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The Parish Magazine of Tilehurst St Catherine September 2018 & Calcot St Birinus

September 2018


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Snapshots from Rocky’s Plaice


photos : Stuart Poore & Isaac Deacon

September 2018

Tony Bartlett In times of drought ‘The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’; well that is certainly true for us: no, our next-door neighbours haven’t been using a sprinkler on their lawn, they have artificial grass. The drought has been a bonus for archaeologists, revealing long-lost features in fields; ditches, round houses, Roman forts and villas, even the runway of a longabandoned airfield. In our garden the drought, in turning the grass brown (it will recover), has revealed not long-lost archaeological features but weeds (or are they ‘plants in the wrong place’?) The weeds have deep roots (that’s why they’re so hard to eradicate) and are the survivors. The grass with shallower roots, stressed by weather conditions and events beyond our control, has allowed the weeds to take over. In our lives when we are stressed by conditions and events outside our control the ‘weeds’ in our lives can take over. If you follow the ‘Archers’ Radio serial you’ll know that, stressed by an impending divorce and the departure of his veterinary practice partner, Alastair gave in to temptation and his gambling addiction (the ‘weeds’ in his life) took over. The image that Jesus uses is that of thorns choking the good crop, of weeds sown by the enemy and like doubt and temptation they are planted in our lives and can flourish if our faith wavers. When that happens the good crop, the positive things in our lives, the green grass, is under threat. We need to recognise that in times of stress we are vulnerable; vulnerable to attack, vulnerable for the ‘weeds’ to grow and choke out what is good and pleasing to God. What are the ‘weeds’ in our lives that can flourish in times of stress? Don’t allow them to take over your life. Just as the grass will grow back when the rain returns, so the times of stress will pass. The water of the Holy Spirit refreshes and cleanses. Philippians 4:6-7 (The Message) Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the centre of your life.

Tony September 2018



Services in the Parish The Garden Room at St Catherine's is open during the day and reserved for quiet, prayer and meditation. Every Thursday 12.15 pm 2.00 pm

Holy Communion or Prayers - Garden Room Community Prayer - Garden Room

Every Friday (starting 14th September) 9.00 am

Tots Praise - St Catherine’s

Saturday 1st September 3.30 pm

Messy Church ’Chip Shop Church’ - St Catherine’s nd

Sunday 2

September - the 14th Sunday after Trinity (Proper 17)

Deuteronomy 4.1-2,6-9, Psalm 15, James 1.17-27, Mark 7.1-8,14,15,21-23 8.00 am Morning Prayer - Garden Room 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell

Wednesday 5th September 11.00 am

Holy Communion at York House th

Sunday 9 September - Harvest and Parish Giving Exodus 23: 10-11; Psalm 126; 2 Cor 9: 6-15; Luke 12:16-30 8.00 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 9.30 am Word and Worship - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service with communion - Cornwell

Sunday 16th September - the 16th Sunday after Trinity (Proper 19) Isaiah 50.4-9a, Psalm 116.1-8, James 3.1-12, Mark 8.27-38 8.00 am Morning Prayer - Garden Room 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.30 am Baptism - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell

Sunday 23rd September - the 17th Sunday after Trinity (Proper 20) Wisdom of Solomon 1.16 - 2.1,12-22 or Jeremiah 11.18-20, Psalm 54, James 3.13 - 4.3,7-8a, Mark 9.30-37 8.00 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 9.30 am ‘All Stars’ Family service with Baptisms - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell 4


September 2018

Sunday 30th September - the 18th Sunday after Trinity (Proper 21) Numbers 11.4-6,10-16,24-29, Psalm 19.7-14, James 5.13-20, Mark 9.38-50 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell 6.30 pm Parish Evening Celebration - St Catherine's Church

Wednesday 3rd October 11.00 am

Holy Communion at York House

Saturday 6th October 3.30 pm

Messy Church ‘Harvest’ - St Catherine’s th

Sunday 7 October - the 19th Sunday after Trinity (Proper 22) Genesis 2.18-24, Psalm 8, Hebrews 1.1-4; 2.5-12, Mark 10.2-16 8.00 am Morning Prayer - Garden Room 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell

Put God first in all things 'SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD.' MATTHEW 6:33 NKJV

Until the sixteenth century, scientists believed the earth was the centre of the universe and the sun revolved around it. Then an astronomer called Copernicus came along and argued that the sun didn't revolve around the earth, the earth revolved around the sun. In so doing, he revolutionised the scientific world forever. And when it comes to discipleship, Jesus did the same thing: 'Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.' At its core, sinfulness is selfishness. It's enthroning yourself your desires, your needs, your plans above all else. You may still seek God, but you don't seek Him 'first'. Instead of trying to fulfil His purposes, you try to get Him to fulfil yours, Who's following who? Instead of following Jesus, you're trying to get Him to follow you. It doesn't work that way. 'Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it"' (Matthew 16:24- 25 NKJV). Note the words 'loses his life for My sake'. There's a lot of talk today about 'finding is to seek yourself'. The way to find yourself – is to seek God. D.L. Moody said, 'The world has yet to see what God will do with and for and through and in and by the man or woman who is fully and wholly consecrated to Him.' If you're willing to surrender yourself to God, there's no telling what He will do with you. This thought is taken from ‘The Word for Today’, Daily Bible reading notes produced quarterly by UCB (United Christian Broadcasters Ltd) PO Box 255, Stoke on Trent, ST4 8YY. If you would like to receive these free notes or those aimed at Secondary School age, please ask Evelyn Bartlett ℡ 0118 967 8659 who is our church rep for UCB.

September 2018





September 2018

Tilehurst Afternoon WI On a hot afternoon in June we had an informative and delicious smelling demonstration on microwave cookery by Jennipher Marshall Jenkinson. In just half an hour she talked and cooked the following separate dishes:- rice, vegetables, spicy chicken, fish, chocolate sponge dessert and a tray of muffins!

Union Street giving access to both Broad Street and Friar Street.

It was awe inspiring to those of us who just use the microwave for heating up baked beans and we all resolved to be more adventurous.

Gill, our vicar has agreed to us presenting a poppy display on the outside corner of the church. It will be a stunning reminder of lives lost. Look out for other 'Turn Tilehurst Red' round and about.

