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May 2016

May 2016

The Parish Magazine of Tilehurst St Catherine & Calcot St Birinus


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Cover Picture : The new banner at Cornwell (see page 5)



photo Stuart Poore

May 2016

Mike Heather “To Boldly go where no one has gone before.” Those of you who are followers of the series Star Trek will know that those are the opening words of each episode as the crew of the Starship Enterprise seek out new worlds. Words that can equally relate to us as we go through our lives, because we may not know it but each and everyone of us is on a journey. Life's journey and our dreams and ambitions don't always work out. Sometimes our lives go off at a tangent, sometimes in ways that we would never have dreamed of with surprising results. None of us knows with certainty what tomorrow will bring. If we look back over the years at our lives I wonder how many of us are where we thought we would be? Health, family, friends, work, faith. Nothing stays the same especially our faith and over the years we are called to be moving on to follow our Lord. Likewise it’s not only our worship that has changed, over the years our dear St Catherine's has changed with tweaks here and there and here we are within a stone's throw of the completion of the much awaited building project. Who would have thought a few years ago that we would be part of such an undertaking and we would witness the Lord moving so strongly amongst us leading us on and gently chiding us when we have had our doubts and moaning about the mess. Although the building work is coming to an end, and we have a church that can’t fail to be noticed, that's only half the story because that's where we come in, each and everyone of us, because we are called more loudly than ever to go out, not just in the neighbourhood, but into the wider world to proclaim the good news, forgiveness of sins and Christ's love for all because it’s no good having a brand new sparkling building if we are lukewarm and there isn't any fire inside us, the congregation, or the building is empty. As the hymn says Jesus calls us on to perfect peace and love so what more incentive do we need, so let us boldly go where no one has gone before.


Blessed Evangelising! May 2016



Services in the Parish Every Thursday 12.00 noon Holy Communion or Prayers - Garden Room 2.30 pm Community Prayer - Garden Room

Sunday 1st May - Easter 6 (Acts 16:9-15, Psalm 67, Revelation 21:10, 22-22:5, John 5:1-9) 8.00 am Morning Prayer - Garden Room 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell

Wednesday 4th May 11.00 am

York House Communion

Saturday 7th May 3.30 pm

Messy Church ‘St Catherine of Siena’ - St Catherine's Church

Sunday 8th May - Easter 7 (Readings for the Ascension) (Acts 1:1-11, Psalm 47, Ephesians 1:15-23, Luke 24:44-53) 8.00 am Holy Communion - Garden Room 9.30 am Word & Worship - St Catherine's Church

11.00 am

(Christian Aid Speaker to choose reading) All Age Service (with Christian Aid speaker) - Cornwell

Sunday 15th May - Pentecost (Acts 2:1-21, Psalm 104:24-34, 35b, Romans 8:14-17, John 14:8-17) 8.30 am Holy Communion - Garden Room 10.30 am All Age Service with Communion - St. Catherine's Church (United Service for Pentecost no service at Cornwell)

Sunday 22nd May - Trinity Sunday (Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31, Psalm 8, Romans 5:1-5, John 16:12-15) 8.00 am Holy Communion - Garden Room 9.30 am Word & Worship - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell 4


May 2016

Sunday 29th May - Proper 4 (1 Kings 8:22-23, 41-43, Psalm 96:1-9, Galatians 1:1-12, Luke 7:1-10) 8.00 am Holy Communion - Garden Room 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell

Wednesday 1st June 11.00 am

York House Communion

Saturday 4th June 3.30 pm

Messy Church ‘Road to Damascus’ - St Catherine's Church

Sunday 5th June - Proper 5 (1 Kings 17:17-24, Psalm 30, Galatians 1:11-24, Luke 7:11-17) 8.00 am Morning Prayer -Garden Room 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell 11.30 am Baptism - St Catherine's Church We are please to announce that the new Garden Room at St Catherine's is now open. This room is open during the day and reserved for quiet, prayer and meditation.

Heart of Worship The Heart of Worship banner was a joint project started by members of both St Catherine’s and Cornwell congregations back at the August special joint service last year. Each member was invited to take a felt butterfly and write or draw onto it what the phrase ‘The Heart of Worship’ meant to them. There was a wide variety of words and images produced. Those butterflies were then attached to the banner in a large heart shape. Unfortunately the large heart needed a lot more butterflies than was originally anticipated, so further butterflies were made at various services over the subsequent months. The butterflies were attached to the banner during Crafty Space sessions which meet in St Catherine’s Hall once a month. The finished banner was unveiled at Cornwell Community Church’s Easter Sunday morning service. It will join other banners, many of which have been made at earlier similar joint services. Our thanks go to everyone who contributed and especially to Valerie Poore who oversaw the whole project

May 2016





May 2016

I'm right here said The Lord - part 2 Last month I wrote about how Jesus had shown me for the second time in six years that 'He is right here' in my anguish at having to decide when to take my dog Ty to the vet for the last time. I'd like to share the second part. Jesus has certainly chosen to use my much loved dogs to show His presence but then dog is spelt God in reverse. We took Ty to the vet on the 11th April. I spent the day extremely upset and wondered if I would be able to go to our bible study group the next day. I decided I would go and hoped that no one would mention the word DOG! I assured myself it would be fine as so far in study no verses about dogs had arisen or the word dog ever mentioned. As I walked to the meeting I asked for some sign of connection. We started our study and lo and behold it was Matthew 15

24 He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.” 25 The woman came and knelt before him. “Lord, help

me!” she said. 26 He replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.” 27 “Yes it is, Lord,” she said. “Even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.” 28 Then Jesus said to her, “Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.” And her daughter was healed at that moment. We then listened to a modern monologue whereby it is the woman in the bible giving her account of the story. In that passage she said that "there was a dog (pet) standing next to Jesus''. When it comes to Jesus I don't believe in such coincidences and I felt totally calm. I knew that once again I had witnessed Jesus Being Right Here. Thank you Jesus. “I'm right here” said The Lord “just listen and see” “I'm right here” said The Lord. “You are always with Me” (and that applies to everyone).

