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June 2019

June 2019

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Licensed Lay Minister

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June 2019

Mike Heather Happiness is . . . Everybody deserves to be happy, but when you meet some individuals you’re at a loss to know what it will take to make it happen. It’s been a lifelong pursuit for many and they still don’t appear to have found what it is that makes them happy. I wonder why? People are usually about as happy as they decide to be. An American magazine called ‘Parade’ last year researched the subject of how to find happiness and came up with some interesting conclusions. It said “Citizens of different countries have different ideas as to what makes people happy. The Australians say health is the most important precondition for happiness. The Greeks go for honesty. The Dutch say beauty in Women and handsomeness in Men make for happiness. The British a sense of humour, the Italians and American’s say whilst money is not a guarantee of happiness it certainly helps.” But why is happiness such a complex and challenging issue? Is it really that difficult to find? Perhaps people are looking in the wrong place and relying on the wrong things? The deaf and blind American writer and lecture Helen Keller says that “When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look for so long at the closed door that we don’t see the one that has opened before us”. The best feeling of happiness is when you have made someone else happy. The late comedian Ken Dodd made a theme song about happiness. He’d sing, “Happiness, Happiness, the greatest gift that I posses. I thank the Lord that I’ve been blessed with more than my share of Happiness.” Whether he actually thanked the Lord, I don't know. However the Bible says “Happy is the man who puts his trust in the Lord”. I once read that for every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness. Personally I think its a lot longer if you take into account the fall-out from your actions. People who ignore God are most likely to be unfulfilled. But someone who is completely reliant upon God will be truly happy, no matter what the circumstances. We’re told “seek your happiness in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desire”. So next time you are finding it difficult to be happy and a smile is furthest from your thoughts, just take a few moments out for yourself and look to God, and remember that Happiness is an outward expression of an inward joy that is found in Jesus. Lots of happiness and many smiling faces.

Mike June 2019



Services in the Parish The Garden Room at St Catherine's is open during the day and reserved for quiet, prayer and meditation. Every Wednesday 9.30 am A simple service at St Joseph’s or St Catherine's see page 16

Every Thursday 12.15 pm Holy Communion or Morning Prayer - Garden Room 2.00 pm Community Prayer - Garden Room

Every Friday during term time 9.15 am Tots Praise - Café Siena, St Catherine's

Saturday 1st June 3.30 pm Messy Church - St Catherine’s

Sunday 2nd June - Seventh Sunday of Easter Acts 16.16-34, Psalm 97, Revelation 22.12-14, 16,17,20,21, John 17.20-26 8.00 am Morning Prayer - The Garden Room 9.15 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell After over 25 years this will be the final service of Cornwell Community Church in the Cornwell Centre

Wednesday 5th June 11.00 am Holy Communion at York House

Sunday 9th June - Pentecost Acts 2.1-21 or Genesis 11.1-9, Psalm 104.26-36,37b, Romans 8.14-17 or Acts 2.1-21, John 14.8-17[25-27] 8.00 am Holy Communion 9.15 am Word & Worship Commissioning Service 11.00 am All Age Service The first of our new 11.00 am weekly service incorporating All Stars Family Worship and the Cornwell Congregation

Sunday 16th June - Trinity Sunday Proverbs 8.1-4,22-31, Psalm 8, Romans 5.1-5, John 16.12-15 8.00 am Morning Prayer 9.15 am Holy Communion 11.00 am All Age Service 4


June 2019

Sunday 23rd June - Proper 7 Isaiah 65.1-9, Psalm 22.19-28, Galatians 3.23-29, Luke 8.26-39 8.00 am Holy Communion 9.15 am Word & Worship 11.00 am All Age Service with Communion

Sunday 30th June - Proper 8 1 Kings 19.15-16,19-21, Psalm 16, Galatians 5.1,13-25, Luke 9.51-62 9.15 am Holy Communion 11.00 am All Age Service 6.30 pm Healing service

Wednesday 3rd July 11.00 am Holy Communion at York House

Saturday 6th July 3.30 pm Messy Church

Sunday 7th July - Proper 9 Isaiah 66.10-14, Psalm 66.1-8, Galatians 6.[1-6]7-16, Luke 10.1-11,16-20 8.00 am Morning Prayer 9.15 am Holy Communion 11.00 am All Age Service with Baptism

Pentecost - 9th June When the Spirit Came For Christmas we have the build-up of Advent, and Easter Day is preceded by Holy Week. But when it comes to Whit Sunday, it just suddenly arrives. Yet Pentecost is all about the birth of the Christian church and the coming of the Holy Spirit. Surely, that is something to get excited about! For forty days following our Lord's resurrection, Jesus appeared to His followers and taught them about the Kingdom of God.

June 2019

Just before His ascension into Heaven, Jesus told the disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the gift of the Spirit. Ten days after His ascension, it was the Feast of Pentecost and this was a signiďŹ cant festival for the Jews. It was an annual occasion for people to assemble in the Holy City.


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June 2019

(Continued from page 5) The day marked the time when the barley harvest officially ended.

