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2019 Strategic Achievements

Expansion of Discere program to include all students in Year 7 and 8 with associated teacher professional learning ● The extension of rich assessment in stretch build and consolidate in Year 7 and Year 8 program; ●

The Development and embedding of pedagogical approaches to support team teaching;

● Implementation of thorough and efficient online processes for the collection, development and review of Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) data. A reimagined Year 9 2020 ● Detailed outlines of units with clearly articulated Formative and summative assessment tasks with associated rubrics Have been developed for 2020; ●

New Head of Santa Monica and Santa Monica teaching staff appointed for 2020;

The 2020 Santa Monica experience has been planned for extension to five weeks.

College House system ● Implementation of the House point system, with points appearing on students MySBC dashboard; ●

Opportunities for students to work towards Bronze/silver/gold badges;

Inaugural awarding of the newly sculpted House Trophy.

Building of the Religious Education capacity of staff ●

Postgraduate qualifications in Religious Education achieved for several members of staff;

● On campus twilight Biblical Studies seminar series conducted for RE and other interested staff; ●

Further development of the RE curriculum of the Heading orgy of Encounter.

A whole school Vision for Learning ● The College staff and Board were engaged in the development of A whole school Vision for Learning, the final version of which was launched in Term 2.

Student assemblies and meetings ● A schedule of thematically organised whole school assemblies were embedded as a regular part of school life in 2019; ● Fortnightly student Year-level assemblies were conducted throughout 2019, providing an opportunity for student voice and the presence of middle and senior leaders before the students; ● Year-level assemblies for Years 11 and 12 Have been embedded within the timetable structure for 2020. The enhancement of College Catholic identity ● Regular staff prayer was introduced in 2019 and is conducted in the College Chapel each Friday morning; ●

Year 10 Religious Education across the entire academic year implemented in 2019;

Year 11 Religious Education choices were reviewed for the 2020 Timetable;

● Year 12 timetable for 2020 was structured to include school-based Religious Education for three periods per cycle; Refined College Retreat Program ● A Five Narrative structure was newly applied to the Retreats Program structure for Years 7, 8, 11 and 12; ○

A revised Year 7 Retreat focused on the Indigenous story;

A revised Year 8 Retreat focused on the Edmund Rice Story;

○ A whole Year level overnight Year 12 Retreat Was introduced based on the format of the longstanding voluntary retreat With a focus on the theme of My Story. Partnerships with other schools, universities and organisations ● Establishment of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden partnership for the Year 9 2020 Program; ●

Ongoing partnerships with RMIT and ACU were further embedded.

Advancement of the College Master Plan ● The College leadership team, Key Learning Leaders, Property Manager, Baldasso Cortesse Architects and the College Building Committee planned, developed and executed a schema and timeline for minor capital works to develop new, contemporary learning spaces for the 2020 school year; ● Ed Ewers Architects engaged to design new Santa Monica campus to facilitate the future shape of Year 9 curriculum; Page 2

● Neoscape Project Managers engaged to oversee the development of the Santa Monica redesign through Surf Coast Council approval and building stages;

Building of staff capacity ●

College HR team developed

● Staff online professional learning monitoring system (EMS360) installed and prepared for full implementation in 2020; ●

Restructured and enhanced Positions of Leadership contract and renewal process;

E-Commerce ● Invoices, statements, reenrolment and excursion payments now processed through the parent portal and e-commerce portal; ●

Cashless uniform shop.

A positive, safe and respectful community ● Embedding of the language and practice of Respectful Relationships in alignment with the EREA Living Life to the Full document; ● Wellbeing Coordinator role redefined as Social and Emotional Learning Leader. The new role has, in its remit, the search for opportunities to explicitly teach social and emotional skills both in Pastoral Care classes and across the Curriculum; Other achievements ● Successful parent engagement evening run by the Social Justice Network (Touchstone: Gospel Spirituality) and the Parent Engagement Network (Touchstone: Liberating Education); ● Enhancement of student voice and agency through student-led events and assemblies and student-centred curriculum and pedagogy.

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Profile for St Bernard's College

2019 Strategic Achievements  

2019 Strategic Achievements