Catherine’s Day Gala Concert 7.30pm, Dining Hall Saturday 5th December Senior School PTA Christmas Party 7.30pm, Dining Hall

Community Collaboration through Art

Saturday 1st/Sunday 2nd May 2010 Association Battlefield Tour of the Somme 2010 - 2011 125th Anniversary of the founding of St Catherine’s School

Russian Farewell A party of Russian school girls spent a week at St Catherine’s as the ‘school experience’ element of a cultural tour. The girls and their party leaders loved their time here, with some of the girls saying it had been the best experience of their lives. An emotional farewell reception was hosted by St Catherine’s for girls and boys who had been accommodated at various local schools.

Stoner House Captains presenting the cheque to World Vision patron, Bishop Ken Clarke

Monoprint of Madonna and Child by Elizabeth Titcomb. Purchased by the School at the exhibition.

A superb and thought provoking exhibition was held at St Catherine's at the end of last year as the culmination of a collaboration between the School's senior artists and Creative Response, an independent arts-related local organisation. Creative Response works with adults who experience severe and enduring mental distress. A number of joint workshops were held in the run up to the event and works in a variety of media by both students and adults were displayed side by side in the John Palmer gallery. This was a remarkable show and the artists of Creative Response were pleased to make some sales.



Non Nobis Domine! Not unto us, O Lord, The praise or glory be... The opening of the school hymn Rudyard Kipling

Former St Catherine’s English teachers at one of their occasional get togethers: (left to right) Eileen Johnson 1979 – 1994, Ada Roberts 1983-2000, Una Barbour 1986-1999, Shelagh Verey 1974-1976 & 1988-2000, Jan Herbert 1981-1995

w w w. s t c a t h e r i n e s . i n fo

Blue Boat Blade for Burrows! Jenny Burrows (2004 Leaver) was selected to represent Cambridge University in the top heavyweight women’s eight at this year's Oxford vs. Cambridge Women’s Boat Race on 22nd March 2009 at Henleyon-Thames. Being selected for the Blue Boat was a huge achievement and the build up to race day required Jenny and her crew to train 12 times a week from mid-September onwards - throughout one of the coldest winters in years. Around 10,000 spectators watched the race, including vocal support from St Catherine’s! With honours even over the last four years, things did not go Cambridge’s way on this occasion and Oxford won by a length and a quarter. Immediately after the race Jenny told us: “The disappointment is huge, mainly because we didn't row our best and we know we could have beaten them if we had.” But a day or two afterwards, she reflected: “Now I've had a bit of time to get over the pain of losing, I'm remembering all the other amazing times this year and realise what an unforgettable experience it has been.”

First Exchange Student returns Jenny is in the third seat (back from the bow)

During her time with Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club, Jenny has raced in both national and international races. Prior to the Boat Race, her most recent rowing success was in the national race 'Head of the River Fours' on the tidal Thames, where her crew won their division. As for the future, Jenny writes: “Our crew are going to start training again soon for BUSA next term and hope to have a more successful row!” Jenny is currently completing her fourth year of Natural Sciences (Biochemistry), and hopes to graduate at the end of this year with a Masters, after which she will be starting a funded PhD at Addenbrooke’s Hospital as a member of Cambridge University.

Birgitta Wagne (was Branding) was St Catherine’s first exchange student. She has very happy memories of coming here for a month in the summer term of 1953 having researched and arranged the exchange for herself. Birgitta and her husband Klaes enjoyed seeing the dormitories and science facilities: “It was very exciting to be there again after so many years. One thing I can tell you and that is that my impression is that the atmosphere seemed to be more cheerful and open now than in those days.”

