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10th Anniversary: Volume 1 In This Edition: Middle School Views Football Features Nothing But Nintendo Trends in Transit

About PaperBoy: This publication marks the 10th anniversary of Paperboy. In 2009, PaperBoy staff started out with a group of 7 boys, each year the staff grew larger. Today our whole crew includes 52 members. With that growth, our publications have grown to include more stories and significantly more pages. Because our existing content exceeded 100 pages, we will now begin separating our content into three shorter volumes. Over 40 articles are featured in the three volumes that we will release this month. You will also find many different types of topics. While entire sections were once devoted to "Sports" or "Video Games," our content has expanded and become more specialized. For example, this issue features a full section just on football; another section is devoted entirely to Nintendo. Future volumes will feature different sports and different types of video games. All of this is possible because the purpose of Paperboy is to give everybody an outlet to write about whatever they want. Students who want to get involved but do not wish to write, also have opportunities. Our cover art is generated through our annual cover art competition, hosted by our staff, and open to all Middle School students. We also feature original student artwork, too. These things have remained the same over the years. Whether it was a staff run by seven guys or the larger group that we have now, we share the goal of expressing our ideas, and we will keep on writing. b y Ma c D ix o n '24

Middle School Views

What Would Lif e Be Like Wit hout Music? By : Rem i Page and Cam pbell Reece

How Signif icant is Music? Music is present in almost every type of entertainment. That includes sports, video games, videos, television, etc. Think of every video you watch, what do they all have in common? Music. Whether music is the main idea or just in the background, almost every video has music. Without it, it just sounds bland and boring. Think about the global music industry and how it is worth more than 19 billion dollars. Modern culture and life would not be the same without music.

M u sic as an in f lu en ce Many people's lives and interests are connected by music. Lot's of friendships are sparked or influenced by music. Think about how many times you have had a conversation revolving around music; I bet you wouldn't be able to count how many. How does music influence the life of a St. Christopher 's student? Let's find out.

How ar e St . Chr ist opher 's st udent s inv olv ed w it h m usic? How much time do you spend listening to music per day?

Wh at Wou ld Lif e Be Like Wit h ou t M u sic? We can im agin e t h at lif e w ou ld be a lot m or e bor in g w it h ou t m u sic. In ever y f or m of en t er t ain m en t , you w ill f in d m u sic. Th er e ar e video gam es w it h m u sic an d video gam es abou t m u sic, t h er e ar e m ovies w it h m u sic an d m ovies abou t m u sic, t h er e ar e TV sh ow s w it h m u sic an d TV sh ow s abou t m u sic. M u sic is par t of n ear ly ever y f or m of en t er t ain m en t . Som e of t h e m ost popu lar celebr it ies ar e on ly f am ou s becau se of m u sic. Wit h ou t m u sic, so m an y popu lar t h in gs w ou ld n ot be popu lar . Wh at is M ar io w it h ou t t h e sign at u r e sou n d t r ack ? Wh at is St ar War s w it h ou t it s t h em e son g? an d Wh er e w ou ld t h e Beat les h ave been if w e n ever h ear d Abbey Road? All of t h ese f am ou s t h in gs w ou ld pr obably be n ot h in g w it h ou t m u sic. Th e m oder n w or ld w ou ld be a lot dif f er en t w it h ou t m u sic.

Ten Reasons PC Has An Advant age In Gaming by Hu m za Chaudhry 1. Keyboar d

2. M ou se Mice are the best for gamers. Mice allow people to quickly turn rather than having to hold your joystick for a long time.

3. Fr am es When you run a computer you get about 50-150 more frames than a console. Usually, a console gives about 60-100 frames depending on what game you play.

6. Bet t er Gr aph ics

The Keyboard has about 101 keys if it is a full keyboard. This causes us to have more control over what we are doing.

4. Pin g 5. Speedy React ion t im e Better Graphics causes a boost in playing because you can notice the things happening around you.

Ping is the amount of time the controller, mouse or keyboard takes to reach the game and register in.

The mouse and keyboard cause you to have a faster reaction time than controllers.

Te n R e a s o n s P C H a s A n A d va n t a g e In Ga m in g 7. Ch eaper !

Sure, PCs are not cheap when you buy them, but after you purchase a PC, the games you buy are less expensive. For example, Rainbow Six Siege on Xbox is $40-$50 while on PC Rainbow Six Siege is $25 also with a 4-year pass included!

8. Fr ien ds

9. M or e Gam es

When you are on a PC you can talk to multiple platforms of other consoles and computers. This allows you to play with your friends.

There are way more games for PC than any other console, bringing variety to the games you want to play.

10. Not Hoggin g t h e TV Im age Cr edit s Cites: Razer Keyboard Picture https://www.razer.com/gaming-keyboards-keypads/razer-blackwidow Glorius Mouse Picture https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT-Ib2oGrjsMKuXFU_7sWD8HZP zLxVDlb-eO2a-Ik86q2caH8FWjA&s FPS and Ping Picture https://i.ytimg.com/vi/FyFlf37D9zQ/maxresdefault.jpg Reaction Time Picture https://cdn130.picsart.com/297761906237201.jpg?r1024x1024 Better Graphics Picture https://pm1.narvii.com/5860/4c9b7a3c2848b97bb9717256da1733e84a5a3bdd_hq.jpg

Lastly, playing on a PC means that you?re not hogging the TV. Whether it?s your brother, sister or parents, they want to watch TV, and the next thing they know is that you hopped into another game or something like that!

Money Picture

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/xSy4YNYvvyy4oxaDjOu7yTdAVuiynkg-KPuitf8lo54uUnULw 3RrAF8oxIXbniolM=s170 Friend Picture https://image.igxe.com/fortnite-add.png Lots Of Games Image

https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRP3gDRAS7G59cI47mn5S-mhWiUc Oc8w3K1bECykoxnvKKFQovIQ&s

A rt Gal ax y By: Carter Lei gh



Col l age

Em br aced by Joseph Con n er When my doctor diagnosed me with two stress fractures in my back, I was like, "Ok, all I have to do is wear a brace for twelve weeks and then I will be ok." I was completely wrong. The next day, we went to get the brace, and when I first saw the brace, I was terrified. The doctor had brought in this huge body brace thing, and I was speechless. I thought that I was going to faint right then and there. The doctor also told me that even though the brace might allow me to do a certain activity, that did not mean that I should assume that it is okay. One example was when I thought I could throw the football because my arms were just fine. My mom called the doctor to make sure that playing football was ok. They gave her a polite, but firm, "No."