According to tradition, this is where Jesus ate the 'Last Supper' and His followers received the Holy Spirit.

This feast day was characterised by religious ceremonies and the offering of sacrifices. No work was done. It was a day of thanksgiving.

On Whit Sunday we would do well to remember why the Holy Spirit was sent to us. We are given power to live God’s way:

A time to remember deliverance from Egypt and God's mercy and reconciliation with His covenant people.

• to lead us into the things God has prepared for us; • to worship and glorify Him; • to enable us to pray; • to lead us into truth; • to give us a desire to share the love of Christ with others and to help us trust God for all our needs. This Pentecost may our prayer be for God’s Spirit to transform us, for the gentleness of His Spirit to lead us, and for the gifts of His Spirit to equip us. Amen.

On the day of Pentecost, the followers of Jesus met together in an upper room. Its location was probably on Mount Zion to the west of Jerusalem. The site can be visited although it’s not the Upper Room. It’s an ancient building dating from the 14th century and built on the site of a church destroyed by the Persians seven centuries earlier. But the first floor chamber is large with old paving stones, surrounded by stone pillars and arches.

Lester Amann

From the registers RIP Funerals taken by Ministers Frederick Joyce Please remember Frederick’s family and friends in your prayers.

Baptisms Baptised at St. Catherine's on 5th May Mason and Freddie Drew Please remember their family and Godparents in your prayers.

Mothers’ Union Prayer Chain—Prayer in Emergencies A call to one of the following numbers will start a chain of prayer straight away.

Valerie Forrow℡ 0118 942 9319 Evelyn Bartlett℡ 0118 967 8659 Sheila Ward ℡ 0118 942 5760 June 2019

Hilary Smee ℡ 0118 941 2895 Jo Day ℡ 0118 942 1481 Lorraine Roberts ℡ 0118 942 6189



Our Landlord Our Landlord is sad and unhappy that his tenants are abusing and misusing His property. We the tenants should all know that this world is our home be it only temporarily, we are merely custodians and therefore our duty is to ensure the world is here for all humans, including all the creatures of the land, sea, and air, and the plants and trees that feed us all and create the oxygen we breath. We all need to coexist and live in harmony with one another, but what a mess we humans are all making of it, with the destruction of all kinds of habitats, the seas are being polluted, the air we all breath is being poisoned, many species are in the urgent need of our attention in order to survive. We all say, but what can l personally do, and l am doing this and that, and it's not my fault or responsibility, it’s the others. Unfortunately, that's not enough or good enough. Do we visit the doctor to complain of having a high temperature, feeling sick and continually tired to ignore the doctor when he tells us, that unless we change our life style we will not get better and we will only shorten our life? We can start by setting examples, stop flying here and there, stop using the car unnecessarily, let the Children walk to school or catch the bus, stop buying food that is out of season, that have air miles or wrapped in plastic, and there are many, many more, far too many to mention but you will know what they are and if not find out.


More is less or is it less is more, I'll let you decide which. We must gather all people's together to share the knowledge that there is still time it must be our mission. Therefore In conjunction with the P.M.C* to explore what God is saying we need to also act and not neglect S.O.W ( SAVE OUR WORLD) , this is the only option left for us and the forthcoming future generations. If we do not heed to the warnings and signs and take no actions, we are all surely on the course of extinction and the world, will then become barren, brown and dusty with no life at all, not unlike the moon. Hope and Prayers are sadly not enough we personally need to go out and heal the sick. We must start today or there may not be to many tomorrows. I repeat again, that our landlord is sad and unhappy, that all his tenants are misusing and abusing his property. Anon P.M.C* This is ‘Partnership for Missional Church’, a three-year process, a journey that the Parish is on. Editor

RG31 The next edition, due out on Sunday 7th July will be a combined July/August edition and will need to include events up to mid September. Deadline for copy will be Friday 28th June.


June 2019

West Berkshire Re-Cycling

Reading RSPB group

Longer Opening Hours at Padworth

Indoor meetings are 8-10pm and held in Pangbourne Village hall, Pangbourne, next to ‘The Elephant’. Subscriptions include entrance to all indoor meetings. Adults £15 Juniors £10, entrance fees for visitors Adults £5 Juniors half price.

This Recycling Centre, Padworth Lane, Lower Padworth, RG7N 4JF is now open 7 days a week 8.00am to 6.00pm. This is for a six-month trial period from 1st April until 30th September and is in response to feedback that the original afternoon only opening hours were not convenient. Remember that the site can take general waste (i.e. Black Bin material) now as well as materials for recycling. The only exceptions are Asbestos, Furniture for re -use and Gas Bottles. If there is not a demand for these longer opening hours the trial will cease, so do please make use of this local facility.

Events etc

11th June: "Lincolnshire" Steve Lovell, A naturalists' paradise. 14th June: Bramshill, Our evening walk to see nightjars and woodcock will be a return to Bramshill, which we have not visited for a long time. Postcode RG27 0RJ. 15th June: Reading Waterfest Trading event, including RSPB stall, along the Kennet in Reading. 22nd June: Coin Collection Woodley Collection in Woodley town centre.