Poppy Appeal Clare Clinton (2000 Leaver) reports that she was asked “to kick off this year's Poppy Appeal by presenting a poppy to the Prime Minister at No. 10 on 23rd October, a great honour.” Clare wrote in to tell us about her day: “It was a great experience, and such an important cause to support. I am only a simple volunteer; during the two weeks of the poppy appeal I collect from 7 am (until I sell out of poppies) at Westminster tube station to catch all the commuters. The most rewarding part of being involved is seeing how pride in memory of the fallen unites the community, even somewhere as diverse, fast-paced and anonymous as central London. It is a very humbling experience to meet war veterans, and keeps you motivated on the chilly mornings! It was very interesting to see inside number ten (especially because the art collection is so impressive, I spotted a Henry Moore just loitering in a low-key corner of the hallway). We spent a few minutes chatting with Mr. Brown, who was surprisingly charming and very supportive of the cause. We were then lucky enough to have tea in the cabinet room; which having focused on political history at university was the highlight for me! I hope all the girls have been sporting their poppies with panache, it is SO important to encourage a new generation to get involved to ensure that the Royal British Legion can continue it's brilliant work into the future.”

Dirty Dancing for 'Baby' Banks! Katie Banks (2000 Leaver) is a news and showbiz writer at Closer Magazine (she was previously at Reveal) and recently embarked on an enviable assignment to write about the hit West End show Dirty Dancing. As a life long Dirty Dancing fan, Katie was excited to attend an open audition and literally had ‘the time of her life’ stepping into the role of ‘Baby’ for a few hours! Her ‘Johnny Castle’ in the photograph is Royal Ballet veteran, Martin Harvey, who joined the cast in September 2008. You never know where a career in journalism may lead you!

ww w. st ca t heri fo

Drumming Up Support for South African Project On 24th January, the Sixth Form Charities Board hosted a Dinner Dance for members of the 6th Form and some of the teachers. Over £1000 was raised on the night in aid of the Telekishi Project in South Africa, which several girls from the 6th Form will visit this summer. Named ‘Out of Africa’, the evening certainly had an African theme, with pictures of African wildlife, the South African flag, and – the highlight for many – drummer Kristian Bediako (left), who did a one hour drumming workshop, which included some interesting dance moves! A delicious dinner was provided by the school caterers, and after the drumming workshop, everyone enjoyed the dancing. The Charities Board have also staged The Big Catwalk, a fashion show held on 6th March, which raised further money for the Project. Report submitted by Emily Millard

Emily Zaborski & Adam Gibbs

Minty Hamer & Charlie Hunt

Match Girls This year’s production “The Matchgirls” showed the high standard and versatility of drama at St Catherine’s. Overall the cast included about 40 girls including the lighting and backstage crew, two gap students and two boys from local boys’ schools. After many hours of hard work we finally put together a performance which one spectator described as, “a thoroughly entertaining experience and one which I would happily see in the West End”.

Report submitted by Emily Zaborski, L6

Olivia Brown

We would all like to thank the amazing Mums for the costumes, the musical Directors Mr Field and Mr Greenfield and the band, the lighting and sound crew and, of course, our Director/Producer Miss Hilvert who put all her creative energy into directing a fantastic production.

w w w. s t c a t h e r i n e s . i n fo

Holocaust Day On 27th January, the School Chaplain, Canon Colin Tickner, lit a candle in the St Catherine's Chapel to commemorate those who died in the Holocaust. The School community had been challenged to contemplate the horrors of the Holocaust in a thought provoking Assembly given by Cathy Corrie and Alex Courage the previous morning. The girls were reporting on their experiences on a trip to Auschwitz with the Holocaust Educational Trust in January 2009. The Assembly was very moving and the staff and pupils observed a three minute silence. The following day a number of girls chose to gather in the Chapel at lunchtime to witness the lighting of the candle and to discuss their thoughts about the Holocaust while honouring the estimated 11 million men, women and children who died.