Once I got home, I was shocked at how little mobility I had and also how fast I would run out of breath. I first noticed this when I was trying to sit down to play video games, and I couldn't. Well, at least not normally. Also at night, I had a really hard time getting in and out of bed. I felt like a really big person who has a hard time rolling over. The running out of breath really fast really bothers me because I am very active. For example, walking from the car to my house is tiring. Another way I notice this is walking down the stairs. This small and simple everyday activity takes lots of energy. Bottom line, my air quality is really bad. For me, this time so far has seemed very long. From being super active to doing nothing at all, is hard. When things are hard in sports, I think that, ?well, it must be nice to relax every day.?

The first week or so was ok except for the pain the brace brought. But overall, in my opinion, it really isn?t that nice. Sometimes, I get bored out of my mind. Even my Xbox gets boring after a while. At times, I really want to go back to normal and go back to normal life. I try to stay active with my sports by helping my coaches coach. Sometimes, it can be too much for me to handle because I would like to join my teammates.

This will only help my back, not hurt. If you ever have to go through this, use this motto and it will help you. On the bright side though, things have started to get a little bit better. The tightness didn?t seem as tight, when I took the brace off, my back felt better, and things seem to be going in a good direction. This is my perspective on wearing this brace and I hope that you never have to wear this.

One upside that came with this is that now I could take some time to focus on school. Not that I needed to spend more time on school, but mainly it gives me something to do. One motto that helps keep me going is that I have to accept this brace as my new normal, and this is only temporary.

If you are curious, here is a picture of what the brace looks like. As you can see, I chose to add a little bit of style.

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Th e Big Sw it ch St or y by M iles Love | | Page Design by M ason Love

On t h e day I f in ish ed f if t h gr ade, m y br ot h er an d I t h ou gh t w e w er e goin g t o go t o t h e sam e M iddle Sch ool as all of ou r f r ien ds. I w as celebr at in g w it h all of m y f r ien ds an d t ellin g t h em t h at w e m ade it t o M iddle Sch ool. We w er e all excit ed, an d w e all t h ou gh t w e goin g t o t h e M iddle Sch ool t h at is close t o m y h ou se [ Wilder M iddle Sch ool] , bu t t h en m y br ot h er , M ason , an d I w er e t old t h at w e w er e goin g t o Sain t Ch r ist oph er 's M iddle Sch ool. We w er e r eally an xiou s abou t goin g t o a n ew sch ool. We w er e also sad t h at w e w ou ld n ot be goin g t o sch ool w it h ou r f r ien ds.

Th e Car Ride

M y br ot h er an d I look ed at each ot h er in a t h r illin g gaze. We loaded u p t h e car t h in k in g w e sh ou ld be w it h ou r f am ily / f r ien ds. As w e pu lled u p t o St . Ch r ist oph er 's M iddle Sch ool, w e got bu t t er f lies in ou r st om ach s an d f r ogs in ou r t h r oat s t h in k in g abou t t h e em bar r assm en t t h at w as w ait in g f or u s. In side t h e bu ildin g, w e bot h w er e f eelin g sick seein g t h e n ew t each er s an d n ew st u den t s. As w e in t r odu ced ou r selves t o ot h er people, w e w ou ld also go t o ou r lock er s an d w h isper t o each ot h er abou t h ow w e w er e so n er vou s.

M or n in g Classes We got t o ou r f ir st class. We w er e each t r yin g t o im agin e h ow class w as goin g f or each ot h er . Th e t each er s explain ed t h e basic r u les of St .Ch r ist oph er 's M iddle Sch ool. Th en w e m et in t h e h allw ay t alk in g abou t h ow t h e f ir st class w as. We go t o secon d per iod an d w e w e w ear each st ill w on der in g w h at w h at t h e ot h er br ot h er w as goin g t h r ou gh .

Ch apel As w e w alk ed t o ch apel ou r adr en alin e st ar t ed t o r u sh . In ch apel, Rev. St eed t alk ed abou t h on est y, an d w e st opped t o pr ay. Af t er t h e pr ayer Rev. St eed said t h at it w as t im e f or t h e t each er s an d st u den t s t o m ak e an n ou n cem en t s. Th at w as t h e m om en t w h en m y st om ach dr opped. Rev. st eed said, " Today w e w ill in t r odu ce you t o t h e n ew st u den t s. Say h ello M iles! Say h ello M ason ! As h e called each of ou r n am es, it w as t im e t o st an d u p. We w er e of f icially in t r odu ced t o ou r n ew sch ool com m u n it y.

Wh at w e m ost lik e abou t bein g h er e:

- M or e Fr eedom - w e do n ot n eed t o w alk in a lin e - M or e ch oices at lu n ch - Last year , t h e t each er pu t u s at t ables w it h f ou r st u den t s at each on e--- som et im es ot h er k ids w ou ld f ool ar ou n d, bu t m or e t h an on e per son w ou ld get in t r ou ble - Her e, t h er e ar e m or e opt ion s of spor t s t o play du r in g r ecess - Th e f ield is m u ch bet t er - Her e, t h er e ar e f ew er st u den t s in ever y class - Th er e, t h e classr oom sizes w er e bigger , an d t h er e w er e m or e boar ds f or w r it in g - In st ead of Hon or Cou n cil, you w en t t o t h e Pr in cipal or Assist an t Pr in cipal == - No sch ool bu ses - Teach er s u sed w alk ie-t alk ies

Wel come to Wonderl and! By A l ex Cox

Th e M S Fal l Pl ay th i s year w as Th e A dv entures of A l i ce I n Wonderl and. Reh earsal s started i n September and th e pl ay w as perf ormed i n mi d-October. Wonderl and h ad 6 perf ormances, each around an h our l ong th at w ere opened w i th a cov er of M y Coat of M any Col ors sung by A nne Hubard and El oi se M edi nger-Caudl e. Tech Crew w ork ed h ard on crank i ng out props, decorati ons, and costumes i n th e l i ttl e ti me th ey h ad. A nd th ey di d real l y w el l , too! I real l y enj oyed bei ng part of th e cast and I 'm pretty sure th e oth ers di d, too. I f you enj oy acti ng or w ant to try someth i ng new , I real l y recommend j oi ni ng OutrĂŠ. I f you don't l i k e acti ng but w ant to j oi n OutrĂŠ, you can j oi n th e tech crew to mak e costumes, props, w ork on set desi gn, or h el p run th e sh ow .


