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July & August

July/August 2017

The Parish Magazine of Tilehurst St Catherine 2017 & Calcot St Birinus


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Cover Picture : A summer’s evening at St Catherine’s photo Stuart Poore



July/August 2017

Mike Heather The Good Samaritan Over the past few months we have witnessed numerous tragedies. The bombing in Manchester and the two knife attacks in London and as I am writing this I am seeing the images of the aftermath of the horrendous fire in the tower block in London. In all of these events countless lives have been lost, young and old alike, bringing with it the despair, heartache, and anger of those left behind, as they seek to adjust their lives without their loved ones, wondering daily what might have been, what that person would have made of themselves, education, family, career. In all of these events that there has been no respecter of age or gender But in all of this we have seen the Good Samaritan, emerging from the death and destruction like a guarding angel, whether it was an individual who put their own life at risk and sometimes in the process losing theirs, who despite that risk went and helped those suffering or whether it was any members of the police, fire or ambulance, and we must not forget all those who have worked tirelessly since the event. Doctors, nurses and surgeons as well as those members of the public who have pitched in and helped. It takes a special kind of person to do what they did, when every fibre in your body tells you run away as fast as you can. They gave out on the television earlier that at the height of the tower block fire sixty four firemen willingly walked into a raging inferno to try and save the lives of others. Irrespective of religion, age or colour. In London people tackled the man armed with a knife. Scratch the surface in any community and you will find Good Samaritans, as we have seen both in Manchester and London. People offering help and comfort, food and clothing, accommodation and a comforting shoulder, sharing what they have with those in need. People they have never met and in any other circumstance would not. In this day and age where we have those who would seek to destroy all we hold dear, our faith, the way we live and the freedoms we enjoy, how uplifting it is to see everyone helping each other out and the community in general. Thank God however that these Good Samaritans are not there in just emergency's as welcome as they are, they are there day in and day out ministering to the needs of other, however or wherever the call may come in many cases only known to God, and in many cases they themselves wouldn't have it any other way. None of us want to witness another terrible tragedy like the ones we have recently witnessed but I would like to think and I pray to God that if we were called upon in such similar circumstances that our feet would take us into the lions’ den and answer our fellow human beings distress calls. Blessings and may your God go with you.

July/August 2017




Services in the Parish The Garden Room at St Catherine's is open during the day and reserved for quiet, prayer and meditation. Every Thursday 12.15 pm 2.00 pm

Holy Communion or Prayers - Garden Room Community Prayer - Garden Room

Saturday 1st July 3.30 pm

Messy Church, theme ’What is Baptism’ - St Catherine’s

Sunday 2nd July - Proper 8 Jeremiah 28.5-9, Psalm 89.1-4,15-18, Romans 6.12-23, Matthew 10.40-42 8.00 am Morning Prayer - Garden Room 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell

Wednesday 5th July 11.00 am

Service at York House

Sunday 9th July - Proper 9 Zechariah 9.9-12, Psalm 145.8-15, Romans 7.15-25a, Matthew 11.16-19,25-30 8.00 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church A ‘5th Sunday’ month so a Joint morning service today at the Cornwell Centre 11.00 am Parish All Age Service - Cornwell The service will be followed by a picnic; drinks provided but please bring you own picnic, chairs, rugs etc.

Sunday 16th July - Proper 10 Isaiah 55.10-13, Psalm 65.[1-7]8-13, Romans 8.1-11, Matthew 13.1-9,18-23 8.00 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell

Sunday 23rd July - Proper 11 Isaiah 44.6-8, Psalm 86.11-17, Romans 8.12-25, Matthew 13.24-30,36-43 8.00 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell 4


July/August 2017

Sunday 30th July - Proper 12 1 Kings 3.5-12, Psalm 119.129-136, Romans 8.26-39, Matthew 13.31-33,44-52 8.00 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell

Wednesday 2nd August 11.00 am

Service at York House

Sunday 6th August - The Transfiguration of our Lord Daniel 7.9,10,13,14, Psalm 97, 2 Peter 1.16-19, Luke 9.28-36 8.00 am Morning Prayer - Garden Room 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell

Sunday 13th August - Proper 14 1 Kings 19.9-18, Psalm 85.8-13, Romans 10.5-15, Matthew 14.22-33 8.00 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 10.30 am Holiday Club special ‘The Preview’ - St Catherine's Church A special event to which we invite all the children who will be attending ‘Showstoppers’ Holiday Club, along with their families and friends. In this joint St Catherine’s & Cornwell morning service we’ll have a preview of the week; we encourage everyone to come.

