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2019 - 2020

St Catherine’s, Bramley

Welcome to The Impact of Giving Report Together with my fellow governors, I continue to be deeply committed to the advancement of St Catherine’s and your daughter’s fulfilment of her potential. We are charged with a great responsibility in securing and stewarding philanthropic support, perhaps never more than this year with all that it has brought us. We remain committed to supporting our community across the generations and to ensuring that St Catherine’s remains at the forefront of education.Your continued support of the School through these difficult times, both in spirit and in gifts, has strengthened our resolve and affirmed our belief in the resilience of the St Catherine’s family. We are particularly grateful for your loyalty and support during what has been a most challenging year for us all. Thank you. Private philanthropy provided the resources to establish St Catherine’s in 1885 and continues to make a significant difference to the School. The Anniversary Halls used by the Prep and Senior girls daily are a wonderful example of the power of philanthropy. Governors, parents, alumnae, staff, girls and friends of St Catherine’s have made their mark and contributed to making St Catherine’s the unique school of which we are all very proud. Between 2008 and 2012, generous supporters gave £2.1m in gifts to create the wonderful facilities which enrich the girls’ drama, music and sports performances immeasurably. In 2017 we launched our vision to Create the Future and our ambitious fundraising campaign aims to raise £3m in support of further development. We are committed to preparing our girls for the future and in 2019 building of The 6 began. As we watch the building rise on the site we are reminded that The 6 will provide modern boarding accommodation and a vibrant Common Room for the whole Sixth Form where girls will develop their independence in preparation for life after school. Imagination, creative thinking and problem-solving will be encouraged in the CATalyst a new science, maths, digital learning and library space and in the Art & MakerSpace. Our girls already live and work in a global, complex and highly technological world and the opportunities and experiences that these spaces will make possible will be key in preparing them for success in their chosen careers. I am proud of the progress that we have made and the difference that we are making collectively on all fronts. With gifts totalling £1.3m to date, together with the School’s carefully managed finances and loans, we intend to invest £23.5m in St Catherine’s School between 2019 and 2023. Whilst our Campaign may take a little longer as a result of the global health crisis, we will Create the Future. I wish to offer my sincere thanks to all those who have already donated. You are making a real difference to the educational opportunities of St Catherine’s girls today and in generations to come. I have every confidence that we can reach our fundraising goal. Your collective generosity, including that provided by our very active Prep and Senior School PTAs, continues to transform the School and demonstrates your belief in our pupils and the achievements of St Catherine’s. I hope that you will all, as you are able, join us on the journey to Create the Future at St Catherine’s. Thank you.

Albert Alonzo Parent of alumnae of 2004 & 2006 Chair, Development Committee

Development Committee Governors Albert Alonzo Former Parent John Blauth Former Parent Karen Farrell Former Parent Peter Martin Former Parent and Chairman of the Board of Governors Dr Janet McGowan Alumna (1970) Jonathan Tippett Chair of Finance Committee Denis Ulyet Chair of the Estates and Buildings Committee

‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.’ Benjamin Franklin

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ Nelson Mandela

From the Director of Development Your support continues to enable the realisation of our bold vision The St Catherine’s School community has achieved so much through philanthropy and it is my pleasure once again to report to you our key achievements over the past year. A culture of parental support over the decades has enabled St Catherine’s to offer pupils the chance to succeed and flourish. Whilst parents can, of course, expect fees to provide an excellent standard of education, your generous gifts to the School allow us to invest even more in the School's facilities and the girls’ educational opportunities. It has been an unexpected year ... with unpredictable turns of events globally which have led us to demonstrate the resilience and flexibility for which the St Catherine’s community is known. We held a range of information and engagement events in the Autumn and Spring term and have invited parents and alumnae to events, drop in sessions and individual briefings to learn more about Development, our Campaigns and the positive impact they will have on the education of our girls. We have seen The 6 rise from the site of the old Unit and Barbara Platt buildings, revealing the Warren behind it and uniting old and new buildings. We have posted photos of The 6 throughout the build on the website – many have joined us in the excitement of seeing the building evolve. During the global health crisis we pressed ‘pause’ on our Campaign. We were acutely aware that the St Catherine's community was focusing rightly on hearth and home and for many it was a time of financial uncertainty. We plan to continue to hold events, some digitally, to share our plans to Create the Future and, as the rooms in The 6 are completed and named for illustrious women chosen by girls and staff, we will continue to share the stories our wonderful alumnae ... women who have shown across all areas of life the ability of a St Cat's girl to thrive in her chosen field. The Art & MakerSpace and the CATalyst will be shaping such young women of the future. Thank you for your wonderful support. We know and appreciate that families and alumnae have different capacities to contribute and are thrilled that so many have chosen to invest, as they are able, in the power of education and specifically a St Catherine’s education. A gift to St Catherine’s changes lives and its impact continues for many decades. As the health crisis continues there is much debate on the changes to our society, our families and our behaviour. We’ve seen examples of incredible global cooperation by scientists searching for vaccines, a plethora of local community hubs as people have come together to support neighbours in need, and a burgeoning respect for companies, institutions and individuals whose leadership has been shaped by a social conscience. In looking afresh at our Campaign to Create the Future at St Catherine’s, I am struck that our purpose – to educate young women – is the key to our facing future challenges of the magnitude we have experienced this year. The exceptional opportunities and inspirational spaces we will offer St Catherine’s girls, will raise their ambitions and aspirations and they will Create the Future.  We invite the whole community, stronger together, to join with us to Create the Future.

Pippa Carte Development Director

In Support of Giving “Our gift to St Catherine’s is a total pleasure. We are so delighted with what the school has to offer, and to see how it fulfils the pupils' potential is so inspiring.” Mr and Mrs F, Supporters of the Create the Future Campaign “I am delighted to be able to support St Catherine's Bursary Programme. Access to a firstclass education is something that should be available to all regardless of means. We live in an acutely unequal society and programmes such as these have the ability to transform the lives of school children with life-long impact. The results of the programme in the form of the pupils who have benefitted speak for themselves." Ms Knights QC, Alumna 1989 Supporter of the Bursary programme “Supporting St Catherine’s School in its investment on The 6 is our little way of showing how much we appreciate the impact of the school on our girls and a way to always remain connected to St. Catherine’s School.” Mrs L, Parent Supporter of The 6 “St Catherine's laid the foundation for my life and career and it’s incredibly exciting to now have my daughter benefit too by being at this wonderful School.  Donating to support the future of the School through these amazing new facilities will inspire all the girls fortunate enough to attend.” Mrs W, Alumna 1991, Parent Supporter of the Create the Future Campaign “The CATalyst project, the new science space, will allow the St Catherine’s girls to develop and understand the relevance and importance of STEM subjects in solving everyday problems many of which are vitally important to society.” Mr and Mrs R, Parents Supporters of The CATalyst

“I feel St Catherine’s is part of my DNA. I’m pleased to be able to give back. I know other young women will benefit, too, from my incredible School. It’s been great reconnecting with old friends and teachers through the Association and feeling part of School once again.” Mrs B, Alumna 1974 Supporter of the Create the Future Campaign

Celebrating Our Volunteers We would like to thank the many parents and alumnae who give their time so generously to support the St Catherine’s community. We are grateful for the host of wonderful events that have been held by both Prep and Senior School PTAs. Thank you for the welcome that you give to new families; the opportunity for career connections; and the event venues that you offer in your workplaces. Your willingness to share your career pathways and facilitate shadowing and mentoring provides the girls with fantastic opportunities to learn from your experience. You support us in all that we do on the Sports Field, in the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme and in the theatrical and musical productions given by girls of all ages Your role is invaluable, and we are deeply grateful for all that you do to make St Catherine’s a welcoming, sociable, strong and supportive community. Thank you.