Top 20 Pr o Spor t s M om en t s of t h e Decade Edison Pellu m bi 20. Dame Sends OKC Home In Game 5 of the 2019 Western Conference Quarterfinals, Blazers guard Damian Lillard sunk a 38 foot stepback as time expired to send Portland to the semifinals.

19. DJkeeps the Yankees alive In Game 6 of the 2019 ALCS, Yankees 2nd baseman DJ Lemahieu hit a 2 run home run in the 9th to tie the game.

18. Raji Davis ties game 7 In the 8th inning of game 7 of the 2016 World Series, Indians outfielder. Raji Davis hit a 2-run home run off Cubs closer Aroldis Chapman to tie the game for

17. Eli Keeps The Giants in Super Bowl 46 In Super Bowl 46, with the Giants down late, Eli Manning threaded the needle, hitting Mario Manningham down to sideline for a top tapping catch before the eventual game-winning touchdown.

16. Nationals win the World Series After never having gotten out of the first round in franchise history, the Nats won five games facing elimination to win the World Series.

15. Edelman?s incredible catch In Super Bowl 51, the Patriots came back from down 28-3. A huge part of this comeback was an incredible catch from Julian Edleman that was a matter of inches from the groud.

14. David Freese Wins Game 6 In game 6 of the 2011 World Series, David Freese hit a triple to tie the game in the 9th and a walk-off home run in extra innings to keep the Cards in the series and force game 7

13. Altuve Walks Off Game 7 In the inning after LeMahieu?s game-tying home-run, Jose Altuve hit a walk-off home run to send Houston to the World Series.

12. Bautista Elctrifies Canada In the deciding game 5 of the 2016 ALDS, Blue Jays star Jose Bautista hit a no-doubt home run followed by a huge bat flip that excitited the Toronto crowd.

11. Ortiz Ties Game 2 In the 8th inning of game 2 of the 2013 ALCS, David Ortiz stepped up with the bases loaded and hit a grand slam to tie the game at 5.

10. Allen Ties Game 6 In Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals, Ray Allen hit a three from the corner in the final seconds to tie Game 6 and keep the Heat?s season alive.

9. Kobe Drops 60 In Final Game In what would be NBA legend?s final game, Kobe dropped 60 and had a game-winning assist in the Lakers?win.

8. Lebron Denies Igoudala In game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals, LeBron James had an incredible chase-down block on Andre Iguodala, which saved

7. Philly Special In Super Bowl 52, The Eagles had a 4th and Goal, they did a direct snap to their running back who flipped it to their tight end, who threw to QB Nick Foles for the TD.

6. Minnesota Miracle In the 2017 NFL playoffs, The Vikings were down 24-23 to the Saints, then Case Keenum threw a hail mary, which Stefon Diggs caught and ran into the endzone for the Vikings win.

5. Malcolm Butler Picks off Wilson In Super Bowl 49, the Seahawks made a last-minute drive to get the ball to the one-yard line, down 28-24. Seattle decided to pass, and Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler jumped the route and won Super Bowl 49 for New England.

4. Kyrie Hits Game Winner In Game 7 In the 2016 NBA Finals, the Cavaliers and Warriors were tied going into the final few minutes in Game 7. Cavs star Kyrie Irving got an iso on Steph Curry and hit a stepback three to give the Cavs a three point lead, which they would hang onto and win their first championship.

3. Jeter Walks Off Final Home Game In his final home game, Yankees legend Derek Jeter came up with a runner on 2nd in the bottom of the 9th. He hit a single to right and ended his final home game with a walk-off hit. In his final home game, Yankees legend Derek Jeter came up with a runner on 2nd in the bottom of the 9th. He hit a single to right and ended his final home game with a walk-off hit.

2. Cubs Wins World Series In 2016, the Cubs had the longest title drought in sports history. They went into extra innings in game 7, and in the top of the 10th, Ben Zobrist hit a double down the line that gave the Cubs the lead. With two outs, Michael Martinez hit a slow roller to Kris Bryant, who threw to Anthony Rizzo for the first Cubs championship since 1908.

1. Kawhi Wins Game 7 In a tied game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, Kawhi got the inbound, got around Ben Simmons, ran to the corner, and hit a game-winner over Joel Embiid that bounced off the rim five times to move on. The Raptors would eventually go on to win the NBA Finals, after beating the Bucks in the Eastern Confrence Finals and the Warriors in the Finals.