No service at Cornwell today Sunday 20th August - Proper 15 Isaiah 56.1,6-8, Psalm 67, Romans 11.1-2a,29-32, Matthew 15.[10-20]21-28 8.00 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell

Sunday 27th August - Proper 16 Isaiah 51.1-6, Psalm 138, Romans 12.1-8, Matthew 16.13-20 8.00 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell

Saturday 2nd September 3.30 pm

Messy Church, theme ‘After-show Party’ - St Catherine’s (Continued on page 7)

July/August 2017





July/August 2017

(Continued from page 5)

Sunday 3rd September - Proper 17 Jeremiah 15.15-21, Psalm 26.1-8, Romans 12.9-21, Matthew 16.21-28 8.00 am Morning Prayer - Garden Room 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell

Wednesday 6th September 11.00 am

Service at York House

Sunday 10th September - Proper 18 Ezekiel 33.7-11, Psalm 119.33-40, Romans 13.8-14, Matthew 18.15-20 8.00 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 9.30 am Holy Communion - St Catherine's Church 11.00 am All Age Service - Cornwell

What is it worth? More news. People attacked for their faith? Faith is important, obviously, but I've never met anyone who, in lab or everyday matters, always got everything right first time. (Programmers spend time correcting their mistakes!) I find some "other" faiths very strange but I also find it hard to believe that our Father utterly condemns any child of His who tries hard, but gets tangled up in misconceptions. If I meet someone who differs from me, I don't think I should bite them. Who knows, with a loving miracle or two from God, one day we might grow a little closer? What exactly is "Faith"? Once I'd been away. I teased my better half: "Have you been faithful?" She replied: "I DID wonder if I'd just imagined you! But then I looked in the laundry basket ... !" 'Faith' can mean just saying yes to a doctrine, or a spouse OR it can mean DOING THINGS, being a good dog, being 'reliable' EVEN when doubts assail us. Did I mention the word "dog"? One comedian said he was in big trouble at

July/August 2017

his Church because his much-loved dog kept walking backwards. (Say "dog" backwards?) Are "tools" used in our celebration of faith really holy? I feel it's extremely practical to see them that way. A student of meditation often finds 'tools' (like pictures and little rituals) help him/her to be 'mindful'. The 'tools' may seem a bit silly to others, but the student respects them because they bring his goal nearer. As a kid I went through a stage where I felt that fullness of life meant disobedience, being really "FREE!" proudly rebelling against restrictions and rules! But now (as I've said) I have a feeling that God's commandments are meant to promote our wellbeing. A human ruler wants worship because of his insecurities and needs, his desire to be "big", but God ... ? I'll dare to wonder if worship could be, at least partly, meant to make me more 'open' to God, and better prepared to receive from Him the gifts that I will need in coming days. Phil French



St Catherine’s Summer Fair St Catherine’s Church and Centre was a hive of activity on Saturday 24th June for the Summer Fair. Fortunately, the weather was much cooler than in previous days and despite a shower of rain, there was steady stream of visitors during the afternoon. It was great to see so many people relaxing in the Café, enjoying tea and the delicious homemade cakes.

We were extremely pleased to again welcome “The Word Puppets” who performed two shows during the afternoon.

Some of the children were thrilled to be given the chance to be a puppeteer.

They shared the Christian message in a lively way, through songs and drama and as always they were popular with both children and the older ones among us! Thanks to Julia Sheppard and all the team.



July/August 2017

St Catherine’s Summer Fair Paddy’s Skittles proved both a popular and competitive event.

Equally competitive, was the marble game, where the nimble fingered had to spoon as many marbles as they could in one minute into the hole of a plant pot! Jamie managed an impressive 45 marbles, taking the young person’s prize. The Cake stall was as popular as ever and by the middle of the afternoon the table was bare!

and well done to Lizzie who won the play off in the ladies competition to claim her prize!

July/August 2017

The gift and toy stalls saw a hustle of keen –eyed customers seeking out the many quality items at very reasonable prices. As always, Betty’s Bric a Brac stall was well stocked and it was great to see so much disappearing into shopping bags during the afternoon- more sold, less to clear away. A win all round!



St Catherine’s Summer Fair The afternoon raised just under £800, with a little more money still to come in we hope. Money for Church Funds is always needed but just as important was the friendly, community feel of the event with people of all ages enjoying themselves together, meeting old friends and making new ones.


Thank you to everyone who supported the event, but particular thanks to local businesses who contributed to the success of the fair by offering donations: Tilehurst Village Butchers, Warings Bakery, Park Lane Hairdressers, Calcot Hotel, Tesco Reading West, Asda Store Tilehurst, Cotswold Wildlife Park, Beale Park, Thames Rivercruises . Sonia Ludford


July/August 2017

Carpet Bowls Skittles Evening It’s hard to believe that another year has flown by and that once again we returned to The Gardener’s Arms in Emmer Green on Friday, 2 June for our Skittles Evening. There were 20 of us which was a mix of members of the Carpet Bowls Club plus people from St. Catherine’s. We played four games and the Men’s winner ‘may’ have been foretold as it turned out to be Mike May who was an outright winner of the men by scoring 23 points. Our most successful player of the evening this year and top lady, despite her painful hip and having to use a walking stick (thankfully supplied by Sheila Drew) was Kath Charlton who was the winner for the ladies with a score of 28 points. As usual we acknowledged the players who sadly knocked down the least

July/August 2017

number of skittles, with a bag of Skittles (sweets!) – this year they were Joan Burbidge (repeating her efforts from last year!) and surprise, surprise, our own competitive David Scott. We finished the evening with our usual ‘Knock-Out’ Competition which was won by Mike May. Everyone enjoyed the evening along with the food, and it is always a great opportunity to meet together socially and enjoy each other’s company and ‘friendly’ banter. We would also like to say a special ‘Thank you’ to Pete Day and also to Jo who helped him keep the Score Board up-to-date even though the chalk proved to be rather greasy! – and as usual he kept everyone in order in a very entertaining way! Well done Pete!