Lorraine Roberts

The Big Church Day Out 28th & 29th May The Big Church Day Out is a weekend-long celebration that reaches out to all ages and denominations, and both those inside and outside the church community. We come together to have fun, worship, pray and celebrate all that is good. The event as grown from 15,000 people in 2009 to around 25,000 now in its 7th year It's an amazing 2 day family-friendly festival in the beautiful South Downs in West Sussex. There's something for everyone, from the best Christian music artists in the world through to a classical orchestra and cream teas on the lawn of Wiston House, West Sussex. You can come and camp for the whole weekend, or just join us for an unforgettable day of entertainment, encouragement and celebration. See www.bigchurchdayout.com

May 2016



Young Musicians It’s one of the church’s aims to explore and encourage the gifts that God gives us, no matter what age we might be. It’s therefore great to see two young musicians joining the Cornwell music group in recent months. Daisy Harrison has been playing the flute with the group for a few months now. She has been recently joined by Isaac Deacon who is learning the bass guitar.

Three courses and coffee for ONLY £15.95. Children 12 and under JUST £8.00 Dining from 12.15 pm Reservations please call 0118 941 6423 Celebrating? Book a private party Sunday lunch in your very own suite, please call Banqueting Office 0118 972 8601 Also available for all types of private functions: Parties, Christenings, After funeral gatherings and Conferences.



May 2016

A selection of the photographs was viewed by 7,500 people in an exhibition earlier this year at the Oxo Gallery on London’s South Bank and displayed on a series of websites, as well as discussed on TV and radio.

A year in the life of a CofE priest: how a photo project changed my life A photographer who devoted a year of his life to documenting the ministry of a Church of England priest has spoken of how the experience changed his life – and drew him back to his Christian faith and regular church going. Jim Grover said photographing Rev Kit Gunasekera, a priest in Clapham, south London, had been ‘the most incredible experience’ and had shone a light on the ‘amazing’ unseen ministry of Church of England clergy. “I learned about what it takes to be a minister – I find ministry now an inspiring thing – I think what I call the ‘foot soldiers’, what the local parish priests do in their communities day in, day out, is remarkable,” he said. “Whilst at the top of the church there are a whole series of very big issues being wrestled with, out in the parishes, on the ground, ministers are going about their days doing amazing things for the people they connect with.” The project, called Of Things Not Seen, was aimed at showing the ‘unseen’ ministry of CofE clergy beyond Sunday services, baptisms, weddings and funerals. They show Rev Kit at home, in his church and caring for people in the wider community.

May 2016

The reaction to the photographs has been moving, Mr Grover said, with a second visitors’ book at the gallery ordered after the first book filled rapidly with positive responses – many from clergy visitors. Some people said how viewing the photographs had made them re- think their own relationship with their faith and the church, he said. Speaking about the ‘unexpected, unintended and wonderful’ impact of the project on his own life, Mr Grover, a former Group Strategy Director with the company Diageo, said he had moved from being a ‘classic Christmas day church goer”, to recommitting to his faith and becoming a regular church goer. “I had a very busy work life, I used to run round the world a lot, so weekends were very precious… My faith and the church weren’t a big part of my life for a long time – it wasn’t a deliberate move away from it, but it took a back seat while other things were more important,” he said. “Now that has completely changed. I really love going to church and learning more about God and faith and spending time with Kit’s parishioners. My Sundays are now completely changed from what they were. “Every Sunday you will find me at church and other times too. I am on the PCC – I am completely recommitted to (Continued on page 10)



(Continued from page 9) church both as a churchgoer and a believer with faith as well as someone trying to help Kit’s Church as much as I can on the sort of agenda items that churches face.” You can find out more about the project as well as view the photos at: www.ofthingsnotseen.com You can read Jim’s blog online at: www.bit.ly/OfThingsNotSeen

Thy Kingdom Come launches new film The latest film made available from the Archbishops’ Pentecost prayer campaign begins with the Archbishop of Canterbury speaking:

“Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done. It’s impossible to overstate, to exaggerate the life transforming power of The Lord’s Prayer.” The Archbishops have written to every serving parish priest in the Church of England expressing their longing “to see a great wave of prayer across our land, throughout the Church of England and many other Churches” from 8th-15th May. The week of prayer will culminate in ‘Beacon Events’ around the country over Pentecost weekend, where people will pray for the renewal of the Holy Spirit and the confidence to share their faith. In their letter the Archbishops said: “At the heart of our prayers will be words that Jesus himself taught us – ‘Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.’ It is impossible to overstate the lifetransforming power of the Lord’s Prayer. It is a prayer that is reassuring enough


to be on the lips of the dying and yet dangerous enough to be banned in cinemas. It is famous enough to be spoken each day by billions in hundreds of languages and yet intimate enough to draw us ever closer into friendship with Jesus Christ. It is simple enough to be memorised by small children and yet profound enough to sustain a whole lifetime of prayer. When we pray it with sincerity and with joy, there is no imagining the new ways in which God can use us to his glory.” Watch the film online and find out about how to get involved at: thykingdom.co.uk