Take Note Community Choir will be presenting their first concert at the Kennet Valley Free Church, Carter’s Rise, Ford’s Farm, Reading RG31 7YT on Saturday, 6th July 2019 at 7.30 for 8.00 pm.

See - www.reading-rspb.org

Summer Concert Wednesday 17th July at 2.30 pm

We shall be showcasing our repertoire of songs in different styles from the 1960’s to present day.

St Stephen's Church Pangbourne Road, Upper Basildon. RG8 8LS Tickets £5 on the door - including programme and afternoon tea.

Tickets are available at £5.00, either on the door, or by ringing Box Office numbers:

All proceeds to the Royal Berks Charity


June 2019





June 2019

May meeting Moira welcomed everyone and introduced Niamh Kendall who helps with Thrive, which is a charity in Reading, Battersea Park and Birmingham whose purpose is to promote social and therapeutic horticulture. The charity is 40 years old and was inspired and started when Chris Underhill M.B.E., a young agriculturalist and horticulturalist, saw how beneficial working with plants and on the land was to the blind and people with learning disabilities while he was volunteering in Africa. His friend Dr. Geoffrey Udall bequeathed his estate including a 3 acre walled garden at Beech Hill to the charity. Some may remember him taking services at St. Catherine’s after his ordination and during an interregnum. Niamh mentioned the surprising statistics that 13 million people in the UK have long term illness, impairment or disability, and 1 in 4 experience mental health problems every year. So Thrive and its volunteers help sufferers (perhaps recommended by their GP) with exercise, building confidence and self-esteem. This reduces feelings of isolation and exclusion especially when clients and helpers get together to produce something e.g. hanging baskets and flower troughs. Next Niamh showed a short moving video of Mel, a lady in her 50’s who gained confidence through her activities at Thrive since her parents had died. She now has her own flat decorated with Norwich City and Reading F.C.

June 2019

memorabilia which she proudly displayed! The Thrive information service receives 3,000 enquiries a year e.g. availability of special tools for stroke sufferers, hints on garden design for care homes, and also members of the police come to experience people with special needs. The Charity welcomes volunteers for say, a one day a week commitment. Open Afternoons are popular and future ones are from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm on: Wednesday 31st July, Friday 30th August and Thursday 26th September Donations are gratefully received and a wander round the gardens can be followed by a drink and home-made cake before purchasing a plant or produce to take home. Sheila Bryant



Baptism of Mason & Freddie

A lovely service, all the family thought Gill and the happy hymns together with the Service was really good and relaxed. One particular grandson was very impressed with the Hall, cafe area and the amount of different things which we are involved with within the church. Sheila Drew

I saw these wise words posted in the entrance to St Mary's chapel at Lulworth Castle. Hilary Smee

What is Living Simply “We need to take up an ancient lesson, found . . .also in the Bible. • It is the conviction that ‘less is more’; • It is a return to that simplicity which allows us to stop and appreciate the small things; • To be grateful for the opportunities which life affords us; • To be spiritually detached from what we possess, and not to succumb to sadness for what we lack; • It is not a lesser life or one lived with less intensity. On the contrary, it is a way of living life to the full; • Happiness means knowing how to limit some needs which only diminish us and being open to the many different possibilities which life can offer.” Pope Francis - Laudato Si



June 2019

Jesus was baptised in the River Jordan over 2000 years ago by John the Baptist and millions of us have followed His example over the centuries since. Babies, toddlers, children, adolescents and adults alike. In early May we had a Baptism Service that I decided to stay on for. It was the first one I'd been to of Rev Gills and I just knew it would be lively and joyful. No one could have been disappointed. To be baptised is a very special occasion and I recalled some of the symbolism of this sacrament. • The Cross invokes God's protection and asks for entry into the body of the Christian church. • The White Clothing symbolises a clean slate in God's eyes. • The Oil brings the Holy Spirit and person together. • The Water means a divine life, purity and cleansed from sin. • The Light from the candles lit represents moving from death to life in Christ. • The Font symbolises baptismal streams, rivers or pools of water from centuries past. The families arrived, parents with young children, relatives and friends. It was

June 2019

good to see so many happy people prepared to witness this event for the children. The first thing I spied as I sat down at the back was a washing up bowl on small table. I had visions of the children being dunked in it but I needn't have worried because it was merely a prop for Gills illustration! She dropped a red dyed cloth into the washing up bowl, gave it a shake around and when she lifted it out it was white! Showing that by being baptised in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit with water, that we are cleansed. The Prayer Dog was passed to each of the parents and God parents and they made a wish for the children. Their wishes were for health, wealth, happiness and love. Rev Gill then prayed for their hopes for the children's future. We sang easy songs led by the musicians, while flying all the flags and using most of the shaky, noisy instruments. It was both informal and a truly meaningful service. My prayer is that we see many more baptisms and that families follow on by joining us at the new Allsorts@11 service which offers a 'Sunday School' offering crafts and activities. Lorraine Roberts



