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October 2016

The Parish Magazine of Tilehurst St Catherine & Calcot St Birinus


October 2016


Who’s Who in the Parish

Vicar Rev Denis Smith  0118 942 7786 

Licensed Lay Minister (Cornwell)

Licensed Lay Minister Mike Heather  0118 962 4852

Tony Bartlett  0118 967 8659



Churchwarden Sonia Ludford  0118 945 4631

Churchwarden (Cornwell) Richard Yates  0118 942 4920



Assistant Churchwarden Anne Soley  0118 942 5407

Assistant Churchwarden (Cornwell) Evelyn Bartlett  0118 967 8659



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Cover Picture : Denis on the 25th Anniversary of his Ordination in 2011.



October 2016

Rev Denis Smith Farewell Tour I have been doing a Farewell tour of all the local schools that I have regularly visited in Tilehurst and Calcot. We have been thinking about Goodbyes and Farewells. Apparently centuries ago the two greetings went together “Faren Well” to the person departing, and the response “Good bye”, which of course came from the phrase “God be with you”. In the School Assemblies our song to finish has been, “God has put a circle round us” by my friend Jenny Dann - which has been sung many times in all the schools. That song is really an “encircling prayer” emphasising the reality of God sending Jesus to be with us, and Jesus seeing the Holy Spirit is sent. When Jesus left this earth he promised the Holy Spirit, and his followers were told to get on with living and stop staring up at the sky. God would provide a new way. Life with God would go on, as it will still go on in the years to come here in Tilehurst and Calcot. Priscilla and I are not going far, only to Basingstoke, from there I will still help in the Diocese of Oxford by Coordinating their “Conflict Transformation Team” and do similar work outside the Diocese. I will also be involved in helping the various Christian Healing organisations I have supported over the years, Crowhurst in Sussex, Harnhill near Cirencester and CHM in London. So I'll be working in the power of the same Holy Spirit in new ways. So to all the people of faith here, may you be encircled with the presence of God and carry on doing the job of being the people of God in this place. It has been a privilege to serve the community for 14 years, a time of many changes and many blessings. When a new person arrives there will be changes again, and new things will become important. Be an encourager of one another, and welcome and encourage your new minister. I hope that some of the things I have done and said have made you think about Jesus and helped you on your journey of faith. So as you say Farewell – I say Good bye. May the love of God encircle us all, and the Holy Spirit empower us in Jesus’ name.

Denis October 2016



Services in the Parish Every Thursday 12.15 pm 2.30 pm

Holy Communion or Prayers - Garden Room Community Prayer - Garden Room

Saturday 1st October 3.30 pm

Messy Church - ‘Farewells’ - St Catherine's

Sunday 2nd October - Proper 22 (Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2.1-4, Psalm 37:1-9, 2 Timothy 1:1-14, Luke 17:5-10) 8.00 am Morning Prayer - Garden Room 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell 11.30 am Baptism - St Catherine's Church

Sunday 9th October - Proper 23 (2 Timothy 2:8-15, Luke 17:11-19) 10.30 am United Service with Communion - St Catherine's Theme - “Goodbye and Thanks for the Fish” (Rev Denis' Farewell Service) The service will be followed by a Parish meal to say thank you to Denis for his 14 years of ministry in Parish No service at Cornwell today

Sunday 16th October - Proper 24 (Jeremiah 31.27-34, Psalm 119.97-104 2, Timothy 3.14 - 4.5, Luke 18.1-8) 8.00 am Holy Communion - Garden Room 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell

Sunday 23rd October - Proper 25 (Joel 2.23-32, Psalm 65 2, Timothy 4.6-8,16-18, Luke 18.9-1) 8.00 am Holy Communion - Garden Room 9.30 am Word & Worship - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell



October 2016

Sunday 30th October - 4th Sunday before Advent (Isaiah 1.10-18, Psalm 32.1-8, 2 Thessalonians 1.1-12, Luke 19.1-10 ) 8.00 am Holy Communion - Garden Room 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell 3.00 pm Memorial service & Tea - St Catherine's Church

Wednesday 2nd November 11.00 am

Service at York House

Saturday 5th November 3.30 pm

Messy Church - ‘Fireworks’ - St Catherine's

Sunday 6th November - 3rd Sunday before Advent (Job 19.23-27a, Psalm 17.1-9, 2 Thessalonians 2.1-5,13-17, Luke 20.27-38) 8.00 am Morning Prayer - Garden Room 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell The Garden Room at St Catherine's is open during the day and reserved for quiet, prayer and meditation.

A prayer to use our forthcoming vacancy Heavenly Father we thank you for the ministry of Denis our previous vicar, and we pray your presence and blessing upon him.

We ask now that you will help us to share responsibility, grow in faith, love one another, care for those in need, reach out to others, and welcome newcomers. Lord Jesus, guard and grow this church as we serve you together in this period without a vicar. Please guide those who are seeking the right minister for us, and those who are seeking the right church for their ministry, that together we may discover your way for the future and see your kingdom grow. Amen.