Awards ceremony held at Lambeth Palace The first recipients of a new set of nonacademic awards for outstanding service to the church were recognised in a ceremony at Lambeth Palace. Archbishop Justin Welby presented the new awards, which recognise outstanding service in different fields, including those of Archbishop Justin’s ministry priorities: prayer and the Religious life; reconciliation; and evangelism and witness. The new suite of awards consist of three existing Lambeth Awards – the Lambeth Cross, the Canterbury Cross and the Cross of St Augustine – and six new awards named after previous holders of the office of Archbishop of Canterbury. Forty people received the awards, many Christians but some of other faiths. Recipients included religious, political and community leaders, musicians and others. Find out more about the awards by visiting: www.bit.ly/LambethAwards


May 2016

Wanting to be a useful team member As I type, ANOTHER bombing ... and worldwide anger. I met some Muslims who hated terrorism. We differed, but we were ALL doing our best. Couldn't we pray together for more understanding, and shared life-saving wisdom? When I feel too superior to do that, remind me how some crusaders behaved! A while ago, Muslim extremists stopped a bus and got the passengers out. They ordered the Muslims to move aside so that they could shoot the Christians. The Muslim passengers put their arms around the Christians and said: "Kill us all, or leave us all alone!" The Qur'an often mentions mercy. The gunmen were flummoxed. This didn't fit their thrilling dreams. They conferred awkwardly, and went away without killing anyone. When I was an odd little boy I felt a bit rejected and feeble. I might have done SILLY things to feel big, as if to say: "I'M IMPORTANT! I'LL SHOW YOU!" Luckily, good friends and tutors nudged me towards a more sensible future, so I "failed" as a terrorist.

How are today's children (future citizens!) 'launched'? I believe an average child wants more than just messing about. They've deep built-in longings - to learn skills, to look good and be strong, now AND in the future. Remember that priest who gave the boy a candle to hold? "The candle's holding the boy!" The boy felt accepted.# Terrorists offer recruits feelings of importance. Why not copy the terrorists (or that priest)? Without parents' help - parents are a BIG subject! - kids, of mixed faiths and none, won't be too impressed by antiterrorist talks. If sermons are weak, some kind of "candle" might help? Cunning teachers (in Sunday or day school) might exploit kids' hungers and ambitions, to distract them from bad stuff, and to help them towards the skills and useful futures that a loving Father would want for them. Remember "when I was an odd little boy"? And I suspect even very basic practical training might be used in mysterious ways by the Spirit. Phil French

Learn4Life Celebration Everyone is welcome to join us on Thursday 19th May 2016, 7.30 pm at Grace Church, Caversham (119 Peppard Rd, RG4 7TR) On-street parking is available in nearby roads.

It will be a great opportunity to hear the latest news about the schools work, praise God for all he is doing in the schools and pray for the opportunities there are for Christians to serve and offer input into the schools in Reading. An offering will be taken up during the service, to support Learn4Life Refreshments will be served after the service. The Trustees of Learn4Life

May 2016




Tree removal, Tree pruning Trees supplied and planted Hedge Work Stump Grinding Grounds Maintenance FULLY INSURED, NPTC QUALIFIED Tel/Fax : 0118 971 2224 Mobile : 07876 232282 Email : Arumtreeservices@gmail.com Web : www.arumtreeservices.co.uk


A reliable and trustworthy service, for all your general garden and home maintenance. From dripping taps, blocked guttering and general repairs to general decorating, both internally and externally No job is too small ! Please call for a no obligation quote : Mobile : 07810 321 035

Home : 0118 945 4326

Competitive hourly rate, complete with personal recommendations! 12


May 2016

April meeting An evening with a difference was enjoyed by members due to the absence of our speaker who apologised profusely to Stephanie next day and hoped to come on another occasion. After the notices Jo Day updated us on Dorothy’s progress in hospital and Rita said that Moira was now home after her knee operation. Then Stephanie invited members to talk briefly about their first jobs. So we went down memory lane remembering the Southern Electricity Board and other office jobs using

typewriters, comptometers and massive early computers. Jean mentioned her computer work with the punched cards and masses of folded paper used with them. This prompted Sheila to share that her honeymoon case had been stuffed with the pieces punched out of the cards! Chris Addison said that his first apprenticeship was under David Scott to which David replied that he much enjoyed his years as a civil engineer particularly when Chris was there! Refreshments were served and the raffle drawn while people were still laughing about the wages we earned. Sheila Bryant

Tilehurst Triangle WI We welcomed 2 new members and 6 visitors to our April meeting. Our speaker Richard Anderson, a member of Rotary Club, firstly talked about Rotary Club’s aim to ‘rid the world of polio’. Nigeria recently became Polio free and there are now just 2 countries where Polio is endemic- Pakistan and Afghanistan. If you spot a roundabout in Reading planted with purple crocuses, it has been planted to show sponsorship to the ‘Polio plus programme,’ as purple dye is used to identify which children have been vaccinated. Richard then started the main part of his talk. This was about ‘Gadgets’. He collects unusual gadgets and has a collection of around 140. He shared 14 of them with us, with members enjoying the challenge of trying to identify what each gadget was used for. The gadgets ranged from a tonsil remover banned in the 1950s, a 1902

May 2016

Edison record, shaped like a tube, a coachman’s hot water bottle and a Regency wig powder puffer to treat the wig with DDT. It was an interesting and enjoyable evening, creating much discussion about the purpose of each gadget. A number of members are looking forward to a Bluebell Walk at Binfield at the end of April. Next month, on 18th May we are having a party to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday and the Tilehurst Triangle WI ‘official’ birthday. New members are always welcome or you may come to a meeting as a visitor to find out more about the local evening WI. We meet on the third Wednesday of each month (except August) at 7.30 pm in St Catherine’s Hall. For information contact the secretary Ros Somerville  0118 941 6838  wearettwi@gmail.com