Football Features

Un p a id By Gilber t Cooper On September 30, 2019, a new law called SB 206 passed in California allowing Californian college athletes to be paid for their likeness, image, and name. This was previously prohibited by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The NCAA has threatened to ban California schools such as USC or UCLA from competing in NCAA championship tournaments. Many think this is unjust, like Mike Krzyzewski, the Duke Basketball head coach. He says "We need to stay current with what's happening, I'm glad it (SB 206) was passed because it pushes the envelope a little, it pushes the issue. But I don't want to answer just for that. I'd like to see, 'OK, let's take a look at all the things that need to be done. Will we do them? How can we do them?' I don't have the answer. But I'd like to have a bunch of people get together over a period of time and play catch-up with what we probably should have been doing more of a decade or two ago." He is not the only person who is for college players to be paid. Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang says, ?Instead of putting arbitrary requirements on agents, the NCAA should pay Division I athletes who generate millions in revenue for their schools. Coaches and athletic directors make millions while the kids pretend to be amateurs and scrounge for meal money.? On October 29, 2019, the NCAA Board of Governors voted unanimously to allow college athletes to be paid for their name, image, and likeness. This law will go into effect by January 2021. For many, this means new NCAA video games, in the Summer of 2019 EA CEO Andrew Wilson said the company ?would jump for the opportunity? to return to making college sports titles. The Video game series has been out of production since 2013. On November 7, 2019, Trey Johnson, a former Villanova defensive back, announced he was suing the NCAA. His lawsuit is based on the accusation that the NCAA is violating minimum wage laws. This lawsuit is currently underway. Many believe that the NCAA is being cruel and unjust, think about it, everyone working the stadium is making money, the janitors, the coaches, the security guards, except for the people everyone came to see, the players. Texas A&M made a whopping average of 192 million dollars off of sports in 2016. The NCAA makes 8 billion dollars, every year. And since they have to be 1 year removed from high school for NBA and 3 for NFL they cant skip college. A common misconception is that families of athletes can just give them money, it is not allowed as a college athlete to accept money from anyone. (Below, results of STC student survey on whether they think college athletes should be paid)

Yes No Not su r e yet

St ar t ing QB at Fl or ida Never St ar t ed a Game in High School St or y by Wally Jon es Kyle told Coach Mullen he wanted to stay. That same summer in 2019, Felipe Franks was named

Ky l e Tr ask

is the starting quarterback for the Florida Gators, but he earned this opportunity through determination and hard work. Kyle Trask was raised in Manville, Texas. In high school, there was a stud quarterback in front of him by the name of D' Eriq King. He is now playing football at the University of Houston. Kyle never considered transferring high schools and always had been a loyal kid. He was always going to be a Manville Mustang. Although he did not start, he came in on the third drive of every game. While in high school, Kyle was invited to two camps at the University of Florida and the coaches saw potential because of his strong arm. They gave him a scholarship. Once he arrived at college, he had some pretty devastating injuries. In 2017, his season ended with a gruesome right foot injury. In 2018, his hopes of starting were ruined again, but this time it was a left foot injury. In the summer of 2019, Kyle had a talk with head coach, Dan Mullen. The talk was about if Kyle wanted to stay a Gator or transfer to another school with immediate eligibility (the ability to play right away without sitting out a year).

the starter. But in the third game of the year against Kentucky, Franks suffered a disgusting ankle injury and it was Kyle?s time to shine. He led the Gators to win over Kentucky and has now lead the Gators to 8-2 record since Felipe?s injury. The Gators overall are 10-2. His best win was over number seven ranked Auburn. Florida?s losses have been really close ball games against two top-ten ranked teams. Florida lost to Georgia 24-17 and lost to LSU 42-28. Kyle also has some pretty impressive stats in 2019. He has thrown for 21 touchdowns, 6 interceptions, and 79 QBR rating. He is 13th in the country in QBR. I truly believe the story of this kid is very inspiring and reminds people hard work will always put a positive effect on you.

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FOOTBALL Jer sey s By: Pat r ick Leck y

N FL jer seys ar e d esigned f r o m m any d if f er ent id eas. So m et im es t her e ar e f an co nt est s and o t her t im es o w ner s o r m anager s d esign t hem . W het her t he jer sey's hae b r ight f lashy co lo r s w it h aw eso m e lo go s o r ar e no t - so - go o d o r even just st r aight up ugly o nes. t hey ar e alw ays f un t o lo o k at . W e?ll explo r e b est selling jer sey o f 2 0 1 9 so f ar , d if f er ent st yles o f jer s eys

TO P SELLI N G JERSEYS N o w w e?r e go ing t o lo o k at t he t o p t en t o p- selling Jer seys o f 2 0 1 9 acco r d ing t o N FLsho p.co m . As o f 2 0 1 9 , t he num b er o ne selling jer sey has b een To m B r ad y. N um b er t w o is Pat r ick M aho m es ll. N um b er t hr ee is Ez ek iel Ellio t .

N um b er f o ur is K halil M ack , f ive is D ak Pr esco t t , six Saquo n B ar k ley, seven D r ew B r ees, N um b er eight is Ar r o n Ro ger s, nine D aniel Jo nes, and f inally, num b er t en is Juju Sm it h- Schust er

FOOTBALL Jer sey s D I FFEREN T STYLES o f JERSEYS These ar e t he d if f er ent st yles o f unif o r m s ho m e jer seys, aw ay jer seys, co lo r r ush, alt er nat e, and t hr o w b ack .

ALL- TI M E W O RST JERSEYS I n m y o pinio n, t he all- t im e w o r st jer sey is t he yello w - and - sat in- b lue Eagles unif o r m s f r o m 2 0 0 7 . The co lo r s d o n?t even go w it h t he Eagles co lo r s w hich ar e gr een, b lack and silver . This is m y o pinio n and I just t hink t hese unif o r m s ar e st r aight up ugly.


M V P R A C E ST O RY B y Ja c k Se e l

Pa g e De s i g n B y Y a t e s b a s s As of w eek 10 of t h e 2019-2020 NFL season , t h e t op 3 leadin g can didat es ar e Ru ssell Wilson , Ch r ist ian M cCaf f er y, an d Lam ar Jack son in t h at or der . Th is year h as been a ver y in t r igu in g season f or t h e NFL an d is on e of t h e m ost diver se season s. Wit h t h e except ion of Ru ssell Wilson , t h e m ajor it y of t h is year 's can didat es h ave lar gely 2n d an d 3r d year player s.

