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When Paper Boy w as f ir st launched, in t he Fall of 20 0 9, boys didn?t have lapt ops, so t hey had t o w r it e in comput er labs w hich only consist ed of about 30 deskt op comput er s. The comput er s w er e in 2 dif f er ent labs. To use t hese labs, t eacher s and st udent s needed t o r eser ve t hem on a calendar in advance. Google Dr ive w asn't an opt ion, so t hey couldn?t shar e ar t icles w it h each ot her f or collabor at ive edit ing or comment ing. Inst ead, t hey had t o w r it e on Micr osof t Wor d w hich r equir ed manual saves ever y t ime t her e w as an edit . While w e design pages on Lucidpr ess, a user -f r iendly t ool, t heir only opt ion w as somet hing called Glogst er . Not only w as Glogsst er mor e t ime-consuming as a design t ool, r eader s needed t o w ait a w hile f or gr aphics on each page t o appear on t heir scr eens. Clear ly, Paper boy has come a long w ay. Wit h t he advent of bet t er and easier t o use t echnology, our st af f of 52 can w r it e and design cont ent w it h bet t er r esult s and in less t ime. Paper boy has, how ever , maint ained it s or iginal mission - t o open t he door f or st udent s t o be cr eat ive and explor e t opics t hat ar e meaningf ul t o t hem.

-by J ack Fr aine '24

IN THIS EDITION - New s & View s - St r ict ly Soccer - Classic Video Gam es - An im al Kin gdom - Th e Gr eat Ou t door s - Or igin al Ar t

New s & View s

Real-Time Revisions: 8 t h Gr ad e I nsight s o n STC U pd at es StorybyGeorgeDeweyWhite | PageDesignbyWilliamHoge In t h e over t w o year s I h ave been at t h e M iddle sch ool qu it e a f ew ch an ges h ave occu r r ed. A com plet ely n ew 6t h -gr ade w in g w as cr eat ed, a m assive n ew Ar t s bu ildin g h as been cr eat ed, an d t h e din in g h all f ood pr ovider h as been ch an ged. On e t h in g t h at st ays t h e sam e is t h at ou r t each er s alw ays m ak e su r e n o day is exact ly lik e t h e last . For t h is ar t icle, I w an t ed t o see w h at m iddle sch ooler s w ou ld ch oose t o ch an ge abou t t h e M iddle sch ool. I in t er view ed a sixt h , seven t h , an d eigh t h -gr ader an d ask ed t h em , ?Wh at is on e ch an ge you w ou ld m ak e t o t h e M iddle Sch ool?? I t old each st u den t t h at t h eir ch an ge cou ld be com plet ely u n r ealist ic or som et h in g t h at cou ld act u ally h appen .

In 8t h gr ade, Hen r y Om oh u n dr o said, ?I w ou ld ch an ge t h e dr ess code becau se I t h in k t h at st u den t s w or k ` ef f icien t ly w h en t h ey w ear clot h es t h ey ar e com f or t able in .? In 7t h gr ade, Clar k Ber r y said: ?I w ou ld ch an ge t h e caf et er ia f ood becau se som et im es t h er e ar en?t en ou gh opt ion s.ld ch an ge t o m iddle sch ool. In , 6t h gr ade, Logan Colem an an d Br ady Bu r n et t e bot h said t h ey w an t ed lon ger br eak s Logan said, ?We don?t h ave t h at m u ch t im e t o get ou r en er gy ou t an d if you h ave t oo m u ch en er gy it is h ar d t o pay at t en t ion in class.? Logan said, ?Th e sh or t er br eak s lead t o lon ger class t im e bu t also lead t o sh or t er pr odu ct ive class t im e. A lon ger br eak m igh t lead t o sh or t er classes bu t also lon ger pr odu ct ive class t im e.? Even t h ou gh t h ese ch an ges m ay n ever occu r it is in t er est in g t o see w h at st u den t s w ou ld ch an ge t o M iddle Sch ool.

Twin Tomfooler y By Jam es Segn er i Did you k n ow t h at t h er e ar e 6 set s of t w in s in t h e 6t h gr ade?! Th is is t h e f ir st t im e ever w e h ave h ad t h is m an y t w in s in on e gr ade at a t im e an d t h is isn't even in clu din g boy-gir l t w in s. We ask ed t h ese set s of t w in s qu est ion s lik e w h at can w e see t h at is dif f er en t ,w h at is you r f avor it e f ood, do you com plet e each ot h er s sen t en ces, do you h ave m in d r eadin g pow er s, an d ot h er t h in gs lik e t h at . If you w an t t o get t o k n ow ou r t w in s, t h en t h is is t h e ar t icle f or you ! So let 's get r eady f or som e TWIN TOM FOOLERY!