St Catherine’s Church & Centre Development Project Open for business! I am writing this article four days before the Bishop of Reading comes to open our new premises, so I am trusting that much of it will happen. On reflection, this has been the story of the project from the time when it was first conceived, nearly thirty years ago, and that is how it will develop and grow over the years to come. If March was a month of steady progress, then April has been more like a Keystone Cops caper, although I am assured that the vehicle was never actually out of control. Nonetheless, it has felt that way sometimes, as queries piled in about details such as what name do we want for each room, where are the plaques going, and who connects up the cooker. The gas meter did eventually get installed on 6th April and the central heating has been on for over a week now (with no complaints). I am already forgetting what it was like to come into a cold building and am secretly hoping that it is really cold on our first few Sundays back in church, just to see how good the new system is. All those miles of pipes and cables have been tucked away behind neat panels and painted over, and all the loose ends now have something attached, in the right place. It really has been a miracle happening before our very eyes, but, unlike most miracles, we have photographic proof to reinforce our frail memories. Kitchen fitting started on 14th April and proceeded in fits and starts as we


worked out exactly what we wanted, where it would go, and where the holes in the expensive worktop actually had to be. Suffice to say, Ian and Garry and Paul from Wincombe Kitchens, and Roland and Darren from Kingdom Coffee got us there in the end. That is good because a week before opening we appointed Angela Robinson as our Cook/Café Manager and she brings her enthusiasm to the project. On the funding front, we are still some £30,000 short of our target but we have high hopes that AllChurches Trust and West Berkshire Community Trust will bridge the gap. And don’t forget to pop down to ASDA in Honey End Lane to post your green token – the scheme goes on to the end of May. In the final week of work, LST brought in both Ian Legg and Dave Lavender to finish off all the myriad items that were left to do. As I have written before, we owe them both a huge vote of thanks, along with Shaun and all the members of our professional team. Richard Canning Project Treasurer 25 April 2016

Mothers’ Union Prayer Chain Prayer in Emergencies A call to one of the following numbers will start a chain of prayer straight away.

Valerie Forrow Hilary Smee Evelyn Bartlett Jo Day


 0118 942 9319  0118 941 2895  0118 967 8659  0118 942 1481 May 2016

Dates for the Diary

See the following pages for more information May Thurs 5 Fri 6 Fri 6 Sat 7 Sun 8 Mon 9

Local Elections (Reading) & Police & Crime Commissioners ‘Send a Cow’ House Party 2.00-9.00 pm at 16 Felton Way see page 29 St Catherine’s at Boxgrove House 3.00 pm Messy Church 3.30-5.00 pm at St Catherine’s Guest preacher Jessica Hall from Christian Aid at St Catherine’s and Cornwell St Catherine’s and Cornwell Community Church Prayer Ministry Team meeting 7.45 pm in St Catherine’s Church Tues 10 Tilehurst Parish Council AGM 7.30 pm at The Calcot Centre, Highview Thurs 12 Finance Action group meeting 8.00 pm Sat 14 Purley Farmers' Market 8.30 am-12.30 pm at The Barn, Goosecroft Lane off Beech Road, Purley on Thames Sat 14 Crafty Space 1.30-5.30 pm St Catherine’s Sun 15 Pentecost Parish Celebration 10.30 am at St Catherine's No service at Cornwell that day Christian Aid Week is 15th to 21st May Weds 18 St Catherine’s PCC meeting 8.00 pm Thurs 19 Learn4Life Celebration 7.30pm at Grace Church, Caversham see page 10 Fri 27 Concert by Vivace Voices 2.30 pm at St Catherine’s see page 24

June Fri 3 Sat 4 Sat 11

St Catherine’s at Boxgrove House 3.00 pm Messy Church 3.30-5.00 pm at St Catherine’s Purley Farmers' Market 8.30 am-12.30 pm at The Barn, Goosecroft Lane off Beech Road, Purley on Thames Sun 12 Tea party at St Catherine's to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday Tues 14 Tilehurst Parish Council 7.30 pm at The Calcot Centre, Highview Friday 17th & 18th 10am - 5pm & Sunday 19th 12 noon - 5.00 pm. Flower Festival being held in St James the Less Church Pangbourne to celebrate the church’s 150th anniversary Thurs 23 EU referendum day Sat 25 St Catherine’s Summer Fair Sun 26 ‘Midsummer Praise’ Churches in Tilehurst 5-7pm Victoria Recreation ground

Looking further ahead Weds 6th July - Holiday Club ‘Training evening’ 7.30 pm at St Catherine’s Weds 13th July - Communications Action group meets 8.00 pm St Catherine’s Sunday 17th July - Joint service 10.30 am at the Cornwell Centre Sunday 7th August - Joint Holiday Club service 10.30 am at St Catherine’s

May 2016



Community Events at St Catherine’s

What’s On In and

Wittenham Avenue RG31 5LN

New St Catherine's Café Meet friends in a friendly atmosphere Open Thursdays in May 12noon - 2pm      

Delicious fresh soups Variety of Sandwiches Baked Potatoes with fillings Freshly Brewed Coffee Speciality teas Selection of Cakes

Open Thursday and Friday from June

Friday Friends Meets weekly from 2.00 - 4.00 pm every Friday Price £3.50 offering a mix of light exercise, singing together, tabletop games and craft activities in a safe, warm and friendly environment – with tea and cakes. If you think you would like to come, or think you could help, please contact Anne Soley  0118 942 5407

Do something amazing

Give Blood

At the Cornwell Centre, Home Croft off Clements Mead Weds 25th May At the Calcot Centre Highview Calcot Tues 10th May Call 0300 123 23 23 to make an appointment or just turn up on the day


Wednesdays A simple morning service with St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church held 9.30 am alternating between there and St Catherine's followed by a cup of coffee. See weekly notices at either Church.