C h r is t ia n M c C a f f e r y h as also pu t u p som e cr azy n u m ber s t h is season : 11 t ou ch dow n s, 0 f u m bles, 989 yar ds on 185 car r ies. He also h as an aver age of 5.4 yds per car r y an d h is lon gest r u n w as 84 yar ds f or a t ou ch dow n again st t h e Jagu ar s. His r eceivin g yar ds w er e also ver y im pr essive. His n u m ber s r esem ble t h e f ir st 10 w eek s n u m ber s of Ladian Tom lin son?s M VP season . His adju st ed n u m ber s ar e also m in d-bogglin g. Th ey ar e 1599 yar ds on 296 car r ies an d 17 t ou ch dow n s. M cCaf f er y also h as got t en 59 t ar get s an d 48 r ecept ion s f or 396 yar ds an d 3 t ou ch dow n s. His adju st ed passin g st at s ar e 105 t ar get s 86 cat ch es f or 704 yar ds an d 6 t ou ch dow n s.

Im age: Fat h eads

R u s s e l l W i l s o n h as t h u s f ar lead t h e Seat t le Seah aw k s t o an 8-2 r ecor d an d m ost r ecen t ly def eat in g t h e 49er s f or t h eir f ir st loss. Ru ssell Wilson h as h ad an ot h er am azin g season h avin g t h r ow n 23 t ou ch dow n s an d on ly 2 in t er cept ion s w it h a 68.5% com plet ion per cen t age. He h as also t h r ow n f or 2737 yar ds an d h as 8.4 yar ds per at t em pt . An d h is adju st ed st at s assu m in g h e h as t h e sam e com plet ion per cen t age an d yar ds per at t em pt ar e even m or e r em ar k able. He w ou ld h ave 37 t ou ch dow n s, 3 in t er cept ion s, an d 4380 yar ds all of w h ich ar e car eer best s. Despit e t h e st at s Ru ssell Wilson h as pu t u p so f ar , h e seem s t o be playin g t h e sam e an d h e does h ave sim ilar n u m ber s. com par ed t o pr eviou s season s.

L a m a r J a c k s o n f or t h e Balt im or e Raven s h as h ad a br eak ou t soph om or e season . He h as lead t h e Raven s t o a 7-2 r ecor d an d t h e 3r d spot in t h e pow er r an k in gs as w ell as a big w in over t h e Pat r iot s an d t h e Seah aw k s. He h as pu t u p 2036 yar ds, 15 t ou ch dow n s, an d 5 in t er cept ion s. His passin g st at s m ay n ot be as im pr essive as Ru ssell Wilson s ar e bu t h is r u sh in g st at s m or e t h an m ak eu p f or it w it h 702 r u sh in g yar ds on 106 car r ies, 0 f u m bles, 6 t ou ch dow n s, 6.6 yar ds per r u sh , an d a lon g of 47 yar ds again st t h e Ben gals. His adju st ed st at s ar e 3620 passin g yar ds, 27 passin g t ou ch dow n s, 9 in t er cept ion s, 1248 r u sh in g yar ds on 192 car r ies, an d 11


IN M Y O PIN IO N : I per son ally t h in k t h at Lam ar Jack son is t h e w in n er becau se of t h e dif f icu lt y of t h e sch edu le so f ar an d t h e sch edu le goin g f or w ar d. Ru ssell Wilson h as also h ad an in cr edible season . I t h in k t h at w h oever h as t h e bet t er r ecor d at t h e en d of t h e season w ill be t h e M VP. Lam ar h as also h ad a lot of in cr edible per f or m an ces w h ile Wilson h as been con sist en t an d becau se of t h at in con sist en cy f r om Lam ar , Wilson m ay be pu t over t h e edge. Th is h as been a 2 m an r ace an d it w ill com e dow n t o t h e last gam e or t w o t o f igu r e ou t t h e M VP. I t h in k Lam ar h as been t h e bet t er player I also t h in k Jack son is m or e valu able t o h is t eam . M an y ot h er player s su ch as Desh au n Wat son h ave even said t h at Lam ar sh ou ld be t h e M VP.

Nothing but


Th e Hi story of


by Joaqu Ă­n Tor r es Fans of SuperSmash Brothers are all familiar with the puffy, pink, floating balloon who is known as Kirby. But before Kirby was dueling the likes of Link and Mario, Kirby was determined to make a name for himself alongside these legends by jumping and Kir by ?s Or igin Masahiro Sakurai is a Japanese game designer who was born on August 3rd, 1970. Masahiro is Kirby?s creator, and at the time of Kirby?s invention, he worked at HAL laboratories. Now, at the age of 49, he leads Sora Ltd. Sora is a video game developer and has helped Nintendo create a host of games, such as the three latest installments of super smash brothers, including ultimate, and Kid Icarus: uprising.

Kir by ?s Copy Abilit y Kirby has a unique feature that sets him apart from the rest, Kirby?s Copy Ability. This ability allows Kirby to suck up projectiles and certain enemies. Once he does he can spit them back out as projectiles of his own, or, if he sucks up an enemy, he can copy their ability and use it for his own intentions.

Gam e st at ist ics Kirby was born on April 27, 1992, when his first game, Kirby?s Dream Land was released. Kirby would go on to star in over 30 games, with his bestselling one being the original Kirby?s Dreamland, a platformer, and his least selling game being Kirby Clash, an RPG.

Kir by: over view Kirby is an alien from a planet called Popstar. In his games he has set out to stop invaders, help refugees from other planets, stop the quarreling sun and moon, save all the food that has been stolen, or just to have fun.