In July we welcomed Kevin Little, the fishmonger in Smelly Alley. He told illuminating tales of Health and Safety visits and dispelled the myth that fish was the reason Smelly Alley got its name. Apparently centuries ago there were no roads between Friar Street and Broad Street but there was and still is, a deep open sewer running between the buildings. This was incorporated into

Our August event was held in the lovely garden belonging to Ann Weaver. It was an afternoon of craft as we made lots of red poppies for the 'Turn Tilehurst Red' project for the Remembrance Centenary.

This month, September we look forward to more intriguing tales from Simon Williams on ''Eyewitness. Are eyewitnesses trustworthy?'' We meet in St Catherine's Hall on the third Tuesday afternoon of the month and are always happy to welcome new ladies. Lorraine Roberts

Heritage Open Days Heritage Open Days is England's largest festival of history and culture, bringing together over 2,500 organisations, 5,000 events and 40,000 volunteers. Every year in September, places across the country throw open their doors to celebrate their heritage, community and history. It’s your chance to see hidden places and try out new experiences – and it’s all FREE. If you visit the website below, you will find a list of all events in a particular town or county.

September 2018

At the time of going to press 35 were listed for Reading (check website for details and times, some require prebooking) including Rowberry Morris & Co, Abbey Gateway, Berkshire Record Office, Green Park Wind Turbine, Greyfriars Church, Reading Synagogue, St Mary’s Castle Street and Waterstones. In addition there are various guided walks, tours and talks over the weekend of 6th-9th September www.heritageopendays.org.uk



Changes to Sunday services at St Catherine’s Our Parish purpose: to worship God and show that Jesus makes a difference in reaching, serving and caring. You may have heard me say, now and then, that change is a-coming. Most people find change difficult, but just because something is difficult doesn’t mean that it isn’t right! Yet you may be wondering why I am introducing changes to services at this time, just as we have entered into Partnership for Missional Church, this three year process which will help us to discern God’s promised and preferred future for us. The answer is: they are what I call “housekeeping” changes. I hope they will enable us be ready to embrace a wider variety of age groups including families, singles, young people and children in our Sunday services. It may take a year or two to build up a congregation which regularly includes younger generations within it; and this will depend on activities which happen mid-week too. But let’s give it a go. The changes are quite small really - but they are important, so I hope you will find it in your hearts to embrace and support them. The service changes will come into effect from September, and they were discussed and agreed with the Strategy Action Group.


Observations on the changes: Changing a Holy Communion to Morning Prayer at 8.00 am gives more options for lay leadership, and alternates with 9.30, so there is always one communion service at St Catherine’s on a Sunday. The family service gives something definite and regular to invite young families to, especially Baptism families. This will be a shorter service than usual, we will aim for no more than 45 minutes, children to stay in the entire time. A simple framework with interactive activities and simple songs as well as hymns. You may have noted we have stopped the fifth Sunday joint services. This is because they introduced inconsistency to times and venues and also meant closing one church on that Sunday – not a good witness to potential visitors. Also people tend to vote with their feet and these were not always well supported. However, joint evening services on the fifth Sunday are being considered. Which leads neatly on to: Parish Wide Services: We are launching “Tot’s Praise”, for toddlers and babies and their parents and/or carers on Friday mornings (from 9.00 am, in the Café), beginning 14th September – offers of help gratefully received. And in October we are hoping to initiate Café church once a month on a Sunday afternoon – an informal, relaxed service - more of that in due course. (Continued on page 9)


September 2018

(Continued from page 8) There are possibilities for all sorts of ad hoc evening services too (such as Open to God, healing, Taize, Celtic, Songs of Praise, Christian debate etc) as demand and talents allow. We’ll see how it goes, one step at a time - let me know what you would like and appreciate - and be able to contribute to and participate in too! Being Church: My core vision is that our church congregations have within them people of the same demographic as those living in the Parish, are coming alive to Christ and growing in Him . It is unrealistic, in today’s climate, to expect people to come along to church, and then to become committed members of it. Most people get involved gradually, and usually through contact with Christians. And most people feel comfortable amongst people who are similar to them – that’s us, as well as newcomers. So unity in diversity is a big call. But I believe with all my heart that the church should reflect the love of Jesus across the boundaries that we find everywhere else – Jesus broke boundaries of convention – he engaged with and encouraged women to take themselves and their faith seriously (quite outrageous at the time), he welcomed children when the disciples didn’t want to bother Jesus with them, there were all sorts in His community of faith. His disciples were a motley crew who would not necessarily be associated with each other if it hadn’t been for him. There were the brothers, Simon (Peter) and Andrew, James and John, fishermen who ran their own businesses…there was

September 2018

Matthew the tax collector who extorted money from…oh, the fishermen! There was Simon the zealot, an insurrectionist, (a terrorist maybe, in today’s terms?) who may have burnt down houses that belong to…oh, the fishermen and the tax collectors! The people that responded to Jesus’ call had no earthly reason to be together - but the boundaries of acceptable difference just don’t work with Jesus… For now, I am not asking us to accommodate zealots or tax collectors – although all are welcome because we are God’s church - but I am asking us to be warm and welcoming to people who are different from us, and to take their needs into account, to honour one another above ourselves, to prefer the needs of others before our own. As we dare to embrace change and worship sacrificially, we will reflect the call that Jesus makes on us as a church. Tod Bolsinger, a modern theologian, argues that: “Our Christian tradition believes that transformation comes through loss. The fruitfulness of giving up power or privilege so that something much greater than any individual can be birthed is central to what we believe.” I agree with him. We are a pilgrim people, always on the move. In order to move forward, we sometimes have to let go of things that we have gathered along the way. Jesus said, “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.” He then said, “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit” (John 12:23-24 NRSV).


Rev Gill Rowell


Duggie Dug Dug On the 15th of July we went to a Duggie Dug Dug science experiment and praise show at Tilehurst Methodist Church. There were about 150 other children and adults there. We sang lots of songs including Tidal Wave which is Joseph’s favourite because he can play it on the French horn; and Lovely Jubbly which is Daisy’s favourite because it included puppets. The songs were very noisy and lots of fun, but after we all sang Tidal Wave there was a moment of peace, which Mummy said felt very special. All of the things we sang were written by Doug. Doug showed us lots of science experiments like bouncing bubbles on your hands. The way he did this was to get some frozen liquid nitrogen that was at minus 68 degrees and put it in a pot. After that he rubbed a piece of string on it making a bubble. He then got Joseph to wear a pair of winter gloves and bounce this freezing ball of liquid nitrogen on his hands .


