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Music Lessons Application Form 2018 Dear Parent / Caregiver To promote students’ music education and enjoyment of music, the College offers a private instrumental tuition program. This program is conducted at and administered by the College and includes a variety of opportunities for a student to participate in solo and group performances. A group of qualified and talented instrumental tutors offer their services through the College. If you would like your son to undertake private music lessons at St Bernard’s College, please read the information below, complete and return the application form to the Music Office at the first opportunity. Students will also have the opportunity, and are encouraged, to further their instrumental studies through external music examinations (AMEB, CPM, TRINITY etc.). The fee for these exams, associated costs of piano accompaniment and sheet music purchases is not included in the music tuition account. Tuition is available on a wide range of instruments on a fee-paying basis as set out below. Lessons are given weekly and occur during the normal school day on a rotational basis. This rotation means that students will seldom miss half-an-hour of the same subject to attend their music lesson. Music lesson times can be negotiated to occur either before school, after school or during recess and lunchtimes. Likewise, music lessons can be negotiated such that a student does not miss one or more particular subject/s. If you have any questions regarding musical activities at the school, please contact the music administration staff.

Tuition Options Regular:

Half an hour lesson per week (recommended for younger students prior to VCE).

Paired Lesson:

Half an hour lesson per week – available to Year 7, 8 & 9 students on selected instruments. Possible only if a suitable partner is available. Students will automatically move to regular private lessons at Year 10.

Comprehensive: One hour per week – recommended for VCE music students. Modified:

A modified program of 6 lessons per term is available to encourage families that may find it difficult to undertake a full regular lessons program ($396 per semester).

Lesson Enrolment Enrolment into instrumental music lessons may be submitted via the St Bernard’s College Music Department website or through submitting a hardcopy application. In each case, the enrolment is subject to the immediate payment of a $100 registration bond. This may be handed in with the application to the Music Department Office or School Fees Office. For those registering online, the registration bond can be paid to the fees office in person or by credit card over the phone by calling (03) 9289 1108. The bond is held by the College until such time that instrumental have been to9337 the1741 cancellation policy. This bond is 41 lessons Rosehill Road, Essendon, VIC ceased 3040 Ph: 03according 9289 1000 F: 03 ABN: 95 064 042 702 that Santa Monica Campus:fees 970 Great Ocean Road, Eastern View, VIC 3231registration bond returned once it is ascertained no music remain outstanding. The must be paid within 5 days of application submission.

Invoicing of Lessons Lessons will be invoiced early in each semester. All music fees will be invoiced separate to school fees with payment due within 14 days. Late payments will result in music lessons being suspended and, ultimately terminated. Once terminated, students may resume lessons after a new lesson application is submitted and payment is confirmed. Fee Schedule • Regular lessons: Year Level

7 8 9 10 11 12

Semester 1 $561 $561 $561 $528 $561 $561

Semester 2 $561 $561 $396 $462 $462 $363

NB: Comprehensive lessons are double the amounts indicated in the table above.

Paired Lessons: Year Level

7 8 9

Semester 1 $374 $374 $374

Semester 2 $374 $374 $374

NB: Paired lessons are available in Years 7, 8 & 9 only.

The amounts indicated for lesson charges are based on the likely number of lessons students may receive in any given year. Any surplus accumulated due to lessons not provided will be calculated, recorded and offered as a refund when a student finishes Year 12 or withdraws from private music lessons. Where possible, refundable amounts will be realised as a deduction from regular school fees.

Cancellation of Lessons Parents may cancel their son’s private lessons provided they give one full term’s notice in writing to the Music Department Office. Failure to give appropriate notice will result in a withholding of the registration bond. Further charges may apply. Music students will be automatically re-enrolled in private music lessons every year while at St Bernard’s College until such time as parents provide appropriate notification of termination as indicated above. Parents are encouraged to use the on-line lesson cancellation system available at

Illness and Missed Lessons When a student cannot attend a music lesson due to illness, please inform the Music Department on (03) 9289 1121 as soon as possible prior to the scheduled lesson. Make up lessons will not be given unless at least 48 hours prior notice of absence is given. 48 hours notice is required if a student wishes to change his lesson time to accommodate other school activities such as tests, excursions and sporting commitments. Lessons missed are not refundable unless the Instrumental Teacher has been absent. Any and all refunds will be realised at the end of a student’s year or years of undertaking music lessons as a final reconciliation of payments made & lessons undertaken.

School Music Activities It is an expectation that all music students participate in school ensembles and music making activities. This encourages further musical development of the students beyond their normal lessons and gives opportunities for performance. Students will be placed into an ensemble suitable to their instrument and standard. Opportunities may exist to join or audition for further ensembles. This is strongly encouraged.