Mario Kart 8 deluxe by Ben But terfield

M ar io Kar t 8 Delu xe is a gam e f or t h e Nin t en do sw it ch w h er e you r ide on various t r ack s an d cu st om ize you r ow n k ar t . Th er e ar e lot s of ch ar act er s f or pr eviou s M ar io k ar t gam es su ch as M ar io, pr in cess peach , an d Walu igi. As w ell as br an d n ew ch ar act er s Nin t en do h as n ever pu t in M ar io k ar t . Th ese 4 ch ar act er s ar e Lin k f r om legen ds of Zelda. Splat oon boy/ gir l f r om Splat oon . Villiger an d Isabelle f r om an im al cr ossin g. An d M ar io ch ar act er s su ch as Bow ser jr , Dr y Bon es, an d Kin g Boo. Wh at m ak es t h is gam e st an d ou t f r om t h e ot h er gam es is it h as a n ew f eat u r e called an t i-gr avit y. Th is t u r n s you r k ar t in t o a f loat in g f u t u r ist ic k ar t t h at w h en you bu m p in t o an ot h er r acer you gain a lit t le bit of speed. On e of t h e goals in t h is gam e is t o collect coin s t o go f ast er bu t t h ey also h elp you u n lock n ew k ar t s, w h eels, an d glider s. Th e golden k ar t h as m ade it s r et u r n in t h is gam e. Th is is h ow you get it . For t h e k ar t , you n eed t o get 1 st ar or m or e on ever y cu p t h r ou gh m ir r or m ode. For t h e golden w h eels, you n eed t o beat all of t h e t im e t r ials or collect 15,000 coin s. For t h e golden glider , you n eed t o collect 10,000 coin s.

Super Smash Br ot her s for t he Nint endo 64 -

20 year s lat er by Tommy Loughran Su per sm ash was r el eased Jan u ar y 21, 1999. It was a figh tin g gam e u n l ik e an y oth er. In stead of th er e bein g a h eal th bar th at dim in ish es wh en you ar e h it, you h ave a per cen t th at you ar e at. Th e m or e per cen t you ar e at, th e m or e k n ock back m oves h ave. Th e poin t of th e gam e is to k n ock you r oppon en t off th e stage. Each of th e ch ar acter s ar e Nin ten do ch ar acter s, som e icon s, l ik e m ar io, som e l ess k n own , l ik e Captain Fal con fr om F Zer o. Th e gam e was r eceived with m assive l ove, bein g easy to u n der stan d bu t h ar d to m aster. Th is is becau se M asah ir o Sak u r ia, th e cr eator of th e Sm ash Br oth er s fr an ch ise, wan ted to m ak e a gam e both casu al an d com petitive In th e actu al gam epl ay,th er e ar e a few th in gs th at you can do. Th e fir st an d m ost popu l ar even t you can do is on e figh ter again st an oth er or m or e. In th is, u p to fou r peopl e ch oose a ch ar acter an d it is eith er a fr ee for al l or team s. SSB h as 12 ch ar acter s, 4 of th em bein g u n l ock abl es. Befor e you m ove to th e n ext scr een , you ar e abl e to ch oose wh at item s can be dr opped ar ou n d th e stage. Th ese item s can eith er h el p or h in der you .

Th ey ar e popu l ar item s fr om th e fr an ch ises in th e gam e, l ik e pok ebal l s fr om pok em on or M r. Satu r n fr om Ear th bou n d. A l ar ge type of item is an assist tr oph y. Th ese ar e ch ar acter s th at ar e n ot so im por tan t th at th ey becom e actu al ch ar acter s, bu t ar e stil l wor th y of bein g in th e gam e. Th ese ar e ch ar acter s l ik e Sh adow th e h edgeh og an d k n u ck l es, wal u igi, or M idn a fr om th e l egen d of Zel da ser ies. On ce you pr ess star t, you get to ch oose on e of th e n in e stages to pl ay on . Th ey differ in pl atfor m pl acem en t an d oth er cer tain gim m ick s l ik e bar r el can n on s bel ow th e stage wh ich can h el p you r ecover fr om offstage.

Look in g back at th e fr an ch ise, it h as defin itel y becom e a l ar ger gam e. In stead of th e or igin al 12 figu r es, th er e ar e 74 figh ter an d m or e com in g. Newer figh ter s al so h ave m or e m oves th at ar e a l ove l etter to th er e wh ol e fr an ch ise. M an y ch ar acter s th at ar e th e or igin al 12 h ave basic pu n ch es an d k ick s. M or e of th e n ewer ch ar acter s h ave m ove sets th at ar e abil ities th ey h ave fr om th eir gam es, l ik e Pac-m an an d M ega m an ?s special attack s.

by Walk er M or r is

I know a lot of you reading this are very confused by the title, and YES I did mean cards not cartridges.

In 1819 (Yes. eighteen-nineteen) there was a man named Fusajiro Yamauchi who lived in Japan. He had a company in Kyoto, Japan where he made colorful playing cards. The cards were called Hanafuda, which means flower cards were in twelve suits, that were one for every month of the year. There were no numbers on the cards, only the pictures. Up until the 1956, the company continued to create expertly crafted playing cards that involved nature. Their cards were popular for gambling and all of Japan.The cards started to become less popular, because they were associated with crime. The company tried to succeed by becoming a toy company, but in 1970s Nintendo officially became a Video Game Company. so then the business was handed over to Hiroshi Yamauchi, who was 22 at the time. In 1970, the old card company, Nintendo, turned into a video game company. Hiroshi?s dream was to make the company a toy, and arcade games manufacturer, which became a reality. ph ot o cr edit : Lin k t o Business Insider

an in dept h l ook at t he 4 n ew Smash Char act er s By Wil l iam Hoge an d Hen r y Rice Joker from Persona 5 was the first paid DLC character fans of the game were very happy for his inclusion in Smash Bros. when he was added he did not disappoint fans because most of his moves represent things from his game. I?d first like to talk about his passive ability Arsen. Arsen is charged throughout the match when he hits the enemy and the enemy hits him and by his down B Rebellion Gauge were if you hit him depending on the power of the attack Arsen charges a little more or a lot more. If Joker has Arsen, it turns into a counter/reflector* . His Side B is a snap projectile. Without Arsen, when it hits the opponent it infects them. This does damage over thing for a couple of seconds. However with Arsen, Joker makes a powerful snap that does more damage and does not linger. His neutral B is gun. He pulls out a gun and shots a weak projectile. He can jump and shot below him. With Arsen this simply does more damage. Finally his up B is a grappling hook. This is a tether grab* that has a great vertical range but no horizontal . it also has a hitbox on the hook and if it hit you when you are airborne and Joker is on the ground it pulls you down.With arsen it is a strong recovery but no hit box. Joker is a very good character who many people say is the best.

