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Protocols for home-school communication To those parents who are new to being a parent at a secondary school, or indeed to parents who have had a couple of smooth years already with their son at St Bernard’s and have not had reason to contact the College on one matter or another, it is important to realise that effective communication between home and school is somewhat more multi-layered than one might be accustomed to in the primary school setting. This is partly as factor of size, it is equally a factor relating to the separation of the curriculum into separate faculties and the corresponding hierarchical organisation of school leadership and responsibility. You are encouraged to use these home-school communications protocols as a guide for when you need our assistance, guidance or support with your son’s education, or indeed when you have a concern of a more general nature. The following list will help to guide you regarding your enquiries: Curriculum issues: Initially, look to discuss aspects of your son's progress with the Subject Teacher. Thereafter, any issues can be raised with the Assistant Principal (Learning). The Assistant Principal (Learning) can assist on such matters as formation of classes, overall curriculum patterns for students and College assessment policies. Student Wellbeing and Pastoral Care: Initially, the Homeroom or Classroom Teacher should be contacted regarding your son's overall academic, physical, socialemotional or spiritual development. The Year Level Leader thereafter might be involved in discussions regarding ongoing matters. The Assistant Principal (Student Wellbeing) oversees the Student Wellbeing and Pastoral Care within the College and will be involved in the most serious or concerning matters. Sport: The team coach can assist with matters such as training, selection and venues. The ACC Coordinator or the House Sports Coordinator can assist on matters relating to College policy on co-curricular expectations, sports played and team selection. Concerns regarding sport beyond this should be directed to the Deputy Principal. Fees, Finance: The Accounts Receivable Officer can assist on straightforward enquiries relating to fee accounts. The College accountant who is the finance team leader can address more complex enquiries that you may have relating to your account. The Business Manager can address questions regarding general financial policy and confidential matters relating to financial assistance. Public Transport: The College Receptionist can assist with applications for and replacements of bus and train passes. Issues regarding problems encountered on public transport should be directed to the Assistant Principal (Student Welfare). General complaints: I draw your attention to the College complaints policy which is published on the College website at| About Us | Public Reports and Policies. The section What to do if I have a Complaint will guide you.

The nature of secondary teachers’ work can make them very difficult to contact directly by phone, as they are most frequently engaged with students, whom they cannot leave to attend to phone calls. For this reason, I encourage you to contact teachers via email initially. Teachers’ email addresses are in the form where f=first name initial. If you need to speak with a teacher or other member of staff, make a request for a phone call back. It is reasonable for you to expect a 48-hour business day turn around on response to an email.

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Protocols for Home-School Communication  

Protocols for Home-School Communication