Ph ilip & Ash er Asher and Philip are fraternal twins. Interests that they have in common are Minecraft, Math, Reading, TV, Tennis, and pasta. Asher would rather have a burger whareas Philip would rather have some pasta. Asher likes Minecraft survival and his brother likes creative. They complete each others sentences and that the thing that annoys Philip the most is when you hit him wih a pillow. Something that annoys Asher alot is when you turn of the TV while he is watching a show.

M iles & M ason Mason said that he and Miles are identical twins. Miles was born first and some hobbies that they have together are playing football and basketball together. A hobbie that is different for the two of them is that Mason likes to play 2k and Miles likes to play Madden. Their favorite thing on TV is Victorious and favorite holiday is Christmas. His favorite dinners are curry chicken with fig newtons for dessert and pizza and birthday cake icecream. He says the thing that annoys his brother the most is when he goes into his room and what annoys him is when his brother smacks his lips

Dr ew & Er ic Eric and Drew are fraternal twins and Drew was born first. They

both like to hang out with friends. Eric wrestles and Drew plays basketball, and Drew is "phone social" whereas Eric likes to talk in person. Eric's favorite thing to watch on TV is comedy and their favorite holiday is Christmas. Both of their favorite dinners are steak and ice cream. Eric's first memory of his brother is playing tag in St. Baptiste Church. Eric's favorite type of music is Disney and Drew's is rap. The thing that Drew hates the most are hugs. DREW HATES HUGS! The thing that annoys Eric the most is when you ignore him. A fun fact about these two is they complete each others sentences

Har r ison & Au gu st August and Harrison are fraternal twins. They have different hair colors. Harrison is taller and wears glasses. The hobbies that they have in common are legos, sports and video games. According to August, " I like to read he likes to binge on an ipad watching Netfix. Ahem kof kof Voltron Currently Ahem kof kof. The one thing that annoys Harrison the most is when August corrects him. Harrison's favorite holiday is Christmas. His favorite dinner and desert is a burger with a milkshake. His favorite type of music is rap. He says that his earliest memory of his brother is when he pushed his brother and got put into timeout. He said that what annoys his brother is when he sniches on him

Han k & Pat r ick Hank was born first and they are fraternal twins. Interests that they have in common are lacrosse and football. Patrick likes chocolate and his brother likes vanilla. His favorite thing to watch on TV is sports and his favorite holiday is Christmas. His favorite dinner is taco night. He says that he never completes his brothers thought but his brother will sometimes complete his. He says that the one thing that gets on his brothers nerves is when you talk about him.

Elijah & Elish a Elijah and Elisha are fraternal twins and Elisha was born first. He says that Elisha is taller and doesn't wear glasses whereas he is shorter and wears glasses. They both like to play sports but that he likes to play football and Elisha likes to play basketball. Elijah's favorite thing to watch on TV is Anime and his brother likes to watch sports instead. Both of their favorite holidays are Christmas. Elijah's favorite music artist is Marshmellow and his Brother 's is rap. the thing that annoys Elisha the most is when you talk about history and say wrong things about basketball. Elijah's pet peeve is when his brother doesn't listen or talks too much

Humor What 's Funny and what 's Wi er d B y J ac k Fr ai n e an d M ac D i x on

What is surreal humor? It?s something that subverts your expectations. For example, a joke w ithout a punchline, a joke w ith a punchline that makes no sense, a joke that is objectively unfunny, or something that makes no sense at all. Those all subvert your expectations because you w ouldn?t expect the joke to

Who's Afraid of Red Yellow and Blue III - a modern painting that was hated so much, somebody slashed it up

play out the w ay it did.

It?s prett y much something you shouldn?t find funny, but it is for some reason. This mirrors other t ypes of art and entertainment . It?s sort of the modernism of comedy. In art, people w ere bored w ith the same old portraits of people, so they painted anything else. People got bored w ith the same old knock-knock jokes, so they made anything else sound funny. An example of absurdist humor: just saying the punchline of jokes. For example,: All I did w as take a day off. I told you so. No w onder the guy in there asked me if I w as getting a good reception. Orange. A buccaneer. I find them quite remarkable.

Another example could be the Kool-Aid Man. The Kool-Aid commercials subvert your expectations by having a massive jug of Kool-Aid run through a w all. There?s no reason to it, it?s just the Kool-Aid Man running through a w all. The album, Trout Mask Replica, sounds as incomplete as these ?jokes? w ere.

