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Hosted by Rotary District 9800

ROTARY CLUBS of Glenferrie and Chadstone-East Malvern

Model United Nations Assembly 27th and 28th April 2019 Swinburne University Hawthorn Victoria


MUNA Program

Saturday 27th April 2019

7:30 for 8.00 am

Students Arrive Business and Arts (BA) building at Swinburne University

8:00 am

Sign in at lobby outside Swinburne building AMDC room 301

8:20 -8:30 am

Assemble in lecture theatre AMDC301 for MUNA

8:35 am

Welcome by D9800 MUNA Chairperson

Newton Langford

8:42 am

Opening Address by MUNA Secretary General

Chris Don

8:55 am

Housekeeping by Teresa Liu

9.00 am

Assembly in Session

10.45 am

Morning Tea in the Atrium outside the library in the BA building

11:00 am

Assembly in Session

12.45 pm

Lunch in the Atrium

1.30 pm

Assembly in Session

3.15 pm

Afternoon Tea in the Atrium

3.30 pm

Assembly in Session

5:15 pm

End of First Day’s Session

5:15-5:30 pm

Free Time

5:30 pm

10 minute walk to MCC Bowls Club in Swinburne Avenue Hawthorn

5:45- 7:15 pm

Barefoot lawn bowling with help and instruction from club members

7:30– 8:30 pm

Dinner at Bowls Club

8:45 pm

Students picked up by parent(s) and taken home. See pick-up point on page 16 Bacchus Marsh students as arranged by Bacchus Marsh Rotary

MUNA Program

Sunday 28th April 2019

8:00 for 8:20 am

Students arrive

8:30 am

Assembly in Session

10:15 am

Morning Tea in the Atrium

10:30 am

Assembly in Session

12.15 am

Lunch in Atrium

1:15 pm

Assembly in Session

3.00 pm

15 minute break

3:15-3:30 pm

Overview by UN Secretary General and President

3:40 pm-4:15 pm

Closing Ceremony including Presentation of Awards and Certificates to Students

Bronwyn Stephens District Governor

Incoming Rotary District 9800 District Youth Director

Stuart Cardell

Rotary Club of Glenferrie, President

Charles Tran

Rotary Club of Chadstone-East Malvern, President

Alick Osborne

D9800 MUNA 2019 Close


Introduction to MUNA 2019 ASSEMBLY The Secretary General António Guterres António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres, GCL GCC is a Portuguese politician and diplomat who is serving as the ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations. Previously, he was the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees between 2005 and 2015. Guterres was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, the son of Virgílio Dias Guterres (1913–2009) and his wife Ilda Cândida de Oliveira (born 1923). He was educated at the Camþes Lyceum (now Camþes Secondary School) where he graduated in 1965, winning the National Lyceums Award (PrÊmio Nacional dos Liceus) as the best student in the country. He studied Physics and Electrical Engineering at Instituto Superior TÊcnico in Lisbon. He graduated in 1971 and started an academic career as Assistant Professor teaching Systems Theory and Telecommunications Signals, before leaving academic life to start a political career.The post is often filled by candidates from smaller, neutral nations.

Past Secretary Generals 1946-1952 - Trygve Lie (Norway)

1982-1991 - Javier Perez de Cuellar (Peru)

1953-1961 - Dag HammarskjĂśld (Sweden)

1992-1996 - Boutros Boutros-Ghali (Egypt)

1961-1971 - U Thant (Burma)

1997-2006 - Kofi Annan (Ghana)

1972-1981 - Kurt Waldheim (Austria)

2007-2016 – Ban Ki Moon (Korea))

The Security Council The United Nations Security Council is charged with the maintenance of international peace and security.