The Roll Of Honour In the narthex of the Chapel is a small box, unnoticed by most who pass by, which contains a scroll with the names of 35 men and two women who died in the First World War. It seemed at first strange that a girls’ school should have so many men on its memorial, and research has shown that the men who died were the brothers, husbands, fiancés and other relatives of girls, old girls and staff of the School. The School during the war a small and close-knit community of about 100 girls, mostly boarders, from all parts of the country, and the School magazine records the link of most of these men to the school, and also lists a further thirty or so whose names are not on the roll. The women are two Old Girls, Grace Ringer, who had worked with devotion at the Post Office during the war, and Evelyn Wheeler, the daughter of the village baker, who died of pneumonia just after the end of the war. Their names are added to the roll in the words of Mrs Russell Baker as they ‘died through their devotion to work and duty’. All the men can be traced through the Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s website and the School magazine, as well as directories, and the census, tells us much of the women and girls they left behind. Some examples are the Benning family, with six daughters at the school, one of their four brothers was killed on the Somme, and the husband of one of the girls also died. Amy Thompson’s brother, Astley, had emigrated to Australia and came back to Gallipoli, only to die on the second day of the campaign. Three families lost more than one man – two brothers of Miss Foley, a teacher, died one on the front line, the other at Netley Hospital; the brothers of Marjorie Harding, Reginald and Wilfrid, also died, and when the Association members visited Tyne Cot cemetery near Ypres, Wilfrid’s name was found on the memorial - he was a chaplain attached to the Royal Army Medical Corps and earned the MC for his work in retrieving the dead and wounded from no-man’s land. Dorothy Lobe was engaged to Reginald Garton when he died on the Somme, and then married Joseph McIntosh, who was drowned when HMS Leinster went down only five months after their wedding. She married Henry Scott the following year, 1919. It is a fascinating, and sobering, task to gather information about men who died, so young and so promising, in a war which had to be refought on an even larger scale against a far more threatening enemy only twenty-one years later. Report submitted by Rosemary & Richard Christophers (right)

Rosemary & Richard Christophers St Catherine’s is extremely privileged to benefit from the volunteer services of Old Girl, Rosemary Christophers (Munn) (1960 Leaver) and her husband, Dr Richard Christophers, as School Archivists. Rosemary and Richard have both enjoyed long careers in librarianship and archives. After leaving St Catherine’s, Rosemary qualified as a Chartered Librarian and worked in Guildford library, Woking library, the training centre of a French bank and then as the Librarian at Guildford County School. Richard’s career was at the British Library and he is the author of The British Library Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts: The G.K. Chesterton Papers. Richard and Rosemary are now both retired and busier than ever with various community activities and voluntary work. In addition to their custodianship of the St Catherine’s Archive, they run the library at Guildford Cathedral and were honoured, respectively, with the Woking Man and Woman in the Community Award 2007 for their dedicated work over 10 years at award winning museum and gallery, The Lightbox. Their work on the Roll of Honour (see article, left) greatly enhanced the Battlefields Trip as participants were able to honour three of the fallen by visiting their final resting places and leaving a poppy cross. Richard said some poignant words at the grave of Lieutenant Henry F. Bingham Stevens at Poelcapelle British Cemetery and we found Captain Edward R. Chetham-Strode and The Revd. Wilfrid J. Harding on the Tyne Cot Memorial. We should like to thank Richard and Rosemary for all they do at St Catherine’s.

ww w. st ca t heri fo ‘I thought that it would be interesting but it far outshone any expectations I had. It was a moving and spiritual experience as far as I was concerned. Andy was such an inspiring guide and you had planned every detail so well.’ ‘Such a thoroughly interesting and thought provoking trip to the Battlefields. I thought Andy presented the lectures on the battles and the enormity of the awfulness of battle and subsequent loss of life in an eloquent way, and reading poetry made it even more poignant.’ ‘A very comfortable coach, very good and friendly company, and a comfortable overnight stay and even though the actual subject made one sad and thoughtful, that’s not a bad thing these days really.’ ‘What an absolutely memorable visit. Our knowledge of the first world war was minimal and we both learnt so much, and from such a good guide. It is beyond my comprehension to imagine the pain and hardship those young men must have suffered, on all sides, and I can only be grateful to honour them and not to have been one of them.’ ‘Everyone was so nice, the hotel marvellously comfortable – and a great ‘esprit de corps’ amongst us all. I was particularly moved by the Menin Gate Ceremony.’