Rita and Paddy Barrett


Visit to Armagh We were lucky enough recently to visit this beautiful cathedral city. It is believed that St Patrick founded the Church of Ireland cathedral named after him in 445. It has been renovated but is still on the same site. There is also a Roman Catholic cathedral also dedicated to St Patrick. We climbed up a very steep hill to reach the cathedral – not too big inside and with beautiful stained glass windows depicting Irish saints.

June meeting Around 40 members, husbands and friends attended the inimitable Sheila Ward’s Easy Quiz Evening. Between them she and Hilary kept us on our toes with a range of subjects including a ‘parts of the body’ questionnaire which ran throughout the evening causing much amusement!

There are lovely views over the surrounding countryside. Brian Boru is believed to be buried in the graveyard.

A delicious Ploughman’s Supper was served by the committee followed by the general knowledge round. The quiz was won by the Yolk Heads and the booby was shared between Compton and Co. and the Monster Raving Loonies.

Here is a photo of the Mothers Union banner showing all the different branches in Co Armagh. We also visited the Observatory founded in 1790, two museums and walked around the Mall, a large park-like area which is surrounded by Georgian terraces. Rosemary Cunningham


A great time was had by all and Moira presented Sheila with a bouquet in appreciation. Sheila Bryant


July/August 2017

Ride+Stride started in Suffolk in 1981 as a sponsored bike ride but quickly became a national event. It is England’s “open churches” day, and, as well as getting out and visiting churches, chapels and meeting houses, you can raise money to help churches in good repair. The idea is to visit as many places of worship as possible and get sponsored for visiting them. In 2015 Ride+Stride raised almost £1.5 million for churches. This year we have a new regional coordinator, Sue Heskett and a new church coordinator to take over from Nici Canning who has done the job for many years. In Berkshire we are lucky to have a wide variety of churches - you can choose from the rural Downlands in the west through to historic towns such as Reading and Windsor. You don’t have to start or finish at your local church and you can plan your own route to suit yourself. The sponsorship money you raise is shared 50/50 between the Berkshire Churches Trust and the individual church of your choice. The Trust donated £4,000 towards our Development Project in 2015 and has donated in the past to help us with repairing our roof – your church does not have to be “historic” to benefit. This is an event that appeals to churchgoers and non-churchgoers alike, anyone in fact who enjoys a good walk or a cycle ride. Local schools might like to take part, or perhaps get involved in drawing up cycling and walking routes around the local area.

July/August 2017

Youth groups or walking groups or exercise classes or cycling groups all might enjoy the challenge, so please do spread the word and encourage everyone to take part. Last year, thousands of participants battled the rain to support Ride+Stride. They cycled, walked, pushed buggies, rode horses and even drove vintage tractors between churches, and raised thousands of pounds in the process. Equally important to the success of the event were the teams of stalwart volunteers who attended many of the churches and offered a friendly welcome and some refreshment. Some of the more unusual participants included the “all cycling all singing” quartet who sang all 150 Psalms en route around Brentwood in Essex, while 90 year old Bill Hone in Norfolk took part on his static bike, “spinning” the estimated distance around his chosen churches. The Right Reverend Andrew Proud, Bishop of Reading, said in support of Ride+Stride: “It’s obvious, really. Cycling and walking are good for your health and well-being and to combine them with raising money for our beautiful Berkshire churches means everyone wins. This is a really worthwhile thing to do and I encourage you to get your walking boots on or get on your bike and join in.” For more information speak to me or go to Ride+Stride at: Or Berkshire Churches Trust at: Why not give it a go this year? Starting from St Catherine’s, in 2014 Tony cycled 22 miles and visited 31 churches, then in 2015 he walked 6 miles and visited 11 churches. Richard Canning




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July/August 2017

Dates for the Diary See the following pages for more information July Sat 1 Sun 2 Tues 4