Beware the summer strawberry tea The Rectory, St James the Least My dear Nephew Darren Never, ever feel aggrieved that your summer strawberry tea has to be held in the church hall rather than on a lawn, since there is hardly a single blade of grass to be found in your entire parish. You have no idea of the potential calamities you are avoiding. Here, during the previous week, the organisers will be desperately asking the opinion of local farmers about the weather. In doing so, they forget that for the farming community, it is always the wrong sort of weather anyway. I once received a heartfelt plea from the staff at Heathrow Airport for our ladies to stop calling them at hourly intervals to &ind out if hurricanes may be imminent. Naturally, the day will start out warm and sunny and so all the tables will be arranged on the vicarage lawn. By 10am, tablecloths will have been laid. By 10.10am, a brisk breeze will have sprung up and someone will be delegated to retrieve them all from deep within the nettle patch. By 11am, clouds will gather, and a decision will be made to transfer everything into the church hall. Once that is completed, just when it is almost too late to change, the sun will reemerge and there will be a frantic dash to put everything back on the lawn. This ensures that by 2pm when teas start, the ladies will already be in a state of collapse. Last year, the Dowager Duchess of Trilby graced us with her presence. As she sat with her entourage, elegantly sipping tea under a giant parasol over the table, the thing – equally elegantly – closed around her, leaving her looking like one of those unfortunate insects trapped by a carnivorous plant. To emerge from its depths looking entirely un&lustered was beyond even her social skills. Fortunately, attention was diverted from her predicament by the wife of one of our farmers. This substantial lady had been sitting in a chair with slightly too thin legs for the damp lawn. The rear two slowly sank into the grass, eventually catapulting the dear lady backwards into the lap of the local mayor. Disentangling red &lannelette from mayoral chains took some time, and delicacy. At least when I have had enough, the lawn can be cleared in minutes by drawing the raf&le. The moment the last plastic shower cap and set of Christmas doilies has been awarded, there will be a dash to get home, giving my dog the opportunity to retrieve remnants of cream cakes from the &lower beds. Your loving uncle, Eustace



June 2019

Dates for the Diary See the following pages for more information June Sat 1 Sun 2 Mon 3 Tues 4 Thurs 6 Fri 7 Sat 8

Messy Church 3.30-5.00 pm at St Catherine's Final service at the Cornwell Centre Working Party to clear Cornwell cupboards 3.30-6.00 pm Archdeacon’s Visitation 7.30 pm Greyfriars Church Prayer walk around the Calcot area of the parish 4.00 pm 3.00 pm St Catherine’s at Boxgrove House League of Friends Summer Fete Victoria Rec. 11.00 am-4.00 pm Churches Together in Tilehurst will have a stand - ‘sowing seeds’ Sat 8 St Catherine's Summer Fair 2.00 - 4.00 pm Fun for all the family Sun 9 The new weekly 11.00 am service begins at St Catherine’s Sun 9 St George’s Church extension official opening 4.00 pm Tues 11 Tilehurst Parish Council meeting 7.30 pm at the Calcot Centre, Highview Weds 12 Quiz evening with Ploughman’s Supper 8.00 pm St Catherine’s Hall tickets £4 from Mother’s Union committee members (Hilary Smee, Steph Walklate, Maureen Ward) Sat 15 Birch Copse School Summer Fair 11.30 am - 3.30 pm, please support our local school Weds 19 Finance Action Group meeting 7.30 pm at St Catherine’s Sat 22 St Catherine’s Pre-school Summer Fair Sun 23 Deadline for copy for the July/August magazine, a joint issue that will need to include events up to the beginning of September

July Fri 5 Sat 6 Sat 6

3.00 pm St Catherine’s at Boxgrove House Messy Church 3.30-5.00 pm at St Catherine's Take Note Community Choir concert 7.30 for 8.00 pm at the Kennet Valley Free Church, at see page 9. Tues 9 Tilehurst Parish Council meeting 7.30 pm at the Calcot Centre, Highview Wed 17 Vivace Voices Concert at St Stephens Upper Basildon 2.30 pm see page 9 Thurs 18 Holiday club training 7.00 pm Sun 21 Review of the new service as part of the 11.00 am service Sun 21 Holiday Club training 4.00 pm Weds 24 PCC meeting 8.00 pm St Catherine's

Looking further ahead Week beginning Sunday 11th August - ‘Backpackers’ Holiday club

June 2019



What’s On In and

Community Event at St Catherine’s Wittenham Avenue RG31 5LN

Friday Friends Meets weekly from 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm every Friday Price £3.50 (carers free) Offering a mix of light exercise, singing together, table-top games and craft activities in a safe, warm and friendly environment – with tea and cakes.

June 7th 14th 21st 28th

Cards & Games Carol of the Bells Alan Copeland Craft

July 5th 12th 19th 26th

Cards & Games Seated exercises Sounds Nostalgia, Bert Randall Curling with Bill

If you think you would like to come, or think you could help, please contact Anne Soley ℡ 0118 942 5407

Wednesdays The Link 28 School Rd RG31 5AN A Tilehurst Community Café managed and run by volunteers. Opening hours Mon-Fri: 10.30 am – 4.00 pm Sat: 11.00 am – 2.00 pm Sun: CLOSED For reasonably priced teas, coffee, snacks, lunches, cards and books.