Trout Mask Replica is an album by Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band. It is an example of everything you shouldn?t do w hen making music. Throughout the album, all of the instruments and vocals are


a different time signature than each other w hich makes them sound out of sync. If that?s w hat the album sounds like, then w hy do some people claim that it?s the greatest album of all time? People loved the album and still do because it challenged w hat people thought music should be. It w arped a normal rock band into something completely unrecognizable. How ever, Trout Mask Replica probably isn?t the most obscure and absurd thing you could find.

"Meat Chip" by Brandon T. is a w ork of art created to display every emotion in the simplest form. This w as created for the Lays Chip Challenge w here you could submit your ow n chip flavor and potentially w in a chance for your flavor to be manufactured. There is no punchline, no setup, and no intentionally funny qualities. Nothing is supposed to be funny, w hich makes it hilarious, from the horrible grammar to the photo of the legendary Brandon T.

Honor abl e Ment i ons i n t he Abs ur d Humor Cat egor y :

Xok , Danc i ng and Ki c k i ng Baby , Li ber i an Count y Fl ags , Her nando de Sot o Pok emon

Another example of this absurd content is the Jackson Hole Livestream which is, believe it or not, a Livestream of Jackson Hole. That?s it, there?s nothing else. Nothing exciting happens, at least not intentionally. Like the other things included in this article, there?s not much to it, and that is precisely why it is hilarious in its own unfunny way. It?s still going on right now if you want to watch it. In fact, there are multiple locations to view --all in Jackson Hole. The video, ?boy makes siren noise," is another example of how a pointless seemingly unfunny thing can be hilarious. The video is very grainy footage of a kid in a hallway making -- as the video title says-- a siren noise. Nothing in this video on its own is funny. You could probably find a lot of grainy videos on the internet. You probably know someone who would do this if he/ she had the abilit y. Weirder things have happened in a school hallway, and it?s prett y believable that somebody could make a siren noise. But, the combination of all of those aspects is what makes this video so jarring. So why is all of this funny in its own way? Well, it?s not funny, which is the punchline to all of this. Most people don?t find the "boy makes siren noise" video genuinely funny or impressive; they find it funny that someone decided to create it. Brandon?s thought process behind creating meat chip is funnier than meat chip itself. That?s the same with Trout Mask Replica and ?boy makes siren noise?. Is there any purpose to this t ype of thing? Not really, but the most important thing is the fact that it is funny.

One of The many Vi ews f r om t he J ac k s on Hol e Li v es t r eam.

Stric tly Soc c er

M an c h ester Un ited 's 2 0 19 - 2 0 S e a s o n Th e M a n ag e r : Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the current Manchester United Manager. The Norwegian is 46 years old and has a rich history with the club. He started as a player for the club, arriving in 1996 and scoring 126 goals for the club before retiring in 2007. In December 2018, Solskaer took over Manchester United on a temporary basis after Jose Mourinho was fired following a run of poor results and a 3-1 loss to rivals Liverpool. After winning 14 of his first 19 games, and a historic 3-1 win away to PSG, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was hired permanently. picture;

N o tab le Play ers: Pa u l Po g b a

M arcus Rashfo rd

Pogba is the best player in Manchester United's squad and arguably one of the top players in the world. The Frenchman is 26 years old and plays in central midfield. He is best known for his pin-point long passes and style off the field.

With 6 goals in 12 games in the Premier League, Rashford is an amazing winger. Only 22, Rashford has been playing for Manchester United regularly since he was 17. The winger unnerves opposition defenders with his pace and trickery.

D a n i e l Ja m e s James, like Rashford, is a winger. He is 22 years old and best known for his electric speed, as he is one of the fastest players in England. The Welshman is a new addition to the team, arriving from Swansea in the summer of 2019 for 19 million dollars. 11/what-brighton-manager-graham-pottersaid-about-daniel-james-after-3-1-defeat/

M an c h ester Un ited 's 2 0 19 - 2 0 S e a s o n Se a s o n So Fa r : So far, Manchester United have been disappointing in the premier league. They sit in 7th with 16 points, their worst league start in 30 years. Pr em ier Leagu e Gam es: M an ch est er Un it ed vs. Ch elsea: Win 4-0 M an ch est er Un it ed vs. Wolves: Dr aw 1-1 M an ch est er Un it ed vs. Cr yst al Palace: Loss 1-2 M an ch est er Un it ed vs. Sou t h am pt on : Dr aw 1-1 M an ch est er Un it ed vs. Leicest er : Win 1:0 M an ch est er Un it ed vs. West Ham : Loss 0-2 M an ch est er Un it ed vs. Ar sen al: Dr aw 1-1 M an ch est er Un it ed vs. New cast le: Loss 0-1 M an ch est er Un it ed vs. Liver pool: Dr aw 1-1 M an ch est er Un it ed vs. Nor w ich : Win 3-1 M an ch est er Un it ed vs. Bou r n em ou t h : Loss 0-1 M an ch est er Un it ed vs. Br igh t on : Win 3-1 The most exciting results were the win against Chelsea and Brighton. The most disappointing were the losses to Crystal Palace and Newcastle.