When at St Catherine’s followed by Meeting Point - meeting together and meeting with God. Teas and Coffees, people to listen and pray in the presence of God for you or for those you are concerned about.


May 2016

Around the Parish May Weds 11th Jenny Beeney A talk on being a registrar 8.00 pm St Catherine’s hall, all welcome Weds 18th MU Bible Study 8.00 pm at 68 Warborough Avenue Weds 25th Fellowship Afternoon 2.00 pm at 30 Ashbury Drive

June Weds 8th Quiz evening 8.00 pm St Catherine’s hall, cost £3.50 includes a Ploughman’s supper, tickets from Committee members, all welcome Weds 15th Bible study 8.00 pm at 31 Normanstead Road Weds 22nd Fellowship afternoon 2.00 pm at 27 The Birchwoods

St Catherine’s Tea Dance On

Thursdays :19th May 2nd & 26th June


St Catherine’s Hall Wittenham Avenue

Time 2.30 - 4.30 pm Price £4 each includes Dancing, Instruction & Tea Further details contact Anita Holbeche  0118 941 8046 May 2016



Registered Charity 102992

Cornwell 0-5s is a well established Parent & Toddler Group run by local mums in the Cornwell Centre, Home Croft (off Clements Mead), Tilehurst, RG31 5WJ. We offer a stimulating and fun environment for children and a great place for parents and carers to socialise.

We run two sessions a week: Tuesdays 10.00 am - 1.00 pm, feel free to bring along a healthy packed lunch for you and your child and join the lunch club in the picnic area from 12.00 - 1.00 pm And Thursdays, a special session for Childminders, 9.45 - 11.45 am If you are interested in joining, please feel free to drop in at one of the sessions or call Camilla East  07581 067 499 email: toddlergroupcornwell@gmail.com or see www.cornwell0to5s.wordpress.com

Registered charity 1006732 - Established over 45 years St Catherine’s Hall, Wittenham Avenue, Tilehurst, RG31 5LN A caring and supportive setting where Children are our heart and inspiration  Ofsted Inspected with a team of qualified staff  Outside Play Area  Morning Sessions Daily during Term Time  Children with Special Needs welcome  ‘Little Munch Club’ facility For more information, or to arrange a visit to come and see us in action, contact us on  07745 909 348 see www.stcatherinespreschool.co.uk

St. Catherine’s Church Centre, Wittenham Avenue, Tilehurst

Saturdays 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm

May 14th, June 18th, July 16th, Sept 17th, Oct 15th, Nov 19th We provide time, space, tea & coffee. You bring along the craft projects you’ve always meant to do :A donation of around £1.25 per person, per hour to cover the cost of hall hire, tea & coffee.

https://www.facebook.com/CraftySpace Contact Val Poore  0118 962 4555 email ∙ val.poore@ntlworld.com 18


May 2016

New Bishop of Oxford is announced The new Bishop of Oxford is to be the Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft, Downing Street has announced. Bishop Steven succeeds the Rt Revd John Pritchard, who retired in October 2014 after seven years in post. Bishop Steven, who is 58, is currently Bishop of Sheffield, a role he has held since 2009. He serves on the Archbishops’ Council and Chairs the Ministry Council of the Church of England. He has been a member of the House of Lords since 2013. He has a passion for mission and evangelism and for finding creative ways of sharing the Gospel. He is the coauthor of the Emmaus and Pilgrim courses, which help people engage with the Christian faith. The Bishop of Oxford leads the Church of England in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, supported by the Area Bishops of Dorchester, Buckingham and Reading. The Diocese is one of the largest and most complex in the Church of England, stretching from Milton Keynes in the north, to Newbury in the south; from the Cotswolds in the west to Slough in the east. The Diocese has a population of 2.3 million people, more than 800 churches and almost 600 parochial clergy. It includes 12 secondary and 270 primary church schools. As the senior bishop in the Diocese, Bishop Steven will lead a large team and is expected to have a wide ranging role across the Thames Valley alongside his national responsibilities.

May 2016

Bishop Steven has personal connections with Oxford: he is a graduate of Worcester College, Oxford, and met and married his wife Ann in the city. The family lived in Oxford from 2004 until 2009 when Bishop Steven was leading ‘Fresh Expressions’, an initiative aimed at encouraging new forms of church for the 21st century. Speaking about his appointment, Bishop Steven said: ”I am looking forward enormously to a new challenge and new responsibility in the Diocese of Oxford and to working with the senior team and many others to serve the local communities and to build up the life of the Church. There are many signs of God’s grace at work across the Diocese and immense potential for the future. I would ask for the prayers of the Diocese in the coming weeks and months for all that lies ahead.”