Another thing he did was mix two tiny amounts of different chemicals creating a massive ‘volcanic eruption’. His experiments all lead to the same conclusions as each other which was that when you mix different things together something unexpected happens. He then said that as a person we always have something in us but when we connect with Jesus something unexpected happens. Just like the bubble came out of the pot our feelings towards Jesus come out of us. Doug had three helpers called Nincom, Poop and Scoop who were very silly but as it was a hot day at random intervals throughout the show they squirted everyone with water. They told us how to become Christians and said a prayer with us and gave us a book about it. Afterwards there was a BBQ and ice cream. By Daisy Harrison and Joseph Harrison


September 2018

Operation Christmas Child 2018 A small shoebox can have a big impact. What goes into the box is fun, but what comes out of it is eternal. Be a part of changing children’s lives all over the world in Jesus’ Name through the power of a simple gift with operation Christmas Child. Join in the world’s largest children’s Christmas project. Through Operation Christmas Child, show God’s love in a tangible way to needy children around the world, and partner with local churches worldwide to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Each child receives a shoebox as an unconditional gift of love, based on need, regardless of their background or religion. Children may also be invited to take part in The Greatest Journey, 12 fun and interactive lessons based on the Bible where they get to discover who Jesus is and how to begin their own journey of faith. Parents or guardians are always asked to give their consent for their children to participate.

will be available at the start of September. remains at £5, this is to help cover the project costs such as collection costs, shipping and to enable a local church or group overseas to lead a safe, well organised children’s event where your shoebox will be given to a child in need. If you are unable to go shopping yourself there are now two options for filling a shoebox online – both options cost £20 (£15 for the contents plus the £5 donation.) You can either chose the contents yourself from a menu or you can select a pre-packed shoebox. The web address for Samaritans Purse is Samaritans-purse.org.uk. Once again if you need an empty shoebox there will be some flat pack ones available at each church for 50p – the cost to the church.

This year’s video is about a girl called Natalia who lives in a remote village in Moldova. Natalia faced many challenges and felt lonely at school. She shares how receiving a shoebox gift was the start of a very special journey for her and her family during the toughest of times. Once again St Catherine's and Cornwell Community Churches will be taking part in this scheme. The filled shoeboxes should be taken to either church by 18th November 2018 at the latest. The leaflets with the instructions on how to fill the shoeboxes and the labels to go on them

September 2018

If you have any questions, please feel free to either speak to Joanne Freeman at St Catherine's or Tony Bartlett at Cornwell.



Café News Friday 13th may be unlucky for some, but Friday 13th July it was a very successful day for the café. We welcomed Tilehurst Triangle WI for coffee and cake, plus it was Birch Copse’s sports day, so we were very busy with takeaway drinks and ice creams. This meant the takings were the biggest ever, at a whopping £222.00. The team on the day worked very hard, so an extra big thank you goes to Rosemary, Stephanie, Maureen Ward, and Valerie Poore. You may have heard that Gill suggested we rename the café, and the name Café Siena has been decided upon. The rebranding will take place soon.


The café will be hosting a Macmillan Coffee morning on Friday 28th September, from 09.30-12.00. There will be plenty of homemade sweet treats, and a guess the weight of the fruit cake competition! We do hope you will support this worthy cause. If you are able to display a poster advertising this event on your fence/gate/hedge please let me know. Finally, I would like to thank all the volunteers for their help in running the café. Without you, there would not be a café. I would also like to thank our customers for their continued support. Karen Patrick Café Manager


September 2018

Berkshire Family History Society If you’re interested in tracing your family history then why not come along to the ‘Heritage Open Days’ at the Centre for Heritage and Family History. The Centre was recently opened by Berkshire Family History Society and you can find it on the second floor of Reading Central Library in Reading town centre. Berkshire Family History Society is a registered charity (number 283010). The Centre is open between 10.30am and 4.00pm on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th September and on Thursday 13th and Saturday 15th of the following week. You’ll have access to free expert help and advice and five subscription Family History websites, also for free: Ancestry Worldwide, Findmypast, The 1939 Register, The Genealogist and British Newspaper Archive. There will be Family History activities for children to enjoy and even tea and cake! Over the coming months, the Centre is hosting more new courses and workshops and there’s something sure to be of interest. If you’re just starting out a Beginners’ Family History Course will run on October 12th, 19th, 26th & November 2nd (Fridays) 11am-1pm. Led by expert Margaret Crook, this is a fourpart course which will show you where to start and how to progress your research and explain good research practice. The course explores different genealogy websites and their content. It covers civil registration, parish registers, wills, censuses, plus emigration and some overseas records. And it briefly

September 2018

examines benefits and limitations of some of the family history programs available to record your research. Tickets cost £30 for the four part series (discounted to £24 for society members). For the more experienced researcher - on October 20th (Saturday) 11am – 1pm, Dr Barry Jerome will be running a workshop on “Writing up your Family History”. Have you been researching your family tree and would like to write it up as a story but don't know how to start? Barry will help you get started and show you how you can structure it, so that you can write-up your family history while still continuing your research. Tickets cost £10 (£9 society members). Full details of this and other workshops visit www.berksYs.org.uk where you can also book your place. Coming next in our Centre talks programme: September 6th (Thursday) 2-4pm Mark Davies “The Abingdon Waterturnpike Murder: a cross-border tale of Berkshire and Oxfordshire skulduggery”. October 11th (Thursday) Mike Hurst “Tracks to the Trenches”. An affecting account of railway activities in England and in France during the Great War. Talk tickets cost £5.00, which includes tea and cake afterwards. They can be brought in advance via www.berksYs.org.uk or in person at The Centre during opening hours, or you can pay on the door, subject to availability. Catherine Sampson



The Parish Giving Scheme This is the newest way for members of the Church of England to contribute to their church financially. The scheme started in the Diocese of Gloucester ten years ago and there are now over 20 dioceses participating in it. Oxford Diocese joined at the end of last year. It is the Diocese that pays the costs of participating in the scheme. How does Parish Giving Scheme help givers ? The scheme offers givers a convenient and secure method of making their regular donations to their local church by direct debit. Givers may have their donation automatically increased by the same rate as inflation every year, if they so choose. Also, givers can remain anonymous if they prefer. How does the scheme help the treasurer and Gift Aid secretary? The scheme sends money directly to the local church’s bank account on the 10th of each month. The amount sent is the total for all the Parish Giving Scheme givers in the congregation – so only one entry in the bank statement instead of the current one line per giver spread throughout the month. The Gift Aid secretary receives a monthly report showing names and amounts for each donation, except where the donor has chosen to remain anonymous, when only the donation is shown. A payment of the Gift Aid from the donations is then sent to the church a few days later, once the Parish Giving Scheme has received the claim from HMRC.