Messy Church 3.30 pm at St Catherine’s ‘What is Baptism’ Cornwell 0-5’s Summer Fair at Cornwell Park Churches Together in Reading Open AGM, 7.30-9.30 pm at Grange United Reformed Church, 139 Southcote Lane, Reading, RG30 3AJ Refreshments served Plenty of free parking. Find out what’s been going on! Weds 5 Holiday club training/information 7.30 pm St Catherine’s Fri 7 St Catherine’s at Boxgrove House 3.00 pm Fri 7 Last Youth Group meeting of term Sat 8 Purley Farmers' Market 8.30 am-12.30 pm at The Barn, Goosecroft Lane, off Beech Road, Purley on Thames Sun 9 Joint service 11.00 am at the Cornwell Centre followed by Picnic Mon 10 Prayer Ministry Team meeting 8.00 pm at St Catherine’s Tues 11 Tilehurst Parish Council 7.30 pm at The Calcot Centre, Highview Tues 11 Finance Action group meets 8.00 pm at St Catherine's Sat 15 Crafty Space, see page 18 Weds 19 Summer concert by Vivace Voices, see page 19 Mon 24 PCC meets 8.00 pm at St Catherine's

August Fri 4 Tues 8 Sat 12

St Catherine’s at Boxgrove House 3.00 pm Tilehurst Parish Council 7.30 pm at The Calcot Centre, Highview Purley Farmers' Market 8.30 am-12.30 pm at The Barn, Goosecroft Lane, off Beech Road, Purley on Thames Sun 13 Joint service at St Catherine's for the start of Holiday club week Monday 14th to Friday 18th - ‘Showstoppers’ Holiday club Sat 19 ‘The Link’ closes for the summer break

September Fri 1 Sat 2 Mon 4 Fri 8 Sat 9

St Catherine’s at Boxgrove House 3.00 pm Messy Church 3.30 pm at St Catherine’s ‘The Link’ re-opens after the summer break Youth Group re-starts after the summer break Purley Farmers' Market 8.30 am-12.30 pm at The Barn, Goosecroft Lane, off Beech Road, Purley on Thames Tues 12 Tilehurst Parish Council 7.30 pm at The Calcot Centre, Highview Weds 13 Mothers’ Union AGM & service 8.00 pm at St Catherine's Tues 19 Mothers’ Union anniversary service 2.30 pm at St Catherine’s Weds 20 ‘The Link’ AGM & service

July/August 2017



What’s On In and Community Event at St Catherine’s Wittenham Avenue RG31 5LN

Friday Friends Meets weekly from 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm every Friday Price £3.50. Offering a mix of light exercise, singing together, table-top games and craft activities in a safe, warm and friendly environment – with tea and cakes.

July 7th 14th 21st 28th

Cards and Games Quiz time Social time Seated exercises and TV series

August 4th Cards and Games 11th tasting demonstration Wiltshire Farm Foods 18th Holiday Club week, no Friday Friends 25th Friday Friends resumes If you think you would like to come, or think you could help, please contact Anne Soley ℡ 0118 942 5407 Do something amazing

Give Blood At the Cornwell Centre, Home Croft off Clements Mead Weds 12th July & 9th August At the Calcot Centre Highview, Calcot Tuesday 11th & 25th July appointments must be made Call 0300 123 23 23 Or visit


Wednesdays A simple morning service with St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church held 9.30 am alternating between there and St Catherine's followed by a cup of coffee. See weekly notices at either Church. When at St Catherine’s followed by Meeting Point - meeting together and meeting with God. Teas and Coffees, people to listen and pray in the presence of God for you or for those you are concerned about.


July/August 2017

Around the Parish

July Weds 12th Annual Dinner 7.00 for 7.15 pm at the Toby Carvery Weds 19th Bible study 8.00 pm at 26 Normanstead Road Mon 24th Committee Meeting 7.30 pm at 2 Laurel Drive Weds 26th Fellowship Afternoon 2.00 pm at 43 Compton Avenue

August Weds 23rd MU Afternoon Tea 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm in St Catherine’s Hall to include sandwiches and cakes to celebrate Summer of Hope to raise funds for families at home and around the world. £2.50 per person. All welcome.

September Weds 13 Service and AGM 8.00 pm at St Catherine's Tues 19th Anniversary Service 2.30 pm at St Catherine’s, with friends from other Churches followed by refreshments. Weds 20th Bible Study 8.00 pm at 2 Laurel Drive Weds 27th Fellowship Afternoon 2.00 pm at 49 Compton Avenue

July/August 2017



Registered Charity 102992

Cornwell 0-5s is a well established Parent & Toddler Group run by local mums in the Cornwell Centre, Home Croft (off Clements Mead), Tilehurst, RG31 5WJ. We offer a stimulating and fun environment for children and a great place for parents and carers to socialise.