A simple morning service with St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church held 9.30 am alternating between there and St Catherine's followed by a cup of coffee. See weekly notices at either Church. When at St Catherine’s followed by Meeting Point - meeting together and meeting with God. Teas and Coffees, people to listen and pray in the presence of God for you or for those you are concerned about.


June 2019

Around the Parish June Weds 12th Quiz evening 8.00 pm in the Hall. With ploughman's Supper, tickets £4 Weds 19th Bible Study 8.00 pm at 26 Normanstead Road Weds 26th Fellowship Afternoon 2.00 pm at 26 Normanstead Road

July Weds 10th Bible study 8.00 pm at 9 Compton Avenue Weds 17th Annual Diner At Toby Carvery (note change of date) Weds 24th Fellowship afternoon 2.00 pm at 43 Compton Avenue

St Catherine's Youth Group

Volunteers Required Volunteers required to help run a friendly community café based in St Catherine’s Church (opposite Birch Copse School). Can you help out for an hour or two once or twice a month on Thursday or Friday? If so, why not come in and see what we are about, and have a chat to other volunteers. Alternatively call Karen on  07884 233 450.

14th June Pizzas and Father’s Day cards 28th June Badminton 8.00 - 9.00 pm at Cotswold Sports Centre 12th July End of term Barbecue 6th September Youth group resumes after the Holidays For those at secondary school Sessions are £1.50 and are 7.45-9.15 pm at St Catherine’s. For more information see www.stcatherines-tilehurst.org.uk or phone Dee Anderson 07821 265 804

June 2019



Cornwell 0-5s is a well established Parent & Toddler Group run by St Catherine’s Church in the Cornwell Centre, Home Croft (off Clements Mead), Tilehurst, RG31 5WJ. We offer a stimulating and fun environment for children and a great place for parents and carers to socialise. We run two sessions a week: Tuesdays 10.00 am-12.00 noon, refreshments included And Thursdays, a special session for Childminders, 10.00 am - 12. 00 noon If you are interested in joining, please feel free to drop in at one of the sessions

Registered charity 1006732 - Established over 50 years St Catherine’s Hall, Wittenham Avenue, Tilehurst, RG31 5LN A caring and supportive setting where Children are our heart and inspiration  Ofsted Inspected with a team of qualified staff  Outside Play Area  Sessions Daily during Term Time 9.00 am - 3. 00 pm  Children with Special Needs welcome For more information, or to arrange a visit to come and see us in action, contact us on  07745 909 348 see www.stcatherinespreschool.co.uk

St. Catherine’s Church Centre, Wittenham Avenue, Tilehurst

Saturdays 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm

June 15th, July 13th (No Saturday meetings in August) We You

provide time, space, tea, coffee & cake

bring along the craft projects you’ve always meant to do :-

A donation of around £1.25 per person, per hour is requested to cover the cost of hall hire, tea & coffee.

https://www.facebook.com/CraftySpace Contact Val Poore ℡ 0118 962 4555 email  val.poore@ntlworld.com 18


June 2019

Live a balanced life 'LET YOUR MODERATION BE KNOWN UNTO ALL MEN.' PHILIPPIANS 4:5 KJV To have a balanced life you must live by these two Scriptures: 1) 'God cares for you, so turn all your worries over to him' (1 Peter 5: 7 CEV). 2) 'Be on your guard and stay awake. Your enemy, the devil, is like a roaring lion, sneaking around to find someone to attack' (v. 8 CEV). When you fail to do either of these two things, you've opened the door for Satan to attack you. Too much of anything, even a good thing, is a problem. For example, work is good. But too much of it causes stress, which can result in sickness, resentment, depression, and the breakdown of your relationships. Food is good. But too much of it can lead to serious health problems. It's good to be organised. But if you become a perfectionist you can drive yourself and everyone around you crazy. Any area of your life that gets out of balance will rob you of the joy God wants you to have. Maintaining a life of balance is one of the biggest challenges you'll face. 'Let your moderation be known unto all men.' If you're a highly driven personality, note the word 'moderation'. It means 'Don't go to extremes.' Pastor, excel in your ministry but don't neglect your family. Parent, don't just make a living, enjoy the people you're making it for. It is fine to care about your appearance, but don't be obsessed with your looks because they're not the true measure of your worth as a person. Take a look at your life and ask, 'In what areas am I out of balance?' Then ask God to help you get back into balance. This thought is taken from ‘The Word for Today’, Daily Bible reading notes produced quarterly by UCB (United Christian Broadcasters Ltd) PO Box 255, Stoke on Trent, ST4 8YY. If you would like to receive these free notes or those aimed at Secondary School age, please ask Evelyn Bartlett ℡ 0118 967 8659 who is our church rep for UCB.