October 2016





October 2016

Vacancy News - Update Since writing in last month’s magazine, a timescale for the vacancy has been agreed with Bishop Andrew. We hope to advertise in January but before that our Parish Profile needs to be drafted and edited, ready for approval by the Assistant Area Dean and the Diocese at the beginning of November. The timescale is short, so ideas collected at the recent ‘open PCC meeting’ - to which the Leadership of Cornwell Community Church and other interested people were invited - will be extremely helpful for the writing team. Opinions were shared on the strengths of the Parish, the challenges we face and our vision for development and growth in the future.

Building on notes from previous meetings, including the 2020 Vision Day in January, we have a bank of ideas from which we can draw together the strands of the Profile.

We already have some volunteers to help find the information needed for the many different sections of the Profile, but if you feel you could help please contact either of us (Sonia Ludford or Richard Yates). We would encourage you to join us in praying:  for open hearts and minds as we move forward with this process;  for discernment as we listen to different views and opinions;  for guidance and wisdom for all involved in the advertising and selection process;  for all of us, as we all work together during the Vacancy, confident in the knowledge that we are in God’s hands. And most of all...  that God’s Kingdom will be built up in this parish as a result. Thank you. Sonia Ludford & Richard Yates Churchwardens (whose contact details can be found inside the front cover of this magazine)

Connecting Older People This event on Friday 14th October is organised by local voluntary organisations and aimed at informing and helping older people. This year it’s from 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm at Rivermead Leisure complex. There’s free parking there and shuttle buses will run every 30 minutes from 12.15 pm to 5.00 pm from stop FH outside Sainsbury’s in Friar Street.

October 2016

During the afternoon there will be presentations, information & activities from a wide variety of agencies, charities and other organisations. Including Hearing tests (Leightons) and Blood pressure tests (the Stroke association). With light refreshments and a performance by Southcote choir This is a free event and all are welcome.



Seen at the ’Royal County of Berkshire show’, and photographed by Hilary Smee Displays by Tilehurst Horticultural Association and Thames Valley flower club

Three courses and coffee for ONLY £15.95. Children 12 and under JUST £8.00 Dining from 12.15 pm Reservations please call 0118 941 6423 Celebrating? Book a private party Sunday lunch in your very own suite, please call Banqueting Office 0118 972 8601 Also available for all types of private functions: Parties, Christenings, After funeral gatherings and Conferences.



October 2016

hundreds of thousands of churchgoers, we have seen record levels of giving with the average weekly gift from all planned givers exceeding £11 for the first time, and the average gift from those able to give through Gift Aid exceeding £15 including the tax recovered.

Parish finances show record level of giving The generosity of churchgoers from across the country is highlighted in the latest parish finance statistics. The figures - covering the year 2014 demonstrate a record level of giving with total planned giving up £6 million at £329 million and total direct giving up £71 million at £481 million. The figures also show that Church of England parishes donated £46 million to supporting other charities working around the world, from foodbanks and local children’s charities to international aid appeals. Parishes raised these important funds from a combination of regular and oneoff donations as well as investments and legacies. Total parish income from giving, investments and other income sources was £989 million - an increase of £36 million on the previous year. Expenditure levels also rose by £28 million to £948 million in 2014, leaving the 12,000 parishes a surplus of £41 million over expenditure. Dr John Preston, the Church of England’s national stewardship adviser, said: “These financial statistics reveal an underlying financial health in the church which is encouraging. As a result of the commitment and generosity of

October 2016

Parishes were able to claim record levels of Gift Aid, with a significant part of this increase arising from use of the Gift Aid Small Donations scheme. It is also pleasing to note that legacy giving was the highest yet.” Average weekly giving per tax-efficient givers has continued to rise year on year with members giving on average £12.01 in 2014. Average weekly giving per electoral roll member rose to £8.85 in 2014, an increase of £1.60 a week and the highest level recorded. Total planned giving rose by slightly less than inflation, while total income grew by more than inflation.

Renewal & Reform Growth is Good? Growth is a surprisingly polemical word within the Church of England. For some it is the self-evident priority, that the opposite of growth is decline and as a church we have done decline for way, way too long; that growth gives current and future choice; that growth is clearly Biblical. For others it exemplifies all kinds of distortion in terms of reducing the richness of the gospel to bums on seats, of an absolute move away from a breadth of church into an increasingly narrow sectarianism, a retreat from the commitment to be a church for the whole nation into a concentration on


(Continued on page 10)


(Continued from page 9) the beautiful people, that at best it is a very partial reading of the Bible and a much, much worse reading of church history. Renewal & Reform is avowedly about growth, not as a purpose but as an outcome. As the overarching narrative says: One of the clear and intended outcomes of this work is to reverse the decline of the Church of England so that we become a growing church, in every region and for every generation; a church open to and for everyone in England, building up the Body of Christ and working for the common good; a confident Church, equipping new generations of leaders, ordained and lay, for ministry and mission; a serving church where all God’s people live out their vocation to serve and to witness. This doesn’t, however, reduce church to a single form. Renewal & Reform is not based on a prescription of what every church should be, nor does it represent a single Church of England strategy or describe the whole of the Church of England’s work. We need prayerfully to build on our rich inheritance: the daily and weekly rhythms of prayer, worship and proclamation; the thousands of hours of spoken and unspoken service in and to the community; the touching of lives at profound points through weddings, funerals and baptisms and sector ministries; the place for the committed and the enquirer, for people of very loud and very quiet faith; the planned and the random encounters; the evangelistic voice, proclaiming the love of Jesus in and to this generation; the prophetic