And finally, how does the scheme help the churches ? • As more and more givers switch to the Parish Giving Scheme, it will save many hours of administrative time at local church level because these donations will be much easier to reconcile than standing orders or cash and no money will need to be taken to the bank. • It will improve cashflow, since Gift Aid is added each month rather than quarterly. • Furthermore, with the option to accept an inflationary uplift, the church receipts should increase year on year. So, what happens next If you would like to join the scheme please ask either Joanne or Tony for a pack which contains a letter from the treasurer, a leaflet on the Parish Giving Scheme, a Gift Form to be completed and an envelope for the completed form to go into, already addressed to Parish Giving Scheme. When you complete the form, you will need to ensure that the start month is two months ahead so if today is 6th September the start month will be November, as this will give PGS time to set up your payments. Please will you then post the envelope off with your completed form inside. The current means of making donations will continue, however the Parish Giving Scheme is now our preferred method of donations to the church. (Continued on page 15)


September 2018

Back from India rd

Between the 23 July and 7th August, I went on a once in a lifetime expedition to India with 13 other Guides from Berkshire Guides. Soon after we arrived we went to the Sangam Centre for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. Then we did community projects in Pune where we taught the children in the school basic maths and literacy. Later we painted murals on the walls which surround the school. After that we climbed a mountain and it was pouring with rain. This made the rocks slippery and I fell over at least 3 times and hurt my knee. However, the feeling of accomplishment when I got to the top was amazing, but I couldn’t properly celebrate until I got back to the hostel where we were staying because I was extremely tired and in a lot of pain. From my expedition I’ve learnt that if I put faith in myself and God that I can achieve anything from climbing mountains to trying new foods and not getting run over by the busy traffic. Also, I have seen that lots of the children at the school that want to go into jobs that we take for granted such as doctors

and bankers. This shows that they have an open mind to what they want to do when they are older. Furthermore, it made me understand how lucky we were to have such brilliant professional help such as the ambulance service and mountain guides. Helen O’Sullivan

Mothers’ Union Prayer Chain Prayer in Emergencies A call to one of the following numbers will start a chain of prayer straight away.

Valerie Forrow Evelyn Bartlett Sheila Ward

℡ 0118 942 9319 ℡ 0118 967 8659 ℡ 0118 942 5760

Hilary Smee Jo Day

℡ 0118 941 2895 ℡ 0118 942 1481

(Continued from page 14) If you have any questions, both Joanne and Tony are happy to answer them.


There are some videos on the Diocese website which you may find helpful

is the link if you would like to have a look at them. Joanne Freeman PCC Treasurer

September 2018



Parish Giving Scheme A letter from Bishop Steven about the Parish Giving Scheme God has given so much to us. We have so much to be thankful for. We have so much to give to one another and contribute to the whole body of Christ and to God’s mission for the world. Across the Diocese of Oxford, I see countless examples of inspiring and humbling work by Christ-like churches that are contemplative, compassionate and courageous. We are working together to agree some specific priorities for us as a diocese over the next few years. What is clear is that we will need to show generosity in all areas of our lives if we are to fulfil God’s mission within the communities we serve.


As a diocese, I believe we need to make a step change together in the way we give if we are to be the contemplative, compassionate and courageous church God is calling us to be. The Parish Giving Scheme, which enables people to give to their church by direct debit, is an excellent initiative. It is easy to join, much easier for the church to administer than other ways of giving and has been shown to increase giving significantly in other dioceses. Do please join the scheme, and so enable us to fulfil the work that God is calling us to do. With love and prayers for all you do and are. + Steven Oxford


September 2018

Dates for the Diary See the following pages for more information September Sat 1 Messy Church 3.30-5.00 pm at St Catherine's. Theme “Chip Shop Church” Mon 3 ‘The Link’ cafe re-opens after the summer break Weds 5 Schools go back Weds 5 St Catherine’s PCC meets Fri 6 - Sun 9 Heritage Open Weekend see page 7 Sat 8 ‘Ride & Stride’ sponsored event see page 22 Sat 8 Crafty Space, 1.30 pm at St Catherine’s see page 20 Sat 8 Tea at The Vicarage 3.00-4.30 pm, followed 4.30-6.00 pm by ‘Timeline’ event in the Hall, part of the Partnership for Missional Church (PMC) process mapping out significant events in the life of our churches Sat 8 An evening of contemporary worship & praise supporting the work of FAITH among the homeless in reading at Reading Minster 7.00 pm onwards Mon 10 Children & Youth Action Group meeting 7.30 pm St Catherine's Tues 11 Cornwell 0-5s resumes after the summer break Tues 11 Tilehurst Parish Council meeting 7,30 pm at the Calcot Centre, Highview Weds 12 Mothers’ Union AGM & service Fri 14 Tots Praise 9.00 - 9.30 am at St Catherine’s, see page 10 Fri 14 Launch of ‘Burn 24-7 Reading’ 5.00-10.00 pm at Abbey Ruins, see page 35 Mon 17 Prayer meeting for Messy Church team 7.45 pm at the Vicarage Weds 19 Cornwell Leadership team meeting Weds 26 Link AGM 7.30 pm at The Link, all welcomed to attend Fri 28 Macmillan Coffee morning in the Café 09.30 am-12.00 noon Sun 30 A ‘5th Sunday’ evening service 6.30 pm at St Catherine's

October Fri 5 Sat 6 Mon 8 Tues 9 Sat 13

St Catherine’s at Boxgrove House 3.00 pm Messy Church 3.30-5.00 pm at St Catherine's. Theme “Harvest” Prayer Ministry team meeting 7.45 pm, St Catherine’s Garden Room Tilehurst Parish Council meeting 7,30 pm at the Calcot Centre, Highview Crafty Space, 1.30 pm at St Catherine’s see page 20

From the Registers RIP

Funerals taken by Ministers Clive Welch on 23rd July Please remember his family and friends in your prayers.