Tilehurst Library Craft Group Meets 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm in Tilehurst Library, School Road, RG31 5AS every Monday (except bank holidays) Enjoy crafting with company. Bring along your knitting, sewing, crochet, drawing etc etc. Tea and Coffee provided There is no charge and you get to support your local library at the same time. The Library is open 9-5am for: Books - fiction and non-fiction, adult and children, large print, Books in French and Spanish, Spoken word CDs and cassettes, Music CDs, DVDs, Selection of magazines, Word Processor PC, Photocopier, Free internet access and Wi-Fi, Study space, Toy Library - reserve and pick up small items.

June 2019



Tilehurst Triangle WI At our May meeting, we had a fascinating talk about Cunard’s 148th cruise ship, the third Queen Elizabeth. We were told how the ship developed from the initial ideas right up to her maiden voyage. We were interested and pleased to see that the hull of the ship was made from recycled steel and were shown pictures of a huge pile of twisted metal which was to become part of this grand ship. In addition, we learned what it is like to be a crew member on board cruise ships.

Knit and Natter is held every 6 weeks and is an opportunity for members to meet informally and bring with them knitting or sewing projects. Many blankets for adult patients and hats for premature babies have been knitted or crocheted and taken to the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Tilehurst Triangle WI meets in St Catherine’s Hall on the third Wednesday of each month, except August, at 7.30 pm. Visitors are welcome. We have a Facebook page: so check us out and see what we have been doing and have planned. Ros Somerville (secretary) 0118 941 6838

Doctor, Doctor A man was seen fleeing down the hall of the hospital just before his operation. "What's the matter?" he was asked. He said, "I heard the nurse say, 'It's a very simple operation, don't worry, I'm sure it will be all right.'" Our walking group have continued enjoying the spring weather with walks at Sulham and Pangbourne.


"She was just trying to comfort you, what's so frightening about that?" "She wasn't talking to me. She was talking to the doctor!"


June 2019

Your Holiday Club needs you! We need a lot of helpers (at least 50) to run this. There’s a whole range of tasks that need to be covered, please take a look at the application forms, there’s something for everyone to do! If you’re not sure what you could do, please speak to Gill, Stuart or me. Backpackers begins with the Sunday morning service, 10.30 am on 11th August then 10.00 am-12.00 noon Monday 12th to Friday 16th August. This year all volunteers will have to attend one of the training sessions, either 7.00 pm on Thursday 18th July or 4.00pm on Sunday 21st July. Invitations will be going out in early June, with a closing date for registration of Friday 19th July, to all those who have attended a previous holiday club and there’ll also be spare invitations for you to give out. Tony Bartlett (contact details on page 2)

St Catherine’s Gardening Club Yesterday I arrived home after visits to the Eden Project and the Lost Gardens of Heligan, so my mind is still full of all the immense variety of God’s creation, and the essential part that plants play in our existence. The more I learn the more I am in awe of all that God has made. I have never seen such gigantic rhododendrons as there are at Heligan, making us feel so small as we walked under the vast expanse of growth, and making us feel dizzy as we gasped at the height of the magnificent displays of blooms. My garden is not acid soil so any azaleas I might want to grow must be in ericaceous compost in pots. I have one that really needs to be in the soil so I’m hoping that the church soil may be suitable for us to transplant it there. We have been delighting in the beauty and variety of blooms on the new clematis along the fence at the back of

June 2019

the grass beyond the top car park. We are so grateful to our neighbour Darren for giving us these plants. This whole area is looking so much better this year. Thanks to Paddy’s regular mowing, the grass is looking good, with any rogue brambles cut down as soon as they appear. The rose, Super Dorothy, is in bud, so we are waiting excitedly to see her flowers for the first time. Behind Gill Howgego’s bench is a small area waiting for attention. Various plans are being discussed, so watch this space! On the South wall of the church hall, under the window, the rose, Margaret Rose, is looking wonderful, covered in pink blooms. The roses on the wall facing the top car park have grown fast in recent weeks and are promising to provide a beautiful display again this year. (Continued on page 23)





June 2019

(Continued from page 21) We have yet to plant the summer bedding in the troughs and tubs and along the edge of the buttress bed facing the lower car park, but hope to do this very soon. We need to be sure there will be no more frosts. The hedges everywhere are very much in need of trimming. Please do volunteer to help us with this, even for just an hour, if you possibly can. We will be having a plant stall again at our summer fair, (on 8th June 2.00 – 4.00 pm) so please bring along any surplus plants and cuttings you may have. This is a great chance to see what other

June 2019

people have brought and chat with other gardeners. You’re sure to find a bargain! We hope to see you there, and also most Saturday mornings you will find someone working, so please pop round for a chat and maybe a coffee. We need your wisdom and experience as well as your muscle power! Contact Jo Day 942 1481 or Chris Addison 07966 105 056 if you’d like to know more. Jo Day

“There's something satisfying about getting your hands in the soil.”


E.A. Bucchianeri, Vocation of a Gadfly


Barbers and Big Stones As I've said, we get "logical" attacks on religion. In computer work we used logic, and joked about "fuzzy logic". A REALLY WEIRD logic test? Google for "Monty Hall problem"! Simpler one? A barber shaved anyone who didn't shave, but he NEVER shaved anyone who shaved himself. "Did that barber shave HIMSELF?" Very funny.