Banjo and Koozie was one of the most recent DLC characters. Banjo was a character that Nintendo made a while ago then microsoft bought him to make games for him on the Xbox. Then Nintendo got him back for Super Smash Bros. Fans of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (SSBU) were excited because he was wanted as a character. Banjo is loved in the community and he is known well for his side B Wonder Wing. He has five Wonder Wings and they do a good amount of damage. This move can only be used to the side and not down or up. When he uses Wonder Wing you are not able to hit him out of it. His down B is a good move as well and it is called Rear Egg. This move is good because when it comes out you can pick it up and throw it and it will explode. When he uses this move he is vulnerable to get hit by an enemy. Banjo was a great addition to SSBU for the long fans of Nintendo and the new fans. Hero is an okay Character for Super Smash Bros. He has 21 moves for his down B menu. Most of these moves help you, some can give you a speed boost or more damage output. Hero also has moves like magic burst where it does a lot of damage but takes away all MP. Hero has 100 MP and MP is like how much money he has. Some moves take more MP than others and are more powerful with more MP usually. Some of Hero ?s moves are Kamikaze, flame slash, Snooze and Hocus Pocus. Hero comes from the game Dragon Quest and he is the main character.

Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury was the 4th and newest DLC character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Fatal Fury is a classic fighting games like Street Fighter. Those games have special inputs for specials which Terry has to boost his specials. Let's start with those. His neural special is a fireball that goes across the floor of the stage. If Terry is airborne it goes in front of him in the air. It is a strong enough projectile and works well in his moveset. His side B he runs into you with a strong attack. If you input down, down-forward, forward it makes the attack much stronger with more knockback. His backwards side-b (new to Terry) is a forward flip (because Terry always faces the opponent) and is a lot like side-B but it?s hitbox is bigger and its a good mixup. His down-b is power dunk. He jumps forward and dunk onto the ground. It has great power and can sometimes spike. It is by far his best special. His Up-B is a spinning kick upwards. It multihits with good damage and is a good recovery but attacking with it puts you in a bad position. The last unique thing about terry is his Go. Go appears when Terry is at 100% and makes Terry get two moves that both require special inputs. His first is Power Geyser where terry makes a big fire pillar that does lots of damage and knockback. The second Go move is Buster wolf. Terry sprints at you and then hits you with a close range fireblast.

Trends in Transit

by Declan M cDon n ell

The Flying Wonders of Boeing Boein g is t h e lar gest aer ospace com pan y in t h e w or ld exist in g f or over a cen t u r y. Fr om com m er cial plan e con st r u ct ion an d bu ildin g u p t h e US def en se t o con qu er in g t h e f r on t ier of ou t er space, Boein g is a bu sin ess ver y in t er est in g t o t ak e a look at .

On July 15, 1916 William E. Boeing founded the aerospace company that would soon be one of the largest companies in the world.

The construction of commercial planes is an incredible feat of Boeing. They get thousands of planes built and sent across the globe. Planes such as the 747 have been iconic for generations. The 747 had just celebrated its 50th Anniversary releasing the Boeing 747-8. The 747-8 has 410 seat across 3 classes and has a range of 7,730 nautical miles. This massive machine has a length of 250 feet and a wingspan of 224 feet. It has 4 GEnx-2B engines being able to 3 FIFA soccer fields in one second!

The 737 Max is also one of Boeing?s newest planes, but after 2 terrible crashes, the Max was taken out of service. The 737 Max 10, the latest model, has a maximum of 230 seats and a range of 3,300 nautical miles. New safety additions have been added to the Max, so it can be back in service soon.

The 787 Dreamliner is a commercial plane with the ability to fly over long distances. The 787-10 Dreamliner has 336 seats and a range of 6,345 nautical miles. The 787-9 Dreamliner has a smaller capacity, but a larger range with 7,530 nautical miles.

D ef en se Air Force One is the plane to protect the president or other important government officials to get safely around the globe. For the past several decades the Boeing 747 has been the plane to do so. But this is not a normal commercial jet. It has several important features to ensure that the president can safely be in the air such as electronic and communication equipment, navigation systems, and an office for important government officials.

The MQ-25 is an unmanned aircraft that will be used as a carrier aircraft for the US Navy. Boeing was offered a $805 million contract from the Navy to develop this aircraft. The main purpose of the aircraft is to provide air refueling to other aircrafts to increase their combat range. The F/A-18 Super Hornet is a tactical aircraft that the U.S. Navy uses for aircraft carriers. It can perform a large variety of tactical mission, and it obtains superiority in the skies. It has up to 17,000 pounds of thrust per engine, and can reach a max speed of Mach 1.6.


ac e

Body Boeing?s Phantom Express an experimental, reusable spaceplane designed to transport satellites into space. After it deploys the satellite it would land on a runway. This spaceplane would be 100 feet long and have a wingspan of 62 feet. Also, the engine would be a 1 aerojet Rocketdyne AR-22.

The Space Launch System(SLS) will be part of Nasa?s missions to get back to the Moon and even Mars. This rocket would be able to carry people and cargo beyond low-Earth orbit. Boeing has just finished getting the core stage of the rocket. This would be the largest rocket ever built.

The Crew Space Transportation(CST) - 100 Starliner has the capability to deliver up to 7 astronauts or a mix of people and cargo into space to board the International Space Station(ISS) for NASA service missions. Also, a space suit has been designed for the Starliner for space missions in the future

Senna By Au gu st Wood We all know that Mclaren makes some of the greatest supercars in the world but this one defies all of the odds. The Mclaren Senna is a feat of engineering and beauty boasting a 789 hp engine and a fabulous hatchback that adjusts to the wind.

Ch ar act er ist ics / En gin e The Senna can go 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds achieving the fastest Mclaren 0-60 EVER. What is even more impressive is that it has a 4.0 L twin-turbo V-8 engine with a top speed of 211 mph! Also, Mclaren somehow made this track-focused car street legal! Plus the Senna has a GTR concept that achieves the quickest lap times outside of F1 and based on the pictures the GTR will be the most extreme Mclaren ever. I am very excited about these new installments to Mclaren lineage.