September 2018



Holiday Club 2018

Setting up the Church



September 2018

September 2018



Cornwell 0-5s is a well established Parent & Toddler Group run by St Catherine’s & Cornwell Community Churches in the Cornwell Centre, Home Croft (off Clements Mead), Tilehurst, RG31 5WJ. We offer a stimulating and fun environment for children and a great place for parents and carers to socialise. We run two sessions a week: Tuesdays 10.00 am-12.00 noon, refreshments included And Thursdays, a special session for Childminders, 10.00 am - 12. 00 noon If you are interested in joining, please feel free to drop in at one of the sessions

Registered charity 1006732 - Established over 50 years St Catherine’s Hall, Wittenham Avenue, Tilehurst, RG31 5LN A caring and supportive setting where Children are our heart and inspiration  Ofsted Inspected with a team of qualified staff  Outside Play Area  Sessions Daily during Term Time 9.00 am - 3. 00 pm  Children with Special Needs welcome For more information, or to arrange a visit to come and see us in action, contact us on  07745 909 348 see www.stcatherinespreschool.co.uk

St. Catherine’s Church Centre, Wittenham Avenue, Tilehurst

Saturdays 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm

September 8th, October 13th, November 10th We provide time, space, tea, coffee & cake You bring along the craft projects you’ve always meant to do :A donation of around £1.25 per person, per hour is requested to cover the cost of hall hire, tea & coffee.

https://www.facebook.com/CraftySpace Contact Val Poore ℡ 0118 962 4555 email  val.poore@ntlworld.com 20


September 2018

What’s On In and Around the Parish Community Event at St Catherine’s Wittenham Avenue RG31 5LN


Friday Friends Meets weekly from 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm every Friday Price £3.50. Offering a mix of light exercise, singing together, table-top games and craft activities in a safe, warm and friendly environment – with tea and cakes.

September 7th Cards & Games 14th, 21st & 28th see programme October 5th Cards & Games If you think you would like to come, or think you could help, please contact Anne Soley ℡ 0118 942 5407

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Weds 12th Service & AGM 8.00 pm at St Catherine's Tues 18th 2.30 pm Anniversary service and Tea with friends from other churches Weds 19th Bible study 8.00 pm at 9 Compton Avenue Weds 26th Fellowship Afternoon 2.00 pm at 49 Compton Avenue

October Weds 10th Guide Dogs 8.00 pm, Stuart & his dog Olivia Weds 17th Bible study 8.00 pm Venue to be arranged

28 School Road RG31 5AN

Weds 24th Fellowship afternoon 2.00 pm at 31 Normanstead Road

A Tilehurst Community Café managed and run by volunteers.

Sun 28th Memorial service & Tea 3.00 pm at St Catherine’s

Reopening after the summer break on Monday 3rd September

St Catherine's & Cornwell Youth Group

Opening hours Mon-Fri: 10.30 am – 4.00 pm Sat: 10.00 am – 2.00 pm Sun: CLOSED

7th Sept - Board Games 21st Sept - Outdoor Pizza & Games

For reasonably priced teas, coffee, snacks, lunches, cards and books. Home cooked cakes and soup as well as a listening ear and a Christian welcome to all.

September 2018

5th Oct - Skills night For those at secondary school Sessions are £1


Contact Evelyn Bartlett ℡ 0118 967 8659


Mothers’ Union Dinner This was held on 11th July at the Toby Carvery and was attended by 26 members and husbands. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food and the excellent company. A special thank you to Rita Barrett who organised the evening. She was presented with some beautiful flowers by Moira Bristow. Rosemary Cunningham

Autumn is murder mystery time and Purley Players next production on Friday, 28 and Saturday, 29 September is “Amdram is Murder” at The Barn, Goosecroft Lane, Purley on Thames. The scenes take place during the rehearsals for a murder mystery play, but underneath, jealousies lurk and the group harbours someone capable of murder! Curtain-up is 7.30 pm and the bar will be open from 7.00 pm. Tickets at £16 include a meal and the box office opens on 28 Aug www.purleyplayers.org.uk/ Please call 0118 941 8856.

Ride+Stride is England’s open churches day, but as well as getting out and visiting churches, chapels and meeting houses, you can also raise money to help keep churches in good repair. The idea is to visit as many places of worship as possible open near you and also get sponsored for visiting them. In 2015 Ride+Stride raised almost £1.5 million for churches.


Ride+Stride, the annual sponsored cycle, run or walk is the Berkshire Churches Trust’s main source of income and the largest single ecumenical event in England. The people who take part donate half of the money they make from sponsorship to the church of their choice and half to the Trust. Why not give it a go this year? Cycling is the most popular way of travelling from church to church, but you can also walk, run, use public transport or even go by car – whatever you feel most comfortable doing. (Continued on page 23)


September 2018

(Continued from page 22) Those who have taken part in Ride+Stride in previous years will know that participants are free to devise their own routes. Peter Durrant, chairman of the Trust’s executive committee, has devised a walk around the central Reading churches and there is also a more rural cycle route to the east of Reading. Both routes can be found on the BCT website (see below). The Right Reverend Andrew Proud, Bishop of Reading said in support of Ride+Stride: “It’s obvious, really. Cycling and walking are good for your health and well being and to combine them with raising money for our beautiful Berkshire churches means everyone wins. This is a really worthwhile thing to do and I encourage you to get your walking boots on or get on your bike and join in.”