Puzzling riddle:- "If God is omnipotent, can He make a stone that's too heavy for Him to lift?" No, He cannot! Panic not. The riddle has contradictions. It's like: "Can an omnipotent God overpower Himself?" No, child, He cannot! "Cannot" here means: "This makes no sense!" If it makes no sense it cannot be applied to the Maker, who Made Sense.

"Anyone" who shaved needed no help? "Anyone" else might want help? But "anyone" surely meant a customer? "Anyone" is the fuzzy bit.

I struggled with odd teachings as a kid: I can be wobbly. But if we're reasonably wary, and admit that we sometimes make little mistakes, I feel we needn't worry too much about "logic" attacks.

Another old joke:- "Green traffic lights do nothing. Red lights delay us! Lights are bad!" Well, lights do delay us (COST!) but they help at busy junctions (BENEFIT!) We often feel the benefit. Lights'd only look very bad if you were inexperienced. Beware of "ivory tower" logic!

Phil French

Some "logical" arguments change the meaning of words stealthily. Watch the meaning of words such as "believe". In older English, it could mean things like "rely on" or "value". Gravity is one of the many things I'm extremely vague about (graviton particles, warped spacetime??), but every day I "rely on" it.

Come to the Light A man goes into a dentist's office. Man: "Excuse me, can you help me? I think I'm a moth." Dentist: "You don't need a dentist. You need a psychiatrist." Man: "Yes, I know." Dentist: "So, why did you come in here?" Man: "The light was on."

I'm offered one of 2 "identical" envelopes. One holds £80 and the other £160. I blindly choose one. It's "average likely value"? £120. But the other envelope might have TWICE that (£240) or HALF (£60), making a better "average" of £150! OOH! I MUST CHANGE ENVELOPES (and keep swapping for ever)!! That did NOT fool you: but there are more convincing logic scams.



June 2019

From the ‘Parish Pump’ Signs & Symbols: Eucharist, Communion and the Lord’s Supper

It is the table of sharing with the poor of the world, with whom Jesus identified himself.

What do you call the church service where Jesus’ last meal with His apostles is re-enacted? And does it matter what we call it?

Come. It is Christ who invites us to meet Him here.

The word ‘Eucharist’ comes from the Greek word eucharistia, which is itself a translation of the Hebrew word berekah. All three words have the meaning of thanksgiving, or praise for the wonderful works of God. So, we are giving thanks for all that God has done for us and all that Jesus has achieved through His life, death and resurrection. ‘Communion’, according to the Cambridge dictionary, has the meaning of being in a close relationship with someone in which feelings and thoughts are exchanged. So, at Communion we are together with Christ and with each other. The term ‘The Lord’s Table’ refers to recalling the last meal that Jesus ate with His apostles, and doing so in remembrance of Him. There is a lovely invitation which is sometimes used to invite people to come forward to receive the bread and wine which goes along these lines:

Come to this table, not because you must but because you may, Come, when you are fearful, doubtful or in need; to be held by the God who made you and loves you. It is the table of company with Jesus, and all who love him. June 2019

What’s important is not so much what we call this act of worship but rather our attitude in accepting this invitation from the Lord Himself. Come. The Rev Dr Jo White

How long could you make £60 last? That is the latest challenge from Children’s Society, as they seek to highlight the plight of many poor people. Children’s Society says: “Imagine the worst week. Your car needs repairs, your boiler has broken, you need to get the groceries in, but you have only £60 left until you get paid next week. Can you make it last?” If you would like to test yourself, to see how you would manage, take the quiz at https://www.childrenssociety.org.uk/ news-and-blogs/our-blog/difficultdecisions-in-a-crisis? Behind the quiz, however, the Childrens’ Society is deadly serious. “Low wages, poor housing and public service cutbacks have left many families struggling. They have to make impossible choices every single day.


(Continued on page 29)


Established 1961

You could advertise here Quarter, Half or Whole page Black & White or Colour Circulation 200 printed copies with some in public places RG31 is also published on the internet - readership unlimited! Contact Richard Canning â„¡ 0118 942 8238  richard@meadowsweet.eu


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June 2019

Christian Aid Week 12th to 18th May Sierra Leone is the most dangerous country in the world to give birth in, by a long margin. It was still recovering from civil war when the Ebola crisis hit. The Ebola outbreak killed one in ten health care workers and left the country with significant debt.

• £60 could buy a starter kit for community health workers, which includes a bicycle, torch, rain coat and rain boots. • £2,500 could buy solar panels for a new clinic. Christian Aid is also inviting supporters to join its campaign to drop Sierra Leone’s debt incurred during its fight against its worst outbreak of Ebola, in 2014 - 2016. If you haven’t already signed, the dropthe-debt petition can be found here https://www.christianaid.org.uk/ christian-aid-week/campaign-petitiondrop-sierra-leone-debt

If there is no clinic in their village, pregnant women in rural Sierra Leone can wait up to eight hours before an ambulance arrives. Others travel to hospital on the back of a hired motorbike, but the poorest have no choice but to walk for hours on foot. Many women and babies do not survive the journey, particularly in the hunger months from May to December when food is scarce.