We run two sessions a week: Tuesdays 10.00 am - 12.30 pm, feel free to bring along a healthy packed lunch for you and your child and join the lunch club in the picnic area from 12.00 - 12.30 pm And Thursdays, a special session for Childminders, 9.45 - 11.45 am If you are interested in joining, please feel free to drop in at one of the sessions or call Rebecca Devaney ℡ 0118 941 4920 email: or see

Registered charity 1006732 - Established over 45 years St Catherine’s Hall, Wittenham Avenue, Tilehurst, RG31 5LN A caring and supportive setting where Children are our heart and inspiration  Ofsted Inspected with a team of qualified staff  Outside Play Area  Morning Sessions Daily during Term Time  Children with Special Needs welcome  ‘Little Munch Club’ facility For more information, or to arrange a visit to come and see us in action, contact us on  07745 909 348 see

St. Catherine’s Church Centre, Wittenham Avenue, Tilehurst

Saturdays 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm July 15th, No meeting in August, Sept 16th, Oct 14th We provide time, space, tea & coffee. You bring along the craft projects you’ve always meant to do :A donation of around £1.25 per person, per hour to cover the cost of hall hire, tea & coffee. Contact Val Poore ℡ 0118 962 4555 email 18


July/August 2017

AQUASPORTS is a Christian lakeside water sports activities holiday that’s definitely not to be missed! Based near Marlow, Buckinghamshire, the holiday offers young people from 14 to 19 years of age and of any background, a week of exciting activities – on the water and off. This amazing holiday offers young people the chance to learn and improve in different water sports in a safe environment, taught by qualified instructors, along with chilling out in or by the water. As well as the water sports there are land-based activities such as football, tennis, volleyball and more. Each evening there are challenging Christian talks, small group discussions and ‘Late Night’ – a mad session of interactive entertainment. Alongside this there’s great food and great company – you will never want to go home! For further information and to book your place visit: Helen Boyer

July/August 2017



Solomon’s Story

A small shoebox can have a big impact. What goes into the box is fun, but what comes out of it is eternal. Be a part of changing children's lives all over the world in Jesus' Name through the power of a simple gift with Operation Christmas Child. Once again St Catherine's and Cornwell Community Churches will be taking part in this scheme. The filled shoe boxes will be collected at the start of November 2017. Tony and I will have the leaflets with the instructions on how to fill the shoeboxes and the labels to go on them in September. This year the suggested donation is £5 which is essential to cover project costs including shipping, to enable a local church or group overseas to lead a safe, well organised children’s event where your shoebox will be given to a child in need. You can also pack a shoe box on line at Shoeboxworld – I believe the suggested donation is £15 for the contents ( which you get to choose and can personalise) plus £3 to cover shipping costs. I thought you all might find the following article from their website interesting. Last year, thanks to the amazing generosity of individuals like you, nearly 11.5 million children experienced God's love through the power of a simple shoebox gift and the good news and great joy that it brings.


When Solomon was one such child. His guardian Pastor Febiano was keen to express his gratitude ‘Words fail me to adequately express our feelings. Imagine how the box travelled all the way from the UK right up to a remote village of Matambo in the Chongwe district of Zambia… I wished you were here when Solomon opened the box to witness tears of excitement and joy in his eyes. The items in the box were special for Solomon because never in his life had he received such a gift.’ For Pastor Febiano and the orphans under his care poverty is a daily reality. He depends on subsistence farming for his livelihood and sometimes this falls short of providing for his family. He said, ‘I must confess that this gift has greatly helped me in many ways financially because I will not buy toothbrushes, toothpastes, soap, pens and pencils in the immediate future. The toys too were unique… This gift, small as it may seem, goes a long way in addressing some of the needs I am unable to address. Due to income constraints, we do not see toys, toothbrushes and toothpastes etc as priorities for children when in fact they are needed… Thank you once again for this gift. I give praise and glory to the Lord for this. Indeed our God is the provider! Joanne Freeman

Tilehurst Library Craft Meet in Tilehurst Library . Enjoy crafting with company, Bring along your knitting, sewing, crochet, drawing, Tea and Coffee provided


July/August 2017

The Tilehurst Response

Nejebar, with her sons Hinayat and Sudai

This year, Christian Aid is focusing on refugees. You will have read the stories of Michael, who was forced to flee from his village in South Sudan, and Nejebar, who had to flee the Taliban in Afghanistan and spent six months in a miserable Greek detention camp.

As noted in the June article, we concentrated our fundraising efforts on Big Brekkie and the ten-mile sponsored walk near Henley, and house-to-house collecting still took place on Ayrton Senna Drive, Blewbury Drive, Glenwood Drive, Longworth Avenue and Sheraton Drive. Jackie Welton of St Joseph’s Church has very kindly agreed to check my final totals for CAW 2017 income and I anticipate that they will be confirmed as follows: Big Brekkie £ 898.53 House-to-house £ 434.96 Sponsored walk £ 400.00 TOTAL £1,733.49 This will go towards nutritious meals for a refugee in Europe, stoves for refugees to cook their own food, and refrigerators for a community kitchen in a refugee camp. Thank you for all your selfless hard work! Richard Canning, Tilehurst Local Organiser

Tilehurst Neighbourhood Plan The Tilehurst Neighbourhood Plan is a shared vision for the future of Tilehurst. See Tilehurst: The good, the bad and the ugly Our online photographic competition is now open, and we have £300 in cash prizes to give away! The competition is open to all, and we invite you to submit your photographs under the heading of “Tilehurst: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” There are two levels of entry, one for children and one for adults. Closing date is 31st July.