On the day of the event, both Cornwell Community Church and St Catherine’s Church will be open from morning to late afternoon. We will be looking for volunteers to be on hand to welcome visitors and offer them a welcome drink and biscuit.. If you’d like to take part, contact Tony Bartlett or Richard Canning (contact details are on page 2) and they’ll provide you with a form to collect pledges from sponsors and to indicate which church you’d like to receive half of the money you raise. If you would like to donate, please find someone to sponsor, or visit Thank-you. www.berkschurchestrust.org.uk

Established 1961

September 2018



St Catherine’s Gardening Club Greetings gardeners all! What a glorious summer it has been so far, for those who love hot, dry sunny weather! It reminds me of what we were taught in school. “The Mediterranean has hot, dry, sunny summers, and warm, wet winters with westerly winds”. The signs of climate change are increasing in frequency, causing me great concern that we are failing in our “duty of care” for the beautiful world God created for us to live in. However, this last week we have been blessed with some cooler, wetter days, for which many of us are truly grateful. So many plants, shrubs and trees have suffered in the days of prolonged, searing heat, and in our church garden the lawns had turned brown and crisp to walk on. Paddy got the mower out recently, mainly to cut the weeds, which have managed better than the grass to survive the dry conditions. Regular watering has kept the tubs and troughs doing well. They have given us a splendid splash of colour by the south entrance and alongside the church. The roses on the north wall each side of the entrance from the top car park have been very beautiful again this year. It is so pleasing to hear our visitors commenting on how much they have enjoyed these roses; such an encouraging reward for our loving care and nurture. The surviving fuchsias are beautiful now, as are the colourful little begonias all along the border. We decided to bring the two roses which were struggling in pots outside the south entrance round to the north side and we planted them in the gaps left by the fuchsias which did not survive the


winter. So far, these two roses seem to be grateful for the move! Persistent brambles and the drought have so far prevented any planting between the broken slabs along the border of the top car park. We just have to be patient. And we are still debating how best to soften the look of the bare fence at the back of the grass beyond the top car park. Meanwhile Chris worked very hard laying slabs all along to make the edge easier for mowing. Hopefully the autumn will see us doing some planting along there. We now have a table and two new wooden seats to go with the existing bench outside the north entrance, thanks to two generous church members. Many of us have enjoyed sitting out there, especially more recently when the sun’s heat has not been so fierce. Sheila’s buttress bed is looking good just now, with the bright golden rod and two tubs of beautiful petunias among the other plants. Chris has been working patiently to lay a hose pipe all along behind the Preschool Playground and the church hall to enable us to connect a hose the other end to reach the tubs and troughs and other areas on the south side of the church. Until now we have had to carry watering cans all the way round from the outside tap on the north west corner. This will also enable us to get water to the seriously overgrown central bed, and hopefully carry out some work there. Obviously using a hose and tap water is very much a last resort in the (Continued on page 25)


September 2018

(Continued from page 24) drought, but we have done our best to keep watering to a minimum. A few of us have just about managed to keep the perimeter hedge under control, though it threatens once more to be a task beyond our limited man/woman power to carry out. We may have to pay a professional to do the job again this year if no more volunteer helpers come to our aid. With the children’s holiday club about to start I’m hoping there are no brambles growing out across the grass to ensnare passing youngsters as they run about. Do please come and help if you are able to on a Saturday morning from about 10am. “Many hands make light work”,

September 2018

they say, and a few extra helping hands would be very much appreciated. I love working outside in the fresh air. It seems to do my soul good as well as my body! Let’s show our appreciation to our creator God for all the incredible variety of plant life he has given us to enjoy, as we work to make our church garden a place of peace and beauty. Want to contact us? Chris Addison 07966 105 056 or Jo Day 942 1481 would love to hear from you.


“Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labour or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendour was dressed like one of these. “ From Luke 12 verse 27


Our 2018 Holiday Club was called Rocky’s Plaice and was attended by nearly 70 children each day. If you came to the opening service, or to the drama and song performances at the end of each morning, you’ll know that the theme involved Rocky who ran a church in his fish and chip shop. Each day’s story involved the Rocky from the bible - Peter the rock - and his work in the early church, all from the book of Acts. As Rocky explained, “Church is where we get together to share stories about Jesus, sing songs, pray and have loads of

fun. And we help one another too”. It didn’t matter that his church happened to meet in a chip shop ! As well as all the stories, fun and games, (see page 18 & 19 for pictures) we collected for Readifood (see below) and also raised over £100 for the parish missions Sharon & Ashini. Many thanks to all for everyone’s generosity. Everything ended on Friday with a giant lunch of 140 portions of chips, 200 Fish fingers, 300 Chicken nuggets. Huge thanks to Catering staff and everyone else involved. Stuart Poore

Rocky’s Plaice & Readifood When we wrote to families attending ‘Rocky’s Plaice’ we asked them to consider donating food and other items to ReadiFood. With many children not receiving their usual school meals there is even greater pressure on family finances and a greater need for the food parcels that Readifood supplies.


These pictures illustrate the generosity shown during the week. Some families were able to donate whole bags of food and many brought something every day. The bags of food filled my car and when we got down to Readifood it filled three Supermarket trolleys; needless to say they were very grateful! Tony Bartlett


September 2018

'Café Siena' Café Siena has a 'modern' ring about it and will soon be the new name of St Catherine's Café. The café is run by manager Karen and her team of volunteers and has been awarded a Food Hygiene Certificate of 5*.The menu is light lunches with weekly 'specials'. When the occasion arises, a set meal or snack may be offered such as strawberries and cream during Wimbledon and Irish fare on St Patrick's Day. On a recent visit I met a young lady named Abigail who helps serve the tables. She has such an engaging smile that all I wanted to do was smile too! Faces I knew and others I didn't came in and the café was buzzing with friendly chatter and eating. There are also tables and chairs outside for warmer days. We are blessed at St Catherine's with new modern facilities and they are for all of us to share, use and enjoy. A perfect place for meeting others in an area where the next nearest café is quite a step away in Tilehurst village. A café and meeting place on our own doorstep is a perfect opportunity for a quick break from the house, collecting children, a lengthy lunch or group event. Do spread the word and lets 'get together' here! Jesus, The Bread of Life, enjoyed a lot of food action too, so we're in great company!

• Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God is like a banquet. • He attended dinners with Pharisees and other religious leaders. • He fed 5,000 people in a field – a world-class picnic. • He invited himself over to Zacchaeus’ house where he “ate with sinners and tax collectors.” • He went to the home of his friends Mary and Martha where there was some squabbling over responsibility for preparing a meal. • His critics accused Jesus of being a glutton. • Even after his resurrection, the disciples tell a story about Jesus cooking them fish for breakfast on the beach and how two people recognized Jesus when he began to share a meal with them.

