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A Game Guide With A Narration Of Ufc

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or abbreviated as UFC, is an occurrence where eventually the artists belonging to mixed martial art compete of altogether 5 belts in several classes of weight. The entire event takes place in certain world premiere competition where the martial artists take part for belt fight. The article comes as a UFC Guide for those who are not introduced with the game. As per the UFC Guide the game consists of altogether five belts of championship. Such are: • •

Light Weight Middle Weight


Light heavyweight


In comparison to boxing, the weight classes are much more heavier and more interestingly the light weight also commences a beginning from 155 lbs. The entire competition takes place within a cage which embraces eight corners or an Octagon. Each fight are scheduled for five minute rounds and there exists altogether three rounds whereas the championship fights are scheduled for five minutes each. Within every fight various disciplines are involved. Those are: • •

Kickboxing Wrestling



Mauy Thai Kickboxing

Brazillian Jiu Jitsu

Dissimilar to boxing here the fighters sports a 4oz glove which does not consists of fingers within itself and thus allows in an easy grappling as well as take downs. That is if the opponent is taken down, the person laterward can be submitted by making use of Jiu Jitsu or can even be pounded by some strong wrestling unless the referee makes a jump in. At a first glance it may look inhuman, but there does not have any kind of counts as one can find in boxing. Thus there the fighter does not get 10 seconds time to compile himself and then again get back to all the possibly threatening. Once the combatant gets trapped by his opponent fighter he is then forced to surrender.

The game guides come up with some strict rule that consists of: • •

The opponent cannot be kicked in his knees or head while he has been laid to ground. Biting to the opponent is strictly prohibited.

No scratching over the eye

No head butting

Finger within mouth is also not at all entertained.

If the fighter experiences any kind of bad cut over their body a ringside doctor is always kept who will check for a scrutiny over those unknown cuts. Each monthly events are decorated with fans, lights and noise which sometimes enjoys a total attendance of upto and at times beyond 20,000 and addition to it 1.5 millions pay each view can even be experienced. The UFC and MMA is considered as one of the fastest expanding sports all over the planet and the stars starring within this game has experienced quite a lot of popularity within a short period of time. Even computer games are getting additional hikes with this. Thus is the UFC game and these are its manifold tale. Thus to get a deeper view of UFC lets begin a time of playing with it. To know more about ufc 2013 game and to gain some insightful knowledge on ufc game guide then visit our website.

A Game Guide With A Narration Of Ufc