voice, the continued call for justice and mercy; the assumption – and reality – that the church is still there when nobody else is willing to help. This doesn’t seem to cut it with everyone. Either the words themselves or a view of the intentions that lie behind them seems to get in the way. One of the major issues for something like Renewal & Reform is how to prove the negative – how to prove that it won’t be about privileging a particular ecclesiology or theological understanding, that it won’t be about a retreat from the urban or rural into the suburban, that it won’t be about a meaner, leaner and fitter church where only the very best (whatever that means) survive. Partly, I guess, this is about the passage of time – an ability to demonstrate that despite predictions and warnings that we have remained true to the commitment that we are and will remain a church for all people and all traditions. Equally important will be to develop a language around what good growth means and looks like, to get to an understanding that growth is a rounded concept that is both about who we are in and with God as well as the people and communities we live in and serve (maybe the work of the St Peter’s Saltley Trust helps with its fourfold emphasis on group activity, public engagement, individual experience and church worship). And it also involves an ongoing conversation across the church about what each constituent part needs if it is to thrive, or in Renewal & Reform terms to have a hopeful future. Read the full



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October 2016

(Continued from page 10)

Renewal & Reform short films released Renewal & Reform is an ambitious programme of work to achieve radical change in our church and our communities. It is not just about fixing the church – it is about the whole people of God discovering and re-discovering their vocation to love God and serve others in the church, the home, the workplace, the community – wherever they find themselves Monday – Sunday. The great challenge is how we encourage and inspire all God’s people to be more purposeful in their witness and their calling. In our series of short films we explore the themes expressed in the vision and narrative that guides Renewal & Reform, and look at the passion behind the work. In the first film, A Plentiful Harvest, the Archbishops are joined by Church Warden Irene in celebrating the potential for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. The second film, featuring the Bishop of Burnley and representatives from the Youth Council and the Archbishops’ Council, looks to A Hopeful Future. The third and fourth films, to be released over the next two weeks, take A Realistic Assessment of the challenges we face and look towards A Growing Church for all people and in all places. To read more and watch the films:

Eight new science and faith projects Scientists are taking vicars on tours of laboratories and addressing church services as part of a series of projects

October 2016

designed to foster better understanding between science and faith. Church of England vicars in St Albans Diocese, covering Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, are touring laboratories with science professionals within their congregations. Scientists in turn will be invited to address Sunday services and other church discussion forums on science and faith. ‘Take Your Vicar to the Lab’, is one of eight to receive funding of up to £10,000 in the first round of the Scientists in Congregations scheme, aimed at helping churchgoers engage confidently with science, raising the profile of Christians whose vocation is science-related, and changing the debate about science and faith in churches and communities. The projects include a grant to help fund a science festival at Ely Cathedral next year celebrating science, medicine and technology; café-style discussion evenings with students and science professionals based in Baptist churches in Leeds; a family science and faith club at a Church of England parish in Oxfordshire; and a project to develop 100 scientific activities for use at Messy Church sessions for families and children. Messy Church leaders will use science to explore aspects of the Christian faith and demonstrate that faith and science are complementary. The Cathedral, Isle of Man, has also been awarded a grant to help fund a series of booklets for children and young people to explore the Cathedral gardens from a science and faith perspective. To read more online:




Tree removal, Tree pruning Trees supplied and planted Hedge Work Stump Grinding Grounds Maintenance FULLY INSURED, NPTC QUALIFIED Tel/Fax : 0118 971 2224 Mobile : 07876 232282 Email : Web :


A reliable and trustworthy service, for all your general garden and home maintenance. From dripping taps, blocked guttering and general repairs to general decorating, both internally and externally No job is too small ! Please call for a no obligation quote : Mobile : 07810 321 035

Home : 0118 945 4326

Competitive hourly rate, complete with personal recommendations! 12


October 2016

Tilehurst Triangle WI Although we had no formal meeting at the hall in August, a large group of members enjoyed a stroll around Hosehill Lake in Theale, followed by refreshments at the Fox and Hounds Pub, opposite the lake. It was a lovely summer’s evening and we enjoyed the chance to relax and socialise. On 21st September we welcomed Tilehurst Amateur Dramatic Society for a Murder Mystery evening. After watching a very convincing performance of Am Dram Murder, members of the cast were questioned by members, while we enjoyed tasty homemade cakes.

This was more challenging than it sounds, but one member proved to be an excellent sleuth! The popular Knit and Natter group have resumed their monthly meetings with some members making Twiddle Muffs for patients in the RBH. A newly formed book club has started meeting and there are a number of walks and outings planned. New members are always welcome or you may come to a meeting as a visitor to find out more about the local evening WI. We meet on the third Wednesday of each month (except August) at 7.30 pm in St Catherine’s Hall.

After much discussion, members then each decided on the likely murderer and their motive.