John 4:34 NIV “My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work”. Lorraine Roberts

We recently celebrated Wimbledon Fortnight in the café by eating lots of strawberries! Our talented chef, Karen, made this beautiful strawberry gateau which was snapped up by the discerning customers. Five minutes after taking this photo there was none left! Many thanks, Karen. Rosemary Cunningham

September 2018



Harvest 2018 – The Big Shift Together we’re powerful The Big Shift is directed at companies that are being slow to phase out fossil fuels. We know that the choices we make today can have a positive or negative impact on the future. Yet HSBC – one of the world’s biggest banks – is choosing to pour millions of pounds into dirty fossil fuels around the world. These actions drive the climate change that damages God’s creation and denies our sisters and brothers the chance to thrive. This Harvest, we stand together with women like Aster in Ethiopia, to rejoice and call for gender justice through Christian Aid’s 2018 Harvest Appeal. As we celebrate and praise God for providing all we need, we also stand with our sisters whose harvests are uncertain.

She came together with women in her village to set up their own shop, powered by the sun. With training from our partner, Aster and her sisters turned this shop into a thriving business that benefits her, the community and the environment. In Aster’s own words: ‘Coming together as a women’s group, it’s like adopting


sisters; another family. We share happiness and sorrow together. They share my burden and help me face my challenges.’

Solar energy has given Aster’s village not just literal power – they once had no access to electricity – but also the power to change their lives. Now Aster and her sisters can save for the future, make their children proud, and challenge traditions while caring for the planet. All this in an environment where climate change hits women and girls the hardest.

Aster's sister, Ari, says: ‘In the past women were not recognised and we were not free. Having money as women was difficult. We didn’t have any reserves for the hard times or the drought.' (Continued on page 29)


September 2018

(Continued from page 28) Now thanks to you, women like Aster have the power to own their own businesses, adapt to climate change, and nurture their environment for future generations. They have the power to transform their lives and communities. ‘There are many members, yet one body in Christ. If one member suffers, all suffer together with it; if one member is honoured, all rejoice together with it.’ (1 Corinthians 12:20,26).

When we stand together as one body, we rejoice to see Aster’s life transformed. With your support this Harvest, we can expand on our solar energy initiatives across Ethiopia, Malawi, Burkina Faso and Honduras. Your gift will help rural women improve their lives through access to sustainable energy – £75 could train a group of women to use solar power to run their own businesses. This Harvest, your gift goes further. Every £1 you give will be worth £5, thanks to funding from the European Union. That's five times the number of lives you can transform this year. Together we're powerful. And together, we can create a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty.

September 2018

Haiti Appeal May 2018 You may remember that in the May edition of RG31 I wrote about the plight of Marcelin and his daughters in Haiti. In September 2016, he had lost his home and his livelihood to Hurricane Matthew, and they were all living in a tiny concrete shower block with no windows or doors. So, this Christian Aid Week, we “Stood Together” with our global neighbour Marcelin and helped build him a disaster-proof home in Haiti. How? Well, St Catherine’s and Cornwell raised nearly £1,500 by house-to-house collecting, Big Brekkie, sponsored walks and church collections. Many thanks to everyone who contributed. Altogether, the churches in Tilehurst raised nearly five thousand pounds. When you consider that • £30 will buy high-quality cement to build walls that stand strong against the elements and provide a stable home for Marcelin and his family. • £60 will help provide a roof over the heads of a family like Marcelin’s and move them one step closer to a better life. • £210 will train a local builder in construction and ensure that families like Marcelin’s have disaster-proof homes, then you can imagine what a dramatic effect the proceeds of our efforts in May have had. Richard Canning, Tilehurst Local Organiser





September 2018

130 Years of Mothers’ Union in the Diocese of Oxford On Saturday 14th July Oxford Diocese Mothers’ Union celebrated their 130th Anniversary with a Service of Thanksgiving in the Abbey Church of St Peter and St Paul, Dorchester-on – Thames. It was a bright, sunny and hot morning when six members of our MU Branch, Moira Bristow, Valerie Forrow, Maureen Ward, Maureen Norman, Sheila Firth and myself, Steph Walklate, set off to Dorchester-on-Thames. Armed with packed lunches and fold up picnic chairs we had a fairly long walk from the Event Car Park to the Abbey across the road bridge over the River Thames, which is quite narrow there, but en-route we were treated to the sight of three adorable and lively alpacas running around the paddock they had just been let out into. In the Abbey grounds, along with many others, we managed to find a shady spot under the trees to eat our picnic lunch before going into the Abbey for the service. Valerie Forrow had volunteered to carry our Branch Banner so she had already gone ahead. The Abbey was already quite full so, in order to be able to sit together, the rest of us had to sit to the side, behind some pillars, which meant that we had a very restricted view. However this was not really a problem. The service started at 1.45pm with a parade of all the Branch Banners around the Abbey, manoeuvring ably through a quite small, low doorway before coming back down the aisle to be placed in a side chapel.

September 2018

The service was led by the Revd Denise Lady Brown, MU Diocesan Chaplain and the Rt Revd Andrew Proud read one of the lessons. The Bishop of Oxford, the Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft gave the sermon and surprised everyone by beginning his talk telling us that we should not worry about falling numbers of MU members and that we should not be focussing on trying to recruit new members. He went on to say that instead we should be using the members we have and the gifts we have been given to make Mary Sumner’s vision relevant in a 21st century context and all else will fall into place. We then reaffirmed our commitment to the vision and mission of Mothers’ Union and some members shared stories from Mothers’ Union work. After the service we were treated to tea and Anniversary cake and had a chance to look round the Abbey and catch up with old acquaintances before a slow walk back over the bridge to our cars for the journey home. Steph Walklate




Tree removal, Tree pruning Trees supplied and planted Hedge Work Stump Grinding Grounds Maintenance FULLY INSURED, NPTC QUALIFIED Tel/Fax : 0118 971 2224 Mobile : 07876 232282 Email : Arumtreeservices@gmail.com Web : www.arumtreeservices.co.uk


A reliable and trustworthy service, for all your general garden and home maintenance. From dripping taps, blocked guttering and general repairs to general decorating, both internally and externally No job is too small ! Please call for a no obligation quote : Mobile :

 07810 321 035

Home : â„Ą 0118 945 4326

Competitive hourly rate, complete with personal recommendations! 32


September 2018

Be still Some think meditation's RUBBISH, or an Eastern religion. Some beginners give up. No quick 'wow'! Gentle persistence needed! Today, scientists take it very seriously. They've put experienced meditators under brain scanners etc., with thoughtprovoking results, But meditation isn't "simple" or mass-produced. It varies (and caution may be required?). Meditation can seem "silly". JUST FEEL like a baby, or a resting Stone Age man. Typical training methods teach one to "just be" in the present, to notice one's breathing, one's skin, muscles etc. None of those 'busy busy' thoughts that can take hold of us. (When you "stray", just return calmly. Some days it's easier than others!) Ancient legends tell of LONG meditations. But today I'm told extremely long sessions can actually be dangerous. I'll guess short sessions (30 minutes or less?) are best. Some use spare moments, or bus journeys! Years ago, small breathing routines calmed me during scary times at work. More recently, bad childhood memories upset me QUITE SERIOUSLY. Now those memories seem faded, much less serious. People get varied results. Remember Rev. Christine Bainbridge's "Breathing Space" sessions in the Garden Room? A paradox. Meditation CAN feel easiest alone, with no-one watching or criticizing you. But it CAN be helpful and instructive to work in a friendly, supportive group. It makes for more regular practice. Can meditation help with faith and prayer?