W hat's A head: There are still 26 games to play and I think Manchester United can still turn their season around. With some luck and continuing the recent upturn in performances (2 wins in last 3 games) I think that Manchester United will finish 5th.

Soccer Cleats of 2019 By M at t Sovich These are the Adidas X 19.1 firm ground cleats. The lace less cleat helps you get a better strike and harder strike on the ball. These cleats are pretty light and don?t weigh you down while you are running. Getting first to the ball and having hard and long shots can help you develop better skills for the future.

The firm ground Adidas Predator is one of the most iconic and popular soccer cleats of all time. Introduced in 1994, the release of the Adidas Predator was the beginning of an era. The way they have developed since 1994 in looks and feel is extraordinary. For the first time ever, textured, rubber elements were added to the upper of a soccer cleat to help add power, swerve, and control.

Now, with a softer knit, and a more form-fitting upper, the new Mercurial Vapor 13 offers one of the best fits in the history of the Mercurial. The Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite FG adds a Nike Aerotrak zone to the forefoot and a slightly stiffer chassis to help supercharge traction. Inside, an insole with NikeGrip technology provides maximum interior traction underfoot and lightweight cushioning. omemetallic-silver/189214/

R o n a ld o


M essi

B y: Ja ck Slo k k er

Li onel Andr es Messi Chri st i ano Ronaldo dos Sant os Aveir o was born on Febr uar y 5t h , 1985, in Funchal , Por t ugal . At age 15, Ronaldo r eceived sur ger y fr om a hear t condi t i on and was qui ck l y put back on t he fi eld. He fir st pl ayed for Clube Despor t ivo Naci onal befor e joining Spor t ing Li sbon wher e he would ri se t hr ough t he yout h academy and m ak e hi s pr ofessi onal debut for Spor t ing in 2002. Ronaldo t hen joined Manchest er Uni t ed in August of 2003 and peopl e soon r eali zed hi s incr edibl e abili t y as he becam e r ecogni zed as one of t he best pl ayer s in t he world. Aft er hi s ver y pr oli fi c t im e in t he Pr emi er League, Ronaldo joined Real Madrid in 2009 for $131 milli on doll ar s, a r ecor d at t he t im e. Aft er spending t he prim e of hi s car eer for nine year s wi t h Real Madrid, Ronaldo joined Juvent us in 2018 for $110 Milli on doll ar s wher e he has a cont r act wi t h t il 2022. Bri t anni ca Ronaldo Bi ogr aphy

was born in Rosari o, Ar gent ina, on June 24, 1987. He st ar t ed pl aying soccer ver y young whil e hi s mom , a cl eaner , and hi s dad, a fact or y st eelwork er , work ed har d t o help fuel hi s passi on of soccer. At t he age of 11, Messi had a m ajor set back as he was di agnosed wi t h Gr owt h Hormone Defi ci ency(GHD) and he r equir ed expensive m edi cal t r eat m ent including t he use of t he gr owt h hormone dr ug. Messi and hi s t al ent in soccer showed t hr ough and he joined t he yout h t eam of Newell ?s Old Boys in 1995, a t eam fr om Rosari o, Ar gent ina. The Ar gent ine club River Pl at e al so was int er est ed but didn?t want t o pay for hi s m edi cal i ssues. As Messi was ri sing up t o anot her l evel , he, 13 year s old, and hi s famil y?s lives changed for ever as t hey t ook a huge ri sk t o move t o Cat al oni a wher e he was given a t ri al wi t h F.C. Bar cel ona. The yout h coach Carl os Rexach gave him a cont r act in 2004 t hat was wri t t en on a napk in and al so pr ovided Messi wi t h hi s m edi cal t r eat m ent s in Spain. At t he st ar t of t he 2006/7 La Li ga season 20 year old 5?7 Li onel Messi , aft er ri sing t hr ough t he r ank s at Bar cel ona, becam e t heir cr uci al st ar t ing st rik er wher e he has been pl aying and succeeding ever since. Bi ogr aphy Online