Instruments Available Instruments listed in bold below can be learnt in paired lessons. Category Brass

Instrument Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba


Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone, Bassoon


Drum Kit with Orchestral Percussion




Contemporary and Classical

Bass Guitar

Contemporary and Classical


Contemporary and Classical


Please ask for details

Musical Instruments The College currently owns a large selection of band instruments, however, these instruments are for use primarily by the Year 7 classroom music program. A very limited number of instruments are available to be hired to on-going students. Students wishing to continue music lessons beyond the Year 7 program are strongly encouraged to purchase an instrument. Hiring an instrument from external hire companies is also an option. Students and parents are advised that there are many cheaper musical instruments on the market at the moment. These are inferior to the recognised Japanese, American and European branded instruments. It is suggested that you carefully investigate the origin of the musical instruments you are considering purchasing.

Application for Private Music Lessons Student’s Name:

(Please Print)


Name (of parent/caregiver): Email (of parent/caregiver): Instrument Study: Preferred teacher (if any): Please tick your preferred tuition option below: Regular



Comprehensive [


(1/2 hour lesson per week) Recommended to VCE

(1 hour lesson per week) Recommended for VCE Music students

Modified [

Paired Lessons [


(Call for Cost)


(Please read the conditions for paired lessons)

Paired Lessons: Paired lessons can only occur if an appropriate partner can be found to share a lesson with your son. Paired lessons are available to Year 7, 8 & 9 students on selected instruments only. Once in Year 10, students in paired lessons from Year 9 will be automatically enrolled in Regular Private Lessons (Regular Private Lesson fees apply). The onus is with the student and parents to consider and accommodate this when the time comes. In the event that there is no suitable partner for your son at enrolment, you will be contacted by email or phone and your son will be automatically moved into a modified rate program ($396 per semester) with the option to move to a regular program of 17 individual lessons per semester ($561). In the event your son’s partner terminates music tuition, you will be contacted by email or phone and your son will be automatically moved into a modified rate program ($396 per semester) with the option to move to a regular program of 17 individual lessons per semester ($561).

Please read the following statement carefully and sign below: It is the responsibility of the student and his parents/caregivers to provide a musical instrument. I have read and understood the information provided with this application form. I understand that music lessons will be separately invoiced at the beginning of each semester with payment due within 14 days. I understand that late payment will result in my son’s music lessons being suspended or terminated. We agree to pay for all music lessons undertaken by my son based on the requirements, protocols and regulations as indicated by this application form. We will provide the $100 registration bond within 5 days of submitting this application and understand that details concerning lesson rates are subject to change. I understand that to cancel my son’s private lessons, I need to provide one full term’s notice in writing to Mrs Michelle Puglisi in the Music Department. I understand that my son will be automatically re-enrolled in private music lessons every year while at St Bernard’s College until such time as I provide appropriate notification of termination as indicated.

Signature of Parent / Caregiver:


Please return this application form to the St Bernard’s College Music Department as soon as possible.

Music Instrument Hire The Music Department has a number of instruments available for hire at a cost of $240 per year or $120 per semester. Instruments available include flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, French horns, euphoniums and tubas. Instrument hire is heavily subsidised by the school with hire costs generally covering maintenance and servicing. This service is an excellent opportunity for students to acquire practical skills on a variety of instruments without the immediate expense of purchasing. As there is a limit to our resources, only students undertaking private music tuition at St Bernard’s College are eligible to hire instruments. The care of an instrument is the student’s responsibility. Negligence will immediately terminate the hire agreement for which the hire fee is non-refundable. Any loss or damage of instruments will be at the cost of the student. It is recommended that all hirers record the instrument make, model and serial number and clearly label the inside and outside of the instrument case with their name, school and telephone number. All instruments are to be returned at the end of each semester for maintenance and servicing. Students continuing with an instrument may, on application, take the instrument home over the holiday period at no additional cost. In the event that the school cannot provide an instrument for your needs, please contact a private organisation that deals with music instrument hire. If you would like your son to take this opportunity, please complete the consent form below and return it to the Music Department Office. Yours sincerely,

Jack Stewart Head of Music Performance

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Instrument Hire Return Slip I understand that this hire agreement is for the current school year and that the instrument will be returned at the nominated date. The care of the instrument is my son’s responsibility. Negligence will immediately terminate this hire agreement of which there is no refund.

Please find enclosed the hire fee of $50.00 (Year 7 Introductory offer) for (Instrument name) for the duration of one (1) semester. N.B. Instruments will not be issued until full payment of hire is received.

Parent/Caregiver signature: Student’s Name:



Asset Number:

Please return this slip to the Music Department Office as soon as possible.

Music Lessons Application form (Year 7 2018)  
Music Lessons Application form (Year 7 2018)