For information contact the secretary Ros Somerville  0118 941 6838 

Tilehurst Horticultural Association Talks Programme at the Village Hall, Victoria Road, RG31 5AB 7.45 pm Thursday 27th October

7.45 pm Thursday 24th November

Marcus Dance - Clematis

Derek Leary Photography in the Garden

Marcus has a nursery at Sandleheath, Fordingbridge, where he grows and stocks a wide range of clematis, together with shrubs and perennials. The nursery is open by appointment only but his plants are available at farmers’ markets and rare plant sales throughout the South of England. Marcus will tell us all about the many varieties of clematis, their usage, care and pruning. There will be plants for sale.

October 2016

Derek is a member of the Henry Doubleday Research Establishment, The British Fuchsia Society and the Hebe Society. Derek is co-founder of Village Greenfingers, Goring on Thames. Derek will be giving us an entertaining glimpse into the plant world through a photographer’s lens, with basic photographic tips. See



Thank you, Denis For some years, St Joseph’s and St Catherine’s have had a Wednesday morning prayer group. This was set up by Denis after St Joseph’s were without a permanent priest. We alternate between the two churches and pray for many concerns – both locally and internationally. We have come to realise that we both are striving for the same things.

As a thank you to Denis, St Joseph’s organised a buffet supper on 19th September to thank Denis for all that he has contributed. Harry McSoley presented Denis and Priscilla with a gift to wish them well in their new venture and Denis explained the useful work that he will be doing in conflict resolution. Everyone enjoyed the evening – good luck and thank you, Denis!

Denis receives the gift from St Joseph’s

Rosemary Cunningham

Fr Peter Glas - Parish Priest St Joseph’s We are pleased to join with our friends at St Joseph’s in welcoming the appointment of their new Parish Priest, Father Peter Glas. Father Peter was born in Poland but came to England twenty years ago. He has served in numerous parishes in the Portsmouth Diocese and therefore has a wealth of experience to offer the parish of St Joseph’s. The Bishop of Portsmouth has decided that St Joseph’s Church, with effect from 1st September 2016, will stand alone as a parish, and it is no longer linked with the English Martyrs parish.


We wish Father Peter every blessing in his appointment and pray that the Good Lord will guide him in his ministry at St Joseph’s. Rosemary Cunningham


October 2016

Dates for the Diary

See the following pages for more information October Sat 1 Weds 5

Fri 7 Sat 8

Sun 9

Messy church 3.30 pm at St Catherine’s Welcome Eucharist for the New Bishop of Oxford 7.45 pm at Reading Minster Tea & coffee served from 6.45pm drinks reception following the service, all welcome St Catherine’s at Boxgrove House 3.00 pm Purley Farmers' Market 8.30 am-12.30 pm at The Barn, Goosecroft Lane off Beech Road, Purley on Thames Joint service 10.30 am at St Catherine’s - Denis’ final service in the parish

No service at Cornwell that day Tues 11 Fri 14

Tilehurst Parish Council 7.30 pm at The Calcot Centre, Highview ‘Connecting Older people’ 1.30 - 4.30 pm at Rivermead Leisure Complex Free parking & Shuttle bus from bus stop FH in Friar Street. See page 7 Fri 14 ‘Quizaid’ 7.15 pm for 7.30 pm at St Catherine’s see page 24 Sat 15 Crafty Space 1.30 pm - 5.30 pm at St Catherine’s see page 18 Sun 16 Environment service 10.00 am St James church Pangbourne see page 27 Thurs 20 Finance Action group meets 8.00 pm at St Catherine’s Thurs 20 Deadline for copy for November RG31 Sat 29 Jumble sale 2.00 pm at St Catherine’s admission 25p Sat 29

British Summertime ends Sunday 30th October Don’t forget to put your clocks back an hour tonight

November Fri 4 Fri 4 Sat 5 Tues 8 Sat 12 Sat 19 Sun 20 Sun 20 Sat 26 Sat 26

St Catherine’s at Boxgrove House 3.00 pm ‘Reading’s water supply in a changing world’ 7.45 pm at the Quaker meeting room, Church Street Reading, see page 27 Messy church 3.30 pm at St Catherine’s Tilehurst Parish Council 7.30 pm at The Calcot Centre, Highview Purley Farmers' Market 8.30 am-12.30 pm at The Barn, Goosecroft Lane off Beech Road, Purley on Thames Crafty Space 1.30 pm - 5.30 pm at St Catherine’s see page 18 ‘Shoebox Sunday’ last day for ‘Operation Christmas Child’ donations Deadline for copy for December/January RG31 (this edition will need to include events taking place early in February) Springfield school Christmas Fayre 10.30 am - 12.30 pm St Catherine's Christmas Fair 2.00 - 4.00 pm

October 2016



Community Event at St Catherine’s

What’s On In and

Wittenham Avenue RG31 5LN

Friday Friends Meets weekly from 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm every Friday Price £3.50. Offering a mix of light exercise, singing together, table-top games and craft activities in a safe, warm and friendly environment – with tea and cakes.

October 7th Cards & Games 14th Games with Bill 21st Sing with Pete 28th Craft If you think you would like to come, or think you could help, please

Wednesdays A simple morning service with St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church held 9.30 am alternating between there and St Catherine's followed by a cup of coffee. See weekly notices at either Church.

When at St Catherine’s followed by Meeting Point - meeting together and meeting with God. Teas and Coffees, people to listen and pray in the presence of God for you or for those you are concerned about.