Tr o p h ie s Ron al d o Cl u b Ach i ev em en t s Star tin g off h is car eer : Ron al do won th e Por tu gu ese Su per Cu p with Spor tin g CP in 2002. In Ron al do?s tim e with M an ch ester Un ited: h e won th e Pr em ier Leagu e 3 tim es, th e FA Cu p on ce, th e En gl ish Su per Cu p twice, th e Cl u b W or l d Cu p on ce, th e Leagu e Cu p twice, an d fin al l y th e Ch am pion s Leagu e in th e 2007/ 8 season . In dividu al l y for M an ch ester Un ited, h e was two tim e pl ayer of th e year ,h e won th e Bal on D?or (Best Pl ayer in Th e W or l d), h e was th e top scor er in th e Pr em ier Leagu e, an d th e best pl ayer in Eu r ope in 2008. Ron al do th en join ed Real M adr id wh er e h e won even m or e tr oph ies an d awar ds. In Ron al do?s 9 year car eer

M essi Cl u b Ach i ev em en t s

with Real M adr id h e won : th e Bal on D?or 4 tim es, 4 Ch am pion s Leagu e Titl es, 2 La Liga, Copa Del Ray,an d Span ish Su per Cu p tr oph ies. Ch r istian o Ron al do al so won th e Cl u b W or l d Cu p 3 tim es, th e UEFA Su per cu p 3 tim es, an d 8 tim e top scor er for Real M adr id. An d with Ron al do?s cu r r en t team , Ju ven tu s, h e h as won th e Ser ie A an d th e Ital ian Su per Cu p. Over al l , Ron al do h as won 17 H igh est Scor er Awar ds. I n t er n at i on al Ach i ev em en t s In ter n ation al l y,Ron al do won th e Eu r os in 2016 an d was n am ed th e str ik er of th e tou r n am en t. Ron al do an d Por tu gal wer e th e r u n n er s u p in 2004 in th e Eu r os as wel l .

W ith Lion el M essi?s Car eer in Bar cel on a, h e h as won m an y tr oph ies an d awar ds su ch as: 6 Copa Del Rays, 10 La Liga titl es, 8 Span ish Su per Cu ps, 1 Span ish Leagu e Cu p, 3 Cl u b W or l d Cu ps, 3 UEFA Su per cu ps, 4 Ch am pion s Leagu e Tr oph ies, 6 tim e best pl ayer awar ds, 2 Best Pl ayer in Eu r ope Awar ds, an d 16 top scor er awar ds. I n t er n at i on al Ach i ev em en t s M essi h as h ad a big im pact on Ar gen tin a as h e h as won a few m ajor tr oph ies with th em su ch as: Un der 20 W or l d Cu p Ch am pion in 2005, an Ol ym pic M edal ist awar d in th e 2008/ 9 season , a W or l d Cu p 2014 Ru n n er Up, an d th e Su per cl assico in 2019.

(Ch am p i on s L eagu Goal s +st Assi Ch am p i on s L eagu e Goal s +eAssi sst s) Ron al d o h as

Ron al d o h as ou t scor ed M essi i n t h e Ch am p i on s L eagu e, w i t h 124 goal s com p ar ed t o M essi ?s 111 goal s. Ron al d o h as scor ed t h e m ost goal s i n a Ch am p i on s L eagu e season an d i n t h e com p et i t i on ?s h i st or y. M essi , h ow ev er , h as t h e secon d m ost am ou n t of goal s. W i t h Assi st s i n t h e Ch am p i on s L eagu e, Ron al d o h as h ad m or e assi st s i n t h e Ch am p i on s L eagu e w i t h 32 assi st s, com p ar ed t o M essi ?s 29.

I n t er n at i on al Goal s + Assi st s

Ov er al l : I n 984 ap p ear an ces, 34 y ear ol d Ron al d o h as scor ed 707 goal s an d 219 assi st s, m ak i n g a 72% goal r at i o. I n 839 car eer ap p ear an ces, L i on el M essi h as scor ed 684 goal s an d assi st ed 281 goal s, w h i ch r esu l t s i n a 82% goal r at i o. Ron al d o h as h ad 55 h at t r i ck s com p ar ed t o M essi ?s 52. Th ese st at i st i cs sh ow t h at M essi h as a good ch an ce t o beat Ron al d o?s goal -scor i n g r ecor d s as Ron al d o i s t w o y ear s ol d er t h an M essi .