Association Trip 7th/8th March 2009

The St Catherine’s Association organised an inaugural trip to the First World War Battlefields earlier this year. Fifty five Association members (comprising current and former parents, Governors, staff, Old Girls and friends) travelled to the Ypres Salient in Belgium over the weekend of 7th/8th March 2009. Despite few people knowing each other prior to setting off, there was a friendly and comradely atmosphere all weekend with plenty of laughter and good spirits despite the sombre subject of our visit. The group was very ably led by Andrew Thompson of Eyewitness Tours. As a former history teacher with over twenty years’ experience leading parties to the Battlefields, Andy was able to share his specialist knowledge of the area and the Great War with the group.

The wreath bearers were Rosemary Christophers (Munn)(1960), Richard Christophers, Elisabeth Reed (Newnham)(1949) and Toppy Wharton (1985). Caroline Rose, Director of Staff, read the Citation at the Ceremony.

Sites visited included Essex Farm British Cemetery, Hill 62, Vancouver Corner, Langemarck German Cemetery, the Menin Gate, Bayernwald, Spanbroekmolen British Cemetery and the Pool of Peace, Varlet Farm, Poelcapelle British Cemetery and Tyne Cot British Cemetery.

The tour gave us all a profoundly moving and informative weekend. The coach was comfortable and the hotel and all meals taken over the weekend excellent. Messages of appreciation received from party members tell the story best and many have already expressed their wish to join a follow up tour to The Somme next year.

A wreath was laid on behalf of the St Catherine’s Association at the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate in Ypres on the Saturday evening.

Further details and an application form will be published in the next Non Nobis but the dates for your diary are 1st/2nd May 2010.

World War I Battlefields

w w w. s t c a t h e r i n e s . i n fo ‘When you realise the scale of the slaughter and the appalling conditions of 1914-1918 it is hard to use the word ‘enjoyed’ about the visit, but we really did appreciate every moment of the trip and Andy Thompson’s expertise in bringing the history of the Great War so vividly alive to us all.’ ‘You found us the most wonderful guide (and wife!) who not only unfailingly gave us the absolute facts, but, in spite of such a terrible subject, managed to make it not only vivid, but full of the personal touch and detail. I would never want to go with anyone else.’ ‘What an amazing weekend it’s been. A trip that will remain with us for a very long time (in perpetuity!). We are still talking about it – I’m sure it will have had a profound impact on everyone. Andy was quite outstanding – we have all gained so much ‘value added’ thanks to him.’ ‘We enjoyed every aspect of it – our guide, our fellow passengers, the excellent hotel and friendly staff, the chicken and chips, the chocolate shop, the wonderful welcome and meal and talk the farmer’s wife gave us, our very competent coach driver but above all the magnificent introduction to the Great War and the skilful and sensitive way it was done.’

ww w. st ca t heri fo

Fashion and Retail Joanna Glynn-Smith

Former Head Girl, Jo Glynn-Smith (Pegnall), is Retail & Events Editor at Harpers & Queen magazine. I left St Catherine’s in 1991. I always wanted to be a fashion designer. Following a one year Art Foundation at Epsom College and a 3 year Fashion Design degree at Harrow Art College (part of the University of Westminster) I left Uni realising that I was not talented or dedicated enough to follow my dream of becoming a designer but knew that I wanted to work in the fashion industry. My first job after leaving Uni was working for 2 years as a sales assistant at Amanda Wakeley (Fulham Road, London). This was followed by 6 months working in a nightclub in the West End (parents horrified!) and 3 months promoting a West End restaurant - horrid job, but I was thankfully saved when Amanda Wakeley needed a new PR! I spent 4 years as PR Manager at Amanda Wakeley – PR for Amanda and the brand, as well as organising fashion shows, events and marketing. My next job was one year as PR Director at Hardy Amies – a couture house which had just been bought out by new management, with a new design team. The CEO had been MD of Prada UK, which is where I had met him and he brought me on board. Sadly, the company was abandoned by new owners after only a year and we were all made redundant. For the next 2 years I was Events Manager at Elan Productions, London. We organised parties, PR events and fashion shows. Jo Martin training in JLP, Brent Cross