The Security Council is made of 15 member countries. 5 of the countries are permanent members. They are based on the great powers that were the victors of the 2nd World War and are: China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States The other 10 members are non-permanent with 5 being elected each for a 2 year term. The 5 elected for the 1st Jan 2018 to 31st Dec 2019 are Cđ?’?te d’Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Kuwait, Peru, Poland The 5 elected for the 1st Jan 2019 to 31st Dec 2020 are: Belgium,

Dominican Republic, Germany, Indonesia, South Africa

THE VETO Security Council decisions on all substantive matters require the affirmative votes of nine members. A negative vote, or veto, by a permanent member prevents adoption of a proposal, even if it has received the required number of affirmative votes (9)


MUNA Rule Summary Rule 1: Permission to Address the Assembly In order to maintain order, permission to address the Assembly can only be granted by the Secretary General. Delegates when called upon to speak, for example I might so something like, “I now call upon the representatives of Tunisia.” That delegate should stand, wait for the microphone and begin with, “Mr Secretary General, we the delegates from… Tunisia

Rule 2: Debating a Resolution When a resolution is to be debated the Secretary General will call for (by show of hands) 1. Proposer 2. Seconder 3. Then all those who wish to speak FOR the motion 4. Then all those who wish to speak against – the first speaker against is the Principal Speaker against 5. Speakers will then speak For and Against in turn 6. At the end of the speeches the Proposer and the Principal Speaker against have the opportunity to make closing statements. These should be used to summarise their case and rebut the arguments of the opposing side BUT not to introduce new arguments

Rule 3: Amendments to a Resolution The Secretary General will seek the acquiescence (agreement) of the original proposer and seconder of the motion – if accepted it becomes the new resolution. 3.

If not the amendment can be withdrawn or it can be put to a vote of the assembly.

NOTE: The Secretary General will limit the number of amendments, they will only be entertained if it is obvious that the original resolution is doomed and that a minor modification that does not challenge the integrity of the original resolution could result in a successful resolution being put.

Rule 4: Point of Order (P of O) 1. Any delegate can stop proceedings by rising in their seat and when recognised by the Secretary General ask for a ruling on a Point of Order 2. A point of Order refers to an issue of fact that needs to be disputed or if the behaviour of a delegate is questionable. 3. For example, a delegate may make a slanderous comment about a country’s leader or make a grossly inaccurate comment about a country. 4. To be upheld by the Secretary General they must be based on well-accepted fact and not opinion. NOTE: P of O’s will be limited as they interrupt the flow of debate


MUNA Rule Summary Rule 5: Leave to make a statement Granted by the Secretary General only to clarify an error in debate.

Rule 6: Motion of Dissent Delegates can introduce these if in their opinion the Secretary General is showing bias in his rulings or his conduct of proceedings. Procedure: 1. Motion of Dissent is proposed 2. Motion is seconded 3. The Secretary General vacates the Chair in favour of the President 4. Motion is put to the vote. 5. If successful the S.G. vacates the chair for the rest of that debate.

Rule 7: That the motion be put If a debate is going nowhere and speakers do not appear to have any thing new to say, any delegate can move that the motion be put. Procedure: 1. At a suitable break the delegate gains the attention of the Secretary General 2. Motion is seconded 3. If carried all debate ceases and a vote on the resolution is called 4. If not carried the debate can continue.

Rule 8: Diplomatic Notes: These are usually passed between Block members or are used to assist members who are yet to speak. Use them sparingly and not for social reasons as they can become disruptive to the operation of the debates. NOTE: the Secretary General will reserve the right to intercept diplomatic mail.

Rule 9: Suspension of Standing Orders These are used by the Secretary General to interrupt proceedings to acknowledge the arrival of specific people such as the Rotary District Governor


BLOCS For the purpose of discussing strategies to best achieve their desired result, countries are placed into blocs. Whilst the blocs below attempt to follow logical groupings, they have been adjusted in order to keep them with reasonably equal numbers. It is up to countries to call for a bloc meeting when required and such meetings should only be very short. Generally in the order of 10 minutes.