The Bishop of Dorchester, the Rt Revd Colin Fletcher, who is serving as Acting Bishop of Oxford during the vacancy, said: “Today is a great day for our (Continued on page 20)



AQUASPORTS is a Christian lakeside water sports activities holiday that’s definitely not to be missed! Based near Marlow, Buckinghamshire, the holiday offers young people from 14 to 19 years of age and of any background, a week of exciting activities – on the water and off. This amazing holiday offers young people the chance to learn and improve in different water sports in a safe environment, taught by qualified instructors, along with chilling out in or by the water. As well as the water sports there are land-based activities such as football, tennis, volleyball and more. Each evening there are challenging christian talks, small group discussions and ‘Late Night’ – a mad session of interactive entertainment. Alongside this there’s great food and great company – you will never want to go home! For further information and to book your place see www.aquasports.org.uk Helen Boyer (Continued from page 19) Diocese as we welcome the announcement of the next Bishop of Oxford. As both a diocesan bishop and as a parish priest Steven has shown a passion for sharing the good news of Christ in both traditional and innovative ways. Link that to his wide experience of training men and women for a variety of ministries and you can understand there will be much rejoicing around the Diocese today. ” During the announcement day Bishop Steven travelled across the diocese, visiting all three counties of his new diocese. The day began with breakfast with colleagues in Bicester, an area of significant new housing development, and ended with Evening Prayer at the Cathedral. “Today will be just a whistlestop tour but I’m very much looking forward to


making longer visits to all corners of the diocese when I take up office later in the year,” he said. The Dean of Christ Church, the Very Revd Professor Martyn Percy, said: “The Cathedral very much looks forward to welcoming Bishop Steven to Oxford, and to the wider diocese. “Bishop Steven comes with a wealth of experience in ministry, mission and in theological education, and the diocese will welcome the many gifts that he will bring to our work across the cities, communities and counties of the diocese. The diocese – like its cathedral – is both complex and unique, and we look forward to the distinctive gifts that Bishop Steven will bring to us in our shared vocation.” Bishop Steven expects to take up office in the early autumn.


May 2016

Holiday Club Monday 8th - Friday 12th August 2016 By August 7th we’re planning turning St Catherine’s Centre into the seaside! It’s for this year’s holiday club - Seaside Rock which is aimed at children in Primary School. Props needed We want to make things look as much like the seaside as possible. If anyone has anything that could help and which you are willing to lend us please contact Val Poore on  0118 962 4555 or  Val.Poore@ntlworld.com. Our ideas so far are inflatable dinghy’s, lilos, a Punch & Judy stand, an ice cream cart, fishing nets, buoys, swimming flippers, sand castles …….. I’m sure you can think of others yourselves. Collecting needed We’d like to collect brightly coloured wool for one of our craft activities. If anyone has any left overs, even small bits we’d like them. We’d also like some help with making big balls of wool into lots of small balls of wool and putting paper ‘stickers’ round sticks of rock! Help needed We’ll need lots of help during the week from teenagers and adults. They’ll be all sorts of roles - from refreshment preparers to group leaders, craft sorters to games coordinators. Please think and pray over whether you can be involved. Make a date

So please make a date in your diary for our 27th annual holiday club. It’s planned to start with a special service on the morning of Sunday 7 th August. The main week runs from Monday 8th to Friday 12th, 10.00 am to 12.00 noon each weekday morning. We might even end with a celebration and meal at Friday lunchtime. Please talk to Tony, Evelyn, Stuart or Val for more details. Val’s contact details are above, Tony’s contact details are on page 2. Val & Stuart Poore.

Tilehurst Horticultural Association 7.30 pm Thursday 26th May - Plant Exchange at the Village Hall, Victoria Rd Saturday 4 June Plant Stall at RBH League of Friends Fete Victoria Rec. See


May 2016



Your friendly local tennis club in Tilehurst Whether you want to improve your game, play socially, or compete in matches, we have something for you. New members welcome! Visit us at www.woodlandtennisclubonline.co.uk Or call Jane on 07801 286 563

Established 1961

 Mini tennis for under 10’s  Junior and adult coaching  Ladies morning  Veterans afternoon  Junior and adult socials

For coaching enquiries call James on 07717 101 911 Or visit www.ignitiontennis.com

 Junior and adult teams Woodland LTC Wendover Way, Tilehurst, RG30 4RU



May 2016

Knit a Christmas Tree? Help turn this into this! Several groups across the country have already successfully done this as a combined church and community undertaking, and we would like to try such a project here in Tilehurst, based at the Methodist Church in School Road. Knitted squares will be arranged over a framework to give the effect of a mature Christmas tree which will be decorated with lights etc in the usual way. To do this we would need several hundred knitted squares: 8” (20cm), 9” (23cm), 10” (26cm) in any shade of green as you might find on any Christmas tree. We want to encourage everyone: young and older, male and female, in the wider community to take part, and to do this effectively we want to contact as many individuals, groups, organisations and businesses where people might be willing to help.

We would like to provide knitting needles and wool at places such as cafes, hairdressers, and surgeries where people meet or wait, so that a few rows can be knitted by many different people. Occupants at the various residential and care homes would also be invited to take part as would youth organisations, groups and schools. Apart from the knitting, a frame will have to be constructed on which the folded squares will be arranged, and help will be needed with this.

May 2016

We would like EVERYONE to be involved so that the tree can be ready, in position and decorated for the beginning of Advent at the end of November 2016. Could you help by knitting, contacting other organisations, building the frame, supplying balls of surplus or unwanted wool? The aim would be to have the names of all contributors recorded (if they agree) so that they can be invited to see the finished tree at a special event at the end of November. After Christmas the squares will be turned into blankets to send to various charitable organisations. For more information please contact Joan or Don Moffat  0118 942 1680

Christian Aid Week 15th to 21st May This year we will be looking at the plight of Morsheda Begum and her four children who live in constant fear of flooding in Bangladesh. A simple earth plinth would lift their home out of the reach of the floodwaters, giving her a safe place to rebuild a home for her children, keep livestock and grow crops.This is the week we practise loving our neighbours all over the world, so please join us by raising some money, either in our house-to-house collection, or with a special event or by taking part in the Walk. Details from Richard Canning  0118 942 8238



Vivace Voices Director of Music - Ian westley

Concert To celebrate the new Community Centre St Catherine’s Church Tilehurst rg31 5ln Friday May 27th at 2.30 pm

Admission ÂŁ3 includes programme & afternoon tea All proceeds to the Church



May 2016

Project progress in pictures Here’s a view you may not see again, taken from the builder’s site cabin looking down on the South side of the Church and Hall what a difference!