Do something amazing

Give Blood At the Cornwell Centre, Home Croft off Clements Mead Weds 12th October, 9th November At the Calcot Centre Highview Calcot Tues 8th & 29th November Call 0300 123 23 23 to make an appointment or just turn up on the day



October 2016

Around the Parish

October Weds 5th Fellowship afternoon 2.00 pm at 49 Compton Avenue

(rescheduled from 28th September)

Weds 12th Village Butchers 8.00 pm at St Catherine’s all welcomed Weds 19th Bible study 8.00 pm at 2 Laurel Drive Weds 26th Fellowship afternoon 2.00 pm at 31 Normanstead Road Sun 30th Memorial service & Tea 3.00 pm at St Catherine’s

St Catherine’s Tea Dance

November Weds 16th Bible study 8.00 pm at venue to be arranged Weds 23rd Fellowship afternoon 2.00 pm at 2 Filbert Drive


Thursdays :6th & 20th October 3rd & 17th November


St Catherine’s Hall Wittenham Avenue

Weds 30th Flower demonstration

Please note change of date

8.00 pm at St Catherine’s

Time 2.45 - 4.45 pm Price £4 each includes Dancing, Instruction & Tea


Further details contact Anita Holbeche  0118 941 8046

Weds 14th Carols and Readings 8.00 pm St Catherine’s Hall

October 2016



Registered Charity 102992

Cornwell 0-5s is a well established Parent & Toddler Group run by local mums in the Cornwell Centre, Home Croft (off Clements Mead), Tilehurst, RG31 5WJ. We offer a stimulating and fun environment for children and a great place for parents and carers to socialise.

We run two sessions a week: Tuesdays 10.00 am - 12.30 pm, feel free to bring along a healthy packed lunch for you and your child and join the lunch club in the picnic area from 12.00 - 12.30 pm And Thursdays, a special session for Childminders, 9.45 - 11.45 am If you are interested in joining, please feel free to drop in at one of the sessions or call Camilla East  07581 067 499 email: or see

Registered charity 1006732 - Established over 45 years St Catherine’s Hall, Wittenham Avenue, Tilehurst, RG31 5LN A caring and supportive setting where Children are our heart and inspiration  Ofsted Inspected with a team of qualified staff  Outside Play Area  Morning Sessions Daily during Term Time  Children with Special Needs welcome  ‘Little Munch Club’ facility For more information, or to arrange a visit to come and see us in action, contact us on  07745 909 348 see

St. Catherine’s Church Centre, Wittenham Avenue, Tilehurst

Saturdays 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm Oct 15th, Nov 19th

We provide time, space, tea & coffee. You bring along the craft projects you’ve always meant to do :A donation of around £1.25 per person, per hour to cover the cost of hall hire, tea & coffee. Contact Val Poore  0118 962 4555 email ∙ 18


October 2016

Harvest Lunch Friday 23rd September We celebrated harvest this year by having our first Harvest Lunch in the cafĂŠ. Church members, friends and neighbours enjoyed a delicious meal of cottage pie, vegetables and apple pie with custard followed by tea or coffee. Many thanks to the cooks and servers - Angela, Sue, Steph, Sonia and Maureen and to Richard Canning who took the photos. They show how much people enjoyed the food and the company! Rosemary Cunningham

October 2016



The Link - AGM The constitution of the Link does not call for an AGM as it is a non-profit making organisation, but an AGM when combined with a service does give the opportunity for volunteers and supporters to get together, review the year and look forward. This year the AGM was hosted by St Catherine’s. In Denis’ absence I took the service reflecting on the story of Martha & Mary, comparing this with the Link where, on the face of it, one team is busy preparing food in the kitchen and the other team has time to chat with customers But all volunteers working in the Link are united in the daily prayer at the beginning of the day and each serves according to their talents, gifts and abilities, whether wielding ‘Marigolds’ chatting to customers or working on a ‘Spreadsheet’. The existing officers agreed to continue: Chairman - Pat Roper Secretary - Gill Thorp Treasurer - Tony Bartlett The constitution allows for a President from amongst the Tilehurst clergy but this position remains unfilled.

Income and normal expenditure remained much the same as the previous year and we were able give away £2,900 to local charities. The funds (£200 per church) were distributed in accordance with nomination by the participating churches and it is always a pleasure for me to write out all the cheques!


The Link (these are charities that we support each year) £750 to CIRDIC & £750 to Churches in Reading, Women's Centre United Reformed Church £100 to Friends of Duchess of Kent hospice £100 to Thames Valley Air Ambulance St Joseph's Church £100 to Society of St. Vincent de Paul £100 to Brookfields school St Michael's Church £100 to Diabetes UK, Reading branch £100 to Reading Association for the blind St Catherine's Church £100 to Duchess of Kent House trust £100 to Affinity Trust (formerly TACT) Tilehurst Methodist Church £200 to Guide dogs for the blind St Mary Magdalen £100 to Women’s Centre £100 to RE-inspired (West Reading) Cornwell Community Church £200 to RE-inspired (West Reading) Our primary objective is not to make a profit which we can then give to charity; donations to charity are a pleasing byproduct of the good work that is done by all the volunteers in befriending and supporting those who walk through the door. New volunteers are always required particularly to work in the shop either on a regular basis or on a reserve list to help occasionally please contact me if you can help in any way. Tony Bartlett  0118 967 8659


October 2016

AGM 14th September Tony Bartlett welcomed around 22 members to the Service for Holy Cross Day where he reflected on the message of the Cross for Jews and Gentiles and its symbol of life and peace for believers. We found it a meaningful start to our evening – thank you Tony.

