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(Continued from page 9) Most years she seemed to be lucky to get tickets for the Garter ceremony at Windsor. The brownies loved the spectacle and history (as did I). To see the Royal family so close was special. Every year since, at that time, I remember those wonderful days. Helping her was such fun, and a privilege.

Shirley Horsnell I remember about 15 years ago, when I did not know Sheila that well, she asked me to make a fatless sponge that she rather liked so that she could take it away to Brownie camp. I made two, so she confessed to me afterwards, with that twinkle in her eye, that she had shared one among the Brownies but ate the other one herself.

Jo Day The more I think about what to say about Sheila the thought comes to me that she is one of our “St Catherine’s saints”. We have been greatly blessed with very special people in our church over the years, many of whom have already been “promoted to glory” as our previous incumbent used to say. And Sheila is certainly one of them. For many years, Sheila used to organise our annual visit to the Salvation Army Carol Concert at the Hexagon every year. It was a lovely way to start Advent. Sheila had developed a good relationship with someone in the box office, and always got special treatment, and very good seats. Sheila used to compile the questions for the annual MU Quiz Night, with many


questions specifically aimed at people she knew would be able to answer them. Hilary Smee took over on the night in recent years, and only this year did she have to supplement Sheila’s questions with some of her own. I got to know Sheila better in recent years when she needed a chauffeur to get to church and various doctor’s appointments. She resisted giving up her own car for months. Her independence was so important to her. She used two sticks for a very long time before accepting the use of a zimmer frame. Even when she needed a wheelchair to get from the car into the church, she insisted on leaving it in the corridor and walking into church using just her sticks. To help Sheila get into the car seat I would use a plastic shopping bag on the seat which would make twisting round into the seat easier. But Sheila was fussy about this bag! It had to be Waitrose; other supermarkets would not do! In recent weeks I would call in to see her on my way home from church on a Sunday. A visit to Sheila was always a joy, and she never complained, but gratefully accepted the offer of a cup of tea and re heating of the heat pad which helped to ease her back pain. She always wanted to have a pew sheet to keep in touch with what was going on, and especially what was going to happen at Friday Friends, which she really loved. Sadly, her recent breathing problems stopped her from being there amongst her friends. They used to have such a great time together. (Continued on page 11)


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The Parish Magazine of Tilehurst St. Catherine and Calcot St. Birinus

RG31 - September 19  

The Parish Magazine of Tilehurst St. Catherine and Calcot St. Birinus