Australia France Germany Israel Japan Singapore United Kingdom United States

Egypt Iran Iraq Lebanon Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria Turkey

China India Indonesia North Korea Philippines Russian Federation South Korea Vietnam

Afghanistan Bolivia Colombia Mali Mexico Myanmar Nigeria Timor Leste


2019 MUNA RESOLUTIONS World Security Environmental Middle East Human Rights Trade and Commerce Health and Education United Nations

1 to 4 5 to 9 10 to 12 13 to 20 21 to 22 23 to 25 26 to 31

Teams prepare for all 13 Resolutions in BLUE. All will be used at MUNA. Teams prepare some others important for your country WORLD SECURITY 1. That this assembly calls on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the State of Israel, Pakistan and India and any country that has embarked on a nuclear weapons program without signing the nuclear weapons nonproliferation treaty to submit themselves to the same international controls as the Islamic Republic of Iran.

2. That this assembly calls for Donald Trump be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for destroying chemical warfare manufacturing in Syria, for removing ISIS from Syria and by using commercial sanctions and working with President Xi to bring North Korea to peace negotiations. 3. That this assembly calls on the People’s Republic of China to abide by the 2016 ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague that there was no legal basis for China to claim historic rights within the sea areas falling within the ‘nine-dash line’ and withdraw from its unjustified occupation of islands in the South China Sea.

4. That this Assembly condemns the government of Saudi Arabia and its allies for their bombing of Yemen and calls on the Saudi Arabian government to immediately cease its interference in the domestic affairs of Yemen. 7

2019 MUNA RESOLUTIONS ENVIRONMENTAL 5. That this assembly urges all countries to put in place measures that eliminate all plastic packaging by 2030 6. That this assembly urges all countries to phase out all use of coal for electricity generation and steel production by 2040

7. That this assembly declares that climate change caused by human activity is a real phenomenon and global warming represents a significant risk to the world’s environment and as a result, all countries must take significant, verifiable steps to reduce CO2 emissions. 8. That this Assembly demands that countries supplying uranium ore for the nuclear power industry take back the nuclear waste for secure storage. 9. That this Assembly calls for all countries to move to regulated fish farming, either on land or in the sea, at sufficient levels that will stop unsustainable fishing of the open seas by 2040.

MIDDLE EAST 10.That this assembly condemns the Israeli treatment of the Palestinian peoples and its failure to recognize the right of the Palestinian people to a true homeland AND calls upon Israel to end all forms of discrimination against the Palestinians within their boundaries. 11.That this assembly recognises that the invasion of Iraq in 2003 by the ‘coalition of the willing’ was based on orchestrated falsehoods and that a tribunal be established to examine whether its perpetrators committed crimes against humanity. 12.That this assembly calls for the immediate investigation of the Syrian Assad regime and its allies for crimes against humanity and to impose trade embargoes on all countries that continue to support the regime. 8

2019 MUNA RESOLUTIONS HUMAN RIGHTS 13. That this assembly expresses concern as to the validity of the constitutional vote held in the Republic of Turkey and the diminution of basic rights and freedoms of the Turkish people. 14. That this assembly calls on all countries to repeal all laws that discriminate on the basis of gender and sexual orientation and to legislate for marriage equality. 15. That this Assembly calls upon the Government of Myanmar to protect the human rights and freedoms of all its people and immediately undertake under the direction of United Nations Peacekeepers a transparent and independent investigation into all reports of human rights violations and abuses to ensure accountability and to bring about reconciliation.

16. That this assembly condemns the use of capital punishment as archaic and inhumane and calls on all countries that still use it to repeal it immediately.

17.That this assembly condemns the Trump administration for pursuing the construction of a border wall with Mexico. 18.That this assembly urges member states to require all members to assist with the humanitarian treatment of refugees from North Africa into Europe. 19. That this assembly call upon the Commonwealth of Australia to fulfil its treaty obligations and cease its practice of mandatory detention of asylum seekers, process their claims expeditiously and IF successful grant them the same legal rights as Australians. Otherwise return them to from where they came.

