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5 April 2019

Dear Parents and Caregivers, Re: Years 7–10 Reading Program St Bernard’s has implemented a reinvigorated Reading Program for your son as part of the English curriculum this year. Within an English cycle, a lesson once a fortnight will be spent in the library with students engaged in silent reading and the discussion of novels, with all students involved in a personalised Reading experience. The Reading Program is an important part of your son’s learning journey at the College. This program teaches students to make independent choices about reading and fosters their ability to formulate ideas and opinions about their reading choices. The program also teaches students to articulate ideas and opinions in both informal and formal conversations with their teachers and Library staff, thereby improving relationships and skills that will be needed for future endeavours, which may be missed in a traditional learning setting. It is expected that your child reads at least eight novels over the course of the year; this is in addition to reading the set texts in English. They are asked to read widely across genres and to select titles that will challenge and extend their language and comprehension, whilst still being enjoyable and accessible. Students will regularly set reading goals in consultation with staff and progression will be tracked through ongoing data such as Allwell Testing and NAPLAN results. At St Bernard’s we understand the essential contribution that reading makes to a student’s acquisition of language. We believe that regular reading offered in this program will improve your son’s enjoyment of reading, but also assist in writing skills across all curriculum domains. To support your son with this reading, we encourage reading each night for a short period of time: approximately 20 minutes is recommended. One of the best ways to encourage your son to read is for you to read some of the novels they have enjoyed, which can then generate a meaningful discussion; another is to model your own enjoyment of reading. If you have any questions regarding the Reading Program, please feel free to contact me at the College via Yours sincerely,

Judy Eastman Key Learning Leader (English)

Mark Reedy Assistant Principal (Learning)

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Years 7 - 10 Reading Program  

Years 7 - 10 Reading Program