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2019 Strategic Initiatives 1.

Expansion of Discere program to all students in Year 7 with associated teacher professional learning • Celebrate what we have achieved with the expanded program; • Promote the expanded program with the parent community; • Replicate what is being done in Year 7 2018 with Year 8; • Building trust, value and expertise of Discere and Agere staff; • Share learnings of Discere and Agere staff about Discere and Agere students with all teachers; • Formation for KLA Leaders to be able to empower team members and drive imperatives for change; • Develop and expand the practice of teachers observing successful teachers; and • Further embed Stretch Build Consolidate tasks as a means of catering for student diversity.


Reimagine Year 9, 2020 • Develop a holistic statement/rationale about the 2020+ Year 9 experience. An interdisciplinary team that articulates the Year 9 o Purpose; o Spiritual and faith aims; o Personal growth aims; o Educational aims; o Ritual life; o Santa Monica and Essendon Curricula; o Student Welfare; o Link to Year 10 and beyond; o Connection between the Santa Monica and Essendon campus experiences; and o Using the EREA Living Life to the Full position statement as a foundation statement.


Further embed the new College House system • Continue to build the identity of the House system; • Ensure staff are entering House points; • Empower Student Leaders to promote the House system; and • Award the House Trophy in Week 10 Term 3.


Advance College Master Plan • Continue to work with the Board and Building Committee to drive the College Master Realisation Plan and • Establish the physical space of T-Lab.


Develop whole school Vision for Learning • Complete and implement the whole school Vision for Learning; and • Embed the Vision for Learning in practice.

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2019 Strategic Initiatives


Embed new College assemblies and meeting structure • Provide opportunities for greater exposure and presence of KLA Leaders with students; • School Captain to speak at alternative assembly giving an opportunity for the other captains to address the assembly.


Implementing e-commerce and the parent portal • Full implementation of payments via the parent portal.


Refining College Retreat Program • Embed the five-narrative College Retreat Program: o The indigenous story; o The Jesus story; o The Edmund story; o The St Bernard story; and o Each student’s own individual story. • Articulate to staff the students’ Retreat experience.


Enhancing College Catholic identity • Reculturating Catholic identity within the College through the use of a five-narrative spirituality as a framework for understanding faith development - for staff and students; and • Explore means of gathering as Catholic community in the College Chapel when priests are not available for Mass.


Build the Religious Education capacity of staff • Formation of middle leaders; • Formation of RE staff and KLA leaders under the direction of Assistant Principal (Identity); • Explore the Enhancing Catholic Schools Identity Project (ECSIP) data with leadership and staff to depth our understanding of the faith life challenges at St Bernard’s; and • Exposure to the ECSIP data to all staff.


Develop partnerships with other schools, universities and organisations • Build and extend existing partnerships and seek new opportunities; and • Explore opportunities for further relationships with Victoria University, Melbourne University Graduate School of Education and the Mitchell Institute.

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2019 Strategic Initiatives


Build the Capacity of Staff • HR Manager, Director of Research and Principal reviewed and reworked the staff Annual Review Meeting (ARM) process; • Senior Leadership Team (SLT) conversation with Consultative Committee team members on the reimagined ARM process document before launching to all staff; • Launch a re-imagined process for Positions of Leadership (POL) contract renewal; • Develop a growth and development program/seminar series for aspiring leaders; and • Explore an external review process for senior leadership team members.


Build a positive, safe and respectful community • Embed Respectful Relationships framework in school life; • Build connections between the Respectful Relationships program and the EREA Living Life to the Full position statement; and • Further evolve the Behaviour Pyramid into a more nuanced and comprehensive positive behaviour framework.

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Profile for St Bernard's College

2019 Strategic Initiatives  

2019 Strategic Initiatives