20. This assembly calls on all countries to remove all laws that limit the freedom of women to fully participate in education, trade and commerce, travel and politics and government 9

2019 MUNA RESOLUTIONS TRADE & COMMERCE 21. This assembly calls upon all nations to remove all laws that restrict the growth , manufacture and trade in non-narcotic hemp products.

22.This assembly calls upon member countries that source manufactures from other countries pass legislation that requires the importers to only source goods that are made by factories that comply with basic child labour, living wage and safety laws.

HEALTH & EDUCATION 23.That this assembly requires all primary and secondary schools in member states to implement compulsory health/sex education to limit the effects of excessive population growth and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases 24.That this assembly calls upon the United States of America to take the necessary action to reduce violence and unnecessary deaths by introducing credible gun control laws. 25. That this assembly calls upon all members to follow the lead of Australia, the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom to introduce plain packaging regulations to reduce the health risks caused by smoking and condemns the actions of the tobacco industry to oppose them.


2019 MUNA RESOLUTIONS UNITED NATIONS 26. That member nations fund the WHO for the establishment of an immunisation task force to eliminate measles, mumps and rubella and other childhood diseases from the earth in the same manner as Polio campaign.

27.That this assembly encourages States to contribute funds, on a voluntary basis, to finance projects and activities, including through the United Nations Trust Fund for Global and Regional Disarmament Activities, to assist States in implementing their obligations under UN Security Council Resolution 1540 (2004) (regarding weapons of mass destruction) 28.That this assembly recognises the right of the People’s Republic of China to the island of Taiwan currently occupied by the illegitimate Republic of China and calls upon the steps to be initiated for a peaceful transfer of Taiwan back to the Chinese motherland. 29. That this assembly calls on its members that Taiwan, as a major contributor to the well being of the world, be given a “seat” at the United Nations and has un-restricted rights to attend major world technical, medical and other conferences without being vetoed by other participants 30. That the power of the permanent members of the Security Council to veto resolutions be only allowed if it has the support of one other permanent member OR any two of the other ten Security Council members.

31.That the permanent members of the Security Council be increased to eight with the addition of Germany, India and Japan and a resolution can only be vetoed if at least two permanent members veto it.


ROTARY DISTRICT 9800 2019 MUNA TEAMS COUNTRY Population GDP US$ per person

FLAG Bloc type

Afghanistan 36 mill. US$0.6K



Central Melbourne

Princes Hill Secondary College team 2

Christopher Schleiss

Atticus Anderson Prior


Auburn High School team 1

Alexander Berridge

Mohammed Alsayer

Chadstone East Malvern

Sacred Heart Girls College team 1

Andrea Perez

Megha Dawer


Emmanuel College

Joseph Siccita

Ajaay Venkadeswaran


Auburn High School team 2

Jethro Amlet

Anmol Obulapu

Melbourne South

MacRobertson Girls High School team 1

Vy Tran

Areeba Masood

Central Melbourne

Princes Hill Secondary College team 1

Asha-Mae Chapman Ralph

Julia Doherty


Australia 25 mill. US$58K



Bolivia 83 mill. US$ .4K China 1410 mill. US$8.7K

Colombia 49 mill. US$6.3K Egypt 9 mill. US$2.0K France 65 mill. US$38K Germany 82 mill. US$45K




Middle East




ROTARY DISTRICT 9800 2019 MUNA TEAMS COUNTRY Population GDP US$ per person

FLAG Bloc type

India 1339 mill. US$1.9K



Bacchus Marsh

Bacchus Marsh College

Amy Siluca

Keely Rich


Emmaus College

Maria Gerges

Luca Petterlin

Melbourne South

Elwood College team 2

Lenie Chin

Corey Jones

Essendon North

Ave Maria College

Michelle Shaaya

Mia Ranalletta

Melbourne South

Elwood College team 1

Oliver Kinsella

Zeta HamiltonDurkin

Albert Park

Albert Park College team 1

Meagan Doyle

Rodney Fleming

Brighton North

Brighton Secondary College

Nicolette Malakasiotis

Hannah Black


Braybrook Secondary College. Pascoe Vale Girls College

Michelle Ko

Skype Griffiths



Indonesia 264 mill. US$3.8K Asian

Iran 81 mill. US$5.7K Iraq 38 mill. US$4.8K

Israel 8.3 mill. US$42K Japan 127 mill. US$38K Lebanon 6.1 mill. US$8.8K Mali 19 mill. US$0.82K