*Based on estimated volunteer hours and modelled with average hourly pay data from https://www.ethnicity-factsfigures.service.gov.uk/work-pay-and-benefits

A shared tradition of philanthropy Philanthropy is at the heart of St Catherine’s and it is your generosity which allows us to carry on this tradition. Your support keeps the St Catherine’s wheel turning and we are reminded daily of the achievements of our philanthropic community as we pass through school: The Chapel in which the girls have time for quiet reflection; the Anniversary Halls where sporting triumphs are forged, wonderful music is played and theatrical magic is worked; the Speech Hall Library, the study space and home to Sixth From girls and the beginning of their journey towards university; the Wonder Lab, where a delight in scientific exploration is kindled in our youngest pupils. Each of these buildings becomes not only part of the evolution of St Catherine’s but also part of your daughter’s story.

Speech Hall Librar y - Construction 1935 Renewal 2014; Total Cost £1.25m; Fundraising Contribution £23,700

Centenar y Building

- Construction 1985

Renewal 2015; Total Cost £1m; Fundraising Contribution £6,000

Anniversar y Halls

- Construction 2009-11

Total Cost £15m; Fundraising Contribution £2.1m

The Chapel

- Construction 1893

Renewal 2016-17; Total Cost £216,000; Fundraising Contribution £206,000

Prep Science, The Wonder Lab

- Construction 2003

Renewal 2017; Total Cost £52,000; Fundraising Contribution £50,000

The 6

- Construction 2019

Total Cost £9 million; Fundraising Contribution to date £411,000

‘I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back’ Maya Angelou

Support Our Bursar y Programme If you were at St Catherine’s or your daughter is currently enjoying the school, you can give another girl the chance to: n b  e inspired by exceptional teachers n find and develop her own interests n believe in her own ability

Girls shining bright thanks to Bursar y support “St Catherine’s helped me build on my potential and opened my eyes to future opportunities. It has provided an incredible stepping-stone for me.” Mari-Liis, Year of 2015 Durham, 2:1 in English Literature Working in media & communications

n fulfil her potential. Giving an education to a girl with real potential but without financial means: n changes her life and her life chances n c  reates a more diverse School community n contributes to the long-term social mobility of a family n changes the world as educated women take their place in society.

“St Catherine’s gave me everything I have now. It taught me how to learn and how to think. My potential was drawn out and I was encouraged to believe in myself.” Andrea, Year of 2012 Junior Doctor, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough

Bursar y Fund We remain committed to widening access at St Catherine’s. Our Bursary programme remains a priority alongside the capital investment planned. We are most grateful to those who choose to give bright girls with ability and potential the opportunity of a St Catherine’s education. Not only have you changed a girl’s life chances, but you have also helped to create a more diverse and rich School community.

She founded Sisters Grimm, a theatre company with a social conscience. Just as opportunities were opened up to her at St Cat’s, she now offers young people from disadvantaged communities the opportunity to experience theatrical productions, and learn about job opportunities in the Arts. Pietra is a wonderful example of the expression ‘paying it forward'.

We would like to thank all our supporters this year who have contributed to the Bursary Programme.

A n n u a l Fun d Gifts to the Annual Fund allow us to enhance the educational experience for all girls. Your support enriches the teaching at St Catherine’s through the addition of exceptional educational equipment and improvements to the learning environment. French, German and Spanish language learning have been made a little easier through the provision of an online learning tool that allows girls to listen to conversations between children their age. This helps them to pick up vocabulary, refine their accents and no doubt pick up some teenage slang! In the Prep School new coding equipment from Lego has been purchased with your donations. Thank you for this generous gift, which will enhance the learning of Prep School girls and fire their enthusiasm for all things scientific and technical, giving them a great grounding in the sciences.

Gifts from Wills We remain indebted to the generous contributions of alumnae, staff and friends who have chosen to make a gift in their Will to secure the School’s future. We have been delighted to plant trees in the School grounds acknowledging these gifts.

The future begins here

Pietra Mello-Pitman, 2001 left St Catherine’s to join the Royal Ballet.