Cla ssic

Vid eo Ga m es

Five Fu n Fact s Abou t

by Alex Rau ch le


Tet r is w as cr eat ed by a sof t w ar e en gin eer in M oscow , Ru ssia. Tet r is w as in spir ed by t h e gam e Pen t om in oes. It s or igin al ver sion w as based on a t ext . Tet r is' n am e is an am algam at ion . Tet r is st ar t ed ou t as a Sh ar ew ar e.


r easons

why Ter r ar ia is awesome

1. Terraria has a lot of bosses and it takes a while to beat them all. which makes it take a long time to beat them and they are hard to spawn in and if you lose you have to spawn them in again. 2. One of my favorite things about Terraria is all of the weapons. It is also amazing that your weapons do not have durability which is when you use a weapon or item enough and it breaks which is nice because most weapons are hard to craft or you defeat mobs and they drop it. 3. Another reason why I like Terraria is that it is multiplayer and when you join somebody?s world you can use one of your characters with all of your stuff instead of starting over on that world. 4. Terraria has different types of armor which can improve different weapong like magic damage, melee damage, and ranged damage 5. There are different types of worlds like large, medium, and small which makes your world big or small also there are different types are modes like softcore, medium core, and hardcore which make the mobs and bosses harder to beat but gives you better weapons and items. 6. Terraria can be played on 14 different platforms which are different consoles like X-Box and PS4

7. I like that you have to earn every weapon and you can?t just get it without earning it.

8. I also like that you have to build suitable homes to spawn in NPCs. There are 21 NPCs that can live in your house.

9. I love the number of weapons and a variety of them there are and you have to spend a lot of time getting most of these.

10. I love the creativity that went into Terraria just the time it must have taken to come up with most of these ideas would have taken me forever because of all of the wacky and weird weapons and items that make the game one of my favorite games ever.

Ten Reasons Why I Love

By Tat e Wilson

Mi nec r af t has Al most no l i mi t s exc ept f or t he bui l di ng l i mi t and t he s pawni ng l i mi t . I n Mi nec r af t , you can make a gi ant map l i k e s o: You can expl or e I f y ou woul d r at her s ur v i ve i n t he wor l d. You c an bui l d what ever y ou l i k e s uc h as a house, pool , a t heat er , and even a c ount r y c l ub l i k e CCV, J LCC, or may be Wes t wood. You can al s o pl ay wi t h f r i ends.

Ther e ar e many mobs / ani mal s i ncl udi ng Wol v es and f oxes.

You can al s o k i l l t he Ender Dr agon or t he Wei t her .

Ther e ar e many bi omes , l i ke Ter r a, J ungl e, Mes a, and Snow. Those ar e al s o j us t 4 out of 7 of t he Bi omes .

You f or wor l l i vi

can buy pac ks di f f er ent t ypes ds l i k e Ci t y ng or Dr agons .


You al so pl ay Mi nec r af t on di f f er ent pl at f or ms s uch as i Phone, I pad, Comput er , PS4, and l ast but not l east , Xbox .

Ou r Fou r Favor it e Gam es By Jac Bor i ch & Ch ar l i e Seam an SPLEEF Spleef is a diggin g based gam e of 8-16 player s. Th e m ain goal is t o be t h e last player alive. You h ave t o st ay as h igh u p on t h e st ack as possible. If you ar e k n ock ed on t h e layer s below , t h at is bad. Th e last layer is f u ll of lava so if you f all in t o it you w ill die an d you ar e k n ock ed ou t of t h at r ou n d. You can cu st om ize t h e m ap t o h ave lot s of layer s, or ju st on e. Th er e ar e ot h er set t in gs t h at ch an ge t h e w ay t h e gam e is played. On e of t h ose set t in gs is t h at you can ch an ge t h e sh ovel you dig w it h , t o sn ow balls. You can st ill dig, bu t n ow you can t h r ow sn ow balls as w ell. You can?t t h r ow t h e sh ovels. You can also ch an ge it t o f ir ew or k r ock et s so you boost you r self u p in t h e air .

BATTLE OR HUNGER GAM ES Bat t le or Hu n ger Gam es is a PVP(player vs player ) m in igam e, ever yon e f or t h em selves. You st ar t ou t in cages su spen ded in t h e air an d w h en it s t im e t o st ar t , t h e cages open an d you ?r e f r ee t o go. Righ t in t h e cen t er of t h e m ap, t h er e ar e loot ch est s, abou t 5 of t h em . Scat t er ed ar ou n d t h e m ap ar e m or e ch est s t o loot f or you t o loot . You r m ain goal is t o elim in at e t h e ot h er player s an d be t h e last player lef t . If t h e m at ch t ak es t o lon g ot h er player s ar e sh ow n on t h e m ap t o pr ogr ess f u r t h er . Wh en t h er e is on e player lef t t h e gam e en ds an d a w in is t allied n ext t o t h eir n am e on t h e m en u scr een an d you can k eep playin g u n t il you don?t f eel lik e it an ym or e. You can even play w it h you r f r ien ds