Ventures namely Friday Friends and the new Café.

The Branch Report was given by Moira who thanked the dedicated committee for keeping things running even without a designated Leader.

The hospital emergency bags of toiletries continue to be needed and appreciated and Moira said that flannels, toothpaste and combs are the items we are short of.

We have 49 members and remembered Margery Scott and Dorothy Beisly who have passed away since the last AGM. We continue to send baptism and wedding cards to families who celebrate and have banns read here and this year we celebrated 140 years of the formation of the MU with a Summer Afternoon Tea. Members enter fully into the life of the church as well as supporting Prayer Groups, Bible Studies and Community

Offer your hand for international friendship! Welcome an adult international student into your home for a day, weekend, or 4 days at Christmas, and do your bit to make the world a little friendlier. Many adult international students from across the world would love to spend a few days with you, learning about British culture, experiencing UK home-life, and telling you about their own country. A Christmas invitation is particularly valuable to students facing a holiday on an empty university campus.

October 2016

The present committee were approved by the meeting to serve for another year and it was agreed to send 250 pounds to Central Office General Fund who will feed it to the neediest source.

Finally she presented flowers to key members of the Branch and cider to Tony in appreciation of their service. This was followed by the presentation of a miniature rose by Hilary to Moira for conducting the evening. At the time of writing we look forward to welcoming ladies from local churches to our Anniversary Service and Tea on Tuesday 21st September. Sheila Bryant

Japanese student, Mamiko Moda, wrote “Thanks to my hosts and their kindness, I could spend a nice Christmas here instead of staying at home alone. I am grateful to you all.” Hosting is a voluntary position suitable for all ages and is also available throughout the year with HOST, a charity set up in 1987. To find out more or be put in touch with your local organiser, please visit, or call 020 7739 6292.



Your friendly local tennis club in Tilehurst Whether you want to improve your game, play socially, or compete in matches, we have something for you. New members welcome! Visit us at Or call Jane on 07801 286 563

Established 1961

 Mini tennis for under 10’s

 Junior and adult coaching  Ladies morning  Veterans afternoon  Junior and adult socials

For coaching enquiries call James on 07717 101 911 Or visit

 Junior and adult teams Woodland LTC Wendover Way, Tilehurst, RG30 4RU



October 2016

A Time for Everything a time to be born and a time to die a time to plant and a time to pluck up what is planted a time to kill and a time to heal a time to break down and a time to build up a time to weep and a time to laugh a time to mourn and a time to dance a time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones together a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing a time to seek and a time to lose a time to keep and a time to cast away a time to tear and a time to sew a time to keep silence and a time to speak a time to love and a time to hate a time for war and a time for peace We know this bible verse well from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 and can relate to the wisdom of the words which recognises that everything in life has its own season—in human activities as in the realm of nature. At this, the start of October, harvesting is coming to an end and one earthly season rolls into the next. Spiritually, in Father's eyes, harvesting is the conclusion of our current allocated season, whatever that may have contained or the length of time taken. It seems to me, that as we bid farewell to Denis this harvest time, that he leaves us with the fruits of his 14 year season at the Parish of St Catherine of Siena, Tilehurst & St Birinus, Calcot. He does not leave us as he found us. Many opportunities have presented themselves and The Narrow Gate is open as ever, for our next season. Our coming, hopefully short season, without a resident minister has the benefit of mature branches already rooted and new or dormant shoots are ready to emerge and grow to produce more good fruit for God's Kingdom. May we, as the combined parish harvest of 2016, work together using all of God's gifts to produce a strong healthy tree with which to welcome in a new 'gardener' in due time. So farewell and blessings to Denis and Priscilla as they embark on their next season whatever that may hold for them. Lorraine Roberts

October 2016



QUIZAID 2016 An opportunity to help some of the poorest on this earth, have a bit of fun, rack your brains, eat home-made cake and chat with friends old and new- all in a two-hour slot on Friday October 14th, 7.15pm for 7.30pm. It is the Christian Aid QuizAid, happening at St Catherine's Church, Wittenham Avenue RG31 5LN. Going door to door on the street collections is not something everyone feels they can do but joining in a fun quiz with others is an equally valid way of raising money. Questions will cover a range of topics such as Sports, General Knowledge, Science and Nature, T.V. and Film but it doesn't matter if you don't know any of the answers! Booby prizes will be available!! You can come as individual participants or as a team. £5 per person. If you are able to bring a raffle prize and some cake that would be appreciated. Please contact: June Hardcastle   0118 943 1258 or Richard Canning  0118 942 8238 to book your place and sort out transport if required. A warm welcome and a fun evening assured!



October 2016

7th Tilehurst Brownies

The 7th Tilehurst Brownies held a party for Sharon Hawkins who, after 17 years, retired from leading the group. Her successor is Andrea Fishenden.

