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29 April 2019

Dear Parents and Caregivers, 2019 is the most important academic year of your son’s schooling. It is also the year in which he is required to make important choices about his pathway for the immediate period following graduation. There are many resources students can use to assist in this process. One of the best is ‘The Morrisby Vocational Guidance Report’ (see Up to this point well over half the year level have sat this assessment. More need to avail themselves of this opportunity and this is the last chance to do so this year. Through a series of psychometric assessments this profile assesses an individual’s strengths, interests, learning style and approach to work. After assessment, students receive an individualised 20-page report, including a comprehensive Careers Suggestions section. This should provide a highly informed and effective springboard for considering future pathway options. I consistently find that those students that choose to do this assessment are far less likely to see me in the year after they leave college, because the job or course they thought they were suited to, has not worked out as they hoped. The Morrisby Report has been used across the Catholic and Independent college sectors for several years and costs $100 per individual. The College will contribute $50 towards the cost. Some things to consider before you express an interest: firstly, students are required to complete an online interest inventory (15-20 minutes) and in the days following, sit a three-hour assessment. This type of assessment will clearly not suit all students. Secondly, the student needs to approach the testing honestly and with an open-mind. It is important to note that boys will not pass or fail in the sense of an academic test. However, if the student simply treats the assessment as a ‘tick and flick’ exercise, then he will receive no benefit from this opportunity. The days set aside for the next assessments are: Saturday, 1 June (no uniform required) and Sunday, 2 June (no uniform required). Both sessions run from 10.00am - 1.15pm, in The Peter Hogan Boardroom. There will be a brief break, so students are advised to bring lunch and a water bottle. To choose your session, please visit TryBooking via Regards,

David Rosel Careers Practitioner 9289 1159

41 Rosehill Road, Essendon, VIC 3040 Ph: 03 9289 1000 F: 03 9337 1741 ABN: 95 064 042 702 Santa Monica Campus: 970 Great Ocean Road, Eastern View, VIC 3231

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Year 12 Morrisby letter  

Year 12 Morrisby letter