Glide is an 8-16 player gam e based on r acin g, bu t t h er e is a

Hide or h u n t is a gam e st yled lik e bed

t w ist , It s in t h e air ! Each player

w ar s, w h er e you h ave in f in it e lives

is equ ipped w it h a set of w in gs

u n t il som ebody br eak s you r bed,

t o f ly w it h . You can r ace t o see

except you r eplace beds w it h a

w h o get s t h e f ast est t im e on t h e

beacon . Each per son st ar t s w it h st on e

cou r se or t o see w h o f in ish ed

t ools, a beacon , an d f ood, (plu s

f ir st . Glide is pr obably t h e

w h at ever else you m igh t w an t t o add

h ar dest of t h em all an d n ot

in ). Un lik e bed w ar s, Hide or Hu n t is

ever yon e w ill lik e it .

played in a r egu lar w or ld, bu t w it h a w or ld bor der . Ever yon e h as abou t 30 m in u t es t o gat h er m at er ials an d set u p you r base, w h er e you w ill h ide you r beacon . You r beacon can?t be in a cave, you h ave t o com plet ely dig it ou t you r self , so t h at it is obviou s w h en you f in d a base. On ce t h e 30 m in u t es is over , pvp st ar t s an d you can t r y t o f in d bases an d elim in at e you r f r ien ds. Th e gam e t h en f in ish es w h en t h er e is on ly on e per son lef t alive, beacon or n ot .

The Grea t Outd oors


By Colby Wallace

K n ow Bef or e You Go By Colby Wallace and Thomas Macaulay * Please note that we are NOT experts* Let's say you are hiking in the blue ridge mountains with you and your friend. You are going on this really rocky part and when you are halfway up, there is a fork in the trail. You go the wrong way and you are lost. Your first thought is, What do I do?. Next you think, ?Why didn't I read that great article about survival in Paperboy??. Well, we got you covered. Number 3- Wh at do If you ar e w et Lots of people think that if they were to get wet they should keep their clothes on, and just move around to keep warmth. Th is is n ot a good idea. If you were to get wet you take off that piece of clothing immediately because keeping it on, raises your chances of hypothermia by 60 percent. Which if you are 10 percent, to begin with when it is cold outside. How t o pr even t t h is-

Pack extra clothes


Have a fire starter with to keep your body warm


Be prepared to get wet even if you are not going near water

Finally, remember if this ever happens don?t panic. Take deep breaths, and try to relax. Most importantly though take off that piece of clothing, and DO NOT STAY IN WET CLOTHES. Number 2- M ak in g Fir e- When you are in a survival situation, fire is one of the most important things you need if you are in a survival situation. It helps with warmth, signal (To signal a search party), bug deterrent, and it tends to keep animals away. Alw ays car r y som e sor t of f ir e st ar t er

I Recommend A Zippo Windproof Lighter. They are very reliable. Th in gs t o look f or in t h e w oods t h at w ill be ben ef icial t o you r f ir e: -

Birch bark is very flammable and is a reliable source, easy to find


Pine sap, pretty flammable, but not as reliable, easy to find


Fat-wood, a piece of pinewood that has been sitting in sap, Very reliable, Super flammable, and you can buy them in stores.


Cedar bark: Get a knife and strip the bark off the tree. Very simple and easy to burn.

These materials are your best bet at starting a fire in the wilderness, and also the most reliable.

Number 1 - Basic Sh elt er Con st r u ct ion When you are caught in a REAL survival situation (not lost in your backyard) it is pretty obvious you don't have a nice warm home to return too. So you should probably know how to build a shelter in a survival situation. (REMEMBER THIS IS NOT WHEN YOU ARE LOST IN YOUR BACKYARD!). 1. Find a nice flat piece of ground that has a few trees next to each other. 2. Get some solid sticks 3. Sharpen the end of a stick and put it in the ground by hammering it. That will be your post 4. Lash a small log between the posts. Do the same on the two trees behind it. 5. Lash a log between the trees and the two sticks. Boom! You have a frame! 6. Put straight logs on the roof so you don't have a small gap then a large one and so on. 7. Lash the roof logs to the sticks that hold the posts to the trees. 8. Make 3 walls: One behind and two on the sides. You want to keep your front open to bring heat from your fire into your shelter. Th er e you go! You h ave bu ilt a sh elt er . If you 'r e st ill lost in you r back yar d, you r eally n eed t o spen d m or e t im e ou t door s.

Sitting Around a nice fire is a good way to end an evening in the wilderness.

All photos: Thomas Macaulay

Who doesn't love nature?