5th December - The old porch, narthex, garage store and old vestry have been demolished and foundations are in place for the new toilets.

20th April - construction of the new kitchen, vicar's office, entrance and toilets is complete, fitting out and landscaping next.

May 2016



If you’ve spent any time talking to Peter Broomfield you’ll know that he has a wealth of stories about his working life as an electrician, his day to day walk with Jesus and how the two have so often intermingled. We’ve asked Peter to write something for the magazine and this is the first part, next month’s piece will be ‘my memories and experiences of being a Christian’. Tony Bartlett editor

My memories and experiences of being a Sparky by Peter Broomfield This year, I will have been an electrician for 50 years, and will also reach the ripe old age of 65 and officially due to retire. I thought I would on a lighter note, tell you of some of the things that have happened to me in that period, although at the time they did not seem funny, I can now look back with a smile.

to wire for a new bungalow. I arrived late as I had picked up materials needed on the way. On arriving at the job at around 10 o'clock, tea time, the builder asked if I was going to have a cup of tea with them before starting. I said “no thanks, I have to get on to make up for lost time”.


Up I went into the loft space and started wiring. I stepped between two wet joists, slipped and came crashing through the ceiling, landing on the table that they were sat round and having their tea. I was told in no uncertain manner that I would now have to stop for tea or else.

I started as an apprentice electrician at the age of 15, answering the office phone when the boss was out and any job other than electrical work to start with. One day I was told to creosote the fencing at the back yard of our offices. I had never done this before, so off I went at pace, trying to impress, no gloves on, and no one mentioned health and safety, I had creosote everywhere including my hands and then going to the loo to have a pee, you can guess what happened, had to be taken to the A & E in great pain and stinging to youknow where and in complete embarrassment.

I put my feet in it! Having qualified, I was going to Wokingham on a cold wet winter's day,


A costly breakage I was working in a pub in Wargrave. I had to drill a hole through the wall in the cellar to take some cables. I measured up to where I thought I would come through and decided that would be OK. The walls were very thick and I starting drilling, I broke through followed by a crash. On investigation I had mis-measured and knocked 6 bottles of whisky off a shelf in another room in the cellar. (Continued on page 27)


May 2016

(Continued from page 26) My boss took the costs of the breakages out of my wages, meaning I had no wages that week. A very costly hole but a lesson to be learnt, never assume anything, always double check.

A brush with MI5 I went to London to carry out some electrical works in a mews cottage. I had to install some additional wiring for the new kitchen all the way back to the fuseboard. Finding an easy route for these cables was near on impossible. On investigation I discovered there was a void I could use. Having spoken to the owner it was decided this was a good idea. I cut a trap into the void and climbed in. Within a matter of minutes, three men appeared at the door, rushed upstairs to where I was in the void and insisted I come out at once. These gents were from MI5 and I had got in to a void space above next door, this was silently alarmed and was a MI5 safe house. I had to find another way for the cables and explain that I really was an electrician and not a spy.

Locked in I remember also one day going to Fairmile hospital near Wallingford to repair a faulty lighting circuit. The hospital was a special facility for the unfortunate troubled folk. I traced the fault to an empty wing of the hospital no longer in use and was let in to carry out the repair. I did not realize that the doors had special locks that would only let you out from within with a special pass key.

May 2016

With no pass key or mobile phone (they did not exist then), I finished and tried the door but could not get out. I felt a sense of panic. All the windows had bars across, my attempt to get help from visiting passers- by on the path outside was only met with a smile, as I guess they thought I was one of the patients. After what seemed to be hours I had the bright idea of breaking the glass to the fire alarm call point, this got staff calling to investigate and rescue me.

A Bomb? On another occasion I was going to a Mothercare shop in the new shopping mall in Windsor. This was the period in the 1970s when the IRA were in a full bombing campaign in the UK. The car park was under the shopping area and I parked the van there. I took tools and materials I thought I needed for the repair out of the van, I also took out the drill as I thought I may need that, locked the van and then realised I could not carry it all. Rather than unlock the van again, the key was in my pocket and difficult to get, I'll leave the drill that was in a steel carry case and push it under the van to pick up later I thought, I did the job and several others throughout the day elsewhere, returning home around 6 o’clock in the evening (again prior to mobile phones) to be told by my wife that the police in Windsor would like to speak to me. They had cleared out the whole shopping Mall, because of a suspected bomb in the car-park. The bomb squad were called in, they used their mobile robot, opened it to find a drill inside. They were not (Continued on page 28)



(Continued from page 27) amused and I rightly got a good ticking off when I went to the Police Station Windsor to collect my drill.