Past and present leaders Back row L to R: - Jackie Freeborn & Sheila Firth Front row L to R: - Sharon Hawkins, Sheila Ward & Andrea Fishenden

October 2016



Thames Valley Police Neighbourhood update Calcot ‘Have Your Say’ Meetings We have changed the format of how we will be running ‘Have Your Say’ meetings. We will be holding these every two months from a Mobile Police Station that we will be going to different areas of the LPA. We will be at the Linear Park Car Park outside the Beansheaf Centre on the following dates: Saturday 8th October & 3rd December Please feel free to come along to see us to discuss any concerns that you may have.

Calcot Area Neighbourhood Watch Stats show that streets that run effective Neighbourhood Watch Schemes do in fact contribute to reducing local crime and I am keen to recruit more coordinators for the area. Please do register your interest at one of our door knocks detailed below with any of the officers and learn more about how you could become involved in the scheme. Alternatively call the 101 police nonemergency number and register your interest to myself. On average you will only be required to spend three hours a month running your street Watch.

Mobile Phones Mobile phone users can now send a text message to opt out of unsolicited sales and marketing calls. The new service, which has been launched by the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and regulator Ofcom, enables mobile users to add their number to the UK’s official ‘do not call’ database.


It is illegal for companies to cold call numbers registered with the TPS unless they have a person’s consent to do so. However, registering with the TPS does not prevent spam text messages. To get on the TPS register, you just need to text: TPS, followed by your email address, and send it to 78070. Texts are free to send for most as it should be included in your mobile bundle. However, some may be charged a standard message rate by their operator, depending on their contract. This is likely to be the case for pay-as-you-go users or those who've already used up their monthly text allowance. Your email address is needed to verify your identity, should you need to make a complaint. Once you’ve done this, you should notice a gradual reduction in unsolicited sales and marketing calls after a few days, although it can take up to 28 days for the service to become fully effective.

Contact us If you want any advice or would like to contact the neighbourhood team you can call us on the police non-emergency number 101 but if your call is an emergency then dial 999. You can also contact us via email: This e-mail address should not be used to contact Thames Valley Police to report crimes or for any urgent matters. If you have information about crime or Anti-Social Behaviour in your area but you do not want to speak to the police, please call the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555111. To view information on your neighbourhood team you can visit the force website at:


October 2016

Reading Climate Forum - series 2 Here are the planned events for October to November. More detailed information will be published when available.

Influencing the Local Plan Process Wednesday 5th October 7.00 pm - 9.00 pm at Reading Bicycle Kitchen, Jackson's Corner, Reading. Reading and Wokingham's Local Plans are being extended to 2036; the process of developing them is just starting. Prof. Gavin Parker and Kat Salter of UoR will help us understand the planning hierarchy, what local plans can and cannot include, and how we can best influence them. At the end of meeting we will collate ideas for a GREN response to Wokingham's Issues and Options consultation).

“Warm Homes – Cool Planet” Low-Carbon Energy Techniques Monday 17th October 7:30 at RISC in London Street. Dr. Rayner Mayer on heat pumps; Dr. Sue Roberts on Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery; Kevin Mouatt (CEO Anesco) giving an industry view. .

"Reading's Water Supply in a Changing World" Friday 4th November 7:45 at Quaker Meeting Rooms, Church Street. Michael Bright and Chris Beales on the issues and opportunities.

“The effect of Architecture and Urban design on new buildings and refurbishments to achieve low environmental impact” Thursday 17th November 6:00 pm in the School of Architecture Building, London Road campus, University of Reading. Professor Lorraine Farrelly has adopted our suggested topic for a School of Architecture public meeting. More information on these meetings will be posted on when available.

Environment Service, St James’s Church, Pangbourne, 10.00 am, Sunday 16th October We are using Christian Aid material to emphasise the need for greater pressure on Parliament about Climate Change. We have Rev Dr Darrell Hannah coming with James from Operation Noah to speak during the service and run a workshop on disinvestment, both public and private for approximately one hour after the service. Darrel has been instrumental in the Church of England's determination to remove its investments from firms connected with fossil fuels.

October 2016



Word for Today

Start with what you’ve got ‘WHAT GOOD IS THAT…? JOHN 6:9 NLT

Observe what the disciples said to Jesus just before He fed five thousand hungry people: 'There's a young boy here with five barley loaves and two fish. But what good is that with this huge crowd?' End of story? No, 'Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks to God, and distributed them to the people...And they all ate as much as they wanted.. .So they picked up the pieces and filled twelve baskets with scraps left by the people who had eaten from the five barley loaves' (vv. 11-13 NLT). God always gives you something to start with. But you have to look for it, recognise it, and put it into His hands. The miracle of multiplication happened when a boy took what he had and made it available to Jesus. The Bible says, 'Do not despise this small beginning, for the eyes of the Lord rejoice to see the work begin' (Zechariah 4:10 T LB). Don't be afraid to take small steps, just make sure they're steps of faith and God will work through you. Jesus said, 'l will build my church' (see Matthew 16:18). And what did He build it with? Twelve flawed people just like us! But when He poured Himself into them, the mix was so concentrated that when two of them got together they could turn whole towns upside down (see Acts 17:6). You say, 'But I've so many shortcomings.' We all come to the Lord damaged and in need of repair. But the good news is, you can be strong in some areas and struggling in others and God can still use you - as long as you're willing to start with what you've got. This thought is taken from ‘The Word for Today’, Daily Bible reading notes produced quarterly by UCB (United Christian Broadcasters Ltd) PO Box 255, Stoke on Trent, ST4 8YY. If you would like to receive these free notes or those aimed at Secondary School age, please ask Evelyn Bartlett  0118 967 8659 who is our church rep for UCB.