By Th om as M acau lay

By Th om as M acau lay

Anim a l King d om

EN DAN GERED SPECI ES ON EARTH Story by Raymond Boone Page Design by Greyson DiCosmo

EN DAN GERED species on Earth Story by Raymond Boone

Endangered Salt Water Fish Th e Goliat h Gr ou p er

t hey are one of the biggest fish in the sea

but they and like a gentle giant but there is food on the line then they will attach. They have been known to attach sharks when people catch them and keep them on the surface of the water

Th e Blu ef in Tu n a

is big game fish that has very low numbers that

tuna fisherman can only catch one a day and if they catch two or more than they get a big fine. The bluefin tuna is a big fish that the meat is so good that the Japanese in markets can spend sometimes 100,000 dollars for one fish

Th e At lan t ic Halibu t

they have been coming up in low numbers

nowadays and we have been trying to farm them know but they are declining in numbers.

EN DAN GERED species on Earth Page Design by Greyson DiCosmo

Endangered Saltwater / Freshwater Fish Th e Kin g Salm on is a fish that a lot of Alaskans like to eat but a lot of the inland spots have lost a lot of their populations. One river in the Alaskan river had to stop all fishing for king salmon illegal because their number dropped so far down that they were almost gone.

Th e Pike is known as the fish of 100 casts that is how rare they are to catch. They are called this because they are very elusive and they will stop feeding when they want to it doesn?t matter the time of day they will just stop.

Th e st u r geon

they used to found all over the james river and now they

are not there anymore they have almost disappeared. There are not that many left if any in the james river. If you do ever see a sturgeon in the James river don?t touch it because if you grab it in the rough place than you can get your hands and fingers cut by their protective scoots.

EN DAN GERED species on Earth Raymond Boone

Freshwater Th e Razor back Su ck er is not known by very many people. When I was looking through websites for this article the razorback sucker kept coming up and when I found this species I didn?t know what it looked like or why they got the name razorback. On a razorback sucker, the head is almost flat so it can get under rocks to get its prey.

Th e M ek on g Gian t Cat f ish

this catfish is only found in a

few places in China in the Mekong river. They are found very rarely they can be over a few hundred pounds and they have a big head.

Th e k n if e t oot h saw f ish is a fish with a bill that has teeth protruding out of the bill. In The U.S we have a similar fish called the sawfish they suck a fascinating creature.

Lat in Amer ica's

Deadl iest

Animal s By Yat es Bass

Lat in Amer ica's

Deadl iest Animal s By Yat es Bass Lat in Amer ica is home t o hundr eds of t housands of some of t he deadl iest cr eat ur es on Pl anet Ear t h. But which one woul d you exact l y cal l , ?The deadl iest of t hem al l ?? I have chosen 6 deadl y Lat in Amer ican species f r om each cl assif icat ion, exampl e: Mammal , Rept il e, et c. And we wil l see which one is t he t r ue candidat e.

JAGUAR Kil l er Weapons - St r ong j aws t hat can cr ush bones and skul l . Camouf l age f ur pat t er n which makes t hem har d t o det ect . Speed and st eal t h kil l er . Aver age 24 peopl e die f r om Jaguar at t acks year l y.

HARPY EAGLE Kil l er Weapons - Bear Cl aw sized Tal ons t hat can pier ce st eel . St eal t h kil l er of t he skies. Known t o snat ch monkeys and sl ot hs f r om t r ees. Aver age deat hs f r om Har py Eagl es year l y=0- 3.

Gr een Anaconda Kil l er Weapons - incr edibl e size and st r engt h, capabl e of st r angl ing and swal l owing a f ul l gr own deer Can r each up t o 30 f eet in l engt h Camouf l ages easil y Aver age 1- 2 peopl e die f r om Anaconda at t acks year l y

Por t uguese Man O? War Kil l er Weapons- Tent acl es t hat pack a deadl y poison t hat coul d l eave you par al yzed Tent acl es can r each up t o 164 f eet l ong. Been known t o wash up on beaches and st il l st ing peopl e Up t o 2,700 peopl e die f r om Man o? war s ever y year

Br azil ian Wander ing Spider Kil l er Weapons - Deadl y venom bit e t hat can kil l you wit hin an hour Known t o bur r ow in f r uit such as bananas Al so known as t he banana spider or ar med spider Aver age 13- 14 peopl e die f r om Wander ing Spider bit es ever y year

El ect r ic Eel Kil l er Weapons - Posses an el ect r ic char ge Lives in shal l ow wat er Can r each up t o 8 f eet and 44 pounds Aver age kil l r at e on peopl e ever y year =0- 1


10th Anniversa ry Yea r Volum e 2 Ma rc h 2020