September 2018

"Meditation is a mental and spiritual activity between an individual, or group, and God. The creation of a quiet space where one can be alone with God. The inner stillness in which God can speak, and an openness to God through which he can pour the gifts of his Spirit." (From "Meditation – Why and How" by Rev. Leonard C. Wilson.) Don't just SAY "Thank you, God!" FEEL it! It can make you more "ready to receive". At times, after a quiet session, I feel I've received something. I'm a 'beginner': yes, it's strange, but on a good day it helps. Phil French

Rosemary and the Dolls Many of you will remember my mother, Rosemary French, whose many talents included being an amateur ventriloquist. Some of my earliest memories are of accompanying her to afternoon performances with her dummies Kenny and Buttons, collectively always known as "the Dolls". I've been looking through our family photos recently, and surprisingly can't ďŹ nd a single photo of the three of them. In later years, I know that they appeared at St Catherine's, with Buttons in a dog collar! Perhaps someone has a photo of them and would be willing to send me a copy or let me scan a print? I'd appreciate it. Alas, the Dolls themselves were lost some years ago. I wonder if anyone knows where they are now? Peter French (son of Rosemary and Phil), email: jivingfrog@hotmail.com, tel: 07792 510 384.



St Catherine’s Hall - Regular Bookings Monday






7.30 am - 3.15 pm

St Catherine’s Pre-school Contact www.stcatherinespreschool.co.uk  07745 909 348

7.00 pm - 8.00 pm Exercise class (In term time )

Jemma Fulbrook mrsjfulbrock@yahoo.co.uk

7.30 am - 3.15 pm

St Catherine’s Pre-school

Contact as above

2.00 pm - 4.00 pm

W.I. (3rd Tuesday)

7.30 pm - 8.45 pm

Yoga exercise  libbywooøø@gmail.com

Libby Woolcock  07584 529 453

7.30 am - 3.15 pm

St Catherine’s Pre-school

Contact as above

3.30 pm - 5.30 pm

Pop Dance

Contact Juliet Gorman  energise@hotmail.co.uk

1.15 pm - 3.30 pm (In church not hall)

Vivace Voices Ladies Choir www.vivacevoices.org.uk

Contact Sue Hennell ℡ 0118 966 1291

7.30 pm - 10.00 pm

Tilehurst Triangle W.I. (3rd Wednesday)

 wearettwi@gmail.com ℡ 0118 941 6838

7.30 am - 3.15 pm

St Catherine’s Pre-school

Contact as above

5.45 pm - 7.15 pm

7th Tilehurst Brownies

Contact Katie Taylor  katielou98@sky.com

7.30 am - 12.15 pm

St Catherine’s Pre-school

Contact as above

2.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Friday Friends

See page 21

7.45 pm - 9.15 pm

Church Youth Group (fortnightly) Contact Evelyn Bartlett ℡ 0118 967 8659

8.45 am - 10.00 am (In term time)


1.30 pm - 5.30 pm

Crafty Space (monthly)

See page 20

3.30 pm - 5.00 pm

Messy Church (monthly)



Alex Hutton  alex_hutton@hotmail.com

7.30 pm - 10.00 pm Short Mat Bowls Club

Contact Anne Soley ℡ 0118 942 5407

St Catherine’s Hall is available for hire at competitive rates for groups or individuals, both regularly or for one off events. It is especially popular for Children's Parties. For booking details, contact Sheila Drew on ℡ 0118 942 7254  hall@stcatherines-tilehurst.org.uk



September 2018

Three courses and coffee for ONLY ÂŁ15.95. Children 12 and under JUST ÂŁ8.00 Dining from 12.15 pm Reservations please call 0118 941 6423 Celebrating? Book a private party Sunday lunch in your very own suite, please call Banqueting Office 0118 972 8601 Also available for all types of private functions: Parties, Christenings, After funeral gatherings and Conferences.

September 2018



The Anglican Parish of Tilehurst St Catherine & Calcot St Birinus ST CATHERINE OF SIENA Wittenham Avenue, Tilehurst, RG31 5LN www.stcatherines-tilehurst.org.uk www.facebook.com/tilehurst.st.catherine Saturday 3.30 pm Messy Church is on the first Saturday of the month, it’s a fun time of worship and activities for all the family followed by a meal. Sunday 8.00 am Our Early Service of Communion or Morning Prayer, is quiet and reflective, with no singing. An opportunity to start Sunday thinking about God. Refreshments served afterwards. Sunday 9.30 am Our main worship service of the day - children welcomed at every service. All Stars Family worship on the fourth Sunday; Communion twice a month; Word and Worship (non communion) on the second Sunday. Followed by refreshments at 11.00am.

CORNWELL COMMUNITY CHURCH The Cornwell Centre, Home Croft, off Clements Mead, Tilehurst, RG31 5WJ www.cornwellcommunitychurch.org.uk www.facebook.com/cornwellcommunitychurch Sunday 11.00 am An opportunity for the whole family to meet with God through praise, prayer and teaching with special fun activities for children (Sunday School). Refreshments (including cakes and fresh coffee) from 10.30 am and after the service. An informal Communion Service is normally held on the second Sunday of the month. See pages 4 & 5 for a full listing of church services in the Parish For initial enquiries regarding baptisms and weddings, please telephone ℡ 0118 942 7786



September 2018

Profile for St Catherines

RG31 - September 18  

The Parish Magazine of Tilehurst St. Catherine and Calcot St. Birinus

RG31 - September 18  

The Parish Magazine of Tilehurst St. Catherine and Calcot St. Birinus