Jo Martin I left St Catherine’s in June 2002. I went to Leeds University where I graduated in Psychology. Before stepping out into the big wide world, I decided to go to China to teach English for a year. It was the most amazing experience of my life. I returned fresh from my travels in the autumn of 2007 with no idea what career to choose. Through a local agency I started working at the Head Office of ECCO Shoes in Godalming as their first Retail Allocator. I had never imagined myself working in Retail. After one year of figures and stock replenishment, ECCO offered me a new position as a Sales Training and Retail Support Executive. The job involved Visual Merchandising, marketing and training shopfloor staff in stores such as John Lewis and Jones Bootmaker. I was lucky enough to attend a ‘Cow to Shoe’ course at the Headquarters of ECCO in Denmark, where I made a pair of shoes! Believe me it is much harder than you think. I am very proud of my stitching and they are even good enough for my boyfriend to wear to work! After a further year, I am now the Regional Account Manager for the South of the UK. I am responsible for £3.5 million of business and cover the independent stores from East Anglia to South Wales. I love my new role and I have found a career that suits me and sets me up for the future…

I was then head hunted by Harper’s Bazaar (based in Soho, London) in 2004 to be the Retail and Events Editor. I was very lucky to have known the Fashion Director from my previous days at Amanda Wakeley. I write a double page feature each month called ‘The Agenda’ where I cover new product launches and store openings etc. I mainly cover fashion, jewellery, watches and beauty products - the page is picture led. In addition, I manage all the events for the magazine from parties to award ceremonies and dinners. Most of our events are pretty glitzy; from dinners for the McCartney family, George Clooney and Brooke Shields to parties with well known performers (Joss Stone, Leona Lewis, Dita von Teese, Queens of Noize, Pam Hogg). I love this job as there are MANY fabulous perks, but it is hard work and can be very stressful! There are only about 25 full time members of staff on the magazine - so we are generally all flat out! I live in Fulham with my husband, fashion photographer Jonathan Glynn-Smith. We have two children; Pia and Tom. I still know all my best friends from school, most of us live in London.

Amy in her shop Inkwell & Ivy in Guildford

Amy Hawkshaw I left St Cats in 1998 after A-Levels and having been a pupil since 1985. I went on to read French and Hispanic Studies at Birmingham University and graduated with BA Joint Hons in 2002. After graduation I started to work for GAP in Guildford, I also worked in Southampton and Tunbridge Wells, eventually ending up in Putney as Women's Manager and Visual / Merchandising store manager. After 3 years at GAP I decided to recharge my brain and did a postgrad in Social Sciences at LSE. Whilst studying I wrote my business plan for my own store as I had made up my mind that this was what I really wanted to do. I spent the summer travelling around the East Coast of America and came back ready to launch into action. And so, Inkwell & Ivy was born! ‘I & I’ is based on the eight US Ivy League universities and we sell the official Ivy League merchandise, so there is a sense of heritage and tradition, but I also incorporate new American brands that you won't find anywhere else to give a modern contrast, such as Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers and Keep Calm and Carry On. The store is modelled on an Ivy League common room / study room with a pool table centre stage and our secret library fitting room. I pretty much do everything from running the store, to the buying to the complete creative direction (my favourite part!).