St Michael’s hosted the Grand Quiz where nearly a hundred people from all our local churches gathered for a nailbiting contest based on the countries of the world. The well-travelled combo of Cornwell and St Caths (CASC) duly won (again). Many thanks to Joan, Douglas, Eileen and Duncan at St Michael’s for a very enjoyable evening, which raised £348 towards Christian Aid. Richard Canning

These can seem like impossible situations to tackle – we read the stories of Jebbeh and Fatmata in the May edition. Over 20,000 churches took part in Christian Aid Week this year to support their global neighbours and, as usual, Cornwell and St Catherine’s were part of that movement, raising £776. • £15 could buy a stethoscope or a bucket of paint for a community health clinic.

June 2019

The Winners (Ella, Hazel, Hilary, Jenny, Katrina, Richard, and Patrick)



A reliable and trustworthy service, for all your general garden and home maintenance. From dripping taps, blocked guttering and general repairs to general decorating, both internally and externally No job is too small ! Please call for a no obligation quote : Mobile :

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June 2019

(Continued from page 25) One bit of bad luck quickly leads to families not being able to afford the basics.

there to support vulnerable families are at risk, and have disappeared altogether in some areas, leaving people with nowhere to turn.”

“To make matters far worse, the councilrun emergency funds that used to be

If you can help, www.childrenssociety.org.uk



God in the Sciences Re-Joining the Choir: Why people are the helpers, not priests, of creation Urbanisation has taken us away from the rest of creation, often reducing it in our eyes to a resource that we draw on when we feel like it, or need it. But Jesus said the stones would start praising Him if people didn’t (19:40), and in the Psalms and Job, all of creation is praising God. There is no hint here that people are needed to enable creation’s praise to happen. The singing is metaphorical, but it draws attention to fact that all creatures praise God by being themselves. They don’t only praise with their ‘voices’, but with everything else they do as well: eating, running, hopping, grooming, reproducing, and so on (which is a reminder to us that our whole lives can be an act of praise to God). Our isolation from creation’s praise can add to our sense that the whole world revolves around us and our needs. In reality, creation is God-centred and ‘His name alone is exalted’ (Psalm 148:13). The value of creation for God is not necessarily linked to its value for us – it is of value to God because He made it, He cares for it, and it praises Him.

June 2019

Genesis 1:28 says that we must “rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground”. To rule wisely we need to get hold of the fact that, although we have a special responsibility, we are creatures alongside all the other creatures. One way to ground ourselves in this idea is to re-join the choir and worship God together with every other living and non -living thing on earth. Rather than being needed to help creation praise God, we can actually rely on it to help us in our worship. Sharing God’s delight in creation, we can learn to delight in God. In return, the best thing we can do is to let living things recover their full fruitfulness as much as possible so they can praise God fully. We are called to a life of humble service, taking care of each other and everything else on this planet. In this way, we can choose to see other creatures as they are, pointing our attention away from themselves towards God – until we are caught up in their praise of Him.


Dr. Ruth Bancewicz The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion in Cambridge


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June 2019

June 2019



The Anglican Parish of Tilehurst St Catherine & Calcot St Birinus ST CATHERINE OF SIENA Wittenham Avenue, Tilehurst, RG31 5LN www.stcatherines-tilehurst.org.uk www.facebook.com/tilehurst.st.catherine Sunday 8.00 am Our early service of Communion (2nd & 4th Sundays) or Morning Prayer (1st & 3rd Sundays), is quiet and reflective, with no singing. An opportunity to start Sunday thinking about God. Refreshments served afterwards. Sunday 9.15 am Communion (1 st & 3rd Sundays) and Word and Worship (non communion) (2nd & 4th Sundays). Praise and teaching, and usually including a time of sharing what God is doing amongst us, followed by prayer for healing, for those who would like it. Refreshments served afterwards. Sunday 11.00 am An opportunity for the whole family to meet with God in an informal setting through praise, prayer and teaching with fun activities for children (Sunday school). Refreshments (including cakes and fresh coffee) from 10.45 am and also afterwards. The Cornwell congregation are a part of this new service. Occasional Afternoon and Evening services are also held - see notices & website for further information.

Thursday 12.15 pm - Communion or Midday Prayer. An informal short (approx. 30 minutes) service with a brief discussion on the day’s readings in the Garden Room. You are invited to stay and eat in the café afterwards Friday 9.15 am - Tots Praise. Jumping, singing and dancing, Bible story, a simple craft and a prayer followed by refreshments. Time for babies and toddlers, parents and carers to enjoy their own dedicated time of worship (term time only). for all, followed by a meal. Quality time for families. Children must bring an adult!

For further details on any of these services email info@stcatherines-tilehurst.org.uk

See pages 4 & 5 for a full listing of church services in the Parish For initial enquiries regarding baptisms and weddings, please telephone ℡ 0118 942 7786



June 2019

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RG31 - June 19  

The Parish Magazine of Tilehurst St. Catherine and Calcot St. Birinus

RG31 - June 19  

The Parish Magazine of Tilehurst St. Catherine and Calcot St. Birinus