Help us Create the Future We need to raise £3m from the School Community to contribute to the £23.5m overarching investment by the school. Your philanthropic generosity, in addition to reserves income and loan finance, will enable us to Create the Future for St Catherine’s girls today and tomorrow. The faster we raise the money, the quicker the dream becomes reality. The 6 is a vibrant boarding house and a social space where all Sixth Form girls can relax. We are replacing our outdated boarding accommodation with a bright new space made up of generous boarding rooms, modern bathroom facilities and a spacious common room for The 6 community. The 6 will bring together day girls and boarders and be a complementary space to the Speech Hall Library, which the girls enjoy for their quiet, academic study.

The Art and MakerSpace will combine Art, Photography, DT, Ceramics, Textiles and History of Art in a single enhanced and enlarged space. This will enable us to expand the much-loved John Palmer Centre to create new rooms for teaching and creative exploration as well as a versatile new gallery space. Textiles and the Culinary Arts will join the other Creative Arts in new bright studios. We will extend the photographic studio, incorporating Apple Mac and IT tools for digital design, and provide a dedicated modern creative space for Sixth Form students.

Providing an inspirational space to meet the aspirations of our bright girls to become the coders, engineers and geneticists of the future, The CATalyst will be dedicated to science, technology, maths, digital learning and independent research. The CATalyst will replace the current 1960s West Block building where science, maths and home economics are currently taught. The Sciences will find a new home in the heart of the school and collaborative working and debate will flourish in shared lab spaces. It is our vision that The CATalyst will have an impact beyond school, too, as we work with local partner schools to support science teaching at Prep and Senior level. We are planning a Community Lab, STEM Residentials and Science Camps while looking to collaborate with businesses, the Surrey Research Park and the University of Surrey on these programmes.

‘I feel St Catherine's is part of my DNA. I'm pleased to be able to give back.’

Mrs B,, Alumna 1974

Create the Future

Wherever their futures take them, our girls will need scientific literacy and imagination to become creative problem-solvers and informed critical thinkers in the 21st Century. Thank you for your support.

£41,914 £17,290

Others have chosen to remain anonymous, either indefinitely or until their daughters have reached the end of their school career. Still others have given in memory of a friend or relative. We will soon be sharing with you further opportunities to be recognised in the Art & Makerspace as this exciting second phase development begins. Keep an eye on the website for more news of how you can join the community of support.



Your commitment to Create the Future has already been remarkable. Create the Future focuses on building new teaching and learning spaces where creativity, experimentation and innovative thinking join together. Academic disciplines will coalesce to unleash our girls' skills and talents. At the time of writing, Governors, staff, parents, alumnae and friends have contributed over £1.3m to the campaign target of £3m. We have recognised their contributions by naming specific rooms ... a bedroom in The 6, a studio in the Art & Makerspace or a science lab in The CATalyst.

Art & MakerSpace The CATalyst The 6 Create the Future Vision

Why I chose to give When you pay for your daughter’s education, each payment of fees gives her access to inspirational teaching and the amazing facilities of St Catherine’s School for a defined period of time. Each and every day of that period our daughters benefit from the long history of benefactors that stretches from the school’s founders through to those parents who invested in the Centenary Building, and more recently in the Anniversary Halls. Those benefactors did more than just pass through the school, ‘renting’ the facilities for a short period of time. They invested, and in the process became more committed, engaged and aligned with the ethos and history of the institution. They became more like 'owners' by helping to build up the assets of the school. It’s fine to just pass through the school, but if you have the ability to do more than that, then I think it could be argued that there is a moral obligation to do so, to follow others in continuing to contribute to the pool of assets that makes St Catherine’s so special. A St Catherine’s parent and donor to the Create the Future Campaign



1.5 %

Thank You


Governors/ Staff and Friends

14 %


Past Parents

Prep School Parents


1.5 % Both Prep and Senior School Parents

7 7%

Senior School Parents


20 %

Governors/ Staff and Friends


Prep School Parents

16.5 %

Senior School Parents


16.5 %

Past Parents

3% Both Prep and Senior School Parents

Thank You

40 %

We would like to thank all the donors who have generously supported our campaigns.