In t er ior / Ext er ior Mclaren thinks that all of their cars should look and feel race-worthy. The Senna is just so. One reason is the seats. The seats are deep and look like they can withstand any impact or crash. Another reason is the hatchback. The hatchback adjusts to the wind depending on how fast the car is going. Third and finally the tires. The tires that the Senna uses are Pirelli P-Zero Trofeos. These tires handle so well that the Mclaren scored the Virginia International Raceway lap record.

Con clu sion Overall I would rate this supercar exceptionally well. One reason is the car only costs $964,996! Based on other high-performance vehicles, this is a very good deal on a car as good as this one! Another reason is that it is the lightest Mclaren ever built by only weighing a mere 3,029 pounds! My last and final reason why the Mclaren Senna is so great is that it generates 1,763 pounds of downforce which increases its speed. This downforce is mostly credited to the front aero blades and active rear wing. Those are my reasons why I rate the Mclaren Senna so exceptionally well.

Tesla by Pat t eson Br an ch

Tesla is an elect r ic car com pan y or igin ally co-f ou n ded in 2001 by Elon M u sk , M ar t in Eber h ar d, JB St r au bel, Ian Wr igh t , an d M ar c Tar pen n in g. Cu r r en t ly, t h e CEO of t h e eco-f r ien dly elect r ic car com pan y is Elon M u sk , on e of t h e or igin al co-f ou n der s. Tesla is k n ow n f or it s f u lly elect r ic, r elat ively expen sive car s. Today, t h e m odels available f or pu r ch ase in clu de t h e M odel S, M odel 3, an d M odel X. Var yin g gr eat ly in pr ice, t h e m odels cu r r en t ly h ave a st ar t in g pr ice r an ge of $39,490 t o $104,990. How ever , each of t h e t h r ee m odels available h ave ver sion s you can bu y su ch as Lon g Ran ge, Per f or m an ce, an d St an dar d Ran ge Plu s t h at t en d t o be m or e expen sive t h an st an dar d m odels. Th e n ext m odel t o be r eleased is t h e M odel Y. Th is f u lly-elect r ic veh icle is du al-m ot or ed an d h as a t h ir d r ow of seat s in t h e back . Next , t h e Tesla Roadst er w ill be r eleased. Th is car h as a t op speed of over 250 m iles per h ou r an d h as a r an ge of 620 m iles. Accor din g t o m u lt iple sou r ces, t h e m odel is on e of t h e t op t en f ast est car s in t h e w or ld. On e of Elon M u sk ?s ot h er ideas is a Tesla ?cyber pu n k ? pick u p t r u ck t h at w ill be an n ou n ced on Novem ber 21 t h is year . Not m an y det ails h ave been pr oved t h u s f ar , so t h e pick u p w ill r em ain m ost ly a m yst er y u n t il Novem ber 21st . On a side n ot e, Tesla w ill r elease an in du st r y-r evolu t ion izin g piece of t ech n ology k n ow n as ?Au t opilot ?. Au t opilot is a f u lly self -dr ivin g f eat u r e f or Tesla car s t h at w ill be r eleased in on ly a f ew year s. Soon af t er it is r eleased, Au t opilot t ech n ology w ill qu ick ly becom e n or m al f or car s ar ou n d t h e globe. Th ese ideas ar e ju st som e of t h e m an y ideas t h at Elon M u sk an d Tesla h ave f or t h e f u t u r e.

Tesla M odels Model








Cy ber t r uc k

Roads t er

Ai rbus A350 900 By: George Juli as

Overvi ew

The Cock pi t

The Airbus A350 900 is one of the most advanced airliners flying in the sky right now. The A350 is made with and advanced carbon Fiber fuselage which its competitor the Boeing 787 also has. Passengers love this aircraft because of its quiet engines, large airy cabin, and fancy mood lighting. The first airline to receive the A350 was Qatar airways

The A350?s cockpit is one of a kind

which has over 40 of them in their

because of its heads-up displays and its

fleet. Over 30 airlines have have the

large touch screens. Pilots love flying the

A350 with 1000 on order.

A350 because of its lower cruising altitude (so their ears don't hurt as much) and its large intuitive touch screens instead of old gauges and switches in its predecessor the A340.

Interi or The interior of the A350 is simply stunning! The interior of the A350 is the widest in its class because it has Extra Wide Body technology. As you can see in this picture of the Business class cabin of the Delta Air Lines A350 which has mood lighting and luxurious private suites with sliding doors and 18 inch touchscreens.

Di mensi ons

Stats Ran ge

8,100 nm

Len gt h

219 ft 2 in

M ax Tak e-Of f Weigh t

617.29 lb x 1000


167 ft 5 in

M ax Lan din g

456.57 lb x 1000

M ax f u el

37 248 USG

Cabin Widt h 18 ft 5 in

Im age1:h t t ps:/ / air lin egeek s.com / 2016/ 11/ 25/ beyon d-t h e-on e-in ch -len gt h -dif f er en ce-air bu s-a350-1000-vs-boein gs-777-300er / Im age 2: h t t ps:/ / w w w.air bu s.com / air cr af t / passen ger -air cr af t / a350xw b-f am ily/ a350-900.h t m l Im age 3:h t t ps:/ / com m on s.w ik im edia.or g/ w ik i/ File:A350-_In t er ior _-_Delt a_On e_su it e_(36828144463).jpg

Win g Span

212 ft 5 in

Heigh t

55 ft 11 in

Wh eelbase

94 ft 1 in

PAPERBO Y St . Ch r ist oph er 's M iddle Sch ool M agazin e

10th Anniversary volume 1

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PaperBoy | 10th Anniversary | Vol. 1  

PaperBoy, now its 10th year, is our student-led Middle School Magazine. Inside, you'll find stories written by 6th, 7th and 8th grade studen...

PaperBoy | 10th Anniversary | Vol. 1  

PaperBoy, now its 10th year, is our student-led Middle School Magazine. Inside, you'll find stories written by 6th, 7th and 8th grade studen...

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