Painting the carpet? Then there came a long period with no mishaps, until quite recently. I had arranged to replace several recessed lights in the boss's office at Englefield where I work while he was away on business in Scotland. All went well, but decided to just touch up the ceiling around each of the lights as there were small marks where the new fittings were slightly smaller. The next day I returned to touch up the marks, put a dust sheet down, with a large commercial tin of paint from our stores, and just using what paint was on the underside of the lid to touch up. Pleased that had done a good job, put back on the lid. I then picked up the tin only for the wire carrying handle to break resulting in the tin hitting the floor at an odd angle, forcing the lid off and paint going all over the brown carpet. Complete panic, then the brain clicked in, it’s emulsion, what's needed is water and plenty of it. I dashed down the stairs, saw the boss's secretary and asked her for a bucket. We could not find a bucket, so I decided to use an empty plastic waste paper bin, filled it full with water and returned up the stairs only for the waste paper bin to spilt from top to bottom with 2 gallons of water spilling all over the stair carpet. A bucket was found eventually, all the paint came up, without a stain in sight. The Boss did not know, but I have told him since and he could not stop laughing.


Crash! At Englefield House, where they have many large, old and expensive chandeliers and light fittings, part of my job is to ensure that these lights are in working order. One afternoon I went up to what we call the big house to fit some replacement lamps/bulbs to one of the high level suspended light fittings on the ground floor hallway. I put up the tall steps, climbed up, fitted the new bulb, came down and on reaching the ground there was an almighty crash with the fitting disintegrating and crashing to the ground, thousands of shattered pieces of glass everywhere. Complete shock and panic set in, hands over eyes, it’s just a dream I thought, I’ll wake up any minute. To cut a long story short, there was a defect with the fitting and it was not my fault, and it could have happened at any time, with perhaps someone walking underneath. The Benyon Family were very understanding saying that's what we have insurance for and thank goodness it did not fall on one of the children. I believe it cost in excess of 20 thousand pounds to replace.

To conclude Right now, on reading this, you’re probably thinking, Frank Spencer from ‘Some mother do have them’ or Dell boy from ‘Only fools and horses’ with a smile on your face, that's great because that’s what I had hoped for when I decided to write these mishaps / memoirs. I have of course carried out many, many projects in the last 50 years without any mishaps, but I thought you would find all that rather boring. It's just as well these are my memoirs and not my CV!


May 2016

Word for Today


A career is something you choose; a calling is something you receive. A career is something you do for yourself; a calling is something you do for God. A career promises status, money, and power; a calling generally promises difficulty, suffering, and the opportunity to be used by God. A career may end with retirement and lots of toys; a calling doesn't end until you die. A career can be disrupted by any number of events, but God enables you to fulfil your calling even in the most difficult circumstances. For some people in Scripture obeying the call of God meant living in slavery, being captured and sent into exile, or being put to death. Their career trajectories didn't look promising, yet they fulfilled their calling in extraordinary ways. Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship, once had one of the highest profile careers in America. He had access to power and influence in the Nixon White House, yet he was sent to prison. His career was over, but his calling was just beginning. He was called to reach others just like himself. He reflects: 'The real legacy of my life was my biggest failure - that I was an ex- convict. My great humiliation - being sent to prison - was the beginning of God's greatest use of my life; He chose the one experience in which I couldn't glory (and used it) for His glory.' In the providence of God, the end of your career can be the beginning of your calling. So whatever God has called you to do, the Bible says, 'Give yourselves fully to the work...because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain.' This thought is taken from ‘The Word for Today’, Daily Bible reading notes produced quarterly by UCB (United Christian Broadcasters Ltd) PO Box 255, Stoke on Trent, ST4 8YY. If you would like to receive these free notes or those aimed at Secondary School age, please ask Evelyn Bartlett  0118 967 8659 who is our church rep for UCB.

Send a Cow House Party Friday 6th May, 2pm to 9pm. 16 Felton Way, Tilehurst. Please come and join us to raise money for the charity Send a Cow, which sends farming and educational resources to Africa. Tea, Coffee, Cakes & other refreshments will be available. We will collect donations for the charity. Val Poore & Caroline O’Sullivan May 2016



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May 2016

May 2016



The Anglican Parish of

Tilehurst St Catherine & Calcot St Birinus ST CATHERINE OF SIENA Wittenham Avenue, Tilehurst, RG31 5LN www.stcatherines-tilehurst.org.uk Saturday 3.30 pm Messy Church is on one Saturday most months and also other ‘Messy Dates’, it’s a fun time of worship and activities for all the family followed by a meal. Sunday 8.00 am Our Early Service of Communion or Morning Prayer, is quiet and reflective. An opportunity to start Sunday thinking about God. Sunday 9.30 am Is an exciting time of Praise and Worship, to fire you up for the week ahead. An opportunity for an encounter with God through word, sacrament, prayer, prophecy and healing. There are refreshments at 9.00 am and again at 11.00 am. 11.30 am on the first Sunday of the month Baptisms are held in a lively service that is fun for all the family. Where there’s a fifth Sunday in the month Both churches meet together for a joint service at 10.30 am either at St Catherine’s or the Cornwell Centre.

CORNWELL COMMUNITY CHURCH The Cornwell Centre, Home Croft, off Clements Mead, Tilehurst, RG31 5WJ www.cornwellcommunitychurch.org.uk www.cornwellcommunitychurch.blogspot.co.uk Sunday 11.00 am An opportunity for the whole family to meet with God through praise, prayer and teaching with special fun activities for children (Sunday School). Refreshments (including cakes and fresh coffee) from 10.30 am and after the service. An informal Communion Service is usually held on the second Sunday of each month. See pages 4 & 5 for a full listing of church services in the Parish For initial enquiries regarding baptisms and weddings, please telephone  0118 942 7786



May 2016

Profile for St Catherines

RG31 - May 16  

The Parish Magazine of Tilehurst St. Catherine and Calcot St. Birinus

RG31 - May 16  

The Parish Magazine of Tilehurst St. Catherine and Calcot St. Birinus