Middle East

Middle East



Middle East



ROTARY DISTRICT 9800 2019 MUNA TEAMS COUNTRY Population GDP US$ per person

FLAG Bloc type

Mexico 129 mill. US$9.0K



Albert Park

Albert Park College team 2

Jay Tew

Saanjana Kapoor

Keilor East

St Bernard’s College

Mikhael Touma

Jack Fleetwood


Melbourne Girls College team 2

Gen (Genevieve) Cox

Emily (Charlotte) Dunning

North Balwyn

Trinity Grammar School

Edward Spink

Daniel Moshopoulos

Flemington Kensington

Mt Alexander College team 1

Jacinta Klassen

Marcella Martin


MacRobertson Girls High Meghana School Jonnalagadda team 2



Myanmar 53 mill. US$1.3K Developing

Nigeria 191 mill. US$2.0K North Korea 25 mill. US$0.69K

Philippines 105 mill. US$3.0K Qatar 2.6xx mill. US$64K Russian Federation 144 mill. US$11K Saudi Arabia 33 mill. US$21K




Middle East


Glenferrie Middle East

Swinburne Senior Secondary College

Archie McDonald

Fatima Mirza

Laura Moorfoot


ROTARY DISTRICT 9800 2019 MUNA TEAMS COUNTRY Population GDP US$ per person

FLAG Bloc type

Singapore 5.7 mill. US$57K



Bacchus Marsh

Bacchus Marsh Grammar team 1

Syed Ubaid Ahmed

Arshnoor Singh


Melbourne Girls College team 2

Sonia Li

Grace Dwyer


Mt Alexander College team 2

Mia Case

Vindane Pearl Pacada

Chadstone East-Malvern

Sacred Heart Girls College team 2

Michelle Immanuel

Dinarah Dalugoda


Carey Grammar School

Aidan Ritchie

Sophie Barker

Bacchus Marsh

Bacchus Marsh Grammar team 2

Declan Xerri

Alejandra Comacho

North Balwyn

Balwyn High School

Leroy Floyd

Ned Lindenmayer


Canterbury Girls Secondary College

Annie (Sirui) Fang

Georgia O’Keeffe


South Korea 51 mill. US$30K



Syria 18 mill. US$0.83K Timor-Leste 1.3 mill. US$2.3K

Turkey 81 mill. US$10.5K United Kingdom 66 mill. US$40K United States 324 mill. US$60K Vietnam 96 mill. US$2.3K

Middle East


Middle East





Swinburne University Hawthorn MUNA is in AMDC building room AMDC301

MUNA in AMDC room 301

Glenferrie Station

Atrium next to BA building

Dropoff and Pickup point


MCC Bowls Club 19/23 Swinburne Avenue Hawthorn MUNA in AMDC room 301

MUNA Dropoff and Pickup point

MUNA to Bowls Club 500 metres

Swinburne Avenue

MCC Bowls Club entrance 17

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M U N A 2019 United Nations Secretary General Chris Don United Nations President & District MUNA Chairman Newton Langford 03-9529-7395 0434-002-153 District Governor Bronwyn Stephens Incoming 2019-2020 District Youth Chairperson Stuart Cardell

Host Rotary Clubs Glenferrie and Chadstone-East Malvern Club Presidents Charles Tran and Alick Osborne Club Youth MUNA Reps Teresa Liu and Caroline Adrian Both Rotary Clubs gratefully acknowledge the assistance of all the participating Rotary Clubs within District 9800 and particularly thank the participating students as well as their schools and teachers for their cooperation towards the success of this 2019 MUNA Assembly






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Muna 2019 Program  

Muna 2019 Program