From the registers - Baptisms Baptised at St Catherine's on 4th September. Sienna Christine Venning

Marcel Wheeler-Browne

Please remember these children, their families and Godparents in your prayers.

Mothers’ Union Prayer Chain Prayer in Emergencies A call to one of the following numbers will start a chain of prayer straight away.

Valerie Forrow Evelyn Bartlett


 0118 942 9319  0118 967 8659

Hilary Smee  0118 941 2895 Jo Day  0118 942 1481


October 2016

Can a Bee see to Zed ? On Radio 4 they discussed "The Meaning of Life". (Fashion and upbringing may come into this?) Some said LIFE HAD NO MEANING AT ALL. Did you turn away and groan? TV adverts can HAVE A STRONGER EFFECT when viewers turn away, compared to when they're fully alert! (Do TV adverts ever cunningly lead you away from the point?) "Watch it!" "Meaning" has several meanings! One example: a small wedding ring MEANS ('points to') big things - hopefully including that big mystery, love. 'Meaning of life' suggests there's more mystery than we see - including amazing Love, we believe. Can science explain EVERYTHING yet? Scientists would say: "I wish!!"

I asked a bee about the meaning of her morning flight. "I collected nectar, and pollen," she told me. "Intelligent Design? NEVER!! Pollen's USELESS until bees work with it!" But she was lured into transferring a few grains of pollen to fertilize a plant's seed! Poor bee! My little buzzings round big questions will look funny too. But isn't science 'funny'? (You've heard this before. Google "in two places at once", "cat in a box", etc.!) I struggle, but I'm in good company. Just doing the work put in front of us, as bees do, can feel great. And sometimes we NEED this experience before we can understand very big things. Work's good exercise. It can feel "meaningful". It's lovely to be

October 2016

USEFUL! Did I say: "Poor bee"? If she thinks she's a valuable member of her team, she's probably IN BEE HEAVEN! By the way, she unwittingly helps the farmer to feed ME. Do humans always "see" insecticides clearly? My calculator won't tell me about VERY BIG numbers! But what about ME? Does MY life mean or point to anything VERY BIG? Even in my darker moments, I feel the most practical thing is to say yes. Like the bee, I'm rather short-sighted: but I feel that makes it EVEN MORE important for me to pray, listen, and be ready for the next little lesson. Sorry, Radio 4-ians! I'll have to allow my life to have some meaning, guys! !

Phil French

Supermarket Sweep A man has taken early retirement and got a job as a supermarket greeter. His superiors are very pleased with his work, except that he is consistently 5 or 10 minutes late. His boss asks him, "What would they have said in your previous job if you' d come in 5 minutes late every day?". The man replied, "I expect they would have said, 'Good morning, Admiral. Would you like a cup of tea?�

Thought for the Day I told my friend she was drawing her eyebrows too high. She looked surprised.



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October 2016

October 2016



The Anglican Parish of

Tilehurst St Catherine & Calcot St Birinus ST CATHERINE OF SIENA Wittenham Avenue, Tilehurst, RG31 5LN Saturday 3.30 pm Messy Church is on one Saturday most months and also other ‘Messy Dates’, it’s a fun time of worship and activities for all the family followed by a meal.

Sunday 8.00 am Our Early Service of Communion or Morning Prayer, is quiet and reflective. An opportunity to start Sunday thinking about God. Sunday 9.30 am Is an exciting time of Praise and Worship, to fire you up for the week ahead. An opportunity for an encounter with God through word, sacrament, prayer, prophecy and healing. There are refreshments at 9.00 am and again at 11.00 am. 11.30 am on the first Sunday of the month Baptisms are held in a lively service that is fun for all the family.

Where there’s a fifth Sunday in the month Both churches meet together sometime during that month (details pages 4-5) for a joint service at 10.30 am held either at St Catherine’s or the Cornwell Centre.

CORNWELL COMMUNITY CHURCH The Cornwell Centre, Home Croft, off Clements Mead, Tilehurst, RG31 5WJ Sunday 11.00 am An opportunity for the whole family to meet with God through praise, prayer and teaching with special fun activities for children (Sunday School). Refreshments (including cakes and fresh coffee) from 10.30 am and after the service. An informal Communion Service is usually held on the second Sunday of each month. See pages 4 & 5 for a full listing of church services in the Parish For initial enquiries regarding baptisms and weddings, please telephone  0118 942 7786



October 2016

Profile for St Catherines

RG31 - October 16  

The Parish Magazine of Tilehurst St. Catherine and Calcot St. Birinus

RG31 - October 16  

The Parish Magazine of Tilehurst St. Catherine and Calcot St. Birinus