w w w. s t c a t h e r i n e s . i n fo

Valerie Young

Valerie Young (1982 Leaver) gave an outstanding end of term lecture last December about opportunities in Fashion. Valerie is Director of Merchandising – Non Apparel at Burberry and her talk gave the girls a genuine insight into the industry (fashion PR, store design, product offer, operations, buying, sales, product development and merchandising: planning ranges, global sourcing, marketing and advertising). I didn’t have any real idea about what I wanted to do when I left school and, being half French, decided to take a 2 year bilingual secretarial course at the French Institute in London because at the end of that there was the opportunity to go to Lille University for a further 2 years to obtain a degree in languages and business studies. However whilst at the French Institute I had the opportunity to do a "stage" (work placement) over the summer and went to work for 3 months for a firm of solicitors in Paris (Linklaters & Paines) as PA to the Senior Partner and ended up staying for 3 years! I had a fantastic time but decided it was time to move on and when I returned to London an opportunity came up to be the PA to the MD of Hermes. I soon got involved in organising all the PR activities at Hermes with the UK expansion and became the PR Coordinator. This was a fantastic job which I did for 3 years - organising new store opening parties, press launches, product launches, scarf tying demonstrations and events to Paris with the press. I then took 6 months out to go travelling with an old St Catherine’s friend, Louise Hallam (Parsons), and when I returned my boss asked me to set up the Hermes concession in Harrods. After 1½ years at Harrods, I was then asked to revive the flagship store in Bond Street. After 3 years there I was asked to be Retail Operations Manager overseeing the four London stores and expanding into Glasgow and Manchester and setting up these stores. After 11½ years with Hermes in many different roles, I felt that it was time to move on. One of my bosses at Hermes had left and asked me to come and join her at Burberry. It’s always a good idea to stay in touch with your work colleagues! And so I came to Burberry. I have huge admiration for Rose Marie Bravo, CEO, who was brought in to turn the company around. She has incredible vision and knew we had the heritage and product but just needed to relaunch the brand. I joined as Accessories Buyer for UK/Europe and after 6 months an opportunity came to work in product development - and there started probably the most exciting part of my career to date. Burberry was going to change its image and I was going to be a part of that. We were proud of our heritage, our product, and wanted to embrace our iconic check and update all of the design. Mario Testino was taken on board and Stella Tennant and Kate Moss for the black and white advertising – inadvertently launching a shoe business! We did the same on handbags, small leather goods (slugs as we call them), belts, luggage, cufflinks, scarves, hats, gloves, umbrellas, children’s accessories and even dog accessories! We looked at the product and worked on bringing it into the 21st century, delivering the CEO’s vision of moving the brand on to the next chapter and making it more luxe, more hip, cooler. Our Creative Director, Christopher Bailey, is now a celebrity and Burberry is a £1 billion company. Fashion has many glamorous parts to it - the international travel, the celebrities, fashion shows, product etc. but on the reverse it is hard work, long hours, travelling to factories in the middle of nowhere, always under time pressures to get the next collection ready, the only down time is in August. The key and most important thing in a career in fashion is that you have to be passionate about what you do. I love product, always have done, always will and still get excited when I see someone walking down the street with one of the products I have developed or bought or sold. I am living proof that you can take an unorthodox career path and still have a great career if you work hard and seize opportunities as they arise. I organised a St Cat’s reunion last September for the class of 82 to come back on OG Day. I used my work email to organise this which is how the School came up with the idea that what I do might be of interest to the girls as a lecture! I still keep in touch with a lot of St Catherine’s girls and am godmother to the children of 3 of them! I made life long friends at School - two of them from the very first term in Symes House when I was in St. Francis dorm.

If we have not featured you above, we may not know about you! The next career focus in our rolling feature will be Medical Professions followed by Journalism. Why not tell us about your work?