Donor Roll

Donors The Annual Fund, 2019-20

Create the Future, 2017 to date

Dr Paula Atkins A St Catherine's Family Mrs P Brooks The Carte-Farthing Family Jill Cochrane Mrs A Crowe Mrs Alice Phillips

Mr and Mrs Beabey Mr John Blauth - Governor The Carte-Farthing Family The Chan Family The Coppin Family The Fleming Family - in memory of Penny Fleming Alison Graham The Harlow Family The Luo Family Brigadier Matthew Lowe - Governor The Martin Family Mr Peter Martin - Chairman of Governors Matt and Tam Dr Janet McGowan - Governor The Panter Family Dr Alison Paterson The Pink Family The Wong Family The Waller Family The Senior School PTA and seven anonymous donors

The Hardship Fund, 2019-20 The Martin Family

The Bursary Fund, 2019-20 Mr and Mrs Alexander, Freddie and Archie Mr & Mrs Bache Ms Naomi Bartholomew The Bateman Family Annabelle Blake Davina Byrne Mrs Elizabeth Chalwin Mr B Epshtein & Mrs T Epshteyn Dr and Mrs Van Every Mrs D Gauvain Carol Kemm Ms S Knights QC Mrs Anne Lee A St Catherine's Family Alex Perry-Adlam Miss V Povey Mr J Tippett - Governor Toppy Wharton Mrs Gillian Wood and four anonymous donors

The 6, 2017 to date A St Catherine's Family A St Catherine's Family The Ahl-Chen Family Mr and Mrs Alexander, Freddie and Archie Mr and Mrs Appleton Miss Naomi Bartholomew The Chan Family Greg and Sarah Chiappini The Chambers Family The Cook Family Gareth and Donna Edwards The Eric-Udorie Family

Our thanks to the Prep and Senior School PTA The PTA are generous in their philanthropy and support of the whole School community. Funds raised at social activities are reinvested in the School.

Donor Roll

Mrs C Foord Mr Gaunt and Ms Marciuk Mrs Fiona Haywood The Hobday Family The Johnstone Family The Ladoja Family The Li Family The MacGregor Family Mrs Vicki Moore (née Montgomery) (1989) The Nixon Family The Oyeleye Family Mrs Alice Phillips Veronica Povey Mr and Mrs R Price Simon Roberts In loving memory of Andrew Frederick Stacey -"Waggy" The Wells Family Mr P Wong and Ms L Chen Ms Deannie Yew and seven anonymous donors

The Catalyst, 2017 to date Dr D M F Brown Mr Richard Brown Dr and Mrs Michael Jordan Mr and Mrs Mallin-Jones - in memory of Dr V J Cowie Prof Beverley McKeon The McKeon Family The Mueller Family The Roshier Family Mrs Elizabeth Tippett The Wong Family and four anonymous donors

The Art & MakerSpace, 2017 to date Karen, Helena and Isabella Farrell The Llewelyn Family The Panter Family

Please note - We take every care to ensure that donor’s titles and names are reported correctly and that all donors have been appropriately acknowledged, either by name or anonymously if they so wish. Should you note any errors or omissions please accept our sincere apology. Your gift is most certainly appreciated and gratefully received. Please do get in touch to advise us of any concerns so we can correct our records accordingly.

St Catherine’s, Bramley

The images included in the Impact of Giving 2019-2020 were either taken prior to the COVID 19 pandemic or subsequently but in year group bubbles.

Join the community of support Pippa Carte, Development Director 00 (44) 1483 899754 pippa.carte@stcatherines.info www.stcatherines.info St. Catherine’s School, Bramley, Guildford, Surrey, GU5 0DF Reg. Charity No: 1070858 A Company Limited by Guarantee Reg. No: 3596520

Profile for St Catherine's, Bramley

St Catherine's, Bramley - Impact of Giving Report, 2019-2020  

St Catherine's, Bramley - Impact of Giving Report, 2019-2020

St Catherine's, Bramley - Impact of Giving Report, 2019-2020  

St Catherine's, Bramley - Impact of Giving Report, 2019-2020

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