July/August 2017

Each entrant is encouraged to submit up to ten photos showing what they like about Tilehurst (the good), and what they don’t like or want to see improved (the bad and the ugly). Please visit the contest online for more details, and to upload photos.





July/August 2017

Church Youth Group Midsummer Walk Cornwell and St Catherine’s Youth Group met at the Dolphin Centre, Pangbourne for a walk along the River Thames to Mapledurham Lock. It was a lovely warm summer’s evening and people were having picnics on the Riverside and on boats moored for the night. The “Caversham Princess” was cruising along the river with lively music playing and the Youth Group enjoyed dancing along to the music. We watched the “Caversham Princess” go through the lock and then went on to “Bucknells Meadow” where we had planned to play games.

Della had brought her dog Evie with her who enjoyed jumping into the river Thames and having a swim. It was a lovely evening and it was good to have the opportunity to talk with our youth. The Youth Group meets fortnightly in term time at St Catherine's. We are due to re-start after the summer holidays on Friday 8th September but to make this happen we need more adult helpers now that Della is leaving. Please talk to me about what you can do to help. Evelyn Bartlett ℡ 0118 967 8659

From the registers - Baptism Blaire Elizabeth Waight Baptised at St Catherine's on 28th May Please remember Blaire, her family and Godparents in your prayers. July/August 2017



Praise in the Park 25th June

In what has become an annual event, Christians in Tilehurst and West Reading were invited to join together on a summer’s afternoon, to sing a variety of Hymns and worship songs and join together in fellowship over a picnic. The participating church leaders had each chosen a Hymn and a Bible reading and a short talk on their choices. It was interesting hearing their different messages all with the theme ‘Speaking the Truth in love’ in the context of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. In previous years the Reading West Salvation Army band had shared the leading but they were not available this year so the Cornwell group led it all. We were missing three key members of our group but it was great for Daisy and Joseph to be joined by their dad, David.

Someone commented that we should have conscripted Tamsin to get the whole Harrison family ‘on stage’!

Our thanks go to Robert Barthram of the URC for co-ordinating the event and for the 80th Reading Scouts for providing refreshments. The next local ecumenical events will Carol singing at the Triangle, 2.00 pm on Saturday 16th December and the service for the week of prayer for Christian unity on Sunday 21st January. Tony Bartlett

Showstoppers Holiday Club Preparations are continuing for this year’s Holiday Club which begins with a special service on Sunday 13th August and continues 10.00 am until 12.00 noon Monday 14th to Friday 18th. We have over 40 offers of help and that includes 6 people willing to lead a group, our usual Catering Corp and leaders for the drama, singing and games workshops. We can never have too many helpers so there’s still time to


volunteer; just contact me (my details are on page 2). Invitations to children ages 5-11 have gone out and we’ll need applications in by the end of term. Any children who’ve been before have been invited, but if you know of any others who could be invited please do pass on an invitation (there are some at church) or contact me. Tony Bartlett


July/August 2017

Tilehurst Triangle WI Although a very hot sticky summer’s evening, a good number of members attended our June meeting to hear our speakers, Adrian and Jane Jefferies, talk about Collectable Costume Jewellery. Their illustrated talk included the styles and materials used in costume jewellery through the ages from Georgian to modern times. Adrian and Jane also explained how to tell imitation material from gem stones such as real jet and amber. They then gave us tips on caring for our jewellery including using supermarket brand toothpaste to clean silver! Apparently your hands stay clean too. Members were also able to have informal estimates of their own jewellery they had brought with them, as well as a chance to buy.

A group of 15 members and friends enjoyed a great day out in London to see the Trooping of the Colour practice followed by a walk through St James’s Park and lunch. Others enjoyed a visit to the Hexagon to see The Wizard of Oz. We have a very full programme of walks and outings planned throughout the summer including the open air production of Wind in the Willows at Caversham Court and a trip to see the Swan Upping. For our next meeting on July 19th, we have a demonstration on Woodcrafting. Although we do not formally meet in August, an afternoon tea and heritage walk around Hampstead Norreys has been planned. Tilehurst Triangle WI meets in St Catherine’s Hall on the third Wednesday of each month, except August, at 7.30 pm. Visitors are welcome. For information contact the secretary Ros Somerville ℡ 0118 941 6838

Mothers’ Union Prayer Chain Prayer in Emergencies A call to one of the following numbers will start a chain of prayer straight away.