Jeni Monks (Woods) I left St Cats in July ’87 with nothing particular in mind other than earning money and having fun along the way. I had various jobs for various years but around 1998, I think it was, I found myself being persuaded to buy a rundown old cookshop in Weybridge, which I remember was slightly daunting at the time, as I had very little retail experience. However, I took the bull by the horns and went with it for 7 years which I loved. It taught me everything I needed to know about retail but it was a little far from home so I decided to sell the business to my brother Nic and look for something locally. As luck would have it about a year later (whilst coping with an eleven year old son, a toddler and 9 months pregnant) I found myself in an old shack of a deli in Shamley Green, negotiating with the owner to buy the business. Two weeks later I’d taken over the lease and, after a bit of spit and polish, I reopened it as a cookshop (surprise, surprise). I remember my very first customer, Peter, came in and declared "this isn’t Sloane Square you know, good luck!’ which was like a red rag to a bull. The shop is now in its 5th year, it brings my customers and me a huge amount of pleasure as I declare it is positively the most lovely shop in Surrey and I love every moment that I’m in there. There are days when I wonder how I cope as my life is incredibly busy with three children, horses, shop and of course long suffering husband but I wouldn’t change my life for the world. I have more than I ever dreamed possible.

Jeni at the door of her shop Jeni Wren Cook Shop in Shamley Green

ww w. st ca t heri fo

Sport The P.E. department had a busy Spring Term managing to include lots of girls participating in a huge variety of activities at all levels. The Prep School won four netball trophies, several swimming trophies and competed in county finals and national competitions for hockey and gymnastics. St Catherine's P.E. Department organised the U11 Surrey netball tournament, and invited all affiliated schools in Surrey to compete. Our U11 team, who were unbeaten in all their friendly matches this season, were placed as runners up. The school also hosted a large cross country event at St Catherines and had 163 girls from several local schools take part including girls from Barrow Hills, St Ives, St Hilary's, Manor House, Rydes Hill, Farlington and Longacre. Girls from Form I and LII enjoyed performing dance work they had created in their P.E. lessons at the Creative Arts Evening. We finished the term with the House Swimming Competition and a trip for the whole of UII to Holmbury Hill to practise their map skills and orienteering.

News from the Prep School

Both Sport and Music play vital roles in the development of Prep School girls

Music From the earliest years all girls are encouraged to enjoy singing, playing instruments, listening and composing. The Music Department also runs an innovative Instrument Programme as part of the curriculum for six and seven year olds. All girls in the school learn a stringed instrument for one year and woodwind and brass instruments for a second year. This gives our younger girls in the school the opportunity to try different types of instrument and, as a result, many of them then go on to do individual music lessons in the future. Every other year the Music Department organises a Music Festival when all girls who take instrumental lessons are encouraged to enter in what is a non-competitive event. During a week in early March this year 174 performances took place and parents, teachers and girls were able to drop in and listen. For many girls this was their first chance to play before an audience, so an informal yet friendly atmosphere is of paramount importance. There were many outstanding performances from beginners right through to Grade 7 level and every instrument of the orchestra was represented with the exception of the Tuba! A small selection of girls was chosen to perform their musical pieces at the Creative Arts Evening which also incorporated the final of the House Singing Competition involving all girls from Form I to Lower III. Red House narrowly won the event with an enthusiastic rendering of POSH! from Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang. The audience was treated to a kaleidoscope of the girls’ other creative talents including dances, poems, stories and monologues of the highest standard. The performances were delivered with poise and conviction and the evening finished with a moving rendition of ‘Catch Me If You Can’ and ‘La Cucaracha’ by the Major Choir.

w w w. s t c a t h e r i n e s . i n fo

Geoffrey Field - Conductor


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Evelyn Tinker & Lara Ulrich

Mrs Penny von Spreckelsen (centre) , Megan von Spreckelsen (harp)

Association Choir Concert 15th November 2008

The Association Choir will soon commence its sixth season and, judging by the exceptionally successful concert staged in November, the choir is going from strength to strength under the baton of Geoffrey Field, Director of Music. A packed house enjoyed a repertoire of five choral works - Handel’s Zadok the Priest, I was Glad by Parry, Rutter’s Requiem and Praise Ye the the Lord and O Clap your Hands by Vaughan Williams performed by one of our largest ever choirs. We were delighted to welcome outstanding young singer, Fleur Bray (2002 Leaver, pictured right), as soprano soloist who wowed the audience with her dramatic voice and glamorous presence. We were also fortunate to secure the services of Tom Liddle (Southwark Cathedral organ scholar) at the eleventh hour due to illness at School. Tom played with great verve and panache and we were very grateful to him for his professionalism and cheery good humour. One of the special things about this year’s concert was the contribution of current girls. As always, the St Catherine’s Senior Chamber Choir joined forces with the Association Choir, but this year there was also tremendous input from the Camerata String Orchestra who tackled a demanding task accompanying both the Choir and the current Jennifer Bate Organ Scholar, Evelyn Tinker. Evelyn’s assured playing of Poulenc’s Concerto for Organ, Strings and Timpani delighted the audience and drew widespread praise and admiration. The contribution of all the girls greatly enhanced the evening’s varied programme and demonstrated once again the breadth of musical accomplishment at St Catherine’s. The Association Prefects spoke with great conviction about the work of our nominated charity, EnKi, before the concert began. A retiring collection was taken and we should like to thank everyone who gave so generously - helping us to raise a substantial sum towards our EnKI sponsorship of a secondary school pupil in Kenya.

If you have hesitated about joining the Association Choir in the past, why not make this the year to sing with us! Geoffrey Field has put together an exciting and dynamic programme of music by South American composers. Thrill to the latin rhythms as we sip tequila at the opening rehearsal on Wednesday 16th September (Speech Hall, 7.45pm). The usual wine and snacks will also be available! This season promises to be tremendous fun and is, as always, open to all - whatever their musical experience or connection with St Catherine’s. Misa Criolla (choir) Navidad Nuestra (choir) Bachianas Brasileiras V Suite for Strings

Ariel Ramirez Ariel Ramirez Villa-Lobos Villa-Lobos

Spring has sprung! We have all been enjoying the new daffodil bulbs bursting into life at the front of School this Spring. The bulbs were a much appreciated gift to St Catherine’s from a former member of staff and have added a beautiful splash of colour to the front lawn at this time of year.

Birthday Girls!

Midsummer’s Eve Ball

Two very long standing members of staff have celebrated their 60th Birthdays since the last issue of Non Nobis.





Happy Birthday Lidia and Stevie.

Thanks to everyone’s tremendous support, the Ball has sold out and 20th June promises to be a fabulous evening of fun and fundraising. The prizes which have been donated for the Auctions are nothing short of astounding! Even if you are unable to attend the Ball, please consider bidding for some of the spectacular LOTS in the eagerly anticipated Auction Catalogue. Full instructions on how to lodge your bids will be given in the Catalogue which will be sent home to all current parents on Friday 5th June and available to view online on the same date.

Katkin Pringle Lidia Ferreira, Head Housekeeper

Katkin Pringle (2002 Leaver) had a very successful solo exhibition of original oil paintings entitled ‘Earth Illuminations’ at the Drella Gallery in Godalming from February to March this year. Katkin was also selected for ORIGINALS 09 at the Mall Galleries in London, the UK’s most prestigious print show featuring a mix of famous names and up and coming artists. After leaving St Catherine’s, Katkin studied at Newcastle University and the Munich Academy of Fine Arts and enjoys all aspects of art, both realist and abstract forms: “my paintings have developed through the use of abstract expressionism to examine the relationship between surface texture and spatial illusion, which forms beneath the painted surface.” Teresa Satterthwaite, Director of the Drella Gallery, reports that Katkin sold well at both shows and has a very promising career ahead of her.

Stevie Murray, Head of Physics

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