Valerie Forrow ℡ 0118 942 9319 Hilary Smee ℡ 0118 941 2895 Evelyn Bartlett ℡ 0118 967 8659 Jo Day ℡ 0118 942 1481

July/August 2017



Your friendly local tennis club in Tilehurst Whether you want to improve your game, play socially, or compete in matches, we have something for you. New members welcome! Visit us at Or call Jane on 07801 286 563

Established 1961

• Mini tennis for under 10’s • Junior and adult coaching • Ladies morning • •

For coaching enquiries call James Veterans a1ernoon on 07717 101 911 Or visit Junior and adult socials

• Junior and adult teams Woodland LTC Wendover Way, Tilehurst, RG30 4RU



July/August 2017

Bring on the Music! On Pentecost Sunday (June 4th) we had an evening service of prayer and praise. It was an uplifting time and we just wanted to go on singing and swinging to the music. Our Sunday morning service (June 25) at St Catherine's was also a service of praise led by the Holy Spirit, where we were invited to contribute our own ideas. Thank you all our talented musicians. Musicians love to play their instruments and God and we love to hear them. Can we have more music and singing worship please? In these troubled times it is even more important to praise our Father. He is our protector. I've picked out some lines about the church and music to illustrate the point: The church is commanded to communicate with each other “with psalms, hymns and songs from the Spirit”. Both the Old and New Testaments address music and strongly support its use in worship. The extensive collection of actual songs found in the Old Testament indicates the importance and value God places on creative musical expression. Music’s use in worship in the church today is valuable and can honour God in a special way. Music is a communication tool and a Spirit-filled Christian is a singing Christian. Let Everything Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord! Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens! Praise him for his mighty deeds; praise him according to his excellent greatness! Praise him with trumpet sound; praise him with lute and harp! Praise him with tambourine and dance; praise him with strings and pipe! Praise him with sounding cymbals; praise him with loud clashing cymbals! Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! psalm 150 Lorraine Roberts

July/August 2017



‘The Turning’ - a progress report For full report and testimonies see

“The Turning is becoming a phenomena. What looked, from a distance, like a technique, on closer inspection is revealed to be a gift from heaven. A gift that miraculously empowers ordinary Christians, enabling them to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. The fact that we are looking at the possibility of reaching over 3 million people across 6 nations in 5 years bears witness to the enduring power of the gospel.” Yinka Oyekan Turning Team Leader How it started On the 29th May 2016 we began what we thought would be a one-week mission at our Baptist Church ‘The Gate’ which could, possibly, stretch to two weeks. Nearly a year on, this “one-week mission” has become #TheTurning. We have been to many towns and cities across the UK and even into Europe and seen many respond to the gospel! We have been able to commit to support ‘Fusion’ with the mission to the Universities across the UK and we are excited with what can develop from these partnerships. We have seen the power of unity and have been honoured to serve areas around the UK as we bring this grace to others. We know that this is only the beginning and as this next year progresses we will see more and more Christians declare the love of God on the streets and see more and more people respond to that call. 2089 Evangelists trained We have had the honour of going to different cities and towns across Europe to train ordinary Christians in the extraordinary power of the Gospel. We have seen churches from across cities


and regions standing together in unity to declare the gospel on the streets. 7284 Responses to the Gospel Every person we speak to we offer to pray for and we give them the opportunity to respond to an invitation to accept Christ. After the encounter… The Turning has been able to develop the tools that help with follow up; tools which we did not have in the first six months of taking this grace to other cities. The keys we have learned, which will be highlighted in a separate update from the team to be released in August, have enabled us to create tools that facilitate local churches to do follow up effectively. Developing The Turning The Turning can only continue with the ongoing volunteer, prayer and financial support from organisations and individuals. This has allowed us to develop the web based app, enlarge our reach and develop our team. As we grow our partnership base we will be able to help more and more churches and Christians, in the UK and beyond, reach out effectively into their communities with the gospel. This will enable us to go to more cities and see more people respond on the streets of your town and beyond the UK! Challenges and Solutions A number of interesting challenges have emerged around the nature of the Church discipleship and churches ability to respond adequately to the those open to the gospel. (Continued on page 29)


July/August 2017

(Continued from page 28) Yinka Oyekan and the team have been working on how to address these and best practice which will be released within a review. Informing this upcoming review is: 1. The fruit of salvations at The Gate over the last year. 2. The lessons learned from taking it to other cities (one key lesson that has been learnt is that The Turning is the most fruitful through a local church unity movement not within a parchurch context).


The impact of the new tools available to help churches succeed with this grace. 4. Conversations with national and international evangelistic organisations. 5. Conversations with over 1000 pastors and Church leaders (between January and May 2017). We anticipate that this review will come out in August 2017, but, it should be noted that The Turning team and, now, many others are of no doubt that God has given a great gift to the church.

Word for Today - Don’t let fear stop you 'KINDLE AFRESH THE GIFT OF GOD WHICH IS IN YOU.' 2 TIMOTHY NASB

Don’t let fear make you hide your talents and abilities. One Christian author says: ‘God expects us to make the most of what He gives us … to keep our hearts aflame, grow our character and personality, and broaden our experiences so we'll be increasingly more effective’. Paul told the Philippians, "Keep on growing in knowledge and understanding" (Philippians NLT). And he told Timothy, "Be sure to use the abilities God has given you … Put (them) to work" (1 Timothy 4:14-15 T LB); "Kindle afresh the gift of God which is in you." When you don't exercise your muscles, they weaken and atrophy, and when you don't utilise the skills God gave you, the same thing happens. Referring to the servant who because of fear hid his talent in the ground, Jesus said, "Take the talent from him and give it to the one who has the ten talents" (Matthew 25:28 NIV 1984 Edition). Don't be afraid. Put your gifts and abilities to work and they'll become enlarged and developed through practice. No one reaches full development all at once. But with study, feedback, and practice, a good teacher can become a better teacher, and in time grow to be a great teacher. Stretch yourself. Learn all you can. "Concentrate on doing your best for God, work you won't be ashamed of" (2 Timothy 2:15 MSG). Take advantage of every opportunity to develop and sharpen your skills. Remember, in heaven we're going to serve God forever, and we prepare by practising here on earth. Like athletes getting ready for the Olympics, we're training for the big day.' This thought is taken from ‘The Word for Today’, Daily Bible reading notes produced quarterly by UCB (United Christian Broadcasters Ltd) PO Box 255, Stoke on Trent, ST4 8YY. If you would like to receive these free notes or those aimed at Secondary School age, please ask Evelyn Bartlett ℡ 0118 967 8659 who is our church rep for UCB.

July/August 2017



St Catherine’s Hall - Regular Bookings Monday

7.30 am - 1.15 pm

St Catherine’s Pre-school

Contact  07745 909 348


7.30 am - 3.15 pm

St Catherine’s Pre-school

Contact as above

2.00 pm - 4.00 pm

W.I. (3rd Tuesday)

6.45 pm - 7.45 pm 8.00 pm - 9.00 pm

Yoga exercise (2 classes)

Antonella Carraro ℡ 0118 942 8397

St Catherine’s Pre-school

Contact as above

1.15 pm - 3.30 pm (In church not hall)

Vivace Voices Ladies Choir

Contact Sue Hennell ℡ 0118 966 1291

7.30 pm - 10.00 pm

Tilehurst Triangle W.I. (3rd Wednesday) ℡ 0118 941 6838

7.30 am - 3.15 pm

St Catherine’s Pre-school

Contact as above

5.45 pm - 7.15 pm

7th Tilehurst Brownies

Contact Andrea Fishenden  07976 002 809

7.30 am - 12.15 pm

St Catherine’s Pre-school

Contact as above

2.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Friday Friends

See page 16

7.45 pm - 9.15 pm

Church Youth Group (fortnightly)

Contact Evelyn Bartlett ℡ 0118 967 8659

1.30 pm - 5.30 pm

Crafty Space (monthly)

See page 18

3.30 pm - 5.00 pm

Messy Church (monthly)


Wednesday 7.30 am - 3.15 pm




7.30 pm - 10.00 pm Short Mat Bowls Club


Contact Anne Soley ℡ 0118 942 5407

9.00 am & 11.00 am Refreshments after church services

St Catherine’s Hall is available for hire at competitive rates for groups or individuals, both regularly or for one off events. It is especially popular for Children's Parties. For booking details, contact Sheila Drew on ℡ 0118 942 7254



July/August 2017

Three courses and coffee for ONLY ÂŁ15.95. Children 12 and under JUST ÂŁ8.00 Dining from 12.15 pm Reservations please call 0118 941 6423 Celebrating? Book a private party Sunday lunch in your very own suite, please call Banqueting Office 0118 972 8601 Also available for all types of private functions: Parties, Christenings, After funeral gatherings and Conferences.

July/August 2017



The Anglican Parish of Tilehurst St Catherine & Calcot St Birinus ST CATHERINE OF SIENA Wittenham Avenue, Tilehurst, RG31 5LN Saturday 3.30 pm Messy Church is on one Saturday most months and also other ‘Messy Dates’, it’s a fun time of worship and activities for all the family followed by a meal. Sunday 8.00 am Our Early Service of Communion or Morning Prayer, is quiet and reflective. An opportunity to start Sunday thinking about God. Sunday 9.30 am Is an exciting time of Praise and Worship, to fire you up for the week ahead. An opportunity for an encounter with God through word, sacrament, prayer, prophecy and healing. There are refreshments at 9.00 am and again at 11.00 am. Where there’s a fifth Sunday in the month Both churches meet together sometime during that month (details pages 4-5) for a joint service held either at St Catherine’s or the Cornwell Centre.

CORNWELL COMMUNITY CHURCH The Cornwell Centre, Home Croft, off Clements Mead, Tilehurst, RG31 5WJ Sunday 11.00 am An opportunity for the whole family to meet with God through praise, prayer and teaching with special fun activities for children (Sunday School). Refreshments (including cakes and fresh coffee) from 10.30 am and after the service. An informal Communion Service occasionally held, see pages 4-5 for dates


See pages 4 & 5 for a full listing of church services in the Parish For initial enquiries regarding baptisms and weddings, please telephone ℡ 0118 942 7786



July/August 2017

Profile for St Catherines

RG31 - July and August 17  

The Parish Magazine of Tilehurst St. Catherine and Calcot St. Birinus

RG31 - July and August 17  

The Parish Magazine of Tilehurst St. Catherine and Calcot St. Birinus